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WWE: The Revolution

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Writer Introduction: Good afternoon. Today is Saturday, September 08th and I am beginning a new concept entitled “WWE: The Revolution”. This project will feature Monday Night Raw full recaps, Smackdown short recaps, weekly news articles, occasional rumors and full play-by-play PPV’s. There is no anticipated end date. I will begin with a post of a quick recap of Night of Champions to provide foundation.
Background Story/Concept: Welcome to the Revolution! As Night of Champions 2012 came to a close it was clear that WWE is on the brink of a revolution that will forever shake the foundations of wrestling entertainment.

Male Superstars
  • Alberto Del Rio
  • Alex Riley
  • Antonio Ceasera
  • Big Show
  • Brock Lesnar
  • Brodus Clay
  • Camacho
  • Christian
  • CM Punk
  • Cody Rhodes
  • Damien Sandow
  • Daniel Bryan
  • Darren Young
  • David Otunga
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Drew McIntyre
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • Epico
  • Xavier Woods
  • Dean Ambrose
  • Heath Slater
  • Hunico
  • Jack Swagger
  • Jey Uso
  • Jimmy Uso
  • Jinder Mahal
  • John Cena
  • Johnny Curtis
  • JTG
  • Justin Gabriel
  • Kane
  • Kofi Kingston
  • Mark Henry
  • Mason Ryan
  • Matt Morgan
  • Michael McGuillity
  • The Miz
  • Primo
  • R-Truth
  • Randy Orton
  • Rey Mysterio
  • Ryback
  • Santino Marella
  • Sheamus
  • Sin Cara
  • Ted DiBiase
  • Tensai
  • Titus O’Neil
  • Trent Berrata
  • Truple H
  • Tyson Kidd
  • Undertaker
  • Wade Barrett
  • Yoshi Tatsu
  • Zack Ryder

Female Superstars
  • Alicia Fox
  • Beth Pheonix
  • Eve
  • Kaitlyn
  • Kelly Kelly
  • Layla
  • Natalya
  • Tamina Snuka
  • MsChif
On-Camera Personnel
  • AJ Lee
  • Aksana
  • Booker T
  • Cameraon
  • Justin Roberts
  • Lillian Garcia
  • Naomi
  • Paul Heyman
  • Ricardo Rodriguez
  • Rosa Mendes
  • Sakamato
  • Theodore Long
  • Tony Chimel
  • Vickie Guerrero

Current Champions​
WWE Champion: CM Punk
World Heavyweight Champion: Dolph Ziggler
Intercontinental Champion: The Miz
United States Champion: Antonio Ceasaro
Diva’s Champion: Eve
World Tag Team Champions: Prime Time Players (Darren Young & Titus O’Neill)
News and Rumors​
16/09/2012: Night of Champions 2012 Recap
WrestlingInc.com News and Rumors
18/09/2012: Friday Night Smackdown! Spoilers
22/09/2012: WWE News
Show Results​
17/09/2012: Monday Night Raw

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Live from the TD Garden in Boston, Massaschusetts
Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Boston has had its fair share of revolutions, most notably the 1773 Boston Tea Party as residents rebelled against taxes. This past Sunday Night at the TD Garden, another revolution has hit Boston. CM Punk retained his WWE Championship over John Cena with the assistance of Jack Swagger and Matt Morgan all apparent clients to the diabolical Paul Heyman. Cena was overcome by incredible odds leaving him prey to the GTS and pinned in his own hometown. Paul Heyman defiantly declared that the future of World Wrestling Entertainment is officially on the brink of a revolution. Heyman called out to anyone in the back that wants to finally take back what is rightfully theirs, who wants to stop being buried by politics or because you don’t have the right “look” and anyone who wants to take over WWE to come to Raw tomorrow night as the Revolution begins.

Dolph Ziggler had his own personal revolution as he not only defeated Randy Orton but then cashed in with his Money in the Bank contract over Alberto Del Rio who took a Brogue Kick from a frustrated Sheamus after Del Rio with the assistance of Ricardo won the Championship.

R-Truth left his former partner, Kofi Kingston unconscious in the middle of the ring shouting “Jimmy told me to do it!” after Prime Time Players won the Tag Team Championships.

