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Backstory: It is a brand new era for World Wrestling Entertainment, long time chairman of the company Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon has stepped down from his job in favor of retirement. His daughter, Stephanie McMahon, and his son in law Paul Levesque have taken control of the mega promotion immediately. The landscape of WWE will never be the same, it is time for a new era, a new testament to be written, as the balance of power shifts to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. They've already made some changes to the promotion's operations, the PPV schedule is altered, a brand new booker was signed to take control of the company's creative team, and roster changes are scheduled to help add depth. Will they falter, or lift the company's financial success even higher? Only time will tell, until then, enjoy the story of WWE post Vince McMahon!

Start date: Monday, December 6th, 2010
End date: ???

RAW Roster:

CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
Darren Young
David Hart Smith
David Otunga
Evan Bourne
Ezekiel Jackson
The Great Khali
Heath Slater
Husky Harris
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
John Cena
John Morrison
Justin Gabriel
Mark Henry
Michael McGillicutty
Michael Tarver
The Miz
Randy Orton
Santino Marella
Skip Sheffield
Ted DiBiase
Triple H
Tyson Kidd
Vladimir Kozlov
Wade Barrett
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder
Alicia Fox
Brie Bella
Gail Kim
Nikki Bella

Smackdown! Roster:

Alberto Del Rio
Big Show
Guerrero, Chavo
Chris Masters
'Dashing' Cody Rhodes
Curt Hawkins
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Jack Swagger
Joseph "Joey" Mercury
Kofi Kingston
Montel Vontavious Porter (M.V.P.)
Rey Mysterio
Trent Barreta
Tyler Reks
The Undertaker
Beth Phoenix
Kelly Kelly
Michelle McCool
Rosa Mendes

PPV Schedule (RAW PPV - Smackdown! PPV):

January: Royal Rumble
February: No Way Out
March: WrestleMania 27
April: Backlash
May: Over The Limit
June: Extreme Rules
July: Fanarchy
August: SummerSlam
September: Night Of Champions
October: Unforgiven
November: Survivor Series
December: Christmas Bash

WWE Champion:
The Miz

WWE Tag Team Champions:
Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel

WWE United States Champion:
Daniel Bryan

WWE Unified Divas Champion:

World Heavyweight Champion:

WWE Intercontinental Champion:
Dolph Ziggler​

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WWE RAW: December 6th, 2010

The Pyro goes off as the crowd goes crazy

Michael Cole: We are LIVE from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, I'm the voice of the WWE Michael Cole along with CM Punk and check out tonight's main event.

CM Punk: Oh this is going to be good, tonight it'll be Wade Barrett taking on John Cena's best friend, the man who can change theme songs all he wants and nobody will care anyways, R-Truth!

The Camera pans to the announcers desk where Michael Cole and CM Punk are shown.

Michael Cole: You want to talk about unprofessional Punk, where the hell is my announce partner Jerry "The King" Lawler?

CM Punk: You're seriously asking that question? 7 days ago you ruined the guy's chance to win the WWE Championship, and you're sitting here asking that question? Oh lord...

Michael Cole: Honestly, King needs to get over it, all I did was help out a friend because that's the type of guy I am, I meant no offense to Jerry and I even told him that in the ring last week! This is ridiculous, oh well, the show must go on I guess

Jerry "The King" Lawler's theme hits, he comes down the ramp and into the ring

CM Punk: Oh it's going to continue Cole, it just might not be your night.

King grabs a mic as the crowd start "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" chants

Jerry "The King" Lawler: I worked 40 long hard years to get the opportunity I was given last week on RAW, a WWE Championship shot against that loudmouth, The Miz! After everything I've given to this business, the bloodshed, the sweat, the tears, all of it was thrown down the drain by THAT man sitting right there.

King points to Michael Cole in the announce booth

Jerry "The King" Lawler: Cole, I don't know what your love affair is with Miz and Alex Riley, but I was able to deal with it while announcing with you behind that desk. However, last week, when you decided to stick your ugly mug in my business, you went waaay too far. You disrespected my legacy, everything I've worked so hard for was taken away from me.

The crowd pops

Jerry "The King" Lawler: You are not even a shell of what JR brought to the announce booth, you're only here for yourself, not for the ATHLETES who sacrifice their bodies for these fans! I'm sick and tired of you, I'm sick and tired of everything you stand for and I cannot believe that management here in WWE replaced the greatest announcer of all time, with a loser like you! I've sat there for over two years now wondering when you'd go away, it seems like nobody is willing to do the job, so I'm going to have to take the trash out myself~!

The crowd goes nuts for King, he is about to leave the ring to beat up Cole, but "The Voice of WWE" quickly gets up, grabs a mic, and fights back...verbally

Michael Cole: King...King, calm down, I know you're not happy with what happened last week but you need to understand, Miz is my friend, I only did what was right for him and ultimately...the WWE.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: What!?

CM Punk: Cole, what the hell are you saying?

Michael Cole: I got this Punk, King, your blood is boiling, you're hot right now and I get it, but take a step back and realize what really happened. If you were to hypothetically win the WWE Championship, imagine what that could have done to this company, to our lives! We need this place to put food on our family.

