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New School Fire back with another go at a btb, now i can't say that I am back full time but i will do my best so if you guys will just stick with me, i am sure you will enjoy it.



HHH (Face) (WWE Champ)
Shawn Michaels (Face)
Stone Cold Steve Austin (Face)
Sting (Face)
Mankind (Face)
Kane (Face) (Tag Champ)
Big Show (Face) (Tag Champ)
John Cena (Heel)
Carlito (Heel)
Chris Masters (Heel)
Shelton Benjamin (Face) (I.C. Champ)
Kevin Nash (Heel)
Edge (Heel)
Kurt Angle (Heel)
Rosey (Heel)
Jamal (Heel)
Rob Van Dam (Face)
Val Venis (Face)
Viscera (Face)
Tyson Tomko (Heel)
Gene Snistsky (Heel)
Rob Conway (Heel)

G.M.: Vince McMahon

Tag Teams
Kane & Big Show
Jamal & Rosey (3 Minute Warning) Eric Bishcoff Manager
Val Venis & Viscera


Brock Lesnar (Heel) (World Champ)
Undertaker (Face)
The Rock (Heel)
Goldberg (Face)
Batista (Face)
Randy Orton (Heel)
JBL (Heel)
Rey Mysterio (Face)
The Boogeyman (Face)
Lashley (Face) (U.S. Champ)
Chris Benoit (Face)
Booker T (Face)
Johnny Nitro (Heel) (Tag Champ)
Joey Mercury (Heel) ( Tag Champ)
Psicosis (Face)
Juventud (Face) (CW Champ)
Super Crazy (Face)
Matt Hardy (Face)
Orlando Jordon (Heel)
Animal (Face)
Heidenreich (Face)

G.M.: Shane McMahon

Tag Teams

The Mexicools


Jan.= Royal Rumble / New Years Revolution
Feb.=No Way Out
March= Wrestlemania
April= Backlash
May=Judgement Day
June= Bad Blood
July= Great American Bash
Aug.= SummerSlam
Oct.=No Mercy
Nov.= Taboo Tuesday/Survivor Series
Dec.= Armageddon

I am going to be starting three weeks before Amageddon a Smackdown PPV, I will have the first show up as soon as possible. So I hope you all enjoy The Beginning of the End!

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Good rosters, cool to see 3 minute warning with Bishoff and glad to see Benjamin with a push good luck with this i will be reviewing

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*Across the Nation hits and the fans go nuts as kicks off*

STYLES: Hello everyone and welcome to Raw! I am Joey Styles sitting along side my broadcast partner Jerry "The King" Lawler. How you doing King?

KING: I am doing great, and how about yourself?

STYLES: I am doing just fine. But do we have a show for the fans tonight?

KING: Oh boy I can't wait to see what great of a show we have in store.

STYLES: I couldn't agree more King, but........

*"No Chance" hits and the fans cheer for the Raw General Manager, Vince McMahon. Vince climbs the steel stairs and steps into the ring. Vince asks the timekeeper for a microphone*

VINCE: You all may be wondering what I am doing out here with a mic in my hand. Well, I'll tell you. It's for one reason and one reason only......the WWE Championship. And I think you fans here tonight deserve to see that Title defended. But that is not going to happen.

*the fans boo loudly*

VINCE: Now don't get me wrong, I am not trying to be mean here. So the Title will not be defended tonight, but I have something more, something much more in store for you people here. You see, I have been in the back all day today, and all day people have been coming up to me asking for a World Title shot. So I came up with an idea. And that idea was to have a Gold Rush Tournament for the number one contendership for the World Heavyweight Title. Yes, a Gold Rush Tournament. This tournament will consist of eight men, eight of the top men on the Raw roster. So tonight there will be four matches and the winner of those matches will advance to the semi-finals. Thank you for your time.

STYLES: Wow! a Gold Rush tournament for the number one contendership for the World Title, it just doesn't get much better than that now does it.

KING: I think it does get any better than that. But I don't wanna wait I want to find out who the first two men are.

STYLES: Well, you heard him, let's get this underway.

