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In late 2010, WWE's Board of Directors made some major staffing changes to the WWE. The new staff got rid of NXT and Superstars, bringing the WWE back to two shows per week; Raw on Mondays with new General Manager Stephanie McMahon, and SmackDown on Thursdays, with General Manager Theodore Long.

Vince McMahon then decided to also change up both shows by editing them completely. New superstars, a new draft, and the biggest announcement of them all? WWE is no longer PG; but is returning to it's original "Attitude Era" format.

The draft and first show will take place on Monday December 13, 2010 during a three hour Raw special.

Upcoming Pay-Per-Views

January 16, 2011 - Royal Rumble

February 6, 2011 - Insurrextion

April 3, 2011 - WrestleMania XXVII

General Manager - Stephanie McMahon

WWE Champion - Chris Jericho

WWE Tag Team Champions
- Cena & HHH

United States Champion
- The Miz

Divas Champion - Eve

Chris Jericho
John Cena
Triple H
The Miz
Antonio Banks
Chris Sabin
Alex Shelley
Bryan Danielson
Shawn Michaels
Boris Alexiev
Taka Michinoku
Drew McIntyre
Justin Gabriel
Evan Bourne
Primo Colon
Christian York
Johnny Devine
Bobby Lashley
Alberto Del Rio
Escobar Alexandria
William Regal
Brian Kendrick
Paul London
Bradley Stone
Rob Van Dam

Kelly Kelly
Michelle McCool
Molly Holly
Madison Rayne

Tag Teams
Cena & HHH - John Cena & Triple H
Motor City Machine Guns - Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley
Divinity - Christian York & Johnny Devine
Los Maritas - Alberto Del Rio & Escobar Alexandria
R&E - William Regal & Eugene
The Hooliganz - Brian Kendrick & Paul London
LayCool - Layla & Michelle McCool

General Manager - Theodore Long

World Heavyweight Champion - Randy Orton

World Tag Team Champions
- Rated RKO

Intercontinental Champion
- CM Punk

Womens Champion - Beth Phoenix

Randy Orton
CM Punk
Ted DiBiase
Brett DiBiase
Claudio Castagnoli
Mick Foley
Jeff Hardy
Kurt Angle
Tyson Kidd
Matt Striker
Justin Credible
Skip Sheffield
B.G. James
Eddi Jones
David Hart Smith
Nick Sinn
The Big Show
Matt Hardy
Rey Mysterio
Shelton Benjamin
Chavo Guerrero
Charlie Haas
Cody Rhodes

Beth Phoenix
Tori Wilson
Trish Stratus
Miss Brooks
Alexa Laree
Nattie Neidhart
Rosa Mendes

Tag Teams
Rated RKO - Randy Orton & Edge
The Fortunate Sons - Brett DiBiase & Ted DiBiase
Team X-Treme - Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy
Team America - Kurt Angle, Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin
The Hart Dynasty - David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd & Nattie Neidhart
The Alliance - Justin Credible & Eddi Jones
T2 - Tori Wilson & Trish Stratus


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Monday Night Raw is here! Enjoy everyone. Feedback would be appreciated.


The Staples Center in L.A., California is bustling with the news of the changes being implemented this week by the WWE. Fans are filing into their seats faster than ever, wishing to not miss anything. Suddenly, the titantron begins to light up, and the WWE opening package begins to play, after which a brand new Raw opening video plays as well.

The cameras then pan the arena as the fans begin cheering loudly, chanting the words, "WE WANT WRESTLING! WE WANT WRESTLING!" The entire arena is excited over the news that WWE's going back to it's Attitude Era formatting, especially the commentators, whom the cameras now focus on.

"Welcome to Monday Night Raw! I'm Michael Cole here with my broadcast partner Jerry "The King" Lawler, ready to bring you a new era of wrestling!," Cole announces, starting the night off.

Nodding, Jerry adds in, "That's right Cole, because tonight is the first Raw of the WWE's new regimen! Tonight, both Raw and SmackDown will be getting new rosters, except for the champions of course, who have been granted amnesty from the drafting."

