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After the unsuccessful return of New WWE (RAW and Smackdown) Jeri-tron5000 and I have decided that we are going to start fresh with a new thread called WWE: The Next Generation. He will post Raw on Mondays while I will post Smackdown on Thursdays. Matches will be done as finishes only for Raw and Smackdown while Pay Per Views will have full matches. The thread will begin 4 weeks before Summerslam 2004. The 2004 PPV scheduale is as follows:

August 21 - Summerslam
September 18 - Unforgiven (Raw)
October 9 - No Mercy (Smackdown)
November 1 - Taboo Tuesday (Raw)
November 27 - Survivor Series
December 18 - Armageddon (Smackdown)

Smackdown Roster


General Manager- Theodore R. Long

Kurt Angle- WWE Champion
Chris Benoit
John Bradshaw Layfield
Randy Orton
Booker T
Rob Van Dam- United States Champion
Tyson Tomko
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Haas
Orlando Jordan
Gene Snitsky
Hardcore Holly
Luther Reigns
Mark Jindrack
William Regal
Doug Basham
Danny Basham
Billy Kidman- WWE Tag Team Champion
Paul London- WWE Tag Team Champion
Chavo Guerrero- Cruiserweight Champion
Rey Mysterio
Shannon Moore
Dawn Marie
Stacy Keibler
Torrie Wilson

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GM- Eric Bischoff

Main Event
Eddie Guerrero
Ric Flair
Shawn Michaels
John Cena
The Rock- World Heavyweight Champion
Chris Jericho
Big Show

Mid Card
Carlito Carribean Cool- Intercontinental champion
Rene Dupree
Kenzo Suzuki
Buh Buh Ray
Val Venis
Stevie Richards
Sylvain Grenier
Rob Conway
Nunzio-tag team champion
Johnny Stamboli-tag team champion
Chuck Polumbo-

Trish-womens champion

Tag Teams
La Resistance

Vengeance results
The Rock d. HHH and Chris Jericho in a triple threat match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship when HBK returned and sweet chin music’d HHH allowing Rock to nail a peoples elbow and win. After the match the gong came on and the titan tron said the dead wake..............at Summerslam!!

John Cena d. Eddie Guerrero to win a shot at the world heavyweight title at Summerslam

Carlito Carribean Cool d. The Big Show to retain the Intercontinental Championship(after the match Carlito had visibly hurt his shoulder)

The FBI d. The Dudleys to win the world tag team championship

Trish d. Molly to retain the womens title

John Cena d. Ric Flair in a tournament semi final

Eddie Guerrero d. Batista in a tounament semi final

Over the weeks, Eric Bischoff announces a tournament for the number 1 contendership to the World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam, the two favorites to win are Batista and John Cena.

HHH interfgeres in a number 1 contenders match, Bischoff announces a triple threat between HHH, The Rock and Chris Jericho

Big Show contuously pursues Carlito’s Intercontinental Championship

HHH in a moment to show Evolution’s dominance attckas Undertaker and HBK in a tag match, he brutally beats them with a chair and neither man has been on TV for weeks

Undertaker continues to send signs to HHH, HBK is not heard from by anyone.

John Cena turns his back on the fans earlier in the year when he screwed The Rock during a tag match against HHH and Batista

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Raw Preview

Last night, "HBK" Shawn Michaels made his return after three weeks gone from an injury suffered at the hands of the former world heavyweight champion, HHH, thats right former. Last night, not only did Shawn return but he cost the game his prized possesion, the world heavyweight championship to The Rock!What will The Game have to say about this, this week on Raw

Also, The Rock comes to Raw as the new World Heavyweight Champion, what new challenges await him? The stage has already been set for Summerslam, because last night John Cena won a tournament for a title shot at The Rock at Summerslam! What will these two superstars have to say to one another?

Shawn Michaels isnt the only one after HHH, last night a message was sent to The Game at the hands of The Undertaker, what will happen tonight? All we know is HHH better watch his back...........

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Well I wanted to give this thread a jumpstart so here we go............


Pyro goes off and Raw kicks off in Atlanta, Georgia. The Camera shows fans waving their signs and JR and King welcome us.

JR: Welcome everyone to Raw, Live from Calgary! We are one night removed from Vengeance and what a night it was, we have a new World Heavyweight Champion and he is, The Rock!

King: Oh don’t even start JR, poor HHH! He was so close to retaining his title but out of nowhere comes that pain in the behind, HBK!

JR: Well, I think and I believe the fas will agree with me, that HHH got what he deserved last night.

King: How can you say that, HHH is the greatest wrestler alive today? He says it every week and I believe him!

*If ya Smell*

JR: Well whether you like HHH or not King, here comes the man that beat him last night, The Rock and he is walking to the ring with a purpose!

Rock walks to the ring with the world heavyweight championship over his shoulder, he gets on the apron and goes through the middle ropes, he gets up on the turnbuckle and throws his fist in the air as the crowd chants “Rocky, Rocky”, he then gets down and gets a microphone.

The Rock: Finally...............The Rock has come back, to Atlanta!
(Crowd cheers) For weeks people said, “Rock, how can you beat the odds”? For weeks, the great one heard that, well last night he shut everyone up when he layed the smackdown on Evolution and HHH’s candy ass! Now, Rock knows that HHH is upset, yeah he knows, and Rock also knows that HHH is gonna whine and moan about The Rock’s title win, but, Rock also knows that if HHH wants apiece of the great one, Rock will do what he did last night and lay the smackdown on his candy ass!(Crowd cheers) But thats not all, oh no, you see there are other men that want The Rock’s title, namely John Cena!(Crowd boos) Well Cena, you want the rock’s title, you want to come to this ring at Summerslam with your “yo, yo, yo’s” The Rock is gonna do what he has wanted to do to you since you turned your back on him. That is take out this size 12 boot, turn that sumbuitch side ways and stick it straight up your Candy Ass!! Because at Summerslam, Rock is gonna retain what is rightfully his, the world heavyweight championship! Cena, everyone listened to you run your mouth, saying you’re the greatest thing WWE has going, you think that? Yeah, you really do? PROVE IT!! In 4 weeks time.................

*Word Life*

JR: Here comes John Cena, whats he gonna say to The Rock?

King: Quiet, the doctor of thuganomix is gonna speak!

Cena comes out with a mic already in his hand, he looks at The Rock with a cold look of hate

Cena: Yo, yo, you call yourself the great one? I think you never even had a date son. I mean come on, this guy calls himself The Rock? I think its all abunch of crock! At Summerslam, you think I aint gonna bring nothin, damn man, you deffinitely smokin somethin. I mean why else would you always talk in first person mode, let me just say this, when I kick your ass and make you tap, your gonna deffinitely blow your load! Or maybe Ill you one, two, three, and prove to you and everyone else that, YOU CANT SEE ME! Nah, Rock in all seriousness, I bet you think your pretty slick, well after I FU you and win the title, you can suck my........(holds the microphone up and lets the crowd rhyme that one)

Rock: Oh, Oh, I see, this is alittle battle between you and The Rock. Rock knows what your doing, you come out here and try to punk The Rock out right? Saying stuff like” You Cant see me”, well let me say The Rock see’s you perfectly, what’s wrong is The Rock making you twitch? Well be prepared because after Summerslam your gonna be The Rock’s Brahma BITCH!

