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I have written shows before and have experience, but now I want to write for other people to read and rate. I love booking and I hope you all will enjoy my shows and my storylines. My rosters are somewhat different then WWE's current rosters because of some switches in shows and additions to the orginization. I will try to get my first Raw up this Monday night and Smackdown on Thursdays. I will write both shows on my own unless it becomes to much of a burden in which I may ask for assistance from an experienced writer. Anyhow here are the rosters for both shows, Raw Preview up later and lookout for Raw tomorrow night.

Triple H - World Heavyweight Champion
Randy Orton
Shelton Benjamin - Intercontinental Champion
Booker T
Rob Van Dam
Eddie Guerrero
Hulk Hogan
Ric Flair
Orlando Jordan
Tyson Tomko
Lance Storm
Matt Morgan
Tommy Dreamer
Rob Conway- Tag Champion
Sylvain Grenier- Tag Champion
Rene Dupree
Al Snow
Steven Richards
Hardcore Holly
James Storm
Chris Harris
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
Garrison Cade
Val Venis
Trish Stratus- Woman’s Champion
Torrie Wilson
Molly Holly

Shawn Michaels
Kurt Angle- WWE Champion
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
John Cena- United States Champion
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Rey Mysterio
Carlito Caribbean Cool
The Big Show
Muhammad Hassan
Luther Reigns
Mark Jindrak
Bubba Dudley- Tag Team Champion
D’Von Dudley- Tag Team Champion
Spike Dudley
Billy Kidman- Cruiserweight Champion
Paul London
Chris Masters
John Heidenreich
Gene Snitsky
William Regal
Simon Dean
Scotty 2 hotty
Grand Master Sexay
Chavo Guerrero
Charlie Haase
Shannon Moore
Doug Basham
Danny Basham
Stacy Kiebler
Miss Jackie
Dawn Marie
Christy Hemme


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Monday Night Raw January 3rd 2005
Live From Boston
The New Year has begun and The Royal Rumble looms just ahead as Raw comes to us live from Boston. Today marks the beginning of the road to Wrestlemania 21 as The Royal Rumble is the first step to the extravaganza. Will we get a sneak peak of any announcements for the Royal Rumble? Anything can happen as the stars on Raw prepare what can be the biggest night of their lives in just a few weeks.

Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin has been a fighting champion defending his title against all comers, but who will his next opponent be? Find out as Matt Hardy and Christian go one on one to gain a shot the Intercontinental Championship.

Plus what will Triple H's next challenge be as the Royal Rumble approaches. What is the champions fate?

All this and more as Raw comes to you live 9/8c only on Spike TV

With much luck and motivation I will try to do Raw after school and post it tonight. Also I would also take consideration for people interested in doing Smackdown. Experienced writers please.

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So far Raw is flowing nice and I WILL get it up sometime tonight. Most likely after tonights Raw...so after 11 eastern time expect it to be posted. I hope there will be readers to read it being I think for the time I am doing it in it is a good quality. I will be expecting a rating and perhaps some constructive criticism. Thankyou, and I hope you will read for I am making a promise it will be worth a look.

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Small change of plans, since I am tired and I have the main event left I will post the show in the morning so I don't have to rush throught it tonight and post lesser quality. I have the morning off from school so I will finish it then.

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Monday Night Raw January 3rd 2005
Fleet Center Boston Massachusetts

Raw theme plays and the pyro explodes revealing a hot and packed Fleet Center

JR: Happy New years from World Wrestling Entertainment as we are live at The Fleet Center for Monday Night Raw!!

King: it’s the first Raw of 2005 JR, who knows what to expect tonight!

JR: Well one thing is for sure we will determine a number 1 contender for the Intercontinental Title tonight as Christian goes head to head with Matt Hardy!

Match is shown on the titan tron.

JR: Also Booker T and Randy Orton one on one here tonight! Orton’s actions have been controversial as of late and here tonight Booker T will look to put the young man in his place.

King: Now listen JR about Randy Orton…..(King is interrupted)


JR: Now what is this?

King: We are about to be in the presence of the 10 time world heavyweight champion, The Game Triple H.

Triple H and Ric Flair dressed in a suit and tie make their way into the ring. Triple H grabs the mic and takes a pause and then begins to speak.

Triple H: A new year huh? Two Thousand and Five? A new start? Well I say the same old stuff. This is just another year for me to dominate Raw. Another year where week after week, month after month Triple H is on top of the card. Another year where this title belt will sit comfortably on my shoulder. Do you know why? Because I am the best, I am the pinnacle of what everyone wants to be in this business.

The crowd lets out a loud boo and begin asshole chants at the ramblings of Triple H

King: Every word is true JR.

JR: He is the champ, he is the best? Does he need to remind us every week?

Triple H: You can boo all you want but it is the truth. 2005, just the same as 2002, just the same as 2003, and just the same as last year 2004. It is nothing more then the facts! So what I want to do here tonight is….


King: RVD?

JR: This is a bit of a surprise King, RVD has interrupted the game. What can he have on his mind?

RVD comes out with a microphone and stops on the ramp way.

Rob Van Dam: You know man I was sitting in the back and I couldn’t help but doze off for a few seconds. I did catch a least a little bit of your little speech and I will say I agree. You have been at the top the past 4 years. And the past 4 years week after week wrestling fans have been bored by your constant 20 minute ramblings. You know yours truly, RVD, isn’t the best at math but I happened to have a handy calculator with me in the back and I did the math for you. Over the past 3 years alone you have bored wrestling fans for an astonishing total of 3,120 minutes. Wow, 3,120 minutes of wasted air time and I say it stops right now! I am not going to sit here and watch you bitch, complain, moan, brag, cry, talk, rant, and ramble any longer. 2005 is not another year for Triple H…no no no. 2005 is the year of…………..R…….V………….D!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ric Flair calms down an irate Triple H. Triple H grabs the mic again after regaining his composure.

Triple H: RVD, as they call you, while you were dying down along with a defunct ECW I was taking names and winning World Heavyweight Championships!

Crowd starts an ECW chant.

