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I wanna start a new Bookers thing no dead guys.

I Need a Smackdown writer.

This will start at No Way Out, SD Writer will write No Way Out. Do not forget to make TNA Invade and Jerry Jarrett signed TNA to WWE. Jeff Jarrett and AMW get title shots of there choice of brand. Rosters are same as WWE Now. They will change later. TNA wrestlers will be shared in the rosters.

Dusty Rhodes has been signed SD Commissioner

Vince Russo has Been signed Raw D.O.A.

Theodore and Bischoff are still gms tho.

AJ Styles and the X Division title has been Signed to RAW.

Hardcore title has been signed to Smackdown.

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Raw Roster
AJ Styles (X Division Champion)
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Chris Nowinski
Dusty Rhodes (Comissioner)
Eric Bischoff (GM)
Garrison Cade
Gene Snitsky
Jerry Lawler
Jim Ross
Jonathan Coachman
Khosrow Daivari
Lilian Garcia
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Mick Foley
Molly Holly
Muhammad Hassan
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin (IC Champion)
Simon Dean
Stacy Keibler
Steven Richards
Stone Cold (Resigned contract)
Sylvain Grenier
Tajiri (Tag Team Champion)
The Hurricane
The Rock
Todd Grisham
Triple H (World Champion)
Trish Stratus (Womens Champion)
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis
William Regal (Tag Team Champion)

Smackdown Roster

Al Snow
Big Show
Bill Demott
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
D-Von Dudley
Daniel Puder
Danny Basham
Dawn Marie
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
John Cena
Josh Mathews
Kenzo Suzuki
Kurt Angle
Luther Reigns
Mark Jindrak
Michael Cole
Michelle McCool
Miss Jackie
Orlando Jordan
Paul London
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shannon Moore
Spike Dudley
Theodore Long (GM)
Torrie Wilson
Vince Russo (DOA)

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Maven is not that good of a wrestler. I Need a SD writer before I start because No Mercy needs to be written first

RAW Preview

Will Batista Sign for RAW or SMACKDOWN and if he signs for Smackdown who will fight Triple H at Wrestlemania?

Eric Bischoff has a huge anncouncement for next week.

There is rumours going around that a New Wrestlers will be joinning Raw.

Dusty Rhodes says he has big news for Wrestlemania.

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SirSledgeHammahV2 is the smackdown writer.

He is writing No Mercy right now. He will get it done soon as possible. I am working on Raw now.

Hopefully you will like it.

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I am going to write SmackDown! shows and PPVs now. It all starts at No Way Out, so I hope you like the show.
Fire works and Pyros start to go off as No Way Out kicks off.

COLE: Good evening every one and welcome to No Way Out. This is Micheal Cole along side as always, Tazz. We're here at what should be an unforgetable No Way Out.

TAZZ: Thats right Cole. Tonight we have the ending to the Number 1 contender Tournament. Kurt Angle and John Cena will face off for a Title shot at WrestleMania!

COLE: But lets not foget the Barbed Wire Steel Cage match for the WWE Championship. The Champ, JBL will defend his WWE Title against the Big Show.

TAZZ: And for once, I don't think JBL's Cabnet will be able to interfere.

Viva La Raza! Who's That Jumpin' Out The Sky! Bolth Eddie and Rey Mysterio come out to the ring in a Low rider.

COLE: These two will face off against the Co-Secretarys of Defence for the WWE Tagteam Titles.

TAZZ: I'm liking there new entrance.

COLE: I am too. I hope they do good.

TAZZ: Well you like any guy you see.

The Basham Brother's music plays. They come out with Orland Jordan.

WWE Tag Team Championship

The match starts off with the Bashams running at Eddie and Rey. Eddie and Rey bolth Jump over the Co-Secretarys of Defence, and the Bashams bounce of the ropes and Eddie and Rey drop kick them. Danny rolls out of the ring and Eddie goes to his corner. Mysterio goes for a leg drope but Doug moves out of the way. Doug picks up Rey, but Rey Reverses with a Snapmeare Suplex. Doug sits up but Rey drop kicks the back of Doug's head. Rey picks him up and throughs him against the ropes and and Rey gives him a Hurricanranna. Rey goes for the cover.
Danny runs in and breaks the count. Eddie runs in and starts excanging blows with Danny. The ref runs towards them to break them up. Orlando runs in with the WWE Tag Belt and hits Rey. Orlando rolls under the bottom rope and puts the belt back. Danny Closelines Eddie and they bolth go over the tope rope. Doug goes for the pin.
Doug gets his arm raised by the ref.
Winner: The Bashams

The cameras go to Vince Russo on a cell phone backstage.