Cena looks around mad in frustration, Rock smilesat him, Cena does his hand gesture and The Rock mocks him which angers him more.

Cena: You know what Rock, you want a piece of me?! Ill crush you like a flee!

Rock: Oh, you want a piece of The Rock now? Well Rock has a few words for you, just bring it! That’s right bring your rapper, monkey ass down here!

Cena takes off his Jersey and throws into the crowd he starts to walk toward the ring, he pulls off his chain and drops it.

JR: Rock and Cena are gonna get it on right now!

King: Well the talking’s over JR!

*Break the Walls Down*

Cena is about to get in the ring but stops as Jericho comes out to the stage with a microphone.

Jericho: Rock, you forgot alittle something about last night, you see I was in that match too. Don’t you remember me, the one that put you in the walls of Jericho? The one that probably would of made you tap had itnot been for reason’s unknown? Well our General Manager, Eric Bischoff, in his infinite wisdom, has signed your first title defense tonight, against me Y2J, Chris Jericho!

Cena and Rock look at each other and look back at Jericho, who motion’s the belt around his waist.

JR: That’s huge, Rock vs Jericho, Cena and Rock are gonna have to hold on because tonight Rock put’s his title on the line! Thats later tonight!

King: Yes, Jericho is gonna shut Rock up once and for all when he takes his title, and if for some reason he doesnt Cena will, ha ha ha!

JR: We’ll be right back!


JR: Ladies and gentlemen moments ago a huge main event was announced, it will be The Rock one on one with Chris Jericho for the world heavyweight championship!

King: I think Jericho’s gonna win it! He’s so focused!

*Viva La Raza*
Eddie Guerrero comes out to a huge pop, he is in his low rider, he gets out and gets in the ring, he starts to dance.

*Viscera’s music*
Viscera comes out, he walks slowly down to the ring, he gets in and stares at Eddie Guerrero

Viscera vs Eddie Guerrero​
9:00 into the match: Viscera dominates the early part of this match, in the end Eddie uses some cheating when the referee’s back is turned, Eddie pulls brass knuckles out of his boot. He clocks Viscera and the big man falls, Eddie falls on his back and the referee turns, Eddie acts like he’s slowly making the cover, he does and the referee counts


Winner: Eddie Guerrero

(Eddie celebrates his win with the crowd, before going backstage)

JR: Wow, an impressive win for Eddie Guerrero, despite the tactics.........

King: Ha, if HHH won like that you’d be all over it, Eddie’s a cheater!

JR: Oh, please!

Backstage Eddie Guerrero is walking over from the curtains, Carlito walks over to him with his Intercontnental title on his shoulder.

Guerrero: Can I help you homes?

Carlito: You had a good match out there, listen let me ask you something.

Guerrero: OK, what do you need?

Carlito: You see last night after your match with John Cena, you said something interesting.........

Backstage last night at Vengeance

Todd Grisham: Eddie, tonight you came up short in your match with John Cena, what are you gonna do now?

Eddie Guerrero: Well homes, you saw what happened out there, I mean Cena hit me with the chain and, whatever, whats done is done. Now I’ve got to set my sights on new things for alittle while, you know maybe set my sights on Mr. Cool, Carlito, you know? I know it’d be nice to shut him up for alittle while.

Camera switch back to Carlito and Eddie

Carlito: See I got a promblem with that, so Carlito says you got a promblem with him, you settle like a man

Eddie: (smiling) Yo homes, calm down. I mean yeah I said all that and yeah I think I could beat you any day of the week, ese, but thats besides the point.

Carlito: Whats wrong, are you scared or something, Carltio thinks your scared.

Eddie:(Goes nose to nose with Carlito)If I was scared homes, I would of backed off already.

Carlito: Whoa, whoa calm down, just trying to straighten this out.

Carlito starts to back off and Eddie turns away, all of a sudden Carlito spits apple in his face and quickly nails him with the intercontinental championship! Eddie falls on the ground and Carlito spits the rest of the apple on him, Eddie is busted wide open.as Carlito continues to beat away at him.

JR: Oh my god! We need help back there!

King: It serves Guerrero right for smart mouthing Carlito!

JR: Oh be quiet!

Camera quickly cuts to a limo pulling up, Batista gets out followed by Ric Flair, then finally HHH gets out of the limo, they start walking.

JR: Well there he is, the former world heavyweight champion.

King: Done let him hear you say that, he’ll go insane!

JR: What will he have to say after last night’s loss?


JR: Welcome back to Raw everyone and what a night it’s going to be here tonight.

King: I know it’s...............

*Welllllllllllll, well it’s the Big Show*

JR: It’s the Big Show! He’swas attacked last night after his match with Carlito, whats he doing here!

King: He’s in a match!

Big Show comes out and his pyro goes off, he goes down and gets in the ring

*La Resistance*

JR: Here comes one of the men that cost Big Show the intercontinental title, or should I say three of the men......

Rene Dupree comes out with Sylvain Grenier and Rob Conway, he walks down to the ring nervously, he gets in and waves his flag as the bell rings.

Big Show vs Rene Dupree​
5:00 into the match: Dupree continously tries to get The Big Show off his feet but to no avil, Dupree gets on the middle rope and jumps off but Big Show grabs him by the throat, Rob Conway and Sylvain Grenier get in the ring and both receive massive chokeslams! Dupree tries to hit Big Show with the flag but misses, Dupree turns around and Big Show picks him up and nails a huge SHOWSTOPPER!! He covers


Winner: The Big Show

JR: Wow, great victory for The Big Show here tonight!

King: It sure was JR, he destroyed La’Resistance!

Camera’s go backstage where The Rock is with Todd Grisham

Todd Grisham: Rock later tonight.........

(Rock sticks his hand in Todd’s face)

Rock: Shhhh, you hear that Todd (chants of Rocky, Rocky) that is the millions, and MILLIONS!! Of the Rocks fans, and tonight when The Rock steps out and whoops Chris Jericho’s ass all over Georgia, the fans will be with me. Then onto Summerslam, where The Rock is gonna shut John Cena’s punk ass up once and for all, BAM! Rock bottom right through the canvas! Wouldnt that be nice Todd, is that what you think, it’d be nice?

Todd: Well..........


Rock walks off and Grisham just stands there in shock.

Cameras cut to where Eddie Guerrero is being helped into an ambulance as Carlito walks up to everyone standing around

Carlito: Yeah, you see, it serves you right! Get out of here, ingrate, loser!