RVD smiles and speaks again.

RVD: Maybe so, and if you are so much better then me why don’t you prove it. Why don’t you put that title of yours on the line against me RIGHT HERE TONIGHT!!

I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JR: Oh now what!

King: Go ahead say it JR….business is about to pick up.

Bischoff struts his way onto the stage.

Bischoff: NO NO NO!!! Hold on just a minute!! I make the matches around here and I am not about to sanction any titles matches here tonight.

Crowd boos heavily.

Bischoff: However, next week on Raw I will sanction this match. Live from the historic Madison Square Garden it will be Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam for the WORLD HEAVYWIEGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!! And so you two don’t think you have the night off I will let you in on tonight’s main event. Tonight we will have ourselves a tag team match. In one corner it will be Triple H and The Nature Boy Ric Flair against Rob Van Dam and his partner who I have hand picked………….




King: WHAT!?!?


Triple H and Flair look upset at the match as Rob Van Dam loves the ruling.

Commercial break

JR: We are back on Raw and our G.M. Eric Bischoff has dropped a bombshell announcing a huge tag team match tonight and a title match next week at The Garden. What a way to kick off the new year King.

King: Just unbelievable, Triple H definitely has his hands full the next two weeks and if he can pull this off he deserves to be called the best.

JR: I don’t know about that…but in any event lets get ready for some Tag Team Championship action on RAW.


JR: Well the greatly disliked champions our making their way to the ring. We have word that their opponents are a new team here in WWE, not sure who but I am sure we will find out momentarily.


A massive pop is let out from the Boston crowd.


JR: America’s Most Wanted making their WWE debut, and what a way to do it!!

La Resistance fleas the ring as the challengers enter and look confused and surprised at the appearance of AMW. Harris and Storm pose for the crowd as Conway and Grenier choose who will start the match.

World Tag Team Championship
La Resistance (champions) vs. America’s Most Wanted

Rob Conway starts things off with James Storm. The two tie up as Conway immediately establishes wrist control. Conway gets behind Storm with a hammerlock. Storm taps his elbow and tries to relieve the pressure. He rolls forward into a pinning combination…….1.…Conway is up at 1. Both competitors reach their feet and tie up again this time Storm gets the advantage and sinks in a headlock. He tosses Conway over into a headlock pin but gets barely a one as Conway reverses it into a pin of his own…1.…2 Storm jabs Conway in the head to free himself. Conway gets up shaking off the right hand and strolls right into a clothesline. Storm executes a few strong chops and then whips Conway into the ropes. Grenier gets the blind tag as Conway bounces off the ropes. Grenier heads to the top as Storm leap frogs Conway. Grenier comes off the top for an axe handle but receives a fist to the gut. Conway from behind comes back and levels Storm with a shot to the back of the head. The ref gets Conway out of the ring as Grenier gets up and puts the boots to Storm. He begins to stomp away several times at the back of his head and then pulls and grabs his hair. Harris complains to the ref and the ref warns Sylvain. Grenier hoists Storm up in a vertical suplex and drops him to the canvas. He follows up with a quick pin 1.….2.…kickout. He lifts Storm up and taunts the audience only to receive a bunch of jeers. He goes for a short arm clothesline on Storm but Storm evades doing a roll under the arm and then diving to tag in Harris. Harris runs and hit’s a clothesline on Grenier. He lifts him back up and hit’s a neck breaker. He goes to whip Greneir into the ropes but it is reversed and Harris goes bolting off the ropes. Grenier ducks his head for a back body drop but Harris kicks him right in the face. Grenier stumbles back from the force of the kick and gets a cross body from Harris. Harris hooks the legs……1.…………2.…….Grenier quickly sticks his leg under the ropes. Harris upset by the ordeal begins to pound on Greiner with mounted punches. The ref breaks it up and Harris throws his arms up for a pop from the crowd. Harris tags Storm back in and both men perform a double hip toss. Storm makes the cover, hooking the legs, but Conway is in to break it up before the ref can execute a count. Harris makes his way into the ring to help his partner but the ref holds him back. This allows Conway and Grenier to double team Storm with stomps and dropping elbows. Conway exits onto the ring apron before the referee can spot him. Grenier quickly tags him in and holds up Storm in a sideslam position. Conway grabs Storm’s head in a reverse DDT position and drops down as Grenier sideslams him. The crowd lets out a loud ooooooooh!! Conway hooks the leg……1.…………….2.…………Harris gets in just in time to make the save. Conway shakes off Harris’s assault and picks Storm up. He sends Storm into the ropes and hit’s a dropkick. Conway tags Grenier back in and Grenier whips Storm gut first into the turnbuckle. He then lifts him up to the top and sets him up in a tree of woe position. He runs and hit’s a diving shoulder block into Storm’s gut. Storm falls out of tree of woe position and lands back on the mat. Grenier covers him 1.…….2.……kickout. Grenier bangs the mat upset over the kickout and gets a right hand right into the jaw by Storm. Storm pulls him back up and hits another weak right hand. Grenier responds with an elbow to the face of Storm. Storm drops down to his knees and Grenier slaps him across the face. This sparks a comeback in Storm who nails Grenier in the gut. Storm races into the ropes and hit’s a SPEAR!! Both him and Grenier are down on the mat. Storm begins to crawl over to his corner as does Grenier. Grenier makes the tag and Conway runs in. Storm reaches and makes the tag….NO! Conway grabbed his leg. Storm reverses and hits and enzaguri. HE MAKES THE TAG!! Harris runs in and a ducks a right hand from Conway. Harris lays into Conway with three punches and them irish whips him into the ropes. As he comes back Harris throws him up with a sky high back body drop. Grenier hit’s the ring and charges at Harris but Harris kicks him in the gut. He sets him up for the catatonic but Conway hits Harris from behind to break it up. Conway sets up Harris in a piledriver but Harris trips up his legs and hooks him in a sharpshooter. Conway is in the middle of the ring no where to go, the ropes are no where in sight. Grenier gets up and plants Harris with a DDT to break up the submission. Storm dives across the ring and tackles Grenier, both men roll to the outside. Conway rolls an arm over on Harris……….




