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Hey i'm making a new WWE. I started one a while back but it just disappeared due to family problems. Now i'm back with new storylines, wrestlers, and a new WWE! I'll be doing both Raw and SmackDown! by myself. Also I would like it if you could rate my show on a 1-10 scale each time I do it. If you could rate my roster when I have it up later today that would be great too! Thank you. :)

Update:::My roster

Raw Roster

World Heavyweight Championship Contenders h=Heel f=Face

-Triple H (h)
-Batista (h)
-Randy Orton (h)
-Ric Flair (h)
-Mick Foley (f)
-The Rock (f)
-Booker T (f)
-Rob Van Dam (f)
-Kane (h)
-Kevin Nash (h)
-Scott Hall (h)
-Hollywood Hulk Hogan (f)

Intercontinental Championship Contenders

-Charlie Haas (f)
-Kenzo Suzuki (h)
-Hardcore Holly (f)
-Maven (h)
-Stevie Richards (h)
-Val Venis (h)
-Gene Snitsky (h)
-Heidenreich (h)
-Simon Dean (h)
-Shelton Benjamin (f)
-Mark Henry (h)
-D-Lo Brown (h)
-Al Snow (f)
-Rene Dupree (h)
-Sylvain Grenier (h)
-Rob Conway (h)
-Mark Jindrak (h)
-Luther Reigns (h)
-Garrison Cade (f)
-Tyson Tomko (h)
-Matt Morgan (f)
-Nathan Jones (f)
-Road Dogg (f)
-Billy Gunn (f)
-Jonathan Coachman (h)
-Bull Buchanon (h)
-Godfather (h)
-Raven (h)
-Ron Simmons (h)
-Viscera (h)
-Gangrel (h)
-Scott Steiner (f)
-Test (f)
-Rhyno (f)
-Tommy Dreamer (f)
-Lance Storm (f)
-Rowdy Roddy Piper (h)
-A-Train (h)
-Justin Credible (f)
-Vampiro (h)

World Tag Team Championship Contenders

-New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn and Road Dogg) (f)
-Nathan Jones and Matt Morgan (f)
-Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak (h)
-Right To Censor (Stevie Richards and Val Venis) (h)
-Right To Censor (Godfather and Bull Buchanon) (h)
-La Resistance (Sylvain Grenier and Rob Conway) (h)
-Gene Snitsky and Heidenreich (h)
-Nation of Domination (Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown) (h)
-The Outsiders (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash) (h)
-The Ministry (Viscera and Gangrel) (h)

Hardcore Championship Contenders

-All Raw Superstars
-24/7 Rules Apply

Womens Championship Contenders

-Trish Stratus (h)
-Lita (f)
-Molly Holly (h)
-Victoria (f)
-Miss Jackie (f)
-Torrie Wilson (f)
-Sable (h)
-Jazz (h)
-Nidia (f)
-Gail Kim (h)
-Christy Hemme (f)
-Hiroko (h)
-Alexis Laree (f)
-Melina Perez (f)
-Dawn Marie (h)
-Stephanie McMahon (f)
-Jaqueline (f)
-Ivory (h)
-Stacy Keibler (f)

Raw Announcers- Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler
Sunday Night Heat Announcers-Jonathan Coachman, Todd Grisham

Manager(s)- Paul Heyman, Jonathan Coachman

Raw General Manager- Eric Bischoff

World Heavyweight Champion- Triple H
Intercontinental Champion- Charlie Haas
Hardcore Champion- Vampiro
World Tag Team Champions- The Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall)
Womens Champion- Victoria

SmackDown! roster will be up later...
Please Rate Roster

SmackDown! Roster

WWE Championship Contenders

-John "Bradshaw" Layfield (h)
-John Cena (f)
-Kurt Angle (h)
-Chris Jericho (f)
-Chris Benoit (f)
-Undertaker (f)
-Big Show (f)
-Christian (h)
-Edge (h)
-Eddie Guerrero (f)
-Shawn Michaels (f)
-Brock Lesnar (h)
-Bill Goldberg (h)
-Jeff Jarrett (h)

