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The rosters of each show is currently exactly the same for now it will be starting two weeks after Judgement Day 2005 with Raw:

Breaking News from WWE.com
The following superstars have been released from the WWE, we wish them all the best in their future endeavours.
Candace Michelle
Chris Masters
Gene Snitsky
Maria Kanellis
Simon Dean
Steven Richards
Val Venis
Joy Giovanni
Kenzo Suzuki
Lauren Jones
Michelle McCool-Alexander
Scotty Too Hotty
Spike Dudley

Raw 30/5: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Raw theme tune plays-Pyro go off

J.R: “Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw, we have a huge announcement coming up from the owner of the WWE, Vince McMahon.”

King: “That Mr McMahon, to you J.R., but I can’t wait to hear what Mr. McMahon has to say.”

Vince McMahon Music Hits:

J.R. “Looks like your not going to have to wait long King, here comes the boss now.”

Vince McMahon enters the ring:
Vince McMahon: “Last year after Wrestlemania, we had a draft lottery, what a success, that was, so this year I have decided to shake things up again.” “Now your all probably wondering when this is going to happen, well folks, it happens tonight, and nobody is exempt.”

Vince McMahon leaves the ring:

J.R: “What a blockbuster announcement made by Mr. McMahon right there, we tonight on Raw are to have the draft lottery, where everyone job is on the line and could be moved to another show.”

King: “This could be the end of the J.R and King era on Raw.”

J.R: “This very well much could be we, shall see what happens, later here tonight on Monday Night Raw.”

Muhammad Hassan Music Hits:
Lilian Garcia: “This match is scheduled for one fall, Introducing first, accompanied by Daivari, from Detroit, Mich, weighing in at 243lbs Muhammad Hassan.”

Muhammad Hassan takes the mic:
Muhammad Hassan: “Time after Time, I have been screwed by the WWE, and all its predigest fans, well tonight that ends, not only after I beat Shelton Benjamin, but when the draft lottery happens, the Arabian Knights ride forward.”

J.R: “That’s a cryptic message from Hassan.”

King: “This man is cryptic altogether in my opinion.”

Shelton Benjamin Music Hits:
Lilian Garcia: “His opponent, from Orangeburg S.C. weighing in at 245lbs, WWE Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin”

Match 1:
Match Notes: Shelton and Muhammad tie-up, Shelton gets the upper hand, with an arm drag, and back-body drop, then an armbar, but then Daivari begins to climb the apron, Benjamin is distracted, grabs Daivari round the head, but Hassan makes the save with a double axe handle to the back of Benjamin. Hassan then works on Shelton back area, hit a back breaker, sidewalk slam, and locking in a reverse chin lock, Shelton refused to give up, as the fans try to cheer Shelton on. Hassan goes for his modified STO, but Shelton counters the move and hits Hassan with a suplex. Benjamin got a second wind, and begin to take out Hassan hitting a scoop slam, then from the top rope a flying clothesline, Daivari climbs the apron again and Benjamin takes him out with spinning heel kick, Hassan crawled up into the corner, and Benjamin goes for the Stinger Splash, but before Shelton connects Hassan throws the referee, in his way, who in-avertedly gets taken out, Shelton then hit’s the T-Bone Suplex onto Hassan, he then tries to revive the ref, then out the crowd comes a tall masked man, who enters the ring and hits Shelton with super kick to the temple, Shelton laid out cold, as the masked man drags Hassan over Shelton, the masked man revives the ref, before making his exit through the fans celebrating, the ref with a slow count, 1.….,2.….,3.…
Here is your winner: Muhammad Hassan.

J.R. “Damn that Hassan, he has gone and beat Shelton Benjamin, and had to result to outside interference.”

King: “Though J.R. that ponders the question, who was that masked man, who super kicked Shelton,”

J.R “I do wonder if this is anything referring to Hassan “Arabian Knights.”

-Commercial Break-

Backstage: Todd Grisham with Christian and Tyson Tomko
Todd Grisham: “Christian with the upcoming draft tonight, do you hope you get drafted over to Smackdown, or remain here on Raw?”

Christian: “Let me tell you this Todd, ever since I have been on Raw, I have been shafted, and never got the chance I deserve, and I am even a main eventer, though that changes tonight, I know I am going to Smackdown, that shows needs charisma, and who better than Capitan Charisma to liven that show up, especially now its time-slots changed to a Friday night, Captain Charisma will get Smackdown viewers and fans, and Cena you wait, because I am coming for you, because that’s how I roll.”

Back at Ringside
Edge Music Hits

Lilian Garcia: “The next match is scheduled for one fall, Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Lita, from Toronto, Canada, weighing at 240lbs, Edge.”

Tajiri Music Hits:
Lilian Garcia: “His opponent, hailing from Japan, weighing at 205lbs, Tajiri”

Match 2:
Match Notes: As Tajiri enters the ring Edge immediately begins to attack with kicks to Tajiri, Edge hit’s a series of slams and suplexes, Edge then dropkicks Tajiri, who stumbles into the ropes and gets his neck caught, as Edge distracts the referee, Lita pulls onto Tajiri legs to choke him out, referee then notices Tajiri is caught free Tajiri, who slowly staggers up and is met by the spear, Edge makes the cover 1,2,3.

Here is your winner: Edge

J.R. “Edge and Lita have done it again, first they screwed Matt Hardy, then Kane and now they screw Tajiri.”

King: “Hey J.R. its just money in the bank for Edge and Lita.”

Lights dim, pyro’s go off at the entrance, as Edge and Lita begin to leave on the titration, an image of a white angel is shown, before lights return on.

King: “What the hell was that.”

J.R. “I think that was a message for Edge and Lita, who seem to be making a hasty retreat.”

-Commercial Break-

Backstage in Eric Bischoff Office, with Rico and The Heart-Throbs.

Eric Bischoff: “Its good to see you again in the WWE again, Rico.”

Rico: “Thank you, Mr. Bischoff, my clients here Antonio and Romeo wanted a bit of style advice, and now I am back, anyway to the point, now that fat lump Rosey, has gone, the WWE Tag Titles are vacant, now my clients here the Heart-Throbs deserve to be given the WWE Tag Titles.” (Antonio and Romeo nod in agreement.)

Eric Bischoff: “Well you see here Rico and Heart-Throbs, I have decided that next week on Raw, the Tag Titles will be decided in a Fatal-Four-Way Tag Team Elimination Match, it will be Heart-Throbs-vs.- La Resistance -vs.- William Regal and Tajiri and Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho, and by the way next it is going to be Romeo -vs.- Chris Benoit.”

J.R. “What an announcement, next week, the Tag Titles are going to be resolved in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match.”

King: “What a match, that is going to be, but what if any of these superstars are not here after the draft though.”

J.R. “That’s a valid point King, though Mr. McMahon has not released any details of how he is to run the draft, so we shall see later tonight.”

Chris Benoit Music Hits
Lilian Garcia: “The next match is scheduled for one fall, Introducing now residing in Atlanta, weighing at 220lbs, Chris Benoit.”

Heart-Throbs Music Hits:
Lilian Garcia: “His opponent representing the Heart-Throbs, accompanied by Rico and Antonio, weighing at 220lbs, Romeo.”

Match 3:
Match Notes: Benoit and Romeo start up with a tie-up in which Benoit take control, locks in a reverse waist lock then hitting Romeo with a German Suplex. Benoit works on Romeo arm, with an armbar takedown, and locking an armbar submission. Romeo fights back into the match with a few jabs, before hitting Benoit with a back suplex, Romeo takes control of the match by hitting Benoit with a neckbraker and a bulldog, Romeo gets a couple near falls, then Romeo climbs to the top rope goes for a flying clothesline in which Benoit counters and locks in the crossface, Romeo taps out.
Here is your winner: Chris Benoit via submission

Post-Match: Antonio and Rico enter the ring and start a post-match beat down, Benoit is being beaten viciously by the Heart-Throbs, who then hit their finisher on Benoit, while the crowd chant for Y2J.

J.R. “That was horrible what the Heart-Throbs just done to Benoit, it was a 3 on 1 assault, and where was his partner Chris Jericho too help out.”

King: “That was a viscous beat down just now, I’ve not seen that ever happen to Benoit, and J.R. you are right, where was Y2J Chris Jericho to help his partner Chris Benoit.”

-Commercial Break-

Backstage Todd Grisham running to catch up Chris Jericho:

Todd Grisham: “Chris, Chris, did you just see what happened to your partner in the ring.”

Chris Jericho: “No, I thought his match was later tonight”

Todd Grisham: “Chris Benoit just received a 3 on 1 attack by the Heart-Throbs and is now being taken out of the arena.”

Chris Jericho: “You gotta be kidding, Chris, I am so sorry, I had a bit of business to take care off after hearing about our arranged Fatal-Four-Way Match next week, I had to sort out some stuff with Fozzy, Chris I’m sorry, I’ve gotta go.”

Backstage in the locker Triple H caressing his sledgehammer and Ric Flair:

Ric Flair: “Whooo, Game that was amazing last week what you done to Batista, not only did he get the sledgehammer, he got the pedigree, the most devastating finisher in this business, whooo.”

Triple H: “Batista had what was coming to him, and believe me in the next coming weeks he only going to get a whole lot more from the cerebral assassin.”

Jonathan Coachman enters:
Jonathan Coachman: “Guys I’ve been looking everywhere for you, Triple H, Ric, Eric Bischoff has assigned tonight’s main event, it is going to be Batista-vs.- Ric Flair in a No DQ match, and Triple H your barred from ringside.”

Triple H grabs Jonathan Coachman
Triple H: “I am the game, no one, I mean no one bars Triple H from his show Raw, so tell Bischoff that I am going to be there.”

Jonathan Coachman leaves
Triple H: “Hey Naitch, better get ready because after tonight Batista is through.”

-Commercial Break-

J.R. “King what an announcement tonight main event Batista -vs.- Ric Flair in a No DQ match.”

King: “I know what a match, Batista is sure probably looking for revenge after what the Nature Boy done last week, when he hit Batista with that low blow.”

J.R. “Don’t also forget the wildcard Triple H, Eric Bischoff has barred him from ringside, but I didn’t seem that the Game was going to be stopped.”

King: “The Game looks like a man possessed, I know he wants the World Heavyweight Title back, I have not seen him like this for a long while now.”

J.R. “And as for next week show folks we have the Fatal-Four-Way Elimination Match for the Tag Titles.”

King: “Four great teams, Regal and Tajiri, La Resistance, The Heart-Throbs and Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho, and after what happened tonight will Jericho and Benoit even be on the same page?”

J.R. “Also announced for next week is a No. 1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title, as Muhammad Hassan goes up against Shelton Benjamin.”
King: “What a match this is going to be, Hassan beat Benjamin earlier tonight with help of outside interference, I wonder J.R will we find out more about that masked man who attacked Benjamin and Hassan “Arabian Knights.”

J.R. “But coming up next folks, it is the 2005 Lottery Draft, don’t go anywhere.”

-Commercial Break-

Vince McMahon is standing in the ring, with two security guards, and a box.

Vince McMahon: “Now tonight everyone will be the 2005 Lottery Draft, where anyone, whether it is superstars, announcers, referees and even general managers could be sent to another show. The format of the draft is follows, each show and general manager has 6 picks, though not all 6 picks happen tonight, 3 picks of who is coming over to Raw will be done by Eric Bischoff. This Thursday on Smackdown 3 picks of who is going over to Smackdown will be done by Theodore Long, Next Monday on Raw Eric Bischoff has his remaining 3 picks and Next Thursday on Smackdown Theodore Long has his remaining 3 picks, both General Managers then have a negotiation clause, in which if they are not happy with their pick they can negotiate to send that person back and have another person sent to that show, the superstars who are drafted over will start on their new show, two-weeks tonight, so without furthering waiting, Bischoff get your ass out here now!”

Eric Bischoff Music Hits

Vince McMahon: “Eric all you have to do now is pull out a slip from this box, 3 times and then we wait till Smackdown, for their picks.”

Eric Bischoff puts his hand into the box and draws out a slip, with a large grin appearing across his face.

J.R. “Who has Bischoff just pulled out of the box.”

Eric Bischoff: “Mr McMahon the first superstar to be drafted to Raw is…………………KURT ANGLE!”

J.R. “Oh my god, Oh my god, Raw has now the only ever Olympic Gold Medallist on its show.”

Eric Bischoff puts his hand into the box again and draws another slip,
Eric Bischoff: “Dawn Marie!”

J.R. “A Smackdown Diva, she sure to get involved here on Raw and into the Women’s Division”

Eric Bischoff for the final time puts his hand into the box and draws another slip

Eric Bischoff: “Rene Dupree!”

J.R. “The French Phoneme, back here on Raw, and possibly re-united with La Resistance.”

Vince McMahon: “Thank you Eric, now the remaining 3 picks will be made next week here on Raw, to see who is going to be drafted to Raw, but as for this week on Smackdown, Theodore Long gets his first 3 picks this week.”

Vince McMahon leaves the ring, shortly followed by Eric Bischoff

J.R. “What a 3 major picks King, Kurt Angle, Dawn Marie and Rene Dupree, these 3 are sure to ruffle a few feathers backstage”

King: “Tell me about J.R. what a feeling this is, can you imagine the matches, we could possibly even see a re-match from Wrestlemania 21 between HBK Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle, and imagine are La Resistance going to re-form as a threesome again, and Dawn Marie, what a diva, I cannot wait to see her here on Raw.”

J.R. “Well folks don’t go anywhere next up is our main event, Batista -vs.- Ric Flair, its next”

-Commercial Break-

Ric Flairs Music Hits
Lilian Garcia: “The next match is scheduled for one fall in a No DQ bout, introducing first from Charlotte N.C. weighing at 243lbs Ric Flair”


J.R. “Flair is approaching the ring himself and no Triple H insight”

King: “The Game must be following general manager Eric Bischoff orders”

Batista Music Hits
Lilian Garcia: “His opponent from Washington D.C. weighing at 317lbs he his the World Heavyweight Champion Batista”

Match 4:
Match Notes: Batista wastes no time, as he sprints to down into the ring, and takedown Ric Flair, hitting him with a series of punches, (Triple did not accompany Ric Flair to ringside) Batista hits Flair with a thunderous slam and a power clothesline sending Flair to the outside, Flair re-groups outside when Batista follows hitting him with a low blow, and a knee chop to floor Batista. Flair goes under the ring and begins to hit Batista with a trash can lid, having little effect Batista crawls into the ring slightly dazed, Flair pulls out a trash can and a few other foreign objects, Batista crawls up as Flair goes to hit him with a stop sign, in which Batista grabs, taking a leaf out of Flair book Batista low blows Flair, Irish Whips Flair and hit’s the spine buster on the trash can. Batista for the thumps downs and sets Flair up for the Batista Bomb, Triple H Music Hits, Batista drops Flair and waits staring at the entrance for Triple H, no one appears, but from behind Triple H comes out of the crowd with the sledgehammer and slides it into the ring to Flair, who plays possum for Batista, Triple H runs back into the crowd, hiding behind the railing, as Batista approaches Flair, Flair smacks Batista in the head with the sledgehammer, Batista is knocked out cold and busted open, Flair makes the cover, 1..,2...,3...
Here is your winner: Ric Flair

J.R. “How can this happen, Triple H was barred from ringside, and he blatantly interfered costing Batista the match, and handing the victory to Ric Flair.”

King: “J.R. Triple H did say no one stops him here on Raw, no one.”

Triple H grabs the mic
Triple H: “Before any one starts, yes Bischoff banned me from ringside, but I left straight after I came, so I broke no rule, and as for you Batista, 4 weeks till Vengeance, 4 words for Vengeance, Hell in a Cell.”

J.R. “What does this mean from Triple H, two weeks in a row now that sledgehammer has come into a match involving Batista, what is Batista response to Triple H, Damn that Triple H, damn that Son of a bitch.”

As Raw goes of the air Triple H and Ric Flair ensue in a post match beat-down for Batista.

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Smackdown 2/6 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Smackdown theme tune plays-Pyro’s goes off

Michael Cole: “Welcome everyone to WWE Smackdown, I’m Michael Cole alongside Tazz.”

Tazz: “Hey there partner, what a night we have for you tonight, the Smackdown side of the draft starts tonight, and I hope we get some big names as we already lost Kurt Angle to Raw.”

Michael Cole: “That’s true, though tonight I what is most likely Kurt’s last appearance on Smackdown, he has an open Angle invitation to anyone in the arena. And also tonight as you said later tonight the Smackdown draft begins.”

JBL music hits

Michael Cole: “JBL making his way to the ring, but he is not scheduled for a match as far as I’m concerned.”