Harris kicks out!!!!
Conway can not believe it, he lifts Harris up and signals for the whiplash. Harris reverses and hits back suplex. Meanwhile outside Grenier drives Storm’s head into the steel steps. He grabs one of the title belts and rolls into the ring. He tries to sneak up on Harris but the ref stops him from using the belt. Harris’s attention is diverted to the ref and Grenier as Conway grabs the other title belt and stalks Harris from behind. Harris turns around but as Conway goes to hit him with the belt James Storm steps in front and Super Kicks the belt right into Conway’s face. Storm rolls out of the ring as Harris covers Conway……




JR: What in the hell is this?!?!

King: That’s Rene Dupree, Grenier’s former tag team partner..

JR: I know who it is, but what the hell Is he doing out here?!

Storm and Grenier continue to brawl on the outside as the ref tries to get Dupree away from ringside. Harris leans over the ropes trying to grab a hold of Dupree but Conway from behind clonks Harris in the head with the title belt. He rolls Harris up and grabs the tights. The ref turns around and counts………





Winners and still tag team champions: La Resistance!

Conway rolls out of the ring escaping with his title belt. Grenier, Conway, and Dupree stand on the ramp way holding each others arms up as Storm looks on attending to Harris.

JR: A huge disappointment King, America’s Most Wanted had the titles won and Rene Dupree reunites with La Resistance.

King: Well I have one thing to say to Harris and Storm, welcome to the WWE..haha…

Cameras head backstage to Triple H’s locker room who is being calmed down by Ric Flair.

Triple H: Can you believe this bullshit Ric!?!?…first I get told I have a title match with Rob Van Dam next week at Madison Square Garden and then I am told we have to face Rob Van Dam and The Undertaker in a tag team match tonight! The freaking Undertaker!! Does Bischoff understand who in the hell I am!!? I am the game….

Ric: Yes you are but listen to me champ. Tonight and next week you can prove something, you can prove that not only can you survive tonights bogus tag team match but you can defend the title successfully once again at The Worlds Most Famous Arena…Madison Square Garden! You can show them why you are the champion, why you have had that belt 10 glorious times! We are the living legends of this business Hunter and tonight we show the world why. WOOOO!!!!

Triple H smiles at The Nature Boy, who returns a smirk.

Cameras then cut to Bischoff’s office when a nameless backstage worker walks in.

Bischoff: You don’t knock?

Assistant: Um well…I’m sorry Mr. Bischoff…

Bischoff: Spare me, now what do you need to say that is so important you had to barge into MYYYY office?

Assistant: Well I came to inform that Mr. McMahon is on his way to the arena…

Bischoff’s jaw drops in a state of shock.

Bischoff: Mr. McMahon? Here? TONIGHT?!? Okay, you make sure to let me know when he arrives right away, make sure he gets full service…and damn it find him the nicest room!

The assistance walks out.

King: The boss is on his way! Oh my god…

JR: What a night so far and much more to come here on Raw!

Bischoff: Mr. McMahon….tonight…..

Bischoff takes a deep breath as Raw goes to a commercial break

Commercial break

JR: Things just keep getting more and more interesting, Vince McMahon will be here tonight. Who knows what he has in store for all of us.

King: Well you know it has to be something big JR…

JR: Ladies and gentlemen the next time we have the privilege of being live on pay per view for you will be Sunday January 30th when Raw and Smackdown present The Royal Rumble!

King: It is a tradition and an event that is always full of surprises.

JR: That it is, 15 Raw and 15 Smackdown competitors will square off to determine who will get a ticket to Wrestlemania and a shot at the World Heavyweight championship.

Cameras cut backstage to Torrie Wilson doing her makeup.

King: Puppies JR!!

Trish Stratus walks past her down the hallway and then stops. She smiles and approaches Torrie who sees her in the mirror.

Trish: Hey Torrie, if you’d let up on the make up maybe you wouldn’t look like such a slut.

Torrie offended gets up and in Trish’s face.

Torrie: Excuse me? If you want to talk about sluts then why don’t I step to the side so you can see yourself in the mirror.

Trish laughs and then slaps Torrie across the face. Torrie slaps Trish back and then Trish tackles Torrie. A group of officials and backstage workers notice the cat fight and break the two ladies up.

The cameras then cut to Christian standing by with Todd.

Todd: Well Christian you have a shot to become the #1 contender here tonight for the Intercontinental Championship. What are your thoughts on tonights match with Matt Hardy?

Christian: I don’t even understand what the point of this match is to be quite honest with you, you see I have beaten Matt Hardy time and time again. Whether it be in tag team matches or singles matches. I mean I have beaten the guy soo much that there should be a rule against us wrestling anymore. As long as his beast of a girlfriend Lita stays out of the match then I am sure things will go down just fine for Captain Charisma.

Todd: Wait a minute did you just refer to Lita as a beast?

Christian: She is mediocre at best….from a distance. If she decides to stick her nose where it don’t belong then I am pretty sure my problem solver will just have to….solve the problem. So Shelton lets look ahead to the future, you better start eating your wheaties and drinking your milk because in just a short while you will be going one on one with me and all my peeps. And I will take that Intercontinental Title from you Shelton because that’s how I rooolllllll!!!!

A shot of the parking lot is shown and a limo pulls up. The crowd cheers.

King: Is that him JR? Is that Mr. McMahon?

JR: It very well may be King….

Commercial break


King: Now this should be a great match JR.

JR: It most certainly has the capability.


JR: Now here is a man that quite frankly has been a bit of a jackass lately.

King: HEY! JR, watch the language we are on national tv you know. Besides how can you even begin to say that about someone as talented as Randy Orton?

JR: I never said he wasn’t talented, I just do not agree with his actions as of late nor do I condone them. That sneak attack on Booker T last week that set up this match was uncalled for.