U.S. Championship Contenders

-Muhammed Hassan (h)
-Daivari (h)
-Eugene (f)
-William Regal (f)
-Matt Hardy (f)
-Jeff Hardy (f)
-Rey Mysterio (f)
-Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters (h)
-Carlito Carribbean Cool (h)
-Jesus (h)
-Orlando Jordan (h)
-Rikishi (f)
-Rosey (h)
-Jamal (h)
-Sakoda (h)
-Chuck Palumbo (f)
-Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli (f)
-Rodney Mack (h)
-Rico (f)
-Daniel Puder (h)
-Justice Smith (f)
-Ryan Reeves (f)
-Konnan (f)
-Monty Brown (f)
-Perry Saturn (f)
-Sean O' Haire (h)
-Mike Awesome (h)
-Ken Shamrock (h)
-Shawn Stasiak (h)
-Sid Vicious (h)
-Steve Blackman (h)

Cruiserweight Championship Contenders

-Rey Mysterio (f)
-Billy Kidman (f)
-Chavo Guerrero Jr. (h)
-Chavo Guerrero Sr. (h)
-Paul London (f)
-Akio (h)
-Ultimo Dragon (h)
-Spike Dudley (h)
-Funaki (h)
-Shannon Moore (f)
-Scotty 2 Hotty (f)
-Tajiri (h)
-Hurricane (f)
-X-Pac (h)
-Spanky (f)
-Grand Master Sexay (f)
-Taka Michinoku (h)
-Mikey Whipwreck (f)
-Amazing Red (f)
-Altar Boy Luke (h)
-Shark Boy (f)
-A.J. Styles (f)
-Zach Gowen (f)
-Psicosis (f)
-Super Crazy (f)
-Essa Rios (h)
-David Flair (h)
-Johnny Nitro (f)
-Matt Capottelli (f)
-Mike Mizanon (h)

WWE Tag Team Championship Contenders

-Dudley Boyz (Bubba and D-Von Dudley) (h)
-Full Blooded Italians (Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli) (f)
-Tough Enough (Johnny Nitro and Matt Capottelli) (f)
-Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy) (f)
-Middle East Alliance (Akio and Sakoda) (h)
-Middle East Alliance (Funaki and Taka Michinoku) (h)
-Middle East Alliance (Ultimo Dragon and Tajiri) (h)
-Too Cool (Grand Master Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty) (f)
-3 Minute Warning (Rosey and Jamal) (h)
-Basham Brothers (Doug and Danny Basham) (h)
-Carlito Carribbean Cool and Jesus (h)
-Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero (f)
-William Regal and Eugene (f)
-Muhammed Hassan and Daivari (h)
-E and C (Edge and Christian) (h)

SmackDown! Announcers- Michael Cole and Tazz

Velcity Announcers- Josh Mathers, Rue Debona, and Bill DeMott

SmackDown! General Manager- Shane McMahon (f)

WWE Champion- Kurt Angle

U.S. Champion- Monty Brown

WWE Tag Team Champions- Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy)

Cruiserweight Champion- Paul London


My Show First Raw and SmackDown! will be up sometime this week...

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Raw is War

Live from Miami, Florida

Pyro Erupts and the "Across the Nation" plays

JR: Welcome to Raw folks! We are live from Miami, Florida and what an action packed night we have for yah!

King: I couldnt of said it better myself! The World Championship will be on the line in a Triple Threat Match!

JR: Triple H will defend against Mick Foley and a mystery opponent!

King: Who do you think it can be!?!?

"Worlds Greatest Tag Team" Plays

Ding Ding Ding...
Lilian:The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall ! Introducing first from Edmond, Oklahoma weighing in at a 235 pounds...He is the Intercontinental Champion...Charlie Haas!

"Ain't No Stoppin' Me Now" Plays

Lilian: And his partner from Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing in at a 245 Pounds...Shelton Benjamin!

Mavens Music Plays

Lilian: And their opponents introdicing first from Chantilly, Virginia weighing in at a 210 Pounds...Maven!

Simon System Plays

Lilian: And his tag team partner, from Clearwater, Florida, weighing in at a 220 pounds..Simon Dean!

