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turn off capslock please

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ok a little changes cancel the roster most of the big guys are still here so lets say u give me a good idea for an owner

i wont post in capitals no more

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now can someone give me an idea for an owner stephanie maybe and the other gm can be well give me an idea for anothe gm

ideas please somebody help me

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ok the show is now named ngw next generation wrestling lets kick things of with lightning bolt until somebody gives an idea for a gm of blaze

lightning bolt-location washington dc

josh matthews and marc lloyd introduce the show

josh-ladies and gentlemen welcome to lightning bolt an intercontinental champion will be decided in a cage match the tri way match for the ngw title and a tag match for the titles the heartbreak kids vs matt cappotelli and maven all tonight

marc-it iwll be explosive tonight as the cage is being lowered

rvds music hits as everybody starts booing

van dam goes into the cage extreme jeff hardys music hits to a excellent pop jff goes into the cage as van dam goes to the offensive with kicks he flips over jeff and dropkicks him into the cage bar then delivers a german suplex and goes for the fiv star jeff moves and as soon as van dam gets up he is tossed all around the cage van dam kciks jeff in the side of the head when jeff goes for a diamond cutter then starts climbing jeff grabs him and tosses him down van dam scores with a low blow and then his tag partner justin credible runs down with a table and steel chair and hands them to van dam hardy gets up and delivers a whisper in the wind into the chair held by rvd credible gets pissed as rvd slowly starts to move jeff starts climbing the cage credible pushes the ref opens the door and sets up the table van dam starts climbing after hardy with credible climbing behind him jeff kicks van dam three times in the face and knocks him into credible as they both crash through the table jeff then climbs out

winner-and ic champion jeff hardy

marc-and that was the opener my god

josh-very well earned victory for jeff hardy

backstage one of the heartbreak kids brian kendrick is with rue

rue-brian kendrick tonight you have your first opportunity to win a title in six years in this buisness

brian-i am ready as ever with my mentor shawn as my partner and my good friend paul londom at ringside we will defeat maven and matt even with their buddy john at ringside coz i am the showstoppa

rue-good luck brian

rue sees john cena

rue-cena cena about the tri way match tonight what are your thoughts about your big rival brock lesnar

cena-man hows it going honey


cena-hmmm ya u look hot why dnt i give u some suga

rue-later john seriously

cena-nice ya about my opponent brock u say i cant wrestle i can only rap well tonight i am gonna make u eat my jock strap word life


marc-man u get to hang with rue at afterburn

sexy boy hits as shawn micheals and brian kendrick come out with paul london to a huge pop then maven and matt cappotelli come out to a mixed reaction with john hennigan

micheals starts with maven and outmatches him in skill and strenght and takes him down in the mat with an olympic techincal move maven tags cappotelli who goes for a clothesline hbk ducks and goes for a superkcik but matt ducks and goes for a springboard back elbow but micheals catches him and crontches him on the ropes then tags kendrick who gives him a hard kick to the side of the head as the crowd moan kendrick suplexes matt into the ring then dances around and maven comes in and gives him a dropkick micheals comes in and maven runs out grabs a chair and swings micheals ducks then swwet chin musics the chair into his face john hennigan runs and gets whacked hard in the head emts run down to help maven while matt takes kendrick down with the cappotelli driver the referee says maven and john cant compete and matt needs another partner paul london goes into the ring then attacks kendrick and gives him the london calling as matt says london is his partner the crowd boo london as he goes for the cover hbk breaks it and gives some cheap shots to his student he sling shots london into the turnbuckle then gives matt a spinebuster after a few many cool moments in the match such as london delivering a shooting star ddt and hbk giving a moonsault and kendrick tossing matt out of the ring with big impact then into the match while the ref is scolding kendrick london and matt perform a con chair to they double team mkendrick matt picks kendrick up for a side walk slam but hbk hoists himself up everybodys shocked including brian london runs into sweet chin music when kendrick gets his focus back and superkicks matt hbk tells brian to cover and he does one two three

post the rest later gotta study

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ok i am back mom says i can study a little later now

rue is backstage with randy orton

rue-orton tonight u have a chance to become the ngw champion in a tri way match your thoughts