Booker T vs. Randy Orton
Orton immediately at the opening bell charges Booker T and lays into him with rights and lefts. Booker T grabs Orton and chucks him into the corner. He attacks with two chops followed by a right hand and repeats that combo twice more. Orton lifts his knee up into Booker’s gut and hit’s a back elbow to free himself from the corner. He runs at Booker T but Booker hit’s a clothesline with a quick cover….1.…….2.……kickout. Booker picks Orton up and tosses him to the outside. He follows to the outside and the ref begins counting to 10. Booker whips Orton into the barricade and then delivers a chop. He goes for a right hand but Orton blocks it and then sends Booker face first into the barricade. Orton breaks up the 10 count by rolling in the ring and then rolling back out. He kicks Booker in the gut and delivers a gut wrench suplex on the outside. Orton gets up and poses to the dismay of the crowd. Orton rolls into the ring as the ref continues the count at 6. Booker rolls in at 8 and Orton begins to stomp him. He whips Booker into the ropes but Booker comes back with a diving axe handle smash to the face. Orton bounces back up immediately and Booker grabs his head he runs and goes to bash Orton face first into the top turnbuckle pad but Orton blocks with his leg and sends Booker’s head into the turnbuckle. Orton backs up and stalks Booker. Booker slowly turns around and Orton goes for an RKO but Booker blocks it. Booker kicks Orton in the gut and goes for a scissors kick but Orton ducks out of it and nails Booker with an uppercut that sends Booker spinning around. Orton hits an inverted headlock backbreaker. He gets the pin…..1.…………2.…….Booker T just kicks out. Orton slaps on a chinlock and squeezes trying to get Booker to pass out. Booker holds his arm in the air and stomps his foot trying to get the adrenaline to kick in. He clinches his fists but then begins to fade as his arm falls. The crowd begins to stomp their feet to get him back into the match. The ref lifts up Booker’s arm and drops it…ONE!! He lifts it again but before it can drop a second time Booker holds it up and works his way onto his feet. He elbows out of the hold and sends Orton into the ropes. He scores with a spine buster! He gets the pin …….1.……..2.………near fall. Booker gets up and drops a knee on Orton, he gets another cover 1.….2.….Orton slips his shoulder out. Booker heads to the top rope but Orton crotches him on the top. He heads up and hooks Booker in a superplex but Booker pumbles his way out of it, Orton is teetering at the top and Booker shoves him off. Booker goes for the Houston Hangover but Orton quickly moves out of the way. Orton heads to the top rope and nails a cross body with a pin………1.………2.……………NO!!! Booker kicks out! Orton waits behind Booker. Booker staggers up into a DDT no Booker punches Orton in the ribs and gets out! BOOKEND!!! Orton elbows out of it, and nails the RKO!!! NOOO!! Booker reverses and kicks Orton in the gut. Booker runs into the ropes and…SCISSORS KICK!!! Booker nails the scissors kick as Orton hit’s the mat hard. Booker does the spinaroonie as Orton rolls to the outside avoiding a pin. He crawls over to the time keeper and Booker follows. Booker T goes to pick up Orton but Orton takes the ring bell and whacks Booker T right in the head. The ref rings the bell.

Winner by disqualification Booker T!!!

JR: This is exactly what I mean King, these are the actions I am talking about.

King: You have to do what you have to do JR, Orton was in jeopardy and pulled something out of his bad of tricks.

JR: He got himself disqualified!!

Booker T busted open from the ring bell shot begins to roll around in pain. Orton drags Booker T up and tosses him in the ring. He follows and stalks a bloody Booker T. Booker turns right into an RKO!! Orton says he isn’t done as he shoves the official out of his way. He grabs the ring bell and jabs it right into the throat of Booker T. Booker squirms around as the air was just driven right out of him. EMTs and officials run down to the ring as Orton poses with a sadistic smile on his face. The crowd boos loudly as Booker T is helped to the back.

JR: Just absolutely sickening!

King: I like Randy Orton and all but I do not condone those actions, I will even admit Orton went to far there.

JR: Booker T’s career may have just been put in jeopardy. Orton will get his I guarantee it.

Cameras cut backstage to the limo and Vince McMahon steps out.

King: He is here!!!

JR: And it looks like he is heading our way, don’t move a muscle folks!

Commercial break


JR: It is Eddie Guerrero making his way to the ring…

King: Is he even scheduled to be out here JR?

JR: Not that I know of….

Eddie: Well since I was not booked here tonight homes I thought why not crash the party a little bit and make an announcement of my own. See there are plenty of bendajos out there in the back that think they are going to win the Royal Rumble. Well I am going to right now officially enter myself into the Royal Rumble match…


JR: uhoh..

King: He’s heeeree….the boss has just rained on Eddie’s parade.

Vince: Eddie with all due respect this is my time, and who the hell do you think you are coming out here entering yourself in the Royal Rumble match?

Eddie: Well….

Vince: It was a rhetorical question Eddie, but I will tell you this if you get the hell out of my ring right now I will officially enter you in the Royal Rumble match. Do we have a deal?

Vince sticks out his hand as Eddie looks around and thinks about it. Eddie finally reaches out and shakes Vince’s hand.

Eddie: Adios esse.

Eddie begins to walk up the ramp and to the back.

Vince: Oh yeah and Eddie just to let you know in the Royal Rumble match you will be number ONE!!!!

Vince gives Eddie a smile, but instead of being angry Eddie oddly smiles back.

JR: Eddie is number one in the royal rumble match!!

King: That will teach him from crossing the boss, but the odd thing was did Eddie just smile at the fact of being number one?

JR: I think he did King….

Vince: Now anyways, it is time to address why I am really here and oh yes it is something important. What could be so important that I would grace you great fans with my presence live and in person on Raw? This concerns you fans, and all the fans around the world who I am sure will enjoy the news I am about to give you. It will be a historic event at a historic arena next week on Raw. That’s right, this announcement concerns the return of a certain legend and that return will be next week at Madison Square Garden. This certain legend has something to say to all you fans of World Wrestling Entertainment and he wants to do it in capitol of sports entertainment in New York. At the Worlds Most Famous Arena. Next week I want all you fans to set your VCRs and record the momentous return of…………..