Cole is about to respond when "No Chance in Hell" begins to blare over the arena speakers. The crowd turns quickly to the stage to find chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon stepping out with a microphone. Strutting to the ring, he smirks as he climbs in and looks around at the crowded arena.

"Well, tonight's a big night; so let's get started! As you all know, we at the WWE take your opinions into account and have decided to start things fresh here. Our champions will remain as they are, but our rosters will be heavily altered. Throughout the night you'll learn our General Manager's picks for their superstars, who will face in matches against each other. So let me introduce your new Raw General Manager...Stephanie McMahon!"

Music begins to play once again and Stephanie comes out to the ring, joining her father. Smiling, she holds up a mic of her own and says, "Raw is going to be different with a McMahon in charge. I hope you're all ready for this."

The fans all cheer as loud as possible as Vince begins speaking again. Clearing his throat, he paces the ring and introduces SmackDown's General Manager to still be Theodore Long. Joining the McMahon's in the ring, Teddy looks around with a smile and a "Holla!"

Looking at him with disgust, Vince moves on and says, "The GM's will now announce their first draft picks." He first looks to his daughter, then to Long and nods as he leaves the ring and heads back into the backstage area.

Stepping forward, Stephanie smiles and announces, "My first two draft picks for Monday Night Raw are...Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin; The Motor City Machine Guns!" Everyone in the arena screams as MCMG's theme hits the speakers and Sabin and Shelley arrive on stage.

"It's the Motor City Machine Guns, recently released from TNA!," Cole exclaims, "who would've thought that this would be the first draft pick of the evening!?"

"It sure is a nice surprise," King agrees as Teddy Long now steps up to announce his first two draft picks. Smiling, he gives another nod and says, "Well players, it'll be hard to top that, but please welcome SmackDown's newest members...Brett and Ted DiBiase!"

Priceless starts to play throughout the arena and the DiBiase brothers appear on the stage, joining the MCMG. Smirking over at their opponents, they walk surely to the ring, getting in as both Stephanie and Teddy leave. Nodding to each other, Sabin and Shelley follow suit, heading to the ring to begin the match.

Tag Team Singles Match - MCMG vs The Fortunate Sons

As the four athletes stand in the ring, awaiting the bell to ring, Stephanie McMahon suddenly returns from backstage, a smile spread across her face. Lifting her mic, she pauses a moment, then announces, "One last thing. The winning team of this match will earn a tag team championship shot at the upcoming pay-per-view, The Royal Rumble."

The crowd goes wild at the amazing announcement. Whichever team wins not only claims victory during their first night of the WWE's new era, but they are also automatically declared the number one contenders for the tag team titles of their respective brand.

Returning their attention to the match, both teams make their choices on who will be starting off; and as Ted DiBiase and Alex Shelley face each other down, the bell rings, signaling the start of the first match of the evening.

Right away Shelley goes for a clothesline, knocking DiBiase to the mat in surprise. However, "The Million Dollar Son" quickly returns to his feet and blocks a barrage of kicks from his opponent. He then proceeds to send forth a huge punch of his own.

"What a match!," Cole declares as the two continue to brawl in the ring, "Made famous in TNA, the Motor City Machine Guns are proud Michigan-born superstars with an amazing array of high flying attacks!"

"But on the other hand Cole, you also have Ted and Brett DiBiase, who are well trained second generation superstars. Back when Randy Orton was here on Raw, he even took Ted under his wing, so to speak."

Suddenly, both commentators are distracted as DiBiase hits Shelley with a huge elbow, knocking him back long enough to tag in his brother, Brett. Continuing from where his brother left off, Brett makes a run at Shelley to attack. He misses however, and slams into the corner turnbuckle.

Walking over, Shelley tags in Chris Sabin and lifts Brett onto his shoulders. Sabin then climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and taunts by pointing to a spot on his palm, signifying Detroit's location on the map of Michigan, and leaps off, spearing Brett DiBiase right off of Shelley's shoulders.