The only other title change from Night of Champions took place when Eve was triumphant over Kaitlyn and Layla. Meanwhile, Antonio Ceasara

Daniel Bryan defeated his rival Kane and two Champions walked away with their titals in tact as The Miz and Antonio Ceasara walked away with the Intercontinental and United States championships respectively. The Miz, however, was left wondering how much longer he will remain Champion as Ryback interrupted the celebration chanting “Feed Me More!”

It is fitting that in Bridgeport, Connecticut close to where the WWE Heaadquarters are located that the so-called Revolution is beginning tomorrow night at RAW.
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I like the premise, but who did Miz and Ceasaro face at NoC? did they face Mysterio and Santino?

just a note, I would avoid using yellow. Its near impossible to read against the white background.
Live! From Webster Bank Arena, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Monday, September 17th, 2012

You are now tuning in, to the world’s greatest
Tonight’s the Night, bright lights, hyped crowd…

Monday Night RAW opened with the 2012 Video Package, but instead of going immediately to the Webster Bank Arena instead camera’s are live only 20 miles away in the front of WWE Headquarters where Champion CM Punk stood with his Championship belt. CM Punk proceeded to declare a revolution. He reminded fans of Jerry Lawler’s outcry that Punk “turned his back on WWE Universe” after he made Rock go to sleep. He then said that he is standing up for WWE Universe. In his own words…
”For the first time, ever, it will be the wrestlers who have a voice. Not some suit sitting in an office. Not some board of directors comprised of people who wouldn’t know the difference between an armbar and a headlock. Not by ratings produced by a system over fifty years old. No…this is a Revolution to every wrestler who is sick of being called an entertainer. It’s a Revolution of every wrestler who has the balls to stand up to the big bad WWE. You see, last year I proved to everyone that Vince doesn’t have the balls not to keep us under contract. There’s a company in Florida just itching to sign anyone who has the stench of WWE on them. Now, along with my friend Paul Heyman and anyone else that wants to sign up for this Revolution, I will prove that WWE is ripe to be taken over. Enough with the same old crap every single week. Enough with John Cena getting everything he wants and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson being handed title shots on a whim. Enough of Triple H burying anyone he sees fit so long as he looks good. Tonight begins a revolution.”
Following CM Punk’s declaration, he took black spray paint and painted the letters “RESPECT” on the front glass doors before camera’s cut to the squared circle where Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler introduced fans to Monday Night RAW calling last night’s Pay Per View, “Night of Champions” as a historic night. Cole also introduced a new member to the team, William Regal who now sits as a third member to the WWE Raw Announce team. As the discuss what is in store for this week, Paul Heyman and two of his clients Matt Morgan and Jack Swagger came to the ring with a mixed reaction from the crowd. Heyman called out for anyone in the WWE Backstage that wants to join a revolution. In his own words…
My name is Paul Heyman and I am the author of Revolution in this business. You see, when people were sick of the way wrestling was being done, I raised up a revolution called Extreme Championship Wrestling that took a corrupt television company and two billionaires named Ted and Vince to take down! (Faint chants of E-C-W are heard) I brought in the biggest monster WWE has ever seen and then I brought him back. That man, my client, Broockk Leessnnaarr not only broke the arm of Triple H but made the Chief Operating Officer of this company to retire! He is so depressed he cut his trademark hair. Then, I decided to join forces with CM Punk to stop the inevitable title win that John Cena is given every single time he asks for it. I’m the only man who had the balls to slap Bret “The Hitman” Hart in the face in his hometown last week. Now, a revolution has begun. Standing with me is Matt Morgan, a man who got so sick of mundane wrestling in Florida that he left. He should have had a contract earlier but ol’ Vince McMahon didn’t have the balls to face a lawsuit so he couldn’t pull the trigger. Now he stands as my client, and the future of World Wrestling Entertainment. To my right is Jack Swagger, a man who wouldn’t allow the company spoonfeed him to the lazy fans of WWE as some rip off of an Olympic hero and was being buried under the garbage this company is until he decided it was time for a … Revoolluuuttion. And now, just as CM Punk said, this is an open invitation to anyone in the back who wants to join our force. You see this Revolution will shape the way WWE is. It is not a stable or a cookie cutter faction. It is a revolt. It is what this damn company has needed for a long time. So anyone in the back who wants to join, come now…
As Paul Heyman was finishing, much to the shock and dismay of Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole (yet, the delight of William Regal) Randy Orton came to the ring to a loud ovation from the capacity crowd. Heyman was ecstatic even going as far as mentioning that WWE suspended Orton twice. Instead of saying anything in return, Orton crushed Paul Heyman with an RKO leaving the ring immediately as Heyman’s clients tended to him. As Orton was leaving, AJ Lee came out and announced the Main Event tonight will be Randy Orton and Kane vs. Matt Morgan and Jack Swagger.