Simon gets a microphone.

Simon Dean: Lilian, tell me how much you weigh..right now!

Lilian Garcia doesn't answer.

Simon Dean: Answer me right now Lilian or I will be forced to take action.

Lilian: I don't think it's any of your business how much I weigh!

Simon Dean: What are you scared? You don't wanna say your actual weight because you'll get embarrassed?! Well most people already know because you look like a walrus!

Lilian Garcia slaps Simon Dean right across the face and Maven grabs her...Shelton Benjamin attacks Maven..

Ding Ding

Match Finish:
Maven goes for a drop kick off the top rope but Charlie Haas ducks. Shelton Benjamin then Stinger Splashes Simon and Charlie Haas Suplexes him. 1...2...Simon Dean attacks Haas from behind only for Benjamin and Haas to do the World's Greatest Slam. Maven gets back up and gets T-Bone suplexed by Shelton. Charlie then moonsalts Maven for the 1..2..3..

Winners- Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

Lilian Garcia: The winners of this match Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas!

Shelton Benjamin then grabs a microphone.

Shelton: Charlie me and you have tag teamed with eachother and we have gone our seperate ways at times..But we've never faced eachother...I think that we could make a great match with the Intercontinental Championship on the line...how bout it?

Charlie Haas: I agree..so next week on Raw its going to be Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin in one of the greatest matches of all time...For the Intercontinental Championship!

"World Greatest Tag Team" Plays and both superstars make their way out of the ring.


-Slammin Saturday Night
-The Grudge on Video and DVD

JR: Welcome back folks and we just heard a major announcment!

King: Yeah...Next week in Providence, Rhode Island the Intercontinental Championship will be on the line when Charlie Haas faces Shelton Benjamin.

JR: I surely can't wait!

"Open Your Eyes" plays
The following six man tag team contest is scheduled for one fall..Introducing first from Toronto, Ontario, Canada..Weighing in at a 235 pounds...Christian!

"You Think You Know Me" Plays
And his partner from Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighing in at a 240 pounds...Edge!

"Tomko's Music" Plays
And their partner weighing in at a 285 Pounds...Tyson Tomko!

"This is a Test" Plays
And their opponents, introducing first...from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at a 282 pounds...Test!

"Holla If Ya' Hear Me" Plays
And his partner from Bay City, Michigan...weighing in at a 270 pounds..Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner

"Incredible" Plays
And their partner from Waterbury, Connecticut...weighing in at a 225 pounds...Justin Credible!

Match Ending:
Scott Steiner clothes lines Christian...Edge interferes and spears Test and then Justin Credible while Tomko big boots Steiner...Christian gets up and while the referee is looking at Tomko, Christian and Edge get two chairs and perform the conCHAIRto on Steiner. Christian pins Steiner for the 1...2...3!

Winners- Christian, Edge, and Tyson Tomko

Christian Grabs a Microphone and speaks

Christian: Me and Edge deserve a Tag Team Championship Match..and we deserve it next week!

Tomko: Wait..What about me..the last time I checked Edge turned on you and I was your partner..

Edge: Tyson, shut up! You don't even deserve to be on Raw nevermind get a tag team championship match. Last time you got the shot you blew it! Now its my turn!

Tomko: I'm starting to have a problem with you...and Edge...you don't want me to have a problem..

Edge and Tyson Tomko go face to face..

"I'm Back" plays and Eric Bischoff appears on stage

Eric Bischoff- You know what..I think its and excellent idea to see E and C back together..so Tomko...Don't ruin it!

Tomko stares at Eric with anger...

Eric Bischoff: Next week on Raw...it is going to be Edge and Christian vs. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall vs. Billy Gunn and Road Dogg vs. Matt Morgan and Nathan Jones..in a four corners elimination match for the World Tag Team Championships!!!

All superstars make their way backstage.

Are We There Yet (Movie)
Are We There Yet (WWE Book)

JR: We are back folks and so far we have two great matches made for next week's Raw..

King: Yes indeed Four Corners Elimination Tag Title Match and a Intecontinental Title Match..

