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-This is a fictional version of the WWE and it is a dream federation that I enjoy writing. Shows are written in recap summary form while pay-per-views will be written in full.

All reviews will be returned and all feedback is welcome.

Below is a list of completed shows with their page number within the thread.

Raw / April 4 / Las Angeles, California / Page 1
ECW / April 5 / Las Angeles, California / Page 1
Smackdown / April 8 / Temple, Arizona / Page 1
Raw / April 11 / Phoenix, Arizona / Page 2
ECW / April 12 / Las Vegas, Nevada / Page 2​

Chief Executive: Vince McMahon

[*denotes injured superstar]



General Manager: Eric Bischoff
Executive Assistant: Jonathan Coachman
Broadcast Team: Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Ring Announcer: Lillian Garcia
Backstage Reporter: Todd Grisham

"Sheik" Abdul Bashir
Alex Shelley
The Big Show
Brian Kendrick
Brock Lesnar
Bubba-Ray Dudley
Candice Michelle
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Chris Sabin
Christy Hemme
D-Von Dudley* [broken leg / ribs ETR: July / August]
David Hart-Smith
Dawn Marie
Gunner Scott
The Hurricane
Jeff Hardy
Lita* [ACL tear ETR: August / October)
Mark Jindrak
Matt Bentley
Matt Hardy
Molly Holly
Muhammad Hassan
Paul London
Randy Orton* [severe shoulder strain ETR: 5/1/05]
Renee Dupree
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
The Rock
"The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels
Stacy Keibler
Sylvan Grenier
Teddy Hart
TJ Wilson
Torrie Wilson
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Val Venis

-World Heavyweight Champion
Triple H
-WWE Intercontinental Champion
Randy Orton
-World Tag-Team Champions
Batista & Ric Flair
-WWE Women's Champion
Trish Stratus

Tag-Teams / Stables
“Sheik” Abdul Bashir & Muhammad Hassan
The Dudley Boys: Bubba-Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley
Evolution: Triple H, Batista, Ric Flair & Randy Orton
The Hardy Boys: Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy
The Hart Dynasty: Teddy Hart, TJ Wilson, David Hart-Smith, &
The Hooligans: Paul London & Brian Kendrick
La Resistance: Renee Dupree, Rob Conway & Sylvan Grenier
The Love Machines: Val Venis & Viscera
The Motor City Machine Guns: Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin
The Super Heroes: The Hurricane & Rosey



Chief Executive: Stephanie McMahon
General Manager: Paul Heyman
Broadcast Team: Mike Tenay & Tazz
Ring Announcer: Jeremy Borash
Backstage Reporter: Joey Styles

Big Guido
Big Vito
Boris Alexiev
“The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson
Chris Harris
Elijah Burke
Gail Kim
Hardcore Holly
Hiroshi Tanahashi
James Storm
Katie Lea Burchill
“The Alpha Male” Monty Brown
“The Ripper” Paul Burchill
Rikishi* [undisclosed neck / back injuries ETR: unknown}
Rob Van Dam
Ron “The Truth” Killings
The Sandman
Steven Richards
Tommy Dreamer
Vladimir Kozlov

-ECW World Heavyweight Champion
-ECW World Tag-Team Champions
Rhino & Rob Van Dam

Tag-Teams / Stables
America’s Most Wanted: Chris Harris, James Storm & Gail Kim
The ECW Originals: Rob Van Dam, Rhino, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu,
The Sandman, Steven Richards
The Full-Blooded Italians: Big Vito, Big Guido & Nunzio
The KGB: Boris Alexiev & Vladimir Kozlov
The New Breed: Bryan Danielson, Elijah Burke, Hiroshi Tanahashi,
Ron Killings & Monty Brown



Chief Executive: Shane McMahon
General Manager: Theodore “Teddy” Long
Broadcast Team: Michael Cole & Don West
Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel
Backstage Reporter: Matt Striker

AJ Styles
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guererro
"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters
Christian Cage
"Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Eddie Guererro
Eric Young
Jamie Noble
Jay Lethal
Jerry Lynn
John "Bradshaw" Layfield
Kevin Nash
Kurt Angle
Lance Cade
Mark Henry* [broken ankle ETR: August / September]
Matthew Rodgers
Nicholas Rodgers
Orlando Jordan
Petey Williams
Rey Mysterio
Scott D’Amore
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shannon Moore
Shark Boy
Shelton Benjamin
Spike Dudley
Super Crazy
Trevor Murdoch
Tyson Tomko
Ultimo Dragon
The Undertaker
William Regal

-WWE Champion
AJ Styles
-WWE United States Champion
Booker T
-WWE Tag-Team Champions
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin
-WWE X-Division Champion
Chavo Guererro

Tag-Teams / Stables
The Cabinet: JBL, Orlando Jordan, Danny Basham & Doug Basham
Christian Cage & Tyson Tomko
The Golden Eagles: Matthew Rodgers & Nicholas Rodgers
The Imperials: Akio & Tajiri
The ********: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Team Angle: Kurt Angle, Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin
Team Canada: Petey Williams, Eric Young & Scott D’Amore


Pay-Per-View / Supercard Schedule

Backlash / May 1st, 2005 / Dallas, Texas
Judgment Day / May 29th, 2005 / Orlando, Florida
Vengeance / June 26th, 2005 / Washington DC
Great American Bash /July 17th, 2005 / St.Louis, Missouri
Saturday Nights Main Event: King of the Ring / August 6th, 2005 / San Diego, California
SummerSlam / August 21st, 2005 / Miami, Florida
No Surrender / September 18th, 2005 / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Hell on Earth / October 16th, 2005 / Hartford Connecticut
Saturday Night’s Main Event / November 5th, 2005 / London, England
Starrcade / November 27th, 2005 / New York City, New York
Holiday Bash / December 25th, 2005 / Seattle, Washington
Bound For Glory / January 15th, 2006 / Atlanta, Georgia
Royal Rumble / February 12th, 2006 / Montreal, Canada
Saturday Night’s Main Event / March 11th, 2006 / Houston, Texas
WrestleMania 22 / April 2nd, 2006 / Chicago, Illinois

Championship History from April 3rd, 2005

-World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H(10x) - April 3rd, 2005 - ....

-WWE Champion
AJ Styles(1x) - April 3rd, 2005 - ....

-ECE World Heavyweight Champion
Kane(2x) - April 3rd, 2005 - ....

-WWE X-Division Champion
Chavo Guererro(3x) - April 3rd, 2005 - ....

-WWE Intercontinental Champion
Randy Orton(1x) - April 3rd, 2005 - ....

-WWE United States Champion
Booker T(4x) - April 3rd, 2005 - ....

-World Tag-Team Champions
Batista & Ric Flair(1x) - April 3rd, 2005 - ....

-WWE Tag-Team Champions
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin(2x) - April 3rd, 2005 - ....

-ECW World Tag-Team Champions
Rob Van Dam & Rhino(1x) - April 3rd, 2005 - ....

-WWE Women's Champion
Trish Stratus(6x) - April 3rd, 2005 - ....​

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WOW! This truly sounds interesting! Solid all around rosters!
However, can I say something? Could you add different colors or letters showing who are faces and heels?

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APRIL 3RD, 2005

-Triple H defeated Brock Lesnar(c) to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

-AJ Styles defeated John “Bradshaw” Layfield to become the new WWE Champion.

-“The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels defeated Kevin Nash 2-1 in a Best of Three Falls Match – Michaels won the first fall under standard rules. Nash won the second fall under No Holds Barred rules, and Michaels won the third fall contested inside a Steel Cage.

-Kane(c) defeated Mick Foley in an Extreme Rules Match to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Championship.

-Kurt Angle defeated Mark Henry via submission. Henry was carted from the arena and diagnosed with a broken ankle.

-The Undertaker defeated Randy Orton

-Trish Stratus(c) defeated Christy Hemme w/Lita to retain the WWE Women’s Championship.

-Rob Van Dam, Rhino, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, & Steven Richards w/The Sandman defeated Bryan Danielson, Elijah Burke, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Ron Killings & Monty Brown in a 5-5 tag-team match.

-Chavo Guererro(c) defeated Rey Mysterio and Jerry Lynn in a Triple-Threat Match to retain the WWE X-Division Championship.

-Muhammad Hassan and “Sheik” Abdul Bashir interrupted Lillian Garcia singing “America the Beautiful” but The Rock made a triumphant return to the WWE, rescuing Lillian and ousting Hassan and Bashir.

-Edge defeated Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Christian Cage, Eddie Guererro, and Christopher Daniels to win the inaugural Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

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World Wrestling Entertainment Presents: Raw
April 4th, 2005
From Staples Center, Las Angeles, California

A video package highlighting many of the amazing moments at WrestleMania 21 opens Raw followed by Jim Ross and King welcoming fans and viewers around the world to the show. They discuss the main event of the evening, a Triple-Threat match between Money in the Bank participants Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, and the winner of that match, Edge.

Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring accompanied by his nephew, Matt Bentley. Michaels speaks about his match with Kevin Nash, how he proved to the world why he’s Mr. WrestleMania, then Michaels introduces Bentley. Michaels talks about how Bentley served the country in Iraq and Afghanistan, and how now that Bentley’s home, he’s the newest WWE superstar. Michaels praises his nephew as a future star and calls him a true hero.

Muhammad Hassan and “Sheik” Abdul Bashir interrupt and make their way to the ring. Bashir speaks Farsi then Hassan insults the fans, calling them cowards and hypocrites, before speaking about how he was discriminated against and kept from being a part of WrestleMania 21 because he’s an Arab-American. Hassan then talks about his undefeated streak and how America is not beautiful as Lillian Garcia tried to sing, but a place of immense hypocrisy and disgust.

La Resistance, Renee Dupree, Rob Conway, and Sylvan Grenier now make their way to the ring and tell Hassan they agree with him and would like to celebrate his undefeated streak and accomplishments. Dupree says Bentley is treated as a hero and yet hasn’t wrestled a single match. Conway talks about how Americans are selfish, greedy, and why Americans are poor leaders in the world. Hassan, Dupree, and Conway then insult the fans and Americans in general before Michaels asks them if they’re finished. Hassan tells Michaels he’s one back injury away from a retirement home.

