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Here I go again with yet another BTB. I really liked my last thread but some feuds I really didn’t like as I got into them. The Punk storyline was going to be fun and was the only reason that kept me going. From here on out I will be doing my shows in recap form to get some shows under my belt. I have some time free with the holidays so I can put some effort into this. PPV’s will be in full and eventually I might write more detailed shows. Raw will be back to two hours. But for now, lets get started.

This thread will take place starting at Survivor Series 2012. The significance of this night? It was the night that Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, & Roman Reigns made their debut as the group known as the Shield made their debut in the WWE. Through a year of the Shield they have had tremendous success. I want to recreate that with my own spin. In this thread, the Shield will be a part of a big storyline that will lead to Wrestlemania 29. As for the rosters, everyone will be available to be on each show. However with Raw being two hours again, not everyone will be used and Smackdown won’t use all the big names but will still have significant storyline progression. Without further ado, here is the roster and the Survivor Series Results.


Alberto Del Rio
Alex Riley
Antonio Cesaro
Big E Langston
Big Show
Brad Maddox
Brock Lesnar
Brodus Clay
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Curt Hawkins
Damien Sandow
Daniel Bryan
Darren Young
David Otunga
Dean Ambrose
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Evan Bourne
Ezekiel Jackson
Great Khali
Heath Slater
Jack Swagger
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Jinder Mahal
John Cena
Justin Gabriel
Kofi Kingston
Mark Henry
The Miz
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Roman Reigns
Santino Marella
Seth Rollins
Sin Cara
Ted Dibiase
Titus O’Neil
Tyson Kidd
Wade Barrett
Zack Ryder

AJ Lee
Alicia Fox
Eve Torres

Survivor Series 2012 Results

1) Team Brodus (Brodus Clay, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara, & Rey Mysterio defeat Team Tensai (Tensai, Prime Time Players, & Primo & Epico)

2) Eve Torres defeats Kaitlyn to retain the Divas Title

3) Antonio Cesaro defeats R-Truth to retain the United States Championship

4) Sheamus defeats Big Show © by Disqualification therefore Big Show retains the World Heavyweight Championship

5) Team Ziggler ( Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, David Otunga, Wade Barrett, & Alberto Del Rio) defeat Team Foley ( The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Team Hell No, & Randy Orton)

6) CM Punk defeats John Cena and Ryback in a triple threat match to retain the WWE Championship due to interference from the Shield.

** Some news and notes stuff coming soon from WWE.com **

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A new thread eh? Well, good luck with this one. The Shield was on the rise at this point. Please push them to the moon. That is my only request. Good luck

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Due to controversial ending to last nights Survivor Series Main Event, the WWE Board of Directors have made the decision to take action. When 3 NXT developmental superstars inexplicably interfered in one of the biggest matches of the year, there are many people within the WWE who want answers. Many are now wondering what was the motive of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns? More importantly, who was behind the attack? Who hired and ordered these men to do what they did.

With the trio taking out Cena and Ryback leading to Punk retaining his championship for the 365th consecutive day, there is much speculation that they are in cahoots with Paul Heyman and CM Punk himself. There are many other theories as well. Whatever the case the WWE is taking no further chances and will take action. WWE COO, Triple H will be at Raw on this Monday and on Mondays in the foreseeable future. The board of directors want Triple H to take a more hands on role on Monday Night Raw. Along with Managing Supervisor, Vickie Guerrero, Triple H will take the reigns of controlling Raw.

The Board feels that with Triple H there, actions such as those from Survivor Series won’t happen again. Triple H told WWE.com in an interview this morning, “ I don’t know who those guys think they are but if they think this is the way to get to the top they are wrong. This may have ruined any chance they had of being superstars one day. We are looking into this and further actions may be taken, but rest assure we will get to the bottom of this.”

With WWE Chairman, Mr. McMahon taking a seat back and relaxing from numerous physical ailments, Triple H promises he will take this company into the right direction. He says he has big plans for the WWE and is excited to take on more of a hands on role. We have lots of talent on board and this is going to be a fun ride. He is there to make sure there is no more nonsense and things go smoothly.

Tune in to Monday Night Raw, tonight on USA Network at 9pm to find out more about the attack and the WWE Championship situation.​

Raw preview will be posted soon. Hope this preview got some interested

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Hello my friend, it's been a while since the two of us spoke. Glad you're doing BTB again as you've always enjoyed it!

I got to be honest with you, you sort of "shot yourself in the foot" with the first paragraph of your OP.

Here I go again with yet another BTB. I really liked my last thread but some feuds I really didn’t like as I got into them. The Punk storyline was going to be fun and was the only reason that kept me going. From here on out I will be doing my shows in recap form to get some shows under my belt. I have some time free with the holidays so I can put some effort into this. PPV’s will be in full and eventually I might write more detailed shows. Raw will be back to two hours. But for now, lets get started.
You mention that you have some free time during the holidays. Surely, you can't write 20 shows (and 5 pay per views) during this holiday break. I'm glad you're going to be writing this in a way that'll help you long term. I'm rooting for you and hope you succeed. I just don't want to see you knock yourself down before you can even walk, you know?

Anyways, you're starting from a solid time period and you have an opportunity to create something great.

Best of luck...I'll be reading and lurking, as I often do.

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As seen last night during Survivor Series, WWE aired a promo for WWE Armageddon. This change to the pay-per-view schedule means that WWE will go back to its original December pay-per-view name and replace TLC. There is much specualtion as to why WWE has made this change. The main reason is said to be that WWE doesn't want to rescrict itself with gimmick matches, espcially for new feuds. Armageddon is expected to have a number of gimmick matches but not tables, ladders, and chairs. WWE is expected to get away from the gimmick themed pay-per-views more in the future. Here is the poster that was shown last night at Survivor Series for the upcoming pay-per-view on December 16 from Brooklyn, NY.

Since Raw isn't in full so I wont put a full preview.. but here is a little something. Raw should be up Monday as I'm all done just trying to get ahead by doing other shows.

* #1 contender tag team championship 6 v 6 elimination match- Survivor(s) earn their team a championship opportunity against Team Hell No at Armageddon

* Mick Foley live on Raw

* Triple H addresses the 3NXT Superstars interference during the Survivor Series Title Match.

* Ryback, John Cena, and WWE Champion, CM Punk will all be at Raw!!​

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Looking forward to reading the first show. I like that you are taking out gimmick PPVS (from the look of it). TLC, Hell in a Cell, etc. Their old names were so much better. And hopefully you do something good with Kane. Fix him up and do it right, please. That is my biggest draw to a WWE BTB, doing superstars right. Give them what they deserve because WWE creative just doesn't have a brain for some reason.

Either way, I'll leave a review. And good luck!

