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Im New to this so dont flame me if I do anything Wrong!I will start this the first Saturday Before wretlemania 21!!

WWE:The New Era will be 1 roster (Not 2)I will write what happens on the House Shows every Saturday, and PPV's on sundays.All PPV's will be on the first sunday of a new month.Heres the PPV line up:

January - Royal Rumble
Febuary - Brutality
March - Wrestlemania
April - War Zone
May - Blood Bath
June - SummerSlam
July - Hardcore Heaven
Augaust - Bad Blood
September - Destinantion x
October - No Mercy
November - Survivor Series
December - Final Revalution

Genrel Manager



Triple H
Big Show
Randy Orton
Kurt Angle
Chris Benouit
Kevin Nash
Brock Lesnar
Jon Cena
Eddie Guerro
Stone Cold

Mid Carders

Shelton Benjamin
Orlando Jordan
Basham Brothers
La Resistence
Val Venis
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Dudley Boyz


Shannon Moore


Undisputed Champion - Triple H
U.S. Champion - Jeff Hady
Tag Team Titles - Dudley Boys
Cruiserweight - Chavo

There it is.Sometimes there will be some special aperrences By Legends Not on the List

What do you Think?

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speaking on experience( i've almost been here half a day)
i have to say that with a little help from MR. BAM( ECHOES...)
you too, can become a succesfull writer as i, MR.BAM(ECHOES...)
so keep up the great work
and dont forget to visit MR.BAM(ECHOES) work. i hear its great stuff.

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Hey man if you want to learn how to write a good and neat show, DONT listen to mr. bam. I would suggest going and reading a couple threads and learn from them. Being The Booker, Afterlife, and Rise Of Glory are all good suggestions. *cough* check out my thread too *cough*

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WWE: The new Era
2nd April

Fireworks go off as J.R and King Welcome us too the show.

Shane’s music hits and he makes his way down too the ring.
He Talks about the next ppv: Blood Bath. He then goes on about Jeff Hardy and his next title defence, Shane says that he will be against 3 other superstars in a ladder match!! Shane then makes his way back too the locker room.

Match 1 Rey and London v Kidman and chavo ( c )
Start of the match - London starts the match with Kidman. Kidman goes too work on London’s mid section for quite a bit, but London hits Kidman with a tornado DDT then tags in mysterio.

Mid Match notes - Rey goes for the 619 but misses. Kidman then does a nasty German suplex, and then connects with the Shooting star press. 1...2...London jumps in too break up the count. Kidman then tags in chavo.

End of match - Rey hit’s the 619 but Kidman breaks up the count. This causes London to Knock Kidman out the ring then crossbodys him. Rey tags in London. London then hit’s the 460 splash (While Kidman is still on the floor from the cross body) 1...2...3!!! Rey and London pick up the win.

Aftermath - Kidman and chavo start arguing.

Winners By pin fall - London and mysterio

Triple H is in the ring talking about his next title defence and that he is issuing an open challenge too any who wants too challenge him at Blood Bath. Mick Foleys music hits and says that he will be challenging HHH at Blood Bath!! (Triple H isn’t very happy) But then Orton comes out and Says hes challenging HHH for the Title at Blood Bath. Shane then announces that next week it will be Foley v Orton in a number 1 contender’s match!! The Crowd cheers!

Match 2 ( c ) Dudley’s v E and C (non title)

Start of match - D von starts the match with Edge. Edge out wrestles D von in the early goings and D von starts too get frustrated.

Mid match notes - Bubba and Christian start Brawling on the outside, and when the ref was dealing with D von and Edge Bubba nails Christian with a chair!!

End of match - Edge hits D von with the spear! 1...2...Bubba comes into too the ring and hits Edge with the Chair causing the referee too call for the bell.

Aftermath - D von and Bubba walk off smiling while E and C are in the ring bleeding from chair shots

Winner by DQ - E and C

Angle is in Shane’s office complaining that he isn’t facing Triple H for the title at Blood Bath. Shane says that it’s just the way it is. Angle is still complaining, So Shane says that next week it will be Angle v Undertaker, Kane and Stone Cold for his troubles caused!!