RUSSO: So you able to make it to night.......... yeah......... ok...... you make those Jerks pay.

Dusty Rhodes walks into the screens veiw.

DUSTY: So will they be here?

RUSSO: Tonight.

DUSTY: Good.


COLE: What was that about?

TAZZ: I'm not sure, Cole?

COLE: Well all I know is that the Six-Man CruiserWeight Elimanation Title match is up, right now.

Akio, Spike, Paul London, Chavo, and Shannon Moore are in the ring. Funaki's music plays and he goes down to the ring.


Paul London runs at Akio and closelines him and they bolth go over the tope. Spike and Shannon start exchanging blows. Chavo walks over to Funaki and reaches his arm out to shake his, Funaki shakes it and Chavo pulls him forward and lifts him up in a firemans carry. Shannon drop kicks Spike down. Paul London Irish Whips him into the Bairier but Akio jumps on top of it and pulls of the Akio Time on him and Paul and Akio are bolth out of it. Shannon runs toward Chavo while he still has Funaki in the air and Moore hits them with a running cross body. Shannon stands up and Spike turns him around and hits him with a Dudleydog. Funaki gets up and pulls of a school boy on Sike for the pin.1..2..3..Kick out, but it was to late. SPIKE IS ELIMANATED. Spike gets up and Punches Funaki. Chavo picks up the fallen Funaki and gets him with the Gorry Bomb. Chavo goes for the cover. 1...2...3. FUNAKI IS ELIMANATED. Akio stands up and rolls London in the ring. Akio then jumps on the apron and pulls off a springboard spinning DDT on Chavo. Akio goes for the pin. 1....2.....kick out. Akio gets up and argues with the ref, but Shannon gets up and gives a backdrop to Akio. Shannon gets up but Chavo hits Shannon with a Gorry Bomb and gets the cover. 1.....2.....3. SHANNON MOORE IS ELIMANATED. Paul London is now on the top rope and hits Akio with the 540 splash for the cover. 1....2.....3. AKIO IS ELIMANATED London stands up but Chavo trys for Gorry Bomb, but Paul rolls forward and pins Chavo. 1.....2....3. London gets his arm raised by the ref. Chavo turns him around and gives him a Gorry Bomb. Chavo grabs the belt and throughs it at London's unconsious body.

COLE: What unsportsmen like conduct.

TAZZ: Yeah, I admitt it went alittle to far.

Theodore Long's music plays and he comes down to the ring with a micrphone.

LONG: Because I am the people's GM, I'm gonna give the people what the want. And that's the Hardcore Title playah. And in order to do that, we gottah have some old school Hardcore playahs. It will be Hardcoe Holly vs Al Snow. And that match.... is up next. Oh yeah, the 24/7 rule is still on. Now Hollah, hollah, hollah.

Al Snow's music plays, followed by Hardcore Holly.


They match starts with the two slowly walking towards one an other, they tie up and Hardcore pushes Snow back. Snow runs at Holly, but Holly gives Al a monkey flip over the top rope. Holly then goes out of the ring and grabs a chair. Al gets up and Holly bashes it over his head. Holly gets him up and throws him into the stairs. Al Snow gets up and gut kicks Holly twice and gives him a spinning neck breacker. Al goes for a cover.
Kickout. Holly gets up and starts punching Al back up the entrace. Hardcore kcis him in the stomack and preforms a powerbomb. Holly then goes towards the ring and grabs a kendo stick and bashes it over Snow's head. Holly goes for the pin. 1....2....3. Holly getshis arm raised by the ref and gets the title handed to him.
Al Snow slowly gets up and reaches his hand out to Holly. Hardcore shakes his hand. Then they hug each other and Snow lifts his arm up and points to Hardcore Holly while still on the entrance stage. Then Abyss runs and elbow smashes the back of Snow's head. Holly turns towards Abyss and Holly starts pumling him. Sabu runs in with a trash can and bashes it over Holly's head. Abyss the picks Snow up and throws him off the stage with the Shock Treatment. Holly give Sabu a low blow and he drops the Trash can, and Hardcore hits him with an Alabama Slam on the trash can. Raven runs in and gives Holly the Raven Effect and goes for the pin. 1...2....3. Abyss picks up Sabu and they all quickly run backstage with the Hardcore Title.

