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WWE: The return of Austin

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Hello I have been inspired to wright this virsion of booking after reading other brilliant ones and I hope this is as good as some of them so if you like it please give me rep but its up to you.

December 2005
Comentater Clark, Hello #1 fans of WWE today Ric and Vince can choose 10 or less if they wont and after they have chose there 10 they can sign up new wrestlers. Wrestlers may leave. Over to you Jack.

Comentater Jack, The fiters are fiting the stage.

Comentater Clark, #1 fans of WWE this is the titles and owners so far

1, Right now the owners to the tag team champions belt are Lance Storm and Christian.

2, The owner to the intercontal champion belt is Rod Van Dam.

3, William Regal is the european champ.

4, Herricane or The Herricane is the cruswight champion.

5, he hardcore champion is Bradshaw

And 6, The Undertaker owner of the undisputed champion belt.

Comentater Jack, He will have no truble keeping the belt.

Back stage anounser, We have a new wrestler coming or should I say an old wrestler coming back and its! Austins music ternsd on. Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Comentaters, WOW

Comentater Jack, The Undertaker will have truble keeping the belt. haha.

Comentater Clark, The fans are exsited.

Ric Flars music turns on and Ric enters the stage inside of the ring.Vince does the same when his music came on.

Comentater Jack, Hello Ric and Vince I will read who you can choose from Ric.

Comentater Clark, Hi to you both I will fead yours Vince. OK over to you.

Comentater Jack, OK this is your list Ric lissen carefuly.

1, The undisputed champ The Undertaker
2, The intercontal champ Rob Van Dam
3, Kurt Angle
4, Edge
5, Chris Benoit
6, Jeff Hardy
7, Eddie Guerrero
8, Bubba Ray Dudley
9, Chuck
10, Rikishi
11, Rhyno
12, Goldust
13, One of the tag team champs Lance Storm
14, DDP
15, The other tag team champ Christian
16, Al Snow
17, D-Von
18, Tazz
19, The Big Valbowski
20, Spike Dudley
21, Rico
22, The cruswight champ The Hurricane
23, Shawn Stasiak
24, And Randy Orton

Comentater Clark, Now Vince I will read yours now and Ric can think about who he will choose. OK now.

1, The undisputed Undertaker
2, The Rock
3, Brock Lesner
4, Kane
5, Chris Jericho
6, Booker T
7, Big Show
8, he hardcore champ Bradshaw
9, The european champ William Regal
10, Matt Hardy
11, Test
12, faarooq
13, Billy
14, Mark Henry
15, Albert
16, Scotty 2 Hotty
17, Hardcore Holly
18, Billy Kidman
19, Tajiri
20, Maven
21, and Raven

Comentater Jack, OK who have you chose Ric.

Ric, I Have chose in no order,
Eddie Guerrero
Rob Van Dam
Kurt Angle
Lance Storm
Chris Benoit
Bubba Ray Dudley
And thats 10.

Vince, I have chose and this is them,
Brock Lesnar
The Rock
Chris Jericho
William Regal
Booker T
Big Show
Matt Hardy
And Bradshaw

And this list will not help Smack Down it Will Complet it.

Comentater Jack, If Austin is comeing back who will sign him up.Oh and I have got to say there is 4 weeks in all 15 of the sesons and this is them.

The undisputed champion to get the belt
Judgment day
King of the ring
Summer Slam
No mercey
Survivor series
Arm agedd on
Royale rumble
No way out
Wrestle mania
And rebellion

April 2006

Austin enters the ring on his return to see Ric and Vince asking him to join them.

Ric and Vince, Sign me PLEASE.

Austin, OK KK you both wont me but why. Ric why do you wont me and the same to you Vince WHY.

Ric, To help Me.

Vince, To entertane the fans.

Austin, OK Vince I think like you.


to take over wwe for ever.

Austin looked at Vince and distroyed him for lieing then signs Rics board then herts him for the fun of it.