JR: Ive also just been told there is going to be a fatal four way womens championship match, King.

King: Oh boy, the puppies!

The Camera's go backstage to where we see all four members of Evolution talking...

Triple H: I can't believe I have to defend my World Title against a man like Mick Foley and some one I don't even know!

Ric Flair: Wooo! Champ we got your back all the way and we are going to make sure you keep the World Title tonight!

Randy Orton: Yeah Hunter we will make sure of...what do you want?

...The cameras turn around to reveal none other than....Hollywood Hulk Hogan!!

Hogan: Listen Randy, I'm sick of you always calling yourself the "legend killer". In my eyes you havent killed anything! I mean really what legend have you killed without the help of these wild apes?

Batista: What did you just call us?!? Hogan how bout me and you tonight!

Hogan: Fine with me brother...but I have one question for you...whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you!

-Slammin Saturday Night

A promo shows...Four weeks until Backlash!

Ding Ding Ding

Lilian: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Hardcore Championship!!

Screaming plays over the P.A. and the lights go out
A slow scary music plays

Lilian: Introducing first now residing in Montreal, Quebec, Canada...weighing in at a 249 pounds..he is the World Hardcore Champion...Vampiro!

"Heidenreich" plays
And his opponent being accompenied by Gene Snitsky and Paul Heyman..weighing in at 300 pounds...Heidenreich!

ding ding

Match Ending:
Heidenreich picks up Vampiro for the shoulder breaker but then the lights go out...when the lights come back on Heidenreich, Heyman, and Snitsky are laid out. Vampiro gets up and pins Heidenreich...1....2.....3

Ding Ding

Winner and still Hardcore Champion:Vampiro

-Slammin Saturday Night

"Batista's Music" Plays

ding ding

Lilian: The following contest is scheduled for one fall..Introducing first..being accompanied by Ric Flair...from Washington D.C. weighing in a a 325 pounds...representing Evolution...Batista!

"Hollywood Hogan" Plays

Lilian: And his opponent..from Tampa, Florida...weighing in at a 275 Pounds...Hollywood Hulk Hogan!!

ding ding

Match Ending:
Batista picks up Hogan for the Batista Bomb but Hogan counters and DDT's him..Both are down...The ref counts...1...2...3...4..5...6...7..Hogan then gets up and starts Hulking up on Batista...He goes for a clothes line but misses and knocks out the referree. Randy Orton then comes running down to the ring and RKO's Hogan onto a chair..Batista gets up and then pins him not knowing what went on..a slow count by the ref..1......2........3

The Winner: Batista

Randy grabs a microphone..

Randy Orton: See Hogan don't mess with The Legend Killer...all you are is a washed up old hag that has a lagacy behind him...you are a legend...and i'm the legend killer...and the next legend to kill is none other than...Hollywood Hulk Hogan...you got that...brother!

The crowd boo's and Evolution's music plays...

Slammin Saturday Night
Are We There Yet?

We come back to Eric Bischoff's office

Eric Bischoff: I have an announcement for next weeks Raw! It is going to be The Night Of Champions...Raw style..Next week it is Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Title, Vampiro vs. Heidenreich vs. Snitsky vs. Justin Credible vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Steven Richards in a time limit match for the Hardcore Title, The Outsiders vs. E and C vs. New Age Outlaws vs. Nathan Jones and Matt Morgan, Trish Stratus vs. Victoria vs. Gail Kim vs. Alexis Laree for the Womens Title and finally the Winner of tonights World Title Match vs. the newest Raw superstar...former SmackDown! superstar...Jeff Jarrett!! Now its time for the World Heavyweight Title Match! Enjoy!

"The Game" plays

ding ding

Lilian:The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship!
Introducing first being accompanied by Ric Flair..from Greenwich, Connecticut..weighing in at a 246 pounds..representing Evolution...Triple H!

"Wreck" plays
Lilian: And his opponent from Long Island, New York...weighing in at a 287 pounds...Mick Foley!

and their opponent...........

"If Ya Smell" plays
from Miami, Florida weighing in at a 275 pounds...THE ROCK!!!

JR: Oh my god..its The Rock!

