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Wrestlemania baby!
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WWE-the era of CLASS

hi welcome to my BTB THREAD.



Big show
Chris Masters
Gene Snitsky
John Cena
Kerwin White
Kurt Angle
Matt Hardy
Rene Dupree
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Rob Van Dam
Shelton Benjamin
Shawn Michaels
The Hurricane
Triple H
Tyson Tomko


Lilian Garcia
Torrie Wilson
Trish Stratus

Jim ‘JR Ross
Jerry ’the king’ lawler
Jonathan Coachman

JR: hello and welcome to raw folks, at least that’s what I believe its called cuz just one week ago it was announced that Shane o’mac is taking over raw 100% control. What’s gonna happen?
KING: Well I don’t know but I have heard big changes are on the way

here come the money’ starts playing and shane dressed in a hand made black suit struts to the ring with a smile on his face, he enters the ring and grabs a mic

SHANE: raw! Raw! Welcome to a whole new era, a era where I guarantee you that nothing will be the same again, I will tear this industry to shreds with the blockbuster show I’m gonna be putting out, start getting ready for smackdown funeral cuz I’m gonna bury it with my era of destruction. Wrestling, that’s right-wrestling! will never be the same again not just wwe. So new start, new slate and some changes are in order I think. First up as it is a new era I’m stripping all the champions of their gold but don’t fret cuz I guarantee all ex-champions no.1 contender-ships against a no.2 contender to decide who the new champion is. So without further a due I ask for John cena.

John cena comes to the ring

CENA:I hand over this title cuz that Eric d*ck tried his best to beat me and he failed so I’m sure I can beat whatever is thrown my way
SHANE:I hope for your sake that’s true
CENA: don’t you worry I beat the no2 contender till they are blue!

Cena leaves the ring and tosses the belt back into the ring as rosey and hurricane come to ringside and just dump their belts on the ring apron and shoot Shane a dirty look

JR: they are obviously upset at this decision, who can blame them after all they were rightfully champions.
KING: they are gonna get a fair chance at getting them back

Rosey and hurricane leave with Carlito making his way to the ring, he enters the ring

CARLITO: Shane, you’re cool. Me? I’m cool, stripping me of this title-that’s not cool
SHANE: trust me , when you win it again that will be cool. Trust me I need you to trust me

Shane whispers something into carlito ear and carlito smile

CARLITO: now that is cool.

Carlito hands over the title

JR: what was all that bout? Did you see that?
KING: Shane is actually handed a title for the first time this evening.

Shane gathers the titles together and makes a pile by his feet

SHANE: and last but not least the women’s title
TRISH music hits and she come to the ring wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans with the title over her shoulder looking unhappy. she enters the ring

TRISH:I get first shot at my baby ,yeah?
SHANES: guarantee.

Trish kisses the belt and hand it over to Shane and goes to leave the ring

SHANE: hold it there Trish. I’m not finished with you yet

JR: whats this about?

Trish turns and stares at Shane

SHANE: not only am I stripping you of your title-I’m stripping you of your cloths!!

Crowd goes nuts

TRISH: you got to be kidding? no way
SHANE: Trish out the back I have 5 big beefy bodyguards who will strip you down if you refuse
TRISH: you cant make me do this!
SHANE: trust me I very can much so. Now strip goddamit

Trish just stands there looking lost for words before she take off her shoes. She stands there a little while and sighs and pulls of her t-shirt revealing a black bra.

SHANE: chuck it in the pile and then carry on

she chucks the top in the pile of belts and undoes her jeans, she looks up one last time but see shanes is not gonna give and slides them down revealing a black thong.

JR: this is wrong folks, this is just wrong
KING: oh god, I hope he gives her a new job announcing, I can stare at her all night.

SHANE: thank you Trish, your co-operation is much appreciated, now head to the back and get ready for your match tonight

Trish leaves the ring looking very annoyed

SHANE: okay now we have done all the stripping of the gold or stripping to the see the gold so to speak

JR: please
KING: that’s kinda funny JR

SHANE: onto tonight. Carlito will face…matt Hardy in a intercontential title match with the special guest referee…Edge.

JR: what? You got to be kidding me, how fair is that?

SHANE: Cena will face…Gene Snitksy in a cage match for the wwe title
JR: how the hell did Snitsky get a shot at the title?