We go back to ringside

JR: Wow, I don’t know what to say, anyways when we come back it will be The FBI vs D-von and Spike Dudley for the tag team championships, Buh Buh was injured last night, he’ll be back soon, anyways, we’ll be right back!


JR: Welcome back to Raw everyone, Dudley Boy’s in the ring and lets get right to the action!

All 3 FBI members come out, Nunzio’s leading them, they walk down to the ring and slide in

JR: Well despite their tactics they have been on a roll lately and they are tag team champions........

King: What, “despite their tactics” what are you talking about JR!

World Tag Team Championship
FBI vs The Dudleys(Spike and D-von)

18:00 into the match: D-von and Spike control most of the match, toward the end Nunzio is alone with D-von in the ring and Spike is taking it to Polumbo on the outside, Johnny Stamboli( who has been banned from ringside previously) comes down and throws brass knucks to Nunzio as the ref is trying to stop Spike and Polumbo. Nunzio nails D-von with the knucks as Stamboli quickly runs to the back, and Nunzio gets rid of the evidence and covers, the referee counts............


Winners and still tag champions: The FBI

Spike gets in but he’s too late, Polumbo and Nunzio double team him, Nunzio goes to the outside as Stamboli comes back out to ringside, Nunzio grabvs the brass knucks off the ground and gets in the ring, he lifts up his fist and smacks Spike right in the jaw! Spike falls over and he tells them to lifts him up again, they start to but...........................OUT COMES BUH BUH RAY DUDLEY!

JR: Buh Buh’s here!

King: He’s supposed to be injured!

JR: He is, he’s got a concussion but he’s here to watch his brothers back!

Buh Buh throws Stamboli out of the ring and Nunzio is trying to secretly get away, Buh Buh see’s him in the corner, Nunzio pleads with him, the camera zooms out to reveal Chuck Polumbo with a chair behind Buh Buh, Buh Buh grabs Nunzio but Nunzio pushes him, Buh Buh turns for a secong and GETS LEVELED WITH A CHAIR SHOT!! Buh Buh falls as D-von crawls over to check on his brother and gets a chairshot across the back! Spike still out from the brass knuckle shot as Nunzio picks him up, he throws him helplessly into a chair shot across the head!!

JR: This is sick! Our tag team champions are..........this is just not right!

King: They are brutal, I love it!!

Camera shows the FBI walking up the ramp, it then shows the ring as all three Dudleys are laying motionless, Buh Buh is cut wide open from the chair shot.

We cut backstage where Chris Jericho is with Todd Grisham

Todd: Chirs, later tonight you..........

Chris: Yeah, I know, I know I get a title shot and what are my thoughts and such, right?

Todd: Well yeah.........

Chris: Let me tell you this, you know it’s been two years since Chris Jericho, in all his infinite wisdom has been World’s champion, two years, two long, long, long years, but tonight, Chris Jericho gets a chance to climb the mountain once again, Chris Jericho gets a chance to reach the top and claim what he has been waiting to claim for a long time now, and tonight Rocky, I will show you and everyone else why I am King of The World! So Rocky after you and all these other assclowns will........SHUT.....THE........HELL.........(He stops) what do you want?! You werent cool enough to handle Carlito, and you deffinitely cant handle the king of the world Chris Jericho

Camera pans out to reveal The Big Show!

Big Show: Chris, we’ve all heard this from you, now last night it took five men to keep the big show from winning the intercontinental championship, five men including Carlito! Chris you talk a lot of smack, and the point is you’ve never been able to follow up! Im seven feet tall and 500 pounds and if anybody’s getting that title it’s me! So tonight, go out there and have your little title match, and do what you always do.........

Chris: Oh and what’s that?

Big Show: Come up short!

Big Show walks off and Jericho looks pissed

Jericho: Well anyways back to what I was saying before..............

Big Show comes back and grabs the microphone, he crushes it with one hand and Jericho looks on in shock, Big Show smiles at him and walks off.


JR: Welcome back everyone on Raw, shocking what we saw moments ago here on Raw, the dudleys have all been taken to a local medical facility and we’ll hope to have an update on that but I just don’t know...........

King: If you think that was shocking, what about Chris Jericho and Big Show, Big Show crushed Jericho’s microphone! Jericho is mad, noone embarasses him like that and sure he’ll do something about it!

*I spit in the face*

Carlito comes down to the ring looking very happy, he slides in, he’s in his wrestling gear but grabs a mic

Carlito: Wow, Carlito really proved that Eddie Guerrero wasnt, cool. He showed Eddie Guerrero that he needed to watch his mouth when talking to his more rerspected peers, Eddie Guerrero thinks he’s in line for a shot at Carlito’s title, Carlito doesnt think so, Carlito thinks that Eddie Guerrero’s just a punk, Carlito thinks that Eddie...............

*Man Beast*

Rhyno comes out to a huge pop from the crowd, he runs down and slides in the ring and this match is underway

Non Title Match
Rhyno vs Carlito Carribean Cool​
14:00 into the match: Rhyno dominates the beggining of the match however Carlito starts to come back towards the end(at one point ripping the turnbuckle covering off, Rhyno gains the advantage once again and throws Carlito into the ropes before nailing a spinebuster!!Rhyno gets in the corner and signals for the gore, Carlito gets up and Rhyno goes for the GORE!! Carlito moves but Rhyno stops himself before he hits the turnbuckle, Carlito quickly roles him up and grabs the ropes but Rhyno kicks out at two, Carlito starts to argue with the crowd before turning around into A HUGE GORE!! Rhyno covers


Winner: Rhyno

JR: Rhynop defeats the Intercontinental champion! Thats huge, he is now in line for a title shot at least somewhere down the road!

King: No! Carlito, we all know you were robbed!

JR: He tried to cheat the Man Beats but it didnt work!

Backstage HHH is in Eric Bischoffs office

HHH: Eric, after last night I would of expected better from you! I deserve that world championship match later tonight, and you better give it to me you piece of crap!

Bischoff: You know what, NO!!(Crowd cheers) Tonight Chris Jericho and The Rock go one on one, and if you don’t stop I will suspend you indeffinitely! So the man you should really be taking all your anger out on, is Shawn Michaels! So right now get out of my office and go do something about it!

HHH: I’m going out to the ring, and I will do something about it! And when I’m done with him, I’m coming back and you will give me my world title rematch!

HHH walks out, Bischoff just looks toward the door and smiles


JR: We are back live here on Raw and............

*Time to play the game*

JR: Well here comes a man that must have so much anger built up inside that it scares me.

HHH comes out with Batista and Ric Flair, he walks to the ring and gets on the apron, he spits the water and gets in, he gets a microphone.