randy-well rue i have stephanie mcmahon comes

steph-orton there u r i have told the others there is a 4th participant who lightning bolt has recieved from blaze in a trade a person u know very well

hhh walks up


hhh-surprised to see me randy it iwll be fun to fight u again

randy-so i can beat u again

hhh-oh see rue what a kidder randy is aint he funny

randy-the only thing funny i see here is your puny little dick

hhh-you stupid sonofabitch tonight isnt about kidding orton in that now fatal 4 way elimination match i the game will show the world that nobody is that dammn good as me

orton-we ll see orton leaves

hhh-i dont have a puny dick do i rue

marc-hmmm randy shouldnt talk bout others privates

josh-easy marc our next match is for the cruiserweight tournament billy kidman vs jamie noble

jamie noble def.kidman

in a very fast and short match evan karagias runs dwon and pushes billy of the top rope and noble hits the tiger driver one two three noble and karagias punish kidman after the match shannon moore comes out as karagias and noble make their exit

noble-dont u see we just fooled u kidamn has been powerbombed hard and its obvious he broke his neck

evan-u cant do anything moore u have been traded to blaze with shane helms

shannon-dammn u u sorry son of a

tajiri kicks shannon at the back of the head

josh-thats shannons opponent for the cruiserweight tournament tajiri so we have an interpromotional match going on

marc-well tajiris got the advantage

the buzzaw scores kicks to shannons ribs and head then gives him a side slam tajiri goes to the top rope but shannon crontches him then goes for a superplex noble and karagias walk forward as shannon is distracted as well as the ref meanwhile tajiri sprays mist into shannons face then gives him a moonsault one two three

josh-cheap win by tajiri

marc-its not cheating until u r caught josh

spike dudleys music hits as he comes dwon for his cruiserweight tournament match against shane helms

the two shake hands first then tie up spike does a headlock but helms pushes him into the ropes and gives a shoulder block spike gets up and takes another one helms goes for a right but spike ducks and gives him a few elbows to the face then a hurracanrana spike dropkicks helms into the corner and goes for a bronco buster helms moves then delivers the flash magic to moans from the crowd shane goes for a suplex but spike counters then dropkciks shane again then stomps on his shoulders to laughter from the criwd spike kicks him in the gut and goes for the dudley dog but helms slams him down and goes to the top rope and signals for the overcastle spike ducks then does a small package one two three so the brackets are now jamie noble vs tajiri and spike vs winner of zach gowen vs yang

josh-both men fought for supremacy there and spike outsmarted shane helms using his momentum to win

marc-classic tactic by spike

main event

randy orton vs john cena vs brock lesnar vs triple h elimination fatal 4 way for the ngw title

i will just post the eliminations

brock lesnar eliminated by john cena after an f-u off the second rope

john cena eliminated by randy orton after the rko

hhh who was resting out side the irng hit orton with the title belt then gave him a ddt on the outside as in the steel ramp rolled him back in and gave him a pedigree one two three to eliminate orton and to win the ngw title

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tanks alot sibtain so the wwe is now shared 50 50 by shane and steph shane is now 46 in my post thanks sibtain but the ric f;air mic foley idea i dont thnk it would work two gms as faces nah shane here is heel

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ok now everybody its time for monday night blaze the pyros explode in richmond virginia as the coach and eric bischoff start the show as here comes the money hits as shane mcmahon comes out

shane-hello richmond the crowd pop

shane- i meant my cousin in the front row crowd boo

shane-ya watever well listen up tonight we will have a tournament to decide who will be the extreme world champion the most respected title in ngw

shane-i will also return the hardcore belt it will take place tonight in a invitational battle royal so everybody in the back sign up and further more shane is cut off by shannon moore and shane helms music

helms-we have been traded to raw so do something for us

shane-ok i will give u an opportunity in a handicap match

moore-no problem we can take on anybody 2 on 1

shane-uh i meant 3 on 2 rosey and jamal and rico vs you two


shane-ya i know it isnt fair so i will give a partner

helms-ok i am down with that

shane-ya the partner of rosie,jamal and rico batista and your match is next

their opponents come out and squash the two of them they end the match after batista powerbombs moore to the outside and jamal frog splashes helms one two three