Angle then walks past Austin who is laughing!!

Match 3 Hassan v Benjamin

Start of Match - Benjamin dominates Hassan and gets a close pin fall from a croos body.

Mid match notes - Hassan tries too lock in his submission move but Benjamin counteres into a T-bone suplex.1...2...Hassan kicked out!!Hassan then tries again too lock in his camel stretch but again Benjamin counters.

End of match - Benjamin goes for the cross body but Hassan ducks and Benjamin catches the referee(The ref is now down) Hassan Then low blows Benjamin then locks in the camel stretch (the ref is slowly getting up)Benjamin then Taps out.

Aftermath - Benjamin looks at Hassan and says that’s not the end of this!

Winner by submission - Hassan

Backstage Benouit is being interviewed about his match tonight. Cena interferes (for no reason) and says you can’t see me!! Benouit then slaps Cena in the face!!

Match 4 Y2J v Benuoit

Start of match - Y2J and Benouit shake hands as they get the match underway. The match is very even with a lot of contering

Mid match notes - Its still very even but suddenly Cena runs into to the ring and hits Benouit with a steel chair. The ref calls for the bell.

Aftermath - Y2J chases Cena but Cena runs off. Benouit is then carried out on a strecher.
J.R. and King say good night and don’t forget too tune in next week!!


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Please, i need more replies!!

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WWE: The New Era preview (week 2)

Last week Shane announced Jeff Hardy will be defending the U.S title against 3 other superstars, who will them superstars be?
Foley and Orton will be in action in a number 1 contenders match for the world Heavyweight title
Also Angle will have too face Taker, Kane and Austin in a 3 on 1 handicap match!!
Will there be any more matches added too Blood Bath? All this and more on this weeks WWE: The New Era!

Matches made:
Angle v Taker, Kane and Austin
Foley v Orton number 1 contendres match

I will have the show up by mid day on Saturday as normal

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WWE: The New Era
Week 2

Fireworks go off and the crowd starts cheering. J.R. and King Talk about the matches already made for The New Era tonight: Angle v Taker, Kane and Stone Cold and Orton v Foley in a number 1 contenders match!

Shane is in the ring saying that next week there will be a 20 man battle royal to determine Jeff Hadys 3 opponents at Blood Bath! The Crowd Cheers! Here are the superstars: JBL, Big Show, Goldberg, Batista, Nash, Lesnar, Rey, Chavo, London, Kidman, Carlito, Hassan, Hass, Eugene, Matt Hardy, Shelton, HBK, Eddie and Ryno. The last 3 superstars will be entered into the ladder match.

Match 1 Angle v Taker, Kane and Austin

Start of match - Taker, Kane and Austin are beating the crap out of Angle!! Angle begs them too stop!!

Mid match notes - Angle receives a stunner but Austin doesn’t go for the cover, Angle tries too fighting back but it doesn’t work

End of match - Angle gets tossed out the ring and grabs a steel chair (No one notices). Austin then grabs Angle but Angle smacks the chair over Austins head. Ref calls for the bell.

Aftermath - Shane announces that at Blood Bath it will be Team Austin v Team Angle in an elimination 8 man tag!! Crowd Cheers!

Match 2 D von Dudley with/Bubba v Edge with/Christian

Start of match - D von locks up with edge. The match is pretty even with D von using some illegal moves.

Mid match notes - Edge gets a close pin fall with a DDT. Edge is now in control.

End of match - Edge spears D von. Bubba tries too interfere but Christian holds him back 1...2...3!
Edge picks up the win.

Aftermath - E and C challenge The Dudley’s too a tag team title shot at Blood Bath, the Dudley’s Say that first too get a shot Christian has too face Bubba and D von in a no DQ handicap match with Edge banned from ringside next week. If Christian wins they get a title shot, but if he dosnt they don’t get a title shot!

Winner by pinfall: Edge!