HHH: Last night, (chants of loser, loser) Yeah, you know I’d expect that from you and only because you have no room to talk, you all go on and on and tell me how I tap out or how Im a loser, but the fact is I am more accomplished than any man in this building except for the two men that stand beside me as my equals. Now back to last night, last night, I was clearly robbed out of my title, I was robbed of the one thing that I care most about! And last night, not only did I get robbed but I lost my title, because of the man that I hate most! SHAWN MICHAELS!! Hell in a Cell, Streetfight’s, Cage Matches, Last man standing and still I cannot keep that piece of crap off my back! He’s been a thorn in my side for two years now, two years too long! HBK, you have my attention, you have pissed off the wrong man. So now, I am challenging you to one more match, to settle it all, everyone banned from ringside, no evolution, no Rock, and most of all, NO UNDERTAKER!(Crowd cheers at the sound of his name) So at Summerslam Shawn we are gonna settle this once and for all! This thing started at Summerslam and this thing will end at Summerslam in the exact same way it started, an unsanctioned streetfight!

*Sexy Boy*

JR: There he is, the heartbreak kid, Shawn Michaels, will he except the games challenge?!

Shawn Michaels comes out with a microphone in his hand

HBK: HHH, you want to settle this once and for all? Well backstage, I listened to you talking and I thought to myself, this can’t be settled once and for all, now I will except your challenge for a match at Summerslam but do you really think that it’s gonna end there? I mean, we’ve gone at it for 2 years now. So I came to this conclusion, after that match, regardless of who wins or who loses, the loser must raise, the winners hand in victory.

HHH: Oh I see Shawn, you want alittle stipulation well heres what I have to say, in Four Weeks time, Montreal Canada, you will raise my hand in victory after I dish the worst punishment that I can! Shawn, now that I think about it, you wont even be able to raise my hand in victory when it’s over because I will end your career and cripple your ass for life just like I should’ve done two years ago!

HBK: HHH, you talk a lot of smack, well now you have a chance to bring it to me where it counts in that ring!

HHH: Oh I will bring it Shawn, I will and with it I’ll bring you blood, sweat, tears and pain unimaginable on basic standards! Shawn Michaels, your judgement day is upon us, our you the heart break kid, are you the legend you say you are? Or are you just another guy that I’m gonna add to my list of people I’ve destroyed before! However there is one difference between you and them, you see with you after that match, your career will be over! Summerslam, you don’t just stand before your peers, you stand before the game, and you will learn like so many before you that you cannot win and I am THAT DAMN GOOD!

HBK: HHH! We’ve heard it all before! The real man that needs to put up or shut up is you! Because during that match, your not gonna have Flair or Batista in your corner, your not gonna have Evolution to save you when things get rough and in the end your gonna have to face the music alone, the sweet chin music! Summerslam, you truly are being taken to hell and I will drive you there!

HBK drops the mic and his music plays as HHH and he stare at each other

JR: At Summerslam, HHH vs HBK one on one! Thats huge, We’ll be right back!

JR: Moments ago a challenge for an unsanctioned streetfight at Summerslam was made and our general manager ahs confirmed that it will happen, at Summerslam it will be HHH vs Shawn Michaels.

King: Well the game said he will cripple old HBK once and for all and let’s see if he’ll follow up

JR: Well ladies and gentlemen, its main event time here on Raw and
*Break the Walls Down*

Chris Jericho comes out and does his usual poses all the way to the ring, he gets in and does the ropes thing and waits for his opponent to come out, The Rock.
*If ya Smell*

The Rock comes out and walks to the ring, he gives a few high fives and slides in as the bell rings and it’s main event time, the crowd starts a “Rocky, Rocky” chant and the bell rings.

World Heayweight Championship
1 fall to a finish
The Rock© vs Chris Jericho​
26:00 into the match: A very back and fourth match, both men get the upper hand numerous times throughout, they both get out of each other finishers, Jericho elbows out of the Rock Bottom and Rock throws Jericho off as he’s going for the Walls of Jericho. There’s a lot of mat wrestling, Jericho almost gets counted out as does The Rock. One of the maion highlights of the match are when Rock nails a Rock Bottom through the spanish announce table to Jericho on the outside! At one point Jerichophits the lionsault but it only gets a two and a half count! Rock nails a peoples elbow and that also gets two. Rock hits Rock Bottom but Jericho kicks out again, Jericho brings a chair into the ring and Rock kicks it into his face! Jericho goes down. The end of the match see’s both men tired and each one could fall at any moment, Jericho puts Rock on the top turnbuckle and clims up, he looks to be going for a superplex but The Rock punches him twice in the midsection and nails a Rock Bottom off the top rope!! He covers Jericho


Rock then gets up, not even arguing and signals for the peoples elbow he goes off the ropes and goes off the other but John Cena gets on the apron and Rock punches him, hard to get him off, Rock turns around and Jericho lowblows him while the referee doesnt see, Jericho nails Rock with a Rock Bottom! He covers The Rock as the referee counts


Rock kicks out!!
The Matrch goes Jericho’s way for alittle while until Rock takes im down with a surprise clothesline and nails a peoples elbow successfully, he covers


Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock

Cena gets in the ring and quickly attacks The Rock, he throws him into the turnbuckle but Rock reverses and throws Cena out of the ring! Jericho starts to walk up the ramp until The Big Show comes out! Jericho hops the barricade to get away, he runs through the crowd and Cena looks at Rock holding his jaw on the outside.

JR: The Rock has retained! BY GAWD WHAT A MATCH!!

King: Where’s Jericho going!?

JR: Who cares The Rock is victorious, and John Cena is now backing off as well, those men will meet at Summerslam, this s JR alongside Jerr “The King” Lawler, we thank you for joining us, and we’ll see you next week!

One last shot of John Cena on the outside and then The Rock holding up his title and looking at Cena, giving the people’s eyebrow.

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Great way to kick off the new thread. Commentary was solid and very realistic throughout, especially the bits about HHH. Opening promo was a great first confrontation between the Rock and Cena plus the announcement of Jericho vs Rock was huge. Eddie Carlito confrontation was very intense and it will be interesting to see where this goes plus what comes of Rhyno beating Carlito. Very good idea to have interviews with Jericho and Triple H before their match and the Big Show confrontation with Jericho was intriguing. HHH HBK promo was well written and an Unsanctioned Street Fight is a worthy way to end their fued. The main event went well with some good false finishes and the end with Big Show and Cena was a nice touch. Overall 9/10 and a tremendous debut show.

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Sorry for the double post but I have decided to go ahead and post the Smackdown preview.

Smackdown General Manager Theodore R. Long has declared a new generation for Smackdown and has already confirmed two huge title matches. Billy Kidman and Paul London defend their WWE Tag Team Championships against the upstart team of the Hurricane and Shannon Moore while Rey Mysterio challenges Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight title. Plus in other action Booker T teams up with former partner and United States Champion Rob Van Dam to take on the newly reunited Edge and Christian. Make sure you don’t miss out on these three huge matches plus plenty more action as Smackdown airs this Thursday at 8/7c on UPN.

Confirmed Matches

WWE Tag Team Championships
Billy Kidman and Paul London (c) vs. The Hurricane and Shannon Moore

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Chavo Guerrero (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

Booker T and Rob Van Dam vs. Edge and Christian

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WHOA!!!!!!! Brilliant way to kick off this thread.