JBL: “Tonight the Smackdown draft starts, and now because I’ve been beaten twice by that punk Cena, I am further away from a title shot that I deserve. So I’m hoping next week when the Raw draft takes place again, I am one of the superstars that is dragged away from here and go on a real show like Raw. (Crowd Boos) Anyway, take a long hard look as this could be the last time JBL is in a Smackdown” Theodore Long Music Hits

Theodore Long: “Hey playa, what’s the matter with you, I thought you loved performing in-front of all these great fans, but you have a problem standing in a Smackdown ring, and you have a problem not having any title shots.”

JBL: “Yeah and what’s your point Teddy!”

Theodore Long: “My point is this, tonight JBL, you are in the main event, I okayed this with the Champ, tonight JBL you don’t even have to fight in the ring, tonight JBL one last time its going to be JBL-vs.-John Cena! In a Canadian Street Fight, now if you dig that Holla, Holla, Holla.

Theodore Long leaves the ring as JBL stands stunned.

-Commercial Break-

Carlito Music Hits“Tony Chimel: The following match is scheduled for one-fall, introducing first accompanied to the ring by Carlito from Fairfield, Connecticut, weighing at 320lbs, Matt Morgan”

Big Shows Music Hits
Tony Chimel: “His opponent, Tampa Fl, Weighing in at 470lbs, The Big Show”

Michael Cole: “What a match where going to have here between these two mammoths.”
Tazz: “Hey Cole I can promise you this is not going to be pretty, two giants in at the same time, I’m surprised the ring can hold the two of them.”

Match 1:
Match Notes: Big Show and Matt Morgan go toe-toe before slugging it out in a fist fight, neither backs down , Both have a stare down, Matt Morgan runs at Big Show and hit’s a shoulder block, Show hardly budges, Big Show tries on Morgan, Morgan hardly budges, Matt Morgan tries again on Show, this time Show staggers, Big Show tries again on Matt Morgan and takes down Morgan. Matt Morgan crawl out of the ring and looks to make an exit along with Carlito, Big Show comes out to chase Matt Morgan and Carlito but is met by a big boot from Matt Morgan, Morgan then throws Show into the steel steps before ramming his head into the ring post. Referee called off the match, as Morgan continues to beat down Big Show. Matt Morgan drags Big Show up hoists him onto his shoulders and then F5 Big Show onto the security railing, which gives way under Big Shows weight. For good measure Carlito spits his apple into Big Show.

Here is your winner: No Contest

Tazz: “Cole have you ever seen anything like that, last week Big Show is F5 through the announce table, this week on the railings. This Matt Morgan is an animal, a beast, wow.”

Michael Cole: “I have to totally agree with you there Tazz, but what Matt Morgan just done is totally uncalled for, Big Show is totally out of it.”

Paramedics help Big Show out of the arena

Backstage Josh Matthews with Chavo Guerrero

Josh Matthews: “Chavo tonight you have the chance to become the No.1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Title, how do you rate your chances?.”

Chavo Guerrero “Josh, how do I rate my chances I am in the ring with a useless cruiserweight who don’t even deserve to be in the ring at the same time as me, I am the greatest cruiserweight ever, I created lucha style cruiserweight bouts, not Rey Mysterio and Psy, Psy, someone, anyway it was me, so tonight I guarantee I will beat Kidman to become No 1. Contender for the Cruiserweight Title.”

Chavo leaves the backstage area to ringside

Chavo Music Hits
Tony Chimel: “The next match is scheduled for one fall and is the No. 1 Contendership match for the Cruiserweight Championship, Introducing first from El Paso, Texas, weighing at 210lbs Chavo Guerrero.”

Michael Cole: “Chavo sounding confident just now, he must be a favourite to win this match”

Billy Kidman Music Hits:
Tony Chimel: “Introducing his opponent from Allentown Pa. Weighing at 195lbs, Billy Kidman

Match 2:
Match Notes: Kidman and Chavo lock up in a heel -vs.- heel bout, Chavo gains the early upper hand with a knee to the gut of Kidman, Chavo then begins to work on Kidman, hitting with a slam and a repeat elbows to the chest of Kidman. Chavo begins to taunt at the crowd, motioning the title around his waist. As Chavo returns to Kidman, Kidman pokes Chavo in the eye and climbs the second turnbuckle hitting a DDT, Kidman with the cover got a near fall, Kidman locks in a sleeper hold on Chavo and drags him to the edge of the ring as Kidman uses the ropes for leverage. Paul London then begins to make his way down to ringside in his ring attire watching on, the referee catches Kidman using the ropes and begins to berate at him. Chavo gets up and starts hitting Kidman in the mid-section, Kidman with fist to Chavo neck regains control of the match. Kidman then sets Chavo up with a Irish Whip and lowers his head, as Chavo return, Chavo kicks Kidman right into the chest, before hitting Kidman with a strong lariat. Both men are down as the referee starts a ten-count, Paul London continues to watch on, both superstars answer the ring count at 8, when Billy Kidman out of nowhere hits Chavo with the B.K. Bomb, the match looks to be over as Kidman goes for the pin, 1...2.…, Chavo kicked out a the last moment. Kidman drags Chavo over to the corner of the ring as Kidman climbs to the top rope for the shooting star press, Kidman points to Paul London who still watches on. Kidman goes for the shooting star press, but Chavo moved out of the way just in time, Kidman crashes into the ring, down and out, Chavo slowly gets up as does Kidman, as Kidman is still getting up Chavo runs over and hits him with the gory bomb, Chavo covers Kidman, 1..,2...,3...

Here is your winner: Chavo Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero and Paul London have a stare down, as London begins to leave the ringside area.

-Commercial Break-

Rene Dupree Music Hits

Tony Chimel: “Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome, Rene Dupree.”

Rene Dupree: “Finally the French Phoneme gets to leave the second show, and go back to the real show of the WWE, ever since I have come to Smackdown, I have been mistreated, misused, and assaulted for no reason, apart from being French, so I like Kurt Angle is offering any person in this arena to come down and see if they can take me on for the very last time.”

No one comes as the crowd look anxiously on

Rene Dupree: “I should have known this roster has nothing but absolute scared and dead frightened superstars of me.”

Lights go off, dong! Crowd is off their feet

Undertakers music hits-Rene Dupree is pacing up and down the ring

Michael Cole “Oh my, Tazz this is the return of the Undertake here to Smackdown.”

Tazz: “I know, tell me about it Cole, Taker hasn’t been seen since Wrestlemania.”

Undertaker enters the ring.

Match 3:
Match Notes: Dupree starts off looking scared, and tries to make a run for it, but Undertaker catches him going through the ropes and throws him into the ring. Dupree crawls into the corner, begging for mercy from the Undertaker, who just begins to boot Dupree, Undertaker helps Dupree up, before twisting his arm twice into an arm wrench, before he climbs to the top rope, and hits Dupree with some old skool. Dupree is hurting and down, as Undertaker pulls up his glove signalling the choke slam, with which he connects when Dupree gets up, Undertaker helps Dupree up again, this time hitting with a last-ride, before pinning Dupree, Undertaker cuts across his neck, signalling for the tombstone piledriver, which he hits when he picks Dupree up, 1..,2..,3..

Here is your winner: Undertaker.

Michael Cole: “Wow, what a return by the Undertaker, he just destroyed Dupree”

Tazz: “I know tell me about it, Undertaker has not looked this good for a long time, and the way he just beat Dupree, not only the Chokeslam, the Last Ride and the Tombstone.”

Michael Cole: “I’m sure Dupree is not going to be very happy with probably his last ever match here on Smackdown.” “Well folks up next we Rey Mysterio being interviewed by Steve Romero, over the whole Eddie issue, that up next.”

-Commercial Break-

As Smackdown returns Steve Romero is standing in the ring.

Steve Romero: “Ladies and Gentleman it is my pleasure to announce to you Rey Mysterio!”

Rey Mysterio Music Hits-Rey makes his way to the ring, playing up to the crowd.

Steve Romero: “Thank you for this interview Rey, but straight to the point the last couple of weeks must have been difficult with your old friend Eddie Guerrero turning his back on you?”

Rey Mysterio: “Yeah man it has been tough, me and Eddie where famila, but he stabbed me in the back, and now, now I can never forgive him.”

Steve Romero: “Rey, why do you think Eddie did this?”

Rey Mysterio: “Eddie has never been altogether up here (pointing to his head), but the reason I think, I beat Eddie in 2005 already 3 times, 3 times! And Eddie didn’t like that, last year Eddie was main-eventing Wrestlemania, this year he was opening it, Eddie has gone backwards, while Rey Mysterio went forwards, and the problem with Eddie is all because he is jealous, jealous of Rey Mysterio.”

Steve Romero: “Do you think you and Eddie are to have another match or are you hoping either one of you are drafted over to Raw?”

Rey Mysterio: “Hey I don’t want Eddie or me on Raw, because I have one last offer for you Eddie, me and you one last match and we will see who the real Latin legend is, and I don’t care if either Eddie or me get drafted, because this match is going to happen!”

Just as Rey seems to be finishing the interview Eddie Guerrero storms to ringside and the two ensue in a fist fight.

Michael Cole: “My god, what has just capulated here, Rey and Eddie and tearing at each other.”

Tazz: “I don’t believe this Cole, their just going at it, this is not wrestling, this is hatred between these two and they don’t want to wrestle no more, they want to fight.

Rey and Eddie roll to the outside with neither getting the upper hand, as referee, security and road agents try to pull them apart.-Commercial Break-

Kurt Angle Music Hits

Tony Chimel: “The next match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from Pittsburgh, Penn, weighing at 220lbs, the only ever Olympic Gold Medallist and a former WWE Champion, Kurt Angle.”

Kurt Angle takes the mic

Kurt Angle: “As we saw earlier on Rene Dupree in probably his last match on Smackdown was not that successful, but unlike me Dupree is not a Gold Medallist, so on the final Angle Invitational, I offer anyone to come and beat me, come on, anybody.”

Kurt Angle stares at the entrance as no-one seems to come.

Kurt Angle: “Just as I thought, no one wants to face Kurt Angle, I could have the night off and figured how to ruin the upcoming ECW ppv, but it is ECW, its already ruined.”

Kurt continues to stare at the entrance, as Tazz, takes off his headset, glasses and jacket and crawls into the ring and comes into the ring locking Kurt into the Tazzmission.

Michael Cole: “I can’t believe this Tazz has just accepted Kurt’s challenge, and he don’t seem to be letting go of the tazzmission.”

Match 4:
Match Notes: Tazz still has Kurt locked in the tazzmission, and falls to the ground locking Kurt in the move, Kurt refuses to give up, but is passing out slowly. Kurt does not respond to the referee, who calls the bell.

Here is your winner: Tazz

Michael Cole: “Tazz done it, on Kurt last match here on Smackdown he got beat, and not only beat by anyone, but my broadcast colleague Tazz.”

Kurt is still out on the floor, being helped out of the ring, as Tazz celebrates by climbing each corner, receiving a standing ovation, before leaving ringside to go backstage.

-Commercial Break-

Michael Cole: “What a moment, Tazz returning into the ring and beating Kurt Angle in the last ever Kurt Angle invitation, here on Smackdown.”

Tazz Music Hits-He comes down in a change of attire and sits back down to Michael Cole.
Michael Cole: “Congratulations, Tazz, you beat Angle in the Angle Invitation.

Tazz: “You know what, that felt good, Kurt crossed the line about ECW, and that was my chance, I’ve still got it.”

Michael Cole: “You sure have, lets take a look at that one more time.” (Footage of Tazz locking the tazzmission and beating Kurt Angle)

Vince McMahon Music Hits:

Michael Cole: “You know what that is its time for the Smackdown side of the lottery draft.”

Vince McMahon enters the ring with two security guards and a box.

Vince McMahon: “It is now time for the second part of the 2005 lottery draft, General Manager Theodore R.. Long has 3 picks tonight to see who will be drafted over to Smackdown, so Teddy get out here!”

Theodore Long Music Hits:

Vince McMahon: “Now Teddy just put your hand in the box and pull out a slip.”

Theodore Long puts his hand in the box.

Theodore Long: “The first superstar drafted over to Smackdown is…………….Stacy Kiebler.

Michael Cole: “Yes, Stacy Kiebler and those long legs are sure to be a fine addition here on Smackdown.”

Theodore Long puts his hand into the box again.

Theodore Long: “Tyson Tomko.”

Michael Cole: “Christian problem solver, here on Smackdown.”

Theodore Long puts his hand into the box for a final time:

Theodore Long: “The final superstar is………………….Triple H”

Michael Cole: “What a blockbuster, Smackdown may have lost Kurt Angle, but we have the Game, Triple H.”Vince McMahon: “This is the end of the second part of the lottery draft, the third part of the draft will continue next week on Raw.”

Vince McMahon and Theodore Long leave the ring.

Michael Cole: “What a draft 3 great superstars added here on Smackdown.”

Tazz: “I know Cole, Smackdown lost Angle, but Triple H is more than an adequate replacement, he is a 10 time WWE champion.”

Michael Cole: “Not forgetting Tyson Tomko, the big man, is not someone I would like to mess with, but along with him the lovely Stacy Kiebler and those long legs.”

Tazz: “Cole, I cannot wait for these superstars to start here on Smackdown.”

Michael Cole: “Well folks don’t go anywhere coming up next is tonight’s main event, John Cena -vs.- JBL in a Canadian Street Fight.”

-Commercial Break-

JBL Music Hits

Tony Chimel: “The next match is scheduled for one fall and is for WWE Title in a Canadian street fight, introducing the challenger from New York City, weighing at 290lbs, JBL.

JBL enters the ring looking very disgruntled.

John Cena Music Hits-the crowd goes nuts

Tony Chimel: His opponent from Westbury, Mass, weighing at 240lbs, he is the WWE Champion John Cena.

Match 5:
Match Notes:
Cena and JBL waste no time at all, as Cena slides into the ring and the two start slugging it out with each other. Cena gets the upper hand, hitting JBL with knife-edge chops, JBL drops the ground and crawls out of the ring clutching his chest, Cena follows outside and runs at JBL, JBL counters and throws Cena shoulder first into the ring steps. Cena is down as JBL takes a chair from the time-keeper, Cena laid up against the steel steps, as JBL goes for a chair shot, Cena moves out the way and JBL hit’s the steps. Cena takes down JBL and begins beating on him, Cena smashes JBL face first into the announce table, then Irish whips JBL into the security railing. Cena clutching his shoulder picks up the steel chair goes for JBL, but JBL counters with a low blow, and Cena receives a chair shot from JBL. JBL goes for the cover 1,2, Cena kicked out, JBL drags Cena over to the entrance ramp a begins to boot Cena in the ribs, Cena busted open from the chair shot, is clutching his ribs as JBL pulls out a table and a chair from under the ring. JBL opens the table up and, smacks Cena around the head again with the chair. JBL picks Cena up at looks to set him up for the power bomb, but Cena reverse the move and gives JBL a back body drop through the table, both men are down and out. Cena begins to stir as does JBL, Cena picks up the chair and smashes across JBL head, Cena then continues chair shots to JBL body. Cena then drags JBL who now is also busted open to his limo, and throws JBL body into the windscreen, cracking the windscreen, then out of nowhere appear the Cabinet. The Bashams and Orlando start to beat down Cena, but Cena begins to fight back, but the numbers game appear to much, then the lights go out. When the lights return on, Undertaker is standing at the entrance as the Cabinet look mystified, Undertaker then goes and attacks the Cabinet and single-handedly gets them backstage. JBL body is still lifeless on the hood of his limo as Cena, climbs on top, hoist JBL on his shoulders and hit’s the FU on to the roof of the limo, Cena makes the pin, 1,2,3.

Here is your winner: John Cena

Michael Cole: “What a match, and a bloodbath, Cena retains the WWE Title.”

Tazz: “That was a great match, and Undertaker there at the end appeared out of nowhere.”

Michael Cole: “What an evening this has been, we hope you all enjoyed, tune in next week for the last part of the 2005 lottery draft, goodnight everyone.”

Smackdown goes off the air with Cena celebrating on the roof of JBL limo.

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I really liked your shows. My favorite was RAW. Im hoping Rene Dupree will join back with La Resistance now if them 2 dont get drafted. Kepp going. Total rate for both shows: 7.5/10.

I give you mad props for the JBL vs Cena match.

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-JBL/John Cena on television, and not on Pay Per View again.
-Push of Matt Morgan against the Big Show.
-Continuation of Chavo Guerrero/Paul London feud, would have been nice to see Billy Kidman in the title picture.
-Having Undertaker go over Rene Dupree.
-Continuation of Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero feud.
-Tazz defeating Kurt Angle in the Kurt Angle Invitational. It was also good build up for ECW One Night Stand.
-Triple H drafted to Smackdown. I would think he will be going back like last year, so Smackdown may gain some other superstars.
-Splitting of Tyson Tomko and Christian, which may lead to a big Christian push.
-John Cena defeating John Bradshaw Layfield in the Canadian Street Fight.