Austin is shown backstage looking for a member for his team, he comes across Benjamin. He then asks Benjamin if he will be a member of his team. He accepts! Angle then gets a member: Hassan!!

Match 3 Cena v Y2J

Overview - The match doesn’t start because Benouit runs out and starts pounding the hell out of Cena. Shane then comes out and says that at Blood Bath it will be Cena v Benouit! Y2J walks off shaking his head.

Match 4 Chavo © v Kidman v London (Non title)

Start of match - Kidman and London start fighting while Chavo sits back and watches them!

Mid match notes - London got a close pinfall from a 460 splash but Kidman Broke up the count. Chavo then hits Kidman with a DDT off the top rope too the outside. Kidman is out!

End of match - London hits Chavo with a Power Bomb! 1...2...3! London wins. He just pinned the cruiserweight champ!
Aftermath - Kidman is rushed too hospital with a very bad neck. London walks off smiling

Backstage Josh Matthews is interviewing Lesnar
Josh: What do you think of either Orton or Foley facing HHH?
Lesnar: What!, I should be the one facing HHH at Blood Bath you name any person in this business and I will beat them.
Shane then interrupts
Shane: So you think you can beat any one in this Business?
Lesnar: Yes!
Shane: Then that means you will be facing an unknown opponent at Blood Bath!
Lesnar: When will I get told my opponent?
Shane: At Blood Bath when your in the Ring!!
Suddenly the lights go off and the arena goes black!!

Match 5 Foley v Orton (Number 1 contenders match)

Start of match: Foley and Orton lock up. Orton is in control. Foley tries to fight back but Orton remains in control. Suddenly Orton hit’s the RKO! 1...2... Foley just kicks out!

Mid match notes: The match is now pretty even. Foley then hit’s a DDT1...2. Orton Kicks out.

End of match: Foley then tries too backslide Orton but Orton counters into a second RKO 1...2... Foley gets his foot on the bottom rope. Orton is now mad!. He then grabs a steel chair and throughs it in the ring. Orton is measuring Foley. But Suddenly Foley puts socko in Ortons mouth then DDTS him!
1...2...3! Foely wins and is challenging HHH at Blood Bath

Aftermath: HHH runs down too the ring and attacks Foley with a chair!

J.R and King say don’t forget too tune in next week!!

thougts please

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Blood Bath matchcard (So far)

Undisputed title
HHH (c) v Foley

U.S title 4 way ladder match
Jeff Hardy (c) v ??? v ??? v ???

Team Angle v Team Austin (Elimantion)
Angle Austin
Hassan Benjamin

Cena v Benouit

Lesnar v unown oppenent

(More matches will be added)

Please, i need more replys for my show

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ok show, you need to add color and more segment so ill give it an 5/10
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^^^Thanks for the reply

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Its intresting, pretty good, first one of these I've read. But doesnt giving Lesnar a match vs. and unknown opponent sort of gaurentee he wont be one of the winners of the battle royal?

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Well, you need to add colors and styles on your text. Second, you got to add more promos and a lot more on the matches. Thirdly, don't ask for reviews a lot. Just ask like once or twice but not like ten times. Great show but it can use a lot of improvement. 6.5/10.

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hey man, I like how you have E & C together against the Dudleyz. You might want to think of adding some color to grab the veiwers into your BTB. But other than that I like it. You keep readin'; I'll keep writin'.

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WWE: The New Era preview (week 3)

This week there will be a 20 man over the top rope battle Royal too deterimine Jeff Hardys oppenents at Blood Bath.

Foley was attacked brutaly by a chair at the hands of HHH, how will Foley respond too this?

Also christian will try and beat both Dudleys in a no DQ match 2 on 1 handicap match with Edge banned from ringside. If Christian wins they get a tag team title shot at Blood Bath but if he loses they dont get a title shot.

what is the condition of Kidman?, all this and more on this weeks WWE: The New Era.

Matches made

20 man over the top rope battle royal

2 on 1 No DQ hanicap match
Christian v Dudleys
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