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WWE/TNA roster mashup

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Who from the WWE roster would you think is better suited for TNA?
Who from the TNA roster would you think is better suited for WWE?
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Basically, anybody who's primary strength is on the mic is better suited for WWE, and anybody who flips around the ring like a moron is better suited for TNA.
so basically, anybody who doesnt come off as an athelete before they even get in the ring should go to wwe

and anybody that actually shows skills atheltisism and anything else that physically makes this sub cuture different from MMA and Boxing should go to any fed that doesnt have the 4th wall killing word Entertainment in its title
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WWE- Ken Anderson, Kurt Angle, Velvet Sky
TNA- Jack Swagger, John Morrison and Daniel Bryan

Reasons WWE and TNA both have tremendous athletes. But On WWE's side they can either be great on the mic or just good. Most of TNA's roster isnt really good or great on the mic. So everyone i have going to TNA are amazing athletes and wrestlers but ppl going to WWE are great on the mic and have the look and Velvet Sky is much needed eye candy in the WWE universe.

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The Great Khali - the guy is a former world champ, so I wouldn't at all be surprised if Russo uses him as a vicious monster instead of a cuddly tree.
Mark Henry - experienced guy, Vince has been holding onto him, Dixie might be confused into thinking that means something about the man's 'talent'.
William Regal - he'd definitely get a better shake of the stick in TNA with mat wrestlers like Angle, Wolfe and Williams.
Gail Kim- obviously
Christian- obviously
Jerry Lawler- needs a spark and greater freedom to do as he pleases.
Jack Swagger- I think TNA would see him as a big coup. He's experienced (the kind TNA like: WWE experience) and young enough for TNA to put him ahead of their guys like Styles and Joe in the queue of guys waiting for superstardom. He has become insignificant in WWE.
Beth Phoenix- injury prone and could do with the sea change.


Abyss- Vince could easily convert him into a cookie monster.
Robert Roode- youth movement is a big thing in the WWE now. He has that indefinable something that can take him to the top. Hard work and a hand from WWE could guide him there.
Sting- I think the PG rating helps his dark character. WWE wouldn't need to try to give him the added edge that TNA tries to do. Instead, they'd probably revert to the one dimensional, silent character he portrayed at the height of his career. This is a good thing. And all roads lead to 'Taker and the HOF, so there'd be a course there for him.
Matt Morgan- I think WWE would love to have him back, particularly after his shown some strong points in TNA.
Rob Terry- Forget the new streamlined prototype WWE wrestler. I think Vince might have wet dreams over Rob Terry.
Mickie James- obviously
Taz- 'let the pigeons loose' Taz just isn't working.
Jeremy Borash- He’s fairly young with a wealth of experience and is a mulit-tasker. I think if TNA were run by WWE, they would put Mike Tenay out to pasture, and instate this guy as the face of TNA commentary. They'd probably insist Foley do colour next to him.

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WWE: If he wasn't such a Junkie, Jeff Hardy(I dislike him too but he's over)
TNA: Morrison, Swagger, Bourne, Trent Baretta

I would like to see how Pope would fair in the WWE, but he's black so he might get buried again.
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