CM Punk: Well folks, apparently Cole puts food ON his family...

Michael Cole: My point is King, you as WWE Champion wouldn't benefit anyone involved with this company and I wasn't about to risk that. The Miz is my friend, A-Ry is my friend, and believe it or not I really care about the WWE Universe and all the hard workers here in the WWE, I did what was right for all parties involved. Now, if you wouldn't mind, come back to the announce booth and lets get on with the show.

The crowd screams at King to beat up Cole

Jerry "The King" Lawler:
The only way I'm going back to that announce booth is if I smash your face in first!

King leaves the ring, he grabs Cole and throws him in the ring. King stomps on Cole, "AWESOME" blares through the arena speakers as The Miz and Alex Riley come down the ramp

The Miz: Hey King, stop right there, enough! Do you feel tough beating up an announcer? Huh? Who do you think you are?

Miz and Alex Riley stand in the ring

The Miz: Really? Really King? You're over the hill, you're worthless, and the fact that you're attacking a defenseless Michael Cole proves my point! If you want a fight, why don't you pick one with the greatest WWE Champion of all time...ME!

King immediately attacks Miz, he hits him with a series of right hands but Alex Riley connects with a clothesline to the back of the head and King's attack is foiled. Riley and Miz begin a two on one assault on King...."I hear Voices In My Head" plays on the arena speakers as the crowd goes NUTS, Orton runs down to the ring

CM Punk: Randall Orton is here~!

Orton kicks Riley in the gut, he sends him over the top rope to the floor. Miz tries to attack Orton with the WWE Title belt, Orton ducks, Miz turns around, RKO!!! Orton poses with the WWE Championship

CM Punk: Well, that isn't Orton's title just yet, but you can tell Randy is pumped up and ready for a rematch as soon as he can get it!

Orton grabs a mic

Randy Orton: Miz, I want my WWE Championship back, and I'm going to get it with one swift KICK TO THE SKULL!

Orton drops the mic and does his \_0_/ pose

CM Punk: Orton's not happy, and you're about to feel the same way because we're going to a commercial break right now


visit www.blogtalkradio.com/qcwradio for wrestling talk at its finest, QCW Radio, LIVE Mondays at 11:30 PM ET



Josh Mathiews: I'm here with leader of The Nexus, Wade Barrett. Wade, after what happened last week with John Cena, what is the future of your faction?

Wade Barrett: The Nexus are not afraid of John Cena and none of his antics will deter our plans. The Nexus will get stronger each and every week because we are one, and nobody can stop us

John Cena attacks Wade Barrett from behind, he stomps on him and grabs the mic as the crowd goes wild...except the men who are booing

John Cena: I may be fired, but I'm hell bent on revenge and that's what I'm gonna get. I don't care if you're scared or not, The Champ is here and even without a contract my presence will be felt each and every week. I will not stop until the Nexus is no more!

The rest of the Nexus chase Cena off the set

Locker Room:

Ted DiBiase: Maryse, I know you're not happy about what happened last week, I just want you to know that I apologize for snapping like that, and if there's something you want me to do to make it official, I'll do it.

Maryse: Je ne suis pas heureux avec vous, mais moi acheter un collier de perles nouvelle marque peut changer que

Ted DiBiase: Maryse, you know I don't understand a word of that language

Maryse: I said, if you want to cheer me up, its going to take a pearl necklace. Brand new! I also want to go out to dinner, expensive resteraunt or dont waste your time.

Ted DiBiase: If that's what it takes then you got it, after the show tonight.

Maryse: Merci Ted

Ted DiBiase:
No, thank you, now we need to talk about tonight...I have a plan...

Maryse and Ted look at the camera, they shove the camera man out of their room.


Justin Roberts: This match is set for one falllllllll. IIIIIIIIIIIntroducing first, the UUUnited States Champion...DANIEL...BBBBBBRYAN!!

Daniel Bryan comes out, he jumps into the ring

Michael Cole: I still have a headache from that garbage to open the show, and now we have to sit through this guy's match? MAKE IT STOP!

CM Punk: How do you have a headache?

Michael Cole: Why do you think? Didn't you see King's attack?

CM Punk: Yea yea yea who cares, Daniel Bryan, who is a very capable athlete despite what Cole says, is ready for some one on one action here tonight on RAW

"Ohhh Radioooo" plays as Zach Ryder comes out

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Long Island New York...Zach, Ryderrrrr

CM Punk: So you call Daniel Bryan a nerd and not this guy Cole?

Michael Cole: Hey! Don't insult Zach Ryder, this guy is cooler than Bryan will ever be, you're just jealous.

The Finish:

Daniel Bryan hits a series of kicks to the chest of Zach Ryder, he picks Ryder up to his feet and hits a drop kick. Bryan plays to the crowd before locking in his patented Labell Lock for the tap out victory at 1:12

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Justin Roberts: Your winner, the United States Champion...Daniel...BBBBBRyan!!

CM Punk:
A dominating performance from Bryan, what do you think about that Cole?