JR: WOW!!!

King: What a blockbuster announcement!

JR: The Hulkster at The Garden! What an announcement.

Vince: Make sure you tune in and make sure you record this, because this may very well be the LAST time you see Hulk Hogan in a WWE ring. Thankyou very much and don’t miss out on Monday Night Raw for Madison Square Garden!!!!

King: Did he say in a WWE ring for the last time?

JR: I do not know what he means by that but I hope it isn’t what I think.

King: Just huge though JR, Hogan at MSG.

JR: Ladies and gentlemen up next, is Christian and Matt Hardy to determine the contender for the I.C. Title. Do not go away!

Commercial break


JR: Shelton coming down here for guest commentary, getting to scout whoever he may face for the I.C. Title after this match.

"Just Close Your Eyes" plays!!

King: Here is my favorite to win JR, Captain Charisma.

Shelton sits down and picks up a headset.

JR: Welcome Shelton.

Shelton: Thanks JR, it is good to be here to see which punk I will be able to beat when I defend my title.

King: A little confident?

Shelton: A lot confident King.


King: Well who do you think you will be facing?

Shelton: Not that it matters but I am going to go with Matt Hardy just because Christian is a CLB.

Intercontinental Title Contenders Match
Christian w/Tyson Tomko vs. Matt Hardy w/Lita
Christian walks up to Matt Hardy and gives him a shove. Matt Hardy responds with a slap to Christian’s face. Christian goes for a right hand but Matt blocks it and hits one of his own. Matt follows up with two more and hooks Christian in a suplex. Christian reverses into a cradle….1.….2.…….kickout. Both men get up and Christian is the first to strike with a dropkick. Christian picks Matt up and whips him into the ropes. Christian charges but Matt ducks under his attack and gets behind him. Matt nails Christian with a neck breaker. Matt gets up and rests on the ropes for a second and then gets back to the offensive. He tosses Christian into the turnbuckle and climbs up pounding him with 10 punches as the crowd counts along. Matt hops off and Christian walks out of the corner and drops face first in almost Ric Flair fashion. Christian hobbles up and Matt Hardy hits him with a scoop slam. He signals for the end and sits himself up on the middle ropes. He goes for a mid rope leg drop but Christian rolls out of the way and makes the pin…..1.……..2 Matt kicks out. Christian now seizing the advantage pulls Matt up and whips him into the ropes. Matt holds onto the ropes as he hits them and Christian charges at Matt. Matt hoists Christian up and back drops him over the top rope, but no Christian lands on the apron. Christian grabs a handful of Matt’s hair from the apron and pulls him down to the canvas. Christian then heads to the top rope. Christian dives off and hit’s a cross body but Matt Hardy rolls through it and hooks the legs…..1.…….2.……Christian rolls through that pin into a pinning combination of his own. Christian has the tights.


Matt Hardy kicks out at TWO!
Christian complains to the referee that it was a three count but the ref isn’t buying it. Christian turns around into a kick in the gut. Matt sets him up for the TWIST OF FATE!!! No as Matt turns Christian slips out and hooks in the unpretteir. Matt reverses it into a backslide……..



Christian kicks out!!
Christian surprised by the near fall begins to get to his feet. Matt goes for a clothesline but Christian ducks it. Matt turns and Christian clotheslines him over the top rope. Christian heads out onto the apron and scouts Matt Hardy as he gets up. Christian fives off the apron from behind Matt Hardy and nails an axe handle smash. Matt is down as Christian poses to the crowd for a mixed reaction. Lita begins to help Matt up as Christian threatens her. Tomko comes up and stands behind Lita. She bumps into him and turns around with distinct fear in her eyes. She begins to back up but walks right into Christian who grabs a handful of her hair. He shoves her into Tomko who picks her up in a bear hug. Tomko is about to ram her into the pole but Matt gets up from behind and low blows Tomko to free his girlfriend. Matt turns to Christian who pleads with him saying he was “only kidding” Matt charges at Christian who sprints back into the ring. Matt comes into the ring and gets his knee taken out by Christian. Christian sees the opening of Matt Hardy’s now injured knee. He begins to stomp on the leg and drop elbows on the inside of the knee. He hooks in a half crab as Matt Hardy screams in pain from the injured knee being bent. Lita roots him on as he inches nearer and nearer to the ropes. Matt gets the ropes and Christian keeps the hold. The ref counts and Christian breaks it at a 4 count. The crowd boos Christian as Matt lays on the ground holding his knee. Christian goes to pick Matt up but Matt trips Christian up and hooks in a Boston Crab. Christian frantically tries to crawl towards the ropes but can’t quite reach them. Tomko runs onto the apron and taunts Matt. Matt releases the hold and charges at Tomko knocking him off of the apron. Matt backs up into a reverse DDT. Christian gets the cover……..


Matt Hardy just got out of the cover. Christian waits for hardy to get up and runs into the ropes. Matt Hardy nails Christian with a kitchen sink. Christian gets up and gets knocked right back down with a clothesline. Matt Hardy signals for the end. He sets up Christian for the twist of fate as Tomko distracts the ref. Christian drops down to his knees and low blows Matt to get out of it. Christian sets Matt up in the unpretteir but Lita comes in and low blows Christian to get revenge. Both Matt and Christian are now down and out on the Matt as the ref turns around. Both men slowly pull themselves up at the same time. Christian goes to kick Matt in the gut but Matt catches his leg. Christian comes back around and nails Matt with an enzaguri. Christian gets the pin………


Matt just at the last possible second gets his shoulder up. Christian pulls Matt up and sends him into the ropes. Matt comes back and Christian leap frogs him. As Matt comes back again Christian drops for a monkey flip but Matt stops his momentum, grabs Christians legs, and holds them down for a pinning combination……



Christian gets back up and Matt charges after him. Christian leap frogs over Matt again but this time Matt goes right into the referee. Matt turns around and Christian shoulder blocks Matt in the gut. He grabs Matt’s head and Christian goes for a Twist of Fate on Matt Hardy! Matt Hardy reverses it! He goes for an unprettier on Christian but Christian shoves Matt Hardy off of it. Matt turns around and Christian goes for a clothesline. Matt ducks and nails Christian finally with a TWIST OF FATE!!! He gets the cover but the ref is out cold. Tomko comes into the ring and Matt sees him. Matt runs up and lays into Tomko with a right hand. Tomko is reeling and Matt nails him with a dropkick that sends him through the middle ropes and out to the floor. The ref begins to get up as Christian comes up behind Matt and hooks in the UNPRETTIER!! Christian turns Matt but no Matt reverses it into a rollup!!!

