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Vince McMahon decided to make one ultimate roster. No cruserweight belt. He only allowed mid-carders and heavyweights. Here is the roster Vince McMahon has:

Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Chris Masters
Randy Orton
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Sylvan Greiner
Triple H
Big Show
Booker T
Eddie Guerrero
John Cena
Kurt Angle
Mark Jindrak
Matt Morgan
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Charlie Haas

Those 28 superstars are making Vince McMahon's ultimate show. As for the other WWE susperstars they are going to TNA and Vince fired Eric Bischoff. So Bischoff went and bought WCW and is making WCW out of mostly cruserweights and some mid-carders.

Vince has these 4 titles:

WWE Title
Intercontinental Title
Hardcore Title
Tag Team Titles

The main weekly show is Monday Night Raw. It is shown televised on Monday's on UPN network. I will be creating RAW shows whenever I finish them.

Here is the list of pay-per-views:

Royal Rumble- January
No Way Out- February
Wrestlemania- March
Backlash- April
Judgement Day- May
Vengeance- June
Summerslam- July
Bad Blood- August
King of the Ring
Survivor Series- October
The Great American Bash- November
Armageddon- December

Vince has put these pay-per-views in no order. He mixed them up and those are the pay-per-views.


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I got rid of the cruserweights because I wanted this to be an ultimate roster. There is no way a cruserweight like chavo guerrero can beat somebody like chris masters or rob van dam. The only cruserweight I have is Rey Mysterio but hes like a mid-carder.

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So you are saying that Heidenreich can beat Chavo Guerrero, you do know wrestling is fake and Chavo is by far the superior wrestler don't you?

Also, why, if its only one show, have 2 Heavyweight Titles and two Upper Midcard belts? take out the World Heavyweight Belt, take out the US Title and replace them with the Hardcore and Tag Team. Especially Tag Team, otherwise why put Slyvain Grenier in there.

Otherwise the roster looks good, apart from the inclusion of Heidenshite and Viscera.

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Alright. I know that wrestleing is fake, im not retarded. As a matter of fact those are some good ideas to get rid of the US and World Heavyweight and put in hardcore and tag team. Im gonna do that right now.

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Good background info. Yeah, as was said earlier, take out one of the heavyweight belts. I'll be looking forward to your first show. 1!

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The raw theme plays on the titantron. When its over pyro shoots down and the crowd sheers ballisticly.

JR: Welcome everyone to the new edition of WWE RAW: The Ultimate Roster. My name is Jim Ross and this is my partner Tazz.

Tazz: Hey everyone. Tonight will be the first night ever of WWE RAW: The Ultimate Roster. We will have 5 great matches for you tonight.

JR: Lets see from the G.M./Chairman Vince McMahon what those matches are gonna be.

JR and Tazz stare at the ramp as Vince McMahons music hits and he comes out walking richly. The crowd has a mixed reaction. Vince grabs a mic in the middle of the ring and starts to talk.

Vince: Throughout my career, I have done many amazing things. This of all the things Ive done has probably been the most amazing. I connected RAW and Smackdown and took the top 28 superstars from both shows. And look what I created now, The Ultimate Roster! Well, you guys arent here to listen to me talk, so let me tell you about the matches. First of all there is an 8-man tournament for the WWE Title. The final match will be at the Royal Rumble. So today we will have 4 matches out of 5 that will be for the Title tournament. The 8 men in that tournament are: Batista, Chris Benoit, Triple H, Randy Orton, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, JBL and the Big Show! (the crowd cheers) As for the other match, it is for the Intercontinental title. That match is a triple threat match. The 3 men in that match are: John Cena, Shelton Benjamin and Chris Jericho.
(the crowd goes crazy) Lets get on with the night, Im sure you guys are tired of hearing my voice.


We go backstage to Randy Orton getting suited up for his match when Carlito and Matt Morgan walk in.