-Theodore Long 'okaying' the match with John Cena. He's the General Manager and can make any match he wants.
-Tony Chimmel always says 'contest' instead of match. Nothing major though.
-Why would the referee call for the bell if Matt Morgan used the ring post?

A good Smackdown with little that I did not like. I would try to make the show a bit longer, but apart from that there was nothing majorly wrong.


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Raw 6/6 St Louis, MO

Raw theme plays-pyro’s go off

J.R. “Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw, live tonight from St Louis, I’m Jim Ross, this is King beside me.”

King: “What a night of action we have lined up for you tonight, the vacant tag titles are on the line in a fatal-four way elimination match.”

J.R.: “4 great teams, The Heart-Throbs go up against William Regal and Tajiri, La Resistance and Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho, don’t forget though King the No. 1 Contendership match for the Intercontinental title.”

King: “Yes, Muhammad Hassan has a huge chance to move forward tonight against Shelton Benjamin,”

J.R. “And ladies and gentleman, the second part of the draft from Raw continues tonight, who could come over from Smackdown?”

King: “I tell you what J.R. tonight is going to explosive.”

Triple H Music Hits-He makes his way down to ringside, looking pissed, he takes the mic.

Triple H: “How can this happen, I, Triple H am the leading superstar here on Raw, Raw is nothing without me, Raw is Triple H! I am not going over to the second show Smackdown, because I am Raw, so Bischoff you have a negotiating clause in the draft, get your ass out here and use it.”

Eric Bischoff Music Hits (Eric Bischoff stands at the entrance)

Eric Bischoff: “Triple H, I have decided that I am not going to use the negotiating clause for you, because looking over TV ratings the week you were not here because “you left” the rating soared, the week you returned look what happened, so Raw doesn’t need Triple H.”

Triple H: “WHAT, you can’t do that I’m the Game dammit, I have Batista in a Hell in a Cell at Vengeance.”

Eric Bischoff: “Glad you bought that up Triple H because you are not facing Batista at Vengeance, your facing him TONIGHT! Though for all of you wondering, the Hell in a Cell still stands at Vengeance, at the end of the draft next week on Raw the No. 1 Contender will be decided, So it will be Batista vs. the No.1 Contender in a Hell In A Cell at Vengeance.”

Eric Bischoff leaves as Triple H is going mad in the ring-the crowd begin to chant “Na, Na, Na, Na, Hey, Hey Goodbye”

J.R. “What an announcement tonight Triple H in his final match goes up against the Animal Batista.”

King: This is wrong Triple H is the main man on Raw, unless we get someone from Smackdown who is his equivalent Raw could go under.”

J.R. “Well folks I for one will not miss Triple H, but up next is the No.1 Contendership match for the Intercontinental Title.

-Commercial Break-

Muhammad Hassan Music Hits

Lilian Garcia: “The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the No.1 Contendership for the Intercontinental Title, Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Daivari from Detroit, Mich, weighing at 243lbs, Muhammad Hassan.

Muhammad Hassan takes the mic-a chorus of USA chants come from the crowd.

Muhammad Hassan: “Last week, Last week, I proved that I can beat anyone, and I promised I would beat Shelton Benjamin, but as predigest as the WWE is I am still undefeated and yet I didn’t win the Intercontinental Title, I have to have No. 1 Contendership match for the title, but I again will beat Shelton Benjamin. Next week here on Raw the Arabian Knights will ride forward and the newest Knight will be unveiled, who last week aided me against Shelton Benjamin, along with Daivari and myself the Arabian Knights will bring justice to the predigest WWE and the predigest taunts we have received since 9/11.”

Shelton Benjamin Music Hits

Lilian Garcia: “His opponent from Orangeburg, S.C. weighing at 245lbs, WWE Intercontenential Champion, Shelton Benjamin.”

Match 1:
Match Notes: Shelton wastes no time as he slides into the ring and Lou Thesz press Hassan, and begins to beat on Hassan, the referee pulls Benjamin off as Hassan tries to get up but again Benjamin jumps onto Hassan and begins to beat on Hassan. The referee pulls Benjamin away as Hassan slides out of the ring to Daivari. Shelton is all hyped up waiting for Hassan, but Hassan and Daivari walk around the ring and look set to leave, Benjamin runs to the rope and hits both with a baseball slide, Benjamin throws Hassan back into the ring, when the referee finally rings the bell. Hassan crawls into the corner as Benjamin stalks him, but as Benjamin gets closer Hassan kicks Benjamin in the mid-section before hitting him with a forearm smash. Hassan then takes control with a series of elbow drops across Benjamin chest. Hassan then smashes Benjamin head first into the turnbuckle and begins to illegally choke Benjamin, the referee makes the count 1,2,3,4, Hassan release the hold, Hassan distracts the referee as Daivari comes round and begins to choke Benjamin. Hassan then returns and begins to kick Benjamin before picking him up and hitting a snap suplex. Hassan begins to taunt to the crowd before starting to kick Benjamin in the head, the referee pulls Hassan away as Benjamin is down. Benjamin slowly begins to get up as Hassan clotheslines Benjamin into the turnbuckle, Hassan goes for a cover, 1, 2, Benjamin kicks out, Hassan tries again and Benjamin kicks out at 2 again, Hassan getting frustrated confronts the referee which allows Benjamin time to get to his feet, Benjamin gets up and when Hassan turns round Benjamin super kicks him, both men down the referee starts a ten-count. At 7 Hassan gets up staggering slightly, just after Benjamin gets up, Hassan goes for a punch, Benjamin blocks and hits Hassan, Hassan tries again and Benjamin blocks and replies with his own punch Benjamin Irish whips Hassan and hit’s a Samoan Drop, Benjamin getting his second wind hits Hassan with repeat clotheslines and Irish whips Hassan into the turnbuckle, Benjamin runs at Hassan and connects with the stinger splash, Hassan staggers forward as Benjamin goes for the T-Bone suplex, but Daivari climbs onto the apron holding the Intercontinental Title, Benjamin grabs Daivari and throws him into the ring, Daivari dropped the belt near Hassan who sets it up as Benjamin is stalking Daivari, the referee stops Benjamin and makes Daivari leave the ring, while the referee is doing that Benjamin turns around and is hit with the Modified STO from Hassan on the belt, Hassan throws the belt out of the ring, makes the cover, 1,2,3.

Here is your winner: Muhammad Hassan

J.R. “Hassan again cheated to beat Benjamin two weeks running, I can’t believe this.”

King: “Hassan now the No 1. Contender and this has to be at the back of Shelton’s mind two matches against Hassan, two defeats.”

J.R. “Things can only get worse for Shelton now with the new Arabian Knight who cost Benjamin victory last week being unveiled next week.”

Hassan and Daivari leave ringside celebrating as Benjamin is still out in the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage Area Christian and Tyson Tomko

Christian: “Tomko how did you end up on Smackdown, this needs to be sorted, I’m supposed go to Smackdown, not you, its Captain Charisma against John Cena, not the Problem Solver against Cena, we need to get this sorted.”

Eric Bischoff enters
Eric Bischoff: “Just the Captain I wanted to see, now I see that your unhappy on Raw, and want to be drafted to Smackdown, (Christian nods) well I don’t take unhappy superstars lightly on Raw, so I see your already dressed for action so Christian up next your in action against another unhappy superstar who just got shall we say dumped, next up is Christian -vs.- Kane!”

Eric Bischoff leaves-with Christian and Tomko shocked at the announcement,

Backstage Area Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho: “Chris I am sorry not being there last week to help you out against the Heart-Throbs, but lets get them this week.”

Chris Benoit: “Alright Jericho, lets win the titles tonight.”

Chris Jericho: “I got your back Chris.”

Chris Benoit nods and leave Chris Jericho.

Ringside Area
Kane Music Hits
Lilian Garcia: “The next match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first weighing 326lbs Kane.”

J.R. “King, Kane is still not looking very happy since being dumped by Lita.”

King: “J.R. would you be after you just screwed by your wife, I think Kane is handling the best he can.”

Christian Music Hits
Lilian Garcia: “His opponent, accompanied by Tyson Tomki from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing at 235lbs, Christian.”

Match 2:
Match Notes: Kane looking down does not even look at Christian who enters the ring watching Kane, Christian just runs at Kane and takes him down with a takedown, Christian begins to attack Kane with continuous shots to the face, and Kane does not even try to cover up, Christian looking bemused stops and then moves away from Kane who is just lying on the canvas not moving, Christian makes the cover 1,2,3.

Here is your winner: Christian

Christian celebrates his easy victory with Tomko as Kane just is still laying on the floor, staring upwards, Christian and Tomko leave ringside, Eric Bischoff Music Hits

Eric Bischoff: “Kane, your now pissing me off acting like a hurt animal, now you have the count of 10, if you do not get up and leave my ring I will suspend you without pay.”
The referee counts to 10 for Eric Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: “That’s it Kane, you are suspended without pay till further notice, security get him out of my ring.”

-Commercial Break-

J.R. “That was just a bizarre event that just occurred folks, during the commercial break Kane was picked out of the ring and dragged by security guards out of the arena.”

King: “J.R. I’m beginning to agree with you now I have never seen Kane like that at all, I don’t what has gotten into him.”

J.R. “Well folks next up is the Fatal Four Way elimination for the WWE Tag Titles, now the big story of this match is whether Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit will be on the same page after what happened last week to Benoit from the Heart-Throbs, take a look folks.”

Video Package showing Benoit being attacked by the Heart-Throbs last week and Jericho apologising backstage after he was unable to help Benoit.

La Resistance Music Hits
Lilian Garcia: “The next match is for the WWE World Tag Titles in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match, Introducing first from the Province of Quebec, weighing at a combined weight of 480lbs Rob Conway and Sylvain Grenier, La Resistance.

Sylvain Grenier takes the mic and begins with the Canadian National Anthem

Tajiri Music Hits (Cutting of Grenier)
Lilian Garcia: “Introducing next, weighing in at a combined weight of 450lbs, the team of Tajiri and William Regal.”

Heart-Throbs Music Hits
Lilian Garcia: “Introducing next accompanied to the ring by Rico weighing at 445lbs Antonio and Romeo, The Heart-Throbs.”

Chris Benoit Music Hits:
Lilian Garcia: “Introducing next, now residing in Atlanta, weighing at 220lbs, Chris Benoit.”

Chris Jericho Music Hits:
Lilian Garcia: “Introducing his partner, from Manhasset, N.Y. weighing at 231lbs, Chris Jericho.”

Match 3:
Match Notes: The referee calls for Chris Jericho and Antonio to start the match of, as each team takes a corner of the ring. Jericho and Antonio start in a tie up which Jericho turns into a side headlock, Antonio Irish whips Jericho who shoulder block Antonio to the ground. Jericho goes for Antonio, but Antonio hit’s a drop toe-hold and tags in Rob Conway who is the nearest competitor. Conway drops an elbow at the back of the head of Jericho and takes control of the match. Conway keeps Jericho in La Resistance corner making several tags with Grenier, as Jericho is being worn down. At one both members of La Resistance are in the ring and they Irish whip Jericho, Jericho avoids their double clotheslines but hits his own taking both members of La Resistance down and himself. Referee begins a 10 count at 8 Jericho tags in Benoit who start German suplexing Sylvain Grenier (who is the legal man), the Heart-Throbs enter as does Regal and Tajiri as an 8-man brawl starts, the referee gets the Heart-Throbs and Regal and Tajiri out of the ring as Jericho runs and hits Conway with a running enzguri, Conway staggers and bumps into Grenier, who was dominating Benoit during the brawl, but he falls forward and Benoit locks in the cross-face, Grenier unable to break the move taps out. La Resistance have been eliminated. Tajiri enters the ring and starts to hit Benoit with stiff kicks, Benoit tries to cover up, but Tajiri doesn’t stop. Tajiri picks Benoit up and Irish whips him into Tajiri corner, Regal tags in a begins to work hit Benoit with knife-edge chops, Benoit retaliates and hits Regal with chops across the chest, Regal goes for a forearm smash but Benoit ducks underneath and Benoit hits Regal with 3 German Suplexes. Benoit and Regal are both down but Benoit staggers up and signal for the diving head butt, Benoit climbs the top rope and connects, he makes the cover, just as Tajiri runs into the ring the Heart-Throbs intercept Tajiri, the ref makes the cover, 1,2,3, William Regal and Tajiri are eliminated. Romeo then begins to beat down on a worn out Benoit and hits Benoit with a series of kicks, he drags Benoit over to the Heart-Throbs corner who make successive tags hitting Benoit with a double suplex and a double hip toss. Romeo then puts Benoit in a sleeper hold and Benoit seems to be fading, on one knee Benoit powers up and hit’s a side suplex, both men are down and the ref starts a ten count, at 7 both men go to their respective corners Romeo makes the tag to Antonio and Benoit goes for a tag to Jericho, but Jericho refuses to tag. Antonio comes up behind Benoit, but Benoit fends him off with chops across the chest, Romeo tries to help but Benoit attacks him too. Jericho then comes into the ring hit’s the running enzguri on Benoit. Jericho leaves the ring and walks backstage as the Heart-Throbs hit Benoit with their finisher, Antonio makes the cover 1,2,3.

Here is your winners: The Heart-Throbs.

The Heart-Throbs and Rico celebrate winning the tag titles while Jericho stares down Benoit and walks away.

J.R. “Why did Jericho just attack Benoit, there supposed to be partners.”

King: “That was a strange turn of events just now, I would have never expected Jericho do anything like that,”

J.R. “Overall I think a congratulations is in order to our new tag-team champions the Heart-Throbs.”

-Commercial Break-

Edge Music Hits
Lilian Garcia: “The next match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first accompanied to the ring by Lita, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing at 240lbs, Edge.

The Hurricane Music Hits
Lilian Garcia: “His opponent from Raleigh, N.C. weighing at 191lbs, The Hurricane.

Match 4:
Match Notes: Hurricane and Edge start up in a tie-up, Edge gets the upper hand locking Hurricane in a side headlock, Hurricane hits elbows into Edge mid section and then runs of the ropes and hits Edge with a flying forearm, Edge runs at Hurricane who counters with a arm drag takeover, locking in the armbar. Edge rakes Hurricanes eyes and hit’s a spinning heel kick. Edge then climbs to the top rope and connects with a missile dropkick on Hurricane when he gets up. Edge goes for the cover 1,2, Hurricane kicks out, Edge then hits Hurricane with a snap suplex and locks in a reverse chin lock, Hurricane refusing to give up begins to get a second wind and start to get up, as he does Edge breaks the chin lock and hits Hurricane with a reverse DDT. Edge then throws Hurricane shoulder first into the ring post between the second and top turnbuckle. Edge then crouch in the corner waiting for Hurricane to get up, when he does Edge hit’s the spear, he makes the cover 1,2,3.

Here is your winner: Edge

As Edge and Lita leave celebrating their victory the pyro’s go off at the entrance and the lights dim, and on the titantron appears an image of a devil.

J.R. “That’s two weeks in a row now that after an Edge victory an image has appeared on the titantron.”
King: “I know J.R. but what do you think that devil means.”

J.R. “I don’t know King, but I can’t wait to find out.”

-Commercial Break-

Edge and Lita in Eric Bischoff office.

Edge: “Eric that’s two weeks now something like that’s appeared, what are you doing about it,”

Eric Bischoff: “Edge I’m going to have to look into that but I have to leave now, because the 2nd Part of Raw 2005 Lottery Draft is next!”

Backstage Area, Todd Grisham Chasing up to Chris Jericho

Todd Grisham: “Chris, Chris why did you attack Benoit tonight in your tag team match.”

Chris Jericho: “Listen here ass clown, I don’t have to explain anything to you, but let me tell you next week here on Raw I have a special Highlight Reel, where your host Chris Jericho special guest is Chris Benoit, now get out of my face.”

Ringside Area
Vince McMahon Music Hits-He comes to ringside, accompanied by 2 security guards and a box.

Vince McMahon: “Now ladies and gentleman, already in the 2005 Lottery Draft we have seen some suprises, Kurt Angle coming to Raw and Triple H going to Smackdown, now its time to complete the Raw roster side of the draft, so Bischoff get out here now!”

Eric Bischoff Music Hits-He comes into the ring

Vince McMahon: “Now Eric, put your hand in the box and draw out a slip.

Eric Bischoff puts his hand into the box.

Eric Bischoff: “Hardcore Holly”

J.R. “A great in ring veteran that Raw has just got from Smackdown.”

Eric Bischoff puts his hand into the box again

Eric Bischoff: “Charlie Haas”

J.R. “What a draft Charlie Haas on Raw, this could see him return to Shelton Benjamin and re-form the Worlds Greatest Tag Team.”

Vince McMahon: “Eric one more draft and this is Raw side of the draft over for 2005.”