The Rock then makes an entrance and tells the fans finally The Rock has come back to the WWE and Monday Night Raw. The Rock tells Hassan to know his role and shut his mouth before calling La Resistance French poodles. The Rock says Matt Bentley is a hero and then thanks him for his service along with every other American hero. The Rock talks about why it is important to support the troops regardless of politics. The Rock then says Hassan is the real embarrassment because of how he treated a lady last night at WrestleMania. Hassan tells The Rock he won’t be disrespected again and the two men stare one another down.

Eric Bischoff appears on the entrance ramp and says he’s tired of all the talk from Hassan about being excluded and that if he wants a main event opportunity, he will get one tonight, because he’s going to go one on one with The Rock in a second main event of the evening. Bischoff then tells Bentley he will make his WWE debut tonight teaming with Shawn Michaels to take on Renee Dupree and Sylvan Grenier of La Resistance. A stare down ensues as Hassan, Bashir, and La Resistance roll out of the ring and stare down The Rock, Michaels, and Bentley.

*Commercial Break*

A limousine is seen arriving in a parking facility and out steps Evolution, their four championships in hand dressed in fine suits. Randy Orton is wearing a sling over his right shoulder.

The Hardy Boys make their way to the ring, as the broadcast team announces that the first match of the evening is a tag-team turmoil match to determine the number one contender’s to the World Tag-Team Championships held by Batista and Ric Flair. They are followed to the ring by The Super Heroes, the Hooligans, and finally, the Motor-City Machine Guns.

#1 Contender’s Tag-Team Turmoil Match
The Hardy Boys vs. The Hooligans vs.
The Super Heroes vs. The Motor-City Machine Guns

As expected in this type of environment the match is fast paced, extremely entertaining, and filled with exciting moments. At one point Brian Kendrick and Paul London take out the entire field of competitors with two suicide dives to the outside. The Hardy Boys team to incapacitate Rosey by dropping him over the barricade and busting him open. Sabin and Shelley execute several impressive combinations and double-team maneuvers throughout the match. The finale comes when Brian Kendrick charges Matt Hardy who gives him a drop-toe-hold into the corner. Kendrick stumbles backwards and The Hurricane nails him with the Shining Wizard. Hardy then nails The Hurricane with a Side Effect. Jeff runs along the ring apron and hurls himself into Sabin and Shelley while Matt nails The Hurricane with a Twist of Fate for the victory.

Winners: The Hardy Boys (10:26)

The Hardy Boys celebrate in the ring as the broadcast team praises their efforts.

Meanwhile, Evolution is seen entering the arena side by side, their four championships in hand.

Backstage, Todd Grisham is standing by with Trish Stratus. Grisham asks her about the victory over Christy Hemme at WrestleMania last night, and Stratus says it was almost a guarantee. Stratus calls Hemme and Lita a joke and says when Lita is healthy, that bitch can get pinned to. Trish says she’ll kick Lita’s teeth down her throat, and tonight, she’s going to embarrass Christy again. Trish talks about her accomplishments, telling Grisham she is unquestionably the greatest diva in the world today.

Evolution is seen arriving in their dressing room. It is announced that Evolution will be visiting the ring together later tonight.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break, Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring and it is setup for the Highlight Reel. Jericho briefly talks about what a great idea the Money in the Bank Ladder Match was and what a success the match was, thanking Eric Bischoff for the opportunity to make it a reality. He says unfortunately he could not win it, but his guest on the Highlight Reel certainly did. Jericho welcomes Edge and Lita to the ring. Both men are still banged up from the ladder match last night at WrestleMania.

Jericho congratulates Edge who has his briefcase on hand and then says everyone knows Edge has had an obsession with becoming a world champion. Edge talks about how much he gave to win the match last night and how that obsession with being the best has always led to him being successful. Edge says that he’s going to finally realize his dream and that his obsession makes him great unlike Jericho who has become insignificant. Jericho talks about his own accomplishments, how he was the first Undisputed Champion, but Edge says none of that matters. Edge says that Jericho has done nothing as of late because he has lost his hunger and desire. Lita then insults Jericho about his failed relationship with Trish Stratus and calls Stratus a bitch. Edge says that Jericho has become insignificant and boring. Jericho tells Edge to watch his mouth, and the two men talk about the main event of the evening.

Chris Benoit then makes his way to the ring. He says he’ll let his actions do the talking tonight in the main event instead of running his mouth and says he’s just as hungry as Edge. Edge talks about injuring Benoit’s arm last night and he’s surprised Benoit is even cleared to compete. Edge says unlike Benoit and Jericho, he’ll be a champion soon. Benoit says he’ll show Edge tonight he can still beat him even with a damaged arm and shoulder. Jericho says Edge was wrong to question his character, drive, and heart, because he has the heart of a lion, and tonight, he’ll prove it.

A stare down between Benoit, Jericho, and Edge ends the Highlight Reel.

Backstage, Michaels and Bentley are in their dressing room. Michaels asks Bentley if he is nervous, and Bentley says he is not. Bentley talks about his time in Iraq and Afghanistan and how bullets flying make him nervous but wrestling is what he loves. Michaels and Bentley embrace and then make their way to the ring.

*Commercial Break*

Dupree and Grenier enter first accompanied by Conway followed by Shawn Michaels and Matt Bentley. The match begins with Michaels and Dupree in the ring.

Tag-Team Match
Shawn Michaels & Matt Bentley vs.
Renee Dupree & Sylvan Grenier w/Rob Conway

La Resistance plays mind games and constantly attempts to distract the official to cheat throughout the match. They wrestle smartly however and are able to cheat successfully on several occasions and isolate Bentley. At one point Bentley hurls himself over the top rope to take out Dupree and Grenier. Michaels follows to help Bentley before ducking a clothesline attempt from Conway and hitting the French sympathizer with Sweet Chin Music. The contest continues and momentum changes hands several times. Bentley is very athletic but also inexperienced and thus makes a few mistakes. One comes when he turns his back to Sylvan Grenier while the official is distracted with Dupree. Grenier gives Bentley a low blow before Dupree rolls him up for the victory.

Winners: Renee Dupree and Sylvan Grenier (8:45)

Dupree and Grenier help a barely standing Conway up the entrance ramp and taunt Michaels and Bentley from the entrance ramp. Michaels looks livid while checking on his nephew.

Backstage, Randy Orton enters the office of Eric Bischoff. Orton says he knows Evolution will be in the ring later tonight but he wanted to talk to Bischoff about his shoulder. Orton says the injury took place prior to WrestleMania and was undiagnosed, thus the reason he lost to The Undertaker. Orton says he will be cleared to compete soon, and thus will still be able to defend his Intercontinental Championship. Orton says he only asks for a few weeks off to rest his injured shoulder. Bischoff says he and Randy will talk next week after Orton has undergone an extensive medical evaluation. Bischoff then tells Orton that a new number one contender for his Intercontinental Championship will be determined next week on Raw, and Orton had better be prepared to defend his championship soon thereafter. Orton says he’ll talk to Bischoff after his medical evaluation, and says again he could have beaten The Undertaker were it not for the injury before leaving the office. Bischoff scoffs before returning to his work.

The largest athlete in the world is seen making his way to the ring. The broadcast team speculates Big Show is not very happy about not being a part of WrestleMania 21.

*Commercial Break*

Local wrestler Chase Moore is in the ring as The Big Show makes his entrance. Moore appears shaken at the site of the World’s Largest Athlete.

Singles Match
The Big Show vs. Chase Moore

Moore tries to score with some kicks early but Big Show knocks him down with a chop to the head and never lets up. Show powers the local wrestler all over the ring before busting him open with a vicious series of headbutts. Big Show then knocks Moore out with a right hand to the head before delivering a brutal Chokeslam for good measure and the easy victory.

Winner: The Big Show (3:02)

Big Show then gets on the mic and says he’ll never be excluded from another WrestleMania again, and that ultimately he is the one responsible for his actions and his future in the business. Big Show says he is the world’s largest athlete and it’s time he started acting like it. Big Show says this is just the beginning, and he’s going to start making an impact in a really big way.

A video package plays showcasing the rehabilitation of D-Von Dudley following his broken ankle at the hands of Evolution in January. Dudley is shown rehabilitating and working out alongside his brother Bubba-Ray and Smackdown superstar Spike Dudley. D-Von says that upon making his return, the Dudley Boys will be better than ever.

Todd Grisham interviews Bubba-Ray Dudley who says it’s been months since Batista injured his brother, but he has not forgotten. Bubba says Evolution will pay dearly for what they’ve done, sooner or later, and that he is going to be a part of it. He reminds Grisham and the world that the Dudley Boys still have a rematch clause for the World Tag-Team Championships, and they will use it when D-Von is healthy again.

Backstage, Brock Lesnar walks through a backstage corridor. Lesnar walks past Val Venis and Viscera and when Venis says hello Lesnar simply ignores him. Lesnar then is approached by a second cameraman from the front but The Next Big Thing shoves him away, turning to the live camera behind him and telling them to get the damn cameras out of his face. Lesnar enters his personal lockeroom and slams the door.

*Commercial Break*

Christy Hemme, Torrie Wilson, and Jazz make their way to the ring as a team followed by Victoria, Molly Holly, and Trish Stratus. Christy Hemme rushes in and attacks Stratus, tackling her to the mat as the contest begins.

3-3 Tag-Team Match
Trish Stratus(c) & Victoria & Molly Holly vs.
Christy Hemme & Jazz & Torrie Wilson

Christy is able to impress in the early going by showing intensity against Stratus, but Trish sidesteps a charge and Hemme is sent sprawling into the corner and the tide turns. The match is then controlled by the team of Stratus and Victoria, who utilize their physicality to push Wilson, Jazz, and Hemme around. Torrie tries to roll Victoria up for an upset, but it does no good. The finale comes when Stratus tags Victoria before nailing Wilson with the Chick Kick. Victoria follows with a Widow’s Peak for the victory.