The opening exchange between The Rock and Cena was TOO good for SummerSlam build up. Seemed to be better suited for a promo leading to WM!!! Brilliant way to kick off the feud, letting the two men do what they do best.

Noticed a mistake in commentary with King calling Triple H, 'HHH'. Its fine for during matches, but not when talking.

FBI vs The Dudleys for 18:00 minutes?? A bit too long IMO, but its nice to see the tag division get a push.

Should be a good feud between Eddie and Carlito. Average start, but should pick up pretty quick, as it is becoming personal, fast.

Looks like a Jericho - Big Show feud for SummerSlam too. Never seen those two feud before, at least not in my memory.

HHH - HBK @ SS. LOVELY!!!! Would have preferred a different stipulation, but anyways, its still a great feud, and the promo was intense, and well put together.

Carlito losing to Rhyno was a bit of a shock, maybe a 3 way @ Summerslam???

Main Event looked to be extremely solid, and I'm glad Rock came through, so it leaves Rock - Cena the time to build up over the next few weeks.

Excellent first show, and can things get better from here?? 9/10.

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yes Wolf Beast, things can get better

I have alot planned for this on the raw side, also look for SD up either late tommorow night or Sunday afternoon-night

By the way i am extremely proud of that Jericho-Rock opener and had the most fun I've ever had writing that promo

The reason the FBI Dudley match was long was because I thought that a tag title match like this would be interesting, Nunzio and The FBI were very entertaining and I thought it would be good

Also an update, Summerslam will be posted after three more Raws and four Smackdown's

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Alright well for those looking for an update I am home from hockey and free for the rest of the night. Tomorrow is our championship game and there is a banquet afterwards. On a positive note I have no homework this weekend so up until the late afternoon tomorrow I can have my focus on Smackdown. Hopefully I am able to set myself up in a position to post late Saturday night or early morning Sunday but I sliced my finger open a few hours ago so my typing will not be at top speed. Through all of this the latest post time for Smackdown will be Sunday night but I am aiming to have it up sooner. Keep the RAW replies coming and also check out the Smackdown preview.

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Smackdown will be up tomorrow night sometime during RAW. I have come under the weather and for the good of my week have decided that a good sleep tonight would be of the essence. That means I won't be pulling a late night in order to get Smackdown up. Sorry for the delay and and for those who haven't yet make sure to review RAW.

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Good first Raw. It's good to see the Rock is World Heavyweight Champion. I like the build up between the Rock and John Cena I also liked the Main Event between Chris Jericho and the Rock. It's good to see your using FBI and making them the Tag Team Champs. Overall good first show as mentioned 9/10

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Step Up by Drowning Pool blasts throughout the arena and the pyro goes off to signal that Smackdown is on the air.

Cole: Alongside Tazz I’m Michael Cole and welcome to the next generation of Smackdown. And what a show it will be as General Manager Theodore Long has already confirmed two huge title matches for later tonight

Tazz: Yes Billy Kidman and Paul London will defend their WWE Tag Team Championships against the team of the Hurricane and Shannon Moore while in other action Rey Mysterio challenges Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight Championship

Cole: But that isn’t even the best of the confirmed matches as Booker T teams with former partner and United States Champion Rob Van Dam to take on Edge and Christian.

Medal hits and Kurt Angle heads to the ring while the crowd bombards him with massive You Suck chants. As he walks he shines up his WWE Championship.

Tazz: Oh but what better way to kick things off than with the WWE Champion Kurt Angle

Cole: I’m just surprised he is coming out here without his goons

Tazz: If you mean Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrack they are referred to as protégés

Angle enters the ring and is handed a microphone.

Angle: It seems that the WWE has decided to go ahead and usher in the next generation. However, one thing still remains the same; I am still your WWE Champion. And you see it is only fitting that this title rests on my shoulder since I am the greatest wrestler to ever set foot in a WWE ring. My list of victories is endless. Austin, Hogan, Rock, Triple H, Undertaker I have not only beaten them all but I have made each of them tap out. In some cases the only time they have been forced to submit in their career. You can line up any challenger on the face of this Earth and I will do what I have done to every other man who challenged for my title. I will make him tap out or I will break his freakin' ankle. You may not like to admit it but each and every one of you knows that there is no one who can beat me. I am by far the single greatest thing to ever happen to this company and that is why...

Whatever hits and Chris Benoit makes his way to the ring, microphone already in hand. Angle looks furious as Benoit enters the ring.

Tazz: I can’t believe the audacity of Chris Benoit for interrupting the champion

Cole: Oh be quiet and let the man speak

Benoit: Angle I have had just about enough of hearing you run your mouth out here about how you are the greatest wrestler of all time. Yes you have beaten all those legends and you have made me tap out as well but what you fail to mention is the rest of the story. You fail to include the part about the interference, the chair shots, the low blows, the thumb to the eyes and the list goes on. If it weren't for cheating you wouldn't have accomplished half of things you have managed to. The point I am trying to make Angle is simple. You are a good wrestler but when it comes to the two of us well I am just the better wrestler. And that is why...

Angle: Hold on a second there Benoit. You say you are a better wrestler than me but you couldn't be more wrong. All you have to look at for proof is the match history between the two of us.

Benoit: Yes Angle I realize you have gotten the better of me more times than I have done so to you but there is no doubt that if it weren't for you cheating the results would be different. You couldn't beat me cleanly on my worst day and if you think any different well then...

Angle: Well what? I have beaten you more times you have beaten me and that is all that matters. Whether I cheated or not is beside the point. This title on my shoulder represents the fact that I am better than you.

Benoit: No it doesn't Angle. It proves that with cheating you are better than the man you beat for it. You see when it comes to us Angle I could beat you any day of the week.

Angle: If...

Benoit: Angle the talking is over. There is only one thing left for you to do. PROVE ME WRONG!

MacMilitant hits and Smackdown General Manager Theodore R. Long enters the arena carrying a microphone.

Cole: Here comes the General Manager to clear things up

Tazz: Let’s just hope he makes the right decision

Long: Hold on a minute there playas. I got a good idea of where this is headed. Tonight is the start of the next generation on Smackdown and personally I think the Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit match has been done one to many times. But I got no problems with having one final encounter to find out which one of you crackers is the better wrestler. So on August 21 at Summerslam Chris Benoit will challenge Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship. Now give me a Holla Holla Holla.

Cole: Whoa what a huge announcement by the General Manager. Kurt Angle puts the title on the line against Chris Benoit at Summerslam

Tazz: This is certainly not going to sit well with the Angle coalition

Angle and Benoit go nose to nose and talk trash with each other.


Cole: Welcome back folks and for those just joining us you missed a blockbuster announcement by Theodore Long

Tazz: Yes Cole it was announced that Chris Benoit will challenge Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship at Summerslam

Cole: That is sure to be one for the ages and let’s not forget some of the epic encounters those two have had before

Tazz: Let’s also not forgot the fact that Kurt Angle has Chris Benoit’s number

JBL is shown walking backstage. He walks up to Theodore Long's office and knocks on the door.