*"I spit in the face of people who don't want to be cool" hits and the fans boo for Carlito. Carlito walks down the entrance ramp and crawls into the ring awaiting his opponent.*

* "Sexy Boy" hits and the fans go crazy for Shawn Michaels, Shawn taunts his way down the ramp and steps into the ring*

Match One Gold Rush Tournament: Carlito vs. Shawn Michaels

Match Finish
Early on in the match Shawn Michaels was in control. Shawn hit an elbow drop off the top and then set up for Sweet Chin Music. As Shawn leaped to hit Carlto with the kick, Carlito pulled the referee into the way. The ref was knocked out and then while Shawn was checking on the ref Carlito hit a low blow. Carlito then goes to the outside of the ring and grabs a steel chair. Carlito gets back into the ring and measures Shawn Michaels. HBK gets to his feet and Carlito smacks HBK over the head with the chair. Carlito smiles and then attemps to wake up the ref. The ref finally has enough strength to pull himself over to where Carlito pins Shawn. The ref counts, 1...............................2........................... No! Kickout by HBK. Carlito can't believe it. Carlito the grabs the steel chair again. As Shawn Michaels gets back to his feet he sees Carlito running at him with the chair, but Michaels quickly hits the Sweet Chin Music on the chair which hits Carlito. Shawn Michaels then falls on top of Carlito. The ref counts. 1...................2..................3!

Here is your winner, Shawn Michaels!

STYLES: Shawn Michaels advances to the semi-finals!

KING: Oh man, I thought for sure Carlito had it in the bag. That's not Cool!

STYLES: Well whenever HBK wrestles I think it's cool. Anyways up next we have some Tag Team action when Kane and the Big Show take on Val Venis and Viscera. W'll be right back!


*"Val Venis and Viscera are already in the ring after the break as they await the Tag Champs, then suddenly an explosion goes off and Kane's music hits, both Kane and Big Show walk out together. Both men get into the ring as we go underway.*

Match Two: Kane and Big Show vs. Val Venis and Viscera.

Match Finish

Kane and Big Show are in control the whole match. Kane and Big Show continue to tag each other in beating on Val Venis as Viscera lay on the mat outside from a big boot from the Big Show earlier. For a split second Val Venis gets the upper hand on Kane. Val Venis goes into the ropes but runs into a clothesline by the Big Show. Kane picks Val Venis up by the throat, and then Big Show grabs Venis by the throat. Then Kane and Big Show hit a double chokeslam on Val Venis. Kane then goes for the pin. 1.......................2.....................3!

Here are your winners, Kane and the Big Show.

The Aftermath:
Kane and the Big Show celebrate their victory in the ring then suddenly we hear Eric Bischoff's voice.

ERIC: Very nice, very nice. Well done you two. Man that was an amazing match-up. Actually I am just being nice, you see I was actually only interested in it for about .........................three minutes................

Then suddenly Kane and Big Show are attacked from behind by 3 minute warning. Rosey tosses The Big Show out of the ring. Then Rosey scoop slams Kane on the ground. Jamal then heads to the top rope. Jamal leaps off the top rope and hits a thunderous splash. 3 minute warning celebrate in the ring with Eric Bischoff. Bischoff then puts the microphone up to his mouth.

ERIC: I just came from the G.M.'s office and I requested that next week it will be 3 Minute Warning taking on Kane and Big Show for the Tag Team Titles next week!

*3 Minute Warnings music hits, as the fans boo Eric, Jamal and Rosey all walk up the ramp.


STYLES: Welcome back to Raw everybody. Before the break we witnessed an attack from behind from 3 Minute Warning. After Kane and Big Show won their match, Eric Bischoff came out and distracted Kane and The Big Show so Jamal and Rosey could take them out.

KING: Yeah, but we did have some good news. We found out that next week it will be Kane and Big Show putting the WWE Tag Team Titles on the line against 3 Minute Warning. Man, Jamal and Rosey beat those two down so bad, I don't even think they know that they have to defend their titles next week.

STYLES: You may be right. That match next week should be a great one. But that's next week, we still have tonight to look forward to. So let's go to our next Gold Rush Tournament Match!