Winners: Trish Stratus(c) & Victoria & Molly Holly (5:37)

Hemme and Jazz check on Wilson who is motionless in the ring. Trish, Victoria, and Molly Holly taunt them from the entrance ramp as Hemme looks especially livid.

A video package plays that promises one of the most anticipated tag-team debuts in recent memory, and Eric Bischoff announces at a press conference the debut will happen next week on Raw. Bischoff announces he is proud to introduce the New Hart Foundation, as Teddy Hart, David Hart-Smith, and TJ Wilson step to the podium along with Natalya. Highlights of Stu Hart, Bret and Owen Hart and The British Bulldog are shown as each member of the New Hart Foundation talks about carrying on the tradition of the Hart name and making their family proud. They will debut next week on Monday Night Raw.

Backstage, The Rock makes his way to the ring when he crosses paths with Michaels and Bentley. The Rock says earlier tonight they had some bad luck, but tonight, when Muhammad Hassan goes one-on-one with the great one, The Rock is going to kick that candy ass all over Las Angeles, end Hassan’s undefeated streak, and shut him up for good. The Rock says Hassan messed with the heroes of the people, and the People’s Champion, and tonight he’s going to pay for it. Michaels tells Rock we’ve got your back before slapping him on the back.

*Commercial Break*

The Rock makes his entrance before Muhammad Hassan comes to the ring accompanied by Bashir. The two men stare one another down as the first main event of the evening begins.

Main Event – Singles Match
Muhammad Hassan w/”Sheik” Abdul Bashir vs. The Rock

The Rock is as intense and energetic as ever in the early going, taking the fight to Hassan and sending him to the outside on numerous occasions before taking the fight there himself. The Rock sends Hassan into the steel steps twice and even hits Bashir with a clothesline before throwing him over the guard rail. Hassan is able to survive this initial wave from The Rock however and fight back. Hassan slows the match down to a technical pace and starts to out wrestle The Rock in several sequences. When it appears Hassan will gain the upper-hand indefinitely however, The Rock battles back. The Rock swings momentum in his favor and nails a huge Spinebuster before trying the People’s Elbow, but Bashir trips him up. The Rock chases Bashir to the outside, throwing him into the ring before nailing a big Rock Bottom. Unfortunately, Hassan is able to nail The Rock with a Modified STO thanks to the distraction. Somehow, The Rock kicks out and the fight goes on. The Rock hits a Crossbody from the top for a very close near fall. Later, Hassan counters the Rock Bottom only for The Rock to soon after counter a Modified STO before hitting another Spinebuster. The Rock is poised to deliver a Rock Bottom, but La Resistance sprints down the entrance ramp, attacking the Great One and forcing the official to ring the bell.

Winner via DQ: The Rock(15:28)

The numbers game catches up to The Rock as even Bashir joins the attack on him. Dupree sets The Rock up for the Dupree Driver, but Michaels and Bentley soon rush the ring. Michaels and Bentley assault the group and scatter them before assisting The Rock to his feet. Taunting and a stare down occurs between the two groups.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break, Eric Bischoff has announced that next week, “Sheik” Abdul Bashir will wrestle Matt Bentley with all parties banned from ringside, and The Rock will go one on one with La Resistance member Renee Dupree, once again with all parties banned from ringside. It is also announced that when The Hart Foundation make their debut next week, it will be in the form of a 3-3 Tag-Team contest between them and the team of Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, and Bubba-Ray Dudley. However, that’s not all Eric Bischoff has announced. The number one contender for Randy Orton’s Intercontinental Championship will be determined in a match between the two largest men on Raw, The Big Show and Viscera.

Evolution makes their way to the ring and they pose with their titles. Triple H says at WrestleMania 21, he proved without question he is the greatest wrestler in the world today, and Evolution is the greatest force of all time. Triple H says that the picture before all the fans and everyone watching at home is pure greatness and how Evolution will be the present and future of Raw. He talks about each member of Evolution, why they are so great, and makes special note that where it not for his shoulder injury, Randy Orton would have defeated The Undertaker. Ric Flair then talks about Triple H, why he is the Cerebral Assassin, The Game, and why he is in Flair’s opinion the greatest wrestler in the world today. Triple H says all four members of Evolution are champions, and no one is going to change that.

He then talks about Brock Lesnar, his numerous accomplishments and rise to the top of the WWE. But says Lesnar faced reality last night when he met The Game. Triple H says Lesnar is nothing in the business because he can’t beat the best. Triple H says Lesnar is not the Next Big Thing, and that honor goes to the young lions of Evolution, Randy Orton and Batista.

Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring and Triple H sarcastically welcomes the former world champion. Lesnar simply gets in his face, tells him congratulations, and then says the rematch clause is rock solid. Lesnar says Hunter, you won’t beat me again and walks off. As he walks up the entrance ramp, Eric Bischoff once again makes an appearance.

Bischoff says he’s had to come out here tonight and make decisions, and that he’s going to make another one. Bischoff says that never has a faction dominated Raw like Evolution and they have all four titles, but Bischoff says he wonders how they would fare in a fair fight. Bischoff asks Evolution how would the group respond if they looked across the ring, saw four other men, and new every single championship they possessed was on the line. It just so happens The Hardy Boys were named the number one contenders for the WWE Tag-Team Championships tonight, next week either The Big Show or Viscera will become the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship, and Brock Lesnar is correct – he does have a rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Bischoff says that in four weeks at Backlash, something unprecedented will happen. Evolution will do battle against another team of four Raw superstars, with every championship is on the line, and if they lose, they lose every single championship.

Triple H is livid and tells Bischoff that this isn’t justice, but Bischoff tells him to ask D-Von Dudley or any other superstar Evolution has screwed about justice. Bischoff says if Evolution is truly the most dominant force in wrestling history, they should have no trouble proving it. Lesnar seems pleased and motions the title is coming back home as Evolution is livid in the ring.

*Commercial Break*

Chris Jericho is already in the ring as we return from the break. Benoit makes his entrance followed by Edge accompanied by Lita. The final main event of the evening is set to begin.

Main Event – Triple-Threat Match
Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit vs. Edge

The contest is slow paced in the early going as Benoit and Jericho team to physically dissect Edge. This culminates when the two men suplex Edge into the announce table. They then turn their attention to one another. Benoit and Jericho tear down the house with exceptional back and forth wrestling. Both men focus on the injuries of the other, trying to wear their opponent down. They trade submission after submission, trading the Crossface and Sharpshooter for the Walls of Jericho on several occasions. Both competitors are savvy however and quickly are able to counter the holds. Edge reenters the contest however and intensely assaults both men. All three men give it their all as the triple-threat conditions create an all-out war in the ring and around it. At one point Jericho tries to hit Benoit with the Lionsault but the Canadian Crippler rolls away. Jericho lands on his feet but Edge Spears him out of nowhere. Benoit then hits Edge with three German Suplexes before heading to the top. Lita distracts Benoit before he can pull the trigger and the Crippler angrily directs her to leave the ringside area, following her partially up the entrance ramp. Benoit returns to the ring but Jericho takes him down and applies the Walls of Jericho. After a long struggle Edge enters with his briefcase in hand, nailing Jericho in the head. Edge then taunts Benoit poised to Spear him as Jericho rolls from the ring. Edge charges for the Spear, but Benoit counters, taking Edge down and applying the Crossface. Edge holds on, but a now bloodied Chris Jericho enters the ring, applying the Walls of Jericho simultaneously. Lita returns but can only watch helplessly as Edge taps. The official is forced to rule the match No Contest due to the dual winners.

Winner: No Contest (17:52)

Benoit and Jericho talk it over in the middle of the ring and eventually celebrate together as Edge rolls to the outside, clutching his briefcase. He and Lita retreat up the entrance ramp as Raw comes to a close after a thrilling main event.​

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The angles look great and I love how you are putting more focus on the wrestlers that can truly wrestle, such as Benoit, Jericho, etc. especially with the main event. As this is the first actual show of your fed I will leave too much criticism out and see how it plays out.

The one thing I would like to point out is instead of just telling us what the wrestlers said maybe you could actually have the conversation come out. Don't just tell us what they are saying, but show what they are saying by having the conversation. I think this is the one thing that could make the layout a bit stronger.

I will definitely be following this fed as this was around the time when the WWE truly changed and maybe different ways of interpretation could be very interesting to watch.

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The angles look great and I love how you are putting more focus on the wrestlers that can truly wrestle, such as Benoit, Jericho, etc. especially with the main event. As this is the first actual show of your fed I will leave too much criticism out and see how it plays out.

The one thing I would like to point out is instead of just telling us what the wrestlers said maybe you could actually have the conversation come out. Don't just tell us what they are saying, but show what they are saying by having the conversation. I think this is the one thing that could make the layout a bit stronger.

I will definitely be following this fed as this was around the time when the WWE truly changed and maybe different ways of interpretation could be very interesting to watch.
Thanks for your feedback. I will say that I usually have written out conversations in the past, but with doing three brands and trying to write pay-per-views in full, the full conversations are a little much. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a big federation like this, but to do it I have to save time by writing the weekly shows in summary form. I’ll still obviously try to get enough across so readers can understand the angles, but full conversations is just too much writing.

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Personally I am not a huge fan of taking a time period from the WWE and totally turning it upsidedown, such as bringing in ECW when it came a year and a few months afterwards, bringing in dozens of new guys and making new rosters and Wrestlemania 21 card with no real backstory what-so-ever.. I would have prefered a little more realism and explaining, however, I would be lying if I said I wasn't interested. You have a lot of potential to work with this thread and I'll pop in every so often to see how this is going. Best of luck.

