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This is a brand new booking thread just started. I have never written these shows before so be lenient in your comments please. Instead of having Raw and Smackdown I have Toxic and Phoenix. Toxic will be posted on Mondays and Phoenix posted on Fridays until i return to school when they may be posted less frequently. Both shows will be in short hand format but pay per views will have a lot more depth.
The Shows are set in and begin on the first monday of 2005.

Toxic Roster and Champions:

General Manager: Vince McMahon

John Bradshaw Layfield (World Heavyweight Champion)
John Cena (Intercontinental Champion)
Bubba Ray Dudley (World Tag Team Champion)
D-Von Dudley (World Tag Team Champion)
Lita (Womens Champion)
The Undertaker
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Brock Lesnar
Booker T
Kevin Nash
Scott Hall
Triple H
William Regal
Kenzo Susuki
Big Show
Mark Jindrak
Ric Flair
Mic Foley
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
Theodore Long
Spike Dudley
Trish Stratus
Molly Holly
Gail Kim


General Manager: Shane McMahon

Chris Benoit (WWE Champion)
Charlie Hass (US Champion)
Ultimo Dragon (Cruiserweight Champion)
Billy Kidman (WWE Tag Team Champion)
Paul London (WWE Tag Team Champion)
Kurt Angle
Eddie Guerrero
Rob Van Dam
Chris Jericho
Shelton Benjamin
Shawn Michaels
The Rock
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Shane Helms
Jamie Noble
Rene Dupree
Lance Storm
Chavo Guerrero
Doug Basham
Danny Basham
Miss Jackie
Torrie Wilson
Stacy Kiebler
Dawn Marie

*The Rosters are subject to change and additions

Events Calender
Royal Rumble 30/01/05
Wrestlemania 27/03/05
Toxic-Lottery Draft#1 04/04/05
Phoenix-Lottery Draft#2 08/04/05
*The weekend 09/04/05 to 10/04/05 represents an open trading period between GMs.
Freefall- Toxic Only PPV 28/05/05
Men Of Honour- Phoenix Only PPV 29/05/05
King Of The Ring 31/07/05
Summerslam 28/08/05
Survivor Series 27/11/05
War Of The Roses, A New Year Celebration- Interpromotional Matches 31/12/05

First Show To Be Posted Soon

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looks good I will read it.

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looking good. Yours looks like it could be best new comer of August. good luck. willd efinetly be reading this.

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WWE Toxic 03/01/2005 Seattle

A new era in sports entertainment began on monday night when the first episode of WWE Toxic aired live on TNN.

The show opened with John Cena defending the Intercontinental title he has now held for five months, against William Regal. The first ever match on Vince McMahon managed Toxic represented contrasting styles as the slow technical style of Regal met Cena's rough fast style. Cena made the first ever entrance down the new Toxic rampway to a great pop. William Regal was subject to great heat as he made his way to the ring. Cena attempted to build momentum several times but a series of slow mat based submission holds from Regal constantly put pay to that. As the ten minute mark neared the referee was knocked out as Cena, trying to clothsline Regal hit the referee after Regal ducked. With the referee down Regal decided to cheat his way to victory. After being chucked to the outside Regal appeared to put on the brass knux. With John Cena trying to revive the fallen ref in the corner Regal rolled back in, waited for Cena to turn and swung. Cena ducked though and punched Regal himself. Regal surprisingly fell in a heap. Cena though, revealed to the crowd he had used his own patented 'Word Life' brass knux which had them in raptures. It appeared Cena had not actually been checking on the ref, instead he had been collecting his own brass knux! Cena taunted Regal, hit the five knuckle shuffle, picked him up and hit the FU. A recovering ref made the three count and Cena had reclaimed his IC title.