Long: It's open. Come in.

JBL proceeds into Long's office.

Long: What can I do for ya playa?

JBL: Tonight you said you would be ushering in the next generation here on Smackdown.

Long: And I have. What's your point?

JBL: No you haven't. That's my point Teddy...

Long: That's Mr. Long to you playa

JBL: Mr. Long, you know as well as I do that I am the franchise player here on Smackdown.

Long: That's arguable now get to the point JBL.

JBL: As I said I am the franchise yet you give Chris Benoit a title shot at Summerslam. Hell you even said for yourself that Angle vs. Benoit has been done one too many times.

Long: What I also said is that I felt the need to settle the score between Angle and Benoit once and for all. That's why I made that match. Now what are trying to get at?

JBL: Well...I think that I deserve a shot at the title.

Long: Fair enough playa.

JBL: So it's me vs. Angle at Summerslam then. Thank you so much Mr. Long.

Long: Hold on a second there cracker. I never said that you would be facing Kurt Angle at Summerslam. What I meant was that later tonight is that you will have an opportunity to turn the Angle vs. Benoit match into a triple threat.

JBL: So I challenge for the title in a triple threat match then?

Long: No. Right now you don't. You must first win your match here tonight.

JBL: So who am I facing then?

Long: Tonight you will have the opportunity to be added to the WWE title match at Summerslam when you go one on one with...KANE!

JBL appears furious as we cut back to the arena.

Tazz: Finally a good decision by Theodore Long by adding JBL to the WWE Championship match at Summerslam

Cole: That is if JBL can defeat Kane later tonight and I for one don’t like his chances

Tazz: Well JBL is a man with a plan and definitely has to be considered the favorite

Cole: I don’t know any plan that could lead JBL to victory against the Big Red Machine

Take What’s Mine hits and Randy Orton makes his way to the ring to a large chorus of boos. He enters the ring and grabs a microphone.

Orton: Tonight we usher in the next generation here on Smackdown. And who better to lead the next generation than the youngest, most charismatic and best looking superstar in the WWE? Who better than Randy Orton? For those who don’t believe me all you doubters have to do is watch what I do to Hardcore Holly in my upcoming match. I am going to beat his so bad that…

How Do You Like Me Now

Hardcore Holly proceeds to the ring receiving a decent pop in the process.

Randy Orton vs. Hardcore Holly

8:00 into the match: Holly has Orton grounded with a rear chin lock but Orton battles back to a vertical base. Orton nails Holly with an elbow the chest and follows up with an inverted backbreaker. Orton signals for the RKO as Holly struggles to his feet. Holly is up and Orton goes for the RKO but Holly pushes him away. Orton comes back and Holly goes for the Alabama Slam but Orton performs a victory roll.



Holly just kicks out. Both men are up and Holly tries a running clothesline but Orton sidesteps and nails the RKO on Holly. Orton makes the cover.




Winner: Randy Orton

Randy Orton celebrates up the rampway as Hardcore Holly remains down in the ring.


Cole: An impressive showing by Randy Orton just moments ago and coming up in a few moments will be the WWE Tag Team Championship match

Tazz: Billy Kidman and Paul London will defend against the upstart team of the Hurricane and Shannon Moore

Cole: And let’s not forget the chemistry of Hurricane and Moore who grew up friends in North Carolina

Tazz: But before this match happens Funaki has a special interview for us

Cole: So at this time let’s send things to our backstage colleague Funaki

Funaki: Funaki Smackdown #1 Announcer here with Edge. Edge later tonight you team with Christian against Booker T and United States Champion Rob Van Dam. What are your thoughts about this tag team match?

Edge: My thoughts? You wanna know my thoughts? I am thinking about how sick and tired I am of hearing all this crap about Rob Van Dam. Mr. Thursday Night, Mr. Pay Per View, The Whole Dam Show and every on nickname you stupid fans have labeled him with. Well let RVD have all his little nicknames because this show is a joke anyways. I mean come on. You are the best this show can do for a backstage interviewer? You can't even speak English right for Christ’s sake. But that doesn't matter either. You see the only thing that matters is that United States Title that at this point in time belongs to RVD. But that all changes tonight when I show the world who is the true United States Champion when I annihilate RVD in our tag team match.

Cole: Strong words by Edge heading into his match later tonight

Tazz: But right now it is time for Billy Kidman and Paul London to defend their WWE Tag Team Championships

Cole: Four of the top cruiserweights go at with the tag titles on the line

Eye of the Hurricane hits and The Hurricane and Shannon Moore head to the ring as they receive an alright pop.

You Can Run hits and Billy Kidman and Paul London charge to the ring receiving a massive pop in the process.

WWE Tag Team Championships
Billy Kidman and Paul London (c) vs. The Hurricane and Shannon Moore

10:00 into the match: London has Hurricane in the corner and starts a ten punch. After five Hurricane attempts a powerbomb but London counters into a hurricanrana. Both men crawl towards their corners and tag in their respective partners. Kidman nails Moore with a clothesline and then plants Hurricane with a BK Bomb. London nails Moore with a dropsault as Hurricane rolls to the outside. Kidman heads to the top rope as London slingshots himself over the top rope taking out Hurricane. Kidman leaps of the top rope and executes the Shooting Star Press on Moore. Kidman makes the cover and hooks the leg.




Winners: Billy Kidman and Paul London

The referee hands Kidman and London their tag team title belts and then raises their arms. Kidman and London are about to leave the ring but decide otherwise. Kidman helps up the Hurricane while London helps up Shannon Moore. All four men embrace in the ring before heading up the ramp together.

Cole: What a great show of respect by four tremendous cruiserweights after a fabulous tag team match

Tazz: Yes and it really opens up the question of who the next challengers for the tag titles will be


Cole: As good as that tag match was a few moments ago Tazz you have to believe this upcoming tag match will top it

Tazz: Yes Cole it will be great to see Edge and Christian back together to shut up Booker T and Rob Van Dam once and for all

Cole: I wouldn’t be so confident. Booker T and Ron Van Dam are not only former tag team champions but Rob Van Dam is the current United States Champion

You Think You Know Me

Edge makes his way to the ring to a large chorus of boos

Just Close Your Eyes hits and Christian makes his way to the ring accompanied by his Problem Solver Tyson Tomko. He taunts the crowd which gets him tremendous heat

Can You Dig It Sucka

Booker T makes his way to the ring to great cheers for the crowd

One Of A Kind hits and the United States Champion Rob Van Dam makes his way to the ring getting a tremendous pop. He does the RVD taunt as Edge looks on in disgust

Edge and Christian vs. Booker T and Rob Van Dam

14:00 into the match: Christian has Booker T in the corner and climbs to the second rope. Christian plants Booker T with a tornado reverse DDT and makes the cover.



