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i am starting a new show and i am looking for a partner that can do smackdown. We will always post whenever the shows are ready.We start after wm21.

Wrestlemania 21

trish b christy after litas heel turn when she ddt'ed christy.trish retains.

rey mysterio b eddie guerrero with a roll up using the ropes for leverage.
eddie turns heel by low blowing him and hittin the frog splash

akebono b big show in the sumo match

kurt angle b shawn michaels after Marty Jannetty hits hbk with a chair.Angle makes hbk tap to the ankle lock.

undertaker b randy orton with 3 consecutive tombstones.Orton turns around only to be chokeslammed by kane.Kane has saved taker from an assault by the legend killer.

chris jericho wins the 6 way money in the bank ladder match and has a title shot that he can use within a full year.

jbl b john cena after brock lesnar returns to cost him the title after hitting the f5 on cena.jbl retains again.

hhh b batista after using a sledgehammer.hhh retains.

we will start once i have a partner

ppv schedules

raw-backlash on sunday may 1st 2005
smackdown-judgement day on sunday may 22nd 2005
Raw-Bad Blood on sunday June 5th 2005
ECW one night stand on sunday june 12th 2005(may not do)
smackdown-vengeance on sunday june 26th 2005
raw-the great american bash on sunday july 24th 2005
both-summerslam on august 21st 2005
raw-unforgiven on sunday september 18th 2005
smackdown-Fundoo Friday on friday october 7th 2005
raw-taboo tuesday on tuesday november 1st 2005
both-survivor series on sunday november 27th 2005
raw-armageddon on sunday december 18th 2005
smackdown-No Mercy on christmas day,december 25th 2005
raw-New years revolution on sunday january 8th 2006
both-royal rumble on sunday january 29th 2006
smackdown-no way out on sunday february 19th 2006
both-wrestlemania 22 on sunday april 2 2006

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Re: wwe:The way it should be

Will anybody partner up with me because I want to start writing my shows soon

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Re: wwe:The way it should be

RAW APR.4/05
Staples Center,
Los Angeles,California

The pyro goes off and Raw goes on the air

J.R:Welcome everyone to the Staples Center in Los Angeles California,and what a night we have for you tonight. The money in the bank ladder match winner Chris Jericho takes on Edge, and the animal Batista will team up with Chris Beniot to challenge Evolution's Triple H and Ric Flair

King:And the puppies are in the house when Christy Hemme takes on the lovely Lita.

J.R: What Lita did to Christy last night was HORRI.....

King:Calm down J.R, your gonna have a stroke

"It's all about the Game" hits and Triple H makes his way to the ring with Ric Flair following close by.The crowd boo's The Game.Triple H grabs the mic.

HHH:Last night at Wrestlemani 21, I did what i set out to do, I put the Animal
down, and everybody KNOWS IT!

Flair:WOOOOOOOOOO!(crowd woooooo's back)Once again, you people are looking at the greatest superstar in the business today.WOOOOOOOO!

"Unleashed Rage' hits the arena and Batista makes his way to the ring to a massive pop.Batista grabs a mic.

HHH:Hey Naitch look,it's the animal that I PUT DOWN!

Batista:Is that so Hunter, if you think for one second that I was put down, then why am I still here. It took a sledgehammer and Ric Flair to put me down
but I have come back for more.I want a re-match at Backlash.

HHH:No. I beat you last night. Dave just face the truth, YOU AREN'T IN MY LEAGUE!

"im back'' hits the arena and Eric Bischoff stands on the stage with a mic.

Eric:Batista, I saw your performance last night, and I got to say I'm impressed with it.Dave,you came so close to winning the title.So here's what I am gonna do. At Backlash, it will be Triple H versus Batista for the world heavyweight title.Now in tonight's tag match if Beniot and Batista win,Batista can choose the stipulation.And if Evolution wins, Triple H can choose the stipulation.Have a nice night gentlemen.

HHH is irate.HHH and Batista have a stare down.

Clips are shown of Lita costing Christy Hemme the women's title at Wrestlemania 21

Lita is seen backstage. She is approached by Matt Hardy.