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I could see The Shield making yet another impact by going after the COO of the company by going after Triple H taking out the COO of this company by attacking Triple H and then Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns giving Triple H the COO a Triple Powerbomb because that would really make them bad-ass but as for the brains the mastermind behind The Shield I will go with either Vince McMahon the Chairman himself or Paul Heyman but more importantly I hope The Shield are like The Nexus and they go after each and every WWE superstar, legend or authority figure

But I am glad that you are replacing TLC and bringing back Armageddon

But here is hoping you have Kane turn heel turning on Daniel Bryan becoming the twisted, demented evil Kane of old, the Attitude Era Kane by reverting back to his old ways with Kane becoming the most dangerous, the most feared man in the WWE

But with Punk I wonder just who he will be facing at Armageddon since he has been champion now for 365 days, a whole year, 1 year as WWE Champion considering whoever is WWE Champion after Armageddon has to face The Rock at Royal Rumble 2013

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Monday Night Raw | November 19th, 2012 | Dayton, Ohio

Opening Video


Michael Cole opens the show, welcoming everyone to Raw just 24 hours removed from Survivor Series. After the controversial and shocking ending to the main event, 3 NXT rookies came out and took out Ryback helping CM Punk retain. This marked the 1 year anniversary of CM Punk being WWE Champion. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talk about the trio of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, & Roman Reigns making their impactful debut and how they changed the outcome of the WWE Championship match. They also question their motive and the reaction of those involved.


John Cena comes out onto the stage looking around to the fans that give him a typical mixed reaction. He adjusts his hat and shakes his head, not his usual jubilant self after being robbed of the WWE Championship last night. The announcers continue to put over how Cena and Ryback both had opportunities to become WWE Champion last night but due to the interference from the 3 NXT rookies, Punk is still champion for the 365th consecutive day. Cena gets into the ring and grabs a mic. He acknowledges some fans in front rows grinning at them for appearance but clearly has something to say.

John Cena starts by saying that last night CM Punk accomplished something not maybe men in recent time have done. In fact, that Cena is the only other man to have a yearlong title reign in the last 15 years. Cena says it is impressive on Punk’s behalf but after last night it is certainly tainted. Cena says being WWE Champion brings a lot of honor with it. That everyday he held that title he did it the right way and was damn proud of it!

Cena says CM Punk is tainting his legacy. He says the act that he pulled last night was an all-time low. With 3 of the best in the business today going at it, the fans were treated to a special match. He says they were on the verge of finding out who the best truly was. Until these 3 men came out and ruined it all. They beatdown Ryback by triple powerbombing him through a table and then beat him down as well. He understands these 3 men are trying to make a name for themselves but there are other ways. He also points out the fact that the 3 men attacked on Ryback and him, but left Punk untouched. He demands an explanation from the “Best in the World”, right now!!


Ryback storms out onto the stage with his eyes bulging out of his head. He is also fuming from last night, he just doesn’t hide it as well as Cena. The fans give him a decent ovation but not too great as they were expecting to see the WWE Champion instead. Ryback tears off his cutoff shirt and grabs a mic. He paces around the ring like a caged animal. Cena doesn’t take his eyes off Ryback, as he doesn’t know what he is capable of in this state of mind.

Ryback begins screaming about how Cena has the nerve to ask for an explanation? Nobody deserves an explanation more than Ryback. This is the second consecutive month that Ryback has been screwed out of the WWE Championship. It was bad enough when a referee low blows him and fast counts him out of the title, but to have 3 snot nose punk rookies come in and cost him what he worked for he wants these guys to try and do that to him again. Cena tells Ryback that he gets why he is mad but should not be mad at those 3 rookies. They are just Punk & Heyman’s puppets and same with Brad Maddox last month. Cena and Ryback now both call out CM Punk and demand some answers.


Loud ovation at first but eventually the boos take over as the WWE Champion and his associate come out onto the stage. Punk has his arms spread wide with his hood up. Heyman holds the WWE Title and shakes his head disgusted with the accusations from Cena and Ryback. Punk stands by Heymans side. Punk doesn’t appear to happy either as you would think. Heyman grabs a mic and begins to speak but Punk snatches the mic out of his hand. Punk stares down Heyman, to a small pop. He stares down Heyman and takes the mic because he clearly has something to say.

He says last night was his 365th night as champion and his 365th consecutive night of being the best in the world. He is disgusted at how little respect he gets from the fans, the suits, and his opponents. He reminds Cena and Ryback that throughout this year long reign he has defeated both of them. He then addresses their accusations that he had something to do with the rookie trio interfering in the main event last night. Punk says he has nothing to do with the 3 men from last night. He ensures them he doesn’t need their help to do what he does best. Punk then stops in his tracks and stares another hole through Heyman. Heyman pleads with Punk telling him he had nothing to do with it. He assures Punk that nobody believes in him more than he does. He stresses to everyone that CM Punk is the best in the World and the unexpected actions of these three men shouldn’t tarnish Punk’s reputation. The fans don’t buy the crap Heyman is saying, neither do Ryback and Cena. Heyman continues to stroke Punk’s ego and get back on his good side when..


This situation just got a whole lot more interesting as the COO, Triple H comes out onto the stage. Heyman takes a step back and looks nervous to see the Game. CM Punk shakes his head in disgust. Triple H stands front and center on the stage as he looks around to the WWE Universe. He doesn’t look all to pleased about the actions that transpired to end last nights show, as well as those at the beginning of this one.

Triple H says that last night at Survivor Series we had three of the best battling to become WWE Champion until 3 NXT Rookies tried to make a name for themselves and ruin the match. He says the names of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns and tells them they made the wrong decision. They are in WWE Developmental to gain more experience and get better. After the stunt they pulled last night they are lucky they will not be released on the spot. He reiterates this is not the way to get a spot on the main roster and if anything now this process will take even longer. He says they better keep their tails tucked between their legs and continue working hard on NXT because another incident like this, he promises will be there last.

He then goes on to say that those 3 men aren’t all to blame. They were just somebody’s hired guns put out to do a job. Triple H stares right at Paul Heyman who looks like he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He shakes his head and says “ We didn’t do it”. Triple H says the WWE Board of Directors and himself will get to the bottom of this and when they find out who is behind this there will be hell to pay. In the meantime, CM Punk is still WWE Champion but Ryback and Cena both deserve another opportunity. Tonight they will compete in beat the clock matches to determine # 1 contender for Armagdeddon against CM Punk. To make things fair they’ll have the same opponent… CM Punk!!! Punk is livid and begins screaming at Triple H. Heyman tries to calm Punk down but no sooner he does Triple H informs Punk the match with Ryback is right now!!!


Raw returns with CM Punk in the ring looking down at Paul Heyman. Heyman is reassuring his client that everything will be okay, as he holds up and shows him his title belt. Meanwhile on the other side, Ryback bounces off the ropes ready for this beat the clock match and to be able to get his hands on Punk once again.

Match 1
Beat the Clock Challenge
CM Punk vs Ryback

CM Punk still upset about having to compete in this match exits the ring as soon as the bell sounds. Heyman whispers advice in his ear, as even this doesn’t settle down the champion. Ryback realizes this is wasting his time to beat and quickly rolls out of the ring and begins chasing Punk. He grabs Punk finally half way up the ramp. Ryback takes Punk and throws him hard back first into the apron. Ryback rolls Punk back into the ring. Ryback in the early going has his way with Punk tossing him around the ring and using his strength. The fans cheer Ryback on as he hoists Punk over his head pressed but Punk lands on his feet and hits Ryback in the back of the head with a roundhouse kick.