Michael Cole: Look, I never said the guy wasn't good in the ring, he just bores me to death and has absolutely no charisma. This match is mercifully over, WAIT A SECOND!

Ted DiBiase comes running down the ramp with Maryse, DiBiase is carrying an LCD Computer Screen, Bryan turns around, Ted hits Bryan right in the face with it! The glass shatters in the ring as DiBiase stands tall, with Maryse by his side.

CM Punk: Oh my god!

Michael Cole: What a shot with that LCD screen by Ted DiBiase!! Now that's what I call making a stateme-

CM Punk: Don't you dare finish that sentence Cole, Daniel Bryan is hurt and hurt bad, this is not good.

EMT's come out to check on Bryan who is bleeding, they of course clean him up immediately before anything due to PG. Bryan is rolled out on a stretcher.

Michael Cole: Ted DiBiase looks on happy with his work, why did he do this?

CM Punk: I don't know Cole, it was a disgusting attack though, that's for sure.

Michael Cole: Daniel Bryan is out cold, we'll bring you updates throughout the night on his condition as soon as we get them. Why an LCD Monitor?

CM Punk: Again, I have no clue.

Michael Cole: We'll be right back after this commercial message


Hi, I'm doctor James Andrews of the San Antonio health legislation, recently we've been getting calls from several patients complaining about severe headaches, memory loss, depression, and often times thoughts of suicide after watching the television show, "TNA iMPACT!". I, personally, don't know what that even is, but we've received complaints from patients that the quote, "horrible booking, old former ECW/WCW/WWE rejects hogging the main event scene, and storylines that make no sense" are the problems. People also seem to complain about a fellow named Vincent Russo, noting that he is responsible.

On behalf of everyone involved with the San Antonio Health Legislation, we urge you not to watch this, "TNA" on it's air date every week, for your own sanity and well being. Until next time, continue to eat healthy, diet, and get plenty of exercise in your free time, thank you, and we will now return you back to your regularly scheduled program.


Justin Roberts: This match is set for one fall, in the ring, from Calabria Italy...Santino, Marellla

Ezekiel Jackon's theme hits, he comes down the ramp and into the ring to a chorus of boos.

CM Punk: Ok, Santino is going to get killed

Michael Cole: I agree with you for once, Punk

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, weighing 350 pounds..."Big Zeke", Ezekiel Jacksonnnn!

The Finish -

Ezekiel Jackson whips Santino across the ring, he hits him with a decapitation clothesline! Big Zeke pulls Santino to his feet, he hits him with a running power slam for the pin at 0:32

Winner: Big Zeke

Michael Cole: Good lord, that was short, Big Zeke truly is dominating!

Big Zeke is not done, he brings Santino to his feet and hits him with yet another power slam, this one knocks Santino out.

CM Punk: I bet Santino would rather be eating spaghetti and meatballs in Italy right now.

Michael Cole: Same here, I like Italian food

CM Punk: Well, you wouldn't need to leave this place, you could get your spaghetti and eat it here right?

Michael Cole: I don't even know what we're talking about anymore, the bottom line is Ezekiel Jackson just destroyed Santino Marella here tonight, who will be Zeke's next victim in his path of destruction?


Check out www.twitter.com/chessarmy to get updates on my show, QCW Radio, and much more!



Michael Cole: We are back on the longest running episodic television show in history, this is Monday Night RAW!

CM Punk: Do you need to say that every single week?

Michael Cole: Yes

Sheamus' theme hits, "The Celtic Warrior" comes out with a mic in hand as the crowd boos. Nobody should boo though because Sheamus is awesome. Sheamus is dressed in his King Of The Ring gear

Sheamus: Last week, oi cemented by name in douublya douublya eeey history by defeating John Marrison to become the King of tho Ring!! There is nobody in this company's history that can compete with moi, oim the greatest Irish born superstar evar!

The crowd boos, fans start "Sheamus sucks" chants

Michael Cole: Real original

Sheamus: Due to the fact that I am King of Tho Ring, I thoink oi deserve a title match right here tonight on RAW! Oim at the top of me game, now is the toim for me to get the opportunity I rightfully deserve to once again sit atop the Sports Entertainment mountain. You people are better off admitting it, Sheamus is the king, Sheamus is the top guy here on RAW, and all of you need to bow down to your new savior. ALL HAIL KING SHEAMUS, ALL HAIL KING SHEAMUS, ALL HAIL KING SHEAMUS

CM Punk: All hail King Sheamus!


Sheamus is interrupted mid sentence by the email noise, the crowd boos heavily.

Michael Cole: May I have your attention please, I have just received an email from the anonymous RAW General Manager.

Cole stands up, he walks over to the laptop and begins to read

Michael Cole: And I quote..."Sheamus, congratulations on winning the WWE King Of The Ring tournament last week, however you are in no position to demand title matches---

Cole is interrupted

Sheamus: No position to demand toitle matches!? Oim the King of the Ring!

Michael Cole: I'm just the messenger...anyways...and I quote...

The crowd boos again, they hate that phrase

Michael Cole: "because I have a plan for you that everyone in this arena is going to love. Instead of giving you a title match I honestly don't think you deserve, next week LIVE on RAW, you'll get the chance to wrestle in the main event of the show!

