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April 18th 2005
Cow Palace in San Francisco california

The Pyros go off.

J.R:We welcome you live from the Cow Palace in San Francisco California, and tonight Marty Janetty and HBK Shawn Micheals are here, will Marty except HBK's challenge.

King:I can't wait, J.R, but it is time for the highlight reel.

Y2J:Welcome to Raw is Jericho!Now tonight our world heavyweight champion Triple H says that he has something to tell me.So I want him to say it to my face.So without any further adue, here is Triple H.

"time to play the game" hits and Triple h makes his way to the ring to major heat.Triple H grabs a mic.

HHH:I just come out here tonight to get something off my chest....You may have won a money in the bank ladder match....but if you challenge the Game, You will lose.You have never beat me.

Y2J:Oh yes I have, roll the footage monkeys.

Clip is shown of the dark match from last weeks Raw when Chris Jericho made Triple H tap out to the walls of Jericho.

HHH:That wasn't televised.

Y2J:True, but thats shows that I have beaten you before assclown.But you are still underestimating one man Hunter like I told you last week.I think you better turn around to meet my next guest,junior.[/I

Triple H gets nailed with a spinebuster from Batista.Y2J hits the lionsault on HHH.Batista plants HHH with the Batista Bomb.Y2J locks in the walls of Jericho on HHH.Eric Bischoff appears on the screen.

Eric:Enough, you guys are the current top contenders for the title.That doesn't mean you can attack the champion.So tonight it will be Chris Jericho and Batista versus Triple H and Ric Flair.


Lita and Edge are talking backstage.

Lita:So now you know what your gonna do to Matt at Backlash, I like it(laughs)

Edge:You aren't gonna see Matt after Backlash, Ok we have some business to take care of in that ring.

Lita:Ok sweetheart

"live for the moment hits and Matt Hardy and Christy Hemme make their way to the ring.

King:the puppies are here tonight!

J.R:hooray for King!

"metalingus"hits and Edge and Lita make their way to the ring to a Chorous of "you screwed Matt" chants.

Edge and Lita versus Matt Hardy and Christy Hemme
Match Finish=Christy and Lita catfight outside of the ring.Matt goes for the twist of fate on Edge, but he rolls Matt up with his feet on the ropes.1,2,3.

Christy and Lita are still brawling outside of the ring.Trish all of a sudden hits a chick kick on Christy.Lita gets a chick kick from Trish as well.Trish grabs the mic.

Trish:At Backlash, none of you will take my title.I will win like I always do.
(snaps Fingers)Just like that!

J.R:Trish is very confident heading into her title defense at Backlash.

King:puppies galore!

J.R:Oh king would you stop.

Smackdown Rebound
-shows big show beating Booker T
-Rey/RVD/Eddy situation
-Shows John Cena defeating Brock Lesnar in the cage match(1-0)

"Im back" hits and Eric Bischoff stands on the stage, mic in hand.

Eric:Are we having a good time tonight!(hell yeah!)Thats great.Next week as some of you may know Raw will be live from Las Vegas(pop), so I have decided that next week we will have the Raw Roulette.Enjoy the rest of the show!(massive pop from crowd)

Eric leaves.

"Burn in my light" hits and Randy Orton makes his way to the ring to a mixed reaction.Randy grabs the mic.

Randy:Tonight, I am here to prove a point, to prove that I am good at casket matches.I have selected an opponent.First bring out the casket.

Hooded figures bring out the casket to ringside.

King:A casket match right here tonight!

J.R:I don't know king.

King:what I do know is that Randy Orton is a genius!

Orton:Now bring out my opponent please.

"slow chemical"hits and a midget version of Kane comes down to the ring.The crowd laughs their head off.

Casket Match
Midget Kane versus Randy Orton

Randy slaps the Midget, than nails him with the RKO.Miget Kane is unconscious.Orton opens up the casket only to find out that Kane lays inside.
Orton runs through the crowd to escape the big Red Monster.Kane nails Midget Kane with a chokeslam from hell.Kane stuffs the Midget in to the casket.KANE WINS!

King:Kane wasn't in this match,this is prepostorous.

