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WWE Title not the main focus anymore?

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Seems like anything that doesn't involve John Cena isn't main event worthy enough anymore.Including WWE titles match.
When Randy Orton was holding the title and was fueding with Sheamus no one cared.It was overshadowed by Cena VS Nexus.When Orton was fueding with The Miz for the title no one also cared and the main focus was John Cena VS CM Punk Nexus.Hell even now the main focus is John Cena Vs The Rock not Miz the WWE champion.

So tell me, isn't it sad that anything John Cena is involve in > WWE Title?
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Most people dislike Cena and I don't hate him by any means, but I think it would be great if he took like 4 months off.
They should make him a heel, then a jobber and then start every thing from scratch.
This is honestly nothing new, when Rock, Austin, or Triple H weren't holding the strap in the Attitude era, the champion really took a back seat, just look at Angle around 2000-2001, he was the champion, but he was a best the fourth guy when it came to focus.
Cena needs to turn heel.
100% there will more boo's on him in WM28.
Seems the gold now is secondary, I guess because the story is on Cena.
I miss the good old days when every wrestler has his/her own fued story.
So tell me, isn't it sad that anything John Cena is involve in > WWE Title?
Not really because The Awful One is the WWE champion right now.
The title hasnt truly been a focus since the attitude era ended. My dad tells me stories about how back in the day guys would hold the titles for months 9 to 15 months at that. The title picture is weak mainly because there arent many feud you can have during the attitude era you had Austin v Rock, Rock v HHH, Undertaker v Austin, Lesnar v Goldberg now its Orton v Cena, Cena/Orton vs Sheamus/Miz there arent enough big names to build strong WHC feuds they need to establish guys like Barrett, McIntyre and others to make them 1 appealing to the audience as to where people dont use the bathroom when the matches come on and also strong in the ring so they not only get a pop from the crowd but get the crowd into the match. WWE needs another year and a half of re-tooling before titles earn back true prestige I mean look at the mockery that is the IC Title thats was an honor in the 90's now its on Barrett and he's jobbing a WM in less than 2minutes, getting his candy ass handed to him the next night and losing again to the same team that beat them at WM
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Because Cena is still the "Face of the company" they'll always try to make him out to be the most important thing right now...But Miz is getting over at the moment from what I've seen (cheered at Mania and Raw) plus he's even got the catchphrases for a lot of merchandise...
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