COLE: What just happened?

TAZZ: Was that Raven and Sabu?

COLE: I think that was. But there not with WWE.

TAZZ: Was that who Russo was talking to.

COLE: It had to have been.

TAZZ: I'm speechless.

COLE: Me too Tazz, me too.


Luther Reign's music plays and he goes to the ring with Mark Jindrak. The lights go off and Taker's music plays. He goes to the ring.

The match starts with Luther runs at Taker but Taker hits Reigns with a big boot. Taker picks him up and gives him a Tomstone Piledriver. Mark runs in the ring but UnderTaker gives him a sidewalk slam. Taker picks up Jindrak and gives him a choke slam. Taker then picks up Luther, twists his arm and goes to the tope rope and he starts to walk the top rope for the Old School, but then Konnan run in and hits Taker off the tope rope. The ref calls for the bell. Konnan picks up Taker and hits him with the Tequilla Sunrise. Then the rest of 3 Live Crew comes in and BG James hits UnderTaker with the Pump Handle Slam. Then 3 Live Crew picks him up and Ron Killings hits him with the Axe Kick. 3 Live Crew quickly leaves the ring, and Taker does a sit up and stairs at the new invaders.

COLE: Now what the hell was that?

TAZZ: I don't know. These people keep invading WWE.

COLE: We were just informed that these are wrestlers from TNA.

TAZZ: TN what?

COLE: Just some second rate show.

John Cena's music plays and he goes to the ring. Then Kurt Angle's music plays and he goes to the ring.

The match starts with the two stairing eachother down. Cena points his finger at Angle and starts to talk trash. Angle pushes Cena's hand down and starts to strike Cena with multiple right handed blows. Kurt throws John into the ropes and hits him with a belly to belly. The Doctor gets up and they start exchanging blows. Cena kicks Angle in the gut and gives him a body slam. Angle quickly stands up and Cena does the "You cant see me" taunt and Kurt does the same. John Cena runs at Angle but Kurt goes around him and gives him a Multiple German Suplex. Kurt then grabs Cena's legs and gives him a Ankle Lock. John Cena starts to slowly crawl to the ropes but Angle pulls him back. Cena the rolls over and Kurt bumps into the ref. Kurt turns around and Cena lifts him up for a F-U, but Angle gets out of it and hits him with the Angle Slam. Kurt goes to try to get the ref up. The New Age Outlaw runs into the ring and gives Kurt Angle a Fame-Asser, then Jerrelle Clark runs in the ring, climbs the rope and hits Kurt with a 630 degree flip, and they bolth roll out of the ring and go back stage. Cena rolls over and puts his arm over Kurt. The ref slowly gets up. He sees the cover and starts to count.

COLE: God damn it! Thoughs TNA punks keep interfering in good matches. I mean, I wanted Cena to win but, I still wanted a good match.

TAZZ: At least they can't go in the WWE Title Match. Because, there in a Barbed Wire Steel Cage.

COLE: Your right about that. And that match is next.

Big Show's music plays and he goes down to the ring. JBL's music follows and he comes down with Orlando Jondan. The Cage lowers on the two wrestlers.