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World Wrestling Entertainment Presents: ECW
April 5th, 2005
From Staples Center, Las Angeles, California

A video package begins the show and showcases many of the great moments from WrestleMania 21 before the broadcast team welcomes us to the show. They discuss the main event tonight, a non-title bout under Extreme Rules between Rob Van Dam and Rhino and Bryan Danielson and Monty Brown.

Bryan Danielson is backstage talking with Hiroshi Tanahashi, Elijah Burke, and Ron Killings when Monty Brown arrives and says he’s frustrated because they were so close last night at WrestleMania but failed to beat the originals. Danielson gathers them together and gives a motivational speech about how they are not only the future of ECW, but the future of wrestling. Danielson says they can’t allow adversity or setbacks to prevent them from realizing their ultimate goal of dominating ECW. He tells Brown that tonight they will set the record straight, and the New Breed needs to take the fight to the Originals like never before.

Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring and talks about how successful WrestleMania 21 was before talking about how ECW has been a great success and that it is on the rise. She says that ECW has a great champion, Kane, who will be in action shortly, in an Extreme Rules match she was responsible for making. Stephanie says that with a great General Manager in Paul Heyman and great fans, ECW has unlimited potential.

She talks about how a lot of new talent has been excelling on Raw and Smackdown, but no roster is more young and talented than that of ECW. She talks about members of the New Breed, but also praises the veterans on the roster. She says ECW is the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. With the work she and Paul are doing ECW will be successful for many years to come.

She says that tonight in the main event, an Extreme Rules match between the Originals and the New Breed in order to ensure a perfectly fair competition, she has banned all other parties from ringside and violation of the rules will result in termination of contract. Rob Van Dam and Rhino will face off against Monty Brown and Bryan Danielson. She then makes her way to the back as Rikishi begins to make his entrance and a commercial break begins.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break Rikishi is in the ring and the ECW World Heavyweight Champion Kane makes an impressive entrance.

Non-Title Match – Extreme Rules
Kane(c) vs. Rikishi

Kane and Rikishi stare one another down for a long period as Rikishi tries to send a message he is not intimidated, but Kane catches Rikishi with a deadly uppercut that knocks him to the floor. The fight spills to the outside as Kane physically dissects Rikishi, busting him open with vile chair shots, and bashing him repeatedly with a set of ring steps, before giving him a big Tombstone over a set of steel steps inside the ring. Rikishi is motionless as Kane pins him.

Winner: Kane (5:03)

Paramedics and officials race for the ring sure that Rikishi is hurt badly, but Kane lights the ring ablaze as he poses and causes all of them to scatter. The Big Red Machine then leaves the ring as officials check on Rikishi. They ultimately are forced to use a neck brace on him and place Rikishi on a stretcher. The broadcast team is amazed at how ruthless and dominant Kane was.

As Kane reaches the base of the entrance stage, the lights in the arena suddenly flicker, before dimming completely. Bright lights flash, smoke covers the entrance ramp, static plays across the screen as Kane looks on expressionless but obviously very interested. Suddenly a date appears on the video screen. 05.01.2005. The broadcast team points out this is the day of the Backlash pay-per-view. The Big Red Machine suddenly lets out an evil laugh before shaking his head and making his way backstage.

In their lockeroom, Rob Van Dam and Rhino are firing up the ECW Originals. The Sandman cracks himself in the head with a kendo stick. Rhino says tonight, they take the New Breed to the Extreme again.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break, The Big Red Machine is inside his lockeroom. Suddenly, the lights flicker, and eventually die. Kane looks into his mirror, where written in florescent purple paint is the date 05.01.2005. Kane walks up to the mirror, staring at the paint in the darkness before shattering the mirror with his fist and laughing sadistically. The Big Red Machine says whoever you are, you don’t scare me. You can’t intimidate me.

Paul Burchill is walking through a backstage corridor with Katie Lea when he is approached by Elijah Burke and Ron Killings. The two men seem pleased to see Burchill and talk to him about the New Breed and how they are the future of ECW. Burchill asks why he should care and says they lost to the Originals two nights ago at WrestleMania. Burke and Killings tell him he would be wise to consider where his loyalties are and Burchill says he doesn’t care about their little games. He says he’s out to be the best on ECW, and that doesn’t involve the New Breed or the Originals. Burchill says they better not be getting in his way or making threats, and Killings says they are just stating facts. Burke tells Burchill to think about it before he and Killings step away.

Vladimir Kozlov makes his way to the ring set for action and is accompanied by his tag-team partner, Boris Alexiev. James Storm then makes his entrance and he is accompanied by Chris Harris. The two men lock up and the contest begins.

Singles Match
Vladimir Kozlov w/Boris Alexiev vs. James Storm w/Chris Harris

The contest is a physical affair as could be expected between these two men and both go at it intensely. Kozlov is lethal with his blend of power, agility and martial arts but Storm is able to hold his own. Alexiev cheats at one point from the ring apron by raking the eyes of Storm which prompts Chris Harris to retaliate later in the match by bridging the ropes, causing Kozlov to tumble to the outside. The match ends when Kozlov lifts Storm for a slam, but the move is countered. Storm slips out the back and into a small package to beat Kozlov.

Winner: James Storm (8:16)

Kozlov and Alexiev are furious as they head up the entrance ramp while Storm and Harris celebrate in the ring.

*Commercial Break*

Paul Heyman is in his office shuffling through paperwork when Stephanie McMahon enters. She asks Heyman if he witnessed what happened while Kane was leaving the ring earlier and Heyman says he did. Stephanie tells Heyman she has something important to discuss with him about May 1, 2005.

Rob Van Dam and Rhino make their way to the ring, Rhino with a steel chair in hand and Van Dam carrying a barbed-wire bat. The broadcast team reminds us all other parties are banned from ringside as Brown and Danielson make their entrance both carrying a large wooden table. The bell rings when Van Dam hurls himself over the top rope and takes out both men.

Non-Title Match – Extreme Rules
Rob Van Dam(c) & Rhino(c) vs. Monty Brown and Bryan Danielson

From the first suicide dive from Van Dam the contest is intense. Rhino and Van Dam take it to the New Breed wrestlers early. This onslaught culminates when Van Dam kicks a chair into the face of Brown on the outside and Rhino then Gores him through the big wooden table propped up against the ring apron. Van Dam and Rhino use a bull rope, steel chairs, and thumb tacks to obliterate and devastate Danielson. After this long, technical assault leaves Danielson bloodied, the match turns when Brown cracks Rhino in the head from behind with a steel pipe. Van Dam and Brown do battle now and exchange several high impact moves under the Extreme Rules. The match culminates when the fight between Van Dam and Brown spills into the crowd. Inside the ring Danielson begins to stir, taking Rhino down and choking him out with the bull rope. The official eventually is forced to call for the bell as Rhino is bloodied and seemingly out cold.

Winners: Monty Brown and Bryan Danielson (14:11)

The fight between Brown and Van Dam continues through the arena before several security guards and officials manage to separate the two men. As a bloody Danielson crawls up the entrance ramp, his New Breed comrades join him, Elijah Burke, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Ron Killings. The four New Breed Members celebrate on the entrance ramp while security hold Van Dam and Brown apart as the show comes to a close.​

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World Wrestling Entertainment Presents: Smackdown
April 8th, 2005
From Wells Fargo Arena, Temple, Arizona

A video package plays showcasing many of the great moments from WrestleMania 21 and the broadcast team welcomes viewers and those in attendance to Smackdown.

JBL makes his way to the ring dressed nicely in suit and tie before getting on the mic and talking about his championship reign and numerous accomplishments, beating many of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the company and how he truly became a Wrestling God. JBL says that lightning won’t strike twice and he will get a rematch with AJ Styles. JBL says that rematch will come on his terms and says the fans need a champion like him. JBL talks about countless sacrifices he has made, all the work he’s put in, how no superstar can claim superior work ethic to him. JBL says the people deserve him, and he deserves to be champion – not a snot nosed punk like Styles.

Styles makes his entrance and talks about all the sacrifices he has made. Styles traces his career back to the X-Division, praises long-time friend Christopher Daniels and says without all those who sacrificed for him he wouldn’t be where he is today. Styles says he realized a dream last night and JBL will never take that away. No one will ever take that away. Styles says he doesn’t hide behind The Cabinet like Layfield and he’ll accept the rematch at any time any place.

Teddy Long comes to the ring and congratulates Styles on his championship win before announcing a main event that will re-kindle the team of AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels against JBL and Orlando Jordan. Long says as far as the championship rematch, JBL will have to wait, because his rematch will come in four weeks at Backlash.

JBL says it doesn’t matter when the rematch comes, because he’s going to take care of business and shut up Styles for good. JBL says that Styles considers himself a phenomenal golden boy but he’s really just a punk and a fluke. Styles says he’ll enjoy beating JBL again tonight, just like he did at WrestleMania 21 before leaving the ring.

Backstage, Kurt Angle is seen entering the arena his gold medals around his neck, accompanied by young stars and WWE Tag-Team Champions Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break a video package plays showcasing Angle forcing Mark Henry to tap out at WrestleMania and the subsequent carting of Henry from the arena on a stretcher. The medical operation on Henry’s ankle, X-Rays that clearly show it to be broken, and comments from the various doctors and professionals involved are shown, and an angry Mark Henry vows to make Angle pay for what he did. Henry’s estimated recovery time is three to four months.

Matt Striker is standing by with Kurt Angle who when asks, says he feels no sympathy for Mark Henry and isn’t sorry for what happened at WrestleMania. Angle says he proved he’s the greatest wrestler in the world, the greatest athlete in the company, and he proved he’ll break any man’s damn ankle for getting in his way. Angle says it’s true, it’s damn true, that no one in the business can match his intensity. Angle says tonight, he’s doing to enjoy sitting back, remembering his great victory at WrestleMania 21, and later tonight he’s going to watch Shelton Benjamin defeat Jerry Lynn. It’s real, it’s damn real.

The X-Division Champion Chavo Guererro joins the broadcast team for commentary as several of the X-Division superstars make their way to the ring.

