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Re: WWE thread by True Kingpin.

Oh yeah!

(These are the results which are important and will be used in my storylines).

At Vengeance,
- Batista defeated Triple H to keep the World Heavyweight championship (Batista was then drafted to SmackDown!).

- Edge defeated Kane by DQ when the "Big Red Machine" hit Edge with the steel steps, followed by a Chokeslam onto the steps.

- Muhammad Hassan defeated Shelton Benjamin in a No-DQ match for the Intercontinental championship.

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Re: WWE thread by True Kingpin.

Here is my first show! Enjoy and PLEASE give me your reviews!
RAW: 4th July 2005
RAW begins with Eric Bischoff heading to the ring.

Bischoff says that since that day was Independence Day, he would have an all-American Main-event – the American “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle vs. the U.S. champion Booker T! Bischoff gloats that although RAW lost the World Heavyweight title, they now had both the Intercontinental and U.S. title. He says that also that night, we would see a battle of the champions between Muhammad Hassan and John Cena! Bischoff continues to talk about the draft lottery when…

Muhammad Hassan’s music hits and out comes the IC champion.

Hassan says that he would gladly beat John Cena that night, but more importantly, he had to ask Bischoff a question – why did Americans always have to be in the Main-event? Why weren’t different cultures given a chance to fight?

Bischoff thinks for a moment, and says that if Hassan could beat Cena that night, he would be in the Main-event next week in any match of his choice!

Hassan says that he didn’t need to prove himself by beating Cena; he was still undefeated. He claims that Bischoff is just trying to put another obstacle in his path, but he says that it wouldn’t work. He would beat Cena that night and he would Main-event RAW next week!

Suddenly, Booker T’s music hits and out comes the U.S. champion. Booker comes face-to-face with Hassan. This is the first time that Booker and Hassan have ever been in the ring together.

Booker says that when he was on SmackDown!, he used to watch RAW to see what was going on there. He says that he was sick and tired of hearing Hassan moan and cry like a kid because he doesn’t get what he wants.

Hassan replies by asking Booker if anybody ever treated him differently because he was black.

Booker says yes, but that was not the point…

Hassan interrupts and asks Booker how he felt when people treated him because he was black…did he feel angry? Did he feel unfairly treated? Did he feel against white people? Hassan says that all of these questions were true for Booker, and that of all people Booker should understand his cause.

Booker says that he does understand him, but whining every week doesn’t get him his rights, it gets him fights!

Booker then attacks Hassan with right-hands and pounds him in the corner. He then knocks Hassan down with a few clotheslines before giving one to Hassan that knocks the IC champ out of the ring.

Bischoff says that if they wanted to fight, fine…he was changing the matches so it would now be Booker T vs. Muhammad Hassan and Kurt Angle vs. John Cena for the WWE title!

Match 1: Chris Masters vs. ?
Masters comes to the ring and calls out any superstar for his “Masterlock” challenge. He says that this week the prize money is $50,000! He waits for a few moments and is answered by…
Shawn Michaels!
HBK enters the ring and begins to pound on Masters. Masters goes down and HBK gets ready for Sweet Chin Music. He goes for the kick but Masters ducks and locks on the Masterlock. HBK tries to break the hold, but after a few minutes cannot, and gives up!
Winner: Chris Masters.

Backstage, Y2J marches into Bischoff’s office…

Jericho complains that he was not pinned at Vengeance, but he has yet to be given a one-on-one title shot. He says it is unfair that he has not been given a championship match when he never got pinned or he never tapped out.

Bischoff says that he understands Jericho, and that is why he is giving him a No.1 contender’s match that night. He says that that evening, Jericho would go one-on-one with Triple H!

Jericho yells that he didn’t need to become No. 1 contender again when he has not even lost to the champion.

Bischoff says that it didn’t matter whether Jericho had not been pinned or not, he had lost the title match. Bischoff tells Y2J to be thankful he is giving him the chance to even become No. 1 contender. He claims that Jericho should thank him and get lost!

Y2J says that he will beat Triple H that night, but enquires when he would get his title shot.
Bischoff says that if Jericho beats Triple H, he would get a title shot against the WWE champion at SummerSlam.

Elsewhere, Charlie Haas is seen talking to Shelton Benjamin.

Haas says that it was great to be back with Benjamin, and tells him that Eric Bischoff had given them a Non-title match against the Hurricane & Rosey that evening, and if they won, they’d get a title shot the following week on RAW.

Benjamin welcomes Haas back to RAW, and says it was time for the World’s Greatest Tag Team to get back the Tag titles!

Match 2: World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Hurricane & Rosey
Benjamin takes down Rosey with a flying clothesline. Benjamin goes for the pin but Hurricane breaks it. Haas comes in and takes Hurricane to the outside. Benjamin waits for Rosey to get up. Benjamin runs towards Rosey and is met with a big Samoan drop. Rosey goes up onto the corner as Haas and Hurricane continue to brawl outside. Rosey goes for a Big Splash but Benjamin moves out of the way. Benjamin picks Rosey up, nails the T-Bone suplex, and pins him for the 1-2-3!
Winners: World’s Greatest Tag Team.