Eric Bischoff puts his hand into the box again

Eric Bischoff: “JBL”

J.R. “Oh my, JBL, the self made millionaire, here on Raw, now that is an adequate replacement for Triple H, would you not say King.”

King: “I have to admit I had my doubts about losing Triple H, but JBL and Kurt Angle on Raw, this could not be too bad after all.”

Vince McMahon: “Now this concludes the 2005 lottery draft for Raw, this week on Smackdown will be the final part of the draft, and on Smackdown, I want you there Eric, in case either you or Theodore Long want to exercise your negotiation clause, otherwise the six superstars chosen for Raw will start next week.

Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff leave the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage Area Todd Grisham with Shelton Benjamin

Todd Grisham: “Shelton have you heard that your former partner Charlie Haas has been drafted over to Raw?”

Shelton Benjamin: “Yeah I just saw, and I just got of the phone with him, but enough about the draft, Muhammad Hassan two weeks now you cheated me, well next week I have a challenge for you and your “Arabian Knights” you and whoever whether Daivari or the “new knight” against the reformed Worlds Greatest Tag Team!”

Shelton walks out.

J.R. “What a blockbuster announcement next week the reform of the World Greatest Tag Team against Hassan Arabian Knights.”

King: “Next week Hassan will get it, two week in a row the odds have been against Benjamin, but next week Benjamin got Charlie Haas with him.”

J.R. “Also we found out earlier tonight that Chris Jericho has a special highlight reel, with none other than Chris Benoit as his guest.”

King: “I know this is going to be great, after what Jericho done tonight, I’m certain Chris Benoit won’t want to talk.”

J.R. “Also now with the draft complete, General Manager Eric Bischoff said that Raw would have a new No.1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title, who faces Batista at Vengeance in Hell in a Cell.”

King: “J.R. I can’t wait to see who the new No.1 Contender is, and what a match set-up for them to win in Hell in a Cell.”

J.R. “And don’t forget all six new superstars of Raw drafted from Smackdown will be here.”

King: “Yeah with Charlie Haas already in action, what is Rene Dupree, Dawn Marie, Hardcore Holly going to do and not forgetting the replacement JBL and Kurt Angle, J.R. what a draft this has been.”

J.R. “Your right there King, but folks don’t go anywhere up next in our main event Triple H for the last time on Raw vs. Batista.

-Commercial Break-

Triple H Music HitsLilian Garcia: “The next match is scheduled for one fall, Introducing first accompanied to the ring by Ric Flair, from Greenwich, Conn, weighing at 260lbs, Triple H.

Fans are chanting at Triple H, Na, Na, Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Goodbye.

Batista Music Hits-The crowd go wild
Lilian Garcia: “His opponent from Washington D.C. weighing at 317lbs, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista.”

Match 5:
Match Notes: Batista and Triple H have a stare down, while the crowd chanting at Triple H gets louder. Batista and Triple H tie up, Batista uses his strength and backs Triple H into the corner, the referee breaks the two of them up, as he does Triple H slaps Batista, Batista then comes back and clotheslines Triple H right into the corner, and begins to stomp onto Triple H. Batista picks Triple H up and tosses him half way across the ring, Triple H is backing into the corner pleading to Batista to stop as Batista stalks over Triple H, as Batista gets closer Triple H kicks Batista in the knee bringing Batista down, Triple H then hits Batista with a running knee lift in the face and Batista is down. Triple H seeing an opportunity then begins to work on Batista knee, with kicks to the back of his knee, and then putting Batista in the figure four leg lock. Batista is screaming in pain but won’t give up, Batista then using his strength tries to reverse the move, eventually managing to reverse the figure four, Triple H grabs the rope and referee breaks the hold, before Batista gets fully vertical Triple H takes Batista down again with a knee chop, Triple H then drags Batista over to the ring post and begins to wrap Batista knee around the ring post, Triple H does this twice but on the third attempt, Batista dragged Triple H forward who goes face first into the ring post. Batista then slowly begins to get up as Triple H gets back into the ring, Triple H runs at Batista who counters and hit’s the spine buster, both Triple H and Batista are down and the referee begins a 10 count, at 7 both men get up and start in slug fest, Triple H hits Batista, but Batista hits back. Triple H then rakes Batista eyes and kicks Batista in the mid-section and sets him up for the pedigree which Triple H connects with, Triple H makes the cover 1,2, Batista kicked out, Triple H is irate and begins to cower above the referee as does Ric Flair, Batista gets up as Triple H is still arguing with the referee and when he turns around Batista hits him with a power clothesline almost knocking Triple H head off, Ric Flair then runs at Batista who back body drops Flair over the top rope. Batista then signals the thumbs down and sets Triple H for the Batista Bomb which connects, Batista makes the cover 1,2,3.

Here is your winner: Batista

Batista stands in the ring celebrating his victory, while Triple H is still out from Batista Bomb.

J.R. “What a match King, Batista beating Triple H again and on Triple H final match here on Raw.”

King: “I’ll tell you what J.R. Triple H is not going to be very happy tonight especially with this being his last ever match here on Raw.”

J.R. “Well folks hope you enjoyed tonight show, be sure to tune in next week for more action on Monday Night Raw.”

Raw goes off the air with Batista leaving the ring and the fans singing to Triple H who slowly gets up Na, Na, Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Goodbye.

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Smackdown 9/6, Kansas City, MO

Smackdown theme tunes play-pyro’s go off.

Michael Cole: “Welcome everyone to Smackdown, I’m Michael Cole, alongside me though this week, Josh Matthews.”

Josh Matthews: “Hi everyone, just filling in for Tazz this week, he’ll be back next week, the reason for this tonight a huge match involving Tazz.”

Michael Cole: “That’s right Josh, tonight its Tazz -vs.- Kurt Angle in Tazz very last in ring match, not only is this any match it’s a Submission Match.”

Josh Matthews: “That’s right, Kurt Angle was not very happy after losing his Invitational match to Tazz, so he issued a challenge to Tazz, in his very last match here on Smackdown.”

Michael Cole: “Also tonight folks our main event a 2 on 3 handicap match, Orlando Jordan and The Basham Brothers going up against John Cena and The Undertaker.”

Josh Matthews: “Undertaker made the save for Cena last week when the Cabinet interfered for JBL, so they issued the challenge.”

Michael Cole: “Don’t forget folks the last stage of the 2005 Lottery Draft is tonight, who are the 3 superstars coming over to Smackdown, I can’t wait.”

Paul London Music Hits

Tony Chimel: “Please welcome the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Paul London”

Paul London takes the mic.

Paul London: “Last week Chavo Guerrero won the No.1 Contendership Match, but he did not say when he was going to use his title shot, so I’m not a lazy champ, I’m a fighting champ, so tonight I decided I’ll defend my title against a cruiserweight who worth wrestling, I give you Billy Kidman.”

Billy Kidman Music Hits

Michael Cole: “What a match, arranged right now, Kidman and London for the Cruiserweight, this is going to be good.”

Match 1:
Match Notes: Kidman and London lockup, wasting no time Kidman turn the lockup into a side headlock, then keeping the headlock on throw London to the ground, London using his strength lifts himself up into a bridge, ref makes the count 1,2, Kidman breaks the hold, but before London gets up Kidman begins to beat on him. Kidman then hit’s a dropkick followed by a suplex, Kidman begins to taunt at the crowd who boo him. Kidman then begins to lift London from the hair, but London replies with shots to the stomach, London then runs to the rope and hit’s a head scissors, Kidman gets up slightly dazed, London hit’s a hurracarrana, and then begins to pound on Kidman head until the ref break the move, Kidman hurting gets up but London hit’s a dropsault taking Kidman down again, London the picks Kidman up and hit’s a fall away slam, which London follows through with and makes a pin, 1,2, Kidman kicks out. London then climbs to the second turnbuckle and hit’s a ddt on Kidman who is laid out. London climbs to the top rope and goes for the 450 splash, but Kidman rolled out of the way, with London hurting Kidman climbs the ropes and connects with the Shooting Star Press, he makes the cover 1,2,3.

Here is your winner: Billy Kidman

Michael Cole: “I don’t believe it Kidman was not even the No.1 Contender but accepting London’s challenge he now the new Cruiserweight Champion.”

Josh Matthews: “What a match, I can’t believe that Kidman is the new Cruiserweight Champion.”

-Commercial Break-

Backstage Area-Chavo Guerrero storming into Theodore Long’s Office

Chavo Guerrero: “Teddy, did you just see that I’m the No.1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Championship, but Billy Kidman won the title.”

Theodore Long: “Now listen here playa, you didn’t say when you wanted your title match, so London didn’t want to wait around, so he found his next opponent.”

Chavo Guerrero: “But that should be me champion, not Kidman.”

Theodore Long: “Hey playa you use your shot when your good and ready.”

Back at ringside

Hardcore Holly Music Hits

Tony Chimel: “The next contest is scheduled for one fall in a non-title match, Introducing the team off Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas.”

Michael Cole: “This is the last time that Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas are going to be here on Smackdown as they both been drafted over to Raw.”

Josh Matthews: “Yeah, Theodore Long, thought a nice for a farewell Smackdown match.”

MNM Music Hits

Tony Chimel: “Their opponents accompanied to the ring by Melina, they are the WWE Tag Team Champions MNM.

Match 2:
Match Notes: Hardcore Holly and Joey Mercury start off, Holly using his strength hits Mercury in a side headlock, Mercury in the headlock sets Holly off with a Irish whip in which Holly takes down Mercury with a shoulder block, Mercury tags in Nitro who locks up with Holly and gets Holly in waistlock, Nitro the German suplex Holly keeping hold of the waistlock and locks in a headlock on the floor, Holly gets up and Nitro begins to hammer Holly head. Nitro drags Holly into his corner and begins to stomp on Holly, the referee pulls Nitro away and Melina begins to choke Holly, Haas runs into the ring and ref pulls him back as Mercury enters the ring and MNM hit a double suplex on Holly, Mercury then begins to hit elbow drops of Holly chest, but stops to show off, as he goes to hit another elbow drop Holly moves, Holly then gets up and hit’s a series of clotheslines and a scoop slam, Holly goes for a tag to Haas but Nitro runs in the ref stops Nitro and doesn’t see the tag between Haas and Holly, the ref takes Haas out the ring as Nitro and Mercury begin to beat down Holly. Nitro now in begins locks Holly in a sleeper hold, Holly looks to be fading but gets a second wind, Holly picks Nitro up from the side and hit’s a spinning out power bomb, both men down the ref starts a 10 count. At 8 Nitro tags in Mercury and Holly tags Haas. Haas and Mercury begin to go at it in slugfest and Haas gets the upper hand, Haas takes down Mercury, then back body drops Nitro over the top rope. Melina then gets on the apron trying to make a distraction but Holly pushes her off the apron. Haas then hits Mercury with a T-Bone Suplex, and tags in Holly, as Haas goes to the ring apron, Nitro pulls him down and throws him into the steel steps, in the ring Holly sets Mercury up for the Alabama Slam, but Melina again gets on the apron, the ref gets distracted, Nitro runs in a clocks Holly around the head with the title belt, Mercury and Nitro set Holly up for the Snapshot, which connects, Mercury makes the cover 1,2,3.

Here are your winners: MNM

MNM celebrate leaving ringside as Haas slowly gets up and checks on Holly.

Michael Cole: “MNM had to resort to cheating to win that match, I can’t believe that.”

Josh Matthews: “Tell me about it, the Tag Titles were not even on the line and they cheat to win.”

Backstage Area-Carlito with Matt Morgan

Carlito: “Matt what you did to the Big Show, that, that, that was Cool, we finally got that Big Ape out the way.”
Matt Morgan: “I knnnnnnn, knnnnnnn, Know.”

Carlito: “Hey Matt I promise you will get that stutter sorted.”

Eddie Guerrero walks in

Eddie Guerrero: “Hey homes, I saw what you did to the Big Show ese, impressive, how’s about you do something like that for me tonight homes.”

Matt Morgan: “What you got in mmmmmm, mmmmmmm, mind.”

Carlito: “Lets go somewhere discreet, because Eddie your Cool.”

-Commercial Break-

John Cena Music Hits-Crowd goes wild

John Cena takes the mic

John Cena: “Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo! It good to the CHAIN GANG up in Kansas City! Now last week I beat JBL in a Canadian Street Fight and tonight I team with the deadman, against JBL punks. But that not what I’m here for, now I want a challenger for this title around my waist, so next week, whether its someone from the draft or already on Smackdown, I want to see someone make a statement about why they should be the No.1 Contender, and I promise you if you want some, come get some!”

John Cena leaves

Michael Cole: “That was a bold statement from John Cena right there.”

Josh Matthews: “That sure was, now that is what you call a fighting champion.”

Rey Mysterio Music Hits

Tony Chimel: “The next contest is scheduled for one fall, Introducing first from San Diego, weighing at 165lbs Rey Mysterio.”

As Rey Mysterio makes his way down to ringside Matt Morgan attacks him

Michael Cole: “What is that lunatic, Morgan doing, isn’t enough he’s already taken out Big Show but now Rey Mysterio.

Matt Morgan continues to attack Mysterio, who tries to fight back but is overpowered, Matt Morgan throws him in the ring, but as Morgan goes to enter Mysterio dropkicks Morgan to the outside and then does a suicide dive through the ropes on Matt Morgan, Mysterio begins to pummel Morgan but Eddie Guerrero and Carlito run down and attack Rey Mysterio, Rey is then thrown in the ring and is doubled teamed by Carlito and Eddie, Matt Morgan then big boots Rey Mysterio laying him out. Matt Morgan then hits Rey with the F5 as he his laid out, Eddie climbs to the top turnbuckle and hit’s the frog splash. Eddie, Morgan and Carlito celebrate, but just before they leave Carlito spit’s his apple at Rey Mysterio.

Michael Cole: “What a disgusting attack right there by Matt Morgan.”

Josh Matthews: “You know that this whole attack was orchestrated by Eddie Guerrero, who obviously still isn’t over this feud with Rey Mysterio.”

Referees and Road Agents enter the ring checking on Rey Mysterio.

-Commercial Break-

Vince McMahon Music Hits

Vince McMahon enters the ring with two security guards and a box

Vince McMahon: “Tonight is the completion of the 2005 Lottery Draft, where General Manager Theodore Long makes his last 3 picks of the 2005 draft, so Teddy get out here.”

Theodore Long Music Hits

Vince McMahon: “Now Teddy before you make your, the negotiation clause can be used till the end of the show, so if needed Eric get out here.”

Eric Bischoff Music Hits

Vince McMahon: “Now Teddy, make your first pick.”

Theodore Long goes to put his hand in the box.

Christian Music Hits

Christian takes a mic

Christian: “Now as the Smackdown side of the draft begins I think I’ll come to see if Capitan Charisma, get chosen for a show where I can show everyone I’m a Main Eventer, so make your pick.”

Theodore Long puts his hand in the box

Theodore Long: “The Hurricane”

Michael Cole: “The Hurricane, a great cruiserweight, and superb addition to the division.”

Theodore Long put his hand in the box again

Theodore Long: “Shawn Michaels”
Michael Cole: “The show stopper, the icon himself.”

Theodore Long puts his hand in the box one final time.

Theodore Long: “And finally the last superstar drafted to Smackdown is Eugene.”

Christian begins having a tantrum.
Vince McMahon: “Now do either of you wish to use the Negotiation Clause.”

Eric Bischoff: “Take this whiner (indicating Christian) and I’ll take back Shawn Michaels.”

Theodore Long: “Hold it playa, I’ll take Christian, but Shawn Michaels, no playa, I’ll give you Eugene back for Christian.”

Eric Bischoff: “(Sighs) Fine I’ll take Eugene back for Christian.”

Vince McMahon: “That settles it the 2005 Lottery Draft is now complete, the superstars drafted begin on their new shows next week.”

Vince McMahon leaves the ring followed by Eric Bischoff and Theodore Long, as Christian stays in the ring celebrating.

Michael Cole: “Wow, what a draft just made, so the six superstars moving to Smackdown are as follows, Tyson Tomko, Stacy Kiebler, Triple H, The Hurricane, Shawn Michaels and Christian.”

Josh Matthew: “That is some great superstars coming here on Smackdown, but don’t forget the loss of Charlie Haas, Dawn Marie, Kurt Angle, JBL, Hardcore Holly and Rene Dupree.”

Michael Cole: “Well folks I look forward to seeing these superstars next week, but up next is Tazz vs. Kurt Angle.”

-Commercial Break-

Kurt Angle Music Hits

Tony Chimel: “The next contest is a submission match, the way to win is to make your opponent tap out, introducing first from Pittsburgh, Penn, weighing at 220lbs, he is the only ever Olympic Gold Medallist and former WWE Champion, Kurt Angle.

Tazz Music Hits

Tony Chimel: “His opponent from Redhook section of Brooklyn N.Y. weighing 240lbs, Tazz.”