The match starts with the Big Show walking towards JBL, and JBL starts to walk away from the Eager Giant. He backs into the Cage and Big Show starts to laugh saying "There's no way out, there's no where to go." JBL steps forward and quickly gives Show a big boot. Big Show falls backwards and JBL gives him a few elbow drops. Show sits up on one knee and JBL starts pumling his head. Show just pushes him back and JBL flys back into a turnbuckle. Big Show gets up and gives JBL a body splash. JBL falls forward and starts crawling away from the massive beast we call Big Show. Big Show chases him around in the ring for a little bit. The crowd laughs at the funny sight. JBL gets up and punches Show as hard as he can. Big Show walks back a little bit and starts to wabble, JBL hits him again, and once again Show starts to wabble around. JBL quickly runs against the rope and runs towards the Big Show, but Show quickly bends over and gives Bradshaw a back body drop. Show then picks up the Champ and gives him a body slam. Show the picks up JBL and millitary presses him into the cage. JBL lands on his feet and starts to wabble back and turns around to find that the Big Show is right behind him. Show gives JBL a vicious Chokeslam. Big Show starts to climb the Cage and when he is touching the Barbed Wire. He pulls himself over the Barbed Wire and gets one leg over the top. Orlando grabs a chair and throws it at the Big Show and it bashes over Show's head. The giant falls back into the ring. After a few minutes of them bolth just laying there, JBL gets up and acts all groggy. Then Show slowly starts to get up and The Champ runs at Show and nearly knocks Shows head off with a Closeline to Hell. JBL slowly starts to climb the Cage. Once he gets to the tope he crawls onto the Barbed Wire. Big Show gets up and quickly climbs the Cage and grabs JBL's leg. JBL starts to kick Big Show and he starts to lose balance. JBL bends over and starts to punch Big Show. Big Show then reaches up and grabs JBL's neck. Show starts to climb the Cage and he Chokeslams JBL off the Cage, into the ring. Scott Hall runs towards Orlando and closelines him. Then Hall starts to destract Show out of the Cage. Then Jeff Jarrett opens the Cage door and smashes a guitar over the back of Show's skull. Then Nash runs into the Cage and Big boots Show. Then Hall gets in the ring and closes the door. They then all start pumling Big Show. Show gets up on one knee and pushes them back, Hall and Jarrett bolth fly back but Nash just takes a few steps back. Bolth Show and Nash stair at each other angerly. Nash then throws a punch and the two big wrestlers starts exchanging blows. Kevin pushes Big Show back and goes for a big boot. Big Show grabs Nashes leg and grabs his neck. Hall goes behind Show and gives him a low blow. JBL stands up and gives Hall a Closeline to Hell. Nash then goes for a Jacknife Powerbomb on JBL, but JBL punches out of it. JBL and Jarrett starts to exchange blows. "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown opens the Cage and runs in. He runs at JBL and gives him The Pounce and JBL flys strait into the Cage. Jeff Jarrett grabs a mic and the four wrestlers stand over there fallen victims.

JARRETT: These are the great WWE wrestlers? This is the great WWE Champion? This is the Feared Big Show? I am the real champion! The WWE is Dead, TNA is Now!

Batista's music plays and he walks down to the ring.

Big Show stands up and gives The Alpha Male a closeline. Hall and Kevin bolth gut kick the Big Show and they bolth give his a two man suplex. Angle runs in the Cage from the crowd and runs behind Hall and gives him an Angle Slam. Batista runs in the cage and starts exchanging blows with Nash. Batista gives Nash a spinebuster. The Alpha Male gives Angle The Pounce. The Alpha Male gets up and Batista pulls off the devastating Batista Bomb. JBL crawls towards the door and Orlando rolls him out off the ring. The ref calls for the bell.
Batista goes for a closeline but Jarrett ducks. DDP runs in the Cage and gives Batista a Diamond Cutter. The Hall gets up and helps The Alpha Male up, then Nash gets up. The five TNA Superstars stand in the middle of the ring and the all raise there arms.
Then the show ends.

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Steven Richards Def Chris Markus (Newcomer)

Trish Def Victoria

AJ Styles Def The Hurricane


Raw opens with clips of the raw superstars as raw's theme plays. The camera cuts to the stage where red fireworks explode off the stage and zooms around into the crowd from Pittsburgh before going to JR and the King.

JR: Hello, Welcome to Raw. I am Jim Ross and this is my partner Jerry "The
King" Lawler. Folks this raw is a beginning of a new era because last night. TNA and Jerry Jarrett have left NWA and signed a deal with WWE. Not only that but we have a comissioner too.

King: Who is that?

[Suddenly Dusty Rhodes music plays crowd cheers as Dusty Rhodes walks out with a mic. He makes his way to the ring.]

JR: That Man there the american dream Dusty Rhodes.

King: Wow, But do we still have bischoff?

JR: Unfortunally, yes.

King: Also, came with the deal is the X Division title and AJ Styles. I heard he is awesome.

[Dusty Rhodes finally gets into the ring. He puts the mic near his mouth.]

Dusty: Hello Pittsburgh.

[Crowd Cheers]

Dusty: I have some news for you. First. We be having a third commentor.

King: What?

JR: Looks like we are going to have someone else on are table.