King: I can't believe this!

JR: Neither can I..The Rock is back on Raw!

ding ding

Match Ending:
Triple H pedigrees Mick Foley on the outside of the ring while The Rock is knocked out in the ring...The ref begins to count out Triple H and Mick Foley...1...2...3...4..5..6...7...8...9..10! Triple H and Mick Foley have been counted out leaving The Rock to win the match

The Winner of This Match: The Rock

JR: I cannot believe this!

King: The Rock Just won, why do you seem so mad??

JR: You know why King! On countouts you don't win the championship! I feel The Rock was cheated out of the title!

King: At least he won!

JR: But not the title..

Triple H goes to get his title..when Triple H starts to walk away with the title..he feels somebody tugging at it..he turns around to have a feirce staredown with The Rock...The show fades of air with them staring at eachother...



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Nice show. The Rock was Foley's mystery partner and Hogan/ Orton feud is prety good. You have a good roster, but try getting the lower guys some fueds, 'cause it uses some emty space, and it might grab the viewers attention

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yeah, you should it was a good show. Some good shocks and some good moments, liking E&C.

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Live from San Diego, California

Pyro Erupts from the huge fist and "Rise Up" plays

Michael Cole: Welcome to SmackDown! folks, and what a show we have for you here tonight!

Tazz: Yeah Cole, San Diego's own Rey Mysterio gets a WWE Championship Shot against Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon has a major announcement concerning Jeff Jarrett being on Raw!

Michael Cole: And what a way to start up SmackDown, with a cruiserweight match!

"Moore-on" plays

ding ding
Tony Chimel: Ladies and Gentlemen the following fatal four way elimination match is scheduled for one fall..and is to determine the number one contender for the World Cruiserweight Championship!
Introducing first from Cameron, North Carolina...weighing in at a 175 pounds..Shannon Moore!

"Styles Clash" plays

Tony Chimel: And his opponent from Gainseville, Florida...weighing in at a 202 pounds..."The Phenominal" A.J. Styles!

Kidman's Music Plays

Tony Chimel: And their opponent...from Allentown, Pennsylvania..weighing in at a 195 pounds...Billy Kidman!

"Stand Back" plays

Tony Chimel: And their opponent..from Raleigh, North Carolina...weighing in at a 191 pounds...The Hurricane!

ding ding

Match Ending:
Shannon Moore had been eliminated earlier in the match when Billy Kidman Shooting Star Pressed him. After Kidman was eliminated when A.J. Style finished him off with the Styles Clash. Now both A.J. Styles and Hurricane were down along with the referree because Hurricane had missed a cross body off the top rope. Shannon Moore runs down to the ring and performed the Halo on A.J. Styles. He then puts Hurricane on Styles and wakes up the referree. The referree counts..1...2...3!

ding ding

The Winner and Number One Contender for the Cruiserweight Title: Hurricane

Match Aftermath:
Shannon Moore helps the Hurricane up..and they smile at eachother. Hurricane then takes his mask off and puts it in his tights. He then grabs a microphone.

Hurricane: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Hurricane never got me anywhere in my carreer. And it took me so long to finally realize that...you guys never said anything to me! And I have nothing to thank you for. Its all your fault I went so long without a push! And now thanks to Shannon Moore...I know! He even told me it was all you fans fault! I hate you! And next week I will prove myself to be the greatest cruiserweight when I win the title against Paul London!

"Stand Back" plays

Hurricane: Shut that music off! I am not The Hurricane! I am...Sugar Shane Helms!

"Moore-On" plays

Sugar Shane Helms: Thats a lot better

Shannon Moore and Sugar Shane Helms make their way backstage.

Dance 360
The Grudge on Video and DVD

"Here Comes the Money" plays

Tony Chimel: Ladies and Gentlemen...please welcome the SmackDown! General Manager...Shane McMahon!

Shane McMahon takes Tony Chimel's microphone

Shane McMahon: As you all know..Jeff Jarrett has been announced as the number one contender for Raw's World Heavyweight Championship..Now I know all you SmackDown! fans are wondering...how did he get Jarrett? Well after negotiations, we came to an agreement that i'd let him have Jeff Jarrett if he'd let me have a superstar of his..and that superstar is about to come out to this very ring for his debut SmackDown! match...please welcome...