This turns the match around momentarily as Punk now gets really aggressive and begins striking the dazed Ryback with more kicks and vicious elbows. Punk continues to scream that this isn’t fair and shouldn’t be competing right now. The announcers continue to put over the fact that this won’t be Punk’s only match of the night. CM Punk has Ryback in the corner and goes for the running knee but Ryback catches him and turns it into a wicked powerbomb!!!

The crowd chants “Feed Me More”, as Ryback slowly gets up. He now is cleaning house and he takes Punk down with two clotheslines and a running scoop slam. Ryback continues to have his way with Punk until Punk gets his foot up in the corner. Punk leaps up to the second rope but in midair Ryback hits a Meat Hook Lariat!! The crowd cheers as Punk is out cold from that devastating clothesline. Ryback starts pumping his arms as the crowd gets behind him. Ryback yells “ Finish It” as he waits for Punk to get up. He locks Punk body and hoists him up for the Shell Shock but Punk is able to rake the eyes of Ryback and escape. Ryback holds his eyes but then shakes it off. However by the time he opens his eyes Punk is no longer in the ring. The crowd boos, as CM Punk and Paul Heyman make their way up the ramp. The referee wraps up his 10 count, which effectively ends the match.

Winner: Via Countout, Ryback @ 9:21

Ryback is mad that once again he was unable to finish off Punk, but as the announcers point out Ryback won the match. Therefore he has established the time of 9:21 for John Cena to beat. Ryback doesn’t take his eyes off Punk and screams at him as he stands at top the entranceway. Ryback pumps his arms as the crowd chants along, “ Feed Me More”.

Backstage in the office of the managing supervisor of Monday Night Raw, Vickie Guerrero is on the phone yelling at someone. Telling them that she is fully capable of doing this job and doesn’t need help from anyone. Her face drops when she sees the COO, Triple H walks in. She quickly changes it to a smile and hangs up the phone. She begins kissing Triple H’s ass saying how great it is to see him. She also lets him know what a great decision it was to make the beat the clock challenge tonight to determine Punk’s next opponent.

Triple H thanks her and says she should get used to him making a lot of these decisions because as she has heard the board has decided they want Triple H taking a more active role on Monday Night Raw now that Vince won’t be able to be around as much. He says he is here to make sure things like what happened last night in the main event don’t happen anymore.

Vickie pleads her case saying she had no knowledge that those three men were going to screw up the main event that she made. She reminds him that she has made great strides and doesn’t feel she needs someone holding her hand. Triple H lets her in on a little secret, “ I don’t care how you feel and I certainly don’t want to be seen in public holding your hand.” The crowd chuckles as Vickie looks embarrassed.

He tells Vickie to impress him and gives her an opportunity to make a match for here tonight. She thinks for a moment before announcing a big fatal 4 way match between Kofi Kingston, Wade Barrett, The Miz, & Alberto Del Rio. Triple H nods his head saying not bad, but he is going to tweak it a bit and make it for the Intercontinental Championship!! The crowd cheers, as Triple H smirks. He tells Vickie he is glad he was able to come up with such a great idea and then leaves. Vickie is upset, as she has once again been one upped by the man who is here to strip her of her power on Raw.


Video Recap of Survivor Series last night including The 3 NXT Rookies interfering in the WWE Title match leading to Punk’s victory, Sheamus beating Big Show via DQ in the World Title Match, and Team Ziggler defeating Team Foley after Team Captain, Dolph Ziggler eliminated Randy Orton.

We return to ringside as Tensai is already in the ring. He stands in the corner looking angry as usual and making the typical sound effects we have become accustomed to with him. Tensai is coming off a team loss last night at Survivor Series and looks to get back into the win column as he was when he first debut back in April.


The man who was so close to winning back his World Title last night, Sheamus comes out to the arena. He pounds his chest and smiles walking down towards the ring. He doesn’t seem to be phased after having the World Champion take the easy way out last night at Survivor Series. The Celtic Warrior however just looks to his next opponent and making a statement.

Match 2
Tensai vs Sheamus

The match starts out slow with the two men clubbing each other with stiff shots. Neither men sell the punches to hard especially Tensai who barely moves. The two bulls continue to go at it in the corner. Sheamus being the quicker of the two gains the advantage by dodging one of Tensai’s big boots and hits an impressive rolling fireman’s carry slam. Sheamus continues to control the match until.. THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, BIG SHOW COMES OUT ONTO THE STAGE!!

Sheamus turns his attention to Big Show who has a chair and sits on it right in front of the entranceway. While Sheamus has his back turned Tensai is able to get back up. He spins Sheamus around and lifts him up with a double-armed chokebomb into a pin! Sheamus however is just able to kick out before Tensai could steal this one. Tensai keeps control with a number of headbutts and throat thrusts in the corner. Tensai hits a double underhook suplex and then climbs up to the second rope. Tensai jumps off with a huge cannonball but Sheamus moves at the last second!!

Both men slowly get up to their feet, as Big Show continues to watch his adversary. Sheamus begins to build momentum with his typical face moveset. He hits Tensai with two double axe handles and a running knee lift. He comes from the apron over the top with a slingshot clothesline. He picks up Tensai and throws him through the ropes onto the apron and clubs away at his chest repeatedly with the “ Beats of the Bodhran”. Tensai is dazed now back in the ring and Sheamus hits an impressive Irish Curse Backbreaker! Sheamus begins pounding his chest as the fans chant, “Brougue”. Big Show stands up from his chair, which Sheamus sees. Sheamus still follows through with the Brougue Kick but Tensai ducks. This slight distraction could have been the difference. Tensai once again goes for the Chokebomb but Sheamus lands on his feet and this time connects with the Brougue Kick! He hooks the leg and picks up the impressive victory.

Winner: Sheamus @ 7:02

Sheamus lifts off the mat smiling after a hard fought victory. Big Show meanwhile doesn’t look impressed. Sheamus poses on the second turnbuckle. He gets down and grabs a mic. He turns his attention to the Worlds Largest Athlete.

Sheamus tells Big Show that last night he took the easy way out of their match. Sheamus says Big Show is nothing more than the Worlds Largest Coward. He said he reminds him of a giant bull back in Ireland that has been castrated of his man parts and now is nothing more than.. well you know fella. This is getting Big Show somewhat upset but still points to his title and says, “I have nothing to prove to you”.

The fans begin chanting coward at Big Show, who tells them all to shut up. Sheamus says he took the easy way out last night, are you going to do it again? Sheamus is laying out the challenge and eventually Big Show has had enough. The World Champion walks down to the ring, as the WWE Universe goes nuts. Big Show sets up onto the apron. Sheamus cannot wait to get his hands on Big Show. Sheamus pleads for him to get in the ring, when Big Show shakes his head and drops back down to the floor. The fans are irate, as is Sheamus too clearly. Big Show walks back up the ramp yelling, “ I got nothing to prove” and “ I am the freaking World Champion”.