Sheamus: I've done that a million times, how is that sometin special?

Michael Cole: Please let me finish this email, "the reason this match is going to make tonight's live audience go absolutely wild, is due to your opponent. Next week, LIVE on RAW from the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa Bay Florida, you will go one on one with the man you put out of action several months ago. Sheamus, your opponent in next week's main event will be......



The crowd goes NUTS, Sheamus throws his King gear on the mat and starts yelling at Cole

Sheamus: No no no no no! I don't accept, you can't do that?

Michael Cole: I know, but the GM can. There's more, "and Sheamus, just to spice things up, next week your match with the returning Triple H will be...NO DQ!"

CM Punk: WOW, what an announcement by the RAW GM! You can't miss next week's main event everyone, Triple H vs Sheamus in a No DQ match. Up next it's our main event, Wade Barrett vs John Cena's Friend R-Truth. First, lets go to the backstage area.


Josh Mathiews: I'm here with Jerry "The King" Lawler, King, after what happened tonight, will you be returning to the RAW announce booth anytime soon?

Jerry "The King" Lawler: I'm not going NEAR that booth until I get what I want, me vs Michael Cole one on one inside that ring. Cole, I know you're listening, I want a match with you NEXT WEEK here on RAW, and just to sweeten the pot, Cole, if you beat me...I'll quit this company for good! You heard me right, I'd rather quit than lose to you. Lets go, you have nothing to lose, I'll see you in the squared circle next Monday night.


CM Punk: You accepting that challenge Cole?

Michael Cole: Uhh, you'll have to find out next week. It's main event time here on RAW!

R-Truth's theme hits, he comes rapping down the ring with Eve.

Michael Cole: I like this song better

CM Punk: Everyone does

The Nexus awesome "We Are One" theme plays, Wade Barrett comes down to the ring without his stable mates.

The finish -

R-Truth is in firm control of the match, he hits Barrett with the axe kick and covers...1....2....NO! Kickout by Barrett, Truth plays to the crowd who start "R-Truth!" chants, he tries for another Axe Kick after Barrett gets up but this one is countered into an electric chair. Barrett covers..1.....2....no! Barrett gets up to his feet, he pulls Truth to his and tries for a Wasteland but Truth counters, he tries for a clothesline but Barrett ducks and hits a low blow! DQ at 14:52

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner by Disqualification, R-Truuuuuth!

Michael Cole: Barrett with the intentional disqualification!

CM Punk:
He hit Truth right where it hurts the most, looks like his dreams of rapping to his children might never become a reality.

Wade Barrett goes to the outside, he brings in a chair and starts hitting repeated shots to the back of R-Truth while Eve is screaming on the outside for help. The rest of Nexus, Gabriel, Harris, Otunga, Slater, and McGuillicutty come out to join the attack. The entire Nexus stable beat up on R-Truth, Barrett grabs a mic.

Wade Barrett: We are not leaving this ring until John Cena comes out here. It's obvious security will not stop him, so why is he hiding in the back? Cena, you're friend's fate is in your hands, come out or we end R-Truth's career!

Michael Cole:
Oh my god, The Nexus are going to end Truth's career if Cena doesn't show up!

CM Punk: He's obviously here, we saw him earlier but can he make it into the arena?

The Nexus attack Truth some more, Barrett puts the chair over Truth's throat and he signals for Justin Gabriel to go to the top.

Michael Cole: You don't think he's going to hit the...on his...with the chair...

Gabriel is on the top rope, John Cena comes down to the ring via the crowd who go apeshit, Cena jumps the barricade but before he can slide into the ring and beat up Nexus, the GM dings in.

CM Punk: Oh no

Michael Cole: May I have your attention please, I have just received an email from the anonymous RAW General Manager.

Cole walks over to the laptop

Michael Cole: And I quote..."Cena, I've seen enough of you over the past week, you're supposed to be fired and making these appearances goes against the stipulation set months ago. As the GM of RAW I can't let this go on for any longer, you are banned from any WWE arena for life, any appearances you make will be met with a mix of police and security, whether they like you or not. Cena, while it may pain me to say this, Nexus has won the war and you must accept this. You're done, goodnight John"

Cena looks perplexed, a horde of cops and security surround Cena who is so struck by reality finally hitting him that he doesn't move. Nexus, in the ring, is laughing while R-Truth is knocked out on the mat. The cops/security take Cena away as the men chant "nananana, hey hey goodbye" and the women/children cry

CM Punk: It's about time the GM enforced the rules, goodbye Cena!

Michael Cole: John Cena is done, with the GM's new no nonsense policy in place, this could be the last we see of Cena.

CM Punk: And rightfully so, he was FIRED remember?

Michael Cole: What does this mean for Nexus? What about the WWE? This company will never be the same, John Cena is out of the building and it appears Nexus has won the war. Could it really end this way?

CM Punk:
It has Cole, everyone needs to accept that John Cena is gone and the new top player here in the WWE is Wade Barrett and Nexus!


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WWE Smackdown! December week 1, 2010

The following is written by my partner, "Knox Beard", from another board.