A John Bradshaw Layfield promo then aired. JBL was shown on a golf course, hitting a few balls on the driving range. JBL told the seattle crowd that Vince McMahon had given him the night off. JBL said he realised it was the first ever episode of the new WWE franchise Toxic and thats why he allowed WWE cameras to join him at his local golf club. After letting the fans know he was not just a great businessman but also a great golf player as well, JBL told the fans that Vince McMahon himself would name the No.1 contender for the Royal Rumble to the Seattle fans later that night. JBL went on to say though that it didnt matter whether the No.1 contender was Tiger Woods, HHH, Undertaker or Vince himself because JBL guranteed that he would beat that man at the Royal Rumble and go on to appear in his first ever Wrestlemania main event, because he was JBL, the true american dream.

Lita then successfully defended her recently won womans championship against a returning Gail Kim. Gail Kim showed no evidence of ring rust and used an array of moves similar to Lita's own move set. Both women traded hurricaranas, missed moonsaults and sunset flips in what truly was a great example of what the womans division is all about. The match concluded when Gail Kim nailed a sunset flip and grabbed the ropes for extra leverage. Thankfully Lita kicked out of the illegal pinfall. Lita, obviously irate by Gail Kims attempted cheating fought back, nailed a DDT and then herself grabbed the ropes for extra leverage. This attempt at cheating was successful though and as Lita left the ring she smiled at Kim and innocently shrugged her shoulders taunting her.

Goldberg was in action next. Toxic backstage interviewer Todd Grisham caught up with Goldberg as he made his way to the ring as his music filled the arena. Goldberg made it clear that he was eager to impress as he wanted to be named the No.1 contender later that night. Mark Jindrak was his opponent. Goldberg defeated Jindrak in little under 3 minutes, pleasing the crowd in what was a very impressive victory.

After a brief commercial the cameras returned to the ring where Mark Jindrak had remained from the loss to Goldberg. Jindrak asked for a microphone and began incoherantly rambling to himself. After a few seconds his body seemingly froze and stiffened. He told the Seattle crowd in a dark voice that "The Haunted is coming. For I have seen him in my nightmares. We will all be delivered... to him." He then calmly exited the ring. What or who could Jindrak be talking about?

Batista, accompanied by mentor Ric Flair came to the ring to face a local Seattle wrestler. Before the match began Ric Flair grabbed a mic and told Vince to make sure he was watching as the animal Batista was clearly the right man to be No.1 contender. Batista's recent rampage that had been evident on the final ever episodes of WWE Raw seemingly continued as Batista quickly disposed of the Seattle native with powerful impact slams and throws, but as he began to leave the ring, Flair entered and told Batista to destroy the local wrestler. Batista readily did so as Flair stood watching, laughing and wooing.

Vince McMahon was then shown backstage sitting at his desk, talking on the phone. After putting the phone down, a road agent sitting at the desk asked Vince who it was. The GM revealed it was Mick Foley and that he had told Vince he was coming to the Royal Rumble... to call out Ric Flair. The personal hatred between these two looks set to explode at the Royal Rumble. Flairs actions in the ring with Batista over the past month appear to have enraged Foley to the point of a confrontation. Todd Grisham then entered Vince's office to ask whether he had decided who the No.1 contender at the Royal Rumble would be, but Vince told him that he would reveal the No.1 contender in the ring at the end of the night. Vince announced though that the nights main event would see a fatal 4-way take place between four of Toxic's finest in The Undertaker, Kane, Big Show and Brock Lesnar. He said he would be watching closely and take the match into close consideration when contemplating the No.1 contender for the Royal Rumble.

Triple H, set to face Booker T made his way to ring. As HHH awaited the arrival of the ring, the arena descended into complete darkness for one minute exactly. The Seattle fans began chanting "Taker,Taker,Taker" but something was different with this darkness. As the lights returned Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were shown, attacking HHH in an assault no fan would wish upon a wrestler. Hall later collected a chair as Nash held up HHH. HHH was hit with the chair repeatededly. Hall then sprayed the classic letters NWO on HHH's back. Nash grabbed a microphone and said "The shows called Toxic, It needs poison, For Life". Nash and Hall began laughing and cackling. The NWO has shockingly returned in what was supposed to be a new era. What are their plans? Why have Nash and Hall attacked long time friend Triple H? How will HHH react? Tune in next week for what we hope will be answers.