An explosion hits the arena
"Big Red Machine" plays

Shane McMahon: Kane!!

Kane walks to the ring slowly and asks Shane who is opponent is.

Shane McMahon: See Kane your not in a one on one match..no..you in a tag team match! And the tag team championships are on the line!

Kane: Who is my partner. McMahon you better make this good...your life depends on it!

Shane McMahon: And you partner...from Death Valley...weighing in at a 300 pounds..

The lights go out. Then the funeral march plays. The arena is flooded in an spooky blue light.

Shane McMahon: Undertaker!

Undertaker makes his way down to the ring as Shane McMahon walks backstage. Kane and Undertaker go face to face.

"Team Extreme" plays

Tony Chimel enters the ring again while Undertaker and Kane are still staring at eachother.

Tony Chimel: And their opponents..from Cameron, North Carolina. Matt and Jeff...The Hardy Boyz!
Chimel exits the ring and the Hardyz attack Kane and Undertaker.

End of Match:
Matt Hardy twist of fates Undertaker. Jeff Hardy then goes to the top rope for the Swanton Bomb. Kane then attacks Matt Hardy and then chokeslams Jeff Hardy off the top rope. Undertaker then rises and picks up Jeff Hardy for the tombstone. Kane picks up Matt Hardy for the Tombstone as well. They both tombstone the Hardyz at the same time and both pin the for 1...2...3!

Winners and New WWE Tag Team Champions: Undertaker and Kane!

Match Aftermath:
Undertaker and Kane then go head to head once again.

The Full Blooded Italians then run down through the audience into the ring. They then attack Undertaker and Kane with chairs. Nunzio then gets a microphone.

Nunzio: Right now people...you are staring at the next WWE Tag Team Champions. Chuck Palumbo and Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli! And they will do anything to finally get their hands on the gold, even if it means going toe to toe with these big monsters! They will stop at nothing!

Nunzio then spits on Undertaker and then Kane.

"Full Blooded Italian" plays

Be Cool

The cameras go backstage where Josh Mathews is standing next to Chris Jericho.

Josh Mathews: Chris, tonight you are in a twenty man battle royal to determine who faces the winner of the Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio match tonight. What are your thoughts.

Chris Jericho: See Josh, how I see it is that ive beaten both of these superstars at one point of my career. And after all the Jerichoholics see me win the twenty man battle royal tonight...they will know that it is once again Y2J Chris Jericho's time to shine yet again at the top of this business.

John "Brashaw" Layfield, Orlando Jordan, and The Basham Brothers then interupt Chris Jericho.

JBL: I hate to break it to you..actully I love to...but anyways, tonight I am going to win this twenty man battle royal. And if there is a slight chance that I do get eliminated, I have these three fine gentlemen to take my spot. And if they were to win they would give their WWE Championship shot to none other than..JBL! I mean really, you don't have any fans or "Jerichoholics" They all boo when they see you. Whenever the see me they chant...JBL...JBL....JBL

The crowd starts a Jer-I-Cho Chant.

JBL: These fans are just crazy in this town..I mean look at Rey Mysterio, hes a little freak!

The crowd boos

Be Cool

Michael Cole: Well Tazz, what I night we still have for you! A twenty man battle royal to determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship and a WWE Championship match!

Tazz: Yeah Cole its gonna be a rocket buster!

Spanky's Music plays

ding ding

Tony Chimel: The following match is a non title match scheduled for one fall introducing first...from Olympia, Washington...weighing in at a 174 pounds...Spanky!

Paul London's Music Plays

Tony Chimel: And his opponent from Austin, Texas...weighing in at a 205 pounds...he is the World Cruiserweight Champion...Paul London!

ding ding

Match Ending:
Paul London slams Spanky into the corner and then backdrops him. He then goes to the top rope and 450 Spins on Spanky..he pins..1..2..3

Winner: Paul London

Match Aftermath:
Paul London helps Spanky up and they shake and hands. They then hug. After they make their way backstage together.