Dusty: Ladies and Gentlemen. Mike Tenay.

[Crowd claps as Mike Tenay come from the backstage and sits at the
anncounce table.]

JR: Hello, Mike.

Mike: Hello JR, Hello King.

King: Why aren't we enough?

JR: I think Dusty put him here because he thinks he is good. Welcome to WWE and Raw, Mike.

Mike: Thank you JR.

Dusty: But thats not all. I have a way bigger anncouncement to make for Wrestlemania.

JR: What does he have planned?

Dusty: I am bring back one of the greatest TNA matches ever to here. At Wrestlemania Apirl 3rd, AJ Styles will be defending his X Division title in a Ultimate X match.

[Crowd Cheers]

Mike: Oh My God!

King: What is that?

Dusty: And if don't know what this match is? Then here's some footage.

[The jumbtron shows footage of Ultimate X matches]

JR: What a match.

King: I can't wait for this.

Mike: Wrestlemania 21 is building to be great so far.

Dusty: And as for the his opponents, Well. I have just signed them to Raw, Most of the X Division. So we will have a tournament deciding if we lose track of time of this tournament we will have and the last two remaining will be AJ's Opponents. So all of you come out now.

[TNA's Old music plays as Michael Shane, Frank Kazarian, Jason Cross, Amazing Red, Chris Sabin, Low Ki, Elix Skipper, Christopher Daniels, Shark Boy, Team Canada, Kid Kash, Sonjay Dutts, Sonny Siaki, Shane Douglas and Jeff Hardy come to the ring. Fans Cheer]

Dusty: Now thats alot of X Division wrestlers and start off the tournament with Petey Williams against Sonjay Dutts


[Scene comes back with Sonjay Dutts and Petey williams in the ring.]

X Division Wrestlemania Title Shot Tournament Advancement
Petey Williams Vs Sonjay Dutts

Petey and Sonjay tie up. Sonjay hits Petey with a suplex. Petey instantly gets up. They exchange hands. Petey over comes Sonjay and puts him in the coroner. Petey throws him into the other coroner. Sonjay bounces off and lands on the ground. Petey runs to the coroner and climbs to the top rope. Petey hits a moonsault. Petey taunts the fans. They boo him.

King: What a great athlete.

JR: But the crowd here in Pittsburgh doesn't like him alot.

Tenay: Petey William is a great athelte but he is also a great asshole.

Sonjay gets up while Petey is taunting the crowd and dropkicks him into the ropes. Sonjay rolls Petey up



Sonjay trys to do a german suplex to Petey. But Petey reverses and pushs him into the rope and does his own german suplex. Petey stands on Sonjay and taunts the crowd. Petey jumps onto his back then runs to the ropes and lands a Leg drop to the back of Sonjay's head. Petey picks up Sonjay. Sonjay punches Petey. Sonjay picks Petey like a suplex holds him for 30 seconds then hits the suplex. Sonjay goes to the top rope. Suddenly Bobby Rude comes onto the other side of the apron and destracts the ref. Scott D'Amore comes onto the apron where Sonjay is and hits him with the flag stick.

JR: Petey is cheating.

Mike: It's Team Canada members. Bobby Rude on the apron and Scott
D'Amore with the flag. Helpping there leader Petey Williams.

King: That's Smart.

Petey Williams picks up Sonjay looking like he is going to do a powerbomb. Petey hits the Canadian Destroyer and pins him.

JR: Oh My God.

King: What a great move.

Mike: The Canadian Destroyer.

King: Sonjay Dutts is out.

Lillian: Here is your winner, Petey Williams.


[Scene cuts to Eric Bischoff in his office.]

Eric: Hello everybody. I have a special anncouncement for you. Next Week, We will have a three hour show for the return of.... Raw Roulette. All titles will be on the line. Even the X Division title. Since Christopher Daniels was the last person to fight AJ. He will have his shot next week. Who will get the World title shot? Well, I just signed the fourmer NWA Champion Jeff Jarrett and he will have his shot next week. Who will have the womens title? We will have that decided in a Match with Two TNA divas. Desire Vs Trinty to face Trish Stratus. Tag Team titles? Well La Restance will have a re-match.

[Suddenly Batista walks into his office.]

Eric: Hello Batista. So your here to sign with Raw for Wrestlemania.

Batista: Hello Mr.Bischoff.