X-Division Showcase: 6-Way Elimination Match
Jamie Noble vs. Eric Young vs. Billy Kidman vs.
Shark Boy vs. Jay Lethal vs. Petey Williams

The contest is predictably a fast-paced, action packed and long encounter between six of the talented athletes of the X-Division. The first elimination occurs at 5:10 when Petey Williams executes a Sunset Flip from the ring apron over the head of Jay Lethal into a Canadian Destroyer that leaves Lethal motionless in the middle of the ring. Action continues and later in the contest, Williams and Young team to seemingly take out Shark Boy suplexing him through the Spanish announce table. Jamie Noble counters Billy Kidman into a pinning predicament at 8:21 that eliminates Kidman from the contest. Williams and Young team to work on Noble and Williams eventually eliminates him with a Canadian Destroyer at 11:23. Young and Williams engage in a heated battle with Shark Boy seemingly incapacitated. The heated battle between the two members of Team Canada culminates when Williams hits the third Canadian Destroyer of the match to eliminate Young at 15:46. From behind, Shark Boy rolls Williams up to pick up the surprise victory.

Winner: Shark Boy (15:52)

Williams is livid as Shark Boy celebrates inside the ring. Young tries to consult Williams on the outside but the Canadian Destroyer simply storms to the back outraged. Chavo then enters the ring with his title, and he and Shark Boy stare one another down as a commercial break begins.

*Commercial Break*

Howard Finkel introduces Smackdown’s newest tag-team the Golden Eagles from Lufkin, Texas, as four-time All-Americans trained by Cael Sanderson at Iowa State University who amassed a combined collegiate record of 296-4 – their only losses coming against one another. They served as officers for four years in the United States Marine Corps and were both two-time national champions in the armed forces competitions as well. Both standing 6’4 and weighing in at a combined 468 pounds, Matthew and Nicholas Rodgers, the Golden Eagles. Cade and Murdoch are already in the ring and seem fired up to face Smackdown’s newest tag-team.

Tag-Team Match
The Golden Eagles vs. The ********

The two former All-Americans make good on their debut and school Cade and Murdoch in technical wrestling early but showcase their variety of expertise as the contest continues. The Golden Eagles riddle Murdoch at one point with six German suplexes in a row, nail Cade with a Roundhouse Kick – Belly to Belly Suplex combination that sends him sprawling from the ring and crashing to the floor, and several other double-teams. Cade and Murdoch fight back with their physical, smashmouth style however thus the contest is very competitive. The finale comes when Murdoch lifts Nicholas Rodgers who counters by landing on his feet and taking Murdoch down into an Ankle Lock grapevine. Murdoch submits at the Eagles win their debut match.

Winners: The Golden Eagles (8:14)

The Eagles celebrate their victory, as backstage Kurt Angle is seen watching intently.

In his office Teddy Long is approached by William Regal who says he heard rumor Booker T is not in attendance tonight because of community service. Regal says that Booker’s outreach to the community is just an excuse to not defend his United States Championship. Regal says the holder of such a championship should be here serving the fans and living up to his responsibility as a wrestler, not in some inner city school trying to teach someone how to read. Long reminds Regal such obligations are a part of being a WWE champion, but asks Regal if he would like an opportunity to face Booker T for the United States Championship. Regal says he would, but Long says he will have to earn it because another superstar stopped by to ask the exact same thing.

Regal turns to see Chris Masters reenter Long’s office and stare him down. Masters says that Regal is called the best wrestler to never be a world champion, but he’s really just a joke. Masters says Regal isn’t worthy to touch his jock strap in the ring and he would make Regal pass out with one Master Lock. Regal says he knows more wrestling in his finger than Masters will know in a lifetime. Long says the two of them seem to have made an acquaintance, so next week they will go one on one to determine who will face Booker T for the United States Championship.

*Commercial Break*

Backstage, we see Jerry Lynn making his way to the ring. He runs into Rey Mysterio who wishes him good luck before making his way towards the ring.

In their dressing room, JBL and Jordan walk in to find the Bashams playing cards. JBL grabs the deck, chunks at aside and says they need to be serious. JBL says that The Cabinet has all the talent in the world but they’re not living up to it. He talks once more about the sacrifices he’s made, how much he believes in them, and how they need to start acting like champions. JBL says that Evolution has amassed all four championships on Raw, and The Cabinet can be just like that if they apply themselves. JBL says that tonight, he and Orlando are going to take care of that punk Styles and his friend Daniels, and the Bashams can shock the world if they want to against the Undertaker. JBL walks off along with Jordan as the Bashams pick the deck of cards off the ground and seem disinterested.

Jerry Lynn makes his entrance followed by Team Angle member Shelton Benjamin who is accompanied by his close friend and tag-team partner Charlie Haas.

Singles Match
Jerry Lynn vs. Shelton Benjamin w/Charlie Haas

Lynn is bandaged around the ribs from a hard crash at WrestleMania through a table and Benjamin focuses on this throughout the match while showcasing his technical prowess as well as pure athleticism. Lynn goes high risk at several times and is able to connect but is never able to put Benjamin away. Benjamin slows the contest down on several occasions focusing on technical holds and wearing Lynn down. At one point Lynn goes to the top but Benjamin bounds up as well, delivering a deadly T-Bone suplex to the ring below for the victory.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin (7:08)

Backstage AJ Styles is lacing up his boots and preparing for his contest when he is approached by Christopher Daniels. The two men talk about growing up together, their time in the X-Division and their time as tag-team champions. Daniels congratulates Styles on his success, and Styles tells Daniels his time will come as well. Daniels says he has his eyes set on becoming a champion as well. Styles says he believes in Daniels, and maybe the two will wrestle one day for the WWE Championship.

Eddie Guererro approaches the two men and greets them before asking AJ for a word. Daniels steps away and Eddie congratulates Styles before telling him he believed in him all along. Eddie says Styles has a bright future that he can be the future of the business if he keeps his head on straight. Eddie says he knew ever since seeing Styles battle Chavito in the X-Division. Eddie says that now that Styles is the man, everyone will be gunning for him, even Latino Heat. Styles says that he wants to tell Eddie something, that to wrestle him for the WWE Championship would be one of the proudest moments of his career. The two men embrace and Eddie wishes the WWE Champion best of luck.

When Eddie leaves, AJ is approached by Shane McMahon. Shane O’ Mac congratulates Styles and calls him the new face of Smackdown before leaving, jokingly telling Styles no pressure.

*Commercial Break*

Shane McMahon enters the office of Teddy Long and greets him before telling him he’s glad Smackdown’s Main Event for Backlash is four weeks and is already in the works. Shane says that Long should think about how important the WrestleMania rematch is, and who will truly be the face of Friday Night Smackdown when the match is over. McMahon says the battle between AJ Styles and JBL is a clash of two polar opposites and when the match is over, there should be little doubt as to who the better man is. Long asks Shane what he has in mind, and Shane says a particular stipulation that will prove who is willing to sacrifice everything to be the face of Smackdown. Shane says AJ Styles should defend the WWE Championship against JBL at Backlash in a Last Man Standing Match.

Christian makes his way to the ring along with Tomko set up for the Peep Show. Cage talks about coming just short at WrestleMania but still deserving to be a world champion. Cage says one day he will and his guest tonight is a former world champion. Cage introduces his guest Kevin Nash before mocking him for losing to Shawn Michaels. Nash asks if Cage has a point and Christian tells him if Nash can be a world champion, so can he. Christian says he’s at least as deserving as any other superstar on Smackdown. Nash tells Cage he was a good tag-team wrestler but doesn’t have all the charisma he claims and is just a scrawny, starving rat and asks Cage to do something about it. Nash says he’s more of a champion than Cage will ever be. Tomko and Nash are prepared to face off when Eddie Guererro makes his way to the ring.

Eddie says like both of them he’s been a champion, and he wants the opportunity to wrestle AJ Styles for the WWE Championship. Guererro says he and Nash have both won main events at WrestleMania, but he knows he can beat Nash. Cage interjects and he and Nash trade insults and Eddie says he can beat both men. Suddenly Christopher Daniels makes his way to the ring.

Cage mocks Daniels and says he should stay in the X-Division but Daniels talks about being one of the greatest in the X-Division and how he will one day be a world champion. Daniels says Edge may be Mr. Money in the Bank, but he stole the show in the ladder match. Daniels then has the broadcast team play two pieces of footage of incredible moments from the match and says that’s giving it all for the chance to be the world champion. Daniels says who better to one day wrestle Styles for the championship other than him.

The lights suddenly dim and a gong is heard. The Undertaker makes a slow and methodical entrance to the ring and then stares down all the men before giving the cutthroat motion. The broadcast team speculates The Deadman has sent a message he wants to be champion of the world again as well.

*Commercial Break*

During the break, Doug Basham makes his entrance with his brother. The rest of the superstars leave the ringside area.

Singles Match
The Undertaker vs. Doug Basham w/Danny Basham

Despite attempted interference from brother Danny throughout the contest, The Undertaker keeps up his WrestleMania momentum with brutal physicality against Doug who is simply overmatched. The Undertaker hits his most powerful offensive maneuvers, at one point throwing Doug from the ring onto brother Danny. The finish comes when the Phenom clasps Doug around the throat before nailing Danny with a big boot on the ring apron. The Undertaker sends Doug to the canvas with a thunderous Chokeslam, before delivering the Tombstone Piledriver for the victory.

Winner: The Undertaker (5:40)

Backstage Christian Cage is talking to Teddy Long making his case when Kurt Angle appears and says he didn’t take part in the little circle jerk of champions but everyone knows he is the most deserving athlete in the WWE to face AJ Styles. Cage and Angle go at it and insult one another but Long tells both of them to calm down and that they’ll have to earn a title shot. Long says he’s already given JBL a rematch at Backlash in a Last Man Standing match, but for the first time in history, six men will face off at Backlash for the right to be the new number one contender in a historic King of the Mountain Match. Long says it will be Christian Cage versus Kurt Angle versus Kevin Nash versus Christopher Daniels vs. Eddie Guererro versus The Undertaker. Both Cage and Angle seem shocked as a commercial break begins.

