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I am a new member of this forum and have read some of these great Booking threads and I have decided I am going to write my own WWE with new rosters,new shows,new everything.So I guess first I need to post my rosters.

Every Tuesday Night @ 9:00 PM only on Spike TV

The Rock
Kurt Angle
Luther Reigns
Mark Jindrak
Shawn Michaels
Randy Orton
Chris Jericho
John Cena
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Hass
Chuck Palumbo
La Resistance
Billy Gunn & Hardcore Holly
Rhyno & Tajiri
Women's Division

World Heavyweight Championship
World Tag Team Championships
WWE Intercontinental Championship
Womens Championship

Every Thursday Night @ 8:00 PM only on UPN

Triple H
Ric Flair
Eddie Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Booker T
Tyson Tomko
The Undertaker
Big Show
Jon Heidenreich
Dudley Boyz
Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree
Eugene & William Regal
The Hurricane & Rosey
Matt Morgan & Nathan Jones
Crusierweight Division

WWE Championship
WWE United States Championship
WWE Tag Team Championship
WWE Cruiserweight Championship

If anybody wants to help w/ either doing BottomLine or AfterBurn I need to know in the next hour because shows need to be up today or tommorrow.

You can have any PPV name you want or the ones WWE uses now but the first WWE BottomLine ppv will be on April 18th,2004 and your first show needs to be dated March 30,2004.

But for Afterburn your first ppv isn't until May 11th,2004.And you're first show needs to be dated April 1,2004.

If u want to do one of the show respond ASAP.

Okay we are past the deadline so i guess I will put both shows up by myself and they will be up today.
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