Sheamus looks disgusted again as he watches the Big Show walk away once more with the World Title. Just then we hear some cheers and we soon see why. Sheamus turns around and is met by AN RKO FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!! The fans give a mixed reaction not knowing what to think about Randy Orton taking out Sheamus. Orton stands over the Celtic Warrior. Big Show watches confused from the stage. Orton takes a step toward Big Show and makes his motives perfectly clear. Orton motions both hands around his waist telling the Big Show he wants the World Title. The Viper’s music begins playing as the announcers trying to piece together what just happened.

Backstage we see Dolph Ziggler wearing a dress jacket with a blue shirt under talking with his girlfriend AJ. He of course has his Money in the Bank Briefcase in his hand. Ziggler talks about what a big win it was for him last night. Being the team captain and pinning arguably the best Survivor Series elimination match participant, Randy Orton to seal the win seals him as the big thing around here. AJ says that he is perfect and pretty soon he will be World Champion.

Ziggler goes on to talk about the captain from the other side Mick Foley. He says he is already better than Mick Foley ever was. He says Mick Foley needs to go away now that he was humiliated for the umpteenth time. He looks forward to Mick Foley’s appearance later on and will make sure it will be his last for quite some time. The two kiss to end the segment.


** SOS **

The Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston comes out onto the stage doing his usual poses with pyro to accompany it. He slaps hands with the fans at ringside. To show how truly generic Kofi’s character is, he doesn’t seem phased at all for having to defend his IC Title in a fatal 4 way for no reason.


The newly turned face, Miz comes out onto the stage. He does his usual double armed pose and walks to the ring not acknowledging the fans. He gets barley any reaction as they don’t know how to react to him yet this soon into his turn. Miz had an impressive showing last night at Survivor Series for Team Foley and is in the ring with his teammate from last night but one of his opponents here tonight.


Another small reaction as Wade Barrett comes out to his old corre music, which is about the 7th new theme this month for him. This was his best song, so damnit this will be his song!! Barrett is wearing his big coat with the rose in it. He folds it nicely and hands it to the time keeper, who is being ordered around by the Brit. Barrett too was involved in the 5 on 5 elimination match last night, he however was on the winning side.


Del Rio comes out onto the stage as the gold pyro falls from the back. He whips his white scarf and waves his hands looking confident for this match. Ricardo trails behind Del Rio, not announcing but here for support. Del Rio enters into the ring as now all 4 participants are in the ring and ready for this big title match.

Match 3
WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Kofi Kingston © vs Wade Barrett vs The Miz vs Alberto Del Rio

This fatal 4 way starts off like any other with 2 faces and 2 heels paired up. Del Rio and Miz go at it in one corner, while Kofi deals with the much bigger Wade Barrett. After a slow beginning things pick up when Kingston hits a big springboard dropkick on Barrett sending him to the floor. Kofi looks like he is about to fly over the rope but is caught by a huge superkick from Del Rio. Del Rio then takes Kofi and tosses him out of the ring as well.

Miz and Del Rio go at it in the ring exchanging blows. Miz eventually gets the better of it with a DDT from Del Rio’s knees. Barrett comes back in and takes Miz down with a backbreaker. Barrett climbs up to the top rope uncharacteristically and performs a diving elbow drop but Miz gets his knees up. Both men lay next to one another as Kofi comes in and hits a double boom drop to a big cheer. Del Rio comes from behind with a release German Suplex, but Kingston flips over and lands on his feet. Del Rio tries a clothesline but Kofi ducks and comes back off the ropes. However Del Rio counters and takes Kofi down with a big tilt a whirl backbreaker. Del Rio snaps his fingers as he is in control with the other 3 down as we head to a break.


We return from break as Del Rio and Barrett are down on the outside. Kingston and the Miz go at it in the ring. Miz goes for a running bulldog but Kofi pushes him off as Miz whips back off the ropes into a huge Kingston dropkick. Kofi climbs up to the top when Barrett climbs onto the apron and shakes the ropes. Barrett climbs up to the second rope for a superplex. The Miz begins getting up and he grabs Barrett for a powerbomb. Miz pulls Barrett down with a powerbomb who simultaneously hits a superplex on Kingston!!

All 3 men are down, when the opportunistic Del Rio comes into the ring and pins Barrett but he kicks out. He then tries pinning Kingston but Miz breaks it up. Del Rio punches Miz off him but Miz kicks him in the gut. Miz hits the knee lift and goes for the neckbreaker to finish off the reality check but Del Rio spins out and in one fluid motion hits a step up enzeguri!! The fans are now into this title match, which wasn’t the case at the beginning. Del Rio grabs Kingston and goes for a roll into the cross armbreaker but Kingston pushes him off, right into the winds of change from Wade Barrett!

Barrett then picks up Kingston and hoists him up for a pump handle slam but Kofi is able to land behind on his feet. He grabs Barrett and hits the SOS into a pin. After a very long two count, The Miz barely breaks things up. He grabs Kofi who is on his knees and hits a painful looking snap DDT. Miz goes for the cover but this time Del Rio breaks it up. Del Rio picks Miz up for a backstabber but Miz counters with a snapmare. He then locks Del Rio for the Skull Crushing Finale but Del Rio spins out into the cross armbreaker!! Del Rio has it locked in right in the center of the ring. Barrett is about to break things up but Kofi hits him in the back of the head with a trouble in paradise kick! This could be it as Kingston goes for the pin, Del Rio realizes Miz might not tap in time so he releases the hold and breaks up Kingston’s pin attempt at 2.

The announcers put over how non-stop the action has been and how much the Intercontinental Championship means to these 4 men. They also remind everyone Vickie Guerrero set this up with help of Triple H of course. All 4 men are down for the moment, until Del Rio gets up. He stalks Kingston and goes for a superkick but Kingston ducks and hits the Trouble in Paradise!! Kofi is disoriented and gets up looking to go for a pin when he is met by a nasty looking Bull Hammer to the nose. Barrett hooks the leg and picks up the win to become the new champion!

Winner: New Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett @ 14: 36

Barrett rolls off Kingston and puts his arm up in victory. The fans are disappointed by the win out of nowhere from Barrett. Wade is now a 2 time Intercontinental Champion. The referee hands Barrett his championship as he holds it over his head celebrating. The announcers talk about how that was anyone’s match but in the end Wade Barrett earned it. King mentions how on any given night anything can happen on Monday Night Raw and tonight we just crowned a new IC Champion. Barrett walks to the back kissing his newly won jewel, as the other 3 slowly start to stir in the ring.

We go backstage into a different office from earlier, this time it is Triple H’s office. He is on the phone talking business with somebody. He talks about how he will not allow something like that to happen again on his watch and he is ready to step up and be the man in charge. He says himself along with the board are going to follow up and further investigate who was responsible for last night. The phone conversation ends with a hint to as who he is speaking with as Triple H says, “ okay dad talk to you soon.” Triple H hangs up the phone after speaking with his father in law, Vince McMahon who is away on leave.

