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WWE: The Rise and Fall of TNA

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Let me start by first saying, none of what I say has any basis in reality and should be taken purely as a work of fiction...

The Rise And Fall Of TNA

Part 1

Stamford Connecticut, WWE HQ, a large corporate structure with the WWE logo prominantly displayed like a military insignia. The 9th floor of this building houses the infamous WWE creative room, which we are about to visit

Seated in this room around a large table are Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon-Levesque, Paul 'Triple H' Levesque, Kevin Dunn, Brian Gerwitz and some of their minions

Kevin Dunn: "So... I think we've covered the most important stuff for this week, does anyone have anything else? Vince?"

Vince McMahon: "Well you see people..I'm still uneasy about this damn TNA, I want to blow! them out of the water! I want them to crumble, I want to have a best selling DVD called 'The Rise and Fall of TNA' I want Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan kissing my ass for joining that company...." (Kevin Dunn interrupts)

Kevin Dunn: "Oh man, not this again Vince...How many times have we got to remind you, this is 'Entertainment', what those mooks in Florida offer is 'Rasslin', they don't have a chance at beating us in the ratings and....(Vince McMahon interrupts)

Vince McMahon: (to Kevin Dunn) "Shuuuuuutt Up!! (Dunn looks fearful) I want solutions people, ways to destroy TNA, I want their X Division spending a year minimum in FCW, I want Samoa Joe losing weekly to Chris Masters and I want The Dudleys solely so I can fire their asses! Brian!! (shoots at glance at the timid Gerwitz) gimme something to work with!'

Brian Gerwitz: "Well..uh..um, I suppose we could..um have John Cena start a campaign against 'rasslin'..um..making us...um...different...along with a new t-shirt...how is that?"

(Vince McMahon looks as if he's about to blow)

Vince McMahon: Paul, Stephanie, you two stay, the rest of you Geeeeeeett Out!!"

(Dunn and Gerwitz quickly get up and leaving, avoiding eye contact with Vince, their minions sheepishly follow)

Vince McMahon: "Dammit!! I want ideas, not crap like that"

Triple H: "Well, uh, Vince, I have something that might just work"

Vince McMahon: "Oh yeah Paul? It better, or your going to have put over Skip Sheffield next week!" (Trips winces at the possibility)

Triple H proceeds to lay out his master plan, carefully pointing out the benefits and what it would take to pull off

Vince McMahon: "Dammit Paul! That is genius!!"

Stephanie McMahon: "Its things like that, that make me glad I married you"

Triple H: "So, Step 1"

"I'll start a few rumors flying backstage with the boys, make it sound as if my relationship with Stephanie isn't exactly going well. Obviously, I'll start with Sheamus, he'll go to Orton and tell him, in exchange for a decent feud in the Summer. Orton will then go to Gerwitz and tell him for a win against Cena for the title (Vince McMahon: "Championship'!!), sorry, Championship. The rumors will quickly spread, all the guys hoping to use this information to score opportunities and soon the whole locker room will know. No one can know the truth, for now"

Step 2

"I'll then start acting out of character, backstage, on the road, with fans. Nothing too serious, just enough to let people know something isn't right. Following this I'll, no-show the first RAW of next month, I'll hire an Escort to accompany me to a quiet nightspot and then Steph will tip off TMZ"

"Obviously, It will come out, that i've been seeing other women. Vince will 'officially' suspend me without pay, in which time i'll take a spot on a late night interview show and express how disappointed I am in WWE, how its strained my relationship with Stephanie and how I feel that most of the guys are against me"

Step 3

"I will then be 'released' from my contract and during such time, i'll do another interview, albeit an emotional one, where I state that all I've wanted to do is wrestle, how I don't care about the money and how being released has taken me away from my passion. I'll act as if Vince took my indiscretions way too personally and at the same time me and Steph will start 'divorce' proceedings"

"Dixie Carter should get in touch with me, if the plan goes well. I'll hold her offers off, saying some crap like I'm not ready or something. Eventually I'll accept her contract offer for a price, large enough to cause them some bother, but not large, to the point it bankrupts them. I'll then join and proceed to cut a few shoot promos on WWE, if anything they should do at least a 3.0 on Impact."

Step 4

"I'll build trust with the boys backstage, agreeing to put whoever over, meanwhile, back in WWE, Kevin Nash will demand his release, disagreeing with the way you release me from my contract, off course he'll be in on it, as will Scott Hall and Sean Waltman. I'll get the ear of Dixie and persuade her that having the Kliq, will boost ratings even further. Obviously Shawn will be on our side, but he won't play a part in it..Guys been wary about this kinda stuff ever since we screwed Bret"

"So once the Kliq is firmly rooted in TNA, we'll introduce our own brand of 'Politics' backstage, we'll force the X Divisions guys out and into FCW. Meanwhile we'll wind their creative team up enough, to the point Russo finally, fully returns to 2000 WCW mode.