extreme world title tournament first match christian vs test

christian opens things with a clothesline then body slams test christian goes of the ropes but test catches him and drills him with the sto test powerbombs christian then sizes up for the big boot christian ducks and goes for the unprettier and hits it one for a two christian is irate as the crowd yell boring christian puts a dragon sleeper on test who powers out and goes for a testdrive christain fights out and does a small package one two test and christian battle with right AND left punches christain scores a kick then hits a chop which echos around the arena the crowd chant wooooo christian suplexes test and goes to the top rope test gets up and crontches christian test then boots him in the face one two test thinks the ref counted the three and celebrates but christain rolls him up from behind one two three christain gets up to celebrate and is met with a chair shot from test who walks off angry

the sound of a siren fills the arena as scott steiner comes out with a singapore cane and then his next opponent and participant in the hardcore battle royal oh the rules hARDCORE MATCH WHOEVER keeps the title for 30 minutes before getting pinned or forced to tap wins rhyno comes out next when shane appears on the titantron

shane-hey rhyno,steiner before the hardcore battle royal u two are in a match for the extreme world tite tournament

steiner and rhyno start beating the crap out of each other steiner finally flips rhyno over his head and connects with a high angle spinebuster then drops the trademark elbow and push ups steiner gives him a clothesline kicks him in the gut then whips him rhyno goes of the ropes ducks a clothesline and gores steiner rhyno then pins him one two three at that french music blares through the arena as two participants for the hardcore battle royal rob conway and rene dupree run down behind them batista,rico and rosey and jamal follow with mark henry lagging behind as the match starts dupree quickly goes under rhyno and pins steiner while everybody is fighting and takes the belt he tries tp leave but in the crowd raven appears and ddts him for the three raven leaves with nobody noticing in the parking lot tazz walks up to him then belly to bellys him into a car one two three tazz gets into the car before driving away the others appear jamal drags tazz out of the car and they beat him up until conway takes everybody out with a metal pole and celebrates rico nails him with a kick then pins tazz to win ric runs off and climbs a ladder but rosie his partner throws the ladder over the pins rico one two three after a few more funny moments and new participants in shannon moore,bubba dudley and cade and jindarak
bubba prepares to drive jamal through a table but cade and jindarak attack him and slam him through the table they toss moore through a glass then take out 3 minute warning with chair shots cade and jindarak see mark henry knocked out then take out conway by piledriving him on top of a car jamal gets up and cade gives him a cross body one two three cade and jindarak celebrate when jindarak takes him out one two three jindarak gets into a limo and drives away he stops in front of a car and tells it to move brock lesnar steps out of the car

brock-think its funny trying to steal my manager shane mcmahons limo brock grabs jindarak by his head and destroys him one two three brock goes with the title as the 3o minute ends

live for the moment hits as matt hardy comes out with shane helms who got destroyed earlier

matt-first i will win this tournament second i have taken helms here under my wing to teach him the basics of version 1 chris jerichos music hits to a gigantic pop

jericho starts the match with some chops then suplexes matt who uses less offence jericho chokes matt who gives him a low blow matt tries to toss jericho out of the irng in a way that his neck will catch the rope but as he sling shots him helms catches jericho and sends him back matt is asking helms why he did that jericho gets up behind him and applies the walls of jericho hardy taps immediately then questions helms who kicks him in the gut then gives him a chokeslam then leg drops him then gives him a final cut

backstage john cena appears so cena and lesnar have been traded for triple h and aj styles and moore and helms for the jung dragons with gail kim

john cena and eddie guerrero vs brock lesnar and kurt angle

cena and guerrero duke out for the match the end comes when cena f-us angle and eddie does a frog spalsh