WWE Smackdown: December 10th, 2010

Pyro. Camera Angles. Fans. Awesome.

Todd Grisham: Hello everyone and welcome to Friday Night Smackdown, on ScyFy! I am Da Grish, Todd Grisham, the world’s greatest commentator in the history of ever. And alongside me is my broadcast colleague, a man who needs no introduction…

Matt Striker: Are you gonna finish?

Todd Grisham: What? I’m done.

Matt Striker: Oh…well folks I’m Matt Striker, your teacher, and have we got a night full of WWE action for you!

Todd Grisham: You darn skippy! And before we get started, we just want to remind you that this episode of Friday Night Smackdown is brought to you by Mentos, the Fresh Maker! Because revenge is a dish best served fresh!

Matt Striker: That made no sense whatsoever…

Kanes Pyro hits, he looks very angry face. He has the World Heavyweight Title, but he wants his daddy.

Kane: For several long, arduous weeks, I have been tormented and taunted by the man known as Edge. The Ultimate Opportunist has attempted to get inside my head and distract me at every turn…hoping to catch me of my guard just long enough to take that which is most precious to me.

The fans are booing Kane, because you’re supposed to do that. Start booing.

Kane: For even though my father is of my own flesh and blood, and I care dearly for his safe return…my one and true purpose in life is to make sure that this World Heavyweight Championship NEVER leaves the Dark Side again…I defeated The Undertaker at every turn, I destroyed my own brother in order to assert my dominance…I will not allow this worm, this rodent, this insect that is Edge to carry on his charade any longer!

More boos.

Todd Grisham: Sounds like Kane means business, Matt.

Matt Striker: Well wouldn’t you Todd? Edge has been playing mind games with the man who is supposed to be Smackdowns master manipulator. He’s found a weak spot, and it’s been eroding away at Kane for several weeks now!

Kane: Tonight is the night that I start fighting back! For I have initiated an open invitation to any who wish to challenge me for the World Heavyweight Championship. Any man within the Smackdown locker room who is able to assist in the swift and immediate return of my father…will be rewarded with a title shot any time they wish. And once there is no more distractions, once there is no more ace in the hole…Edge…your soul will be mine!

Edge’s theme music hits, he doesn’t seem to have Paul Bearer with him. He goes down to the ringside, but not daring to enter the ring with the Big Red Monster.

Matt Striker: An unexpected interruption from the Rated R Superstar! Edge looks like he has something to say!

Todd Grisham: I’d sure hope so, Matt. Otherwise his entrance would be pretty pointless.

Edge: You must be a lot dumber than you look, big guy. So let me get this straight, any person who is able to help you get back Paul Bearer, gets a World Heavyweight Title at any time? If that were the case, I could just return your father to your right now, and take that championship from you here, tonight!

The fans go wild. Kane looks very eager.

Kane: Do it! Give him to me! Give him back!

Edge smirks and gives his teasing reply.

Edge: I don’t think so! You see, I already have a title shot set against you at Christmas Bash, that much was made possible after I defeated you last week! So I’m afraid you’re just-

Now we get Jack Swaggers theme music, as he surprisingly shows up at the entrance ramp. Now with Edge wedged between Swagger and Kane. The fans resume their boo-fest.

Todd Grisham: Now what’s going on?

Matt Striker: Jack Swagger may want to get himself a title shot!

Jack Swagger: Not so fast, Edge. You see, everyone knows that I never lost that belt in a fair fight. I was scwewed in a Fatal 4-Way, and I know the fans would love to see me regain what is rightfully mine.

The boos from the audience prove otherwise, but we continue anyway.

Jack Swagger: So Kane offers an intwesting pwoposal. And I’d love another title shot. So Kane, don’t you worwy, because Teddy Long has schedwuled for tonight to have Edge and myself go one on one, in tonight’s main event! So while I take out Edge tonight, you can take your time looking for your father. And when Edge is thwew, I will not only get my payback for what you did to my own father sevwal months ago. But I will become the NEW World Champion while I do it!

Matt Striker: Well there you have it folks! Jack Swagger and Edge, in tonights Main Event!

Todd Grisham: And Jack Swagger has openly encouraged Kane to spend tonight searching for his missing father, Edge has to have him somewhere in the building. And Edge can’t afford to play mind games with the champion, as he’s going to have to focus all of his energy on Jack Swagger later on! Find out what happens next when we come back!

Commercial Break.

Back from Commercial.

Match #1: Kaval Vs. Chavo Guerrero.

Todd Grisham: Welcome back folks, if you’re just joining us a huge Main Event has been signed with Jack Swagger taking on Edge!

Matt Striker: While Kane resumes his frantic search of his father, Edge now not only has to worry about Kane’s wrath, but also, the entire locker room is against him! If anybody returns Paul Bearer to Kane, they will get a World Title shot against the champion, that’s huge!

Todd Grisham: That’s what she said.

Matt Striker: Truer words have never been spoken.

Kaval makes his way to the ring, he still gets respectable pops despite his horrible losing streak.

Chavo Guerrero also enters, getting about as much reaction as a bad case of flatulence.

