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Heat: Matt Hardy beat a jobber with the twist of fate.
Maven and Simon Dean Beat Scotty 2 Hotty and Hurricane with a roll up and feet on the ropes.
Gene Snitsky Beat Tyson Tomko with a pumphandle slam


A video is displayed on the titantron showing Vince McMahon announcing that the two rosters would be back together again next week. Then a WWE logo comes up on the titantron then underneath it says The new Attitude Era! and the fans go wild as the music for Raw starts to play and pyros start going off as the fans continue to cheer, then the camera cuts to JR and King

JR: Welcome everyone, to a whole new era of attitude!!!
King: Yeah like old times all the superstars back on one roster its gonna be great!!

Howard Finkel: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the co-general managers of Raw and Smackdown! Eric Bischoff and Theodore Long

Both men walk down the ramp to a mixed reaction and get in the ring and get a microphone each

Bischoff: Welcome to a brand new WWE!!
Long: And welcome to Raw!!

Bischoff: Tonight will be like no other night, it will be history making and I would first off like to thank you fans for coming to Washington DC tonight!

crowd cheer

Bischoff: And I have already decided to make a great match for later on tonight, it will be Y2J Chris Jericho

crowd have a mixed reaction

Bischoff: Against Randy Orton for the vacated Intercontinental Title!!

crowd cheer

Long: I also would like to make an announcement, I have brought back one of the most popular titles ever in the WWE, The Hardcore Title!!

crowd go wild

Long: And Rhyno and Kane will go head to head for the Hardcore title!!!

crowd cheer louder than before

Long: So if ya like that gimmie a holla holla holla!!!

crowd: Holla holla holla!!!!!!

Bischoff: We will see you a bit later enjoy the show

Im Back starts to play and Theodore Long and Eric Bischoff leave the ring and start talking up the ramp

JR: You heard what Co-GM Theodore Long said ,the Hardcore Title will be back tonight where it will be Kane against the man beast Rhyno!!

King: Yeah and what about Chris Jericho against Randy Orton for the Intercontinental Title

JR: That will be a great match

screen cuts to a commercial break

Then when the screen comes back to Raw Simon Dean and Maven are standing in the ring

Simon Dean: I am out here to promote my pattended Simon System that can shed weight in less than a week, just look at my man Maven!

crowd boo

Simon Dean: And I'm gonna give away a free sample of my Simon powder

He jumps out of the ring and looks at a fan on the front row

Simon: Here you try a bit

The fan trys a bit

Simon: What do you think?

Fan: Tastes like crap!

Simon: Really?

He Laughs then throws some powder in the fans face and gets back in the ring

Simon: Your just a fat piece of garbage like everyone else!

Then the Big Shows Music plays and the Big Show comes out and walks down the ramp and gets into the ring

JR: Uh Oh!
King: Run Run Simon!

Simon: Hey I payed for this time an.....

Big Show grabs Maven and Simon Dean's throat and double chokeslames them.

Big shows music plays again and he walks out of the ring and up the ramp

JR: Oh Man! , Thats Impact!

The scene cuts to backstage where Edge is being interviewed

Todd Grisham: Edge what do you think about the rosters being re joined?

Edge: I think its a joke! I had my one shot at being World Champion and then Vince McMahon screws me out of it like everyone else does!

Todd Grisham: Well why dont you just as one of the GMs for your shot

Edge: It isnt that easy you know, you are and interviewer and you get to say and do what you want to do I had enough!

Then Edge slams Todd Grisham into the set and walks off

Edge: Just go ask them My ass!

JR: Will he ever calm down?!
King: He is just annoyed at Vince!

JR: Well its Christian Vs Cena Next!!

(commercial break)

When Raw comes back Just Close Your Eyes starts to play and Christian comes out with Tomko

Finkel: Making His way to the ring, accompanied by Tyson Tomko, From Toronto,Canada Weighing 235 pounds Christian!!

King: Captain Carisma JR!
JR: He is just a CLB!
King: What!?

My time is Now starts to play and John Cena comes out

Finkel: Introducing the WWE champion, weighing 245 pounds John Cena!!!