After the match, the World’s Greatest Tag Team celebrates in the ring as Hurricane & Rosey retreat to the back. Will the WGTT win the World Tag Team title next week?

After a break, Christian comes to the ring accompanied by Tyson Tomko.

Christian comes to the ring and says that first of all, if Jericho wanted a title shot, he should just shut up and earn it. Christian then says that he hates to admit it but yes, he did lose at Vengeance, but it was his first World title shot on PPV and there will still be a lot more opportunities down the road. He claims that if the match was one-on-one, he would’ve been standing in the ring right then as the WWE champion. Christian says that he was fed up of being screwed out of his rightful place on the roster. He says he didn’t know why everybody held him back, but they were afraid of something. He asks the WWE officials – were they afraid of him selling out every WWE show while he was champion? Or were they afraid of having to let so many wrestlers go from the company because Christian was just too damn good that there wouldn’t be time for anybody else? Christian yells that he is the future of WWE and until everybody realises it he will not wrestle for anybody again!

The fans boo as Christian leaves the ring and apparently WWE altogether.

Match 3: Edge w/ Lita vs. Val Venis
Venis gets a brainbuster. Venis climbs the turnbuckle and goes for the Money Shot but Edge moves out of the way. As Edge waits for the Spear, Kane’s music hits the arena. As Edge and Lita wait for Kane, Venis rolls up Edge from behind for the shock victory!
Winner: Val Venis.

Edge screams at the ref as Venis exits the ring. Suddenly, as Lita and Edge are arguing with the referee, the arena goes dark. When the lights come back on, Kane is in the ring behind Edge and Lita! Kane turns Edge around and attacks him with fierce right-hands as Lita goes to get Edge’s briefcase. Kane hits Edge with a Chokeslam as Lita gets back into the ring. Kane turns around before Lita can strike him and gives the briefcase a Big Boot making it rebound into Lita’s face, knocking her out! Kane makes the pyros explode and exits the ring! How much more destruction will be given out by the “Big Red Machine”?

Match 4: (Non-title) U.S. champion Booker T vs. Intercontinental champion Muhammad Hassan w/ Daivari
Booker T gets a flapjack on Hassan and waits to get the Scissors Kick. He nails it and goes for the pin, but Daivari gets into the ring and breaks the pin. As Daivari distracts the ref, Hassan hits Booker T with a low blow, and then rolls the “Book man” up. The ref turns around and counts the 1-2-3, giving Hassan the win!
Winner: Muhammad Hassan.

After the match, Hassan takes the mic…

Hassan tells Booker that if he released his anger against the racism of this world then he would be unstoppable just like himself. He offers Booker a chance to join him in a Tag team so that they could beat all the racists of America together. He says that on a united front, as champions, they could beat anything that stood in their way. He warns Booker that he didn’t give many people this kind of opportunity, so Booker should choose wisely…because it could be the difference between a sudden rise or a rapid fall.

Hassan and Daivari leave the ring as Booker stares them down from in the ring.

After a break…

Match 5: Chris Jericho vs. Triple H w/ Ric Flair (winner faces the WWE champion at SummerSlam)
Jericho takes down HHH with a bulldog and goes for the Lionsault, but HHH moves out of the way. HHH then sets up for the Pedigree, only to get it reversed into the Walls of Jericho! Flair gets in and breaks the hold. The ref sends Flair to the back as Triple H gives Jericho a low blow. HHH then picks Jericho up for a Pedigree and nails it. He goes for the pin, but Jericho gets his foot on the ropes. HHH then picks up Jericho for another Pedigree, but once again Jericho reverses it into a Walls of Jericho, right in the middle of the ring! After about a minute, HHH has no choice but to tap out!
Winner (No.1 contender): Chris Jericho.

After the match, HHH & Flair leave to the back as Y2J celebrates his victory in the ring. Will Jericho become champion at SummerSlam?

After a break, suddenly, Theodore Long’s music hits and out comes the SmackDown! General Manager!

Long says he knows that he’s not supposed to be there at RAW, but he had an important announcement to make that could not wait for SmackDown!...

Eric Bischoff comes out onto the stage accompanied by the Coach…

Bischoff tells Long that his announcement would just have to wait for SmackDown!, because he didn’t have time for second-class people on his show.

Bischoff calls out security. They take Long away as he pulls a piece of paper from his hand. As he is being pulled away…

Long says that the contract in his hand stated that SmackDown! had been given the right by Vince McMahon to get back the U.S. title at SummerSlam! Long declares that at SummerSlam, SmackDown! would reclaim the U.S. title and there wasn’t nothing Bischoff could do about it!

Bischoff looks shocked as Long smiles while being taken away by security!

Main-event (title match): Kurt Angle vs. WWE champion John Cena
Angle takes down Cena with two German suplexes and then locks on the Angle Lock. Cena gets to the ropes. Angle pulls Cena to the middle of the ring with the lock still on. Eventually, Cena turns and kicks Angle off to the ropes. Angle rebounds right back into a kick to his gut, followed by the F-U! Cena pins and gets the 1-2-3!
Winner (still WWE champion): John Cena.

After the match, as Cena celebrates with his belt, Angle attacks him from behind with the Angle Slam. As Angle stops away on Cena, Chris Jericho runs down to the ring and joins in on the beating. As Angle leaves the ring, Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho on Cena. Cena screams in pain and taps out. Jericho eventually lets go and holds up the WWE championship belt and stands tall as RAW goes off the air.