Carlito: Orton.
Orton: Yeah what?
Carlito: You got a slot in the tournament, and I didnt. Das, das not cool.
Orton: Well you know what else is not cool?
Carlito: Your hair?
Orton: No, my hair looks better then yours Manny Ramirez. Anyways, its not cool that you are up in my face telling me you deserve a slot in the tournament.
Carlito: Das, das cool.
Orton: Do you think you can really win the tournament?
Carlito: With the help of a little or in this case BIG friend I can win. And das, das cool.
Orton: Which friend is that.
Carlito: Points to Matt Morgan.
Morgan: Y-Y-Y-Y-Yeah, im gonna h-h-h-h-help.
Carlito: You hear that Mr. Legend killer?
Orton: I do damn so. But you still cant win by yourself. Who beat the Undertaker at wrestlemania before Vince McMahon decided to mix the shows last year?
Carlito: I dont know. I was too busy beating the shit out of Stone Cold and Roddy Piper. And das cool.
Orton: Well I didnt see you do anything but spit in their face. I ended up Tombstoning Undertaker for the win.
Carlito: Whatever, das cool, but not for me. Matt Morgan, lets leave this not cool person.

Carlito and Morgan leave as Orton makes a smirk.


JR: Did you see that, looks like Carlito and Orton are bulding up a rivalry.

Tazz: Yes, theya re but Im afraid that Carlito might inerfere with Orton's match tonight.

JR: Yeah.

Vince McMahons music hits. He comes out with a mic in his hand. Let me anounce this first match. Let the first man come out!

Randy Orton's music hits. Orton comes out all pumped up as the crowd cheers him on. Orton gets in the ring and celebrates at 2 corners. He does his Randy Orton taunt and waits anxiously for his opponent.

Let the next man come out! Eddie Guerrero's music hits as he comes out in his low rider, bumping up and down. He walks out of the car and gets in the ring. He doesnt want to waste anytime so he tries going to work on Orton fast but the ref stops him.

Randy Orton vs Eddie Guerrero (WWE Title tournament match)

This match was edging Guerrero the whole time.
ENDING: Eddie Guerrero goes for the three amigos. It connects. Orton stays on the mat. Eddie goes on the top rope for the Fog Splash. Orton sees Guerrero leaping and grabs the ref. He puts the ref on top of him as a sheild. Now the ref is knocked out.

JR: Uh-oh. Carlito and Matt Morgan are coming down.

Orton starts going to work on Eddie Guerrero with hard punches as Carlito walks in the ring. Orton turns around and Morgan sets him up for the F5. The F5 as Orton turns it into a RKO. Morgan lays in the ring as Orton goes for a punch on Carlito. It connects. Carlito rools out of the ring. Eddie comes up from behind Orton and tries to suplex him. Orton reverses with a suplex of his own. Eddie gets up and gets kicked in the mid section by Orton. Orton does the RKO as the ref starts getting up. Orton goes for the pin. 1,2,3. The ref signals to ring the bell.

Anouncer: Here is your winner and advancing in the title tournament, Randy Orton!

We go backstage to John Cena listening to his cd player. When Shelton Benjamin walks in.

Shelton: Hey John! What are you listening to?
John: Me, my new cd came out.
Shelton: Yeah, I got it. I like hip-hop/rap.
John: Yeah, I heard you trying to rap before before Vince made the Ultimate Roster.
Shelton: Yeah, im not very good.

They both laugh.

Cena: So why are you here?
Benjamin: To wish you good luck in your match.
John: Thanks a lot, you too.
Benjamin: Thanks.
John: Your welcome.
Shelton: Lets double team Jericho and kick his ass so bad that he wont be able to stay alive in this match.
John: Alright, so it would be basiccally me vs you.
Shelton: Exactly.
John: Ok, Shelton I think you should leave, I need to get psyched up.
Shelton: Alright, see ya.

Shelton leaves the room.

JR: Did you hear that?