JR: The WWE champ is here!

Cena wastes no time getting in the ring and on the attack knocking Christian down with a clothesling and a dropkick to Tomko and the bell rings.

Cena throws Christian to the turnbuckles and then clotheslines him and goes for the pin 1..2.. Christian kicks out, Cena goes for an irish whip but is reversed and followed by a back body drop. Christian picks up Cena and does a reverse DDT and goes for the pin 1..2.. Cena kicks out. Cena hits Christian in the ribs and hits him with a suplex then picks Christian up and gives him the Cena sideslam, Cena looks down at Christian and says "You can't See me!" then hits the 5 knuckle shuffle and starts to pump it up. As Christian gets up Tomko gets on the ropes but Cena gets Christian up for the FU but Christain counters and hits a low blow and a roll up Tomko gets down, Christian uses the ropes as the ref counts 1...2...3

JR: Damn it he stole the match!!!!
King: That showed that punk kid!
JR: Bottom line Christain stole a victory over the WWE champ!

(commercial break)

When RAW comes back JBL is talking to his cabinet backstage and the crowd boo. Then Triple H and Ric Flair come into the picture

Triple H: Ric its the Wrestling God!

JBL: Shut up! and who do you think you are, I know your World Heavyweight champion but you dont touch a Wrestling God!

Triple H: Really?

Triple H slaps JBL in the face

Triple H: Well I will tell you what why dont he have a tag match later on me and Ric against you and Orlando Jordan, and if your team wins you get the next shot at my World Title

JBL: Your on!

Triple H: I'll see you win the ring!
Ric Flair: Wooooooooooooo!

The scene ends with Kane coming down the Ramp for the hardcore title match Rhyno is in the ring.

The bell rings and Rhyno Strait away hits Kane with a trash can lid but to no effect, he tries again but Kane Big boots the lid into his face and picks Rhyno up for a running powerslam and pins him

ref: 1...2..

Rhyno kicks out ,Kane gets out the ring and gets a chair and a stop sign and gets back into the ring but Rhyno throws powder in Kanes eyes and grabs the chair and hits Kane over the head with it a few times then runs at Kane he he grabs Rhyno's throat and attemps the chokeslam but he can't do it and Rhyno hits a low blow and a shot to the head with the stop sign nad gets onto the top rope and hits a gore on Kane through the Chair and gets a pin 1...2...3 the bell rings and the ref gives Rhyno the Hardcore title

Finkel: Here is the new Hardcore Champion Rhyno!!

JR: What a match up and we have 2 more matches to come and next the Intercontinental Title is up for Grabs Orton Jerocho next

a desire promo comes up

When Raw comes back Theodore Long and Eric Bischoff are walking with a purpose both saying "What happened?!" When they stop walking Randy Orton and Jericho are both out of the floor

JR: What the hell?

There are loads of medics around them and a tire iron is on the floor

Bischoff: We cant have the IC title match then!

crowd boo

JR: What has happened King?
King: I dont know!

JR: Well in any event this week on SmackDown! we will be in the same arena and when we come back its the tag team main event!

(commercial break)

Raw returns and JBL and Orlando Jordan at stepping out of the limo and start walking to the ring.

Time to play the Game starts to play and Triple H and Ric Flair walk out and down the ramp. Triple H is about to do his legendry taunt but JBL attacks him and the match begins

JR: Remember Folks these are the new WWE rules in a tag match anyone legal in the match are allowed in the ring. Tornado Tag Team rules folks

Orlando Jordan and Ric Flair fight on the outside while JBL and Triple H fight in the ring, JBL hits a swinging neckbreaker and goes for a pin 1...2.. Triple H kicks out JBL shouts at the ref to count faster and picks Triple H up and gives him an irish whip and tries to do a back body drop but Triple H hits a facebuster and then attempts the Pedigree but is countered. JBL then does the the longhorn sign and hits a hard Powerbomb on Triple H and goes for the pin 1..2.. Ric Flair pulls the ref out and argues with him then Orlando attemps a cross body but gets the ref. JBL goes for the clothesline from hell but Triple H ducks and Goes for a pedigree and hits it and covers JBL but the ref is down. The Bashams run down to the ring and attack Triple H as the crowd boo's.

