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Ok, I am now back in business. Now I know, that me and IC started a thread a couple weeks ago, before I got a virus. Well I will still be doing that with IC as far as I know, but I will also be doing this thread. Since it is the summer, I have time to do two shows. So expect a lot of me, this summer. Again I will be doing this and WWE:Collision Course. As for this thread, Here is my backstory.

Backstory- WWE Summerslam 2005 has just come to a close. Spike TV wanted to grab a different audience, and since the contract with the WWE was about to expire, the station dropped WWE programming. This also caused UPN to drop WWE Smackdown. A few days later, Vince Mcmahon held a press conference, to announce that WWE Raw and WWE Sunday Night Heat would be shown on USA Network, but not until Decemember. So the WWE would be on a three month break. Vince also announced that when the WWE would be back, there would be no roster split any longer, so unfortunately, some of the talent would be dropped. It is now three months later, and Vince Mcmahon has just announced the new roster. The WWE has just been remade...

Randy Orton

The Undertaker
Rob Van Dam
Big Show
Muhammad Hassan
William Regal

Main Event
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
John Cena
Kurt Angle

Upper Mid Card
Eddie Guerrero
Booker T.
Rey Mysterio
Shelton Benjamin

Mid Card
Chris Masters
Simon Dean
Orlando Jordan
Matt Morgan
Rene Dupree
Charlie Haas

Lower Midcard
Hardcore Holly
Mark Jindrak
Steve Richards
Val Venis
Tyson Tomko

Rey Mysterio
Paul London

Divas (Some Inactive)
Torrie Wilson
Dawn Marie
Miss Jackie
Christy Hemme

Tag Teams
La Resistance
Super Hero's
(More to be made)

// What will happen this Monday, when Raw comes to you live from Madison Square Garden? You will have to tune in to find out!//


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Looks Interesting, good luck with your shows.

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I seriously liked what you did in putting the rosters in order from tag teams to cruserweights to low mid-carders and etc. I like how you put Benoit and Jericho in title positions. But I think you should put Shelton Benjamin or Kane in the main event group. Besides that, GREAT JOB! ill be watching.

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First off, glad to see that you're back. Excellent backstory man. Hopefully the name of your thread becomes true and we see a Remake of classic WWE, not some of the crap we see nowadays on TV. Looking forward to your first show. 1!

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Whoa, surprising to see so many replies already, hopefully I can keep most of you readers. I wanted to note, incase some of you didnt know, there is one show a week and that is Raw, thus I am doing this fed by myself. Raw will be up possibly this weekend, so look out for it. Thanks again.

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Good to see a great BTb writer back, I really enjoyed the other show you did with Infamous_Cannabis, so this should be just as good, its a nice backstory, good to see just the one show and roster again, but a couple of people are missing, but that shouldnt stop us reading another great BTB here.

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WWE PPV Schedule

December 2005- No PPV this year, due to the hiatus.
January 15th- Royal Rumble 2006
Febuary 19th- No Way Out
March 26th- Wrestlemania 22
April 23rd- Backlash
May 21st- Judgement Day
June 18th- Vengence
July 23rd- Great American Bash
August 20th- Summerslam
September 17th- Unforgiven
October 15th- No Mercy
November 12th- Survivor Series
December 17th- Armageddon

/Banner Credited to Red Cold/


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WWE News.

The WWE has decided to send Muhammad Hassan and the new tag team, the HeartThrobs back to OVW.

There has been a rumor circulating that whenever the Undertaker returns, he may be only returning for one last match. We dont know if there is any truth to the rumor, but it sounds like it could be a possibility.

We have recieved word earlier this week that the tickets for the return of the WWE at Madison Square Garden sold out very very quickly.

There have also been rumors that there could be several releases in the coming months of the new WWE.

While checking through the TV Guide, we have discovered that not this Raw but the next will be 2 and a half hours. What could this mean?

//Thats all for now, expect Raw soon, probably Monday.//


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Well, this show will be put on hold. As much as I was looking forward to this, a certain offer came up that I would be stupid to turn down. As of now, I am the new Smackdown writer of one of the best threads, WWE: Afterlife. Hope that you readers will follow it apon its return.
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