Triple H begins playing with his phone, perhaps checking emails when, CM PUNK walks into the room with WWE Title in hand. Suspicious by his absence is Paul Heyman. Punk doesn’t look happy and goes face to face with the COO. CM Punk says he had to come alone and tell Triple H man to man that he had nothing to do with last night. He shouldn’t be getting punished for something he isn’t responsible for. Triple H tells him he doesn’t believe him but even if he is telling the truth they still need to find another contender.

CM Punk tells Triple H he is just jealous because he has done something he never could do. He reminds Triple H he never held the WWE Championship for a year. Triple H smirks playing off the snide remarks from the brash CM Punk. Triple H asks if Punk is done? CM Punk tells him he isn’t and next tells Triple H maybe he should get control of “his company”. He says last night never would have happened under Vince’s watch! This strikes a nerve in the Game. CM Punk asks one more time, “ What are you gonna do about it?” Punk and Triple H stare down for a few moments longer before Punk eventually leaves. Triple H looks angry and takes a deep breath.

We see Mick Foley wearing his typical rag tag clothes walking backstage. He says hello to several workers, as the Raw music plays over it. Cole and Lawler inform us Foley is coming to the ring next to address last nights Survivor Series.


* Recap of the 5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match from last night and the ending that saw Ziggler pin Orton to win the match. Ziggler laughs at Foley and celebrates after the match.

** WRECK **

A huge pop fills the arena, as Mick Foley walks out with his thumb held high in the air. He walks around ringside slapping hands with the fans. Cole mentions how great it is to have the hardcore legend and 3 time former WWE Champion back once again. Lawler questions how Foley must feel after his hand picked team lost to Ziggler’s team last night. They mention how Ziggler has been getting under Foley’s skin the last few weeks and that Foley would have liked nothing more than to shut him up last night. Foley grabs a mic and waits for the costmary “Foley” chants to die down.

Mick Foley starts out with a cheap pop mentioning how great it is to be right here in Dayton, Ohio! He then follows up by saying how great it has been to be back without having to shamelessly plug one of his books. But while he is here he should mention his new children’s book “ Most Mizerable Christmas” hits stores next week. Foley smiles before getting serious.

He says it has been great being back these last few weeks. Every time he comes out here he remembers why he took years off his life by competing night after night, for the fans. He says how lucky and privileged the guys in the back are and shouldn’t take things for granted. He says the company is in good hands with guys like John Cena, Ryback, Randy Orton, and Daniel Bryan leading the way. He says he wishes he was still in shape to put on his boots and compete with them. He jokes by saying he actually is wearing his wrestling shoes now because they are the only pair of shoes he owns, which gets a laugh from the crowd. The crowd soon interrupts by chanting, “One More Match”. Foley pauses and smiles at the chant. He is about to address it when..


Mick Foley is cut off midsentence from the showoff who comes out and looks disrespected. Walking down the ramp holding AJ’s hand and the briefcase in the other, he shakes his head in disgust at Mick in the ring. Foley scratches his head and prepares to get an ear full from the brash showoff. The announcers talk about what a role Ziggler has been lately and remind everyone he still has that briefcase he can cash in for a title shot at anytime.

Ziggler tells Foley that he knows he has had his head bashed around for years and his brain probably has severe damage, but did he forget that last night at Survivor Series he won the match against Foley’s hand picked superstars. He says that Foley is ignorant for leaving his name off of the list. He is Mr. Money in the Bank and the future World Champion. Foley plays it off ignoring Ziggler, as he shoves the briefcase in his face. Ziggler laughs at Foley mentioning someone like Daniel Bryan. He says Daniel Bryan is a lot like Mick Foley. They are both ugly, out of shape, had fluke title reigns, and neither ever were or ever will be as good as he is.

Ziggler further digs into Foley taking shots at his comments he made about wanting to wrestle some of the top guys on the roster today. Ziggler says “even if you could get your fat ass into this ring for a match you wouldn’t be able to wrestle because you never knew how.” He tells him he made a career of being a fat slob who was thrown around the ring. He was nothing more than a stunt man. Ziggler goes further by pointing out the difference in their appearances. Ziggler says he looks like a champion and he backs it up in this ring.

After the massive heat dies down, Foley goes back at Ziggler by telling him it isn’t just about having the look. You need heart and intestinal fortitude, which is something he doesn’t see in Dolph. He tells Ziggler he has been all over the world and seen the best come and go. He can stand here and tell Ziggler eye to eye that he doesn’t have “IT.”

The crowd goes wild at these comments and it clearly gets to Ziggler. He winds back and slaps Foley right across the face. Foley holds his cheek and then smiles. Ziggler yells profanity at Foley and continues to berate him. The fans chant “Foley” and finally Foley strikes back with a right hand. The fans go wild as Foley and Ziggler go at it in the center of the ring. They go back and forth brawling. The two exchange wild and vicious shots. Foley gets the best backing Ziggler into the corner. Foley pummels away at Ziggler with right hands. Ziggler comes at Foley with a cheap shot kicking him in the leg. Foley collapses to the mat. Ziggler kicks him hard in the back of the head. Foley is down on the mat and Ziggler stands tall over him.

Ziggler exits the ring and grabs a steel chair and brings it back in the ring. Ziggler smiles as he looks down at Foley. Ziggler yells “ I HAVE IT” before wailing away at the back of Mick Foley with a chair. Ziggler isn’t done as he loses it. He begins smacking Foley repeatedly over and over again with the chair. After approximately a dozen chair shots to the back of Foley, Ziggler tosses the dented chair to the mat and lets out a scream. AJ comes back into the ring standing by her mans side. Ziggler stands tall over the motionless Mick Foley. Cole and Lawler say what a despicable act Ziggler just pulled and he should be ashamed. Ziggler looks very proud of himself looking down at what he just accomplished.

Backstage Josh Matthews is standing by at the interview station. The camera zooms out as we see the United States Champion, Antonio Cesaro. He stands there with a smile and his title on his shoulder. Cesaro defeated R-Truth last night at Survivor Series to continue his impressive reign as US Champion. Cesaro says he is the true United States Champion. He says despite not being from America, he is the greatest champion the United States has ever had. He brings honor and prestige to this championship. He says he is a better American than any American and can represent the United States better than anybody.

Cesaro looks at his title, appearing to be finished when he sees Ricardo Rodriguez walk by. Cesaro immediately walks towards him. Cesaro asks Rodriguez what is he doing here? Ricardo looks confused? Cesaro asks again what is Ricardo what is he doing here? He says your kind shouldn’t be allowed in this country? Ricardo looks confused but smiles. He informs Cesaro that he has been in this country longer than he has. Ricardo says he looks like Hacksaw Jim Duggan compared to Cesaro in terms of being American.

Cesaro gets mad at these comments and eventually grabs Ricardo and tosses him against the wall. Cesaro begins kicking Ricardo in the back. Cesaro grabs Ricardo by the collar and lifts him back up. He throws him once more against the wall, as Ricardo collapses to the floor. Cesaro holds up his title and says “ USA” before walking away.