Todd Grisham: What do you think Teach, is tonight the night that Kaval finally turns all his bad luck around?

Matt Striker: Well you gotta look at the record, Grish. Chavo is a former ECW Champion, he’s beaten the likes of Rey Mysterio and JBL. Kaval hasn’t really had a significant and satisfying win since he signed up! If I were a betting man, I’d have to go with Chavito.

The Match:

The contest was very back and forth. Chavo was able to land his Three Amigos, but was unable to keep Kaval down for the three. He went up for the Frog Splash, but Kaval got out of the way in the nick of time. Kaval started to come back with some stiff strikes, but his leg got caught and Guerrero twisted him around into a Gory Bomb. After yet another nearfall, Chavo was growing visibly frustrated with the referee. After he turned around he ate a temple kick and a Warriors Way. After a hard fought contest, Kaval picked up the victory!

Winner: Kaval by Warriors Way after about 8:12.

Matt Striker: Well Todd, I’ve never been happier to be wrong! Kaval picks up a major win here tonight, but wait, he’s getting a microphone!

Kaval is standing in the middle of the ring, still breathing heavy from his earlier contest. But he brings the mic up to his lips all the same and addresses the fans.

Kaval: Now I know that for these past few weeks, I’ve been hitting a couple of road blocks. I’ve lost many opportunities, including my title shot against Dolph Ziggler a few weeks back. But the way I see it, those were all a learning experience. It’s time that I did this the right way. I’m not going to bypass any of these boys in the back. I’m not going to do a few jumping jacks and talk about apples and oranges to earn your vote, or your respect. Starting tonight, I climb up the ladder of Smackdown rung, by rung, by rung. Until I’ve earned my rightful place at the top of the WWE!

Todd Grisham: That man makes Barry White look pale in comparison.

Matt Striker: Some heartfelt words by Kaval folks. Can he keep up the momentum? I guess only time will tell!

We cue backstage where the World Heavyweight Champion Kane is destroying the hallways. We see him turning over crates, palettes and tables, obviously in search of Paul Bearer. Several bystanders scurry out of his way as he screams at everyone around asking where to find his father.

We then cut to general manager Teddy Long’s office where he is staring at the monitor alongside Vickie Guerrero and her consort, Dolph Ziggler. Teddy looks visibly distraught that his equipment is being destroyed by an irate champion, and Vickie faces him.

Vickie Guerrero: Excuse me, Teddy? I know this must be difficult for you. I was once General Manager of Smackdown myself! I can sympathize with how hectic things can get around here. And that’s actually why I’ve come to speak with you. You see, with Kane destroying everything in his path, it’s just not safe for Dolph and I! I know that he is scheduled to face Kofi Kingston tonight for the Intercontinental Championship, but we think it would be in Smackdowns best interest…if we were given the night off.

Teddy long turns to look towards Vickie Guerrero, as if he is contemplating her words. After thinking about it for a moment, he replies.

Teddy Long: Ya know somethin’ Vickie, your right. With Kane being as reckless as he is, I don’t think it’s a good idea to have an Intercontinental Championship match tonight. We all know what happens when outside forces interfere with title matches, don’t we? So instead, Dolph Ziggler will be in non-title competition tonight. And his opponent will be, The Big Show! Holla holla.

As Teddy Long makes his leave, we see Vickie’s face just about turning a boiling beet red. She screams after Teddy Long.

Vickie Guerrero:
WHAT?! NO! That’s not what I meant at all! Excuse me? EXCUSE ME?!

Dolph Ziggler watches as Vickie chases after the general manager. He simply shrugs his shoulders and walks over to Teddy’s desk, picking up one of the pastries off the table and taking a bite. He looks at the camera and smiles.

Dolph Ziggler:

What? I’m just here for the croissants

Commercial Break.

Return From Commercial.

Matt Striker: That is one scary Panda, Grish.

Todd Grisham: You don’t need a PhD to know that! Either way, as my broadcast partner goes to purchase some quality Panda Cheese, we are getting ready for our next contest!

Match #2: Dolph Ziggler Vs. The Big Show

Dolph Ziggler makes his way down to the ring, accompanied by Vickie Guerrero. She looks absolutely furious, while Ziggler is finishing his croissant with contentment.

The Big Show makes his way to the ring, and Ziggler and Vickie predictably hightail it out of the ring to make way for him.

Todd Grisham: Well, we WERE scheduled to have an Intercontinental Title match tonight between champion Dolph Ziggler and #1 Contender Kofi Kingston, but Vickie Guerrero convinced Teddy Long to not have the title on the line!

Matt Striker: And what do they get for it? A non-title match against The Big Show. I don’t understand Todd, does our general manager enjoy seeing Vickie in distress? This is a woman who should be respected and revered! Ziggler should not be in competition tonight.

Todd Grisham: When you’re the champion you are expected to compete, Matt. Just because Vickie should be “respected” as you say, doesn’t give Ziggler an automatic pass from entertaining these fans.

Matt Striker: Of course not but, against The Big Show?