As RAW returned from commercial break, Zack Ryder was in the ring for his opening bout against Ryback. During Ryback’s entrance Michael Cole reminds fans that last night he came out during The Miz’ celebration as he retained his Intercontinental Championship against Rey Mysterio. Ryback chanted “Feed Me A Champion” that night to the dismay of The Miz. This match was a quick five minutes with Ryder only getting a few offensive maneuvers before being squashed with the Shell Shocked and Ryback gained victory by pinfall. Following Ryback’s win, The Miz came out to respond to Ryback’s taunts at Night of Champions.
Noone cares about your stupid chant and your pointless victories, in fact, your just about the furthest you can get away from being … awesome. But since you decided to interrupt my moment last night in Boston, then I’m going to interrupt your special little 30 seconds you get weekly to tell you… No! No way in Hell are you ready for a title shot
RAW Interviewer, Josh Matthews, stood in the back with Kofi Kingston to discuss his partner R-Truth attacking him last night. A video shows R-Truth apologizing profusely at Night of Champions yelling “Jimmy told me to do it!” Kofi Kingston said that before they have their re-match on Friday Night he needs to talk to R-Truth but he has yet to see him. Kofi stated he was “shocked” by R-Truth’s actions and doesn’t know where it came from. Prior to the interview, Josh Matthews confirmed that John Cena is not medically cleared to be here tonight after the attack from Paul Heyman’s clients last night.

Michael Cole was excited to see Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero arrive via limo even going as far as calling him a “Hall of Famer” much to the angst of Jerry Lawler. As RAW cam back from a commercial break Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara defeated Primo and Epico in a well fought, back and forth tag team battle.

The next segment belonged to Dolph Ziggler, World Heavyweight Champion and his valet, Vickie Guerrero. Dolph talked about defeating Randy Orton cleanly last night before taking out the Champion. Michael Cole reminded fans that Dolph Ziggler cashed in at Night of Champions after Sheamus crushed Alberto Del Rio with a “Brogue Kick” even though it was banned. Lawler said that it was cowardly by Sheamus, but he was reacting to be cheated out of his title by Del Rio. As Dolph was speaking he was interrupted by Paul Heyman who said that there is only one true Champion in WWE and that is CM Punk.

Michael Cole told fans in attendance and live watching on TV that they can tweet their vote to who battles Antonio Cesaro for his United States Championship: Brodus Clay, Damien Sandow or Christian. As RAW came back from commercial break, AJ Lee was in the back on the cell phone sounding ery defensive that she is in ‘complete control’. AJ then closes the obvious one-sided conversation by saying ‘thank you, Mr. McMahon’. She hung up looking exhausted and looked to Randy Orton and said that he better win tonight.

Twitter votes were counted and Brodus Clay came out to his usual entrance. This will be Brodus Clay’s first title shot. Antonio Cesaro and Aksana came out next and the match went back and forth for approximately ten minutes. At one point, Brodus Clay hit Antonio Cesaro with a running cross body (‘Ah Funk It!’) to a near fall. As the battle raged on, Damien Sandow came out to and hit Clay with a chair against his back without the ref seeing it. Clay no-sold the chair shot, turned to grab Sandow and was rolled up for a pinfall by Cesaro who retained his title. Afterwards, Damien Sandow took the mic and said ”You’re welcome” to Cesaro and presumably the WWE Universe.