* Highlights of the unique relationship of Team Hell No including them forming as a team, going to Dr. Shelby, Hugging it out, Yes/No shenanigans, and winning the tag team championships.

Already in the ring, 3 tag teams of the Prime Time Players, Epico and Primo, and Team Rhodes Scholars. The Usos, Kidd and Gabriel stand on the ramp as the Usos’ music is playing. The announcers talk about this unique first time ever match. In honor of Survivor Series being last night, there will be a 6 on 6 elimination match featuring 6 of the best tag teams in WWE. The survivors will earn their team a future WWE Tag Team Championship opportunity against Team Hell No at Armageddon

** BOOYAKA 619 **

The final team makes their way out as the two mask competitors meet their 4 other partners on the ramp, before all entering the ring as a unit. Cole points out that even though these men are all partners, they will only truly be looking out for themselves and their partners.

Match 4
6 on 6 Survivor Series Elimination Match
Survivors Earn Tag Team Championship Opportunity for their Team
The Usos, Tyson Kidd, & Justin Gabriel, Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs The Prime Time Players, Epico & Primo, & Team Rhodes Scholars

In this very unique and clusterfuck of a match it lives up with 12 competitors involved. The match starts out with all 12 in the ring going at it. Soon competitors are flying all over the place both inside and outside the ring. Some highlights include the Usos with a double plancha over the top rope taking out the Prime Time Players. Epico and Primo follow up with double springboard moonsaults taking down the 4 men on the floor. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara come flying through the middle rope with suicide dives taking out the 6 men. Then as the 8 men get up, Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel both climb up to the top rope and jump off with 450 splash cannonballs!!!! Each splash takes out 4 men, as 10 men lay on the floor with the crowd going wild. Meanwhile in the ring, Sandow and Rhodes show off how intelligent they are as they are the only ones still standing.

With 12 men in this match and it being elimination, soon the eliminations would come fast and furious. The first elimination came when Cody Rhodes hits a Disaster Kick on Tyson Kidd to eliminate him. Moments later, Justin Gabriel hits a 450 splash on Epico for the pin but as soon as he can get up Primo rolls him up and eliminates Gabriel. Rey Mysterio then springs in with a seated senton to eliminate Primo. The action is wild and fast paced as eliminations are occurring rapidly. After the pace slows down a bit, The Prime Time Players would hit the Ghetto Buster (O’Neil backbreaker and Young elbow from second rope) on Jey Uso for the elimination. Then just moments later, Darren Young would eliminate Jimmy Uso with the Gut Check.

It is now 4 on 2 with the Prime Time Players & Team Rhodes Scholars against Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. After moments of the 4 heels beating down Sin Cara, he makes the hot tag. Mysterio comes in with arm drags, hurricaranas, and other high impact fast paced moves. Mysterio pulls off a great counter on Rhodes with a wheelbarrow bodyscissors transitioned into a bulldog and also clotheslines Sandow. Cody Rhodes counters a 619 grabbing his legs into an Alabama Slam but Mysterio rolls through into a pin and eliminates Rhodes!!!

Mysterio is then blindsided by Darren Young sending him into the corner, where Cara makes a blind tag. Cara comes in with a springboard missile dropkick on Young. Sin Cara then goes up to and goes for a senton bomb but Titus pulls Young out of the way as Sin Cara hits the mat hard. Darren Young picks up the scraps and eliminates Sin Cara. Mysterio is now by himself against 3 men.

After a couple minutes of frequent tags and grounding Mysterio, Titus O’Neil charges at Mysterio but Mysterio pulls down the ropes and Titus goes flying to the floor. As he falls out of the ring, Young tags him in. Young comes in the ring and goes for the Gut Check but Mysterio counters into a headscissors and Young lands on the second rope. Rey hits the 619 and follows it up with a splash to eliminate Darren Young. Sandow watches from the apron, not phased to see Young eliminated as he only cares about earning his team the title match. Soon Titus and Mysterio go at it. Titus lifts Mysterio up for a powerbomb but Sandow from the floor pulls Titus’ legs as Mysterio falls on top. Sandow holds O’Neil’s legs to keep the leverage and Mysterio eliminates the second member of the Prime Time Players. Mysterio is barely able to realize what happened when Sandow comes in and blasts Mysterio with a big boot knocking him out. Sandow picks up the lifeless Mysterio and hits the Terminus (Straight Jacket Neckbreaker). Sandow hooks the legs and wins the match as the sole survivor.

Winner: Sole Survivor- Damien Sandow @ 14:58

Sandow once again shows his superior intellect winning the match by not just outsmarting his opponents, but his partners as well. Sandow raises his hand in victory as soon Cody Rhodes comes down to the ring and embraces his partner. Cole informs everyone this means that Sandow and Rhodes will now face Team Hell No at Armageddon


Backstage at the interview station once again, we see Josh Matthews. He is standing by with the WWE Tag Team Champion, Daniel Bryan and Kane, Team Hell No. Josh Matthews asks their comments on having to face Team Rhodes Scholars at Judgment Day. Daniel Bryan says that him and Kane aren’t your typical tag team. That nobody thought they would last. They are like your favorite celebrity couple. They are dysfunctional and aren’t meant to work. However the difference is that Kane and Bryan will make it and won’t split up within a month. He says that Rhodes Scholars are very intelligent and granted Kane isn’t the brightest guy but they will defeat them at Judgment Day.

Kane takes exceptions to these comments and says he has a higher IQ than Bryan. They go back and forth with a classic Yes and No shouting match. Kane then goes on to say you don’t even know how to spell “Yes”. Bryan looks at his shirt, which has the word “yes” crossed out with “no” on top of it. Bryan begins screaming “NO” repeatedly to Kane before walking away. Kane chuckles before saying, “ The mask makes me smarter” and then he too walks away.

Shot of the announce table with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. They talk about what a night it has been. They recap from earlier, Ryback setting the time of 9:21. They talk about up next Cena will face CM Punk to try and beat that time to earn a title shot for Armageddon

They then go on to preview this Friday’s Smackdown, where The Big Show will go one on one with Randy Orton in a non-title match. They also announce some breaking news, that for the first time in nearly 4 years, RIC FLAIR WILL RETURN TO WWE!!!! He will appear on Smackdown this Friday Night.


CM Punk comes out onto the stage with his hood on looking down at the floor still in disbelief he has to compete again. Heyman walks behind Punk holding the WWE Title up high. We see highlights from the match earlier against Ryback. The announcers question who Punk would rather challenge. Punk continues to show no emotion while Heyman tries to calm down the uptight champion.


Cena comes out onto the stage looking focused for this big opportunity. He salutes the crowd and then sprints down to the ring. He does his usual poses getting the crowd behind him. Ryback’s time of 9:21 pops up on the screen to remind everyone of what Cena needs to beat. Cena throws his shirt into the crowd and kisses his dog collar. We are ready for our main event.