Grabbing Brett's leg, Sabin lifts it up for the pin, but is stopped as Ted runs into the ring and stomps his back. As the ref then guides Ted back to the side of the ring, both Brett and Sabin get to their feet.

"This is close, it's too hard to say who will win at this point," King notes, watching with close attention. Cole nods in agreement as Sabin makes a move at Brett, but is knocked down as DiBiase hits a drop kick. Taunting, DiBiase then lifts his opponent to his feet, hooks his leg and slams his down to the mat, using his finisher...

"...THE MILLION DOLLAR SLAM!," King yells out, getting to his feet, "this match could be over Cole!"

"Don't count out Chris Sabin just yet, he's been known to surprise a few people," Cole replies to his broadcast partner. Suddenly, as Brett goes for the pin, Sabin shows movement and in one swift motion knocks DiBiase down and rolls him up into a pin.

Alex Shelley climbs into the ring and spears Ted as he attempts to stop the pin. The referee then hits the mat for the third time and calls for the bell. As it rings, Shelly helps his partner up and hoists his arm into the air in victory. On the stage, Stephanie has resurfaced and is clapping enthusiastically.

"Raw has done it!," King exclaims, "Raw has taken the first match tonight, and what a match it was! We now know who will be going for Triple H and John Cena's tag team championships, and it should be one hell of a match at the Royal Rumble next month."

"The night's not over yet though, we have much more to go King. Stay tuned everyone, we'll be right back," Cole adds as the show cuts to a commercial.

The Motor City Machine Guns


As the show returns from commercial, the cameras pan around the backstage area, finally focusing on Raw Diva's Champion, Eve. A phone in her hand, she seems to be talking to someone when suddenly, The Miz walks out of a nearby room, carrying his United States Championship on his shoulder.

Walking up to Eve, he smiles and grabs her phone, hanging it up on her. Then, as she yells at him, he smirks and says, "That call was important? Really? Really? Let me tell you what's important, our championships. This draft, these new superstars coming in is a threat. You know as well as I do that we'll be put in matches stacked against us. What do you say we team up. There is strength in numbers."

Rolling her eyes, Eve throws her coffee on him and turns to walk away, but The Miz stops her and backs her against the wall. Suddenly, before he can do anything, he's stopped by John Cena, who shakes his head and says, "Come on Miz, tonight you have to represent. You're the United States Champion, and while you may be a little...misguided, you need to show Raw why."

Glaring at Cena, Miz walks off in a huff. Thanking Cena, Eve kisses him on the cheek as Triple H steps up, holding both tag team title belts. Handing Cena's to him, Hunter nods and asks, "Having fun John?"

"Always am Hunter, now lets get out there."

Singles Match - John Cena vs ???

As Cena's theme hits the speakers, the arena goes into an unbridled frenzy, screaming and cheering as loud as ever as the Tag Team Champions appear on stage. While Cena starts walking around, saluting the crowd, Triple H stands there, drinking from his water bottle; which he then spits high into the air.

Cena's theme changes to Triple H's, and the two head down to the ring. Climbing in, they smile as suddenly Stephanie McMahon appears on the titantron. Waving, Triple H blows a kiss, which garners a smile from the GM, who proceeds to say, "John Cena, tonight you'll be competing against Raw's next draft pick. But first, Teddy Long would like to announce his second pick."

Teddy walks into the cameras view and announces, "Holla, holla, holla! SmackDown's next pick has been wrestling independently for some time. Please welcome to Friday Night SmackDown, Claudio Castagnoli!"

An Italian-based theme song plays over the speakers as a large Italian man walks out onto the stage for a moment, waving to the crowd before returning backstage. Then, Teddy returns to wherever he was before, allowing Stephanie to announce the newest member of the Raw roster.

"John, you're opponent is one you should know all too well, as he helped take you out a while back as a member of The Nexus. A member of the first season of NXT, trained by the United States Champion The Miz, "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson!"