Lita:What are you doing here?

Matt:What are you doing cheating on me behind my back.Lita, we all know.

"you screwed Matt"chants break out through the arena.Matt walks away.

'Raw Diva Search" hits and Christy Hemme makes her way to the ring.

J.R: Christy looks set to get a measure of revenge on Lita tonight.

"boy hits car" hits and Lita makes her way to the ring with a lot of "YOU SCREWED MATT" chants.

Christy Hemme versus Lita
Lita dominates alot of the match,until Christy hits her with a stiff kick to the midsection.Christy then nails Lita's own reverse twist of fate.Near Fall.Christy tries for Lita's DDT, but Trish all of a sudden nails Christy with a chick kick to the backs of the head.Cover.1,2,3.LITA WINS.

J.R:Dammit, Last night Lita screws Christy,tonight Trish screws Christy.

King:They are still puppies though J.R.

J.R:Yeah,whatever King.


Lita and Trish are seen backstage laughig.Eric Bischoff approches them.

Eric:Good evening ladies, you girls having a good time.Well good!Because the fun is over!Trish,at Backlash, you will defend the women's title against Christy Hemme............and Lita as well.

Eric walks off.

Trish: WHAT! My title.

Randy Orton is seen walking backstage in a dark room.He sees Kane.

Kane:(laughs)Randy,like I said,you would lose to the Undertaker,13-0 Randy

Randy:Kane, I am not in a good mood.

Kane:What are you gonna do,Randy

Randy:I am gonna challenge you to a match,phony

Orton slaps Kane hard in the face.Randy runs off toward the arena.


Kane chases Orton all the way to the ring. This match is official.

Kane versus Randy Orton
Kane dominates most of the match with Orton laying a few offensive moves.Kane eventually tries for the chokeslam.Orton counters into the RKO.All of a sudden the lights go out, and the Undertaker's gong hits.The lights turn on as Orton is in shock, he turns around only to be chokeslammed by Kane.Cover.1,2,3.KANE WINS!

Commercial Break

Chris Jericho is in an interview with Todd Grisham.

Todd:Y2J,How does it feel to know that you can challenge for the world heavyweight title anytime over the next 12 months, and possibly at Wrestlemania 22?

Y2J:First off pod,it feels great to know that I will challenge the world champion in the next 12 months.I am on top of the world right now.

Todd:When do you plan on challenging for the title?

Y2J:I ve got a strong message for the world champ.I will challenge when you least expect it.I WILL WIN!No won is stoppin me.Pod, this interview is over, Because i ve got an assclown to whoop for all of my Jerichoholics,junior.

"Metalingus" hits and Edge comes out to the ring to a chorus of boo's and "you screwed Matt"chants

"Countdown" hits and Y2J comes down to a massive pop.

Chris Jericho versus Edge
The momentum keeps on shifting throughout the match.When things start to go Edges way Matt Hardy attacks Edge from behind.Matt hits several rights and lefts on edge until Lita low blows Matt, and Edge spears him.Edge busts Matt open with lefts and rights to the head.Edge wins via DQ

Edge:The rumours are true Matt. Lita is indeed chaeating on you.She has been for a long time.(laughs)

Lita:The only thing that I have to say is......we are done.

Edge and Lita walk off holding hands.

J.R:That was sick King,absolutely uncalled for

King:JR we have a new couple on Raw,puppies

Commercial Break
HBK will return next week due to an ankle injury at the hands of Kurt Angle

"Arab-American" hits and Muhhamad Hassan comes down to the ring to a chorous of boo's

Divari:(Speaks different languages about Hassan being excluded from Wrestlemania 21)

Hassan: I was excluded. I couldn't showcase my talents.This is total discrimination.I wish someone would listen.

"Ain't no stoppin me now" hits and shelton Benjamin comes down to the ring to a big pop.

Shelton:I have 2 word for you,SHUT UP!

Hassan:you were included.Because your a champion.So if I won your title, I wouldn't be excluded.

Shelton:Are you challenging me.