In the nights last match Kane, Brock Lesnar and Big Show made their way to the ring for the fatal 4-way all eager to impress. The Undertaker then appeared bringing the crowd to its feet. As mist filled the arena and The Deadman strolled towards the ring the match got underway early with Kane surprising the other crowd favourite Lesnar with a cheap shot. The battle, lasting thirteen minutes often saw Show and Kane team up to take on Lesnar or The Undertaker. Eventually though the match ended when The Undertaker gave Kane a chokeslam and Lesnar the tombstone. On a roll Taker then leaped to the outside over the top rope onto The Big Show in a move that brought the crowd to its feet. Unfortunately Taker had not betted on Kane quickly recovering from the chokeslam to pin Lesnar from Undertaker's tombstone while Show and Taker were stranded outside the ring from Takers suicide dive.

Vince then made his way to the ring to reveal the No.1 contender. After a few words about a great show Vince seemed set to reveal JBL's opponent for The Royal Rumble when John Cena, the Intercontinental champion made his way to the ring. John Cena told Vince that he didnt want to be greedy, but for five months now he's been a successful IC champ. He ran through a list of wrestlers he had recently defeated and asked Vince to make it Champion vs. Champion at The Royal Rumble with both titles on the line. Cena asked the crowd if they wanted to see it and they erupted in chants of Cena, Cena, Cena.Vince laughed at Cena and replied "No Chance In Hell". Cena, seemingly irate said he had prepared a little rap to help Vince change his mind. Cena's rap though was not to Vince's liking though. Cena rapped about the XFL, Vince wanting men to kiss his ass, the fact he drugged his wife with sedatives and the fact he once wanted his daughter to marry the Undertaker. Vince told Cena that no punk had ever spoke to him like that and gotten away with it. The sound of breaking glass was suddenly heard as Stone Cold Steve Austin made his way to the ring, probably the only 'punk' ever to speak to Vince McMahon like Cena had and get away with it! Before Austin got on a mic he demanded three beers one for Cena, one for Vince and one for himself. After grabbing a mic and reminding Vince of the many times he once defied him Austin sounded to the Seattle crowd "If you wanna see Stone Cold and John Cena kick Vince McMahon's ass all over Seattle gimme a Hell Yeah!" As the crowd shouted Hell Yeah Austin shockingly stunned Cena. The Seattle crowd were stunned into silence. Austin left the ring drinking a beer leaving McMahon seemingly as shocked as everyone else in the arena as Toxic went off the air without a No.1 contender ever being named. Why did Stone Cold stun Cena? Who is the No. Contender? Join us next week.

Match Results
John Cena def. William Regal to retain the Intercontinental Championship
Lita def. Gail Kim to retain the Womens Championship
Goldberg def. Mark Jindrak
Batista def. a local wrestler
Triple H vs. Booker T never got underway
Kane def. The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar and Big Show in a Fatal 4-Way

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For a 1st ever show it was ok. Nothing spectacular but also not terrible. It would be good if you described the matches not just an overall view of the events.

Bold, italics and underline would help, and im not really a fan of the green colour

Sorry about the negative comments but hopefully you can sway my opinion the other way with your next shows :)

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Yeah, what he said. I've been doing shows like that in my thread Being the Booker because I was too lazy to do whole shows, and have just decided to give that thread a break until I can write actual shows again.

Please dont go down the road I went as it really isnt popular.

And also, you seem like someone who could writeexcellent shows anyway. Give it a try.

9/10 for your first show.

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prety decent show....8/10. Also what Greatone and Wolfbeast said bold/italics and writing full shows will improve. Looks promissing though.

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I think the show could have had more matches and written out matches, as well as more interviews and backstage segments. There were so many people on the Toxic roster who weren't used. A good start, but as Wolf Beast said the reports aren't so popular. Try using bold and italics and a separate line to show who the winner is, like this:

Winner: Wrestler X.

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