Josh Matthews stands in the back with new Tag Team Champions, PrimeTime Players who do their typical taunt of ‘millions of dollars’ and their dance. Titus O’Neill and Darren Young treat this backstage segment as a party and are barely understandable. They do confirm they are not afraid of the re-match on Friday Night. As they continue their party, Tyson Kidd comes up to them and sarcastically congratulates them before telling them it will be a short lived title reign.

After another recap of the opening segment with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan comes out to the loudest ovation of the night. His opponent for this match is Wade Barrett. Both men battled in what easily could be considered the Match of the Night. The strength of Wade Barrett was evident at the beginning, tossing Daniel Bryan around the ring and eventually Bryan’s response changed from confident to concerned. It wasn’t until a powerbomb was reversed into a frankenstiener that Daniel Bryan began to get some upper hand. Bryan began to target the knees of Barrett trying to get him to the ring to start exploiting submission moves. As the match approached the 15-minute mark, Barrett clotheslined Bryan over the top rope and to the outside. Both men regained composure and began to exchange blows leading away from the ring and up the ramp. The referee hesitantly counted to ten causing both to be counted out.

New WWE Diva Champion, Eve stands in the back with her championship. Teddy Long walks up to her and congratulated Eve on her title win. Long then asked Eve if she believes in the Diva division and wants what is best for WWE. Eve estatically (almost over the top) said yes. Long smiled and said she will love to hear who they signed to a contract and that she will find out on Friday. Eve looked concerned before putting on her fakest smile for the camera.

As RAW reached its third hour, CM Punk came out to a mixed reaction from the crowd carrying a manila envelope along with his WWE Championship. . The bi-partisan crowd was all on their feet as CM Punk eloquently began to tell everyone how he is the “Best in the World”. Punk tells the WWE Universe that a Revolution has begun and that he is not the leader but ‘they are’. They wanted to see John Cena be wiped out and he obliged. Now, they want to see one true Champion and CM Punk was at WWE Headquarters to get the approval. He teases what is in an envelope he was carrying until his microphone all of a sudden cuts out. As he tries to get another microphone he is interrupted by AJ Lee. AJ tells Punk that ‘plans have changed’ and then tells Punk that he has a match right know against The Big Show.

Big Show has a ten minute match with WWE Champion, CM Punk. The battle goes back and forth with neither wrestler being able to get much momentum. The announcers are shocked as CM Punk eventually get the upperhand and causes Big Show to tap out to the Anacanda Vice in the center of the ring. After the clean victory by CM Punk he takes a microphone and yells “Respect” in the face of Big Show before throwing the mic down and leaving the ring.

AJ Lee watches with frustration in the back when Vickie Guerrero asks her how its possible that she has lost control in such epic ways. AJ Lee turns to ignore her and Paul Heyman meets her. Heyman suggests that AJ Lee needs some serious help if she wants to keep her job from piranha’s like that. Heyman called Guerrero a “bottom feeder” and “lucky she has that last name”.

Michael Cole teases that Booker T will have an announcement regarding the possibility of a Sheamus suspension for using the Brogue Kick on Alberto Del Rio. Following that, a quick segment with David Otunga who stands in the back carrying the infamous water bottle. Otunga says his client, Alberto Del Rio, has a series of complaints he will air on Friday as he is seeking retribution for the Brogue Kick and the farce title victory by Dolph Ziggler.

Kane & Randy Orton def. Matt Morgan & Jack Swagger via DQ
The Main Event was an incredible debut by Matt Morgan and also notable was Swagger and Morgan’s ability to work together. The match switched several times as momentum was shared between the superstars. At one point Morgan hit a running big boot on Randy Orton, his former finisher called the ‘Carbon Footprint’. Orton refused to die as the announcers sold that Orton is fighting for the sake of WWE as a company. Evantually Randy Orton reached a desperate tag to Kane who cleared the ring at one point. Kane threw Swagger around the ring and kept the momentum for some time until Morgan blocked a chokeslam.