Tazz: Yes, Jericho better be ready or hell get his ass whooped!

JR: Yeah, I hope hes ready.


We come back to John Cenas music hitting. He walks to the ring. He does his F U sign with his ahnds then waits for his opponent.

Shelton Benjamins music hits as he runs to the ring and goes to each of the 4 corners and taunts. The crowd goes ballistic while cheering.

Chris Jerichos music hits. He walks to the ring staring anxiously. Cena and Benjamin leave the ring and start going toward Jericho.

John Cena vs Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Jericho (Intercontinental Title)

The match begins with Cena and Benjamin dominating. They took Jericho out throwing him through 3 tables. they the knocked Jericho out with 5 chair shots.
ENDING: Benjamin goes for the T-Bone but gets reversed by Cena. Cena comes back with a hard clothesline. Benjamin falls to the mat and lays there. Cean pumps his shoes and the crowd cheers. He picks up Benjamin. He kicks Shelton in the mid-section. Cena goes for the F U. Its reversed and turned into a superkick. Benjamin goes for the pin. 1,2, and Cena kicks out. Benjamin picks up Cena and put him on his shoulder. Cena punches Benjamin in the stomach and sets Benjamin up for the F U. It connects. Cena goes for the pin on Benjamin. 1,2,3. The ref signals to ring the bell.

Anouncer: Here is your winner and new Intercontinental champion, John Cena!

JR: What a match.

Tazz: I fell bad for Jericho. He hasnt started moving since that monstrous chair shot from John Cena.

JR: I know. I bet Jericho is gonna want revenge if his career isnt over.


We go backstage to Kurt Angle doing push-ups.

Kurt: I know Im going in but who will I face? I hope its not Triple H or Ill probably lose. If its against the Big Show I could win with my speed. If its Batista it would be an equal match. Aginst Chris Benoit I wouldnt be able to use the ankle lock. JBL, hes gonna be a big problem. He has all the types of moves. Speed, power and overall greatness. I just hope I go against somebody that I can beat.

They cut to show Tazz and JR.

JR: It doesnt look like Kurt Angle is too psyched up.

Tazz: No it doesnt, my favorite to win this tournament is Kurt Angle. Now I think Ill choose JBL.

JR: Why?

Tazz: For all the reasons that Kurt Angle said backstage.


We come back to Kurt Angles music hitting. He walks down to the ring with fans chanting "YOU SUCK" to Angles music. Angle gets in the ring and doesnt wait to patiently.

Chris Benoits music hits. The crowd jumps off their seats and scream. Benoit walks to the ring pointing at Kurt Angle.

Vince's music hits. He comes out with a mic. Did I mention that this match is a submission match? (the crowd cheers as Vince leaves the ramp to go backstage)

Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit (submission WWE Title tournament match)

The match is owned by Chris Benoit. Benoit has had over 23 submission holds on. Angle hasnt tapped once.
ENDING: Angle does an Angle Slam while Benoit had the crippler crossface connected. Benoit and Angle lay on the mat not moving at all. Angle is the first man to get up. He does a german suplex to Benoit. Now Benoit is smack in the center of the ring. Angle goes for the ankle lock. The submission hold is on. Benoit is shaking his head telling the ref that he isnt gonna tap out. Angle puts his other foot around Benoit's where the ankle lock is on. Bneoit is screaming in pain. Benoit has nothing to do but tap out. Benoit taps out. Angle lets go of the hold as the ref signals to ring the bell.

Anouncer: Here is your winner and advancing in the title tournament, Kurt Angle!

JR: What a match. I expected Benoit to take this one.

Tazz: Me too, but I leanred one thing, dont ever underestimate Kurt Angle!


We come backstage to Carlito and Randy Orton fighting in the hallway.

