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WWE Is in Sasha's hometown.

Last time WWE visited Bosston in October She was ridiculously over.Defeating Bella twins in tag match.They even Gave her a parking lot segment and mic time.

So i was thinking triple threat Ladder Match.Paige Vs Charlotte Vs Sasha.

Sasha marks know Sasha has always said she wanted be in ladder Match.NOWS THE TIME.

Paige lost clean last night so im expecting new number 1 contender or Sasha to be added.It would be so dumb not to add her.In Bosston .She's hella over.And She's undefeatted :) and after recent hiatus from main scene would be perfect time.

Lets be honest these 2 need Sasha to interject To pump life into storyline.
Charlotte's dull no1 cares for her.And paige...Idk why people are not behind her.Whole reason did reid angle was to get people to side with Charlotte and hate paige NEITHER of those worked.

So WWE be smart add Sasha . Whatculture feels the same http://whatculture.com/wwe/wwe-tlc-2015-8-matches-that-must-happen.php
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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