SHANE: rosie and Jim, sorry I meant rosie and hurricane will face the big show and a random partner for them 2 belts and last but not least again Trish will face Candice in a evening gown match… in a grudge match. We cant have every belt be defended tonight now can we? So there it is. And I promise you some more surprises along the way tonight.

Shane leaves the ring.

Match 1
Tag-team championship
Big show&???? V rosie and hurricane

All 3 are in the ring then Shane appears on the titatron with box full of names he puts his hand and pulls out…HBK! Shawn comes to the ring

Match notes
Show and Shawn argue throughout the match but win hbk tries to hit show with sweet chin music and misses catching hurricane, show then chokeslam’s Shawn then choke slams hurricane and then pinning him,

Match result-new tag team champions-Shawn Michaels and the big show

Backstage we see matt preparing his match which is up next

Match 2
Ic championship
Matt Hardy v carltio with s/ referee Edge

JR: this is really unfair, Matt has no chance here

Match notes
The bell rings and matt basically gets stomped down and is easily pinned.

Match result-new ic champion-carlito!

Shane is backstage and he announces that tonight we will se a new no.1 contender for the ic title announced and plus a new sighing to the raw roster. Then RVD walks in

RVD: why am I not in tonight’s show? Me and you go way back! Remember the alliance?
SHANE: hey rob, just so happens I was after a wrestler for my next match.

Match 3
RVD vs. chris masters

Match notes
Rvd demonstrates loads of moves and wins after a average match outing

Match result-RVD wins

Backstage matt storms into Shane’s office

MATT: what the **** was all that bout?
SHANE: hey calm down, in-fact I’m glad you’re here because I’m about to two matchs for unforgiven! First up, you will like this matt, it will be matt Hardy vs. Edge in a fall count anywhere match and secondly, I think you will like this also Matt, it will be Carltio vs…Lita for the title!!

KING: wow!
JR: did I just hear that right?
KING: lita?
JR: despite what I feel bout her she didn’t deserve this, what’s this all about?

Backstage we see carlito and edge laughing

CARLITO: it so great that we can work together its cool
EDGE: totally. When we both win at unforgiving it will be soooo cool

Lita walks up to them

LITA: you’re expecting me to job for you aren’t you?
CARLiTO: of course
LITA: well I got news for you mister, it isn’t gonna happen.

Carlito and Edge looks stunned.

JR: oh god, what else is gonna happen tonight.
KING: good question and looks who coming down to the ring!

Match 4
Evening gown match
Trish v Candice

Match notes
Trish is wearing a black dress and candice purple. Trish easily outdoes hers and chick kicks her before unzipping and pulling off her dress revealing pink bra and panties.

Match result- Trish wins

Trish stands over her victories then supermodel and actress Kelly brook attacks Trish and rips off her dress!! Shane appears on the titatron

SHANE: say hi to my new sighing and the no.2 contender for the women’s title.

The cage is seen being lowerd

KING: oh god I love shane
JR: this isn’t right, come on somebody?
KING: how can you complain?
JR: Shane is ripping the company to shreds! And since when is Kelly Brook a wrestler?

Main event
Wwe world title
Cage match
John Cena V Gene Snitsky

Match notes.
It’s a real slobber knocker with them bouncing each other off the cage all the way through the match both men are busted right open but cena hit’s the FU and climbs over to win

Match result-new WWE champion, John Cena

JR: well there is some justice in this world at least

Suddenly Kurt Angle runs to the ring and starts attacking cena with a chair. Suddenly matt hardy runs down and tries to help him. Carlito runs down and attacks carlito, the cage is now being lifted but carlito and matt are climbed onto the side now. As the cage is getting higher carlito hits matt off, he goes crashing down to the ring destroyed. Shane starts walking down to the ring then trish jumps him from behind she laying into him on the ramp then Kelly brook hits her from nowhere and chucks her off the ramp. She helps Shane up.

JR: this is chaos, I’m lost for words

Shane, carlito, Angle and Kelly Brook stand in the ring with their arms raised as the camera shows john cena flat on his back at ring side, matt on his side in a daze also at ringside and Trish on top of some electrical equipment

SHANE: one more thing-as you might of guessed-kurt angle is the new no1 contender!!!!

All four stand in the ring as raw goes off air

Wrestlemania baby!
7,480 Posts
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thanks man all feed back is welcome, i would rep but i dont seem to be able to..?
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