CHRISTIAN REVERSES INTO HIS OWN PIN!!! He grabs a hold of the ropes and the ref does not see………


Christian can not believe it! He is shocked, the cheating did not pay off. Matt gets up as the referee shakes off the remaining cob webs. Matt goes for a clothesline on Christian but Christian ducks and Tomko jumps up on the apron and whacks Matt in the face with his forearm. Matt stumbles back holding his face as Christian hooks his arms from behind and nails the unprettier! He gets the pin and the ref counts…..





Winner and #1 contender for the I.C. Title Christian.

JR: Damn it, Tomko just cost Hardy the match!!

King: A win is a win JR…

Shelton: Well I will make sure at Royal Rumble against Christian, I keep my eye on that big tattooed grunt Tomko because this title is not leaving my waist.

Christian begins to stomp on Matt Hardy’s knee, the one he injured earlier in the match. Tomko slides in a chair for Christian and Christian places it on Matt Hardy’s knee. Lita pleads with Christian to stop but he smiles and heads to the middle rope to pounce on a helpless Matt Hardy’s knee and perhaps break his leg.

JR: You cheated and won the damn match this is enough, first Booker T was injured tonight and now we are about to see Matt Hardy be victim of a heinous attack.

King: He is going to far JR, He did what he needed to do.. And now..

Shelton: That’s it I have had enough of this.
Shelton leaves the announce table and sprints to the ring. Christian jumps off the rope as he sees Shelton coming. He waits for Shelton to get in the ring begins to fight him off with right hands. Shelton blocks one though and comes back with rights of his own. He whips Christian into the ropes and nails him with a flying clothesline. He turns around to Tomko and he goes to super kick Tomko but Tomko catches his leg and spins him. Shelton comes back with the Dragon Whip and knocks down Tomko. Christian though comes from behind Shelton and whacks him with the steel chair!! Tomko and Christian begin to beat down on Matt Hardy and Benjamin. Lita tries to break it up but Christian grabs her and sets her up in an unprettier. When all of a sudden the old Hardy Boyz music hits.

JR: What in gods name is this?

King: This can not be happening JR!?

Jeff Hardy shows up on the entrance way as Christian lets go of Lita in shock.


Jeff runs down the ramp and jumps on the apron. He climbs to the top and hit’s a corkscrew taking out both Christian and Tomko. They roll out of the ring as the crowd is going nuts. Lita hugs Jeff surprised to see him as both attend to Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin.

JR: A huge shocker here on Raw King, The Hardy Boyz reunite!

King: I am speechless JR!

Raw goes to a commercial break with Shelton and Matt being helped out by Jeff and Lita.

Commercial break

As Raw comes back live we see RVD a bit nervous standing outside of The Undertakers locker room. He takes a deep breath and then knocks on his door. Undertakers door opens after a third knock but no Undertaker at the door. RVD is not horrified at the fact of the door opening on its own. RVD walks into the locker room which is extremely dark. He clears his throat.

RVD: Taker?..You here dude?

Out of the darkness Undertaker walks up behind RVD. RVD startled jumps and then turns to Taker.

RVD: There you are, just wanted to go over a couple of things about our match later. You know the match we have in a few minutes?…

Taker gives RVD a blank look.

RVD: Uh…yeah…well, I just wanted to say I am glad you are my partner and as long as you do your part and I do mine I don’t think we should have any problems

Taker just stares at RVD and does not respond.

RVD: Alright then, I’ll see you out there.

RVD creeps away as Taker rolls his eyes into the back of his head.

King: Imagine having Taker as your tag team partner? Just creepy JR.


JR: Well it is time for some in ring action King as Maven makes his way to the ring.


King: Oh boy, if I were Maven I would locate the nearest exit and make a mad dash for it. He is about to go one on one with one of the biggest guys in this business.

JR: The animal Batista means business and Maven will surely have a huge test in this match!

Batista vs. Maven
Maven stares down Batista and then makes the mistake of tying up with him. Batista tosses Maven across the ring. Maven jumps back up and ducks under a strong Batista clothesline. Maven jumps on Batista’s back hooks in a sleeper. Batista is worn down to his knees as Maven squeezes. Batista right away gets himself back up to a vertical base and backs up into the corner squashing Maven. Maven gets up hold his back and Batista nails him with a huge sideslam followed by a pin 1.………..2.……….Maven kicks out. Batista pulls Maven up but Maven rakes the face of Batista and then nails a dropkick followed by a cover 1.……….2.……kickout. Maven waits for Batista to get up and wallops him with a DDT. Maven then heads to the top rope. He dives off of the top rope but is caught by Batista. Batista drives maven down with a huge power slam. Batista waits in the corner for Maven to pull himself up and as soon as he does Batista hit’s the spine buster and signals for the end. Batista picks Maven up and nails him with the sitdown power bomb! He holds onto the legs for the pin…1.…………2.………3!!!

Winner by pin fall Batista!

King: Told you he should have made for the exit.

JR: Batista just manhandled Maven King, so impressive!

Batista asks for a microphone.

Batista: Look here, look at the carnage. This is the results when you step into the ring with me, the animal Batista. I am the most dominant force here on Raw and I was just informed by Mr. McMahon himself backstage..that I will be included in this years Royal Rumble. So Triple H, Rob Van Dam, or ever is champion your days are numbered because at Wrestlemania it is Batista’s time!!

Batista drops the mic and heads out of the ring.

JR: Wow Batista in the Royal Rumble match!!!