J.R:eek:h King will you shut up.

Lugz boot of the week:
Batista pinning Ric Flair last week on Raw.

"Rocker" hits and Marty Janetty makes his way to the ring to a chorous of boo's.Marty grabs a mic.

Marty:Shawn, all week I have thought about your challenge....and I accept.Now get your ass out here.

"sexy boy" hits and Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring in crutches to a massive pop.

HBK:now as you see, I am in no condition to compete...tonight because of Kurt Angle.But all doctors have told me that I can wrestle at Backlash.But tonight, you look dressed for action.I have the perfect opponent for you.He is actually a very good friend of mine.

"rabid wolverine"hits and Chris Beniot makes his way to the ring to a large pop.

Chris Beniot versus Marty Janetty
15:00 into the match

Marty goes for the rocker dropper, but Beniot counters into a german suplex, then another, than the hat trick.Beniot signals for the end.Beniot climbs to the top turnbuckle and nails the swan dive headbutt.Beniot tries for the crossface, but Marty counters into the rocker dropper.cover.1.....2...kickout by beniot.When both men get to their feet HBK goes for sweet chin music on Janetty, but he moves and it hits Beniot.Marty tosses HBK out of the ring and he then goes for the cover on Beniot.1....2.....3!MARTY JANETTY WINS!

Marty leaves and Beniot slowly gets to his feet.Chris Masters out of nowhere hits a sledge to the face of Beniot.Masters puts Beniot into the master lock.Beniot goes unconscious.

Masters:I am the masterpiece(laughs)You are my next victim.

Masters spits on Beniot.

J.R:Chris Masters is sick,absolut.....

King:Calm down!Remember what the doctor said!

J.R:eek:h yes King(breathes in and out)

King:Don't hurt yourself now

J.R:King im fine


Todd Grisham is backstage interviewing Christian, who has crutches with him

Todd:You and Shawn Michaels both have crutches, what happened to you Christian?

Christian:It was the ladder match at wrestlemania, me and Tomko haven't been seen since.I hurt my knee falling off of the ladder.Right now though, Tyson here, is gonna teach that punk William Regal a lesson.

Tomko:That's right.

Christian:let's go big man.

"tantrum"hits and Tyson Tomko makes his way to the ring accompanied by Christian to a chorous of boo's.

"New Englander"hits and William Regal makes way to the ring to huge cheers.

William Regal versus Tyson Tomko
4:00 into the match.

Regal hits a T-bone suplex on Tomko and goes for the cover.1,2,kickout.Regal his a knee to the side of Tomko's head.With the ref distracted Christian nails Regal with his crutch.Tomko gets an arm over Regal.The ref gets to his senses and does the count.1,2,3.

Christian walks into the ring with his crutches.Tomko nails a boot to the face of Regal.Tajiri comes to make the save.He tries to go for Christian,but he explains that he is hurt.Tajiri turn into a boot by tomko.Christian drops the crutches and nails the unprettier on Tajiri.Christian then goes on to nail Regal with the unprettier as well.Tomko and Christian walk off.

J.R:Christian wasn't hurt.This was just a trick to beatdown the world tag team champions.

King:You got to admit that Christian is brilliant, J.R.

J.R:Whatever King.Up next is the main event of the evening.Batista and Chris Jericho versus Triple H and Ric Flair.


"countdown" hits and Chris jericho makes his way to the ring to a huge ovation

"unleashed Rage'' hits and Batista makes his way to the ring to a massive pop.

"line in the sand" hits and Triple H and Ric Flair make their way to the ring to boo's and woo's from the crowd.

Chris Jericho and Batista versus Triple h and Ric Flair
Match Finish=Batista nails the Batista Bomb on Triple H while Chris Jericho makes Flair tap to the walls of Jericho.

J.R:What a match and what a night! Next week is the Raw Roulette, and also Vince Mc Mahon has a major announcement to make!

King: I can't wait for Raw Roulette!Will their be a bra and panties match.

J.R:I don't know King.Good night everybody.