*Commercial Break*

Matt Striker intercepts AJ Styles headed to the ring and asks him what his thoughts are on facing JBL at Last Man Standing. Styles talks about the pride of a champion, his willingness to do whatever it takes, to make great sacrifice, and retain the WWE Championship. Styles says he will be a proud, fighting champion, and at Backlash, he will be the Last Man Standing.

Main Event – Tag-Team Match
AJ Styles(c) & Christopher Daniels vs.
John “Bradshaw” Layfield & Orlando Jordan

Styles and Daniels seem energetic and enthusiastic about teaming as they wrestle well in the opening stages. Daniels catapults the champion over the top rope into JBL and Jordan at one point before himself diving to take out the two men. A particularly vicious rake to the eyes followed by a hotshot from Jordan leads to Daniels being isolated for a long period by JBL and Jordan. They physically dissect the Fallen Angel, targeting his lower back and legs. It appears that after failing to make a tag on several occasions Daniels will never be able to do so as JBL and Jordan continue their slow, menacing, brutal assault. After the long onslaught the tide turns once again when Daniels counters a Powerbomb from JBL into a Tornado DDT before tagging Styles. The finale comes after Styles hits JBL with a Pele Kick before tagging in Daniels who is poised for the Best Moonsault Ever. Styles intercepts a charging Jordan with an Enzenguri while Daniels covers JBL for the hard fought victory.

Winners: AJ Styles(c) & Christopher Daniels (16:11)

Styles and Daniels celebrate in the ring before making their way up the entrance ramp. Jordan crawls back into the ring as the victors look on from the entrance ramp. Jordan tries to help a groggy JBL to his feet. Suddenly, Layfield bounces off the ropes before nearly turning Jordan inside out with a vicious Clothesline From Hell. JBL mouths off at Jordan before angrily yelling at Styles as the show comes to a close.​

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World Wrestling Entertainment Presents: Raw
April 11th, 2005
From Arizona Veterans Memorial Arena, Phoenix, Arizona

The broadcast team welcomes everyone to the show but The Rock quickly makes his entrance. The Rock tells the fans their reaction gives him chills before saying finally The Rock has come back to Phoenix. The Rock says the peoples’ champion is out here to talk to the people, and talks about returning to the WWE. The Rock talks about his family’s proud wrestling history, his rise to prominence in the WWE and decision to pursue an acting career. The Rock says ultimately his heart is always with the fans and the WWE.

The Rock says that one day he will be a proud, fighting champion again to honor that proud history and love for the fans. He says one day he will deal with Evolution, with Triple H, and anyone else who tries to stop the people, and place boots to asses, but tonight is not that night. Rock says tonight is all about respect. He talks about respect in the business and how he earned in the hard way, how it’s not given, and how disrespectful Muhammad Hassan and Abdul-Bashir along with La Resistance were last week.

Rock mocks Bashir and calls La Resistance French poodles before he says he will take the French flag, turn that sumbitch sideways and stick it straight up Dupree’s candy ass tonight. Rock says since no one is allowed at ringside, he doesn’t have to worry about anything but laying the smacketh down on Renee Dupree’s candy ass.

Dupree appears on the entrance ramp and says he’s not scared, and he wants the match with The Rock right now. Dupree says he’s going to welcome The Rock back to the WWE with a loss before strutting down to the ring. The official quickly calls for the bell as the match begins.

Singles Match
The Rock vs. Renee Dupree

The Rock rocks Dupree in the early going forcing the Frenchman to leave the ring to regroup. The Rock dominates again and Dupree rolls outside once more after several sequences. A thumb to the eye allows Dupree to apply his craft and he out-wrestles The Rock in a slow, technical, brawling bout for a span before The Rock battles back. A Spinebuster followed by a Rock Bottom spell the end for Dupree, but The Rock delights the fans by dropping the People’s Elbow before covering for the victory.

Winner: The Rock (7:07)

The Rock celebrates as the fans roar for him. Dupree retreats up the entrance ramp in defeat when suddenly Sylvan Grenier and Rob Conway appear. The two fellow La Resistance members along with Dupree head down to the ring now that the match is over. They roll in, and despite The Rock’s best efforts to fight them off, the numbers game is too much. They begin to beat him down before suddenly Shawn Michaels and Matt Bentley rush the ring. The two men save The Rock, and La Resistance quickly retreats from the ring before the odds can turn against them.

The two factions exchange words from the entrance ramp, as The Rock thanks Shawn Michaels and Matt Bentley. It is noted that later in the show, Matt Bentley will go one on one with “Sheik” Abdul-Bashir.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break, The Hart Foundation is in their lockeroom. Teddy Hart, David Hart-Smith, and TJ Wilson are side by side. Hart-Smith says going up against Benoit, Jericho, and Dudley Bischoff didn’t do them any favors. The Hart trio tries to get one another pumped up when they are approached by Chris Benoit. Benoit says that tonight is all about business, but he wanted to tell them he is proud of all of them, and it was an honor to train with and alongside them. They thank Benoit, and Teddy tells him they wouldn’t be where they are without Benoit’s help. Benoit says that the key to success in the business is facing adversity and rising every time you fall. In the ring and in life Benoit says, that is the key to being great. The three men shake Benoit’s hand and head their separate ways.

Edge is walking backstage with Lita when she says she’s going to grab some water. Edge is approached by Chris Jericho who tells him it was fun to make him tap out last week and physically dissect him in front of millions of fans. Jericho says Edge may never be a champion if he keeps getting beaten like that. Edge says he knows what Jericho is trying to do, goad him into placing the Money in the Bank Briefcase on the line, but he isn’t going to do that – not now and not ever. Edge says he was the one who won the Money in the Bank Briefcase at WrestleMania, not Jericho, or Benoit, or anybody. Jericho says he became a champion, the first undisputed champion, the hard way. Jericho says until Edge has held the gold, nothing in that briefcase matters. Jericho says being Mr. Money in the Bank will only matter if Edge becomes a world champion. Jericho says since he doesn’t think Edge has what it takes to be a champion, he’ll go talk to Bischoff again just like he did with the idea for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. This time Jericho has another idea, that Edge defend the briefcase against the two men that made him submit last week – Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho. Edge says that’s completely ridiculous, and that it took both of them to beat him, and that Chris Jericho is no longer relevant. Edge says Jericho and Benoit need to take their toys and go home, because the future belongs to him. Jericho says he’ll leave Edge to swap spit with his disgusting thing of a girlfriend, but tonight he has a match to win.

The Hart Foundation comes to the ring together along with Natalya followed by Bubba-Ray Dudley, then Chris Benoit and lastly Chris Jericho. Hart-Smith and Benoit start the match as the official calls for the bell.

3-3 Tag-Team Match
Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit & Bubba-Ray Dudley vs.
Teddy Hart & David Hart-Smith & TJ Wilson w/Natalya

The contest begins slowly with several technical exchanges between the two teams, but then kicks into another gear as The Hart Foundation showcases their incredible athleticism. It is obvious they push Jericho, Benoit, and Dudley, forcing them to go all out. They almost steal victories on several occasions. Benoit single-handedly slows down the pace on occasion with a grinding, physical approach and takes the Harts to school multiple times, but they always manage to battle back. The finale comes at a lightning pace when Hart flies at Dudley off the top turnbuckle. Bubba-Ray catches him and hits a big fall away Powerslam before making a diving tag to Jericho. The Lionheart quickly nails the Lionsault, covering for the hard fought victory.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit & Bubba-Ray Dudley (13:15)

Jericho, Benoit, and Dudley celebrate their win in the ring, before embracing The Hart Foundation and celebrating alongside the three men. The six men stand side by side in the ring to the delight of the fans.

*Commercial Break*

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring, his arm still in a sling and shoulder still injured. Orton gets on the mic and says Eric Bischoff thinks Evolution should defend their gold in one match, but that simply places them at a distinct advantage. Orton says he’s out here because he wants to see the fourth member of the team that will join Lesnar and the Hardy Boys. Orton talks about why Evolution is invincible, how they injured D-Von Dudley and any superstar who got in their way, and how they will take care of Brock Lesnar and anyone else who joins him. Orton says no force in the wrestling business has been as great as Evolution, and no force ever will be. Orton says they cannot be stopped. He then says everyone can rest assured his shoulder will be healed and he will be ready to compete at Backlash.

Viscera makes his entrance along with Val Venis and is followed soon after by the Big Show. Orton joins Jim Ross and King for commentary.

Intercontinental Championship - #1 Contender’s Match
Viscera w/Val Venis vs. Big Show

The contest predictably is a physical affair with two five-hundred pounders in the ring. Both men are able to slam one another, but both showcase their versatility as well. Viscera showcases his athleticism by hitting two roundhouse kicks during the match, while Big Show surprises everyone by heading to the top turnbuckle and nailing Viscera with a flying clothesline for a near fall. The end comes when Show nails Viscera with a big right hand to the skull that appears to knock him out. Viscera falls through the ropes to the outside. Val Venis attempts to revive Viscera but the referee makes a ten count and declares Big Show the winner.

Winner via Countout: Big Show (8:38)

Right away Randy Orton enters the ring, holding his Intercontinental Championship up with his good arm. Big Show stares him down, the two men exchanging words. Orton eventually rolls out of the ring before heading up the entrance ramp. The two men continue to trade words.

Backstage, Todd Grisham is standing by with Brock Lesnar. Grisham asks Lesnar about learning the Big Show will join him in the fight against Evolution, and Lesnar says all he cares about is getting his hands on Triple H again at Backlash. Lesnar says Evolution has made a lot of enemies, and the wrath of the lockeroom is going to meet them head on at Backlash. Lesnar says he is going to make sure Evolution goes from first to worst in one night, because he is going to take everything from them. Lesnar says the road to his retribution starts tonight in the main event where he and Jeff Hardy are going to beat Batista and Ric Flair and send a clear message.