[Theodore Long walks in]

Theodore: Hello Batista. Have you thought about join Smackdown.

Batista: I have thought about how I want to be in Wrestlemania. To headline Wrestlemania with the biggest Main event of Wrestlemania 21.

Theodore: Thats what the triple threat is for think of it, JBL Vs John Cena Vs Batista.

Eric: Think of it. Evolution members facing eachother in all respected match.

Batista: I was think of it and I thought. I can't do this to Triple H.

Eric: So you will stay?

Batista: No, I am signing with Smackdown. So we don't have to fight

Theodore: Now that's what I am talking about player. Sign here

[Theodore Long Grins and give a smackdown contract to Batista. Eric gets mad. Batista signs the contract]

Theodore: Welcome to Smackdown.

[Eric looks furious as Theodore Long and Batista leave the arena.]

Eric: Since, Batista has left Raw. I will be holding a battle royal in two weeks for a shot at Triple H Or Jeff Jarrett at Wrestlemania 21.


[Scene cuts to the hall where Jeff Hardy is walking down the hall and stops at a door and looks at the sign. It say "Matt Hardy Verision 1". He knocks on the door. The doors open and Matt Hardy answers. Jeff and Matt look at eachother. They hug eachother.]

Matt: Hows it going bro.

Jeff: It's going good.

Matt: I heard you got a X division match tonight.

Jeff: Yeah against Michael Shane. Matt can I ask you a favor?

Matt: Sure What?

Jeff: Michael Shane has a friend name Frank Kazarian. Can you make sure he doesn't interfere

Matt: No Problem, Jeff.

Jeff: Matt how are you and Lita.

Matt: Not good. She is married to Kane.

Jeff: What? Why? How?

Matt: Kane said he would hurt me if she didn't sleep with her. She did so he left me alone. But she was pregenent with his baby. Then I fought kane in a match where the winner marrys Lita and I Lost. So they got married but the new guy Gene Snitsky hit Kane with a chair and Kane landed on Lita and Lita lost her baby.

Jeff: Whoa. I Missed alot didn't I?

Matt: Yeah.

Jeff: How about we come back as the Hardy Boyz

[Matt thinks]

Matt: Sounds like a great idea.

[Suddenly the phone rings in Matt Hardys Room. Matt answers it.]

Matt: Hello.... Oh Hi Mr. Bischoff.... What were in that match.... Thank you Mr.Bischoff.

[Matt hangs up the phone and walks to Jeff.]

Jeff: Who was that?

Matt: Eric Bischoff, He says we have a title shot match. The Hardy Boyz Vs..... Michael Shane and Frank Kazarian for a Tag Team title shot at Wrestlemania.

Jeff: Well we will have no problems.

Matt: Next week on Raw Roulette.

[Scene cuts back to the ring.]

JR: What big news, The hardy boyz are together again.

Mike: Yes, They will fight Kazarian And Michael Shane.

King: Wrestlemania's card is turning out already.

Lillian: The following contest is for one fall and it is for the Wrestlemania Intercontinal title shot.

[Burn In the Light by Mercy Drive plays as Randy Orton walks to the ring.Crowd Cheers]

Lillian: Making his way to the ring. Randy Orton!!!

[Mavens Music Plays as Maven walks to the ring. Crowd Boos]

Lillian: Making his way to the ring Maven!!

[Maven gets into the ring. Randy laughs at Maven.]

Intercontinal Title shot at Wrestlemania
Randy Orton Vs Maven

Randy Orton grabs Maven throws him into the coroner. He goes to attack Maven with a splash but Maven moves. Maven hits Randy in the back of the head. Knowing all the damage after the concusions from the RKOs. Suddenly out of no where comes Frank Kazarian On the apron and distracts the ref. Maven lowblows Randy Orton he falls to the ground. He grins as Michael Shane goes into the ring. Michael Shane waits for Randy to get up. Randy gets up. Michael Shane hits him with the superkick.

Mike: Maven is cheating Michael Shane and Kazarian.

JR: What do you expect he can't do it himself.

King: How do you know that JR.

JR: Look he is cheating.

Michael Shane and Maven pick up Randy Orton and hit him with a snap suplex. Shane and Maven stomp on him. Suddenly the Hardy Boyz come out. Jeff and Matt slide in the ring and hit Maven and Michael Shane with a Twist of Fate.