Hassan:Of course i am.

Shelton:OK(Takes off T-shirt)

Hassan: Not tonight! At backlash.

Shelton:Your on!

Hassan and Benjamin staredown.


J.R:KIng hassan and Benjamin meet at Backlash for the intercontinental title.

King:It's gonna be good JR I know it.

J.R:A scheduled tag team title defense in the ring right now.Simon Dean and Maven are in the ring awaiting the champions.

"asai attacker" hits and William Regal and Tajiri Make Their way to the ring to a huge pop!

(c)William Regal and Tajiri versus Simon Dean and Maven
Match ending-Regal hits a running knee on Maven.Tajiri nails Maven with the buzzsaw kick for the 1,2,3.TAJIRI AND REGAL RETAIN!!!!!


J.R:FOlks,during the break it was announced that matt hardy will face Edge next week on Raw!

King:I can't wait J.R, it will be good.

Triple H and Naitch are in the locker room.

Triple H:Naitch, you won't believe the stipulation I picked for backlash(he whispers it in Flairs ear)

Naitch:Batista does not know what is coming to him.WOOOOOO!

J.R: Our Main Event is next!We have to take our last commercial break


"line in the sand" hits and Evolution makes their wat to the ring to massive boo's

"rabid wolverine" hits and Chris Beniot comes to the ring to a loud pop.

"unleashed Rage" hits and Batista comes out to the biggest pop of the night.

Chris Beniot and Batista versus Triple H and Ric Flair
Match finish-Batista hits a spinebuster on Flair,then a Batista Bomb on HHH for the 1,2,3.(Batista grabs the mic)

Batista:At Backlash,the stipulation that I choose is........LAST MAN STANDING!

J.R:Last Man Standing at Backlash.Bah Gawd!Bah Gawd!Bah Gawd! :eek:

King:JR you are gonna have a heart attack.Good night everybody.See you next week!

Please rate my show and be honest.Next wednsday I will be back, and ssj4rohan should have smackdown up soon! :)

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Re: WWE:The Way it Should be

Smackdown! Preview : The Aftermath from WM 21

Barely 4 days ago, WM 21 was a show that completely rocked Hollywood and the aftermath will be visible on on Smackdown!, live from the Staples Center

Kurt Angle was over-joyed to break the angle of the Heartbreak Kid-Shawn Micheals, thanks to Marty Janetty.. We'll come to know what Janetty has to say about HBK

Also, after meeting with a career-ending accident, Orlando Jordan's contract has ended with the WWE. This means that now the US Title is vacant now and we'll have more details now this Thursday.

Eddie Guerrero would obviously be pissed at Rey Mysterio for backstabbing him to win. But does this mean that the Tag Titles are in Turmoil?

We saw the Next Big Thing return and decimate John Cena to help JBL retain the WWE title. What will be Cena's reaction ? Is this the beginning of a feud?

Also, We have news that The Great One, The Brahma Bull, The People's Champ... THE ROCK is returning to the WWE!!!

Tune into Smackdown! this week to know more!!!

Smackdown! would be up in the next 47.5 hours(A stupid remark)

Feedback would be appreciated on the Preview

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Re: wwe:The way it should be

Live From the Staples Center, LA​
7th April 2005

The show opens with a Video Package of Wrestlemania XXI, We can see Rey Mysterio cheating to pin Eddie Guerrero and then Guerrero frog-splashing him. HBK tapping out to the Ankle Lock after Jannety turns on him. Kane saving Taker from an assault and Brock Lesnar hitting the F5 on John Cena.

Then the Pyros go off.

Micheal Cole: Hello folks and welcome to Smackdown! live from the Staples Center. Barely 4 days ago, we witnessed the Greatest Spectacle in Wrestling - Wrestlemania 21. We saw JBL retain after Brock Lesnar returned and beat up John Cena!! What are your thoughts on that Tazz ?

Tazz: Cena deserved to win Cole. How can that SOB Lesnar just come out and disrupt our main event
Micheal Cole: Yeah, but Smackdown! scored two thumping victories over RAW and Marty Jannety turned on fellow Rocker HBK Shawn Michaels.

