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My roster is like all the TNA and WWE wrestlers so i can use any of them at one time i know it may seem like alot of wrestlers but i probaly wont use that many they are just all there in case of injury or something lol i will do shows whenever i can so i dont have a specific day for any show i could do two shows in one day or maybe only one in a whole week but ill do shows whenever i can

World Heavyweight Champion: Vacant
WWE Heavyweight Champion: Vacant
World Tag Team Champions: Vacant
WWE IC Champion: Vacant
WWE Women's Champion: Ashley
WWE European Champion:
WWE Hardcore Champion: Vacant

General Managers : Shane and Stephanie Mcmahon (50/50)

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The show opens with a Triple H in the ring claiming that tonight he will win the world heavyweight championship in the 6 man hell in a cell match

Stephanie and Shane then announce that the WWE championship would not be decided until later on in the show in a singles match between Edge and Christian

Women’s championship
Ashley © vs Maria

The match ends with Ashley going for a spine buster on Maria but Maria reverses and rolls Ashley up but only gets a two count Ashley then gets up and clotheslines Maria to the mat and then slaps her Ashley then grabs Maria by the hair and slams her head on the mat as the fans go wild Ashley waits for Maria to get up and Ashley then nails the spine buster Ashley then climbs the top rope and does a Matt Hardy style leg drop straight across Maria’s throat Ashley then pins Maria for the win

Winner via pinfall and still women’s champion Ashley (4:56)


Steven Richards is in the gm’s office complaining about not being in a match tonight

Stephanie: I have an idea Steven there is still one place left in the hell and a cell match up tonight for the world heavy weight championship if u can go out and defeat the Big Show next then u can enter into the cell

Steven looks furious but thanks her and leaves


Hell in a cell contender match
Steven Richards vs Big Show

The end comes with Big Show Irish whipping Steven into the corner and then slapping him on the chest Steven comes reeling out of the corner Show then big boots Richards and pins him for a two count Show drags Steven to his feet and goes for the choke slam but Show is distracted by Triple H coming down the ramp the ref is then distracted on the other side of the ring by Richards and Triple H low blows Big Show then leaves through the crowd Richards then nails the stevie kick and pins the Big Show but Show gets his foot on the rope Richards then complains to the ref but by the time he turns around Show grabs him around the throat and choke slams him for the victory

Winner via pinfall Big Show (5:47)

JR: Triple H made a mistake because now Big Show is in the 6 man hell in a cell and he will be looking for revenge after Triple H tried to cost him a shot at the world title

King: JR Triple H was doing the smart thing by trying to take out the competition


World tag team championship
Elimination Tag
Hardy Boys vs Dudley Boys

The end comes down to D-Von and Jeff with brother Bubba gone from ringside D-Von finds it hard to be in singles action Jeff scores with a lot of solid right hands and then nails a jaw breaker on D-Von who rolls around on the mat in pain Jeff then nails a leg drop and gets a 2 count Jeff then drags D-Von up and attempts the twist of fate but D-Von reverses and nails the saving grace and pins Jeff 1….2…..KO Jeff just gets his shoulder off the mat before the 3 count D-Von slams his foot into the face of Jeff a couple of times before Jeff gets to his feet and ducks a clothesline then rolls D-Von up for the 3 count

Winners via pinfall and new world tag team champions The Hardy Boys (10:10)

Edge and Christian are then both shown in separate locker rooms warming up for their pre main event match later on tonight

A Nathan Jones promo is shown telling everyone that he is coming back to the WWE

JR: Well King tonight has been an absolute block buster and we still have a lot of matches to come I am looking forward to the hell in the cell

King: So am I and we only know 2 out of the 6 wrestlers that are competing in that match tonight the other 4 will be revealed when the match starts the two men we know about are Big Show and Triple H

Backstage Christy Hemme is making out with Batista before Cena walks in on them

Cena: Sorry you two I didn’t know

Batista: Ever heard of knocking

All three of them laugh

Cena: Dave I just come from Steph and Shane’s office and they said next week if we can beat the Dudley boys and then go onto beat MnM the week after then we would have a shot at the tag titles at the royal rumble

Batista: That is great news I am sure we are well on our way to becoming tag team champions for the first time together

The scene fades out as anther match starts

15 Man Battle Royal
WWE IC championship

1. Snitskey
2. Shelton Benjamin
3. William Regal
4. AJ Styles
5. Paul London
6. RVD
7. Randy Orton
8. Hardcore Holly
9. Gregory Helms
10. John Cena
11. Trevor Murdoch
12. Mick Foley
13. Ric Flair
14. Kane
15. The Rock

Order of elimination
1. Trevor Murdoch
2. Gregory Helms
3. Ric Flair
4. Paul London
5. Snitskey
6. William Regal
7. Mick Foley
8. The Rock
9. John Cena
10. Shelton Benjamin
11. AJ Styles
12. Randy Orton

The end comes when Hardcore Holly and RVD stare at each other then go to work on Kane together then Irish whip him then double dropkick him Kane gets to his feet but RVD and Holly double clothesline Kane over the top RVD then goes to round house kick Holly but Holly ducks and absolutely smashes RVD into the canvas with a brutal Alabama slam Holly then picks up RVD and chucks him over the top rope

Winner and new WWE IC champion Hardcore Holly (16:00)

Coach is backstage with the Big Show

Coach: Big Show earlier tonight Triple H attacked u during your match with Steven Richards and tried to cost you a shot at the world championship what are your feelings on this

Big Show: Well Coach Triple H tried but he did not try hard enough because if that son of a bitch had of tried hard enough to screw we over then Richards would be going into the hell in a cell instead of me