The Grudge
News at 10

We come back to see Sugar Shane Helms and Shannon Moore in their locker room.

Shannon Moore: Do it Shane its the only way.

Sugar Shane Helms: I'm going to do it..

Shannon Moore: Heres the match..

The camera looks down only to see the old Hurricane attire (Cape, Tights) on the ground.

Sugar Shane Helms: Thanks.

Sugar Shane Helms then lights the match and throws it onto the attire.

Shannon Moore: You forgot one thing...

Sugar Shane Helms then goes into his bag to take out The Hurricane mask. He throws it into the flame.

Shane Helms: That was a stage that got me no where in life...I guess now is where I show my true side...and now is when I finally get my chance in the WWE...

Shannon Moore: There you go...

We go back into the arena.

Michale Cole: Well, I guess its true..

Tazz: I guess he's really not The Hurricane anymore...he's Sugar Shane Helms..and I hope it works out for him...

"Rabid Wolverine" plays

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a twenty man over the top rope battle royal to determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship! Introducing first...now residing in Atlanta, Georgia...Chris Benoit!

"I lie, I cheat, I steal" plays

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, Eddie Guerrero!

"Sexy Boy" plays

Tony Chimel: And their opponent, Shawn Michaels!

"The Next Big Thing" plays

Tony Chimel: And their opponent, Brock Lesnar!

"Your Next" plays

Tony Chimel: And their opponent, Bill Goldberg!

"Word Life" plays

Tony Chimel: And their opponent, John Cena!

"Longhorn" plays

Tony Chimel: And their opponent, John "Bradshaw" Layfield!

"Break the Walls Down" plays

Tony Chimel: And their opponent, Chris Jericho!

"Big Show" plays

Tony Chimel: And their opponent, The Big Show!

"The Funeral March" plays

Tony Chimel: And their opponent, he is one half of the New WWE Tag Team Champions, The Undertaker!

"Big Red Machine" plays

Tony Chimel: And their opponent, the other half of the New WWE Tag Team Champions, Kane!

"Longhorn" plays

Tony Chimel: And their opponent, Orlando Jordan!

"Longhorn" continues to play

Tony Chimel: And their opponent, Doug Basham!

"Longhorn" still plays

Tony Chimel: And their opponent, Danny Basham!

"Wild Cat" plays

Tony Chimel: And their opponent, he is the United States Champion, Monty Brown!

"Cool" plays

Tony Chimel: And their opponent, Carlito Carribbean Cool!

"Masterpiece" plays

Tony Chimel: And their opponent, "The Masterpeice" Chris Masters!

"Psycho" plays

Tony Chimel: And their opponent, Sid Vicous!

Muhammed Hassan's music plays

Tony Chimel: And their opponent, being accompanied by Daivari, Muhammed Hassan!

Silence hits the arena awaiting the final opponent.

The arena hears the words...

"Yo it's me...it's me...it's D-D-P!"

Tony Chimel- And their final opponent...making his WWE Return...Diamond Dallas Page!

The crowd goes crazy for DDP!

ding ding

Here is the order of elimination and by who...I will continue the action at the final four superstars...

1) Doug Basham is eliminated by Monty Brown
2) Danny Basham is eliminated by Monty Brown
3) Orlando Jordan is eliminated by Monty Brown
4) Monty Brown is eliminated by John "Bradshaw" Layfield
5) Carlito Carribbean Cool is eliminated by John Cena
6) Chris Masters is eliminated by John Cena
7) John Cena is eliminated by Kane
8) Kane is eliminated by Undertaker
9) Muhammed Hassan is eliminated by Bill Goldberg
10) Bill Goldberg is eliminated by Big Show
11) Brock Lesnar is elminated by Big Show
12) Muhammed Hassan is eliminated by Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, DDP, and Shawn Michaels
13) Diamond Dallas Page is eliminated by Sid Vicious
14) Sid Vicious is eliminated by Undertaker
15) Undertaker gets eliminated when Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli interfere and throw him out
16) John "Bradshaw" Layfield is eliminated by Chris Jericho

Match Ending:

Shawn Michaels stands in one corner, Eddie Guerrero in another, Chris Benoit in another, and Chris Jericho in yet another. They all stare at eachother thinking on who to eliminate first. Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit team up and take on Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho. Eddie Guerrero then turns on Chris Benoit and tries to Hurracanrana him over the top rope Benoit then throws Eddie over the top rope. Jericho and Michaels then team up on Benoit. They then pick him up and suplex him over the top rope. While Shawn Michaels is making sure he is down, Chris Jericho quickly throws him over the top rope. Both of Michaels feet hit the floor.