The Match:

Dolph Ziggler attempts all of his normal tricks in this match. From his feint attacks to running from the ring, eye gouges and kicks to the hamstring. But Big Show battles out of each failed attempt of offense, pushing Ziggler around the ring like a rag doll. Big Show attempts to chase Ziggler, who enters the ring again and dropkicks Big Show to the side of the head. Trying to gain more momentum, but Big Show devastates him with a chokeslam counter attack. Vickie Guerrero inserts herself into the match, occupying the Referees attention. This allows Ziggler to deliver a lowblow and then lock in a sleeper hold, trying to keep the giant down. He almost fades with two drops of the arm, but Big Show was able to fight back, throwing Ziggler off of him. Dolph ran up to Big Show trying to capitalize with a Zig Zag, but gets floored by a super powered Falcon Punch. Three seconds later, and Big Show picks up the victory.

Winner: The Big Show at 10: 33.

Todd Grisham: The Big Show picks up a huge victory against the Intercontinental Champion, and Vickie looks absolutely irate!

Matt Striker: What does this mean for the Intercontinental Title picture? Ziggler still has Kofi to worry about, but what if Big Show wants to stake his claim to the title?!

As Ziggler, Vickie and Show all clear their ways from the ring, we then go to the announce booth once more as we prepare for the next segment.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen we want to take this time to remind you that in three weeks time, Smackdown is going to have their own exclusive Pay Per View. A very “festive” occasion, as we gear up for Christmas Bash!

Matt Striker: Deck the halls and break the walls, we know for sure that The Rated R Superstar Edge will take on The Big Red Machine Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship in a TLC match! And that is sure to be a knock down, drag out contest.

Todd Grisham: Edge has had Paul Bearer kidnapped for weeks now, and he’s been trying to play mind games with the champ ever since. But will it all come to ahead at Christmas Bash?

Matt Striker: A lot of that may very well be determined here tonight, Todd! But as for now, here comes one of my favorite superstars!

The music of Alberto Del Rio plays over the PA System, as the Spanish announcer lets us know that he is on his way. The limo pulls up from the entrance ramp, and I swear the driver this week looks like Eric Estrada. Del Rio gets out and comes to the ring, ever the cheery look upon his face.

Alberto Del Rio: Hello! My name is Alberto Delrio, but you already knew dat. I just wanted to comout, and lament the…futile search for Kane’s fadder, Paul Bearer. I wanted to assure our campeone, that I have the entirety of Mehico scouring every dive and bordello to find him. Unfortoonately, with his description being dat of…pale, fat and maybe a little creepy…he could pass as any number of you!

The fans boo voraciously at the cheap heat that Del Rio exhibits, but he continues.

Alberto Del Rio: But make no mistake, I will find Paul Bearer. And when I do? I will take my rightful place, as the King of Smackdown!

Booyaka Booyaka! 619! The theme music of Rey Mysterio plays over the PA System, and the pint sized superstar makes his way down to the ring, microphone in hand. Normally he is smiling, but tonight, in the face of Alberto, he has nothing but contempt for his bitter Mexican rival.

Rey Mysterio: I’m sorry to interrupt Alberto. We all know how important your time is, so I will be quick. I may be small, but if you think you can look over me that easily? Then you’re going to be disappointed. We still have unfinished business. And I’m not going to let you leap frog me to the World Title without a fight.

Alberto Del Rio: That’s really funny piquito. You see, what you can’t seem to grasp, is dat I’ve already passed you by. I am of royal blood, and I am deserving of a royal reign as campeone. I cannot be boddered, by peasants like joo. But if you wish to be put down dat badly, den we can have a match next week…and I will put you down once and fer all.

Rey Mysterio: Alberto? I accept!

Mysterio stares down Del Rio as the match is now official for next week. Del Rio offers his hand in a very smug shake, but Mysterio just bats his hand away and slams the microphone into his chest before leaving the ring. Alberto looks besmirched at first, but his expression quickly smoothes back into the wide smile we know and love, giving Mysterio a wink before we head to commercial.

Commercial Break.

Back from Commercial.

We come back from commercial break as Kane is still scouring the backstage area in search of his father. He see him delivering a boot to the boiler room door and busting it open. Running down the stairs, he bangs against any number of chains, pipes and railings screaming for his father, and there is nobody to be found.

Match #3: Drew McIntyre Vs. Kofi Kingston

We cut to the ring where introductions are being made for the next contest. Kofi Kingston is bounding down to the ring, obviously not happy that he won’t be getting his IC title shot tonight, but his upcoming opponent will be giving him more than enough to chew on.

Speaking of which, Drew McIntyre makes his slow and laborious way down to the ring. With as obnoxious a smirk on his face as ever, he seems surprisingly confident going up against the #1 Contender.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, Kane obviously is still searching for his father to no avail, but right now we’ve got a great match up between two guys who weren’t able to claim the King of the Ring crown a few weeks ago, and are paired up tonight to regain some momentum!

Matt Striker: Kofi Kingston has a lot to gain here folks, but Drew might have even more! As a win over the #1 Contender could very well put Drew back on the road to success. But win or lose, Kofi Kingston will be getting his title shot next week against Dolph Ziggler!