Match 3:
Match Notes: Kurt and Tazz lock up, and due to Tazz ring rust Kurt gets the upper hand with a waistlock takedown and Kurt immediately goes for the Ankle Lock, but Tazz grabs the ropes. Another tie up and both men are struggling to outdo each other where out of nowhere Tazz hits Angle with a belly to belly suplex, Kurt dazed rolls to the outside, as the crowd go wild for Tazz, the ref holds Tazz back. Kurt runs into the ring and with a double leg takedown starts to pummel Tazz, Tazz tries to cover up but Kurt get the better of Tazz, Kurt then begins to lay into Tazz with boots to his side, then locking in a sleeper hold. Kurt slaps Tazz around the head while in the sleeper, then he picks Tazz up and hits him with a German suplex, Tazz lands near the ropes. Kurt then lays his knee on Tazz neck using the rope for leverage, ref makes a count 1,2,3,4, Kurt breaks the hold before going for the move again, again breaking at the refs count. Kurt then drags Tazz into the centre of the ring and locking in a reverse neck hold, Tazz refuses to give in. Tazz then getting cheered by the crowd slowly gets up and hits Kurt with another belly to belly suplex which sends Kurt to the outside of the ring. Kurt recovers and runs into the run as Tazz has also recovered and goes for a clothesline which Tazz counters and locks in the Tazzmission, but Kurt counters with a low blow with his leg and hits Tazz with the Angle Slam, he then takes of the straps and locks in the Ankle Lock, Tazz refuses to give up and nearly gets to the rope but Kurt drags him back into the centre of the ring and locks his legs around Tazz, with nowhere to go Tazz taps out.

Here is your winner: Kurt Angle

After the match Kurt begins to attack Tazz and locks in the ankle lock, before the referee breaks the hold and Kurt leaves.

Michael Cole: “I can’t believe Kurt, he won a match by cheating and still attacked Tazz after, though a valiant effort by Tazz.”

Josh Matthews: “I couldn’t agree more with you Michael, Kurt is just like that, I can’t wait for him to leave Smackdown.”

Michael Cole: “Well folks after the break we have Steve Romero interviewing JBL.”

-Commercial Break-

Backstage area-Steve Romero with JBL.

Steve Romero: “So JBL are you going to miss Smackdown and your Cabinet.”

JBL: “Hell no, this show is second rate to Raw and my so called Cabinet, cannot do anything right, they still cost me the match against Cena last week. But I tell you this Eric Bischoff said that a No.1 Contender would be announced next week on Raw, I guarantee, and this is a JBL guarantee, that I’ll be the No.1 Contender, now I going to leave this place called a “City” and go to a real city like New York.”

JBL leaves as Steve Romero looks on.

Backstage Area-Booker T with Sharmell

Sharmell: “Babe are you ready! Are you pumped, common baby your match is next, and you’re the 5 time, 5 time (Booker T cuts her off)”

Booker T: “I’m the 5 time WCW Champion, now can you dig that SUCKA!!!”

Ringside Area

Rene Dupree Music Hits
Tony Chimel: “The next contest is scheduled for one fall, Introducing first from France, weighing at 250lbs, Rene Dupree.

Booker T Music Hits
Tony Chimel: “His opponent accompanied to the ring by Sharmell, from Houston, weighing in at 250lbs, Booker T.”

Match 4:
Match Notes: As Booker enters the ring Dupree goes and immediately attacks, Dupree, hits Booker with knees to the gut and a scoop slam, Dupree then Irish whips Booker and hit’s a flapjack, Dupree then begins to kick Booker. Dupree then hits another scoop slam, and begins taunting with the French Tickler, when Dupree finishes he goes to pick Booker up from the head but Booker responds with a kick to Dupree head. Booker then begins to open up on Dupree with chops across his chest, Booker Irish whips Dupree and hit’s a high elbow, then a knee to the throat. Booker then climbs the top rope and hit’s a missile dropkick. Booker then kicks Dupree in the midsection and connects with the scissors kick, but before the cover Booker goes for the spinnerooni, Booker makes the cover, 1,2,3.

Here is your winner: Booker T

Booker takes the mic.

Booker T: "Now from watching the 2005 Lottery Draft I’ve seen a man be drafted over to Smackdown known as Triple H. Now Triple H has held me back in this business and gone as far to say in a magazine interview I’m not Championship material, well next week Triple H, Booker T is challenging you, now can you dig that, SUCKA!”

-Commercial Break-

Backstage area-Dawn Marie with Steve Romero
Steve Romero: “Dawn Marie, this is your last ever Smackdown, what are your feelings”

Dawn Marie: “My feelings are this. This is the last time you all see me in a Smackdown ring, don’t be to downhearted. You can now see every Monday Night on Raw, anyway to the point, next week on Raw, you all will see Dawn Marie introducing a superstar who is now my client, so tune into Raw to see my client and to see me.”

Michael Cole: “Who do you think Dawn Marie client is?”

Josh Matthews: “I don’t know but I wish it was me,”

Michael Cole: “Anyway folks up next is our main event, Orlando Jordan and The Basham Brothers vs. John Cena and the Undertaker, lets show you how this match happened after last week,”

Video showing JBL vs. John Cena in the Canadian Street Fight with the Cabinet interfering and Undertaker making the save.

Orlando Jordan Music Hits:
Tony Chimel: “The next contest is scheduled for one fall and is a 2 on 3 Handicap Match, Introducing first the team of Danny and Doug Basham and the WWE United States Champion, Orlando Jordan.”

John Cena Music Hits-Crowd goes wild
Tony Chimel “Introducing next from West Newbury weighing in at 240lbs, he is the WWE Champion, John Cena.”

Undertaker Music Hits-Crowd goes wild
Tony Chimel: “His partner from Houston, weighing in at 328lbs, The Undertaker.

Match 5:
Match Notes: Cena and Undertaker both wait outside the ring while the Cabinet are inside, before they run in, Cena goes after Jordan and Undertaker after the Bashams. Undertaker and Cena are backed by the ref as Undertaker goes on the apron and Danny Basham starts off with Cena. Both men lock up but Cena gets the upper hand locking in a headlock, Danny sends Cena to the ropes with an Irish whip but Cena replies with a shoulder block. Cena then picks Danny up and hits him with chops across the chest and then drags him over to his corner, where Undertaker tags in. Undertaker works on Danny arm and goes for old skool. Doug and Orlando run in and Undertaker takes care of them, the ref tries to get Orlando out of the ring as Undertaker tags Cena, as Cena enters the Bashams make the switch and Doug fools Cena throwing him to the outside, where Orlando and Danny attack him. Undertaker tries to enter but the ref holds him back and Cena is tossed into the ring and Orlando tags in. Orlando then begins to work on Cena back, with a backbreaker, and several knees to Cena back, then locking in a surfboard submission, Cena refuses to tap. Orlando breaks the hold, and then Orlando and the Bashams make several quick tags to each other, each working on Cena back. Orlando tags back in he begins to work on Cena back, then stops and begins taunting the crowd, Cena then gets up and when Orlando turns around Cena hoists him on his shoulders, he looks to be going for the FU, but instead hang times Orlando on the top rope, both men are out the ref starts a 10 count. At 9 both Orlando tags Doug Basham and Cena tags Undertaker, Undertaker begins clearing house as Danny also enters, he takes down both Bashams, and big boots Orlando to the outside. Danny Basham then gets chokeslamed over the top rope to the outside onto Orlando Jordan. Doug Basham is then hit with the Last Ride, as Undertaker tags in Cena, Cena hit’s the 5 knuckle shuffle, taunts Doug with the You Can’t See Me Hand and hit’s the FU, Undertaker on the outside takes care of Orlando and Danny. Cena with the cover, 1,2,3.

Here is your winners: John Cena and The Undertaker.

Michael Cole: “What a match John Cena and Undertaker just destroyed the Cabinet.”

Josh Matthews: “I know both men where on fire here tonight, and they sure looked the part as a tag team.”

Michael Cole: “Where out of time here folks, tune in next week, where the drafted superstars all start, I’m Michael Cole, he’s Josh Matthews, see you next week.”

Smackdown goes of the air with John Cena and Undertaker

I would appreciate feedback regarding the shows, so i can see where i can improve, thanx.

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Raw Preview

The six new drafted superstars all start on Raw this week. One is already in action as Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin reform the Worlds Greatest Tag Team to face Muhammad Hassan “Arabian Knights,” also with Hassan new “Knight” being unveiled. Mr. McMahon also is here on Raw, with an announcement, no one knows what it is. Chris Jericho will be on the highlight reel with his guest Chris Benoit, who was his tag team partner last week who Jericho turned on, and with Vengeance only 2 weeks away who is to be the No.1 Contender to face Batista in the Hell in a Cell, and how this No.1 Contender will be identified, all this and much, much on Raw.

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Raw 13/6 Binghamton, NY
Raw Music Plays-Pyro’s go off

J.R “Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw, I’m Jim Ross alongside Jerry “King” Lawler.”

King: “And what a show that is lined up for tonight,”

J.R. “That’s right King, announced by general manager Eric Bischoff just before we came on the air, a battle royal to determine to the No.1 Contender to face Batista at Vengeance in Hell in a Cell.”

King: “I can’t wait, and the Worlds Greatest Tag Team back together are also in action tonight against The Arabian Knights.”

Chris Jericho Music Hits-Crowd Boos
Chris Jericho: “Welcome everyone to the Highlight Reel! Now I heard a lot of boos for me just as I was coming down to the ring, why because your all jealous, your jealous I was the first Undisputed Champion, jealous because I have my own show, jealous because I have my own band and just jealous because of who I am. That brings me nicely to my guest, last week everyone asked why Jericho, why did you attack Chris Benoit, the reason for that, just like everyone one of you Benoit is jealous of Y2J. Benoit jealous that he doesn’t have his own show, or own band, all Benoit can do is (mimics) a robot, so Mr. Roboto, get down here now!”

Chris Benoit Music Hits-Crowd start cheering

Chris Jericho: “Now Benoit, last week I offered my apology that I couldn’t stop the Heart-Throbs, because of my life outside the WWE interfered, your response, eh, that it with you Benoit, these fans love you, why because you made Triple H tap, you have a tooth missing and you have no charisma, unlike me Benoit I’m the whole package and yet I get booed.”

Chris Benoit: “Jericho I have no charisma, well how about this, Vengeance, Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho, but instead of waiting till then, how about now.”

Chris Benoit drops the mic and attacks Chris Jericho. Both men begin to brawl with each trying to hit each other with punches, referees, security and road agents come down to break them up.

J.R. “What just escalated here, these two former friends are now going at it, they absolutely hate each other at the moment.”

King: “Jericho totally right though J.R. all these fans love Benoit, for what reason, while Jericho, is obviously the better superstar.”

J.R. “Well I believe that Jericho is far more jealous of Benoit, rather than the other way round.”

Benoit and Jericho are separated as Benoit is dragged backstage.

Backstage Area-Dawn Marie outside a door

Dawn Marie: “Come on, I want to introduce you next to the world, I can’t wait to see them to see you.”

J.R. “Dawn Marie new client is coming up next, but who is it?”

-Commercial Break-

Dawn Marie already standing in the ring with the mic.

Dawn Marie: “Now folks last week I said to you that I have a new client who I am going to manage here on Raw to success, well without further adieu, I introduce to you, Sean Morley.”

Sean Morley enters the ring and takes the mic

Sean Morley: “Now I know all you fans are thinking, hey he used to be Val Venis, well he is dead now, now its Sean Morley, Sean Morley is the most experienced superstar on the Raw roster, and with Dawn Marie as my manager, we are going to bring a brand new side to Raw, and next week I will make my debut against any WWE superstar as Sean Morley.”

J.R. “Val Venis, I mean Sean Morley back in the WWE, what a signing that is to Raw made by Dawn Marie.”

King: “What a team, Morley and Marie, I’m sure there going to make some heads turn in the locker room.”

J.R. “Well up next folks is Edge vs. Hardcore Holly

-Commercial Break-

Edge Music Hits-Crowd Boo

Lilian Garcia: “The next match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Lita, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing at 240lbs, Edge.”

Hardcore Holly Music Hits

Lilian Garcia: “His opponent from Mobile, Ala, weighing in at 235lbs, Hardcore Holly.”

Match 1:
Match Notes: Holly and Edge lock up, Holly shoves Edge to the floor, Edge then gets up and with a double leg take down begins to beat on Holly who reverse and begins to beat on Edge. Holly then begins to pound Edge head into the turnbuckle, before setting him up for an Irish whip and connecting with a dropkick. Holly makes the cover 1,2, Edge kicked out. Holly then slams Edge, and then picks him up again and hit’s a full nelson slam, Holly again with the cover Edge kicks out. Holly then begins to stalk the ref in anger, as he is doing this Lita slides in the Money in the bank briefcase, Holly then turns back his attention to Edge as Lita climbs the apron and distracts the ref, Holly picks Edge up for the Alabama Slam, but Edge rolls through as Holly goes to pick Edge up, Edge hits Holly with the briefcase, Edge makes the pin as Lita goes off the apron, 1,2,3.

Here is your winner: Edge

As Edge and Lita leave ringside, the lights dim and pyro’s go off, an image of a angel and a devil combined appear on the titantron and a voice over “Edge I’m coming for you. The Angelic Diablo.” Edge and Lita quickly leave.

J.R. “What the hell was that, the Angelic Diablo is coming for Edge.”

King: “I have not got a clue what that was the Angelic Diablo, I wonder what Edges feelings are on this.”

Backstage Area-Kurt Angle walking into JBL
Kurt Angle: “Hey Bucko, so you found your way to Raw, and what no Cabinet, ah.”

JBL: “What do you want Angle.”

Kurt Angle: “Just to tell you Bucko, that your not the leading superstar on Raw, I am, and tonight Bucko I’ll prove this when I win the No.1 Contender Battle Royal and face Batista at Vengeance.”

JBL: “What makes you think that your going to win the Battle Royal, I am a Wrestling God, a Wrestling Legend, you’re a washed has been, a Olympic Gold Medallist from about 20 years ago (sarcasm) and you think your going to win, well son I’ll see you in the ring.”

JBL walks away

Eric Bischoff office-Edge and Lita storm in

Edge: “Bischoff I told you last week get that sorted whatever that Diablo Angel thing was, I mean I’m money in the bank and its coming for me, who the hell is it.”

Eric Bischoff: “Edge, Edge calm down, I’m not 100% certain who it is but I received a fax from the Angelic Diablo, and he’s challenging you to a match at Vengeance, but I can understand if your scared.”

Edge: “Scared, I’m Edge I don’t do scared, you tell the Angelic Diablo, or whoever I’ll see him at Vengeance, and you can bank on it!”

Edge and Lita leave

-Commercial Break-

Muhammad Hassan Music Hits-When he enters the ring he takes the mic

Muhammad Hassan: “Last week I promised you the unveiling of the newest Arabian Knight, who alongside Daivari and I will bring justice to the WWE, so without waiting any longer I introduce to you Kama Mustafa.

Kama Mustafa comes down to ringside and takes a mic

Kama Mustafa: “Thank you Muhammad, Daivari, you two both bought me back into the light and made me see the predigest within the WWE. Last time I was in this ring I had women who were dressed in next to nothing and that was the problem and still the problem within the WWE, but now the Arabian Knights are here and we are going to bring justice to WWE and all its predigest, because the Arabian Knights are to ride forward.”

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team Music Hit

J.R. “Oh my, It don’t seem that the Haas and Benjamin want to wait round for their match, its up next.”

-Commercial Break-

Match 2:
Match Notes:
Kama and Daivari start for the Arabian Knights. Kama and Shelton start the match off with a lock up, Shelton locks in an arm bar and begins to work of Kama arm, Shelton then tags in Haas who hits Kama with a European Uppercut. Haas then suplexes Kama and hits an elbow drop, Daivari runs into the ring and gets hip tossed by Haas and he rolls to the outside, Kama then gets up and super kicks Haas in the head, taking him down. Kama then begins to work on Haas, especially on the back. Kama hits Haas with knees to the back and a backbreaker. Kama tags in Daivari who locks in a Boston crab, Haas refuses to tap, and begins to drag himself over to Shelton, Kama then runs in and hits Haas with an elbow to the back, the ref tries to get Kama out of the ring and then Benjamin runs in and the ref become distracted. Kama and Daivari start double teaming Haas, while the ref tries to restrain Benjamin. Shelton eventually goes outside and Kama locks a backbreaker on Haas. Hassan then rams Haas back first into the ring post and throws him back into the ring. Kama then tags in Daivari and he then starts hitting elbow drops to Haas back. Daivari then climbs the top rope and waits for Haas who slowly gets up. Daivari then launches himself and goes for a diving body splash which Haas counters into a power slam. The ref starts a 10 count, at 7 Daivari tags in Kama and Haas tags in Benjamin. Benjamin explodes on Kama hitting him with repeat clotheslines, Daivari then gets a blind tag in and begins to attacks Benjamin but Benjamin fends him off and throws him into the corner, Kama is then Irish whipped onto Daivari and Benjamin hit’s the stinger splash. Hassan then climbs onto the apron and Benjamin takes him down with a spinning heel kick. Benjamin then T-Bone Suplexes Daivari as Haas spears Kama out of the ring, the ref makes the count 1,2,3.