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lightning bolt

stephanie mcmahon comes out with triple h they kiss

stephanie-ladies and gentlemen welcome to the ngw lightning bolt

triple h-now everybody i was in blaze but now i am back to lightning bolt so tonight i will defend my ngw title against who again steph

steph-aj styles the crowd explode on hearing that name

aj styles music hits

aj-hello cleveland crowd pop ya wazzap now triple h tonight in my ngw debut i will take your ngw title or my name isnt the amazing phenenomon

hhh-last time i checked when the wwe were invaded by tna i beat your ass one two three in the middle of this ring right here inn cleveland,oklahoma

aj-that was the aj of tna tonight u will xperience the new amazing phenenenon(sp) aj styles of the ngw crowd pop

hhh-ya i am sure he is now a more amazing loser than he ever was

aj-thats enough he storms into the ring and tries to take out hhh but cant and takes a pedigree triple h waits for him to get up and when he does hits him with the ngw belt

Paul heyman is backstage with shawn micheals

paul-well shawn tonight u go one on one against paul london the person who betrayed your school u and brian kendrick and all of his fans

shawn-listen up paul let me tell u when i was coaching him and kendrick at my acaedemy he was a cocky guy with a bad sportsmanship attitude he told me he would change and he graduated then i take him under my wing and last thursday he betrayed me i have had enough people betraying me kevin nash,triple h and now paul london well tonight paul will learn not to mess with me paul dont hunt what u cant kill

rey mysterio comes out to a good pop and then ultimo dragon as the masked machines prepare to face the jung dragons

rey starts with yang and gains an advantage with a few armbars and technical holds yang hits a swift kick then takes mysterio out with a spin kick rey gets up and takes a kick across the face yang tags kaz who gives some amazing kicks mysterio tags ultimo dragon scores a punch and 6 kicks before dropkicking him straight to the outside he goes for the asai moonsault but yang cuts him off and suplexes him into the ring kaz sling shots in then brainbusters dragon they isolate him for awhile until rey tags in and goes lucha libre on yang and kaz rey sets kaz for the 619 but on his way gail kim clotheslines him down the ref doesnt know and kaz delivers a 450 one two three

josh-gail kim just took out rey mysterio bah gawd

marc-unbeliaveable and now what

gail kim goes to the top rope and gives a moonsault to ultimo dragon kim and the jung dragons leave to a booing crowd

Randy Orton comes out to a sweeeeeeeet pop

randy-john cena u went to blaze we are both fan favourites we are what the ngw is made of so at scorching thunder i the rocks music hits

rock-now now randy dont go considering yourself all that u see u arent the ngw u know what u are in the rocks eyes u are nothing nothing

randy-shut up so how about this at scorching thunder randy orton vs the rock

rock-just we will find out if u can go one on one with the great one

randy is about to step out of the ring when batista grabs him and drills him with a powerbomb big time

the rock laughs and walks off as the match gets underway

batista continues the assault and wins for most of the part until orton hits the rko one two three

shawn micheals vs paul london

in an epic encounter both men were bloddied london kicked out of sweet chin music and hbk kicked out of the london calling hbk gets up for another superkick but runs straight into a clothesline london goes for a brainbuster but micheals trips his leg over one two three with a roll up the crowd give both men a standing ovation when maven comes in and clobbers hbk with a chair until kendrick comes for the rescue

triple h vs aj styles

in another great match styles goes to the top rope ready for the styles air clash one two triple h puts his shoulder up then pedigrees styles one two three hhh wins and retains

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monday night blaze-orlando florida

word life hits first to a pop as john cena comes down

cena-yo yo yo yo yo yo YO crowd pop

cena-randy orton wanna challenge the doctor of thuganomics well bring it on all u deserve to do is sit in front of a tv thats coz u cant see me i will take you out like a light in the fog beat u one two three dawg word mother freakin life rhynos music hits

rhyno-cena brock lesnar is right u r nothing but an eminem busta rhyme wannabe

cena-shut up rhyno did i mention u look like a dino

rhyno-hah example right there i can beat u now like i beat u in days of yore u will fell nothing he enters the ring but a gore he charges but cena sends him crashing into the post cena stomps on rhyno until brock lesnar runs don lesnar catches cena with a spinebuster drags him to the corner and climbs the ropes ready for a shooting star press but eddie guerrero comes out guerrero shoves brock of the top and nails the frog splash and gets up and takes a gore from rhyno who charges at cena and gores him out of the ring