Then from out of nowhere The glass shatters and Stone Cold's Music starts to play and Stone Cold comes out and the crowd goes crazy

JR: My God Its the Texas Rattlesnake and hes got a chair in hand!!
King: Look out Bashams!

Stone Cold Hits Orlando with the chair then puts the chair and the ref in the ring and stunners Danny Basham and Hits Doug in the face with the chair as Triple H gets up. Austin Picks up Doug and throws him out of the ring then Triple H gets up and the ref is starting to move.

Then out of nowhere Austin turns round and hits Triple H in the face with the chair

JR: What the Hell!!!!!!!!?????
King: What the Hell Is right!!!?

Austin picks up Triple H and gives him a middle finger salute and stunners him and the crowd boo like mad Austin then puts JBL on top of Triple H and throws the ref over to count 1...........2...........3

King: Oh My God!!

Austin picks up JBL and raises his arms

Finkel: Here are your winners Orlando Jordan and John Bradshaw Layfield!!

JR: This is not right, dont tell me Austin has joined the cabinet??!!
King: I think he has!!

JR: My God We will see you on Smackdown!! Goodnight!

Screen Fades with Austin and JBL Shaking Hands

Smackdown Preview:
How will HHH react to Austin turning on him. And who attacked Randy Orton and Chris Jericho? STAY TUNED


Triple H
Stone Cold
Tyson Tomko
John Cena
Booker T
Rey Mysterio
Randy Orton
Chris Jericho
Chris Beniot
Doug Basham
Danny Basham
Ric Flair
Shelton Benjamin
William Regal
Mick Foley
Shawn Michaels
Muhammed Hassan
Dudley Boyz
Big Show
Kurt Angle

and a few other surprises

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Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas Defeated Akio and Tajiri when Hardcore Holly hit the Alabama Slam on Tajiri as Haas had Akio in the Haas of Pain.

Highlights are shown of Raw when Stone Cold turned his back on the fans by hitting HHH with the chair and giving him the stunner to help JBL become the number one condender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Heidenrech defeated Shannon Moore with the cobra clutch.

The main event shows Billy Kidman Vs Paul London Vs Hurricane.

Highlights of Raw show Christian getting a cheap victory over John Cena using the ropes and Tyson Tomko.

Commercial Break.

Velocity returns with Hurricane coming out and jumping onto the second ropes and doing his taunts. You can run plays and Billy Kidman comes out and starts moking the fans as his makes his way to the ring. Rocker starts to play and Paul London comes out and sprints down to the ring and slides into the ring and the bell rings.

Kidman quickly starts stomping on London but Hurricane breaks it up and Kidman and Hurricane start to fight and Kidman throws Hurricane into the turnbuckles and does a splash then a bulldog and covers 1..2.. but Hurricane kicks out, then London starts hitting Hurricane and then he hits him with a hurricanrana and then punches him in the face and Kindman then breaks it up and hits a hard clothesline into the back of Londons head and hits a reverse DDT onto him and covers 1..2.. Hurricane breaks it up and hits a dropkick on Kidman and climbs up to the top rope and hits a crossbody on Kidman. He covers 1..2.. kick out he quickly gets up and goes for the Eye of The Hurricane but London hits a dropsault on him forceing him to land outside the ring and then turns around and DDTs Kindman and drags him to the corner and climbs onto the top rope and its a 450 splash and attempts a cover but Hurricane pulls him out of the ring and covers Kidman 1..2..3 for the win as Velocity goes off air

The video for Smackdown starts to play and the pyros start to go off in the arena as the camera flashes round the arena

Cole: Welcome to Smackdown I am Michael Cole along side Tazz and we have a wild night in store for you, including why Stone Cold turned his back on the fans and a great main event Kurt Angle against Undertaker

Tazz: what a match that will be

"Glass Shatters" starts to play as the crowd boos loudly as Stone Cold comes down to the ring and grabs a microphone.