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Re: WWE thread by True Kingpin.

That was a good show, make the match lengths slightly longer, though the build up and the actual card for Raw was very good. I like the Theodore Long angle regarding the US Title, for your first show very good, just make it a little longer, look forward to reading Smackdown, keep up the good work.

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Re: WWE thread by True Kingpin.

I'm not sure about writing your show this way, seems like a report instead of a booking.


A nice opening segment with Eric Bischoff annoucing the matches. Both should be good, but I'm not sure that having the United States and Intercontinental Title is a wise choice. A wise choice I think it changing the matches, and hopefully the one between Booker T and Muhammad Hassan will be a title unification match.

Great to see that Chris Masters defeated one of the top superstars with the Masterlock, although I'm not sure that Masters would be ready for a main event push.

Nice to see that Eric Bischoff is going to make Chris Jericho become the number one contender, instead of being given it.

Why have the Worlds Greatest Tag Team back together? Makes no sense to me, but they should have a decent reign.

No surprise that they beat Hurricane Helms and Rosey, and I would expect them to win the World Tag Team Titles soon.

Great to see Christian in the ring admitting that Cena beat him but still remaining a heel character, saying that he would have beaten Cena in a one on one match. Not to sure about having Christian not wrestle though, seems a bit hypercritical that he says Jericho should earn a shot but that he will not wrestle until they see that he is the future (which would more than likely be a title shot given to him).

Good to see Val Venis on Raw and gaining a victory over a top superstar, even if it was because Edge was distracted. Great to see the Big Red Machine back as well.

I think something should have been between the Edge/Val Venis match and the Muhammad Hassan/Booker T match. Good to see Muhammad Hassan getting the victory over Booker T, to keep his undefeated streak going.

Good to see Muhammad Hassan offering Booker T a spot to team with him. I would expect Booker T to say no though, but why not have Hassan team with Khosrow Daivari?

Great to see that Chris Jericho won the number one contenders match, giving the main event something other than Triple H.

Good to see that Smackdown might be getting the United States Championship back. This to me would suggest a Booker T heel turn, because he lost the United States Title.

I think I would have had Kurt Angle as the WWE champion after this show, but it's your choice. Nice to see that Chris Jericho attacked Cena after the match and forced him to tap out to the Walls of Jericho.

A good show, but it seemed more like a recap or a report to me than anything.


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Re: WWE thread by True Kingpin.

Thanks for your review A-Dust.

This is the way I like to write my shows, and I think I'm going to carry on writing in this format. The reason I don't write matches in full is because I just don't have the time to write both promos/angles and matches, so I prefer to do promos/angles. Maybe this is why you thought my show as a report instead of a booking. If you question why Haas & Benjamin are back together, why Booker didn't say no to Hassan, and why Masters is getting pushed...well, you'll just have to keep reading to find out!

I really appreciate this review from such an infamous name in these forums, and I hope others will reply and review my shows as well!


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Re: WWE thread by True Kingpin.

SmackDown!: 7th July 2005
SmackDown! kicks off with the General Manager Theodore Long heading to the ring.

Long says that the Great American Bash was only 2 weeks away, so he had to make the matches right then. He announces Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio, and says their final battle would be a Street Fight! Also, he announces Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker. As for the World title match, he announces Chris Benoit vs. Rhyno and Big Show vs. Carlito Cool that evening. He explains that the winners of these two matches would face each other in the Main-event to determine the No.1 contender to Batista’s World Heavyweight Championship. Another match that evening he says would be Chavo Guerrero vs. Nunzio vs. Akio vs. Funaki, with the winner facing Cruiserweight champion Paul London at the Great American Bash. Finally, he says that the Dudleyz would be returning to SmackDown! that evening to face the Bashams, with the winner challenging MNM for the WWE Tag Team title at the PPV. He hopes that everybody enjoys the show and encourages the SmackDown! superstars to seize the moment!

Suddenly, Orlando Jordan’s music hits and out he comes.

Jordan says it was great that Long was using SmackDown! talent wisely, but he needed to ask him – who was Long going to choose to bring the U.S. title back to SmackDown!? He claims that he is the best man for the job, and requests that Long names him the superstar to face Booker T for the U.S. championship at SummerSlam.
Long says that he was still considering who would face Booker as there was still quite a long time to SummerSlam. He says that whoever impressed him and made him believe that they could win back the U.S. title for him would be named No.1 contender to the title. Long continues to tell Jordan that he could start proving himself tonight by facing Undertaker!

Jordan looks shocked and scared as Long leaves the ring!