coach-gore gore gore


rhyno stays at the ring waiting for his opponent for the ngw tournament christian

christian takes it to rhyno with punches and kicks and a few tricks but gets a hard clothesline to the mat rhyno lifts him up and gives him a spinning spinebuster rhyno gives him a jacknife then ddts him down to the mat rhyno suplexes christian then goes for an irish whip christian counters and nails a clothesline he clotheslines rhyno again then scoops him up and slams him christain goes to the top rope but rhyno gets up and shovs christain off christain gets up and takes a Gore rhyno goes for the pin one two john cena runs dwon the entrance way rhyno goes out and trades punches with him cena gets the advantage as the ref doesnt know what to do he starts counting 1 2 34 5 6 7 8
rhyno gets his piledriver countered and blocked from getting into the ring christian wins by count out and celebrates cena runs off with a pissed off rhyno giving chase

i ll show u ull see steven richards comes out ready to take on er a mystery person if u knew me the crowd start popping big time as edge runs down for this tournament match

eric-oh my god its edge

coach-bischoff edge is back he broke his ankle after he was dropped off a ladder throguh chairs,thumbtacks and lightubes and stacked tables thanks to christian and if edge wins

bischoff-he gets to face christian and get a shot at the title

richards starts pounding edge who fights back with a few left jabs stevie kicks him in the gut and goes for the stevie t edge back presses him then hits him with a hard elbow to the ribs then delivers the downward spiral edge delivers the electic chair drop hoping for a three but stevie kicks out then cactches edge with a stevie kick richards goes for a pin with bridge but edge kicks out edge clotheslines stevie then pumps up the crowd edge stands in the corner ready for a spear as soon as stevie gets up edge charges but misses but grabs onto the ropes in the corner stevie turns around as edge trips him then locks in the edgecator stevie taps out

eric-oh my edge won he did it edge is gonna face christian next week right here on blaze

coach-this athlete at the age of 40 has defeated steven richards and he will face christian

shane mcmahon comes out with brock lesnar the hardcore champion

shane brags about lesnar when shannon moore runs down he chop blocks lesnar then takes the hardcore title only to walk into a shane clothesline brock picks him up and f-5s him out of the ring straight into the barricade

brock then calls out any former hardcore champion his challenge is answered by kurt angle brock gets a little taken a back angle gains an advantage for the entire half of the match until eric angle runs in turns kurt around and nails him with an olympic slam brock ascends the top rope and hits the shooting star press one two three brock clutches his title then floors angle with it eric picks kurt up then givs him a german suplex multiple times eric locks in an ankle lock until going outside and taking out a chair eric comes in and floors angle between the eyes as the crowd boo him

the siren fills the arena as scott steiner comes out steiner is set to face tommy dreamer after assaulting raven at power surge on friday steiner gives him a complete shot in a squash match and puts in a steiner recliner to make dreamer tap after that steiner body drops dreamer with big impact

garrison cade and mark jindarak def.nick dinsmore and rob conway the lords of the ring for the tag titles

after that finisher of theirs the double team dropkick spinebuster cade and jindarak pick up the win

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breaking news lightning bolt cancelled thursday due to bad weather we are now going to see power surge the pyros explode as the joint show starts off with ravens music to a huge pop raven comes out with barb wire and is followed by tommy dreamer with his singapore cane to another pop

raven-last week on power surge scott steiner beat the crap out of me well tonight me tommy and our little buddy the pund 4 pound spike dudley will take on steiner,paulombo and sean o haire and let me tell you three its gonna be a six man ECW style slug fest that is responded to by a huge pop

rhynos music hits as he comes out to good heat and in the ring venum a jobber

venum starts by punching away on rhyno he tries to play mind games and goes for a flying hurracanrana but rhyno catches him and powerbombs him straight down to the mat rhyno lifts him up presses him over his head and nails him with a devastating press slam rhyno lifts venum and tosses him into the turnbuckles and he flips over and turns around straight into the gore but he manages to duck thinking rhyno rammed into the post he celebrates only to see rhyno standing the manbeast gores him down hard for the pin