A heroic theme plays over the speakers as Danielson arrives on stage. Smiling, Cena throws his hat to the crowd and stands in the corner, excited for the match to come. Triple H meanwhile takes a seat at the commentators table, putting on a headset to assist in commentary for the match.

"Welcome to the other side," King says. Nodding, Triple H focuses his attention on the ring, which Bryan has now entered. Walking forward, he holds out his hand for Cena, who shakes it as the bell rings.

Circling each other for a moment, the two begin to grapple in an attempt to take early control of the match. Cena breaks out of the grapple and goes for a couple of punches, but Danielson dodges each one and returns with a high kick to Cena's chest.

"Nice kick from Danielson," King comments. Michael Cole however seems less impressed, adding, "This is an easy match for our tag team champion, don't you agree Triple H?"

"Well, I wouldn't discredit Danielson. He has some skills even I'd have trouble with," Triple H notes. Seemingly dissatisfied with the answer, Cole doesn't answer, but sits there and continues to watch.

Continuing with a flurry of amazing kicks and punches, Danielson catches Cena off guard, landing a strong uppercut right to Cena's jaw. Stumbling back, John looks up just in time to see Danielson run at him. Leaping into the air, Bryan grabs a hold of Cena's head for a DDT, but is caught by the champion instead.

The crowd begins to scream, "STF! STF! STF!," as Cena locks Danielson in the position for his finisher. However, Bryan breaks out, swings Cena to the mat by grabbing his head again, and goes for the pin. At the two count, Cena breaks free by lifting his arm.

"What resiliency," Cole notes, admiring Cena is much more than a biased fashion. Triple H is about to speak when suddenly, Cena is thrown out of the ring, slamming into the commentation table on his back. Writhing in pain, Cena lays there as the referee begins the ten count. However, as he reaches six, Danielson exits the ring and walks over to Cena. Lifting him up, he tries to throw him back into the ring, but Cena reverses it and slams Bryan face first into the corner of the ring instead.

He then tosses Bryan into the ring, climbs in himself and covers him. The referee goes for the three count, but Danielson breaks out easily.Waving his arm in front of his face, Cena runs to the ropes. As he then jumps to hit the 5-Knuckle Shuffle, Danielson rolls out of the way and catches Cena's arm with his feet. He then pulls his opponent down to the mat and climbs to his feet again.

Climbing the turnbuckle, Danielson attempts to hit a flying enzuigiri, but Cena gets up in time, catching Bryan on his shoulders. Before Bryan can break out again, he then slams him down to the mat, hitting the STF. Covering "The American Dragon", Cena smiles as the ref makes the three count, declaring him the winner.

Celebrating in the ring, Cena holds out his hand, helping Danielson up. The two quickly acknowledge each other, then Bryan leaves so Triple H and Cena can celebrate.

John Cena


The cameras then return backstage, where Michelle McCool and Layla are shown talking rapidly to each other. Suddenly, Jeff and Matt Hardy walk by, gaining LayCool's attention. Running over to them, Michelle flirts with the Hardy's, saying, "So, do you two need managers?"

"Thanks for the offer, but we've got someone to talk to," Matt replies. Jeff nods and the two head off towards the General Manager's office as the show once again cuts to commercial.


Returning from commercial, the cameras focus in the ring, where The Hardy's are now standing. Theodore Long is standing next to them, smiling as he says, "SmackDown's newest superstars, Matt and Jeff Hardy!"

Suddenly, Stephanie walks out on stage and adds, "And their opponents, representing Monday Night Raw! Paul London and Brian Kendrick, The Hooliganz!" Quick paced music begins to play as both London and Kendrick run out from the back, speeding quickly down the ramp to the ring. Sliding in, they climb to their feet, ascend the turnbuckles, and backflip off. They then both shake The Hardy's hands and prepare for the match.

However, Vince McMahon suddenly comes out as well and says, "Let's make this even more interesting! An 8-Man Mixed Tag Match! Let's introduce their partners! Teaming with The Hooliganz for Raw are Layla and Michelle McCool, LayCool!"