Step 5

"In all this time, Vince will be getting cosy with the Panda Energy shareholders, persuading them that the company is going to face serious troubles. The stocks will drop and most of them will probably sell. At this point, Steph and me will have 'worked' things out and because of the money TNA are losing, they will have to release us. So we'll return to WWE, meanwhile, with the awful content and lack of talent, TNA will be doing no business whatsoever, Vince will make them an offer, say $4m for the promotion, talent and video library and viola, The Rise And Fall Of TNA.
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Is that it then? Or is there more? I like the idea of Vince trying to find a way to crush TNA, but the method enlisted by Triple H was fucking barmy. If this is a continuing series, it could be great, but if it's a one-off, then it was rubbish.

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There will be a series, thats just the preview, laying out the foundations for the story. I did neglect to put 'part 1' or whatever in when I was writing it, but i've since fixed that. Stay tuned, I should be posting the next part at some point later today

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It's an interesting little story, but I don't think it would work in reality. Figure that something like that would take several years to accomplish. If Hulk Hogan can't boost ratings in TNA, there's no way Triple H can boost them either. You're writing is very well done and I would like to continue tuning in to see how this goes. I don't know where you're going to begin though? With Triple H on RAW or Triple H in TNA? Good Luck with this unique post.

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The Rise And Fall Of TNA

Part 2

We're backstage, 3 hours from tonights episode of RAW at a private Gymnasium, designated solely for Triple H and his 'friends' use. Inside is Sheamus, he's doing 50 kilo squat thrusts. Triple H walks in, towel in hand, looking forward to a workout

Sheamus: "Hey Hunter fella"
Triple H: "Hey man, are you busy? I'm just going for the bench press, can you spot for me?"
Sheamus: "No problem fella" (Sheamus walks over to the bench with Trips, who is prepping the weights
Triple H: "15 Reps of 100kilos ought to do it today" (Triple H and his passion for bodybuilding, briefly overshadows why he is actually here) "Look Sheamus, your my buddy right? Well I've got some stuff on my mind and I could use a friend right about now"
Sheamus: "Uh sure thing Hunter, whats on your mind"?
Triple H: "Well, you see, me and Steph are having some difficulties at home, we're not talking as much and well, honestly i've been on the couch for the past 3 months"
Sheamus: "Um..you sure you want to be talking to me about this fella?"
Triple H: "Yeah, I mean your my buddy I trust you (Triple H hides a smirk at the irony of trusting Sheamus, the 'Celtic Warrior' is a notorious gossip)
Sheamus: "Well, I dunno what to say to you fella, i'm not the best at this kind of stuff, but i'm a good listener, so anytime you need to talk, i'll be about"
Triple H: "Cheers Sheamus, anyway (Trips passes Sheamus the bar and gets up from the bench) I better be off, gotta go over tonights match with Skip Sheffield, later my man"
Sheamus: "Later Hunter" (says Sheamus with a smirk, realising he's got material for a push in line)

We're now at the RAW locker room, nobody is about, except for Triple H and Skip Sheffield. The massive Sheffield is looking pissed, while Triple H is trying to calm him down.

Triple H: "Look man, I don't book the shows, Its just how Vince wants it to be, you and me, 3 minutes, I get the Pedigree, then 1,2,3
Skip Sheffield: "This whole match stinks of shit! I got told last week by Vince himself that he's got big plans for me, that I'm starting out with a push tonight. That prick Gerwitz tells me the other day that we're gonna end in a double countout and have a PPV match, then he tells me today that my push is being delayed and I'm gonna get squashed basically"
Triple H: "Look, I don't wanna be the guy who says this (who is he kidding?) but, your a fresh face, you gotta pay your dues man, I was all in favour of you getting the win tonight, but Vince wouldn't have it, he said "I want Skip Sheffield to pay his dues, he needs to learn patience" and you know what Vince is like don't you?
Skip Sheffield: "Yeah man, look...I'm sorry for blowing my top, lets just go out there and make it a good match in those 3 minutes"
Triple H: "Absolutely Shef, lets go and do this"

Monday Night RAW

Daniel Bryan Def Yoshi Tatsu via Submission @ 4.12
John Cena and Evan Bourne Def CM Punk and The Miz via Pinfall on Miz @ 9.32
Triple H Def Skip Sheffield via Pinfall @ 2.32


Skip Sheffield: "Hey you! (at Triple H) What the hell was wrong with you out there?! look at what you did to my face (Sheffield has a nasty looking gash just below his eye), you potato'd me out there you bastard!"
Triple H: "Look man, I didn't mean to do that, you were moving to close during the punch comeback I'm sorry"
Skip Sheffield: "You ain't sorry, your a joke, just a spoilt little punk who married the Boss' daughter because he's a control freak
Triple H: "You wanna try me man! Your fuckin out of here! (Triple H goes straight for Sheffield, but out of nowhere Arn Anderson, a few referees and Finlay run between them)
Arn Anderson: "Hey break it up, thats Enough!! (Arn and half the Referees are pulling Trips back to the locker room, while Finlay and the other half are draggin Sheffield towards Vince's office)

End of Part 2
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