paul heyman-wow pick up some pointers here rue ECW is power surge we have a good ol slug fest we r gonna see rvd and justin credible and we just saw rhyno squash the living life out of venum

rue-well paul that was a dominating performance by rhyno hr totally crushed venum well up next folks we are gonna have a surprice appearance so lets find out who it is

rhyno is gloating when heyman introduces the surprise guest basic thuganomis hits over the pa system as the crowd explode upon impact cena dashes into the ring as he and rhyno slug it out with right hands and lefts cena slings rhyno into the bottom rope rolls him over and then sling shots him straight out of the ring rhyno gets up to take a baseball slide cena kicks him in the gut and whips him into the steps cena lifts rhyno onto his shoulders and nails him with the f-u straight onto the steel steps much to the crowds delight and paul heyman gets really pissed as he helps up rhyno

cena-well paul faydamen looks as if i bounced on of your top boys like i handle my toys he takes the f-u wonder if he hurt his neck well anyway i just bounced him faster than an ecw check word life the crowd pop big time for cena

jeff hardy def.justin credible with rvd to retain the ic title

hardy and credible both put on a technical match until van dam gets involved credible goes for a superkick but floors rvd hardy then rolls him up one two three

litas music hits as she comes down to cheer jeff the two hug and jeff stays ringside as lita faces dawn marie

dawn gets beat up most of the match until managing a knee to the gut and a few chops she backed lita into the corner and gave her the 10 punches lita looks at jeff who makes a roll through motion lita follows and slams dawns head into the turnbuckle then gives her a rolling powerbomb one two three

rue-wow lita and jeff hardy have excellent chemistry

paul-i have a feeling jeff hardy is a little attracted to lita let me remind u lita learned all she could from me in ecw when she was miss congenality

rue-paul give it a rest


spike,raven and dreamer come out as Team ECW much to heymans happiness when all of a sudden the nitro theme plays and jindarak,paulombo and o'haire come out as team WCW

rue-oh my god paul wcw vs ecw right here in power surge

paul-i told u ECW would return and we are going to use wcw as a stepping stone spike and raven plancha onto paulombo and o'haire lets just call him sean for the match steiner and dreamer both go into a singapore cane battle as raven takes out a trash can full of weapons he tosses a frying pan to spike who beats on sean raven smashes paulombo again and again with the lid before slamming chucky p into the ring postmeanwhile in the ring dremer cowers steiner with the cane into the corner until steiner grabs him by the waist and drills him with a t-bone suplex spike climbs the top rope and comes off with a flying lou thez press on steiner he gets up only to get whacked by chucky p u know superkick raven meanwhile turns chuck around and is about to ddt him when sean comes in and spine busters raven steiner picks up dreamer and body presses him straight to the outside raven fights back on chuck and sean but they double team and whip him off the ropes and go for a double high angle spinebuster but raven counters with a double ddt steiner attacks raven but spike nails him with the barb wire raven empties thumbtacks and puts them on a table he places ligttubes as well and lights it on fire he and spike are about to vertical suplex steiner through it but chuck interupts dreamer gets in and gives chuck a tdt tommy ddt onto the trash can lid sean charges with a sledgehammer at raven but he knees him in the gut and spike dudley dogs sean dreamer puts steiner on the extreme table and climbs up the top signaling for the dreamer splash when all of a sudden shane helms and shannon moore run down with steel chairs and wcw t-shirts they clock ecw and beat on them when all of a sudden the bombshell drops bubba and d-von charge into the ring and clean house they 3D steiner onto the extreme table as team ecw stands tall well only bubba and d-von

rue-oh my god i just dont belive it wcw and ecw are going to clash

paul-thats nothing at scorching thunder raven,tommy dreamer,bubba,d-von and spike will take on shannon,helms,o'haire,paulombo and steiner in a 5 man survivor match


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sorry for gail kim and christian limit well they are great athletes well it was my mistake to make such a bad roster and thread but i aint gonna give up i m desperate for storylines see ECW psstttt and cabs 26 have u done thinkin bout helpin me well somebody help me i m gonna cry waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
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