Here is your winners: The World Greatest Tag Team

J.R. “What a match, Benjamin and Haas may not have teamed for a while, but they sure haven’t lost their rhythm.”

King: “I can tell you this J.R. Hassan is not going to be very happy with his Knights, Benjamin finally gets some retribution, after being screwed by Hassan two week running.”

-Commercial Break-

Vince McMahon Music Hits (Crowd go wild)-He enters the ring and takes the mic
Vince McMahon: “Bischoff I have an announcement that is going to affect this entire roster and every Raw fan around the world. So Bischoff get your ass out here now!”

Eric Bischoff Music Hits (Crowd boo)-He enters the ring.

Vince McMahon: “Now after last weeks draft I looked over the Raw roster, and you know what I felt, I was pissed off! This roster is lacking several superstars so Bischoff you have till to Raw after Vengeance to produce 6 new superstars for this show or your FIRED!”

Eric Bischoff: “Well Mr. McMahon already tonight we have had Kama Mustafa and Sean Morley introduced as well as the Angelic Diablo, scheduled to face Edge at Vengeance that’s 3 superstars.”

Vince McMahon: “I’ll give you that Bischoff, that is 3 superstars, well 3 more superstars and 2 Diva who can actually wrestle, you have till the Raw after Vengeance to get these superstars, and I better be impressed, if not your fired.”

Vince McMahon leaves the ring followed by Eric Bischoff

J.R. “What an announcement made by Mr McMahon, 6 superstars, 3 who has already got and 2 new wrestling capable divas.”

King: “Who in the world is Bischoff going to bring in, I mean Bischoff a popular guy he has contacts.”

J.R. “Well we shall see after Vengeance, and talking about Vengeance what a card there is being lined up, first off just seen earlier on, Shelton Benjamin -vs.- Muhammad Hassan for the WWE Intercontinental Title.”

King: “That’s right J.R. what a match that’s going to be Hassan already got a record of 2-0 over Benjamin, but Benjamin got some revenge tonight beating the Arabian Knights.”

J.R. “Also scheduled Chris Benoit -vs.- Chris Jericho.”

King: “These two former friends hate each other at the moment all because of jealously, but which superstar.”

J.R. “The Angelic Diablo will also debut against Edge,”

King: “For several weeks the Angelic Diablo being stalking Edge with messages, all these will be revealed at Vengeance.

J.R. “And don’t forget the huge main event, Batista defending the World Heavyweight Title against the superstar who wins the Battle Royal tonight, in a Hell in a Cell.”

King: “Believe me J.R. I have not forget that match and well I can’t wait to see who wins the Battle Royal and become No.1 Contender.”

J.R. “And folks you don’t have to wait much longer as it next.”

-Commercial Break-

Backstage Area: Heart-Throbs and Rico admiring the Tag Titles when La Resistance and Rene Dupree walk in.

Rob Conway: “Hey nice belts you have there, how about you give them to a real team like La Resistance.”

Rico: “Give them, no way the Heart-Throbs bring style and quality to these Tag Titles, La Resistance brings disgrace.”

Rene Dupree: “Hey take that back, how about this, Vengeance, the Heart-Throbs defend the gold against La Resistance.”

Antonio and Romeo nod on.

Rico: “Well that works but there are 3 of you and this is a tag team match, so next week a little test, each of you have a singles match and if anyone of you lose, your not in the match at Vengeance.”

Sylvain Grenier: “Sounds fair, well who are our opponents.”

Rico: “Well 2 of you face either Antonio or Romeo, and the third Eric Bischoff decides, and we shall see you at Vengeance.”

The Heart-Throbs and Rico leave as La Resistance look on.
-Commercial Break-

Lilian Garcia: “The next match is a Battle Royal for the No.1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title, the rules of the match are a superstar is only eliminated when both feet touch the floor.”

Heart Throbs Music Hits:
Lilian Garcia: “Introducing Antonio and Romeo.”

Chris Benoit Music Hits:
Lilian Garcia: “Introducing Chris Benoit.”

Chris Jericho Music Hits:
Lilian Garcia: “Introducing Chris Jericho.”

Muhammad Hassan Music Hits:
Lilian Garcia: “Introducing Daivari, Kama Mustafa and Muhammad Hassan.”

Randy Orton Music Hits:
Lilian Garcia: “Introducing Randy Orton”

J.R. “What a surprise Randy Orton back on Raw, I thought he was still injured.”

King: “I’m sure Orton has revenge on his mind after what Batista done to him.”

La Resistance Music Hits:
Lilian Garcia: “Introducing Rob Conway, Sylvain Grenier and Rene Dupree.”

Worlds Greatest Tag Team Music Hits:
Lilian Garcia: “Introducing Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas.”

Tajiri Music Hits:
Lilian Garcia: “Introducing Tajiri and William Regal.”

Eugene Music Hits:
Lilian Garcia: “Introducing Eugene.”

J.R. “Another surprise, Eugene returning here to Raw tonight.”

Hardcore Holly Music Hits:
Lilian Garcia: “Introducing Hardcore Holly”

Kurt Angle Music Hits:
Lilian Garcia: “Introducing Kurt Angle.”

JBL Music Hits:
Lilian Garcia: “Introducing JBL.”

Edge Music Hits:
Lilian Garcia: “Introducing Edge.”

Match 3:
Match Notes: All 20 men stare each other down and the bell ring, all go after each other. The Heart-Throbs go after La Resistance, as The Arabian Knights go after The Worlds Greatest Tag Team. Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho just begin hammering each other. While Edge, JBL and Kurt Angle watch everyone. Randy Orton and Hardcore Holly are going at it in a slugfest, when Tajiri runs at Orton and is back body dropped to the outside and eliminated. Regal then comes up behind and tries to eliminate Hardcore Holly who is holding on, until Orton, throws Regal from the legs over the top rope, with Hardcore Holly following. Eugene is trying to help Haas and Benjamin against the Arabian Knights who are using their number advantage. JBL out of nowhere hits Eugene with the clothesline from hell. JBL then throws Eugene to Kurt Angle who Angle Slams Eugene over the top rope. Rene Dupree is working on Antonio in the corner of the ring, trying to eliminate him, while Rob Conway and Sylvain Grenier try to eliminate Romeo, who hangs himself on the rope. Rob Conway then take over from Rene Dupree, who along with Sylvain Grenier Double Clothesline Romeo over the top rope, they then both double clothesline Randy Orton and Daivari and then unintentionally clothesline Rob Conway over the top rope, who is livid on the outside. Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier both ignore him as they begin to try and eliminate Antonio, they successfully manage to eliminate Antonio, when Rob Conway enters the ring again and eliminates both Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier, before walking off backstage pissed off. Daivari who slowly gets up from the Double Clothesline from La Resistance is hit with a Big Boot and eliminated by JBL. Shelton Benjamin who is working on Muhammad Hassan in the corner goes for a stinger splash, but Muhammad Hassan counters throwing Benjamin, when in a leap over the top rope. Edge is trying to help Kama eliminate Charlie Haas when Kurt Angle, throws over all three superstars. Chris Benoit is trying to eliminate JBL from the corner while Randy Orton is being beaten down by Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho goes for the lionsault, and when he makes the jump onto the rope Chris Benoit runs over and pushes him to the outside. Kurt Angle is being beaten down by Muhammad Hassan, when Muhammad Hassan goes to run at Kurt Angle, Angle pulls down the top rope and Hassan dives over accidentally. The final four are left as Kurt Angle, JBL, Randy Orton and Chris Benoit. Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle go at it as Randy Orton and JBL. Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle both try to eliminate each other near the rope, when both go over, but land on the apron. Chris Benoit then locks his hand around Kurt Angle waist and tries to German Suplex over the top rope but Angle holds on. Angle then begins to elbow Benoit in the side of the head and Benoit eventually lets go and falls to the ground. As Angle watches on he turns around to re-enter the ring but Randy Orton RKO’s him onto the top rope and Kurt Angle is eliminated. The final two is down to JBL and Randy Orton, Orton begins to beat on JBL and tries to throw him over the top rope, but JBL is hanging on when Kurt Angle re-enters the ring and low blows Randy Orton, before throwing him over the top rope allowing JBL the victory.

Order of Elimination:
Tajiri by Randy Orton
William Regal by Randy Orton
Hardcore Holly by Randy Orton
Eugene by Kurt Angle
Romeo by Sylvain Grenier and Rene Dupree
Rob Conway by Sylvain Grenier and Rene Dupree
Antonio by Sylvain Grenier and Rene Dupree
Rene Dupree by Rob Conway
Sylvain Grenier by Rob Conway
Daivari by JBL
Shelton Benjamin by Muhammad Hassan
Edge by Kurt Angle
Charlie Haas by Kurt Angle
Kama Mustafa by Kurt Angle
Chris Jericho by Chris Benoit
Muhammad Hassan by Kurt Angle
Chris Benoit by Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle by Randy Orton
Randy Orton by Kurt Angle

Here is your winner: JBL

J.R. “JBL stole that victory all because of Kurt Angle that’s not fair that Orton was eliminated by someone who had already been eliminated.”

King: “Well that’s the second time in the match that happened with Rob Conway re-entering and eliminating La Resistance. But our No.1 Contender is now JBL.

J.R. “That’s right King, Batista now will face JBL for the World Heavyweight Title at Vengeance in Hell in a Cell.”

Batista Music Hits-Crowd goes wild-

Batista stands at the entrance in his suit, and holds the World Heavyweight Title high, as JBL points to it and indicates his waist as Raw goes off the air.

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Smackdown Preview

Six new superstars start this week, what is in store for them. Last week Booker T called out Triple H, is the Game going to answer. Also after last weeks savage attack at the hands of Matt Morgan, Rey Mysterio requested a match, will Rey Mysterio be 100% and will Eddie and Carlito be involved. What is Chavo to do about the Cruiserweight Title Situation, Billy Kidman is the new champion and Paul London has a rematch clause. MNM also have an announcement regarding their tag team titles. All this and much, much more on Smackdown.

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Smackdown-14/6-Hershey PA

Smackdown Music Plays-Pyro’s Go Off

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to Smackdown, I’m Michael Cole alongside Tazz.

Tazz: Hey everyone, its good to be in the announcer seat after last week.

Michael Cole: Well I got to say Tazz, valiant effort, great match, you should be proud of yourself.

Tazz: Thank you Cole, it’s a shame that my probable last match was a defeat, but you never know.

Triple H Music Hits-Crowd Boos

Michael Cole: And here comes The Game, Triple H, making his Smackdown Debut after the Lottery Draft.

Triple H takes the mic

Triple H: I tonight start on the second show of the WWE, Smackdown (Crowd Boo) well before I start to explain myself, I bought someone over from Raw with me, the dirtiest player in the game, the Nature Boy, Ric Flair.

Ric Flair Music Hits-Crowd Whooo

Triple H: Anyway to the point I should be the WWE Champion, I should be given the title, because I’m a 10 time World Champion, I’m the greatest superstar ever, yet I don’t have the title. And your so called champion John Cena wants someone to make a statement, well Cena my statement is this I’m a 10 time, 10 time WWE champion, that’s a pretty good damn statement. Instead of Cena saying yeah Triple H, lets get it on, no I have some pineapple head calling me out, so Booker T get your ass out here now.

Booker T Music Hits-Crowd Cheer-Booker T and Sharmell stand at the entrance.

Michael Cole: Oh my, this is going to be good, Triple H and Booker T can’t stand each other.

Triple H: Now Booker, what I said in a magazine interview was true, your not championship material, I mean look at you, your dressed in a shirt that looks to big for you, you have trousers that a clown should wear, and you have pineapple for a head.

Booker T: Now tell me you just didn’t say that, did you just say that, well let me tell you sucka, your not much better, look at your handlebars over your mouth, Triple H it’s the year 2005 not 1985.

Booker T and Sharmell walk closer to the ring

Booker T: Now Triple H you been on Smackdown for a short time and you want to be World Champion, and your statement I’m 10 time World Champion, hey sucka I’m 5 time, 5 time WCW champion! Now can you dig that. Triple H you don’t have any right to face John Cena, especially above me, and to prove that I’ll show you why I should be No.1 Contender, not you.

Booker T slides into the ring and begins to attack Triple H and Ric Flair

Michael Cole: I told you, Triple H and Booker T hate each other and there just going at it.

Triple H and Booker T ensue in a fist fight, Booker knocks down Ric Flair and begins to beat Triple H into the corner, until Flair low blows Booker T. Triple H and Ric Flair begin to beat on Booker T as Sharmell screams on the outside, Ric Flair then crawls out of the ring and brings in two steel chairs. Ric Flair stands at the head of the ring as Referee, Security and Road Agents try to enter, swinging the chair to stop them as Triple H with the other chair beats Booker T. Triple H then removes his tie and begins to choke Booker T, before opening the chair up and hitting the pedigree on the chair.

Michael Cole: What an outrageous attack by Triple H, he and Flair have just destroyed Booker.

Tazz: That was, I mean that was shocking what just happened to Booker T. He has just been beaten senseless.

Triple H and Ric Flair leave to loud boos as EMT’s tend to Booker T.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage Area-Theodore Long office-Christian and Tyson Tomko enter

Christian: Theodore, what a pleasure it is for you to have Captain Charisma on Smackdown, I know you must be proud.

Theodore Long: What do you want playa, coz I’m busy at the moment.

Christian: Well Theodore, I was thinking about John Cena statement last week, well who better to make a statement that, Tyson Tomko. Let Tomko, the Problem Solver have his chance tonight to make a statement vs. John Cena, what do you say Theodore.

Theodore Long: Your on playa, tonight main event Tyson Tomko vs. John Cena.

Back at Ringside

Michael Cole: What an announcement Tyson Tomko gets a chance with his statement by facing the WWE Champion.

Tazz: What a match that’s going to be, will Tyson be able to solve the problem of the statement of being No.1 Contender, we shall see later tonight.

Eddie Guerrero Music Hits-Crowd Boo
Tony Chimel: The next contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from El Paso, Texas, weighing at 220lbs, Eddie Guerrero.

Nunzio Music Hits-Crowd Cheer
Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Queens, NY, weighing in at 175lbs, Nunzio.

Match 1:
Match Notes: As Nunzio enters the ring he climbs the turnbuckle and waves at the crowd, when from behind Eddie pushes Nunzio to the outside who lands heavily onto the floor, Eddie follows to the outside and throws Nunzio into the steel ring steps and then Irish whips him into the ring post. Eddie then rolls Nunzio into the ring and the bell sounds, Eddie kicks Nunzio repeatedly in the chest and stomach area, and places his knee on Nunzio neck using the rope for leverage. Eddie then hits Nunzio with the 3 Amigos and climbs the top rope, connecting with the Frog Splash, the referee makes the cover, 1,2,3.

Here is your winner: Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie Guerrero takes the mic after the matchEddie Guerrero: “Hey Rey, did you just see that, did you just see what I just done to Nunzio, I promise you Rey, if you ever step in the ring again with me, I will do this to you (pointing to Nunzio) but I like Nunzio, so you’ll be much worse. Just as Eddie finishes he kicks Nunzio again, who is completely out.

Eddie leaves backstage when Paul Heyman appears and goes into the ring and takes Nunzio.

Michael Cole: Was that just Paul Heyman who rolled Nunzio out of the ring, what he doing here on Smackdown.

Tazz: I haven’t got a clue what Heyman doing, especially with Nunzio, but what a message to Rey Mysterio from Eddie.

Michael Cole: I can’t see Rey Mysterio wanting to hide from Eddie Guerrero, this rivalry I believe is just hotting up. Well up next folks is Carlito Cabana, with special guest the WWE Tag Team Champion MNM.

-Commercial Break-

Carlito in the ring with Matt Morgan and the Cabana.

Carlito: Welcome everyone to Carlito Cabana, the Coolest Show on Television. Now Carlito has just made this place, where are we? Well wherever we are Cool, because I’m here and not just me, my bodyguard Matt Morgan. Well once Carlito and Matt Morgan leave wherever we are this place won’t be Cool. Well to my guests they are the Coolest Tag Team in the WWE and they are the WWE Tag Champions, I give you MNM!

MNM Music Hits-Crows Boo

Carlito: Well the Coolest team on Smackdown, no the WWE, Mercury, Nitro and Melina.