Great American Bash:
- Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio (Street Fight)
- Randy Orton vs. the Undertaker (Singles)
- Benoit OR Rhyno vs. Big Show OR Carlito in the Main-event (No.1 contender to World Heavyweight title)
- Chris Benoit vs. Rhyno
- Big Show vs. Carlito
- Chavo Guerrero vs. Nunzio vs. Akio vs. Funaki (No. 1 contender to Cruiserweight title)
- Dudleyz vs. the Bashams (No. 1 contender to the WWE Tag Team title)
- Orlando Jordan vs. the Undertaker

Match 1: Chavo Guerrero vs. Nunzio vs. Akio vs. Funaki (Elimination match – Not all 4 men in the ring, 2 men in the ring and can tag anybody)
- Chavo eliminates Nunzio.
- Chavo eliminates Akio.
Chavo goes for a brainbuster on Funaki and connects. Chavo goes for the pin, but Funaki kicks out. Chavo hits another, and then waits for Funaki to get up. Chavo goes for the Gory Bomb but Funaki flips Chavo down and locks on a Boston crab. Chavo refuses to tap and Funaki lets go. Chavo gets up and is met with a dropkick. Funaki then hits Chavo with his own brainbuster and climbs the turnbuckle. Funaki hits Chavo with a flying clothesline. Instead of going for the pin, Funaki goes back to the turnbuckle. Funaki goes for the diving Moonsault but Chavo moves out of the way. Chavo then picks Funaki up and hits the Gory bomb. Chavo pins and gets the 1-2-3.
Winner (No. 1 contender): Chavo Guerrero.

Afterwards, Paul London comes out onto the stage and stares down Chavo as he celebrates in the ring. Will Chavo win the Cruiserweight title at the Great American Bash?

Match 2: Dudleyz vs. the Bashams
Bubba Ray takes down Danny Basham with a Bubba Bomb and goes for the pin. Doug comes in and breaks it, which leads to D-Von coming in and taking Doug to the outside. As Bubba yells at Doug on the outside, who is brawling with D-Von, Danny hits Bubba with a low blow. Bubba then moves to the corner. Danny runs at Bubba who moves out of the way, and Danny goes flying into the turnbuckle. Bubba hits Danny with the Bubba Cutter and pins him for the 1-2-3.
Winners (No. 1 contender): the Dudleyz.

After the match, as the Dudleyz celebrate, MNM suddenly come in from the crowd and attack them from behind with their Tag belts. MNM hold up their titles as the Dudleyz are left lying in the ring.

After a break, we see World Heavyweight Champion Batista backstage, as Edge knocks on the champ’s locker room door…

Edge tells Batista that his days as champion were numbered. Even if he won at the Great American Bash, Edge had his “Money in the Bank” contract and he would bank it soon. Edge tells Batista to use his next title match as practice for when he stepped into the ring with him, because when he did, Batista would like more like a Women’s champion than a World champion compared to him.
Batista tells Edge that he was already ready for him. He comments on how Edge got attacked by Kane this past week on Edge’s final RAW. He claims that there’s no escape for Lita know that Edge’s on SmackDown!. He tells him that he’s beaten him before and he’d beat him again. He continues to warn Edge that after he took him for the Batista Bomb, there was no chance for Edge and there wouldn’t be again. He tells Edge to bank on that!
Edge asks what Batista would do when he reversed the Batista Bomb into the Edgecator and made Batista tap out right in the middle of the ring? Edge says that Batista could try all he could but this time around, Edge would be waiting for him and would be waiting to wear the World title around his waist...

Theodore Long walks into the room…

Long says that he had been listening to them from outside, and he had come to a decision…he announces that the following week on SmackDown! Edge, with a partner of his choice, would face Batista with a partner of his choice.

Edge stares down Batista as the Big Show’s music hits in the arena...

Match 3: Big Show vs. Carlito Cool
Show chops Carlito in the corner. He then brings him to the centre of the ring and hits with a headbutt. Show goes for the pin but Carlito kicks out. Show picks up Carlito and goes for the Chokeslam. He lifts Carlito up, who reverses it into a big DDT! As both men are getting up, Matt Morgan runs down to the ring. Carlito seems him and goes to the outside to get a chair. As the ref argues with Carlito, Morgan gets in the ring and hits Big Show with the F-5! Carlito then drops the chair and gets back into the ring. Carlito gets back in as Chris Benoit runs down to the ring! He knocks down Morgan, then gets in the ring and breaks the pin (Carlito covered Show)! The ref sends Benoit out and Morgan attacks him on the outside. As the ref tries to send them to the back, Carlito goes for his DDT on Show, who gets out of it and hits his Chokeslam! Benoit takes Morgan to the back as Show covers Carlito! 1-2-NO!! Carlito gets his foot on the ropes! Show is enraged and pulls Carlito to the middle of the ring. As he picks him up, Carlito delivers a low blow, followed by his special DDT. He covers Show and gets the surprising 1-2-3!
Winner: Carlito.

Carlito celebrates as he walks up the ramp. Big Show stands in the ring and cannot believe he lost!

- Commercial -

Match 4: Chris Benoit vs. Rhyno
Benoit chops Rhyno and throws him to the ropes. Rhyno comes back with a shoulder block. Rhyno then stomps on Benoit before picking him up for a backbreaker. Rhyno waits for the Gore. Rhyno charges but Benoit reverses into the Crippler Crossface! Rhyno struggles not to tap as Carlito Cool runs out to the ring! Carlito distracts the ref as Rhyno taps! Benoit lets go of Rhyno and knocks Carlito off the apron. The ref sends Carlito to the back. Benoit turns around and is hit with the Gore! Rhyno pins, 1-2-Benoit gets his foot on the ropes! Rhyno hits the mat in fury and waits for another Gore. He runs and once again Benoit reverses with the Crossface. Rhyno has no choice but to tap!
Winner: Chris Benoit.