Dark match:
Chris Jericho versus Ric Flair

Flair has Y2J in the figure 4 leg lock.Eventually y2J flips the move.Flair eventually grabs the ropes.Naitch hits some knife edge chops but y2J hits some of his own.Flair hits a thumb to the eye of Y2J, runs into the ropes but gets nailed with the breakdown.Y2J hits the lionsault.1,2,kickout.Flair hits an inverted atomic drop but Y2J counters with a small package.1,2,kickout.Y2J locks in the walls of Jericho.Flair has no choice but to tap out.
Y2J wins two dark matches in a row.

Chris Jericho versus Ric Flair and Chris beniot versus Chris masters have been added to the Backlash Card.Raw will be up on Saturday and Smackdown should be up tomorrow. :cool:

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Pretty Good show... I'll Rate it 8/10. You can increase the font size and use more of Bold. Anyways I like the Dark Match Idea and I simply can't wait for the RAW Roulette. Anyways Smackdown! would be up tomorrow or day after

Smackdown! Preview​
Live from Air Canada Center, Toronto, Canada
21st April 2005

This week, WWE brings you Smackdown! live from the Air Canada Center, Toronto. John Cena last week took the lead in the 5 Match WWE Title No.1 Contender Hardcore Series beating Brock Lesnar in an humdinger inside a Steel Cage. What stipulation would John Cena pick this week. Would both the superstars be mentlly and physically ready for this and remaining matches?

Now, RVD, Big Show and Bubba Ray Dudley have advanced in the US Title Tournament. D'Von Dudley has already entered the tournament and would he
advance? GM, Theodore Long is yet to announce what happens to these superstars? We only know that Four Finalists would meet in a Fatal Fourway Elimination Hell In A Cell Match!!!

The Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio situation is getting worser and worser, what will happen next?

For all this and more, don't forget to tune into Smackdown!


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Because the Smackdown preview is looking good and from now on I'll be reading I'll start reviewing when you get your Smackdown up and review and post my thoughts from there. Anyway keep continuing and the best of luck to you and your partner.

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Live From Air Canada Centre

14th April 2005

I'll not be posting the whole show, only the Highlights. Also I'm leavin the show after this :sad: Hopefully a replacement would be there. :sad:

-Eddie Guerrero loses to Charlie Haas in the US Title Tournament thanx to Rey

-D'Von beats Kenzo Suzuki to advance in the US Title Tournament

-RVD, Big Show, Bubba Ray Dudley, Charlie Haas, D'Von Dudley have now advanced in the US Title Tournament. 3 More to go. Long announces that there'd be 8 finalists and 4 will be eliminated through online voting.

- Brock Lesnar defeated John Cena in a Announcers Table Match!! to level the series 1-1. What match will he choose next week?

- After the Show, Tazz powerbombs Michael Cole onto the Arena Floor


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Seems ok, I hope the replacement can finish off the tournament.

Backlash is just one week away and Raw is live from the MGM grand arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.Eric Bischoff annonced that their will be a Raw Roulette tonight.Anything can happen!

Next Raw is the draft lottery and my new partner must be aware of that.
I will post Raw today! :D

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April 25 th 2005
MGM Grand arena in Las Vegas Nevada

The pyros go off.

J.R:We welcome you to the MGM grand arena in Las Vegas Nevada.

King:Raw Roulette J.R.I mean we can even see a hell in a cell match tonight

Coach is in the ring with the spinning wheel.

Coach:Welcome everyone.I am the coach.Now Eric Bischoff will announce the first match.

"Im Back" hits and Eric Bischoff makes his way to the ring.

Eric:Coach........My first match will involve you.

The wheel is spinned and it lands on buried alive.

Coach:I am not the kind of person that should be buried Mr.bischoff

Eric:Whatever, we want action!Bring out the opponent.

"slow chemical" hits and Kane makes his way to the ring to a massive pop.Coach quickly grabs a shovel.

Buried alive
Kane versus the Coach

Kane gets whacked by coaches shovel, but it has little effect on the big red monster.Kane chokeslams the Coach.He closelines him over the ropes into a casket.Kane exits the ring and closes the casket.Kane drags the closed casket to the sand pit.A hooded figure hands Kane a shovel.Kane digs the sand till its deep enough.The hooded figure low blows Kane and tosses him into the pit.All of a sudden Randy Orton comes in a dump truck an pours sand all over Kane.Kane wins as Orton taunts to the crowd to get some major heat.