Stone Cold: All week long you jackasses have asked me why Stone Cold Why did you help JBL beat Triple H on Raw, well it is simple I think that Triple H does not deserve to be World Champion and I think that JBL deserves another title reign

crowd boo

Stone Cold: JBL has also told me that he will take his title shot at Backlash on May 1st !

Cole:That will be big

Stone Cold: And as for the person who attacked Jericho and Orton, It was me and that is all Ive gotta say!

Stone Colds Music plays and leaves.

Cole: Well now we know the truth it was Stone Cold who attacked Jericho and Orton! But up next its Edge against RVD

Tazz: This has greatness written all over it!

commercial break.

Cole: Smackdown is back and here comes Mr Thursday Night RVD!

"One Of A Kind" Plays and a pyro goes off and RVD comes down to the ring

Tony Chimmel: Making his way to the ring from Battle Creek, Michigan weighing 231 pounds Rob Van Dam!

He gets into the ring and does his usual taunts as he waits for Edge to come out

"Metalingus" Starts to play and smoke starts to fill the titantron and Edge comes out to boos

Chimmel: Making his way to the ring From Toronto, Canada Weighing 242 pounds Edge!

Cole: This man thinks he should be the next World Champ but I think he should earn it

Tazz: Yeah but he has waited a long time and has not had one

The bell rings and the match begins. RVD punches Edge in the face and then throws him to the ropes and hits a spinning wheel kick and Edge gets up and RVD hits an Enzuguri on him and covers 1...2... Edge kicks out and he gets up and hits RVD in the ribs and hits a clothesline and RVD gets up. Edge then goes for an educution but RVD counters and throws Edge out of the ring and tries to leave the ring but the ref stops him and Edge throws a chair in the ring and the referee goes to get the chair. Edge gets another chair and hits RVD in the back with the refs back turned, He slides back into the ring and waits for RVD to get up then he spears him and the ref turns round as Edge pins him 1...2...3

Chimmel: Here is your winner Edge!

Tazz: A cheap win but a win none the less!

Cole: Bottom line though Tazz he just stole a match like his brother did on Raw this week!

Tazz: Well a win is a win

The screen cuts to the back where Triple H is shown entering the arena with Ric Flair

Cole: Uh Oh!

Tazz: Look out JBL or Stone Cold!


Smackdown returns with The Dudleys in the ring waiting for their opponents in a tag match

"Just Close your Eyes" Plays and Christain and Tyson Tomko come out to a load of boos but then John Cena runs down and attacks Tomko and Christian from behind as the crowd cheer again Christain runs round the ring to get away from Cena but Cena catches up and punches Christain, Tomko trys to attack Cena but he is picked up for an FU on the floor, Christian gets into the ring thinking he is safe and then bell rings and Christian turns round and gets 3D'd and Bubba covers 1..2..3 for a win

Cole: Well revenge is a you know what Tazz Christian got what he had coming to him!

Tazz: The Dudleys should of been DQ'd

Cole: But Tomko or Christian didnt get in to the ring strait away!

Tazz: Damn it!

Cole: Well coming next Undertaker vs Angle!

Commercial Break.

Smackdown comes back and "Medal" plays and Kurt Angle Comes out and does his taunt and the pyros go off and he walks down to the ring. All the lights go out and "Dark side" plays and smoke starts to fill the arena and Undertaker slowly walks down to the ring and then he rolls his eyes to the back of his head and the lights come on. He gets into the ring and takes his hat and jacket off and the bell rings.

Taker and Angle tie up and Taker overpowers Angle and starts hitting him in the face but Angle stomps on Takers knee forceing him to go down. Angle punches Taker in the head several times then goes for a German Suplex but is countered and Angle gets knocked down then Taker gets Angle up and climbs onto the ropes and hits an old school on Angle and covers 1...2..Angle Kicks out, Then JBL turns up at the top of the entrance way looking towards the ring

Cole: Theres the Number one contender for the World title!