After the match, Benoit climbs the turnbuckle and celebrates as Rhyno leaves the ring. Benoit will meet Carlito in the Main-event!

Josh Matthews catches up with Benoit backstage...

Matthews asks Benoit why he interfered in Carlito’s match in the first place.
Benoit asks Matthews why Matt Morgan always interfered in Carlito’s matches. That was his answer. Benoit says he’s tired of seeing Carlito always cheating his way to victory. He thought he’d help Big Show out and they could have a fair Main-event. Unfortunately, his plan backfired, but so did Carlito’s. He says that his plan will work in the Main-event and Carlito will tap out, because Chris Benoit is for real!

Match 5: Orlando Jordan vs. the Undertaker
Undertaker comes down to the ring. As he waits for Jordan, the arena suddenly goes dark. When the lights come back on, Jordan is in the ring, with a chair in hand, behind the “Dead Man”. He attacks Undertaker with the chair and the ref DQ’s him before the match even gets underway.
Winner: the Undertaker (by DQ).

Jordan opens the chair as Undertaker gets up. He goes to trip ‘Taker onto the chair, but ‘Taker stops himself from falling onto the chair, picks it up and smashes Jordan over the head with it! He closes the chair and lays it down onto the mat as Randy Orton runs down to the ring. Orton attacks ‘Taker from behind and connects with the RKO onto the chair! Orton stands tall over ‘Taker as we go to commercial!

After the break, Eddie Guerrero heads to the ring.

Eddie tells Rey Rey that at the Great American Bash, in their Street Fight, he would give Rey a beating like he never had before. He says that what he did to him at Judgment Day was nothing compared to what was going to happen to him in their final battle. He admits that Rey had got the best of him in all of their encounters but at the Great American Bash, his luck would run out and “Latino Heat” would prove to everyone that he could beat Rey Mysterio.

Suddenly, Rey Mysterio’s music hits and out comes Rey Rey.

Mysterio tells Eddie that he had no intention of giving Eddie any chance at the PPV. He reminds Eddie that he lost his battle with JBL the previous year, and that this year would be no different. He says that Eddie was like a brother to him, but once Eddie got jealous and turned on him, he became his greatest enemy. Mysterio tells Eddie that he would see a different side of Rey Mysterio at the Great American Bash...ruthless, relentless and merciless.

Eddie and Rey stare each other down, until Eddie hits Rey with a cheap shot. Eddie pounds away on Mysterio. Eddie then runs at Mysterio in the corner, who trips Eddie onto the ropes and follows up with a 619! Eddie seems furious as Mysterio walks up the ramp triumphantly!

Main-event: Chris Benoit vs. Carlito Cool (it is announced that Big Show and Matt Morgan are banned from ringside).
- Before the match starts, Batista comes to ringside.
Carlito nails a suplex on Benoit. Picks him up and connects with another. Pin; 1-2-Benoit kicks out. Carlito tries to pick Benoit up but gets his action reversed into a roll-up! 1-2-Carlito just gets out of it! Benoit now goes to work on Carlito with chops and right-hands. He backs Carlito into a corner and prepares him for a superplex. He connects. Benoit then signals for the headbutt. Benoit climbs the turnbuckle and connects with the headbutt! He pins Carlito, but then looks at Carlito and forgets the pin. He locks on the Crossface. Carlito gets to the ropes, so Benoit lets go and pulls him towards the middle of the ring, and reapplies the hold. This time, Carlito cannot escape and taps out to the Crossface.
Winner (No. 1 contender): Chris Benoit.

After the match, Batista gets in the ring. He stares down Benoit. He offers Benoit a handshake. Benoit accepts and shakes Batista’s hand. Suddenly, he pulls Batista down and locks on the Crossface! Benoit lets go of the hold and throws Batista to the outside. He smashes Batista’s head onto one of the corner poles and then throws the World champ into the steel steps. He then locks on the Crossface on the outside! Batista taps on the floor! Eventually, Benoit lets go. Benoit finally pulls Batista over to the announcers’ table. He turns Batista around and gives him a German suplex through the table! Benoit holds up the World Heavyweight championship belt. His music hits and he leaves the arena to a chorus of boos. Batista is left lying as SmackDown! goes off the air!

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Re: WWE thread by True Kingpin.

WWE Update:

WWE officially announces the return of the WWE "King of the Ring" Pay-Per View! KOTR will replace this year's "Unforgiven" PPV, which takes place in September.

Also, it has been announced that the KOTR Tournament will now feature new rules, and the reward for the tournament will be not only the KOTR trophy, but a World title shot at the November Pay-Per View, WWE Survivor Series!

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Re: WWE thread by True Kingpin.

That was a good show, my review is:
The opening segment with Theodore Long was good, though adding matches for Great American Bash seemed rushed, though build up through the show improved the card.

-Crusierweight 4 Way Match was ok, good with Chavo getting the victory.

-Dudleyz vs Bashams was anothe ok match, liked MNM attacking Dudleyz after the match for build up.