Orton grabs a mic.

Randy:Kane, you have been buried alive,courtesy of the Legend Killer.At Backlash, if you some how get their, Randy Orton will burie the monster once and for all.And i will kill the legend of....KANE!

J.R:Will Kane be at Backlash?That is the question on everyone's mind.

King:I don't know J.R, but Randy Orton continues to impress me.

J.R:Whatever.We have to take a short break.


Eric is in the ring ready to spin the wheel again.

It lands on..........................................Bischoffs choice!

Eric:Now this is the one thing I love the wheel to land on, so tonight, it will be Batista versus Triple H.........and the nature boy Ric Flair.

The wheel is spun again and it lands on the bra and panties match.

Eric:Right now, we will have a bra and panties match between Christy Hemme and the lovely Lita!

(huge pop)

"Raw diva search" hits and Christy Hemme makes her way to the ring to a huge ovation

King:puppies are here!God has sent pleasure to earth

J.R:This is the Kings favourite sport ladies and gentlemen.

"Boy Hits Car"hits and Lita makes her way to the ring accompanied by Edge to a chorous of boo's and "you screwed Matt" chants

Bra and panties match
Lita versus Christy Hemme

5:00 into the match

Christy hits the twist of fate on Lita.Christy tries to rip off Litas panties.Edge out of nowwhere spears Christy.Matt closelines Edge over the apron and lands on him with a suicide dive.Lita rips the bra and panties off of Christy to get the win.

Lita turns around only to get the twist of fate from Matt Hardy.

The sensei of Mattitude grabs a mic.

Matt:Edge...........Lita,you two have ruined my life.This sunday, Edge I will ruin yours.

Edge tries to hit Matt with a chair, but Matt ducks and plants Edge with the twist of fate.

Matt:Tonight's Matt fact is:Don't trust Edge and Lita

J.R:this sunday, this emotional love triangle will be settled.

King:Lita is still Edges puppie.

J.R:You may be right, King.Up next Vince Mc Mahon has a blockbuster annoncement to make.Folk, we have to take a break.

Smackdown Rebound
-U.S title tourny rages on
-Brock Lesnar beat John Cena in a spanish annonce table match
-Even more building in the Eddie and Rey fued

"no chance" hits and Vince Mc Mahon makes his way to the ring to a huge ovation.

Vince:Tonight I promised a blockbuster announcement and that's what your gonna get.I say it is time to shake things up again, so we are gonna have a draft lottery after about a months time.Have a good evening!

J.R:Wow! A draft lottery in about a month

King:I can finally go to smackdown

We go to eric Bischoffs office as he spins the wheel.It lands on........................................STRANGE BEDFELLOWS!

Eric:Ok tonight in this ring it will be Shelton Benjamin and Muhhamad hassan taking on Chris Masters and Chris Beniot.

"Ain't no stoppin me now" hits and Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring to a huge ovation.

"Arab-American" hits and Muhhamad Hassan makes his way to the ring accompanied by Divari to a chorous of boo's

"whatever" hits and Chris Beniot makes his way to the ring to a massive ovation.

"masterpiece" hits and Chris Masters makes his way to the ring to a chorous of boo's

Chris Beniot and Shelton Benjamin stare at each other and start brawling with Masters and Hassan.Eric appears on the screen.

Eric:Alright, this isn't going to work,it is now changed to Chris Beniot and Shelton Benjamin versus Chris Masters and Muhhamad Hassan.

Chris Masters and Muhhamad Hassan versus Chris Beniot and Shelton Benjamin
Match Finish-->beniot german suplexes Masters over the apron.Benoit dives onto Masters.Meanwhile Shelton tries for the exploder, but Hassan counters into a roll up using the tights.1,2,3.Hassan and Masters win!

J.R:what a terrific tag team match

King:Yes it was J.R without a doubt.

Lugz boot of the week
Chris Jericho makes Ric Flair tap to the walls of Jericho

"contdown"hits and Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring to a massive pop.