*The fans are silent waiting to see who the next person in the tournament will be then suddenly..........."Rattle Snake" hits the PA system and the fans go crazy for the Texas Rattle Snake. Stone Cold makes his way down the ramp. Steve Austin then climbs in the ring and taunts on all four post then waits to see who his opponent is*

*"Diesel" hits and the fans boo as Kevin Nash makes his way into the ring*

Match Three:Gold Rush Tournament Match-Stone Cold vs. Kevin

Match Finish:

In a pretty even match, Stone Cold Steve Austin gets the upper hand late in the match. Kevin Nash goes for an Irish-Whip to Austin against the ropes but Steve comes back with the Lou Thez Press. Austin the unleashes a series of right hands on Kevin Nash. Austin then positions Nash in the corner and then starts to stomp mudholes in him. Stone Cold backs off and then taunts a little bit, and then Austin turns around and is met by a boot form Nash. Kevin then signals for the Jackknife Powerbomb. As Nash is about to put Austin into position, Steve Austin breaks loose and hits a desperation Stone Cold Stunner! Austin then covers Nash. 1....................2...............3!

Here is your winner, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!

STYLES: Out of nowhere Austin hit the Stunner to win it. I thought for sure this one was over when Nash signaled for the Jackknife.

KING: Well, that goes to show you anything can happen in the WWE.

STYLES: I guess you are right. But don't go anywhere becasue after the break there will be another Gold Rush Tournament match.


*as we come back from the commercial break we here "Medals" hit as the fans boo Kurt Angle. Angle climbs into the ring awating his opponent*

*the lights go out, and then the crowd hears Stings music and start to cheer for him. Sting makes his way down from the rafters as the match gets started.

Match Four:Gold Rush Tournament Match-Sting vs. Kurt Angle

Match Finish:

In a very even match with both men hitting their signature moves and both kicking out, Kurt Angle is in control. Angle has Sting on the mat while Angle hits him right after right. Kurt Angle then picks up Sting and throws him into the ropes. As Sting comes back Kurt Angle meets him with a belly to belly. Kurt lets Sting get to his feet and then attemps to throw Sting into the corner but Sting reverses it and throws Angle into the corner himself. But the ref gets caught up behind Kurt Angle. Sting does not see this and then attemps to hit the Stinger Splash, but Kurt moves out of the way and Sting hits the ref. Sting pays no attention and stays focus on Kurt. Kurt attemps the Angle Slam but Sting slips out from behind and then connects with the Scorpian Death Drop. Sting goes for the pin but no one is there to count. Sting goes over to the ref to wake him up. As Sting is doing this, John Cena runs down to the ring with a chain rapped around his hand and hits Sting with it. John Cena then runs out and leaves the ring. After a while, the ref gets up, followed by Kurt. Sting then slowly gets to his feet. Kurt Angle comes up from behind Sting and connects with the Angle Slam! Angle then covers. 1............................2..........................3.

Here is your winner Kurt Angle!

STYLES: Angle just cheated to win the match!

KING: Actually no he didn't, John Cena did.

STYLES: Well you know what I mean. Anyways, we just have one more match to go and it is the final Gold Rush Tournament match, so dont go anywhere we will be right back.


*we come back from the commercial break to see Kevin Nash wondering through the back stage area. He then comes across Vince McMahon's office*

NASH: Vince! Did you see what happend out there earlier? I got cheated.

VINCE: When? I didn't see Austin cheat.

NASH: He had my tights!

VINCE: Well I didn't see anything.

NASH: That doesn't matter. What matters is he did cheat. And I wanna know what you plan on doing about this.

VINCE: Alright, alright. Because I like you and we go back, I am going to put you in match next week against HHH! But it won't be for the Title, oh no. But if you beat HHH next week, then I will allow you to face the winner of the Gold Rush Tournament in a number one contenders match. Now I know the others won't be happy about this but I'll talk it over with them.

NASH: Ok, I guess that works. Thanks Vince, you won't be disapointed.

*Nash walks out with a smile on his face, while Vince stands there with a more worried look on his face*

STYLES: Oh, come on. Austin didn't cheat in his match against Kevin Nash, Nash is just mad that Austin advanced and he didn't.

KING: Well, that's what you get by being friends with the boss, oppertunity.

STYLES: I don't like this, I dont like this at all. But we still have have one more match to go in the first round of the Gold Rush Tournament. And that match is right now. So let's get started.