The Match:

Drew McIntyre took the early advantage by keeping Kofi grounded, with specific focus on his left arm. This went on for quite a few minutes, before Kofi was able to make a babyface comeback with his controlled frenzy. Unfortunately his excitement got the best of him as he accidentally spin kicked the referee in the face. This didn’t slow down Kofi, as he set up for his Trouble in Paradise, but suddenly Cody Rhodes ran in from the crowd. He came into the ring and delivered a sick looking Cross Roads. Although that would be enough, Drew McIntyre still takes the time to deliver a Future Shock DDT, as the referee comes to. It’s over just like that.

Winner: Drew McIntyre at 12:11.

Todd Grisham: What in the hell was that all about? Cody Rhodes had no business in this match!

Matt Striker: I’m as confused as you Todd, Drew and Cody have not been on the best of terms lately, but for some reason he’s out here and helped McIntyre get the win! Maybe we can go to the back and get some answers.

Sure enough, we go backstage where Cody Rhodes is standing by with some stupid bitch…we’ll call her Shelly McBang.

Shelly McBang: Cody, we all saw what just happened out there. Why are you helping Drew McIntyre in his matches, weren’t you both on bad terms?

Cody seems insulted that Shelly would make such a gross assumption, but it’s not what you think.

Cody Rhodes: What? Helping? You clearly don’t understand babe, I went out there for me and me alone. My attack had nothing to do with Drew. Heck, it doesn’t even have anything to do with Kofi. Kingston is just another stepping stone on my way to championship greatness, so I took him out to thin the pool a little bit.

Another guy who is in my way is Kaval. I saw the promo he tried to cut earlier today, and sorry kid, but your goals are in direct conflict with what I am trying to do here. I know you saw what happened to Kofi, so I want you to think real hard, and be very careful. Because if you’re not, I might just make you…Dashing.

Cody flashes the camera his devilish smile, as he inspects all the usual suspects of his face, before taking his leave.

We then get transferred to another backstage area, where Jack Swagger is standing by himself, preparing to deliver his own personal message.

Jack Swagger:
Edge, in just a few moments the All American American is going to tear you limb from limb. And honestly? It’s not because I have any problem with you. Kane wants his father. I want a shot at the world heavyweight championship. You’re just the middle man. And tonight, I take you out. Nothing personal, bub.


Back from Commercial.

Main Event: Jack Swagger Vs. Edge

Todd Grisham: Welcome back once again folks, if you’re just joining us we’ve had a crazy night of action and drama as you can experience every Friday Night, but I think the biggest story thus far is that of Kanes open invitational.

Matt Striker: Without a doubt Todd, Kane’s desperation to get his father back has gotten so out of hand that he’s offered up a world heavyweight championship match to ANYONE who can return his father to him.

Todd Grisham: Edge originally teased that he could just turn in Paul Bearer and cash in the shot himself, but Jack Swagger surprised everyone by coming out and accepting Kanes invitation. And how? By facing Edge in a match tonight, which has allowed Kane to search the entire arena in hopes of finding his father.

Matt Striker: I don’t know how smart it was of Swagger to go against Edge here tonight, but perhaps with Edges mind on making sure Kane doesn’t get Paul, and the always present risk of injury before Christmas Bash, maybe Jack Swagger has all the tools to psyche out Edge tonight, and get a huge win!

Edge makes his way down to the ring, not looking the least bit worried about this contest or the current situation he is in. As a matter of fact, a smile seems etched across his lips as if he still believes he’s in full control.

Jack Swaggers music hits and he looks pumped up as ever. He too has that ever crucial look of confidence, as both men seem to believe that they are the ones with the upper hand here tonight.

The Match:

This was a very back and forth match up from bell to bell. Both superstars used various dirty tactics to gain advantages, with Swagger taking the more aggressive approach, but Edge being the more wily veteran of the two allowing him to pick his spots better. Swagger is able to drag Edges leg from a baseball slide attempt, and smashes his ankle against the apron. This allows Swagger to lock on his vice grip like Ankle Lock, which almost puts Edge away. But The Ultimate Opportunist is able to front flip out of it, sending Swagger face first into the middle turnbuckle. When Swagger turns around Edge nails him with a wicked Spear, but his injured ankle prevents him from having a chance to capitalize. But even as Edge was to cover Swagger, Kane’s pyro hits as he storms down to the ring. Kane enters and viciously begins to attack Edge, as the referee calls for the bell.

Winner By DQ: Edge at 14:57.

Todd Grisham:
Kane is attacking Edge! He's cost Swagger the match, but I think he's got more deadly things in mind!

Matt Striker: This is retribution for weeks of torment and taunting. I hate to say it, but Edge has this coming!

After the match, Swagger bails out of the ring, as Kane has a look of utter hatred and vengeance as he stares down Edge, helpless to battle out. Kane grabs him by the throat, and with the force of hell itself, chokeslams Edge all the way through the ring! Edge is shown laying lifeless in the hole that was created in the middle of the ring, while Kane gets on his hands and knees screaming at Edge “Where is he?!” over and over again as we fade to black.​
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