Coming out wearing hoodies, they turn, flip the hoods down and make their way towards the ring to join their partners. Vince then smiles and notes that SmackDown's diva team will be, "Tori Wilson and Trish Stratus!"

"Puppies Cole!," King shouts as Tori and Trish come out, accompanied by Tori's small dog. They make their way to the ring, Tori to the opposite side. Handing the dog to King with a smile, she blows him a kiss and joins Trish in the ring to join The Hardys. Then, Stephanie, Long and Vince all return backstage as the bell once again rings.

8-Man Mixed Tag Team Match - Team X-Treme, Tori & Trish vs The Hooliganz & LayCool

As the match begins, Jeff Hardy squares off against Brian Kendrick. The two begin with a simple attack by Jeff, who makes a quick attack at Kendrick. Brian dodges however and attempts a moonsault, missing by an inch.

As Brian tries to regain his composure, he's suddenly lifted off his feet by Jeff, who hits him with a samoan drop. Suddenly, the mix of "Voices by Rev Theory" and "Metallingus by Alter Bridge" begins to play, and SmackDown's tag team champions, Rated RKO, run out wielding weapons; a baseball bat in Edge's hand; a 2x4 in Orton's.

Scattering from the ring, the other eight superstars retreat as Orton and Edge enter the ring. Demanding microphones for the both of them, Edge awaits as they're brought to him, then announces, "No! How dare you give them a match and not us!"

"We demand the referee to return to the ring right now, and bring us opponents worthy of us," Orton adds. However, instead of the red, Vince McMahon comes out. A vein popping out on his forehead, he yells, "You're lucky I don't suspend you, or take those championships! You dare to interrupt another match tonight, and you both will be FIIIIRRRRRREEEEED! Now get out of that ring!"

No Contest


Standing in the back, Stephanie McMahon and Teddy Long are talking quietly amongst themselves. Suddenly, Vince comes up and demands, "You'd better come up with something good after that catastrophe."

"How about a 10-man battle royal, winner gets into the Royal Rumble match," Stephanie suggests. Vince smiles, pats her on the back, and walks off.

In a locker room nearby, William Regal is talking to Eugene, referring to the time they once held the tag team titles. He notes that they could do it again if Eugene would be able to pay close enough attention. Eugene nods viciously while playing with a rubix cube. Regal then begins to tell Eugene his plan when suddenly Stephanie McMahon enters the locker room, motioning for them to come to her office.

In the ring, Jerry Lawler is standing there to act as the special guest ring announcer for the match. Smiling, he holds up his mic and announces, "This match is a 10-man battle royal for a spot in the 2011 Royal Rumble match! First, from Monday Night Raw, please welcome Shawn Michaels, Boris Alexiev, Taka Michinoku, Justin Gabriel and Kazarian!"

Wearing Raw t-shirts, the five superstars come out from the back, entering the ring for the huge match ahead of them. King then smiles and as they all are in the ring and waiting, he continues, saying, "And from Friday Night SmackDown, Suicide, Matt Striker, Konnan, Rey Mysterio and Sheamus!"

The five SmackDown superstars come to the ring, clothed in blue SmackDown t-shirts, and join the Raw superstars. Smiling at the amount of talent in the ring, King then says, "Remember, this is not a team match. It's everyone against each other. To be eliminated you must go over the top rope and have both feet touch the floor." He then leaves the ring and heads back to the commentation table, ready for the match to begin.

10-Man Battle Royal for a Royal Rumble spot

As the match begins, a flurry of punches, kicks and more fly throughout the ring as the ten superstars fight for their spot in the Royal Rumble match. They know that winning the Rumble would mean a World title shot at WrestleMania XXVII, which would be one hell of an opportunity. It only takes a minute until the first superstar is eliminated. Sheamus headbutts Suicide a few times then lifts him up and throws him from the ring.