Coach: Well you do have a point there Show but I mean you are so unstoppable and powerful I don’t think Triple H on his best day would be able to stop you from choke slamming your way to a victory

Triple H then comes from out of nowhere and nails Big Show in the back of the head with a sledge hammer and then walks away laughing

JR: Oh my god King look Big Show is bleed from the back of his head someone get some help out there


JR: Well folks we have just seen a down right cowardly attack from Triple H on the Big Show which sent the Big Show straight to the emergency wing in the nearest hospital so now there are 5 spaces left in the hell and a cell match

King: Yes there is and I have no idea as to who is going to be taking Big Show’s place you don’t think they would put Steven Richards in there do you

JR: Richards did put up a good fight against the Big Show but the deal was if he won he would have a shot at the title but he lost so just because the Big Show is no longer going to be in the match does not mean Richards can just come and take his place I think it should be given to someone who truly deserves it

King: Well we have another championship match right here right now it is for the European championship

WWE European championship
Jeff Jarret vs The Outlaw

The match comes to a close when JJ hits the stroke on Gunn but the ref is distraced by Torrie Wilson who is at ringside with Gunn. JJ looks pissed and he rolls to the outside and goes after Wilson and he gets he by the hair but out of no where Gunn flies up and over the top rope landing a suicide dive straight into JJ. Gunn then Irish whips JJ into the stairs and then throws him into the crowd and there are three spare seats at ringside Gunn puts them side by side then takes JJ up onto the security railing protection and jumps off nailing the fame asser straight through the three chairs both men look down and out but Gunn manages to get back to his feet the ref is at a count of 5 but is been distracted again by Wilson giving Gunn enough time to roll JJ back into the ring JJ is bleeding badly Gunn then embarrasses JJ by nailing the stroke and then Gunn pins JJ the ref counts 1…..2…..3 Gunn stands up victorious as medics rush to the ring to the aid of JJ who looks out of it

Winner via pinfall and new WWE European champion The outlaw Bill Gunn (18:40)

The cameras focus backstage to where Steph and Shane are sitting in the office

Shane begins to speak

Shane: Steph and I have been sitting here talking and tonight has been a brilliant episode of Raw so we wanted to make it even better I know we have the hell in a cell coming up as our main event but up next we have Edge taking on Christian for the vacant WWE championship it was scheduled to be just a normal singles match but seen as in these two love TLC matches we have decided to make this a ladder match with not only the WWE championship on the line but a contract renewal so the loser of this match is out of a job I’m afraid to say and the winner will not only become the new champion they will have just secured themselves of another 5 years at least in the business and on Smackdown the hardcore championship will be decided in a bar room brawl between Mick Foley and Randy Orton


WWE Championship
Winner take all ladder match
Edge vs Christian

The match ends with Christian climbing one ladder but Edge climbing another Christian gets a hand on the briefcase that contains the championship and the contract but Edge then jumps from one ladder nailing a spear on Christian and Edge manages to land on his feet Edge then starts an assault of right hands to the face of Christian until Christian begins to bleed Edge then grabs a pair of brass knucks and low blows Christian who is in a lot of pain Edge then picks him up by the hair and nails the eduction Christian doesn’t move Edge sets the ladder back up but from the crowd comes the bogey man and knocks the ladder over sending Edge from the top of the ladder crashing into the crowd the bogey man then grabs a bottle of water from ringside and slides into the ring and pours it over Christian. Bogey man eventually gets Christian to his feet and helps him climb the ladder but before Christian can grab the briefcase the bogey man pulls him off it and nails a DDT the bogey man then climbs the ladder and retrieves the briefcase and the bell rings but the music of Stephanie Mcmahon plays throughout the arena

Steph laughs before raising a mic to her mouth

Steph: We have had this planned all along we just forget to tell everyone that we had also made the WWE championship winner take all a triple threat match so therefore with that said ladies and gentleman your winner and the new WWE champion THE BOGEY MAN!!


King: Well what a shocking turn of events that WWE championship match was with the bogey man becoming the WWE champ and now both Edge and Christian are gone from the WWE

JR: King brace yourself because we are ready for the hell in a cell

Main event
6 Man hell in a cell elimination match
World heavyweight championship
Triple H vs The Undertaker vs Raven vs Sting vs Kurt Angle vs Batista

The match comes down to The undertaker and Triple H they are both bloodied and are on the top of the cell fighting it out Triple H scores with a low blow giving him a chance to grab the 2 by 4 covered in barbed wire Triple H then nails Undertaker in the head with it several times and then uses his fists to open up the wound even more on the head of the undertaker Triple H then drags Undertaker to his feet and nails the pedigree on the top of the cell Triple H poses and then without Triple H knowing The Big Show climbs the top of the cell when Triple H turns around he looks like he has seen a ghost The Big Show grabs him around the throat and takes him to the middle of the cell and nails a choke slam sending him right through the top of the cell Big Show then rolls Undertaker into the hole sending him crashing down to the mat Big Show then climbs the side of the cell and gets into the ring he lays the arm of Undertaker across the corpse of Triple H and the ref counts 1………………………………….2………………………………………..3

Big Show doesn’t stop there he grabs Triple H from down on the mat and choke slams him several times in the one spot and eventually the mat gives way and Triple H falls through the canvas of the ring Undertaker leaves with the world championship as Big Show is standing above Triple H who is under the ring as raw goes off the air the Big Show is laughing

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Strange concept. You put the title on all the wrong guys. Spelling and grammer sucks. Try using colors. Don't use HIAC or Ladder Matches or specialty matches on RAW unless it is a special occasion and even then you only use HIAC at PPVs. I can see you put some effort into it. 4/10
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