Melina: Well thank you Carlito for having us on the Coolest Show in the WWE, now to the point, the reasons we are guests for the Cabana is because MNM have an open challenge for Next Week on Smackdown, any Tag Team on this roster, to face my boys Mercury and Nitro for their Tag Team Title, any team, even you Carlito and Matt Morgan.

Carlito: That quite a challenge, that’s a Cool Challenge. Carlito sees MNM as fighting champions.

Mercury: Thanks Carlito, we MNM are sick of what we keep having to face on Smackdown, when are we to get a challenge on Smackdown.

Nitro: Mercury and Melina are right MNM are the “it” team and if we are to show how good a team we are we need some opponents so next weeks an open challenge.

Theodore Long Music Hits
Theodore Long: I like what your idea playas, an Open Challenge for your titles, well as General Manager, I think I’ll build upon this. Next Week on Smackdown, will be Open Challenge Night, were all the Titles will be on the line in Open Challenges, and as MNM this was your great idea, if in any way Melina interferes, before, during or after the match you will be disqualified and lose the Tag Titles, now if you dig that Holla, Holla, Holla back at me playa.

Crowd Cheer Loudly-As MNM are irate.

Michael Cole: What an announcement by General Manager Theodore Long just now, Open Challenge Night for all the Titles here on Smackdown.

Tazz: What a night that going to be, hey Cole how about You and I for the WWE Tag Titles, just kidding.

-Commercial Break-

Chavo Guerrero Music Hits-Crowd Boo

Tony Chimel: The next contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from El Paso, Texas, weighing in at 210lbs, Chavo Guerrero.

Paul London Music Hits-Crowd Cheer
Tony Chimel: His opponent from Austin, Texas, weighing at 205lbs, Paul London.

Michael Cole: Great Cruiserweight Action we have for you here as the former champion with the rematch clause Paul London faces off against the No.1 Contender Chavo Guerrero.

Billy Kidman Music Hits-He joins Michael Cole and Tazz for Commentary

Michael Cole: Welcome Billy, congratulations on becoming Cruiserweight Champion

Billy Kidman: Thank you, I mean I am the greatest Cruiserweight alive, and now a 8 time Cruiserweight Champion.

Match 2
Match Notes: London and Chavo lock up and neither get the upper hand. As they go to lock up again Chavo knee London in the ribs, Chavo then begins to hammer on London back, London falls to the floor. London who slowly is getting up is hit by a running knee from Chavo. Chavo makes the cover 1,2, London kicks out. Chavo Irish Whips London into the corner and then runs at him, London using the ropes lifts himself up and locks a leg lock around Chavo waist, and sunset flips Chavo in a pin, 1,2, Chavo kicks out. London then quickly gets up and dropkicks Chavo in the face. London then picks Chavo up and hit’s a sit down power bomb, London makes the cover, 1,2, Chavo kicks out. Chavo gets up slowly and London then hit’s a hurracarrana on Chavo sending him to the outside. London then vaults himself to the outside but Chavo pushes him away and London falls heavily on his arm. Chavo then rolls London back into the ring and begins to work on London arm, locking in an armbar, London refuses to tap begins to get a second wind, and then runs at the ropes and springs himself of the second rope and reverse the armbar into a tornado ddt, both men are down as the referee starts a 10 count. At 7 both men get up and begin to punch each other, Chavo gets the upper hand and Irish Whips London, Chavo goes for a clothesline, but London ducks underneath and hit’s a dropsault. London then hits Chavo with a fall away slam into the corner. London then climbs the top rope and hit’s the 450 splash, the ref makes the count, 1,2,3.

Here is your winner: Paul London

As Paul London is celebrating Kidman, takes of his headset and runs into the ring and attack London, Billy Kidman Irish Whips Paul London and hit’s the B.K. Bomb, Chavo then gets up and smiles to Kidman, they both shake hands but as Chavo is about to leave, Kidman clocks Chavo around the head with the Cruiserweight Belt.
Michael Cole: I can’t believe Kidman, he just attacked both superstars after they had a gruelling match.

Tazz: I know and we still haven’t got any further figuring out which superstar he would prefer to face.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage Area-Orlando Jordan with the Basham Brothers

Orlando Jordan: What’s up with the Undertaker, I mean why he all of a sudden decided to come after us, what have we ever done to him.

Danny Basham: I know, that man, or deadman has a right problem at the moment.

Doug Basham: Yeah, that’s two weeks in a row that he has attacked us.

Triple H and Ric Flair walk in

Triple H: I couldn’t help overhearing about your deadman troubles, the way to confront the deadman is call him out.

Ric Flair: Whooo

Triple H and Ric Flair leave

Orlando Jordan: I agree with Triple H, I mean he is the Game, I’m going to call The Undertaker out.

Danny Basham: Don’t do that, this is the Undertaker, do you want to get your ass kicked.

Doug Basham: That what Triple H wants to see, when he was on Raw, he was jealous of the Cabinet, and he wants to see you hurt.

Orlando Jordan: My minds made up, I’m calling him out.

Orlando Jordan leaves as The Bashams Brothers watch on.

Carlito Music Hits-Crowd Boo
Tony Chimel: The next match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first accompanied to the ring by Carlito from Fairfield, Connecticut, weighing at 320lbs, Matt Morgan.

Rey Mysterio Music Hits-Crowd go wild
Tony Chimel: His opponent from San Diego, weighing at 165lbs, Rey Mysterio.

Match 3
Match Notes: Wasting no time Rey Mysterio runs into the ring and spears himself into Matt Morgan gut, slightly winding Morgan. Rey then begins to kick Morgan hard, and begins to hit Morgan with shots to the knee, Morgan falls to one knee, as Rey launches himself off the rope and goes for a spinning heel kick, which Morgan counters and catches Rey and just throws him to the ground, Morgan then hits an elbow to Rey chest and begins to beat on him. Matt Morgan then throws Rey into the turnbuckle and begins to choke him with a big boot. When Morgan releases the hold Rey rolls to the outside, trying to recover and Carlito clotheslines Rey. Carlito throws Rey back into the ring and Morgan picks Rey up and hit’s a powerful suplex. Morgan then picks Rey up again and hoist him in the air for at least 20seconds before hitting the brain buster. Morgan makes the cover but breaks the hold at 2. Morgan then Irish Whips Rey and hits him with a big boot, and then follows up with a leg drop. Eddie Guerrero then makes his way down to ringside, and gives Matt Morgan the thumps up. Matt Morgan then hoist Rey onto his shoulders and looks to go for the F5, but Rey Mysterio begins to bite Matt Morgan arm, Matt releases Rey, who begins to hit Morgan with stiff kicks again. Matt Morgan is down to one knee and Rey hit’s a standing dropkick taking Morgan down. Rey then climbs the rope and hit’s a cross body splash on Matt Morgan. Carlito climbs onto the apron and the referee tries to get him down. Rey notices Eddie looking to enter the ring and hit’s a baseball slide knocking down Eddie, Matt Morgan then turns round and Rey hits him with a low blow. Matt Morgan hunches down and Rey hit’s a hurracarrana which Morgan falls onto the second rope. Rey knocks down Carlito, then launches himself of the rope and connects with the 619. As Rey jumps onto the top rope Eddie comes up behind and pushes Rey Mysterio down, the referee calls for the bell.

Here is your winner: Rey Mysterio via DQ

Eddie and Carlito then enters the ring and begins to beat down Rey along with Matt Morgan.

Michael Cole: This is a sickening attack, 3 on 1, Rey has no chance, why are you doing this Eddie.

Matt Morgan lifts Rey up for the F5, when The Big Show Music Hits-The Crowd Go Wild.

Big Show runs down to ringside and begins to clean house, he clotheslines Eddie and Carlito and Matt Morgan, he then Big Boots Eddie to the outside and Chokeslam Matt Morgan over the tope rope onto Eddie. He then turns his attention to Carlito who is then tossed over the top rope by Big Show onto Eddie Guerrero and Matt Morgan. Big Show celebrates in the ring and checks on Rey Mysterio as Eddie Guerrero, Matt Morgan and Carlito retreat backstage.
Michael Cole: The return of the 7 foot giant and I’m sure he is looking for revenge over Carlito and Matt Morgan.

Tazz: Show appearing just in time, saving Rey Mysterio from that attack and Show looks like he is ready for business again.

-Commercial Break-

Raw Rebound
Images of the Battle Royal, then the final four Benoit being eliminated by Angle, Randy Orton hitting the RKO on Angle and Angle eliminating Randy Orton, with JBL and Batista having a stare down.

Orlando Jordan Music Hits-Crowd Boo
Orlando Jordan: Your U.S. Champion has been attacked savagely twice in the last 2 weeks by a deadman, well Undertaker, I for one have had enough, get your dead ass out here now.

Undertaker Music Hits-Crowd Goes Wild-Undertaker enters the ring and takes off his jacket and hat and look ready for action.
Orlando Jordan: I’m not scared of you deadman, I’ve had enough of your attacks on me, we settle this now.

Orlando Jordan slaps Undertaker across the face, The Undertaker turns his face back to face Orlando Jordan and his eyes are rolling, Undertaker then grabs Orlando Jordan by the throat as he looks to leave the ring and drags him into the centre of the ring, the crowd are going wild. Undertaker looks set to Chokeslam Orlando when the Basham Brother run out and make the save and begin to take out the Undertaker. Orlando Jordan and the Basham Brothers beat down the Undertaker, by kicking him and punching him. The Bashams then hold Undertaker by the arms and Orlando Jordan hits Undertaker around the head with the U.S. Championship. Undertaker is laid out in the ring.

Orlando Jordan: I told you deadman I’m not scared of you, and I just proved it.

Michael Cole: What a viscous assault right there by Orlando and The Bashams, that’s sickening.

Orlando Jordan and The Bashams are celebrating, when in the ring Undertaker sits up looking pissed and stares down Orlando Jordan.

-Commercial Break-

Vince McMahon Music Hits-Crowd Cheer

Michael Cole: This is unexpected I didn’t know that Mr. McMahon was scheduled to be here tonight.

Tazz: I wonder what the boss wants.

Vince McMahon takes the mic

Vince McMahon: Theodore Long, do you mind to come out to your ring please.

Theodore Long Music Hits-Crowd Cheer-Theodore Long looks puzzled

Vince McMahon: Now this week on Raw I made an announcement that I want new superstars to be signed for Raw, because I was disappointed, well the same applies to you. Theodore Long you have up until the Great American Bash, which is 5 weeks to sign at least 8 new talent to the Smackdown roster, or else your FIRED!

Theodore Long nods and leaves followed by Vince McMahon

Michael Cole: What an announcement by Mr. McMahon just there, Theodore Long has to sign 8 new members of talent to Smackdown roster.

Tazz: I hope for Theodore Long sake that he signs the 8 superstars, I quite like him as a General Manager.

Backstage Area-Shawn Michaels (Crowd Go Wild) with Steve Romero

Steve Romero: Firstly Shawn, welcome to Smackdown, how are you finding the change of shows.

Shawn Michaels: Well thank you Steve, well the change of shows is not as bad as I first thought, but I am the Showstopper, the main event.

Mark Jindrak walks in-Crowd Boo

Mark Jindrak: More like the long forgotten past.

Shawn Michaels: Who are you?

Mark Jindrak: I’m the future, I was a member of the 2004 Team Angle, I am the future Show Stopper, and I am sure the Next Main Event.

Shawn Michaels: Well I still don’t know who you are.

Mark Jindrak: I’m Mark Jindrak, I’m twice the superstar you are Shawn, and believe me when I say that I’m the next Show Stopper.

Shawn Michaels: Well I can agree with you on something Mark, you are a show stopper, because your stopping fans watch this show with you on, and your boring me.

Shawn Michaels leave

Mark Jindrak: Get out of my face Steve

Mark Jindrak storms off

Backstage-Stacy Kiebler with Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson: Its so good to have you on Smackdown Stace, I mean we can travel together and do everything together again.

Stacy Kiebler: Yeah I know, Its good to be here.

Miss Jackie walks in and walks into Stacy
Miss Jackie: What’s your problem blondie.

Miss Jackie walks off as Torrie Wilson and Stacy Kiebler look on.

Tyson Tomko Music Hits-Crowd Boo
Tony Chimel: The next contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first accompanied to the ring by Christian, weighing at 285lbs

John Cena Music Hits-Crowd goes absolutely wild
Tony Chimel: His opponent from West Newbury, Mass, weighing at 240lbs, he is the WWE Champion, John Cena.

Match 4
Match Notes: Cena and Tomko lock up, Cena getting the early advantage, applying a side headlock, Tomko powers out and hit’s a side slam. Tomko then picks Cena up and hit’s a knee to the gut. Cena is then Irish Whipped and Tomko power slams him, makes the cover, 1,2, Cena kicks out. Tomko then picks Cena up a hit’s a scoop slam. Tomko then hit’s a running knee drop. Tomko then locks Cena in a reverse chin lock, Cena refuses to tap. Cena begins to get a second wind and elbows Tomko in the midsection and hit’s a side slam of his own. Tomko and Cena slowly get up and Cena launches himself of the rope and hit’s a diving shoulder block, Cena then picks up Tomko and hit’s a spinning out power bomb, Cena begins to pump up and hit’s the 5 Knuckle Shuffle and then Tomko slowly gets up Cena lifts him up on his shoulders and hit’s the FU. Cena goes for the pin 1,2. Christian runs into the ring and hits Cena with a steel chair shot. The ref calls for the bell

Here is your winner: John Cena by disqualification

After the match Christian beats John Cena down with the help of Tyson Tomko. Christian Irish Whips John Cena into Tyson Tomko Big Boot and then hit’s the Unprettier. Before going on the outside and picking up John Cena spinning World Title, and spins the title at John Cena. Christian takes the mic.

Christian: Hey Cena, I think this is more than an adequate statement don’t you think, because that’s How I Roll!

Christian and Tyson Tomko leave, with Christian taking the World Title.
Michael Cole: What a CLB, Christian is, he fools everyone and makes a huge statement for him to be No.1 Contender taking Cena title.

Tazz: Cena not going to be very happy when he sees Christian with that title.

Michael Cole: Well folks where out of time, I hope Christian gets what’s coming to him, tune in next week for Smackdown.

Smackdown goes off, with John Cena looking up at the entrance where Christian and Tyson Tomko taunt with the World Title.

That’s Smackdown, can I please get some reviews of my shows.


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Nice show, i liked the Triple H, Booker T promo, especially Booker being Pedigreed onto the chair, looks to be a good fued, i also liked the Open Challenge Smackdown next week, look forward to reading that. Good Show 7.5/10 Match of the Night Rey Mysterio vs Matt Morgan

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Raw Preview
With one week till Vengeance anything can happen on Raw. Last week JBL won the No.1 Contender Battle Royal and will face Batista for the World Heavyweight Title in Hell in a Cell, on Raw he teams up with Chris Jericho to face Batista and Chris Benoit. Also what is the "Legend Killer" Randy Orton to be feeling after being cost victory last week by Kurt Angle, and with Eric Bischoff having one more week to sign at least 5 new talent to the Raw roster, has he found anyone. All members of La Resistance will also be in action, the loser not being involved in the Tag Team Title Match against the Heart-Throbs at Vengeance, and Dawn Marie client Sean Morley will be making his Raw debut, all this and much, much more only on Raw.

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Raw 20/6 Phoenix, AZ
Raw Music Plays-Pyro’s go off

J.R. Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw, I’m Jim Ross alongside Jerry “King” Lawler.

King: What a blockbuster show we have lined up tonight for all you fans out there

J.R. That’s right in our main event tonight Batista will be teaming up with Chris Benoit to face JBL and Chris Jericho

King: What a match that’s going to be Batista and JBL are scheduled for the Hell in A Cell at Vengeance, and Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho also have had differences in the past few weeks.

J.R. Not only that WWE Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin locks horns with Kama Mustafa of the Arabian Knights.

King: Kama cost Shelton victory several weeks ago and I’m sure he’ll be looking for revenge.

La Resistance Music Hits-Crowd Boo and Chant USA

J.R. This is the qualification match for this for the Tag Team Match at Vengeance, were the loser tonight out of the three members of La Resistance is not involved in the tag team match.

Lilian Garcia: The Next Match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, representing La Resistance, from France, weighing at 250lbs, Rene Dupree.

Heart-Throbs Music Hits-Crowd Boo

Lilian Garcia: His opponent, representing the Heart-Throbs, from Panama City, Fla, weighing 225lbs, one half of the World Tag Team Champions, Antonio.