Y2J grabs a mic.

Y2J:Before my match tonight, I want to tell all of my jerichoholics that at Backlash, it will be Y2J versus Ric Flair.Wooooo!

Eric:OK lets check out your match.

The wheel lands on Las Vegas street fight.

"Just close your eyes" hits and Christian makes his way to the ring.

Las Vegas Street Fight
Chris Jericho versus Christian

10:00 into the match

Christian goes for a chairshot, but Y2J ducks and nais a running enzuguri with Christian hitting face first on the chair.Y2J hits the lionsault then he applies the walls of Jericho on captain Charisma.Christian has no choice but to tap out.

Y2J:Ric, you washed up ******, you are gonna face the ayatollah of rock and rolla,Y2J Chri.....

Ric Flair nails Y2J with a chop block.Naitch locks in the figure four.Y2J is writhing in pain.

J.R:Somebody stop this


Eric is in his office with William Regal and Tajiri.

Eric:You Two, sunday at Backlash will face Tomko and Christian with your titles on the line

Eric spins the wheel..........it lands on capture the flag

Eric:But tonight it will be William Regal and Tajiri versus La Resistance in a capture the flag match.

Non-title capture the flag match
William Regal and Tajiri versus La Resistance

Match Finish-->due to tomko and Christians interference la resistance capture the flag to win the match.

Robert:After what just happened we deserve a title shot.

eric appears on the screen

Eric:You two are added.It is now a triple Threat tag team title match.

Robert:Thank You mr.bishoff

J.R:We have the full card for Backlash

(JR and King go over the card)


HBK is in Bischoffs office.

Shawn:You wanted me

Eric:I would like to inform you that you have a match tonight

Eric spins the wheel

Shawn:I can't wrestle until Backlash,Eric.

It lands on catch the midget.

Shawn:Now that.....i can do

Shawn chases after the midget.The Midget runs into a pop machine but HBK still can't catch him.The midget runs into an electrical wire and gets electrocuted.HBK has caught the midget


Marty Janetty attacks Shawn with a chair to the back of the head.Marty nails Shawn several times with the chair.

J.R:What an assault.A sneak attack by Janetty.Our main event is next.

King:Is the midget ok


"line in the sand" hits and Triple H and Ric Flair make their way to the ring to a chorous of boo's.

"unleashed rage" hits and Batista makes his way to the ring to a huge ovation

Batista versus Triple H and Ric Flair

10:00 into the match

Batista nails a spinebuster on Ric Flair.Batista tosses Flair out of the ring.Batista calls Triple H into the ring, he does so and he runs into a spinebuster.Batista gives the thumbs down and plants a Batista Bomb on ric and he covers him.1,2,3.

Batista wins!

J.R:What a night we have had tonight!Backlash is on sunday.

King:Backlash will be great

J.R:Good night everybody!

raw goes off the air.

Place your Backlash predictions.PLZ do it

P.s: Iam lookin for someone to do Smackdown, so PM me or write out on the thread.

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Very Good show. I'd give it 8.5/10. The Main Event could have been detailed but other than that the show was really good.

Anyways my Backlash predictions - (Bold)

1.WHC - Triple H(c) vs. Batista

2.Intercontinental Championship - Shelton Benjamin(c) vs. Muhammad Hassan

3.Women's Championship - Trish Stratus(c) vs. Lita vs. Christy Hemme - Triple Threat Match

4. Randy Orton vs Kane - Casket Match

5. Matt Hardy vs. Edge - No DQ Match

6. Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair

7. Chris Benoit vs. Chris Masters (Should have been a Submission Match)

8. Michaels vs. Marty Jannety

9. La Resistance vs. William Regal and Tajiri vs. Tomko and Christian for the World Tag Team Titles

Anyways Good Ol' JR(55 Posts) and JCSoldier187(1 post) have asked to replace me. Its your decision whom you want.

Can't w8 for Backlash.

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Just so everyone knows I am looking for someone to do smackdown as ssj4rohan is not continuing to post shows.If anyone wants to do Smackdown PM me or post it on the thread.The replacement has to pick up the storylines, that is the one and only rule.
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