King: He is my favorite JR, who can eliminate that animal?

Commercial break

As Raw returns cameras show Vince McMahon in the parking lot ready to leave. He sees his limo driver.

Vince: Where the hell is my limo?

Driver: I am sorry Mr. McMahon but someone stole it.

Vince: I am sorry, did you say someone stole my limo?

Driver: That is correct sir..


Driver: I don’t know…

Vince: What do you mean you don’t know? Did you see him?

Driver: Well yes I can describe him for you, he was Hispanic, about 5’8, well built. Dark hair with a bit of blonde highlights in it…….

Vince: That son of a bitch!! Go get me another ride out of here!

The driver walks away…

Vince: He will pay damn it, next week he will pay….

King: I have a feeling I know the man that stole Mr. McMahons limo…..

JR: Sadly enough I think I know too King…

King: Can you imagine the consequences?

JR: I don’t even want to think about it King. Lets get down to business…Raw next week live from Madison Square Garden and what a show it will be! The return of The Hulkster!!!

Hulk Hogan Returns Next Week on RAW!!!!

King: And do not forget the main event JR!!!

JR: I most certainly won’t. Rob Van Dam gets his title shot going one on one with the game!


World Heavywight Championship Match!!!

JR: All of this plus much much more next week and you do not want to miss it. Raw live from The Garden. It should be an awesome title match between Triple H and RVD.

King: And we will get a taste of that up next!

Cameras show Flair and Triple H walking to the ring in their gear.

JR: Our tag team main event up next on Raw!!

Commercial break


JR: Well it is time King for our main event, and what is interesting about this match is both Rob Van Dam and Triple H get to scout each other and get a feel for wrestling each other before next weeks title match.

King: That is correct JR, but as of tonight I believe the difference maker in this match will be The Phenom The Undertaker.

JR: Oh yes, no doubt at all he will make an impact and RVD is lucky to have him on his team.


JR: Here comes next weeks challenger, a great athlete and very deserving of a title shot.

Rob Van Dam halts at the bottom of the ramp as the lights go out.

King: Oh no, here he comes…


JR: You get goose bumps every time he enters King. A chill is in the air here in the Fleet Center!

Taker makes his way up the ring steps and gets into the ring. He removes his hat and coat as Flair reluctantly agrees to start the match against Taker.

Main Event
The Undertaker and Rob Van Dam vs. Triple H and Ric Flair
Flair teases a tie up with the deadman but instead bails out of the ring refusing to wrestle. The crowd lets him hear it as Triple H tries to talk Flair into getting back into the match. Flair rolls back into the ring and gets a an uppercut from Taker. Flair bounces back up and gets another uppercut to send him back down. Flair instead of getting back up rolls onto the apron. Undertaker reaches over the top rope and onto the apron to get a hold of Flair but Flair pokes him in the eye. Flair gets back into the ring and lands a kick right into the back of Taker’s leg. Taker limps forward and the drops to one knee. Flair grabs Taker’s head from behind and rakes his face and then continues to hit short punches into the top of Taker’s head. Taker builds himself up to his feet and hits Flair in the jaw with an elbow. Flair executes hard chops to Undertaker as the crowd lashes out with loud WHOOOOS!! Flair gets Taker in the corner and continues his chop fest. He goes to whip Taker into the other corner but Taker reverses the whip and sends Flair so hard into the corner that he flips over the turnbuckle and lands feet first on the apron. He runs across the apron to the other turnbuckle and climbs to the top rope. Undertaker scouts it and toss Flair right off of the top rope and on his back. Taker tags in RVD and RVD hops over the ropes. He kicks Flair hard in the side and then hooks in an Oklahoma Roll 1.………2.……..Flair kicks out. Rob Van Dam heads to the top rope ready for an aerial assault but from behind Triple H gives RVD a shove sending him flying off of the top rope. Flair takes the advantage of RVD being down to take in his partner Triple H, who receives a warning after the deliberate shove he gave RVD. Triple H comes in and takes advantage of his weakened foe, his opponent for the title next week. He drops and elbow on RVD and then while RVD is down Triple H proceeds to bang the back of his head into the mat. He picks him back up and whips him into the ropes. He goes for a high knee to the face of RVD but as Triple H goes in the air so does RVD with a highly elevated dropkick that connects driving Triple H back. The crowd marvels at Mr. Monday Night’s exceptional athleticism. RVD heads to the top again and as Triple H gets up Rob Van Dam nails him with a diving kick off of the top. Triple H lands about 7 feet away from the corner nearest to Flair. RVD runs to the ropes and attempts a split legged moonsault. But as he is about to bounce off of the top rope Flair gives him a stiff right to the face. Triple H waits for RVD to get up and connects with his knee smash. He makes the cover 1.…..2.……kickout! Triple H tags Flair back in and holds RVD up while Flair connects with a heart stopping chop. Flair picks Rob Van Dam up and hits him with a suplex. He makes the cover 1.……2.…..RVD kicks out. Flair pins him again this time hooking the legs but once again he is only able to get a two. Flair pulls RVD up and then sends him back down with a shin breaker. Flair continues to weaken the leg of RVD, with a elbows to the leg, not only to set him up for the figure four but to also take RVD’s aerial attack away from him. Flair signals for the figure four and goes for it but RVD kicks him off as he turns and Flair goes sternum first into the turnbuckle. Flair bounces back out and gets rolled up 1.………2.…..near fall. Both men get up and RVD goes for a super kick but Flair blocks it by grabbing his foot. RVD goes for an enziguri but Flair ducks and holds onto the leg. He hooks in the figure four! RVD tries to squirm to the ropes but he can’t make it. Triple H reaches over the ropes and grabs Flair’s hand to put on more pressure as Flair gets more leverage. Undertaker has seen enough and he makes his way into the ring. He boots Triple H in the face, sending him down to the floor. He then turns and drops an elbow right on Flair to break the figure four. Undertaker goes back on the apron and sticks his arm out for a tag to bail out a weakened RVD. RVD crawls over and makes the tag. Flair gets up like he has just seen a ghost and falls back to his knees pleading with Taker. Taker stops for a second which is all Flair needed, Flair rises and gets the eye gouge. Flair tags in Triple H who comes in kicks a bent over Taker in the face. Taker just rises and stares Triple H in the eyes not effected by the kick. Triple H runs to do a clothesline but goes right into a Taker backdrop. Triple H bounces up and Taker hit’s a sideslam. Taker gets the pin 1.……..2.……..Flair breaks it up. Taker gets up and Flair hits him with a right hand. He goes for another but Taker blocks it and grabs Flair around the throat. He lifts him up for a choke slam but from behind Triple H breaks it up. Taker turns and Triple H kicks him in the gut. He goes for a pedigree but Taker backdrops him over the top rope to get out of it. Flair comes from behind and low blows Taker. RVD sees this, runs into the ring, and hit’s a spinning heel kick on Flair. RVD then jumps to the top rope and takes aim at Triple H on the outside. He dives off of the top rope for a cross body but Triple H moves and Rob Van Dam gets nothing but floor. Triple H rolls back into the ring while Taker sits up. Taker meets Triple H with a boot to the face that sends Triple H flying back into the corner. Undertaker grabs Triple H’s wrist and climbs up the turnbuckle and walks on the ropes. He flies off and nails Triple H with some Old School. He then holds his hand up in the air signaling for the choke slam. He grabs Triple H around the throat and NAILS IT!!! He gets the cover……….