Main Event
Beat the Clock Challenge (Ryback’s Time to Beat- 9:21)
CM Punk vs John Cena

In our main event we see familiar adversaries go at it. Cena and Punk have had some classic battles in the past. Unfortunately there won’t be enough time for one here as we are approaching11pm, plus it can’t be longer than the 9:21. The match starts off slow with some chain wrestling, with Cena keeping up. Eventually Punk takes control working on the neck of John Cena. He keeps glancing up at the clock to keep the ball in his court. We see a shot of Ryback backstage watching a TV keeping a close eye on this high stakes match.

CM Punk goes for his signature elbow drop at about the 5 minute mark but Cena moves out of the way. Cena slowly gets up and ducks the clothesline. He connects with two shoulder blocks, followed by the spin out slam. Cena hits the 5 knuckle shuffle and then looks up at the clock which reads 6:15. Cena goes for the AA but Punk grabs the ropes. Cena pulls him off but Punk elbows him in the jaw repeatedly. Punk lands on his feet behind him and hits a roundhouse kick to the back of the head. CM Punk after another sequence of moves locks in the Anaconda Vice. Punk has the move locked in but after just a few seconds Cena rolls out and counters into the STFU!!

Punk reaches out and eventually grabs the ropes after a few seconds of struggling. The match is a little off between the two, but WWE doesn’t want to give to much away on free TV as they know this could be a big money match sooner or later. Punk is now on the apron. Cena goes to grab him but Punk hangs him out across the top rope. Punk springs off the rope but Cena catches him. He throws him on his shoulders and connects with the AA!!!!!!!! Cena collapses, as him and Punk lay motionless on the mat, with just 1 minute plus remaining.

Cena begins crawling when we see loud screams and a large part of the crowd is standing up. We soon see why!! Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns are walking through the crowd down the steps. The three men who ruined last night’s main event are here once again. They walk down to ringside and hop the barricade. The trio goes into the ring. The three now begin to take the boots to John Cena. The referee has no choice but to call for the bell. Reigns tosses the ref out of the ring shortly after.

Winner- Via Disqualification, John Cena @ 8:50

CM Punk begins stirring and realizes what is happening. He looks upset because once again the Shield have come out during one of his matches and attacked his opponent. The trio continues to stomp away at John Cena. Punk rolls out of the ring and watches not wanting to be involved. Punk and Heyman watch on, as RYBACK STORMS DOWN TO THE RING!!! The fans go nuts, as Ryback begins hammering away at Rollins. He tries to fight off all three men, as the crowd is really into this. Soon however the numbers are too much as the trio beats down Ryback. Reigns instructs Ambrose and Rollins to hoist him up. The three NXT rookies connect with a triple powerbomb to Ryback in the center of the ring!!

The trio put their fists together as the crowd boos them mercilessly. Cena and Ryback are both down on the mat as the three stand in the corner. CM Punk comes into the ring and is hesitant. He looks at the 3 rookies and keeps his distance. Punk lifts his title high above his head as he stands over his two opponents from tonight. CM Punk is getting booed and just when things appear to be over, ROMAN REIGNS SPEARS CM PUNK!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd is stunned! They don’t know what to think?!? There go all the theories of them working for the WWE Champion. Reigns lets out a scream as he is all fired up. The trio stands tall over three of the biggest stars on Raw. Heyman from the outside looks like he just shit his pants. Triple H comes out onto the stage!! He is beyond enraged. He looks at Reigns, Ambrose, and Rollins standing in the ring. Triple H has a look on his face as if to say there will be hell to pay. The 3 NXT rookies pose with their 3 fists out standing tall as the show ends. Who is behind these rookies? What is there motive? What will Triple H do to show he hasn’t lost control of his show?


Event: WWE Armageddon
Date: December 16, 2012
Location: Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York
Theme Song: The End is Here

WWE Championship Match
CM Punk (c) vs John Cena

WWE Tag Team Championship
Team Hell No (c) vs Team Rhodes Scholars

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While I enjoyed it I must point out a few errors. AJ was not with Ziggler at the time of the BTB starting point.Also you continuously called the pay per view Judgement Day instead of Armageddon.Great other then those minor errors and especially enjoyed the ic tittle match and the 6 vs 6.Hopefully you do something with Kidd and Gabriel and face Miz. As they all have plenty of potential.

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Yea I just changed it lol. I originally was gonna do judgment day and I guess I never change it. Guess that is what I get for doing a new Ppv name.

As for AJ you are correct, she didn't join him till tlc.. For the sake of this thread and not wanting to change stuff she joined him at SS and slapped foley in the face during the classic survivor series match.

Thanks for the feedback more is always welcomed ;)

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A thread starting off with The rise of The Shield, sounds good. Hope they get a major push. Hope you stick with this.

The opening promo was pretty good as Cena and Ryback are pissed over the fact that they were robbed last night at Survivor Series and they want answers. So if Punk and Heyman had nothing to do with it, then I wonder who it could be. I enjoyed HHH's parts from the segment, lol at HHH trying to keep them rotting in NXT. I noticed that you called your next ppv Judgment Day when it should be Armageddon. Unique idea of doing just two beat the clock matches with the champion wrestling twice against Cena and Ryback. I have a feeling that won't be the last we see of The Shield and I think Triple H or Vince McMahon will be the mastermind behind The Shield. It will be interesting to see the developments on this over the next couple of weeks.

Ryback vs Punk was good, I don't mind the count out finish. Punk is wrestling two matches in one night and you also want to protect Ryback and Punk.

HHH's segment with Vickie was funny, sounds realistic too. The 4 way match for later on tonight sounds good. I hope Miz or Del Rio win.

Sheamus vs Tensai was a good big man match, I enjoyed Big Show's rivalry with Sheamus in reality so I hope it continues in this thread. Great to see Orton hitting Sheamus with an RKO out of nowhere. Orton needs to be back in the title mix so it will be interesting to see how this goes.
Would like to see another Orton title run.

I really hope you build Dolph up more before you eventually do the cash in whenever you do this. A few more big wins for him would be great. Also I noticed that AJ is with Dolph here? I'm pretty sure she was him after TLC.

The Intercontinental title 4 way match was good action, back and forth, Kofi almost retained his title. I don't like the idea of Barrett as champion but I hope you make him interesting.

I enjoyed the promo from Dolph. It looks like a feud between Ziggler and Foley will take place. This has a lot of potential and Foley can make Ziggler a star. Dolph viciously beating down Foley showing a new sadistic side of Ziggler will lead to a fun feud between Foley and Ziggler. Hope Foley wrestles as Mankind or Cactus Jack.

The match of the night for me was the 6 on 6 Survivor Series elimination match. Surprised to see a SS elimination match on Raw the night after SS. It was still a great match and I enjoy Survivor Series elimination matches with great talent. Boo, Tyson Kidd the first man eliminated. I hope you do something with him and he gets pushed. I liked Rey's effort at the end but It would have been better if him and Sandow had a few minutes against each other at the end. Good choice in having Sandow as the sole survivor. A Sandow vs Mysterio feud for 2013 would be really good. Overall really good match but I do think it was pretty short especially when it's a 6 on 6 elimination match.