Matt Morgan isnt around. Carlito is hammering on Orton who is tired from his match. Carlito takes his chain and tries to hit Orton but he ducks and Orton comes back with an RKO on the concrete. Edge comes running out of the locker room and tries to stop Orton from attacking. Then Chris Masters comes and tries to stop Carlito from getting up. Carlito gets away from Chris Masters. Grabs his apple out of his pocket and chews on it. He then spits it in the face of Masters. Masters backs up. He then spits it in the fac of Edge. Edge lets Orton go. Carlito then spits the apple on Randy Orton. Orton gets pissed and starts chasing Carlito down the hallway. Then out of nowhere, Matt Morgan comes and F5's Randy Orton. Carlito smiles and leaves with Matt Morgan.


Tazz: Looks like Carlito and Randy Orton are building a rivalry.

JR: Yes, they are.


We come back to Big Shows music hitting. The crowd has a mixed reaction a the 7 foot monster walks to the ring with ease. Big Show then waits for his oppoent.

Triple H's music hits. He spits water in the air and walks to the ring. He stares at the Big Shows eyes. Triple H gets in the ring.

Big Show vs Triple H (WWE Title tournament match)

The match is all Triple H. Triple H comes with kitchen sinks and knee shots out of nowhere.
ENDING: Big Show goes for a chokelsam but Triple H kicks him in his nuts. Triple H runs against the ropes and comes back with a knee strike to the head of the Big Show. Triple H tries to pick p the Big Show but cant because of his weight. Big Show gets up and Triple H knees him in the mid-section. Triple H goes for the pedigree. 1,2, and Big Show kicks out. Triple H cant believe it. He does more knee strikes to the Big Show. Big Show gets up and goes for another choke slam. Again it gets reversed with a kick to the mid-section. Triple H goes for the pin. 1,2,3. The ref signals to ring the bell.

Anouncer: Here is your winner and advancing in the Title tournament, Triple H!

JR: What a match.

Tazz: I was hoping the Big Show would win because Im tired of Triple H and his complaining.

JR: Me, too!


We come back to JBL's music hitting. He comes out in his long-horned limo. JBL gets out of the limo by hiself and takes off his 10-gallon hat and walks to the ring respectfully.

Batistas music hits. The crowd jumps off their feet and cheers like maniacs. Batista sticks him thumbs up as he walks to the ring. He gets in the ring and stares a gold stare at JBL.

MAIN EVENT- JBL vs Batista (WWE title tournament match)

This match is pretty even as far as wrestleing goes.
ENDING: JBL goes for an old school backflip slam on Batista. It connects. JBL is waiting for Batista to get up for the clothesline from hell. Batista gets up but ducks from the clothesline from hell. He comes back with a monstrous spinebuster. He goes for the pin. 1,2, and JBL kicks out at 2. Batista picks JBL up and slams him down with a manhattan drop. JBL holds his testicles as Batista gains energy. Batista picks up JBL for the Batista bomb. JBL reversed it by punching Batista in the head. Now JBL goes for a power bomb. It connects. JBL goes for the pin on Batista. 1,2,3.

Anouncer: Here is your winner and advancing in the title tournament, JBL!


Tazz: What? Why are you so angry.

JR: JBL won the match. Its the same situation im in with you and Triple H.

Tazz: Im not in a situation with Triple H.


We come back to Vince McMahon in the middle of the ring.

Vince: How did everyone like the show? (The crowd cheers) I loved it. Im sure its much better then Eric Bischoff's WCW. In case somebody here didnt see. The World Heavyweight champion for WCW is, ORLANDO JORDAN! HAHA. How do you have a low mid-carder the world champion? (the crowd boos) Anyways, just to inform you all. This WWE title tournament will end at the Royal Rumble. It will be between 2 of the 4 men that won tonight. Just to inform you of something else, the royal rumble match will be old school and go back to 20 man over the top rope elimination. (the crowd cheers) Thank you everyone for coming here tonight to watch this episode of WWE: The Ultimate Show!

The show fades out and the copyright picture shows up.

I hope you liked it. Im opened for any comments.
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