1st Elimination : Suicide (by Sheamus)

"Well, things have started to heat up already," Cole says, "one man down, nine to go. Only one can win and head to the Royal Rumble in just a month. Oh, and it looks like the second elimination is about to take place!" Taka Michinoku and Rey Mysterio are teaming up on a vulnerable Matt Striker. Suddenly, Konnan attack them, hoping to knock all three out. However, Rey, Taka and Matt decide to work together and flip Konnan over themselves and out of the ring. Surprisingly, his feet doesn't touch the floor and he slides back in under the bottom rope. Surprising the other three, who have begun to fight amongst themselves, he strikes Matt, knocking him senseless. He then tosses him out of the ring and makes his way to the other side of the ring.

2nd Elimination : Matt Striker (by Konnan)

"That's the second elimination," King states in a matter-of-fact tone. As he does, Sheamus and Boris Alexiev eliminate each other, both flying over the top rope at the same time. However, Boris manages to hold on, so that only Sheamus is eliinated. But "The Irish Bralwer" doesn't agree and tries to pull Boris out with him when suddenly Shawn Michaels slides under the bottom rope and hits the Sweet Chin Music on him.

"Shawn isn't eliminated!," Cole exclaims, "he went under the bottom rope! He and Boris Alexiev are still in!"

3rd Elimination : Sheamus (by Boris Alexiev)

"All of the Raw superstars are still active in this match!," Cole says with extreme excitement, "when will one of them fall? Could this be a clean sweep for Raw?" Jerry Lawler simply comments on the amazing athletes on both brands and leaves it at that. Justin Gabriel and Rey Mysterio are now going at it on one side of the ring, while on the other, Konnan is working with HBK, Boris, and Taka to try and eliminate Kazarian.

Rey hits Gabriel with a high kick then swings around him before knocking him into the corner. Getting back up, Gabriel makes a beeline for Mysterio, who jumps over him, causing him to run into everyone else, knocking both Kazarian and Taka out of the ring and to the mat outside. He then gets to his feet again and is quickly thrown out by Boris Alexiev.

4th, 5th & 6th Elimination : Taka Michinoku, Justin Gabriel & Kazarian (by Justin Gabriel and Boris Alexiev)

Now only four remain in the match. Shawn Michaels and Boris Alexiev are exchanging attacks in the corner near the commentation table, while Rey Mysterio is currently hitting Konnan with a 619. As Konnan stumbles to his feet, Rey ascends the ropes and leaps off, connecting with the West Coast Pop. As Konnan lay there unconscious, Rey turns his attention to Shawn and Boris. Running over, he assists Shawn in attacking Boris in the corner.

Suddenly, Konnan reappears and grabs Rey by the mask. Turning it around on his head, he then heads back and watches as Rey stumbles around, trying to fix it. However, he falls backwards right out of the ring, eliminating himself. As Konnan watches, Shawn suddenly attacks him, throwing him off as well.

7th & 8th Elimination : Rey Mysterio & Konnan (by Rey Mysterio and Shawn Michaels)

"Only two remain! Both of them are from Raw as well!," King yells out.

"But who will win and go on to the Royal Rumble match?," Cole asks, getting an unresponsive stare from his broadcast partner. In the ring, Shawn Michaels is dominating against Boris Alexiev. Punching him in the corner, he attacks viciously, then steps back and slams him in the jaw with the Sweet Chin Music. He then attempts to throw him out, but Boris instead headbutts HBK back.

Running forward, Alexiev spears his opponent and proceeds to stomping him in the face. Suddenly, HBK catches his foot and pulls him down. Returning to their feet, they begin to exchange furious kicks and punches, when suddenly, Kurt Angle appears. Running into the ring, he attacks them both and throws them out of the ring.

9th & 10th Elimination : Shawn Michaels & Boris Alexiev (by Kurt Angle)

Ringing the bell out of lack of anything else to do, the ringside staff announce the win to Kurt Angle. All of a sudden, Vince McMahon appears on stage and proudly gloats, "Kurt Angle was a...last minute addition to this match. He is representing SmackDown and is the first participant in the upcoming Royal Rumble match!"