Winner and Number one contender for the WWE Championship: Chris Jericho

Match Aftermath:
Shawn Michaels gets back in the ring. Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels go head to head. Shawn Michaels then puts out his hand in respect. Chris Jericho accepts the offer and they shake hands. Jericho the goes to the middle rope of each of the corners and raises his hands in victory. When he's done with all four corners, Shawn Michaels then raises Jericho's hand in victory.

"Break The Walls Down" plays and both superstars make their way backstage.

Tazz: You know what that means, don't you Cole?!

Michael Cole: Yeah it mean Jericho is the number one contender for the WWE Championship! He will face the winner of the Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio match!

Tazz: And that match is...next!

Michael Cole: I can't wait, partner!


"619" plays and Rey Mysterio flies out of the ground.

ding ding

Tony Chimel: Ladies and Gentleman...the following contests is scheduled for one fall and is for the WWE Championship! Introducing first...from right here in San Diego, California...weighing in at a 165 pounds...being acompanied by his partner Eddie Guerrero...Rey Mysterio!

"Medal" plays

Tony Chimel: And his opponent being ...from Pittsburgh, Pennsylania...weighing in at a 220 pounds...he is the WWE Champion...Kurt Angle!

ding ding

End of Match:
Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio are on the ground knocked out after Angle gets Hurrcanranna'ed off the top rop. Rey Mysterio is the first to his feet. When Angle gets up Rey drop kicks him from behind onto the middle rope. He calls for the 619. He runs toward Angle for it. At the last second Angle moves and Mysterio accidently hits Eddie Guerrero who was on the outside of the ring. When Rey get up and looks over the top rope Angle locks his hands in for a series of suplexes. On the third suplex Angle loses grip while performing the move. Rey hits the referree. Angle gets up and makes a hand signal for somebody to come down to the ring. A man in a mask then comes down to the ring. He powerbombs Rey Mysterio. He then exits the ring but stays at ringside. Angle wakes the ref and pins Rey for 1...2...3!

Winner and Still WWE Champion- Kurt Angle

Match Aftermath

Kurt grabs a microphone.

Kurt Angle: Now I bet you are all wondering...Who is the man in the mask...well the man in the mask is my newest associate...he is none other than...Sean O' Haire!

On the titantron the cameras go backstage. It reveals Sean O' Haire knocked out on the concrete.

Kurt Angle: What is this?!? If your back there then who's right here?

The man takes of the mask to reveal himself as Chris Jericho!

Kurt Angle: What are you doing here?! You're not Sean O' Haire!

Chris Jericho grabs a microphone.

Chris Jericho: Wow Kurt arent you a smart little bald headed freak! You see while you and Sean O' Haire were walking down the hall a little peice of paper fell out of your pocket. I was going to return it but of course I had to read it first! It turned out to be your little plan. So I attacked Sean and took his mask. And now look here I am Kurt!

Kurt Angle: What do you want from me Jericho!? You have no reason to do what you just did!

Chris Jericho: I did have a reason. The reason is to get the WWE Championship around my waist. And I have a reason to do the next thing I do too!

Kurt Angle: And what is that?

Chris Jericho drops the microphone and attacks Angle. When Angle is down he locks in the Walls of Jericho. The show fades off the air with Kurt Angle tapping out.

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This has great potential just don't stop writing. I didn't get alot of replies when I first started my BTB and if you just keep writing eventually you'll get noticed and get lots o' replies.

Can't wait for Jericho/Angle.

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Good Show man, keep it going legend killer.
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