This match did not have a fair conclusion, as at this point chaos began. Orton came into the ring to fight Morgan and the four men came to blows in the center of the ring. The crowd was torn as to why Cody Rhodes walked to the ring. Rhodes grabbed a chair and snuck under the ropes and proceede to crush Kane with a chair. Rhodes and Swagger kicked Kane out of the ring as Randy Orton was left with three superstars against him. Paul Heyman shouted with glee as all three men pounded Randy Orton. CM Punk came back to the ringside and applauded as Matt Morgan crushed Orton with the ‘Mount Morgan Drop’ on a steel chair. Fans boo’ed wildly as the five men stood in the center of the ring proudly.

The final thing we hear is Jerry Lawler, saying “the fate of WWE is in the hands of these tyrants”
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* It is reported that Vince McMahon was furious backstage with Paul Heyman's comments regarding Randy Orton's suspension. The WWE Wellness policy is not to be mentioned on air and Heyman was in clear violation. It will be interesting to see if Vince and writers try to tame Heyman's outbursts in the future.

* WWE.com reported Randy Orton as injured from Monday Night Raw. This is clearly a work as Randy will be off camera for 3-4 weeks for filming.

* John Cena is expected to be at RAW next week.

* Ric Flair is rumored to be signing a contract with WWE soon and could be appearing as soon as Hell In A Cell Pay Per View.
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21/09/2012 Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia PA​

* Show opened with Booker T calling out Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio. Booker T hesitantly suspended Sheamus for using the Brogue Kick without his consent. Sheamus was escorted from the arena. Alberto Del Rio was then told because his victory was not a clean one he is not the clear cut #1 contender for the World Championship. When asked whom is the #1 contender, Booker T stated he is undecided.

* Damien Sandow def. Tyson Kidd; prior to his match Damien Sandow discusses how fans can't be trusted to make proper decisions and how he is the true next in line for the United States Championship.

* Kofi Kingston confronts R-Truth who says he doesn't recognize Kofi Kingston and at one point calls him "Uncle Tyrone?"

* Jack Swagger w/Paul Heyman def. Ted DiBiase

* After the victory, Paul Heyman says that Jack Swagger is no longer going to be pushed around by the "establishment". Heyman says that Swagger is just another person ready to get what he deserves.

* IC Champion The Miz def. Tensai; following the match Ryback came out to the ramp and used his "Feed Me More" chant to intimidate the Champion.

* Eve is backstage with Teddy Long, and the Diva's Champion is introduced to MsChif (former NWA and various other Independent circuit women's wrestler). MsChif gives some sort of dialogue that is not english and Eve looks visibly shaken.

* Layla def. Diva's Champion Eve in a non-title match; Eve continue to look bothered by her introduction to MsChif and distracted to be pinned by Layla.

* PrimeTime Player's cut a backstage promo about how they are going to keep their titles.

* Daniel Bryan is backstage going up to Booker T explaining how he should be #1 contender. He is interrupted by Kane who says that he should be. Next, Wade Barrett comes out and tells Booker T the draw on Monday and the fact that he is the greatest fighter in WWE means he should be #1 contender. Booker T looks unconvinced.

* MAIN EVENT, PrimeTime Players def. R-Truth & Kofi Kingston; R-Truth abandons Kofi Kingston as the PTP gain another victory. As R-Truth is about to leave, he stops and turns and sprints back to the ring causing PTP to flee. R-Truth was not helping his partner, however, instead he laid Kofi Kingston out with a powerbomb.

* World Champion Dolph Ziggler comes out for a pre-planned Championship victory celebration. He is accompanied as always by Vickie Guerrero. Ziggler's part is interrupted by Alberto Del Rio attack from behind when Ricardo distracted.
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WWE News: 22/09/2012

World Wrestling Entertainment announced the release of Ezekiel Jackson and Evan Bourne. In turn, WWE announced that Xavier Woods and Dean Ambrose have been called up to the Main Roster. There is no news on when to expect either superstar to debut on Live Television.

World Wrestling Entertainment have re-signed Chris Masters to a developmental deal, and Masters will report directly to the WWE NXT roster. Also, WWE have added Ben Satterly (ring name: Pac) to the NXT roster.

World Wrestling Entertainment have released their Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View poster which features Randy Orton and WWE Champion, CM Punk. This indicates that Randy Orton's break from Television will not last long as Hell In A Cell is only five weeks away.

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