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WWE/TNA Invasion Dream Match

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Wasn't sure the best place to post this..

This is all fantasy of course. Take it with a grain of salt and have fun with it. If there was a WWE vs TNA "Invasion" storyline... what matches would you like to see?

For me I'd be interested in seeing the following:

Fortune (AJ Styles, Kaz, and Beer Money Inc.) vs The Corre (Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel)
Sheamus vs Samoa Joe
Eric Young vs Zack Ryder (just for fun.)
The Miz vs Mr. Kennedy/Anderson for the title could be entertaining because of the promos.
Wouldn't mind seeing CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy again (though I could do without the involvement of both The Nexus and Immortal)
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Sting vs Undertaker but we all no that wont happen even if TNA invades

However i dont think TNA is anywere near as big as WCW was so i dont think theyd be much to go on and when people say Angle vs Bryan now that wouldnt be a bad angle no pun intened what i mean is Angle was seen as the hero for WWE last time if he done the same thing again it would be awesome but i think it would be Angle vs Cena

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DX vs Beer Money

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Wouldn't be WF without your daily PG, Why is Kane buried, and TNA vs WWE threads.

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AJ Styles vs. John Morrison, they have some heat and the matches would be awesome.

MCMG vs. uh...E&C?

Samoa Joe vs. John Cena

Sarita vs. uh...Natalya

Amazing Red vs. Evan Bourne

The problem is that what TNA does, sorry, did well, is tag team stuff, cruiserweights and female wrestling, three things that WWE doesn't do well at all. TNA main events are...weak.

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For me, it'd be a Team WWE vs. Team TNA match at Survivor Series in a hypothetical invasion storyline. This is also assuming it happens several years from now, which DQ's some names like Trips, Edge, Jericho, or Taker from participating.

Team WWE: Cena, Orton, Miz, CM Punk, Sheamus, ADR, Morrison,
Team TNA: Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, Desmond Wolfe, Jeff Jarrett, Beer Money Inc.
3rd Party Faction: Kurt Angle (leader), Hardys, RVD, Anderson, Pope

The war between the two factions would go on for about 7-8 months, probably starting just after Wrestlemania and ending at Survivor Series. As both factions would vie for all the gold and all the belts, with a personal feud developing between Samoa Joe (eventually WWE Champion) and Cena. Joe would get a fresh monster push, including rendering Cena unconscious more than once with the Coquina Clutch, laying claim to being the only one to "make Cena give up" etc. Meanwhile, Miz, Sheamus and ADR are almost as interested in gunning for Cena's belt as they are in fighting TNA, leaving Orton, Cena, and Morrison as the faces on the team, with CM Punk being something of a tweener X-factor.

The WWE Title would first switch hands between Cena and Joe in a feud lasting several months, while the WHC would first be held by Miz, who would feud off and on with both Morrison and TNA challengers before eventually losing it to Morrison, who would then drop it to Joe in a Miz-Morrison-Joe Triple Threat, eventually leading to a Joe-Punk feud within a feud over the WHC in the lead up to Survivor Series, with Punk slowly turning face during said feud.

Meanwhile, the TNA title, as well as the other belts, would always be targeted by the other members of each team, though the TNA belt would largely reside in Angle's faction for most of the feud, it could still be won periodically by guys from either team TNA or team WWE.

Angle himself would be the centerpiece of the undecided storyline, with lots of promo time given to him to detail his experiences with both organizations, with much uncertainty over who's side he will ultimately be on.

Angle and his faction (all guys who made names for themselves in WWE before spending significant time in TNA) would thus be stuck in an awkward position of whose side to back, and would variate between trying to stay neutral, fighting both sides, or favoring one side or the other, with all such actions being motivated by a desire to stay employed by whoever wins the WWE-TNA war.

In the end, Angle's faction are declared Lumberjacks for the TNA vs. WWE match at Survivor Series, with one caveat- each time a man is eliminated from either team, a member of Angle's faction must pick a side to fill in for, or else they are fired, no matter who wins or loses.

Thus, as the match goes on, each member of Angle's faction picks a side slowly as guys get eliminated (RVD, Jeff Hardy in a face turn would decide to join team WWE, while Pope, Anderson, and Matt Hardy would fill in for TNA).

Finally, everyone is eliminated except for say Cena on Team WWE's side, and Joe and Jarrett on Team TNA, and Angle is the only one left from his faction, as he's not chosen a side.

Cena eventually eliminates Jarret via fluke roll-up, but then Jarrett and Joe would start to double team him before Jarret leaves, and Joe would put Cena in the Rear Naked Choke again.

Cena's arm goes down once, then twice, and before it goes down a third time, Angle finally makes his choice, taking out Jarrett, then the referee in quick succession, before locking in an ankle lock on Joe, siding with the WWE at last. A weak Cena rolls out, then locks in an STF on Joe simultaneously with Angle's ankle lock. The referee comes to enough to see Joe tapping, and team WWE would thus win.

Even though the "invasion" storyline would end that way, there'd still be many individual feuds and new storylines to pursue afterward from all of that.

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Hardy vs Cena

Anderson vs Orton

Sting vs Undertaker

Angle vs HHH

Styles vs Mysterio

Samoa Joe vs Sheamus

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Styles vs Morrison
Styles vs Bryan
Styles vs Ziggler
Angle vs Morrison
Angle vs Bryan
Angle vs Ziggler
Angle vs Swagger - lol, this could be amusing.
Sin Cara vs Styles
Sin Cara vs Angle
Evan Bourne vs Styles
Mysterio vs Styles

Ugh, too many combinations.....
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