Flair at the last second dives and breaks up the pin. Taker grabs Flair and chucks him to the outside giving Triple H time to get on his feet. Undertaker grabs Triple H and sets him up on his shoulder for the Tombstone Piledriver but no Triple H slips out and hit’s a devastating low blow on Taker. Taker falls to the ground as Triple H waits behind him. Triple H grabs Taker and sets him up for the Pedigree. HE GETS IT!!! He gets the cover………………



RVD this time is the one that makes the pin save by pulling out Triple H. RVD hits Triple H with a right hand and then bashes his head into the steel steps. He rolls Triple H back into the ring just as Taker sits up. Flair comes in the ring from the other side to sneak up on Taker but RVD heads to the top rope and nails Flair with a missile dropkick. Flair bounces off the mat and rolls to the outside from the velocity of the move. RVD follows to continue his attack to Flair. Triple H is just getting up now and turns into a kick to the gut by Taker. Taker sets Triple H up for the last ride. He lifts him up and gets it. With Flair out of the equation Taker gets the cover in the middle of the ring…………..





Every thought it was over including JR and King but The Game kicked out! Flair tosses RVD right into the steel guard rail and climbs the apron. Taker goes after him Flair hits him with hangman over the top rope. Taker turns into a powerful Triple H clothesline. Triple H tags in Flair. Flair comes in gives Undertaker a chop. Triple H and Flair both whip Taker into the ropes but Taker comes but and hit’s a double clothesline knocking both The Nature Boy and The Cerebral Assassin down. Taker grabs Triple H and sets him up for another Last Ride. The crowd cheers as Taker lifts Triple H up on his shoulders but from behind Flair is there to make the save taking out Taker’s legs making Triple H collapse right on him. Triple H pulls Taker up as Flair watches on. He hooks in the pedigree but no Taker backdrops Triple H making him land square in the middle of the ring on his back. As this happens RVD climbs the top rope and Flair charges at Taker. Taker catches Flair and hooks him in a tombstone as RVD flies off with a 5-star frogsplash on Triple H. Undertaker drops Flair on his head and crosses the arms for the pin……








Winners by pin fall The Undertaker and Rob Van Dam.


King: I don’t think Triple H is going to like this one bit!! He just suffered a Frog Splash from RVD!!!

RVD grabs a hold of Triple H’s title belt as him and Flair begin retreating up the ramp. RVD holds the title up in the air and gets a good look at it nodding his head in approval. Triple H shouts back “IT IS MINE, IT IS MINE!” RVD throws the title belt back to Triple H and signals 1 more week. Can it be? Has Triple H’s final week of champion just begun?

JR: RVD showing us that 1 finger, 1 more week, Madison Square Garden Triple H one on one with Rob Van Dam for the gold. I can not wait! What a night!!!

Fade to black

Let me know what you think for my first Raw. Sorry I couldn't get it up last night but I just started it after school yesterday and it took longer then expected. So please rate, review, constructive criticism..thankyou.

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Will be taking offers for anyone interested in writing for Smackdown, please only experienced writers. Also if not then I will post Smackdown Thursday night. Once again please review and rate my first Raw being the first show is always the most important for feeback so I can know what to improve.

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Dissapointing not to get any replies for Raw but thats life I wont complain, I will continue on. here is the Smackdown Preview, which I will be writing myself untill someone suitable wants to help out and write Smackdown.

January 6th
Albany New York
Last week on Smackdown WWE Champion Kurt Angle accepted a challenge from John Cena. This week on Smackdown, the match will take place as John Cena and Kurt Angle duke it out for the richest prize in the industry. United States champion John Cena will try to achieve what he has never done before in his career by wining the WWE championship, but the Olympic Gold Medalist will have different plans. Tune in to see who comes out on top!!
Also two of the biggest personalities on Smackdown collide as Chris Jericho hosts The Showstopper Shawn Michaels on The Highlight Reel. Who knows what will go down with Y2J and HBK in the same ring.
Also on Raw, the Royal Rumble was already begginning to shape up as superstars were revealing their participation in The Royal Rumble Match. What information will we find out about the Smackdown side of things?

Tune into Smackdown for all this and more Thursday on UPN 8/7c

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Well I will post it today then, I am sick on a saturday so I have nothing better to do. Sorry it wasn't up lastnight but I basically passed out for a few hours after school cause I felt like shit. I will have it up today though, and Raw Monday.

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Okay sorry for the ridiculous delay on Smackdown but as I have said I have been sick this weekend and have done nothing much but sleep. So right now I am going to type the rest of the show untill I finish. I will estimate it to be complete anywhere from like 1 hours and a half to 2 hours.
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