Booker T kicks out. Christian gets Booker T up and positions him for the Unprettier. Booker T pushes Christian away and Christian comes back. Booker T plants Christian with the Bookend and crawls to his corner. Booker T tags in RVD who immediately climbs to the top rope. RVD leaps of and goes for the Five Star Frog Splash but Christian gets his knees up to block. Christian crawls and tags in his partner Edge. Edge stalks RVD who is struggling to his feet. RVD is up and turns to Edge who charges at RVD. RVD sidesteps the spear and RVD goes hard shoulder first into the ring post. RVD executes a back suplex on Edge and follows up with a split legged moonsault. RVD has a cover but Tyson Tomko is up on the apron distracting the referee. Booker T heads over and knocks Tomko off the apron with a right hand. Christian comes over and sends Booker T to the outside. RVD bounces off the ropes and sends Christian to the outside with a flying crossbody block. RVD turns to Edge who charges and nails RVD with the spear. Edge makes the cover.




Winners: Edge and Christian

Cole: What a statement made by Edge and Christian especially Edge by pinning Rob Van Dam

Tazz: Edge did exactly what he said he would and that should definitely put him in line for a United States Title shot

Cole: I would agree but you have to think things would be different if Edge were to go one on one with Rob Van Dam

Tazz: But first we will have to see if Theodore Long can put his bias on the side long enough to make the match in the first place

Tyson Tomko helps Edge and Christian up the rampway while Booker T and Rob Van Dam look on angrily from the ring.


Cole: Welcome back as we await our second and final title match here tonight

Tazz: Yes Cole Rey Mysterio challenges the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all time, none other than Chavo Guerrero

Cole: Oh please. Rey Mysterio has beaten Chavo Guerrero on numerous occasions and this match could certainly go either way

The camera cuts to Kurt Angle who is backstage with Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrack

Jindrack: I can’t believe the audacity of Theodore Long. First he makes you defend your WWE Championship against Chris Benoit at Summerslam then he gives JBL the opportunity to earn a spot in the match.

Angle: Yes it is totally unfair and the bias of Theodore Long is unbelievable but we can’t get too far ahead of ourselves. We need to focus on your guys tag team match later tonight against Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. Now I know both Haas and Benjamin inside and out. Hell I brought them into the WWE a few years ago.

Reigns: Don’t worry Angle. I am certain you have trained them well but after the actions of Theodore Long earlier Haas and Benjamin are going to have to feel my anger.

Angle: That’s what I like to hear. All I have left to say is that you two wouldn’t be my current protégés if you weren’t superior to Haas and Benjamin.

Tazz: Kurt Angle the master motivator getting the troops fired up for their match here later tonight

Cole: Yes Tazz but I have to disagree with one of the points Kurt Angle made. I believe that Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas have the advantage against Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrack especially with the experience factor and their amateur backgrounds

Tazz: But you can’t go against Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrack who will certainly have their mentor and WWE Champion Kurt Angle in their corner

Cole: But as Kurt Angle said we can’t get two far ahead of ourselves because it is time for Chavo Guerrero to defend his Cruiserweight title against Rey Mysterio

Chavo Ardiente hits and Chavo Guerrero taunts on his way to the ring receiving a large chorus of boos in the process

619 hits and Rey Mysterio shoots up onto the rampway. He receives a massive pop as he makes his way to the ring carrying the 619 cam

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Chavo Guerrero (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

12:00 into the match: Rey bounces off the ropes and catches Chavo with a springboard back elbow. Rey heads to the top rope as Chavo gets to his feet. Chavo is up and Rey executes a tilt awhirl head scissors on him. Chavo is on his knees and Rey dropkicks him in the back. Chavo ends up on the second rope and Rey hollers 619. Rey bounces off the ropes and goes for the 619 but Chavo rolls out of the way. Rey ends up on the apron and hits Chavo with the seated senton. Rey heads to the top rope as Chavo slowly gets to his feet. Rey is up and goes for a flying crossbody but Chavo ducks. Rey is up and Chavo kicks him in the stomach. Chavo hoists Rey for the Gory Bomb but Rey rolls through into a pinning predicament.



Chavo just kicks out. Both men are up and Chavo charges at Rey. Rey executes a drop toe hold and Chavo ends up on the second rope. Rey bounces off the ropes and then nails Chavo with the 619. Rey is on the apron and goes for the West Coast Pop but Chavo counters into a pin and grabs a handful of tights.




Winner: Chavo Guerrero

The referee hands Chavo his Cruiserweight title and raises his hand in victory.

Tazz: Another fabulous victory by Chavo Guerrero as he successfully defends his Cruiserweight title once again

Cole: But you have to think that Rey Mysterio is still in title contention as Chavo Guerrero did have a hold of the tights

Tazz: Rey Mysterio lost fair and square and I would be surprised if he never receives another Cruiserweight title shot again

Cole: Yes I doubt Chavo would ever give Rey another shot at his title but you have to think that with Theodore Long as General Manager the right and fair decision will be made

Tazz: In that case I wouldn’t be surprised to see a rematch next week. Anyways up next Kurt Angle’s protégés Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrack are set for tag team action

Cole: And their opponents are no strangers to Kurt Angle either. Former Team Angle members Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas take on Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrack when we return


Cole: Welcome back and get ready for what is sure to be a tremendous tag team match folks

Ain't No Stoppin' Me hits and Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas proceed to the ring receiving a great pop from the crowd

Medal hits and Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrack make their way to the ring accompanied by WWE Champion Kurt Angle

Tazz: What'd I tell ya Cole. Kurt Angle is in his protégés corner

Cole: It will be interesting to see how the numbers game comes in to play in this tag team match up

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas vs. Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrack

11:00 into the match: Benjamin charges at Jindrack in the corner and attempts a stinger splash but Jindrack avoids contact. Benjamin staggers towards Jindrack who nails him with a hard left hand. Jindrack makes the cover.



Benjamin kicks out in time. Jindrack gets up and bounces off the ropes. Jindrack tries an elbow drop but Benjamin rolls out of the way. Benjamin tags in Haas who comes in and takes Jindrack down with a deep arm drag. Haas locks in a hammerlock but Jindrack battles out. Jindrack pushes Haas away and then catches him with a standing drop kick. Jindrack crawls and tags in Reigns. Reigns comes in and executes a belly to belly suplex on Haas. Reigns charges at Benjamin who catches him with a hangman. Benjamin enters the ring and nails a stinger splash on Jindrack. Kurt Angle gets up the apron but Benjamin nails him with a superkick. Reigns is staggering around the ring until Haas executes a fisherman suplex with a bridge on him.