* * * *
Week 1 of the Undisputed

Rikishi wins The Big Valblowski in a single match.

Chuck wins Al Snow in a single match.

And Edge and Rob Van Dam win Kurt Angle and The Undertaker in a tag match by Edge pinning Angle.


Bradshaw and Scotty 2 Hotty win William Regal and Raven in a tag match by Bradshaw pinning Regal.

Kane wins Brock Lesnar in a single.

And in a 4 man Royal Rumble Big Show hit out by The Rock, The Rock hit out by Booker T and Booker T slamed of top rope by The Undertaker.

Week 2

Austin wins D-Von in seconds in a single.

Rhyno wins Tazz in a Hardcore match.

And over time Rob Van Dam wins Lance Storm in a 6 man tag and the wrestlers are,
Rob Van Dam
Bubba Ray Dudley
Spike Dudley
Kurt Angle
Lance Storm
And Christian.


Bradshaw wins Billy in A Hell In A Cell match (HIAC).

Tajiri wins Albert in a triple thret other wrestler is Faarooq.

And Booker T gives up to The Undertaker in a cage match.

Week 3

Austin wins Rhyno in a single.

Jeff Hardy wins Eddie Guerrero in a single.

and in a triple threat Edge wins Chris Benoin and Kurt Angle didn't do a thing.


Tajiri and Raven win Faarooq and Scotty 2 Hotty.

Big Show wins Booker T in a last man standing match.

Somthing goes wrong in a single of The Rock and Chris Jericho. No winner.

Week 4

Goldust wins Rico in a hadrcore match.

Austin and Jeff Hardy win Eddie Guerrero in a tad match.

And The Undertaker pins Edge with help from Kurt Angle in a 1 on 2 match.


Test wins Bradshaw in a single.

The Rock wins the replay agenst Chris Jericho in a single.

And in a special ref match Vince is the ref and cheets to make Kane win The Undertaker for the finnil on the Undisputed.

RAWs list

Austin - D-Von (Austin).

Rhyno - Tazz (Rhyno).

Austin - Rhyno (Austin).

Austin, Jeff Hardy - Eddie Guerrero, Rhyno (Austin, Jeff Hardy).

Austin - ?


Bradshaw - William Regal (Bradshaw).

Big Show - The Rock - Booker T - The Undertaker (1. The Undertaker, 2. Booker T, 3. The Rock, 4. Big Show).

Bradshaw - Billy (Bradshaw).

Booker T - The Undertaker (The Undertaker).

Test - Bradshaw (Bradshaw).

Kane - The Undertaker (Kane).

Kane - ?

Austin wins Kane in a single.

Austin has wins the Undisputed Belt.

If you read this say somthing, anything but please reply.

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He obviously is doing this for the first time, and there are two indications to this. One is that he has posted one line of a show, and the second being that he has been inspired to do a booking. Anyway, he has to pay to use the computer he's on and so did not finish it. To Austin_fan_V1, I advise that you edit your post instead of posting bits of a show in posts. One because I will edit and delete posts to make into one show, and secondly because it is very difficult to read and rate. I'd try writting/typing up a full show and then posting it.


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Austin_Fan_V1 said:
Hello I have been inspired to wright this virsion of booking after reading other brilliant ones
Spelling Troubles??

Austin_Fan_V1 said:
out of money and time bye, back soon to finnish. Cy a
Money?? Time I have an answer. Write everything out ,like in a notepad on the computer, then post it.

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Dont spam like that. Or someone will warn you again. If people are not posting to your shows its either boring, stupid or you havent posted a show in a long time. Stop filling up this site with spam.

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As Joe Cool has said, you should have not have brung this thread back. I removed the warning from Frankazoid94's thread as Pyro had warned you, but this one you have been warned for. The reason nobody has replied is probably that you did not rate anybody elses show. I believe there is a policy at the moment in the Be the Booker forum that in order to get ratings, you must rate. Not to mention that you have yet to type out a full show.

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