King: Now that's cheating.

JR: No, It's making it fair.

Mike: Will this be a twist of fate?

Jeff throws Michael Shane over the rope and attacks him. Matt gets out of the ring and goes under Kazarian his legs and Powerbombs him onto the barricade. Ref looks into the ring where Randy Orton and Maven are laying on the ground. Ref counts 1...2...3....4...5 but Randy Orton gets up and waits for Maven to get up 6...7.. Maven gets up. Randy Orton goes for RKO but Maven pushes him. Maven goes for a DDT but Randy Orton Reverses and hits the RKO he covers.


JR: Oh My God. Maven kicked out.

Maven and Randy Orton slowly get up. Maven runs at Orton for a closeline but Randy Orton hits a RKO. Randy Covers again.


Lillian: And Here is your winner and Number one contender for the Intercontinental at Wrestlemania.... Randy Orton!!!

[Crowd Cheers as Matt and Jeff go back in the ring to celebrate with him.]


[The scene re-opens with The Hardy Boyz still in the ring and Jeff's got a mic.]

Jeff: Michael Shane, Come here now and have are match right now.

[Michael Shane nods as a yes as Michael Shane and Frank Kaziarian run down the ramp. Michael slides into the ring as Matt jumps over the rope and lands on Frank Kazarian. Matt and Frank battle on the ramp.]

X Division Wrestlemania Title Shot Tournament Advancement
Jeff Hardy Vs Michael Shane

Michael Shane goes to attack Jeff but Jeff moves and hits him with a dropkick to the back sending him into the coroner. Jeff does a splash onto Michael. Michael turns around ties up with Jeff. Suddenly on the jumbtron comes the american dream Dusty Rhodes. All four men stop fighting and look at him.

Mike: What is this?

Dusty: Matt Have seen you wrestle before and guess what your in the X Division tournament. Actually you have a tournament match now.

[Matt looks confused]

Dusty: A Tag Team Advancement, That's right we will a preview of next weeks match. The Hardy Boyz Vs Michael Shane and Frank Kazarian but this week's match is a toronado hardcore tag match.

[Crowd Cheers as Matt Hardy and Frank Kazarian slide into the ring]

X Division Tournament for Wrestlemania 21 Advancement/Hardcore Toronado tag team match
Hardy Boyz Vs Michael Shane & Frank Kazarian

Jeff and Shane exchange hands and Kazarian and Matt exchange hands. Suddenly Maven come running down with three chairs. But Randy Orton runs behind him and hits him with a ladder. Randy Orton slides in the ladder and the chairs. Matt and Jeff Suplex Kazarian and Michael onto the ladder. Randy Orton grabs a chair from under the ring smashs it over Maven's head. Then brings it into the ring and grabs all the chairs. Kazarian trys to attack Randy but he hits him with four chairs on top of eachother.

JR: Kazarian is out.

King: Maven doesn't look that well either.

Randy then opens the chairs and closes them on the coroner turbuckles after he does them all he picks up Kazarian and is about to hit Kazarian with a RKO but Christian comes out of no where with a chair. Matt runs at Tyson Tomoko but he boots him in the face. Jeff runs at Christian but is stopped by Vampiro when he grabs him and hits a nail in the coffin to Jeff. Suddenly something is being lower by the roof.

JR: Oh My God is that?

Mike: It's Sting!!

Sting comes down with a bat and land on the mat and takes off the cord as Vampiro, Tyson, Chirstian and Michael all look at him. One at a time they run at him. He hits Michael,Tyson,Christian with a bat then he takes Vampiro over the ropes and battles with him. Crowd erupts

King: This reminds me back in the WCW days where Vampiro and Sting hated eachother.

Mike: King my guess is that they still do hate eachother.

Finally Jeff and Michael get up on their feet and Jeff goes for the twist of fate but Michael push's him away and hits him with the Superkick. Michael falls on Jeff. Ref Counts


JR: No come on kick out.


Lillian: Here are your winners Michael Shane and Frank Kazarian.

[Crowd Boos as Christian,Tyson, Maven and Kazarian Attack Sting Michael joins too. They all get up to the top of the ramp and Christian,Tyson,Michael,Kazarian,Maven and Vampiro rise there hands. Vampiro gets a mic.]

Vampiro: We are The Chaos.

[Chaos leaves as the scene fades away.]