I really hope Rhodes Scholars win the tag team titles at Armageddon. Rhodes Scholars vs Team Hell No sounds good. I'd like Bryan to go solo and get a big singles push.

Flair returning to the WWE whoo!! It will be interesting to see what role he will play.

Cena vs Punk was good, the ending was good, I liked that you had Shield do a run in at the end. Usually I don't like the idea of both beat the clock matches not ending in a decisive way but for tonight's show this can work. It's to protect all three competitors and so that none of them look weak. Reigns hitting the spear on Punk does indeed end the theory of Punk working for The Shield. Again The Shield made a big statement and it will be interesting to see the development of The Shield over the next couple of weeks. I'd prefer to see Punk taking on a new challenger instead of another Punk/Cena match but at least the Champ isn't missing the ppv like he did in real life. btw I'm not a fan of neither Punk nor Cena, just thought I'd mention this lol.

I noticed that you again continuously called the ppv Judgment Day instead of Armageddon as you mentioned this a lot in the show. Other than the minor errors it was a good show. Nice to see you have The Armageddon ppv back. I enjoy reading Royal Rumble shows so I am looking forward to build to The Rumble once Armageddon is out the way. This thread has a lot of potential, keep up the good work.

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Well, I promised to leave some feedback, hopefully it‘s helpful. Here goes…

I’ll not mention the Judgment Day, AJ/Dolph mistakes apart from here. It’s been highlighted enough already.

As a tip, when doing recap style shows, it would work better to include a bit more bold and italics in the paragraph blocks of writing - just to draw attention to the important things for your readers. Something like this;

Cena says CM Punk is tainting his legacy. He says the act that he pulled last night was an all-time low. With 3 of the best in the business today going at it, the fans were treated to a special match. He says they were on the verge of finding out who the best truly was. Until these 3 men came out and ruined it all. They beatdown Ryback by triple powerbombing him through a table and then beat him down as well. He understands these 3 men are trying to make a name for themselves but there are other ways. He also points out the fact that the 3 men attacked on Ryback and him, but left Punk untouched. He demands an explanation from the “Best in the World”, right now!!
Makes all the difference and takes 30 seconds.

I think you’ll need to be careful too when writing in recap form, as it seems to shift between describing what’s being said and the actual dialogue. For instance, I’ll bold the part of this particular paragraph where I couldn’t tell if it was you writing the actual dialogue, or if it was describing what he said.

Ryback begins screaming about how Cena has the nerve to ask for an explanation? Nobody deserves an explanation more than Ryback. This is the second consecutive month that Ryback has been screwed out of the WWE Championship. It was bad enough when a referee low blows him and fast counts him out of the title, but to have 3 snot nose punk rookies come in and cost him what he worked for he wants these guys to try and do that to him again. Cena tells Ryback that he gets why he is mad but should not be mad at those 3 rookies. They are just Punk & Heyman’s puppets and same with Brad Maddox last month. Cena and Ryback now both call out CM Punk and demand some answers.
Not sure what you were aiming for with that. If it was his actual dialogue, I’d dial back on him talking in the third person, and I’d use “” just to separate the dialogue from description (which I noticed you did do later with other segments - but not some). If it was just a basic description of his promo, you’ll need to work on the wording of it slightly in future to avoid the confusion.

Those things aside, it was a unique take on the ‘Beat The Clock’ Challenge. Although, it puts Cena at an advantage to face Punk second, seeing as he’ll already be somewhat worn down after facing Ryback first.

Hopefully The Shield/Heyman thing doesn’t follow the same path it did in the real world, but the denial of Heyman here doesn’t give much away for the time being, as I didn’t expect any revelations so soon anyway - though I have a feeling they will be aligned in this reality.

Not sure if it’s wise to have two authority figures on Raw. Clearly, Triple H is in charge, so it makes Vickies role obsolete. Maybe you didn’t want to change everything in the first show, which makes sense. But I don’t see much shelf-life in Vickies role if Triple H is set to be the main man on Raw.

I know WWE hyped it a lot coming out of this Survivor Series, so maybe that’s why you moved away from it - but Sheamus destroying Show with the chair at that event deserved to have more made out of it here imo. Show didn’t sell any effects of the dozens of chair shots either, which is a shame, and Orton announcing himself into the Sheamus/Show feud - off the back of losing at the Survivor Series himself … it all works into a fairly underwhelming segment if I’m honest. Sheamus/Show had enough juice left to stand alone for another PPV after the way Survivor Series wound up, and Orton isn’t in a position to dive in and announce himself into a title feud.

I can only assume that this is the start of a push for Barrett - putting the I.C title on him at the first opportunity says as much. Hopefully you can make something of him, as he had all the talent in the world, and plenty of momentum in 2010 - but it will take work to make him interesting again. Winning this title is a good starting point though, and a good match to book - plus, doing things like that does give the impression that anything can happen, as you mentioned after the match.

The Foley/Ziggler segment was the highlight of the night for me - but the switching from description to (what seemed like) dialogue happened again here, and it can take the reader out sometimes - or at least it does to me. I liked the corny, Foley style humour early on, before things got serious when Ziggler got out. Though it’s been said that Foley can no longer ‘go’, I’d hope you’ll have a Ziggler-Foley match; especially if it was to be a match were Ziggler retired Mick once and for all. It could do for Dolph what it did for Orton in the past, and I suspect that is what you’re shooting for. The mocking of Daniel Bryan was also interesting, and I expect that will fester into a side issue between Ziggler and Bryan over the next few weeks.

There was one too many question marks during the Cesaro/Ricardo bit. (Ricardo looks confused? He says your kind shouldn’t be allowed in this country?) those weren’t questions. It’s obviously setting up a face turn for ADR to protect Ricardo … given how well that face turn went in the real world, I’m surprised you appear to be heading in that route… good luck.

Glad it was Rhodes Scholars winning the tag match. The Hell No/Scholars rivalry didn’t really ever take off in the real world despite seemingly feuding for months at the end of 2012, so hopefully you’ll actually make a proper feud out of it here. A good win to build Sandow/Rhodes in what looked a good match.

Pleasing to see you hype matches for Smackdown - and the return of Flair. That is huge for Smackdown. And it suddenly feels like a must-see show.

Well then. Obviously there isn’t an alliance with Punk and The Shield. Good to throw that out of the equation right away like this. Clearly, Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins are going to dominate the thread - it’s named after them. And taking out the three biggest stars in the company at the time in two nights is an immediate impact of the highest order. I don’t see Punk/Cena happening at Armageddon, despite it being announced on this show via that result. Given the way both matches ended, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a six man at the PPV instead - and the ultimate debut match for The Shield if that’s where you go.

A lot of work still to be done in terms of presentation and writing, with some confusion over the dialogue and punctuation at times, but practice makes perfect. Take your time, don’t rush things. Simply put; keep at it. You’ll improve with each show, and with each show, you’ll build momentum.
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