*"Ain't no stoppin me now" hits and the fans cheer for Shelton Benjamin. Shelton climbs in the ring and pumps up the fans while he waits for his opponent*

*"You think you know me" hits and the fans boo when Edge walks out. Edge crawls into the ring as the match gets started*

Match Five: Gold Rush Tournament Match- Shelton Benjamin vs. Edge

Match Finish:

In a very exciting, fast-paced match, Edge is in total control after Shelton Benjamen's failed earlier attempt of a suicide dive through the ropes. Edge has Benjamin set up on the top rope. Edge climbs up on the ropes with Shelton and hits a spine-crushing superplex. Both men are down as the ref starts a ten count. 1..2..3..4..5, Edge then makes his way to his feet, as Shelton is just know getting to his knee's. Edge picks Shelton up the rest of the way and hits him with a couple hard rights. Shelton tries to fight back with a couple rights of his own, but Edge quickly knee's Benjamin in the gut. Edge then hits the Educution on Benjamin. Edge goes for the cover. 1.......................2................No! Kick out by Shelton. Edge is bothered by the kick out but stays focus. Edge stands up and walks over to the corner. Edge then kneels down and signals for the Spear. As Shelton Benjamin stands up, Edge charges Benjamin, but Shelton moves out of the way and Edge bounces off the middle turnbuckle. Edge turns around from the impact and walks right into the T-Bone Suplex from Benjamin! 1............................2......................................3!

Here is your winner Shelton Benjamin!

STYLES: Benjamin did it! Benjamin did it! I can't believe it. That was one amazing match put on by these two competitors. And for once we got to see a match where Edge didn't cheat his way to victory.

KING: What are you talking about? Edge never cheats.

STYLES: Yeah, right, and I was a former ECW Champion.

KING: No you weren't?

STYLES: I know King, I know. Well that will do it for us here tonight, but tune in next week as the Semi-finals take place for the Gold Rush Tournament. Good night everybody!

*Shelton Benjamin celebrates his victory in the ring as the screen fades to black*


"Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels

Shelton Benjamin vs. Kurt Angle

I hope you all enjoyed my first show, I know it was a little short, but it is my first time writing in a while, give me a couple weeks and I'll get back into it. All reviews will be returned.

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i like the idea of the gold rush tournament it was an awesome idea and i am really interested in seeing what will happen next week i liked the match with shelton but it wasnt very long i think they should be lopnger and haow can you have sting lose it was his first week back it was a good script im interested in seeing who will win the tag team match with 3-minute warning which by the way i think awesome touch alright

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Thanks for the comments VamPyro, but I am a little disapointed, on t he Reviews here. I did review some other shows, but i guess what ever, but I still have to write Smackdown so hopefully in that time I can get some more reviews. All reviews willb e returned.

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sorry I didn’t have a lot of time

Vince promo- good start awesome the gold rush tournament, and he was in character

HBK vs Carlito - nice ending with the chair and scm awesome to see michaels move on 9/10

Kane and show vs val and vis- squash to make kane and show better good ending with double chokeslam 6/10

aftermath- awesome 3 minute warning with eric bishoff that will be a good match and good to see bishoff but not as gm

Stone cold vs Nash- stone cold is back and I think he will win even though he can never wrestle again hey it’s fan fiction 8/10

Sting vs Angle- motn I would think if it was full awesome and Angle wins why did cena help him is he heel or does he just want to face angle?

Good announcement nash vs hhh next week

Edge vs Benjamin- what a match a the original gold rush winner is out in the first round love to see you push benjamin but he won’t go much further

overall great first show can’t wait for smackdown return the review my raw will be up thursday

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RAW Review

Vince McMahon Promo: It was a Decent Promo and It was well in Character but I think anyone like Bischoff should have interfered in that. by the way good decent promo.

Shawn Michaels vs. Carlito: I wanted HBK to win. I want HBK to win the gold too. Michaels is the man.

Kane & Show vs. Val & Venis: Nice win for the faces but wait, 3 minute warning are back. Now, this can turn out too be a good tag team feud from next week.

Stone Cold vs. Nash: Well, I think this should be your main event of the night. By the way nice match for Stone Cold to advance.

Sting vs. Angle Nice match for Angle to win. Nice interference by Cena. Cena is definitely a heel and I want a Triple Threat Feud b/w them. Sting/Angle/Cena. that could be good man.