-I liked both No 1. Contender matches, and how Benoit and Carlito interfered in each other match, though i was not keen on Rhyno being in the running for the WWE Title.

-Orlando Jordan and Taker match was disappointing as i thought that had potential, though good with Randy Orton attacking Taker at the end.

-Eddie and Rey Mysterio was a good promo, with a nice brawl at the end.

-Main event was good, liked Benoit winning and the Heel turn at the end.

Overall good show 7/10 i have to agree with Forever-Delayed the shows are like a report, but still good show.

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Re: WWE thread by True Kingpin.

The reason we see it as a report is because you write your shows as if your writing a newspaper article, the matches are ok in a report type format, though your promos are written like a report, though be proud as it was a very good show.

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Re: WWE thread by True Kingpin.

RAW: 11th July 2005
The pyros explode and RAW begins!

JR: Welcome ladies & gentleman to Monday night RAW! We’ve got a great show for you tonight, I am Jim Ross with my colleague here Jerry “the King” Lawler.
King: Thanks JR, and you’re right, tonight’s gonna be great!
JR: The World Tag Team title is on the line as the World’s Greatest Tag Team reunited last week, and they’ll face Hurricane & Rosey later on tonight.
King: And don’t forget JR, Muhammad Hassan gets to pick his own Main-event tonight!
JR: You’re right there King, Muhammad Hassan beat Booker T last week, and the RAW GM Eric Bischoff said that if Hassan won his match he could be in the Main-event.
King: Let’s just get started JR, I can’t wait any longer!

JBL’s music hits and the former WWE champion comes to the ring.

JBL: Last week on RAW, I wasn’t even in a damn match. I can’t believe it. Can you? I know, it’s hard isn’t it? How can a wrestling god not even be on this show? Let me tell Mr. Bischoff and everybody else right here...I was the WWE champion for 10 months. 10 months! How can you, after knowing this, not put this great icon on your show? I did watch the show last week though, and I saw how Christian is gonna try and make his point by taking leave from RAW until everybody understands how important he is to this company. Let me tell you something Christian, I admire what you did. I mean, you’re nowhere near being in my league, because mine is a one-man league, but I still admire you, and I’m going to take you as an example. So I, JBL, vow to also walk out of RAW unless the people backstage realise just who I am and what I mean to this company.

Triple H’s music hits and out comes “the Game”, accompanied by Ric Flair.

HHH: Just shut your hole, and listen for a second. If you wanna walk out of RAW, then that’s fine with me, and everybody else. The point is, RAW has already got me; why’d they need you? This is not some second-class, minor league, WCW-mirror image like SmackDown!, this is RAW, where the real stars are.. You might have accomplished a lot on SmackDown!, but SmackDown! was like elementary school – you were at the top of your school then, but now you’re in high school, so you’re right at the bottom. While you had those stupid “secretaries of defence” I had a legend, Ric Flair, and an animal, Batista behind my back. Let me tell you something, I was a World champion while you were still walking around with tank tops like a nobody. So if you wanna start proving yourself, I’m free tonight!
JBL: Listen Hunter, I’m not here to waste my time with “tap-outers”. So why don’t you and your old chum go to a retirement home together, and watch how JBL runs the show.

Eric Bischoff appears on the TitanTron via satellite...

Bischoff: Sorry I can’t be there tonight, but I have some very important business to attend to. However, I will be here and here via satellite. My first action tonight is to make a match that is going to take place right now, JBL vs. Triple H!

A referee comes running down to the ring as JBL and Triple H begin exchanging right-hands!

Match 1: JBL vs. Triple H w/ Ric Flair
JBL goes for a clothesline but HHH reverses with a knee attack. HHH pounds on JBL’s head with right-hands. HHH taunts the crowd and Flair applauds him. He turns around and JBL nails a low blow! Flair is furious and jumps onto the apron. The ref tries to get him off as JBL waits for the Clothesline from Hell. JBL charges towards HHH and connects. JBL makes the cover but Flair is still arguing with the ref. JBL gets up angrily and punches Flair, knocking him off the apron. As JBL yells to Flair on the outside, HHH begins to get up. JBL turns around and is met with a kick to the gut, followed by the Pedigree! HHH makes the cover; 1-2-3!
Winner: Triple H.

Flair gets back in the ring and celebrates with HHH as JBL retreats to the back! After JBL has left, HHH gets the mic again...

HHH: Me and Ric, we are gonna find a new member to Evolution, so listen up: anybody who thinks they’re good enough to team up with “the Game” and “the Nature Boy”, prove it!

HHH and Flair leave the ring as the cameras cut to the back, where we see the World’s Greatest Tag Team getting ready for their match which is next!

Match 2 (title match): World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. World Tag Team champions Hurricane and Rosey
Hurricane takes down Haas with a flying clothesline. He goes for the pin, but Haas kicks out after two. Tag to Rosey. Rosey gets in and throws Haas in the corner. Rosey attacks Haas with right-hands and then gives him a big Thump into the corner. Haas gets up and is met with a big Samoan drop. Rosey goes to the turnbuckle and goes for a Big splash. He jumps but Haas moves out of the way! Haas crawls to the ropes and tags in Benjamin. Benjamin comes in, but instead of going over to Rosey, turns back to Haas and nails him with a hard right-hand! The crowd boos as Benjamin throws a tired Haas back into the ring and tags himself out. Rosey and Hurricane are surprised, but don’t waste any time. Rosey climbs the turnbuckle and this time connects with the Big splash. Rosey pins Haas for the 1-2-3!
Winners (still World Tag Team champions): Hurricane & Rosey.