Christy Hemme is backstage when Lita approaches her. After making small talk, Lita asks Christy if she’s heard the latest news from Eric Bischoff’s office. Lita tells Christy that next week on Raw, Bischoff announced that Trish will defend her championship against not one woman, but five, in the first ever Divas Championship Scramble match. Hemme says she wasn’t informed about the match, and Lita says she felt certain Bischoff would select Christy to participate.

Victoria and Molly Holly approach and tease Lita about being injured before asking her when she’ll be back. Lita says when she does come back, she’ll remind them all why they were glad she left. Victoria says Christy was embarrassed by Trish at WrestleMania and doesn’t deserve the compete in the scramble match. Victoria says not only could Christy not beat Trish, but she can’t beat any diva on the roster.

Trish approaches and says she couldn’t help but overhearing, and no one can take her title. Trish says she’s a six time champion for a reason, and she’s going to stay the champion after next week on Raw. Trish says no woman in the world can out wrestle her, and no combination of five of them can either. Trish says good luck sarcastically before walking off.

*Commercial Break*

In Eric Bischoff’s office, Edge storms in and says he’s tired of being disrespected by people like Chris Jericho and Benoit. Edge says it took both of them to beat him last week, but he can beat either one of them. Edge says he’s going to be a world champion, and Bischoff better mark his words. Bischoff says Edge was beaten last week by both men in a Triple-Threat match, but he’d like to see it again. Bischoff says he’s going to give Edge the opportunity for retribution on a grand stage, but he’s also going to give Jericho and Benoit a chance at the briefcase Edge won at WrestleMania. Edge says it’s ridiculous he could lose the briefcase without being pinned or made to submit, and Bischoff says at Backlash, it will be a Triple-Threat Elimination Match for the Money in the Bank Briefcase. Bischoff says Edge’s destiny is in his own hands. Edge says he’s furious about having to defend the briefcase, but Bischoff can make it up to him.

Edge says next week, he wants to go one on one with Chris Jericho. Bischoff says he’s going to make it happen, but says it won’t be just an ordinary match. Bischoff says next week in the Main Event, Edge and Jericho will truly find out who the better man is in a 2/3 falls match. Edge leaves the office with a smirk, telling Bischoff he is Mr. Money in the Bank, and nobody will take the briefcase from him at Backlash, and next week, he’s going to shut Chris Jericho up for good.

Todd Grisham is standing by with Bashir and Hassan and asks them about the stipulation no parties are allowed at ringside for Bashir’s match against Matt Bentley. Hassan says Bashir is going to show the world tonight that he is worthy of respect. Hassan says once again that Bentley is not a hero, and he is the real hero for enduring discrimination and vile treatment. Bashir talks in Farsi before Hassan continues by saying the ground they’re on tonight is tainted. Hassan talks about how the US goaded Mexico into a war and stole Arizona and the surrounding territory and that the land they’re on tonight is a testament to the American hypocrisy. Hassan gets Bashir pumped up, and Bashir speaks more Farsi before heading towards the ring.

Matt Bentley makes his entrance followed by Bashir.

Singles Match
Matt Bentley vs. “Sheik” Abdul Bashir

The contest is a highly contested cruiserweight bout between Bentley and Bashir with some high-paced wrestling mixed with sound technical wrestling from Bentley. At times the Next Generation Heartbreak Kid tries to slow down the pace, but at other times the battle between he and Bashir is very heated. The end comes when Bashir leaps at Bentley off the turnbuckle with an axe handle attempt, but Bentley steps forward causing him to overshoot. Bentley tries a Superkick, but Bashir ducks before flipping off the ropes in an attempted move. Again Bentley steps forward, causing Bashir to overshoot. Bashir lands on his feet, but this time as he charges. Bentley connects with the Sweet Chin Music for the victory.

Winner: Matt Bentley (10:29)

Bentley celebrates in the ring when Shawn Michaels steps onto the entrance stage to congratulate him. Bentley poses in the ring as Michaels looks on when suddenly Hassan takes a shot at Michaels from behind with a led pipe. Hassan hammers away at Michaels several times with the pipe before Bentley charges. However, Bentley is met by La Resistance. The men continue the assault on Michaels and Bentley. An official manages to wrestle the led pipe away from Hassan but the damage has been done. Suddenly, The Rock hits the entrance stage and cleans house, knocking down Conway, Dupree, and then Grenier. Suddenly, Eric Bischoff appears on the jumbo screen and yells enough.

Bischoff says he is tired of the brawling, tired of the disorder and frankly tired of the political agendas. Bischoff says that Hassan and Bashir will get their chance to be in the spotlight, because at Backlash, they’re going to team with La Resistance to take on the team of Shawn Michaels, The Rock, and Matt Bentley. Bischoff says Raw will have not one, but two star studded tag-team matchups at Backlash, and it’s going to get even better. Bischoff says since as it stands now five against three, Michaels, The Rock, and Bentley will have the opportunity to select two partners to team with them at Backlash.

A crude smile crosses the face of Shawn Michaels as he is bleeding slightly from the mouth and The Rock seems pleased as well. Jim Ross speculates it won’t be hard to find two partners willing to join forces against Hassan, Bashir, and La Resistance.

*Commercial Break*

Triple H makes an entrance and joins Jim Ross and King for commentary for the Main Event. Both teams set to do battle in the main event make their way to the ring. Triple H takes the opportunity to talk about taking Lesnar down at WrestleMania, and how at Backlash Evolution will embarrass Lesnar and company again. Triple H talks badly about The Hardy Boys, Lesnar, and the Big Show before the main event begins.

Main Event – Non-Title Tag-Team Match
Batista & Ric Flair w/Randy Orton vs.
Brock Lesnar & Jeff Hardy w/Matt Hardy

The main event pits the physicality of Batista against that of Brock Lesnar in the early going as both men refuse to make tags and constantly try to one up the other. Their battle is fiercely contested. Flair and Orton eventually manage to distract the referee long enough for Batista to gouge Lesnar in the eyes. Evolution then begins a series of methodical tags and a physical dissection of Lesnar. Flair and Batista focus on the legs and back utilizing expertly timed submissions and brute, physical offense. Orton cheats from the outside as well on several occasions. Lesnar is finally able to tag Jeff Hardy and the contest becomes evenly contested once again. Lesnar and Matt Hardy storm the ring after Orton distracts the official long enough for Flair to hit a low blow on Jeff. Matt tackles Flair from the ring, while Lesnar manages to hit Batista with the F5. The legal man Jeff is down and out however, unable to capitalize, as the official restores order. The battle continues as Evolution begins to wear down Jeff. This continues for several sequences until Jeff counters a Batista Bomb with a Sunset Flip from The Animal’s shoulders and a diving tag to Lesnar. Lesnar cleans house and once again lifts Batista for the F5, but the Animal counters and lifts Lesnar for the Batista Bomb. Lesnar fights out with right hands that stagger Batista and send both men to the outside. After a heated battle on the outside that sees Ric Flair and Matt Hardy get involved, Lesnar sends Batista sprawling across the announce table into Triple H. The contest comes to a close after several more highly contested sequences between the two teams. Orton cheats once again, nailing Jeff in the head with his Intercontinental Championship. Batista lifts him into the air but Lesnar makes the save. Flair charges the ring but Lesnar sends him sprawling to the outside. Lesnar counters another Batista Bomb attempt with right hands before hitting Batista with the F5. The legal man Jeff Hardy hits a Swanton Bomb on Batista from the top turnbuckle. Before he can cover, Triple H hits the ring along with Flair. The official is finally forced to rule the match a No Contest due to Lesnar, Flair, and Triple H’s actions.

Winners: No Contest (20:12)

Triple H hammers away at Lesnar, setting him up for the Pedigree before Lesnar powers out with a Back Body Drop. Flair gets some shots in on Jeff but Matt quickly intervenes. Orton pulls Triple H from the ring as Flair rolls away as well. Batista has rolled to the outside still suffering the effects of the F5 from Lesnar. Lesnar and the Hardy Boys exchange words with Evolution, when suddenly Big Show appears on the entrance ramp.

Evolution is caught with nowhere to go. Big Show menacingly stares them down as Lesnar and the Hardy Boys do form the ring. A host of security officials intervene to prevent a brawl, as the two factions exchange words. Lesnar motions the titles will all be theirs at Backlash, while Evolution continues to mouth off to their challengers.​
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World Wrestling Entertainment Presents: ECW
April 12th, 2005
From Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada​

A video package showcasing events from the show last week begins this week’s ECW. Kane brutalizes Rikishi but then is surprised by someone playing mind games with the Big Red Machine. Later, in his lockeroom, Kane again is witness to bizarre activity. The Big Red Machine is quoted saying whoever you are, you don’t scare me. You can’t scare me. Stephanie then is shown telling Paul Heyman they must talk about 05.01.2005.

The broadcast team welcomes everyone to the show before talking about Rikishi’s injuries suffered last week at the hands of Kane and how he is out of action indefinitely. They talk about the main event of the evening, an Extreme Rules match between Ron “The Truth” Killings and Rob Van Dam. There is also a Tables Match scheduled between Sabu and Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Hardcore Holly makes his entrance and is followed by Paul Burchill accompanied by Katie Lea for the opening match of the evening.

Singles Match
Hardcore Holly vs. Paul Burchill w/Katie Lea Burchill

The contest is a physical battle between two smashmouth, physical wrestlers. The two men brutalize one another and the match spills outside the ring on several occasions. After using him as a battering ram face first into the ringpost, Burchill manages to bust Holly open early. Holly returns the favor later in the match, opening up Burchill with straight right hands to the head. The match continues in physical fashion when Burchill gets frustrated and gets a chair from ringside. Holly meets him on the outside, nailing a big right hand and a Back Body Drop. Katie Lea begs Holly not to use the chair on Burchill, but a hard shot from behind from Burchill knocks Holly down. The distraction pays off as Burchill nails Holly with the chair and is disqualified.