Then Angle goes for an Angle slam but is reversed and Angle gets knocked into the referee who goes down and Undertaker Chokeslams Angle and covers but there is no ref, JBL runs down to the ring and attacks Taker and goes for a Clothesline from Hell but then Triple H runs down and hits JBL a few times then goes for a Pedigree but then Angle gets up and goes for an Angle Slam on HHH but is reversed and HHH pedigrees Angle. HHH gets out of the ring and chases JBL through the crowd as Taker and Angle are both down and the ref is getting up, Angle trys to get up and Undertaker sits up then gets up and signals for the Tombstone and picks Angle up and Tombstones him for the 1...2...3

Cole: Undertaker beats Angle

Tazz: What an interesting finish to Smackdown at one minuite I thought Angle was gonna win thats to JBL but then HHH came down and cost him the match

Cole: What a Smackdown We will see you on Raw!!

Screen Fades to black.

what do you think??

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La Resistance Defeated Mark Jindrak and Luther Reins with the Au Revoir after Rob Conway hit Jindrak with a low blow as Luther distracted the referee.

Paul London Defeated Akio in a cruiserweight match with the 450 splash.

Big Show Defeated Booker T with a chokeslam after Booker went for a scissors kick but missed.

Before Raw starts a video comes up showing JBL interfering in Undertaker's match with Kurt Angle and Triple H coming out and Pedigreeing Angle and chaseing JBL through the crowd.

Then the video for Raw starts then the pyros go off and the camera flashes around the crowd

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Monday Night Raw!

King: Yeah What a night its gonna be because tonight Stone Cold Steve Austin will be wrestling!!

JR: Thats gonna be big, and also tonight its gonna be The Dudley Boyz taking on RVD and Rey Mysterio for the Tag Team titles!!

King: I can't wait for that!!

"Im Back" Starts to play and Eric Bischoff comes out to a mixed reaction. He gets into the ring and gets a microphone.

Bischoff: Tonight I have an important announcement to make concerning the WWE championship and Stone Cold Steve Austin!!

crowd boo loudly

Bischoff: Firstly the WWE title, Me and Teddy Long have decided that since Christian beat John Cena here last week

crowd boo again

Bischoff: And that John Cena attacked Christian last week, that at Backlash on May 1st its gonna be John Cena against Christian for the WWE championship!

crowd have a mixed reaction

Bischoff: But It isnt gonna be in just any match its gonna have some stipulations in it, firstly Tyson Tomko is banned from ringside!

crowd cheer loudly

Bischoff: And secondly it is not going to be any match, its gonna be a Chain Match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

crowd go wild at the announcement

Bischoff: Theres gonna be no escape for Christian or Cena and another rule is fall count anywhere! Thank you!

crowd cheer as Bischoff leaves the ring and starts to walk up the ramp as Raw goes to a commercial.

Raw returns and "Burn In My Light" music hits and Randy Orton walks out and a gold pyro goes off behind him as he walks down to the ring. He gets into the ring and taunts on the second rope, he gets down and gets a mic.

Orton: I am out here to make a point, I was attacked last week by Stone Cold Steve Austin for no dam reason!!

Crowd Boo

Orton: So Austin come out here cause I am challenging you to a match right here right now!

Crowd start to cheer but then "Cool" starts to play and Carlito comes out and the crowd start to boo again

Carlito gets into the ring with an apple in his hand and gets a mic

Carlito: Look at you, coming out here thinking your the future of the WWE, Well you are not, Carlito is and I know one thing, you are not cool so I challenging you to a match now!

Carlito hits Orton in the face and a referee runs down to the ring and the bell rings and the match starts. Carlito hits Orton a few times then hits him in the shoulder and Orton goes down hard.

JR: Damn not on the shoulder!

Carlito picks up Orton and gives him an irish whip into the corner and strait away clotheslines Orton down. Orton gets to his feet and hits Carlito in the knee and starts to build some momentum and he starts hitting Carlito and throws him to the ropes and knocks him down with a clothesline and climbs to the top rope. Carlito gets up and Orton hits a cross body on Carlito and sets him up for the RKO and hits it for 1...2...3.

*will finish later*
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