JR: What the hell is this all about?
King: I dunno JR, why would Benjamin do that?

Rosey and Hurricane leave the ring. Benjamin gets back in and stares down Haas. Haas looks puzzled at Benjamin when Benjamin begins to attack Haas again with right-hands. Benjamin nails Haas with the T-Bone suplex and then leaves the ring while the crowd boos him on his way.

JR: I can’t believe this King...why the hell would Benjamin do this? My god it makes me sick.
King: I know JR, I thought we were gonna see new World Tag Team champions tonight!
JR: So did I King, but we should find out why Benjamin acted like this, next week.

- Commercial

Chris Masters heads to the ring...

Masters: Last week on RAW, I proved myself to everybody. I defeated a legend. I beat the “Heartbreak Kid”. I beat Shawn Michaels baby! A lot of people thought that my “Masterlock Challenge” was just a joke until last week, but I proved once more that no one can get out of the Masterlock.

Suddenly, HBK’s music hits! Masters awaits HBK from the ramp, when HBK jumps out from the crowd and begins to beat up Masters! HBK goes to throw Masters into the steel steps but Masters reverses. Masters runs to the back as HBK fails to get his revenge here.

Bischoff appears on the screen...

Bischoff: HBK, that was terrible. What is going on? You need to get back on track, so next week, you will face Chris Masters in a No-DQ match!

HBK smiles as the cameras show Muhammad Hassan in the back with Daivari. Hassan is with interviewer Marc Loyd.

Loyd: Muhammad, have you decided what your Main-event is going to be this evening?
Hassan: Yes I have, and I will get to that in a minute, but first of all I need to address another matter. I want to know – has Booker T accepted my offer? Or is he foolish enough to stand up to Muhammad Hassan? I will be waiting in the ring tonight for Booker T after I am finished with John Cena...because tonight, my Main-event is Intercontinental champion Muhammad Hassan vs. John Cena for the WWE championship!

Hassan laughs with Daivari as in the arena, the pyros explode and Kane comes to the ring...

Kane: Finally...Edge is on SmackDown!, and there is no one to protect Lita...Litaaaaaaaaa...can you hear me? LITAAAAAAAAA? You’re not safe anymore! Wherever you go, whatever you do, I’ll be right behind you. You think that you’ve seen what I can do? Nothing I have done can be compared to what I’m going to do to you.

Suddenly, Lita’s music hits and out she comes.

Lita: Was that it Kane? Is that it? That’s all you can come up with? (laughs) Just because Edge isn’t on RAW anymore, doesn’t mean that I’m not with him. I’m not with him on Monday nights, but I am every other night of the week...and you might be a monster in the ring, but Edge is the real monster in the bedroom! (loud boos).

Kane looks enraged and charges out of the ring and up the ramp! Lita gets scared and calls somebody out. It’s Gene Snitsky. Snitsky charges toward Kane but is met with a Big Boot! Kane assaults Snitsky with fierce right-hands and then picks him up as Lita as ran to the back. Kane grabs Snitsky by the throat and delivers a Chokeslam onto the stage! Kane’s music hits and the “Big Red Machine” heads to the back.

- Commercial -

The next match is Chris Jericho vs. the U.S. champion Booker T (Non-title). Before the match, Jericho has something to say...

Jericho: Cena, I hope you’re watching from back there, because I want you to watch what I’m gonna do to Booker T tonight and imagine you being in his position.

Match 3 (Non-title): Chris Jericho vs. U.S. champion Booker T
Jericho gets the bulldog on Booker and follows up with the Lionsault. Pin; 1-2-Booker kicks out! Jericho cannot believe it! Jericho stomps Booker a bit and then goes to lock the Walls of Jericho. Booker kicks Y2J off to the ropes and catches him with the Book End on the rebound! Cover! 1-2-NO! Y2J just kicked out! Now Booker can’t believe it! Booker T thinks for a moment and then signals for the Scissors Kick. When Y2J gets up Booker kicks him in the gut and runs to the ropes for the Scissors Kick. Jericho meets him half-way back and connects with a drop toehold. Jericho then locks on the Walls of Jericho! Booker gets to the ropes but Jericho pulls him to the centre of the ring! Booker T lasts for about a minute before tapping out!
Winner: Chris Jericho.

JR: Another impressive win for Chris Jericho and another loss for Booker T.
King: It’s too bad for Booker T JR, but Jericho is on a mission.
JR: That’s right King, Jericho is determined to make his point to John Cena, who he’ll most likely face at SummerSlam for the WWE championship.
King: Not if Hassan doesn’t win the title tonight JR!
JR: Well we’ll see King.
King: I think it’s gonna be a great Main-event!

Jericho celebrates as Booker lies on the mat, unable to believe he lost. Muhammad Hassan appears on the screen smiling. It seems that Hassan is happy that Booker lost tonight.