Calling for a mic himself, Kurt grins sadistically and adds, "And now that I'm back, things are going to be a little different on SmackDown. First of all, let me introduce two others joining me on Friday Nights; Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas!" An American-style theme plays and Shelton Benjamin, sporting the Gold Standard hair style, and Charlie Haas walk out to join their team mate in the ring.

However, Stephanie McMahon suddenly appears and announces that if SmackDown is getting three new superstars right now, she's announcing the next three for Raw. Nodding, Vince announces, "Since the last three SmackDown superstars were my choice, I will do the same for Raw."

Kurt Angle


Looking angrily at her father, Stephanie nods and walks away. Vince just smiles and says, "Raw's next three acquisitions will be...Rob Van Dam, Christian and Drew McIntyre!" As he finishes speaking, the three of them come out from the back. They stand there a moment until Vince continues to speak, then head backstage. Seemingly proud of himself, Mr. McMahon now steps forward.

"We have one more match set for tonight, but I guaren-damn-tee you're going to love it! The World and WWE Champions will be teaming up to face their opponents for the Royal Rumble. They will have to work together if they want to defeat the very men they'll be defending their titles against in just a month. So please welcome, the WWE Champion Chris Jericho, and World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton!"

Coming out from the back, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton make their way to the ring, avoiding each others glances. They meet in the ring, hand their titles to the ref, and watch as they await to find out who their opponents are. Standing there, Vince smiles and continues, saying, "Their opponents, from Raw, the contender for the WWE Championship! Bobby Lashley!"

Coming out from the back, Lashley smiles and flexes a little as he makes his way to the ring. Staring him down, Jericho watches in disgust at the fact that Lashley is his opponent for the Royal Rumble. Orton smirks as he now awaits his opponent, and is surprised to hear Vince McMahon announce, "From SmackDown, the contender for the World Heavyweight Championship! The BigShow!"

Orton's face turns to shock as the 500 lb behemoth steps out from the back with a grin. Laughing, he makes his way to the ring where he joins Bobby Lashley for the final match. However, before the bell can be rang, Vince continues, "After tonight’s program, all other draft picks will be available to view online at WWE.com.”

Tag Team Match - Jericho & Orton vs Lashley & BigShow

The match begins huge as the bell rings with Chris Jericho in the ring against Bobby Lashley. Lashley runs towards Jericho and hits him hard with his shoulder. As Jericho falls to the mat, Lashley kicks forward, right into his opponent’s stomach.

The wind knocked out of him, Jericho tries to move, but is stopped by Lashley, who continuously beats on the champion as if to send a message. Then, Jericho surprisingly escapes Lashley and retreats to his corner, tagging in Orton, who looks at Jericho with disgust.

Entering the ring, Orton rams Lashley into the corner, then as he falls, Orton gets into a hunting position on the mat. Everyone in the arena screams as Cole yells out, “The Apex Predator is ready to strike!”

“Can he take down that mountain of a man, Bobby Lashley though?,” King wonders. As Lashley begins to get to his feet, Orton runs forward to hit the RKO, but is suddenly stopped. A huge boot has contacted with his face. Lashley has taken him down.

Pushing Orton’s shoulders to the mat, Lashley tries to pin his opponent and win the match when he’s suddenly hit from behind. Edge has arrived and is wielding a steel chair. Coming into the ring, Big Show tries to help Lashley, but is slammed in the skull with the chair as well.

Helping Orton up, Edge swings the chair wildly at Lashley and BigShow, giving them no other choice but to leave the ring. Suddenly, “No Chance in Hell” plays once more over the speakers, and Vince McMahon comes out.

Angry, he yells, “You were already told that if you interfered again, you’d be fired! However, I have a better idea. Next week on SmackDown, Rated RKO will face The BigShow and two partners of his choice in a two-on-three handicap match!”

“Well, that’s all for tonight,” Michael Cole says as the cameras once again turn their attention to the commentation table. Jerry Lawler nods and adds, “On behalf of the entire WWE, have a good night and happy holiday. See you next week.”

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