JBL's music hits and he comes out to boos

JBL: JBL is the Wrestling God(Boos) and he proved that by beating John Cena at Wrestlemania. Hey Brock, If you hadn't come then also I would have won. Stop interferin your ass in my matches, junior.

"Here Comes the Pain" plays and Brock Lesnar comes out to the ring.(Huge Pop)

Tazz: Here Comes The Pain, Cole.
Micheal Cole: Yeah Tazz and he doesn't seem to be in a good mood

Brock Lesnar: Hey JBL, Don't think that I did that for you.(Pop) I did that for MYSELF. I settled an old score that I had with Cena and now I want what is actually mine - THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP (Pop).

Chants start among the Crowd - "JBL Sucks"

Lesnar then nails the F5 on JBL. The cabinet comes but is intimidated by Lesnar and help JBL out of the ring.

"My Time Is Now" Hits and John Cena comes to the ring to the largest pop of the evening.

He instantly starts fighting with Lesnar. He beats the crap out of him and smacks him with a ring bell. Then he gives him the F-U and spits on him. He does the "You Can't See Me" and leaves.

Tazz: Cena has more than revenge on his mind Cole.

Micheal Cole: More than revenge, Yeah more than revenge

-----Commercial Break-----​

Match 1
Cruiserweight Championship Match​
Paul London vs. Billy Kidman

Match: Kidman dominates the match from the word go and gets a few cheap shots. He gives London a Powerbomb and goes for a pin but London kicks out after a two-count. Then Kidman goes for a Shooting Star Press and CONNECTS. 1....2.... and Paul London gets his foot on the rope! Both the competitors are Down. The referee starts the count 1...2...3...4..5...6.. and London is up,he's shakin a bit and he climbs the turnbuckle and nails Kidman with the 450 Splash. He goes for the pin 1..2.. and Chavo comes from nowhere and hits London with the Title Belt. Kidman and London double team on London and London is left in a bloody mess.

Winner: Paul London retains by DQ

Theodore Long's music hits

Theodore Long: After Orlando Jordan met with an accident last night, he's Contract has been terminated and the US Title has been vacated. I wish Jordan a sppedy recovery. And now Holla 'cause there will be a US Title championship and the four finalists would face each other at Judgement Day in a Fatal Fourway Hell in a Cell Match. (Pop) And John Cena, I want you to come her right now, playa.

"My Time Is Now" hits and John Cena comes to a loud pop.

Teddy: Holla playa, what you did tonightcertainly wasn't a Warm Welcome to Brock Lesnar but I must say that he deserved it coz he robbed you of the WWE Title, Champ.

John Cena: Of Brock Lesnar's welcome I don't care a damn, And If I see him again I'll give him a BAM BAM(Loud Pop)

Teddy: Calm Down playa, Now I ran my brain around a bit and came up with an idea. From next week, We're gonna have a 5 Match series between you and Lesnar and Holla cause that aint any other series, It's a HARDCORE Series (Loud Pop). And 'cause Lesnar robbed you of the Championship, you get the chance to choose the stipulation first, Playa. And then the next stipulation would be chosen by the Winner of that match.

John Cena: Lesnar, Next week be prepared to feel my Rage 'coz boy you're gonna face me in a Steel Cage!! (Pop)

Theodore Long: And to make it more interestin' playa, The winner of the series faces John Bradshaw Layfield for the Championship at Judgement Day.(Loud Pop) So Holla

Theodore Long's music hits and both of them depart. Backstage, we can see JBL furious and breaking everything in sight.

Micheal Cole: Ladies and Gentleman, It's a Double Blow for JBL. First losing one of his Cabinet members and now his title is on the line at Judgement Day.

Tazz:Yeah Cole and I hope Cena whoops Lesnar's ass next week.

----------------Commercial Break--------------

We see JBL backstage with Todd Grisham

Todd: JBL, How are you feeling ? This is being touted as a double blow for you. You lost Orlando Jordan and now our GM has put your Title on the line at Judgement Day. Also, Brock Lesnar F5ed you today.