- A video package is shown promoting the upcoming debut of the newest WWE superstar, Kid Kash

JR: Well there you have it folks, Kid Kash is coming to RAW!
King: It’s gonna be great JR, I’m so glad he didn’t sign with SmackDown!.
JR: Kid Kash will be debuting within the next few weeks.
King: Did you see his match on HeAt a few weeks ago with Tajiri? He looked great!

Kurt Angle’s music hits and the “Olympic Hero” comes to the ring.

Angle: I’m in the mood to teach somebody a lesson tonight. Yeah, I want to make somebody tap out. Do you know why? Because since last week, when I lost to John Cena...yes I lost, Cena got lucky...everybody has been saying that I’m losing my touch...after last week and after losing to Shawn Michaels at Vengeance. Well I’m going to sort that out from right now...so if there’s anybody, anybody back there who thinks they’re better than yours truly, come out here now and prove it.

Angle waits for a few moments, then smiles when he is not answered.

Angle: See? I knew it. Nobody wants to fight m...

Big Show’s music hits and out comes the 7’2 monster!

JR: Oh my god!
King: Ooooh my!
JR: How is this possible King? Big Show’s on SmackDown!.
King: I dunno JR! What the hell is this?
JR: Big Show is on RAW!
King: Let’s see what’s going on!

Big Show comes to the ring and takes a mic...

Show: I know what you’re thinking Kurt...how can I be here? Well let me tell you...Theodore Long and Eric Bischoff decided to “temporarily” trade me for a RAW superstar, and if they’re both happy, I’m staying on RAW. That’s cool with me, I just got the call right before the show...but now I’m here, and I heard what you said Kurt, and to tell you the truth, I didn’t like it one bit...

Show grabs Angle and delivers a Chokeslam!

Eric Bischoff appears on the TitanTron as Big Show walks up the ramp...

Bischoff: Good to see you’re happy to be here Show...and you’ll be happy to hear that next week, you’re going to go one-on-one with Kurt Angle!

- Commercial

Main-event (Title match): Muhammad Hassan w/ Daivari vs. WWE champion John Cena
Cena knocks Hassan down with a hard shoulder block and nails the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena signals for the F-U. Daivari jumps into the ring and gets a right-hand from Cena. Cena pounds on Daivari in the corner. The ref checks on Daivari as Cena turns around and gets a low blow from Hassan. Hassan nails the STO on Cena and goes for the pin. 1-2-Cena just kicks out! Hassan cannot believe it and yells at the ref. As he argues with the ref, Daivari has a chair and gets in the ring with it. Daivari strikes Cena with the chair. Daivari gets out of the ring and Hassan delivers another STO to Cena. Pin; 1-2-3! Hassan has done it!
Winner (new WWE champion): Muhammad Hassan.

King: I’m shocked JR!
JR: Muhammad Hassan has cheated his way to the WWE championship! Hassan is now both Intercontinental and WWE champion!

Hassan and Daivari go crazy in the ring with the WWE title belt as Eric Bischoff appears on screen once again...

Bischoff: Hell no Hassan, you can’t win the WWE championship like that. You think I wasn’t watching? The referee might not have seen your interference Daivari, but I did. I am officially reversing this decision – Muhammad Hassan, you are officially disqualified from outside interference, so your winner by DQ and STILL WWE champion, John Cena!

Winner (still WWE champion): John Cena.

Hassan and Daivari are shocked! Cena throws Daivari out of the ring and turns Hassan around. He hits with right-hands, and then delivers the F-U!
Cena holds up the WWE championship title when suddenly Chris Jericho comes running out! Jericho jumps into the ring with a chair but gets knocked down by Cena before he can use it! Cena signals for the F-U. He picks Jericho up, but gets hit with a low blow from Hassan and drops Jericho. Hassan and Y2J double-team Cena with stomps, and Daivari joins in the assault as well.

Finally, Booker T’s music hits and out comes the U.S. champion! Booker gets in the ring. Daivari gets chucked out of the ring and then Booker turns to Jericho. Jericho goes for a cheap shot but gets knocked down (Hassan is just watching from a corner). Booker kicks Jericho in the gut and nails the Scissors Kick! Hassan then walks up to Booker and offers him a handshake. As Booker thinks, Cena hits Hassan with a low blow from behind and Booker T nails the Scissors Kick! Hassan rolls out of the ring and Booker T and Cena hold up their respective titles! Hassan, Daivari and Jericho retreat to the back as Booker T and Cena stand tall in the ring. RAW goes off the air!

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Re: WWE thread by True Kingpin.


Here is the list of new WWE PPV's:

January - Royal Rumble - Joint production.
February - Final Call - SmackDown! production.
March - WrestleMania - Joint production.
April - Livewire - RAW production.
May - Revenge- SmackDown! production.
June - Genesis - RAW production.
July - Americana - SmackDown! production.
August - Summer Showdown - RAW production.
September - King of the Ring - Joint production.
October - Retribution - RAW production.
November - Survivor Series - Joint production.
December - Christmas Chaos - SmackDown! production.

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Another Announcement!

I will be using colours for the rest of my shows. Here's how it's going to be:

Red = Promos.
Dark Red = Announcers.
Dark Orange = Matches.

Blue = Promos.
Navy = Announcers.
Royal Blue = Matches.
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