Winner via DQ: Hardcore Holly (8:26)

Burchill hammers Holly three more times with the chair before smashing his back into the ringpost and ramming him with steel steps. Burchill then slams Holly down on them. Burchill celebrates in the ring with Katie Lea, when suddenly Paul Heyman appears on the entrance ramp.

Heyman says that since Burchill wants to fight with weapons, Heyman will give him the opportunity, because next week he’s making a Triple-Threat Extreme Rules match for the main event. Heyman says it will be Paul Burchill against Hardcore Holly, and the ECW World Heavyweight Champion Kane, in a non-title Extreme Rules match.

Burchill looks pleased at the announcement, blood trickling from his face, as Holly recovers.

*Commercial Break*

Backstage, Joey Styles stands by with the ECW World Heavyweight Champion Kane, and asks him about the strange disturbances last week. Kane says it’s impossible to scare him, impossible to play mind games with him because he fears no man. Kane says he is not scared of any challenge, and he will go down to the ring later tonight and confront whoever dares to try and intimidate him. When Styles tries to ask Kane about Rikishi, Kane says he will hurt anyone in his path and he has remorse for no man before leaving.

In the New Breed lockeroom, Bryan Danielson is trying to fire up Tanahashi and Killings along with Elijah Burke. Danielson says they all remember the embarrassment suffered at WrestleMania, but they all know how good it felt to win last week. Danielson tells Killings Rob Van Dam is overrated, a has-been, and more focused on smoking pot than wrestling. Danielson says he and the rest of the New Breed are the future of ECW.

Further backstage, medical personnel are attending to Hardcore Holly who is livid. Holly says he is going to destroy Burchill next week in the main event as officials wipe the blood from his face.

James Storm and Chris Harris walk down a corridor backstage along with Gail Kim. They are then approached by the KGB, Alexiev and Kozlov. Alexiev says Russian fighters will prove their superiority on ECW and claim the tag-team titles before Kozlov bows up to America’s Most Wanted and demands a rematch tonight. Storm says he will give them one chance to back off, but Alexiev spits in his face and Kozlov nails Harris in the head with a hard right hand.

The two men double-team Storm backstage, assaulting him. Gail Kim runs away. Alexiev and Kozlov kick Storm repeatedly before slamming him into a wall. Kozlov holds Storm while Alexiev tees off with kicks and hard shots. Kozlov then hurls Storm into the wall again, causing him to crumble to the hard floor.

Suddenly, Chris Harris reenters the fight, smashing Kozlov in the back of the head with a beer bottle. The big Russian is busted wide open with a big gash and is knocked out from the impact. Alexiev and Harris go at it before a host of security intervene to stop the brawl. Heyman enters the ordeal and comments fights are all over the place tonight. Heyman says since Harris and Alexiev seem to be the only men standing for this ordeal tonight, the two of them can go one on one next week in an Extreme Rules match. Heyman then commands security to escort Harris and Alexiev from the building and get Kozlov and Storm immediate medical attention.

*Commercial Break*

Tables are set up around the ring as the Tables Match is set to begin.Sabu makes his entrance followed by Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Tables Match
Sabu vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

Fighting between the two men is intense. Tanahashi uses his prowess in martial-arts and technical wrestling to out wrestle Sabu in the early going, but Sabu turns the tide when he uses a table against Tanahashi. Sabu repeatedly tries to put Tanahashi through tables, but his attempts are countered at every step of the way. The finale of the match comes when Sabu and Tanahashi are atop a table in the ring. Sabu tries to slam Tanahashi through it, but the move is countered. Tanahashi apparently knocks Sabu out with a kick to the skull before slamming him through the able for the victory.

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi (7:12)

After the match Sabu is down and out, and Tanahashi sets up another table in the corner before crashing Sabu through it with his patented high angle German Suplex. Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman rush the ring, weapons in hand, but Tanahashi is able to escape through the crowd.

Outside the arena, Chris Harris is with Gail Kim. Harris says next week, he’ll crack a beer bottle over that other Russian son of a bitch and make them pay for messing with America’s Most Wanted.

*Commercial Break*

Kane makes his way to the ring and says he will take on any challenger, at any time, any place, because he fears no man. Kane talks about his victory over Mick Foley at WrestleMania and proving to the world he is the darkest, most dangerous force in the WWE today. Kane says Rikishi and Mick Foley both learned the hard way, and thus will the person who has decided to taunt him. Kane says if the man has so much courage, he should emerge from the shadows and face him.

Kane waits and is surprised when Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring. McMahon says Kane expected to see someone else, but Stephanie knows who the challenger to Kane is. She says she’s been asked to tell Kane he has been issued a challenge at Backlash for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. She then tells Kane that if he accepts, the identity of the challenger will be revealed next week on ECW.

Kane laughs menacingly and says he will welcome the challenger next week to his own personnel hell. Kane lights the ring ablaze in typical fashion, but fire also erupts on the entrance stage and down the ramp as well. Flames reach high into the air as the Big Red Machine laughs. Kane says ECW is his dominion, his hell, and he is ruler. Kane says no man will change that, and he looks forward to next week.

Backstage, Paul Burchill helps his sister into a limousine and the two prepare to leave the arena. She asks him if he is nervous about the Main Event next week, and Burchill says he’s going to rip Holly and Kane apart. Burchill says this is his opportunity to showcase to the world what he can do in the main event.

*Commercial Break*

Kane is pacing backstage in a corridor when the lights suddenly dim and a purple haze begins to flood the hallways from two adjacent doors. Kane rips one open to find nothing, and then rips the other open to again find nothing. Kane laughs menacingly, commanding his nemesis to face him. Kane says they don’t have to wait until next week. The lights then dim completely, and inscribed on the wall in neon green writing is the date 05.01.05. Underneath is one word: Backlash.

Rob Van Dam makes his way to the ring and is soon followed by Ron “The Truth” Killings. The two men stare one another down before the match begins.

Main Event – Extreme Rules Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings

Killings attempts to slow the pace down in the early going and prevent the involvement of weapons. The match eventually spills into the crowd and the two men brawl in the crowd. Killings busts Van Dam open by bashing his skull repeatedly against a railing following a low blow and the match heads back to the ring. Killings and Van Dam trade chair shots, the use of a ladder, a barbed-wire board, and still more chair shots as both men are busted open. The match comes to a close when Killings incapacitates Van Dam with a hard blow with the board before handcuffing him to the ring. Killings is about to tee off on Van Dam with a new weapon, a led pipe, when suddenly Rhino appears and nails Killings with a Gore. Rhino tries to rescue Van Dam, but Monty Brown appears and returns the favor, nailing Rhino with a Gore. Bryan Danielson accompanies Brown, and begins to choke Van Dam with a bull rope. Steven Richards tries to intervene but he is intercepted by a Gore from Monty Brown. The absolute life is being choked from Van Dam. After leaving Van Dam bloodied, broken, and unable to breath, a now recovered R-Truth hits Van Dam with Consequences his Elevated Cradle Neckbreaker for the victory.

Winner: Ron “The Truth” Killings (13:51)

As the show comes to a close, Elijah Burke and Hiroshi Tanahashi join Brown, Danielson, and Killings in the ring. Danielson brags about how they just took out Rob Van Dam, how the New Breed won two matches tonight and sent a clear message. Danielson says Rob Van Dam will never be the same and how the same awaits any member of the ECW Originals who try to stop them.​

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ECW: The Patriot Way #2 review

*Good choice of Rikishi to help build Kane's dominant character. I briefly read through the first couple shows, and plan to go back and read more throughly, but a guy Rikishi's size getting decimated by Kane helps build his monster mystique.

*Not sure how I feel about DQ finishes in ECW, but if this is the more toned down WWE version, that does make sense. Not the world's biggest Hardcore Holly fan, and I do like that you are building up the Paul and Katie Lea team.

*That matches seems out of nowhere. It makes sense that Heyman would punish Burchill by putting him in the ring with Kane, but why punish Holly as well. Unless it's more of a way to get Holly a chance at revenge on Paul...

*Good character piece for Kane there. And as your ECW champion, it's important to build that fear no man persona for him.

*I dig your new breed. I will say that I am not super familiar with Tanahashi, but Killings, Burke and Danielson are three really good choices for newcomers to the band to build it behind.

*Yep, it's to give Holly a chance at revenge.

*Good build piece for AMW and the Kozlov/Alexiev team. Interesting to see Santino used in this way, since I don't believe I've seen anyone else do it before. I dig that. The tag match should be really good, and I am curious to see what role if any that Gail Kim will play.

*Well, if ever a way to build a guy, beating Sabu in a tables match would be the way to do. Curious to see where the Originals-New Breed angle goes from here, but for now, looks like Tanahashi has the last laugh.

*Again, good stuff from Kane. I like the way your booking him thus far.

*Interesting to see who it is. The purple haze would lead me to believe Undertaker, but I don't know if that would happen again, and especially being on ECW.

*And another big win for a member of the New Breed against the originals. Truth got a good bit of help in the match, but under Extreme Rules, that doesn't matter. As all that does matter is the win. So, we'll see where this heads next week on ECW.

OVERALL: Really good show. I like the general storyline bases, and the fact that you are using the brand to help bring in a few other names to help bolster the roster. The Kane storyline is really good, and he's been kept strong with his promos and the actions on Rikishi last week, so that the mystery man getting to him psychologically makes sense as well. AMW-KGB could be interesting, and Burchill's rise to the top of ECW is something for me to watch for, as I am a big Paul Burchill fan. All in all, it looks good.


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Just to let everyone know, I've had some schedule changes this summer I did not anticipate and thus I don't think I'll have time to devote to the three show format I chose for this project. I am still very much dedicated to booking for fun, but I need to take my foot off the gas and stick to just one show I think. So my plan at this stage is to begin the project again in one month, and instead of booking for five hours of television and three shows each week, just writing one Raw super show a week. I'll see you all in about a month's time as per the rules, but I look forward to re-launching the project and making it even better.
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