JBL: Brock Lesnar and John Cena are still greenhorns. They are not in my league. Whoever faces me will LOSE. At Judgement Day, HELL, Today Judgement will be passed

Then JBL backs up a bit and delivers the Clothesline from Hell to Grisham

Tazz: Woh Cole, what a lunatic JBL is.

Cole: Yeah, He's mad. What was that for ? And now it's time for the US Championship matchup between Rey Mysterio and RVD

Match 2​
US Title Tournament Match​

RVD vs. Rey Mysterio

Match: As usual a match filled with loads of action and High-Flying moves. RVD dominates the match and nails Rey with an inverted DDT. He goes for the Five Star Frog Splash but Rey gets his knees up at the right time. RVD rebounds straight into the ref. and the ref. is down. Rey brings a steel chair and bashes it into RVD's skull 4 or 5 times. He sets RVD for the 619 and just then Eddie Guererro comes running out and ambushes Rey with the steel chair. He then gives him a facebuster and nails the Frog Splash. By then RVD comes to his senses and connects with the FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH. He covers Rey Mysterio and 1....2....3.. gets the Win.
Winner: RVD by pinfall​

Micheal Cole: Wow! What a match.

Tazz: Yeah Cole and it's not over between Guerrero and Mysterio

Kurt Angle's music hits and he comes out with Marty Jannety to a large boo.
He announces that he's enlisting Jannety as his manager and gives Jannety the mic. But before Jannety can speak he delivers the Angle Slam and locks him in the Ankle Lock as Jannety taps repeatedly.

Kurt Angle: Thanks for your help Jannety but the fact is that you still can't walk.HAHA. Now I throw open the Angle Invitational.

Match 3
Angle Invitational
Kurt Angle vs. Amateur​

Match: Angle plays along with the amateur at the beginning but then he toys with him, unleashing a barrage of German Suplexes and the he nails the Angle Slam. He locks on the Ankle Lock and the amateur taps in a few seconds.

Winner: Kurt Angle by pinfall

Cole: That's all we have for you folks tonight. RVD has advanced in the US Championship Tournament and We'll see Booker T vs. Big Show next week

Tazz: Good Night Everyone and tune into Smackdown! live from Fresno CA.

End Of Show​


Please Rate My Show. Feedback, Comments & Sugestions would be appreciated
RAW will be up on Wednesday

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Re: wwe:The way it should be

Good show!9/10, good promos and I hope Cena wins the tournament.But Judgement Day is the next ppv, not the great american Bash.My Raw will be up on Saturday hopefully.
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mj.s2005 - raw - 9.5/10 - amazing (even though i prefer smackdown)
ssj4rohan - sd! - 7/10 - good but few matches, and the part where rey mysterio huts rvd with the chair was the worst part in my opinion. i mean its almost impossible, but after all a great activity man.keep it up.i liked the part of player etc. from t.long.

both shows - raw & sd! - 8/10 - quite impressive for the first time.

keep it up

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PPV Schedule

RAW - Backlash on Sunday May 1st 2005
Smackdown! - Judgement Day on Sunday May 15th 2005
ECW - One Night Stand on Sunday June 12th 2005(Not Confirmed)
RAW - The Great American Bash on Sunday June 26th 2005
Smackdown! - Vengeance on Sunday July 24th 2005
Both - Summerslam on August 21st 2005
RAW - Unforgiven on Sunday September 18th 2005
Smackdown! - Fundoo Friday (Interactive) on Friday October 7th 2005
RAW - Taboo Tuesday (Interactive) on tuesday november 1st 2005
Both - Survivor Series on Sunday November 27th 2005
RAW - Armageddon on Sunday December 18th 2005
Smackdown! - No Mercy on Christmas Day, December 25th 2005
RAW - New Year's Revolution on Sunday January 8th 2006
Both - Royal Rumble on Sunday January 29th 2006
Smackdown! - No Way Out on Sunday February 19th 2006
Both - Wrestlemania 22 on Sunday April 2 2006
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