Match 1:
Match Notes: Dupree and Antonio start in a lock up in which Dupree uses his size advantage and shoves Antonio to the ground. They lock up again and Dupree moves Antonio into the corner of the ring and knees Antonio in the waist. Dupree then shoulder thrusts Antonio in the corner. Antonio falls to the ground and Dupree forces his knee onto Antonio neck, the ref makes the count 1,2,3,4, Dupree breaks the hold and begins to taunt in the middle of the ring. Antonio then runs at Dupree and hits him with a double leg takedown and begins to beat on Dupree head. Antonio then Irish Whips Dupree and Antonio hit’s a hip toss. Antonio then scoop slams Dupree, and climbs to the top rope and connects with a missile dropkick. Dupree then backs away as Antonio stalks him, as Antonio goes to pick Dupree up, Dupree drop toeholds Antonio face first into the second turnbuckle. Antonio gets up slowly and turns around as Dupree measures him up and picks him up and hit’s a Michinoku Driver, Dupree makes the cover, 1,2,3.

Here is your winner: Rene Dupree.

J.R. Rene Dupree is one member that will be representing La Resistance this Sunday against the Heart-Throbs.

King: That was a hard fought victory by the Frenchman, and it looks like the victory paid off.

Backstage Area-JBL walking into Sean Morley and Dawn Marie

JBL: Mr Sean Morley, a pleasure to meet you and the lovely Dawn Marie. Now I JBL have a little proposition for you.

Sean Morley: Yeah go on.

JBL: Well when I was on Smackdown, I had a Cabinet, but they remained on Smackdown, thank god, anyway, I JBL a self-made millionaire, was looking to restructure the Cabinet here on Raw, and I like you Morley, my offer to you and Dawn Marie, is to join my Cabinet. Sean Morley, I wish for you to become my Chief of Staff.

Sean Morley: That is a great offer, and I accept, to work alongside the next World Heavyweight Champion is an honour.

JBL and Sean Morley shake hands

-Commercial Break-

J.R. Did you just see that, JBL is restructuring the Cabinet here on Raw.

King: I know and already Sean Morley as the Chief of Staff, this can only get better J.R.

Edge Music Hits
Lilian Garcia: The Next Match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Lita, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing at 240lbs, Edge.

Edge takes the mic
Edge: This Sunday at Vengeance, I go into the unknown against the Angelic Diablo. You challenged me, I accepted, and I got permission from General Manager Eric Bischoff to make our match a No DQ match, well Diablo I promise this, I will beat your ass and a be victorious, and tonight I shall show you how with my match being No DQ right now, and you can Bank on it!

Eugene Music Hits
Lilian Garcia: His opponent, from Louisville, Ky, weighing 238lbs, Eugene.

Match 2:
Match Notes: Edge attacks Eugene from behind who is playing up with the crowd. Edge begins to kick Eugene savagely and goes to the outside and brings in a steel chair. As Eugene gets up, Edge cracks the chair right across Eugene head. Eugene is busted open as Edge begins to pound on Eugene. Edge then throws Eugene shoulder first into the ring post and Eugene falls to the outside. Edge follows outside and Irish Whips Eugene into the steel steps. Edge throws Eugene back into the ring and takes the Money in the Bank briefcase from Lita, when he enters the ring he hits Eugene right across the head, laying Eugene out. Edge then picks up Eugene and hits an Impaler DDT. Edge then goes into the corner and waits for Eugene to get up, who very slowly does, when Eugene turns around Edge hit’s the spear. Edge goes for the pin 1,2, Edge breaks the pin. Edge then drags Eugene into the centre of the ring and locks Eugene in the modified Sharpshooter, Eugene taps out immediately, but Edge refuses to break the hold until the ref breaks the hold.

Here is your winner: Edge

J.R. That was sickening what Edge just done to Eugene, poor Eugene didn’t even have a chance.

King: Well J.R. Edge is hyped up at the moment, and I wonder what mood he’ll be in this coming Sunday.

As Edge and Lita leave, the arena lights go out and then dimly come on and at the entrance is stood a figure draped in long coat, with a hood over his head. He points to Edge and then retreats backstage as the lights return on.

King: What the hell was that J.R., who was that?

J.R. King I think the WWE just saw an image of the Angelic Diablo.

-Commercial Break-

La Resistance Music Hits
Lilian Garcia: The next match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first representing La Resistance, from Montreal, Quebec, weighing at 250lbs, Sylvain Grenier.

William Regal Music Hits
Lilian Garcia: His opponent from Blackpool, England, weighing at 245lbs, William Regal.

Match 3:
Match Notes: Regal and Grenier tie up and Regal quickly turning the move into a suplex. Regal then Irish Whips Grenier and hits him with a shoulder block taking him down, Regal makes a quick cover, 1,2, Grenier kicks out. Regal picks up Grenier and hit’s a release German suplex. Regal then picks Grenier up again and locks Grenier in the Abdominal Stretch. Grenier tries to get to the rope but Regal pulls Grenier away, Grenier looks to give up, but hip tosses Regal, and Grenier rolls out of the ring. At that time Rene Dupree comes down to ringside but the ref blocks him off, Regal tries to grab Grenier from the inside of the ring to pull Grenier back in, but Grenier grabs the Quebec flag and clocks Regal across the head with the flag post, Regal is laid out in the ring, Grenier rolls in and makes the cover, the ref makes the count, 1,2,3.

Here is your winner: William Regal

J.R. I can’t believe La Resistance, Rene Dupree just cost William Regal the match and what blatant cheating by Grenier.

King: Well the ref didn’t see it, now both Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier are in the tag match at Vengeance, but what happens if Rob Conway wins tonight against Romeo.

J.R. I’m not sure King, I would assume La Resistance would solve the situation themselves.

Backstage Area: Eric Bischoff addressing the audience

Eric Bischoff: Now last week the owner of the WWE, Mr. McMahon said I had to sign at least 3 new talent and 2 wrestling capable divas or I‘m fired. Well me being Eric Bischoff I managed to do just this. Now next week I have signed a tag team to Raw, and they will make their debut in a Triple Threat Ladder Match for the World Tag Titles, their opponents will be the winners of the Tag Title Match at Vengeance and Arabian Knight Members Daivari and Kama Mustafa. Their identity will remain secret until they are introduced next week. Also I have signed a superstar who in my eyes is quite frankly “phenomenal,” he to will also make his debut next week on Raw. And as for the two wrestling capable divas, well as the current Women’s Champion Trish Stratus is out injured, I have decided to vacate the Women’s Championship and the new title holder will be determined from the two new divas who are none other than Molly Holly and Gail Kim. Now these two will face off at Vengeance this Sunday to determine a new Women’s Champion. Oh and one other thing, I made a request to the Board of Directors and they have allowed me to introduce a new title to the Raw Brand, known as the WWE European TV Title, and a tournament will proceed next week to determine the new European TV Champion. So it looks like Eric Bischoff is going nowhere.

-Commercial Break-

Dawn Marie Music Hits
Lilian Garcia: The Next Match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Dawn Marie, from Las Vegas, weighing 260lbs, Sean Morley.

Tajiri Music Hits
Lilian Garcia: His opponent from Japan, weighing 205lbs, Tajiri.

Match 4:
Match Notes: Tajiri and Morley lock up and Morley quickly gets Tajiri in a waist lock and then hit’s a release German Suplex. Tajiri quickly gets up and as Morley moves closer to Tajiri, Tajiri hits him with stiff kicks to the side of the leg. Morley tries to cover up and eventually grabs one off Tajiri legs and trips him to the floor and hits an elbow drop to Tajiri knee. Morley then begins to focus on the knee area, with kicks to the back of the knee and then locking in a leg lock submission. Tajiri refuses to give up, uses his other leg and kicks himself free. Morley backs away, but when he goes to grab Tajiri again, Tajiri spit’s the Green Mist onto Morley, then hits Morley with a spinning heel kick taking him down. Dawn Marie climbs the apron as Tajiri goes for the Buzz saw Kick, but as she did she throws Morley a brass knuck. Tajiri still lines up Tajiri, Morley low blows Tajiri and clocks him with the knuck’s, knocking Tajiri out cold. Morley cleans away the Green Mist from his eyes and climbs to the top rope and connects with the Money Shot, Morley makes the cover, 1,2,3.

Here is your winner: Sean Morley

J.R. What cheating right there by Sean Morley and Dawn Marie, Tajiri had the victory all set up.

King: What do you call Tajiri green mist J.R. fair, I think Tajiri had what was coming to him from Morley, because what comes around, goes around J.R.

J.R. Well I heard no complaints from the ref about Tajiri green mist, well Sean Morley, JBL new Chief of Staff is victorious on Raw debut.

Backstage Area: La Resistance Members, Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier

Rene Dupree: What do you mean Rob not here tonight, he has a match.

Sylvain Grenier: Looks like he is going to have to forfeit the match, and loses against Romeo.

Rene Dupree: Hey Sylvain, this works out well, because with Rob not in action you and I represent La Resistance the real members of La Resistance, not like that French phoney Conway.

Sylvain Grenier: How true, and this Sunday at Vengeance the real La Resistance will win the Tag Titles.

Back at Ringside with J.R. and King.

J.R. Well it looks as if this Sunday it will be Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier representing La Resistance, not Rob Conway who hasn’t shown up according to Dupree.

King: Well its Conway loss, he should be more courteous and informed his tag team partners of him not showing up.

Randy Orton Music Hits-Crowd Cheer-He enters the ring and takes the mic
Randy Orton: Now you are all probably wondering what the Legend Killer is doing out here tonight, well let me tell you last week in the Battle Royal I was about to become No. 1 Contender eliminating JBL, when Kurt Angle decided to interfere in the match just moments after I eliminated him. So Kurt, I hear you’re quite Legend, Olympic Gold Medallist, Former World Champion, Held just about every major championship in the WWE and a former General Manager, well Kurt, I kill legends! So I calling you out I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to wrestle, I want to fight!

Kurt Angle Music Hits-He stands at the stage with a mic-Crowd Chant You Suck
Kurt Angle: Wait just a minute Orton, you want to fight me, I’m Kurt Angle all of what you described me just now, a gold medallist, multiple champion in WWE and a former General Manager, well Orton your going to have to wait till Sunday at Vengeance to face me, because I just got permission from Eric Bischoff that on Sunday, you and I will have the first ever over the top rope single match, where the winner is only determined after their opponent, which will be you Orton is thrown over the top rope and both feet hit the floor. So Orton you better be prepared for flying because on Sunday I’ll throw you over the top rope like the shit you are.

Kurt Angle look set to leave but Randy Orton runs down and attacks Kurt Angle and the two ensue in a fist fight until security break them up.

-Commercial Break-

Smackdown Rebound:
Christian introducing Tyson Tomko as the man to accept John Cena challenge and then interfering during their match and stealing John Cena spinning World Title.

Shelton Benjamin Music Hits
Lilian Garcia: The Next Match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Charlie Haas, from Orangeburg, S.C. weighing 245lbs, he is the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin.

Muhammad Hassan Music Hits
Lilian Garcia: His opponent, accompanied to the ring by Muhammad Hassan and Daivari, from Las Vegas, weighing 320lbs, Kama Mustafa.

Match 5:
Match Notes: Shelton and Kama lock up and Kama using his size backs Shelton into the corner and hits Shelton hard in the face, Shelton replies throwing Kama into the turnbuckle and hitting Kama as well, Shelton the Irish Whips Kama into the other turnbuckle and goes for the stinger splash, but Kama counters and catches Shelton. Kama then hit’s a fall away slam on Shelton, taking him to the outside, but before Shelton falls to the ground he grabs the top rope and hangs on, standing on the apron he waits for Kama to turn round which he eventually does and Shelton springboards himself of the top rope and hit’s a flying lariat on Kama, Shelton makes the cover, 1,2, Kama kicks out. Kama and Shelton both get up and Kama runs at Shelton who counters Kama with an arm drag, followed up with a Samoan Drop onto Kama. Kama is then Irish Whipped into the corner and Shelton connects with the Stinger Splash, Shelton hit’s the T-Bone Suplex just as Muhammad Hassan climbs onto the ring apron. Charlie Haas runs over and takes down Muhammad Hassan and begins to brawl with Hassan and Daivari, as Shelton makes the cover, 1,2,3.

Here is your winner: Shelton Benjamin.

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin leave celebrating Shelton victory as Muhammad Hassan, Daivari and Kama Mustafa look on from the ring.

-Commercial Break-

J.R. What a night it has been tonight here folks, and still we have the main event to come, but first lets just look at the Vengeance Card.

King: What an event Vengeance is going to be, all 4 Raw Brand Titles will be on the line.

J.R. That’s right King, starting with the Now Vacant Women’s Championship, will be decided by two new acquired superstars of Eric Bischoff, Molly Holly against Gail Kim.

King: Both divas will be re-debuting on the Raw brand, and what better to cap of your debut with a title victory.

J.R. Also the tag title will be on the line as The Heart-Throbs defend against La Resistance, Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier.

King: La Resistance made the decision for Dupree and Grenier to represent them as Rob Conway made a no show tonight.

J.R. Also just seen moments ago, Shelton Benjamin will be defending the Intercontinental Title against Muhammad Hassan.

King: These two have a rivalry that dates back and Hassan already beaten twice, can he do it a third time.

J.R. Also the debut of the Angelic Diablo against Edge in a No DQ match.

King: The Angelic Diablo has been stalking Edge in recent weeks and even showed up tonight, his identity will be revealed at Vengeance.

J.R. Chris Benoit will square off against Chris Jericho in a match of former friends.

King: That’s right J.R. and this match is all about jealously, each of them jealous of each other success.

J.R. Announced earlier tonight, a first ever over the top rope match, involving Kurt Angle and Randy Orton.

King: What a match this is going to be, Orton was eliminated by Angle last week in the battle royal, and the only way for victory in this match is to throw your opponent over the top rope and both feet hit the floor.

J.R. And finally the big one for the World Heavyweight Title, Batista vs. JBL in Hell in a Cell.

King: This match originally scheduled Triple H vs. Batista, but as Triple H was drafted to Smackdown, Eric Bischoff decided to keep the Hell in a Cell format and JBL was victorious in the Battle Royal last week.

Chris Jericho Music Hits-Crowd Boo
Lilian Garcia: The next match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Manhasset NY, weighing 231lbs, Chris Jericho

JBL Music Hits-Crowd Boo
Lilian Garcia: His partner from New York City, weighing at 290lbs, JBL.

J.R. JBL has come down with the newest members of his Cabinet, Sean Morley and Dawn Marie.

Chris Benoit Music Hits-Crowd Cheer
Lilian Garcia: And their opponent, now residing in Atlanta, weighing 220lbs, Chris Benoit.

Batista Music Hits-Crowd Goes Wild
Lilian Garcia: His partner, from Washington D.C. weighing 317lbs, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista.

Match 6:
Match Notes: Chris Benoit and JBL start the match off, in a tie up, Benoit using his skill quickly gets JBL in a waist lock and hits JBL with a German Suplex pin, 1,2, JBL kicks out, JBL swings his arm in a clothesline but Benoit counters and tries to lock in the cross face, JBL fights out of it and backs away. Benoit and JBL go to lock up again but JBL hits Benoit with a knee to the ribs and then a side walk slam. JBL tags in Jericho who then hits Benoit with a back breaker and then Irish Whips him sternum first into the turnbuckle, Jericho then runs across Benoit chest, before beginning to kick him in the midsection. Jericho tags in JBL who then hits Benoit with a fall away slam sending Benoit to the outside, where Sean Morley interferes and throws Benoit into the ring post as JBL distract the ref, Batista tries to run in but the ref stops him, as Benoit is smashed face first into the steel steps by Sean Morley and thrown back into the ring. JBL kicks Benoit across the head and tags in Jericho. Jericho picks Benoit up and hits him with a scoop slam. Jericho again picks Benoit up and lifts him for a brain buster, which he holds for at least 15 seconds before dropping Benoit, and then makes a pin with one foot, and muscle man pose, Benoit kicks out at 2, and is looking to tag Batista. Jericho Irish Whips Benoit and locks in a sleeper hold when Benoit returns to the centre of the ring. Benoit looks to be fading but out of nowhere picks Jericho up and hit’s a side slam. Benoit with his second wind jumps at Batista and makes the tag. Batista runs into the ring and takes down Jericho with repeat clotheslines, JBL looks to enter, and Batista is ready, but instead JBL jumps down from the ring and walks away. From behind Sean Morley runs into the ring and goes for Batista but Batista counters and hit’s the spine buster on Sean Morley who rolls out of the ring. JBL continues to walk away as Batista call him into the ring. Batista then turns his attention to Jericho who he hits with the spine buster followed with the Batista Bomb, Batista makes the cover 1,2,3.

Here are your winners: Batista and Chris Benoit.

J.R. An impressive performance just then by Batista, and what off JBL running away from Batista.

King: JBL was not running, he just keeping fresh for Sunday in that brutal Hell in a Cell Match.

J.R. Well folks where out of time, tune in on Sunday for WWE Vengeance live on PPV.

Raw goes off the air with JBL and Batista having a stare down.

Could i please get some reviews, thanks.
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