Winners: Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

Cole: A tremendous victory by the team of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

Tazz: I still can’t believe that Benjamin superkicked Kurt Angle for no reason

Cole: Kurt Angle had no reason to be up on the apron and deserves what he got

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas celebrate in the ring while Mark Jindrack attends to Kurt Angle on the outside. Then out of nowhere Luther Reigns nails Charlie Haas from behind with a clubbing blow to the back of the head. Benjamin and Reigns exchange punches until Jindrack slides in the ring. Jindrack and Reigns double team Benjamin in the corner until Haas deliver a release german suplex on Jindrack. Benjamin battles back against Reigns and goes for a kick but Reigns catches the boot. Reigns says something to Benjamin who counters into the dragon whip. Haas struggles to lock in the Haas of Pain on Jindrack but finally manages to lock it in. Jindrack is tapping but the match is already over. Just then Kurt Angle slides in the ring and nails Haas in the back of the head with his WWE Championship. Angle heads over to Benjamin who is stomping away at Reigns in the corner. Angle nails Benjamin who turns to meet Angle. Benjamin goes for a clothesline but Angle ducks and plants Benjamin with the Angle Slam. The three on two assault continues until Chris Benoit storms the ring. Reigns tries a right hand but Benoit blocks and executes a snap suplex on him. Reigns rolls to the outside as Benoit heads for Angle. Angle slides to the outside as Benoit yells at him to get back in the ring. Meanwhile Jindrack sneaks up on Benoit from behind. Jindrack is about to nail Benoit from behind but Benoit turns and counters into the Crossface. Benoit gets the Crossface locked in and Jindrack taps out which only leads to Benoit increasing the pain. Eventually Benoit releases the hold and Jindrack rolls to the outside. Benoit celebrates with Benjamin and Haas in the ring while Angle watches on with Reigns and Jindrack from the rampway.

Cole: Benoit, Benjamin and Haas stand tall while Angle, Reigns and Jindrack head for a safe retreat

Tazz: I saw what happened. But we all know that Chris Benoit had no business being out here

Cole: Well Angle and company had no business attacking Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas after they came up short in the match

Tazz: That match didn’t even matter Cole. What match does matter is the WWE Championship match at Summerslam

Cole: Yes it sure does matter Tazz. And standing by with Josh Matthews is a man who has the opprotunity to earn his way into that match. Take it away Josh

Matthews: JBL up next you have the opprotunity to earn a spot in the WWE Championship match at Summerslam. But first you must win your upcoming match against Kane

JBL: Yes I already know that and I don’t need you reinforcing the fact. Now get to your question son I got a match to go win

Matthews: Well JBL I just wanted to know what you feel your chances are in the match?

JBL: I have to face Kane. How do you think my chances are in the match?

Matthews: Well not very good I guess

JBL: Wrong. My chances are very good. As good as Kane is he has his weaknesses. Kane may be a monster but that is his greatest weakness of all. You see Kane is crazed without a cause. I however do have a cause. I must win this match if I want any chance of winning the WWE Championship at Summerslam. Along with no motivation Kane has another weakness. Kane lacks intelligence. And that means that Kane has no plan. However, I for one do have a plan and a foolproof one at that. As a matter of fact my plan is so good that I guarantee you will see JBL challenging for the WWE title at Summerslam.

Cole: I am definitely surprised by the confidence of JBL heading into his upcoming match

Tazz: JBL can be as confident as he wants because even if he wins here tonight he has no chance of victory when Summerslam rolls around

Cole: But you would have to think a victory over Kane would give JBL plenty of momentum heading into the title match

Tazz: JBL could have all the momentum in the world and not be able to beat Kurt Angle

Cole: Let’s not forget that Chris Benoit is also in that match

Tazz: Let’s also not forget the past history of Chris Benoit when he faces Kurt Angle


Cole: Welcome back folks and after the altercation before our last commercial break Theodore Long has announced a huge six man tag team main event match for next week

Tazz: Kurt Angle and his protégés Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrack will join forces against the team of Chris Benoit, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

Cole: What a match that will be but let’s not forget that it is just about time for our main event here tonight

Tazz: Yes JBL has the opprotunity to set himself up for failure

Cole: What Tazz means to say is that if JBL can manage to beat Kane he will challenge for the WWE Championship at Summerslam along with Chris Benoit

Tazz: And the man they will challenge is the greatest wrestler of all time and WWE Champion Kurt Angle

Longhorn hits and the white limousine pulls into the arena. The driver gets out and opens the door for JBL. JBL receives massive heat as he makes his way to the ring

Slow Chemical hits and Kane walks to the ring. JBL looks on with a scared but confident look on his face.

JBL vs. Kane
If JBL wins he is added to the WWE Championship match at Summerslam

15:00 into the match: JBL has Kane in the corner and is opening up on his with a series of right hands but Kane turns the table on him. Kane whips JBL diagonally across the ring and he goes hard into the turnbuckle. Kane tries to follow up with a running clothesline but JBL catches him with a back elbow. JBL plants Kane with a DDT and goes for a cover.



Kane just gets a shoulder up. JBL can’t believe it and starts arguing with the referee. JBL backs the ref into a corner as Kane gets to his feet. Kane heads over to the corner and signals for the chokeslam. JBL turns around and Kane grabs him by the throat. Kane is about to deliver the chokeslam but JBL nails him with an elbow to the side of the head. JBL plants Kane with a swinging neckbreaker and gets in the refs face before climbing to the top rope. Kane is up and JBL leaps off the top rope but Kane catches him by the throat. Kane hoists JBL up and plants him with the chokeslam.




No JBL just got a shoulder up. Kane can’t believe it and gets in the referees face. The ref motions that JBL got his shoulder but Kane doesn’t believe him and proceeds to nail the ref with a hard right hand. Kane signals for the Tombstone and heads over to JBL who is struggling to get to his feet. JBL is finally up and Kane hoists him up for the Tombstone. Kane drives JBL head first into the mat and makes the cover. The referee has yet to move and there is no count made. Kane gets up and has no idea what to do as he has already knocked out his opponent and the official. Kane is pacing the ring when Randy Orton comes from the crowd. Kane goes a clothesline but Orton ducks and delivers the RKO on Kane. Orton leaves through the crowd just as he came in as all three men are down in the ring. All three begin to come to around the same time. JBL is up first and begins to stalk Kane. Kane is up and JBL nails him with the clothesline from hell. JBL makes the cover and the ref crawls into position.




Winner: JBL

Tazz: It appears that Kurt Angle must defend his WWE Championship in a triple threat match at Summerslam

Cole: Yes with that victory by JBL he has now been added to the Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit match

Tazz: But you can’t forget the role Randy Orton played in the match

Cole: Yes Randy Orton was the difference in the match and you have to believe that Kane will seek retribution against Randy Orton

JBL celebrates in the ring while Randy Orton taunts from the rampway. One last shot of Kane who looks on furiously.


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good smackdown

JBL vs Angle vs Benoit will be great, hope Cena vs The Rock can top it

Kane and Orton, wow could this mean a match?

i love Billy Kidman-London as a tag team in this, hope they keep their belts longer then they did

The only promblem was you kept saying new era over and over again but thats no big deal

overall Summerslam is shaping up and it should be good

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