[Scene comes back in Evolution's locker room with Triple H and Ric Flair.]

Ric: Hunter, It worked. Batista is gone to smackdown and you don't have to worry about facing him at Wrestlemania. Wooo...

Triple H: I know all the the things we did to make him mad at JBL would have worked. Now in two weeks we need to make sure that someone week wins the battle royal for the wrestlemania world title shot.

Ric: Don't worry hunter we will.

Triple H: Now thats better.

King: Oh My God. It was Triple H's plan to get batista to Smackdown.

JR: So he didn't have to fight him.

Mike: Well, Now he only has Flair as protection.

Lillian: The Following Contest is for one fall.

[Ric flairs music plays]

Lillian: Coming to the ring accompanied by Triple H, Ric Flair

[Ric Flair makes his way to the ring]

[Chris Beniot's Music plays]

Lillian: And his opponent, Chris Beniot!!

[Chris Beniot walks to the ring.]

Ric Flair/w Triple H Vs Chris Beniot

They exchange chops. Ric backs Chris into the corner and deliver chops as Fans wooo.... Suddenly Chris Beniot grabs Ric Flairs arm and puts him in the crossface. Triple H goes on the apron. As suddenly a man with a mask on comes into the ring and hits chris beniot with a lead pipe. The Man picks up Chris and Nails him with a ddt. The man puts ric on top of chris.

Mike: What the hell?

JR: Who the hell could that be?

King: I don't know but I think Evolution planned this.

Triple H gets off the apron ref counts.



Lillian: Here is your winner Ric Flair.

[Ric Flair's Music plays as Triple H and the mask man go in the ring. Triple H and the masked man shake hands. The masked man hugs Ric Flair. Triple H grabs a mic and laughs]

Triple H: Evolution has done it again. Now most of you wanna know who made this match so short? Well it's the new evolution member, Take off the mask.

[The man takes off his hood and removes the mask. Fans boo.]

Mike: Thats David Flair.

King: Ric Flair's son.

JR: Oh My God. Did ric flair just joined Evolution?

Mike: Looks like it JR.

JR: I am getting news from Mr. Bischoff. That next week Sting will be facing Vampiro.

King: Thats going to be raw roulette.

Mike: Well thats all for tonight folks so you next week.

[Evolution celebrates as scene fades away]

Sorry, It's kinda short.

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Sorry This will be little late because I didn't start, I wanted to wait for Sir Sledge hammer v2 to Do smackdown but it's taking him along time so I will start tonight. I want to make raw better this week. Since it is Raw Roulette.

Confirmed Matches

Sting Vs Vampiro

Womens Title shot later that night

Trinty Vs Desire

X Division title

AJ Stlyes Vs Christopher Daniels

Womens Title

Trish Vs ?

Tag Team Title shot at Wrestlemania

New Skool (Michael Shane and Frank Kazarian) Vs Hardy Boyz

Intercontinal title

Shelton Benjamin Vs Randy Orton

WWE title

Triple H Vs Jeff Jarrett

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Both Rosters are Huge so I want to Make a third Roster IMPACT! roster


Global title

Global Tag Team titles

Writer will choose the other 3

After Jeff Jarrett and AMW are for sure on this roster. Others to be updated

So I am looking for a IMPACT! writer.

I will be doing raw next monday with Roulette. I will delay Wrestlemania a week too. Sorry. I am giving Sir Sledgehammer untill thursday for SD and if he doesn't have it up I will find a new Smackdown Writer.

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Sorry that It's all messed up but.

I am going to restart all this with three rosters

Raw,Smackdown and IMPACT!

I will write Raw

I need a Smackdown and IMPACT writer Same Rosters.

Sledgehammerv2 can come back if he wants but as of now he is not writer anymore

After Wrestlemania there will be a Draft Lottery. But 10 picks for all rosters. They pick 5 from each roster. We will have some Trades,

Please Join as a writer

All Raw Champs Same

Only Differents on SD is

Big Show is WWE Champion

Paul London is Cruiserweight Champion

John Cena is going to Wrestlemania 21 (same)

IMPACT! All Champs same but they have a new Hardcore title

In IMPACT all TNA Guys are on it.

U can bring old tna guys to IMPACT! too like Jason Cross

TNA Championship
TNA Tag Team Championship
X Division Title
Hardcore Championship

All Rosters are same.
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