Nash vs. Triple H next week, It's nice. I like the Idea of it and I think now it's going to be a fatal four way feud b/w Nash/HHH/HBK/Austin. It could be good but any ways.

Edge vs. Benjamin: Nice match but the problem is that it should not be the Main Event of the night. I like the idea of Benjamin advaning and we may see a Benjamin push. wow!

Well, It was all a nice and decent show. But since, it's your first show. I don't think it was too good. You should have done more promos in the RAW and the McMahon promo should've been longer. Matches should've also been longer and for the RAW. It was short, By the way these are the tips that you can improve. Hmmm, I can give 7/10 for your first show. cool nah?

Well, thanks for your Review in my Show.

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Thanks for all the reviews and comments I will return all Reviews that were given to me. I have my Smackdown all finished, but I am going to wait until Friday to post, I want to keep my scheduale the same as in real life. Thanks again for all the Reviews.

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Sorry but my computer is going to be shut down for a little while so I will have to review Smackdown!

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RAW Review

Vince McMahon Promo: It was a pretty good promo and good way to open the show.

Shawn Michaels vs. Carlito: Good to see Michaels advance here. I figured he would

Kane & Show vs. Val & Venis: Good win for Kane and Show and I am happy to see 3 Minute Warning back. This could turn out to be a good fued. Good to see the tag division actually getting noticed

Stone Cold vs. Nash: Good win for Stone Cold. Glad he advanced.

Sting vs. Angle Good match. I am intrigued to see how you will work this out with Cena interfering and everything.

Nash vs. Triple H next week Should be a good match

Edge vs. Benjamin: I like tha Benjamin won. Glad to see him getting a push after a crappy time in the real WWE.

I will give you an 8/10 for your first show. You need longer promos and more of them. That was really the only thing i could tell. Keep up the good work!

WWE: Annihilation.....First and Second RAW shows are up. I return reviews

Hug Like a Champ
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Vince Promo: Great promo. In character. Nice Gold Rush Tournament announcement.

HBK vs Carlito: Good finish. Nice to see HBK win.

Big Show/Kane vs Val Venis/Viscera: Good match, great aftermath. I like how 3 minute warning was introduced.

Austin vs Nash: Great to see Austin again. Nice win by him.

Sting vs Angle: Fantastic match and finish. Wondering why Cena helped Angle. We'll see that next week hopefully.

Benjamin vs Edge: Great match. Great to see Shelton win.

Final Grade: 8/10. Nice work on your first show.

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Thanks for all the feedback guys, I really appreciate it. Just a reminder I will be posting Smackdown in about nine hours from now, so I hope you all enjoy it. I will be returning all the reviews I recieve, and if I forgot to review anyones who reviewed mine please pm me to remind me. Thanks.

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The Smackdown theme hits and the pyro goes off, the fans explode with excitment, the camera moves around the arena as the commentators kick off the show

Michael Cole: Hello everyone and welcome to Smackdown! I am Michael Cole sitting along side my broadcast partner Tazz. How you feeling Tazz?

Tazz: Great Cole, just great! How can you feel anything but great when your watching Smackdown?

Michael Cole: I can't argue with you there partner. And especially tonight. Because tonight is going to be a huge night.

Tazz: No doubt Cole, no doubt.

Michael Cole: But before we get to the action we will hear from our General Manager, Shane McMahon. He is already in the ring so let's hear what he has to say.

The fans cheers die down to hear Shane McMahon talk

Shane McMahon: When my father put in this position to be the Smackdown General Manager, he told me he is giving me this job because he thought that I could bring in some competition for Raw. So if its competition my father wants, then it's competition my father is going to get! (fans cheer loudly) So I thought to myself, how am I going to get more ratings than Raw? Well, what better way to be better than Raw than to watch Raw and see what they have going on. So I am at home watching Raw and I see my father come strut down to the ring, grab a microphone, and announce that Raw will be having a Gold Rush Tournament for the number one contendership for the Title. And I have to admit, I was impressed with what my dad put together. But suddenly I had an idea. I need a number one contender for my shows title as well. So what I am going to do is have a series of matches where the winner will advance on. Advance to what you ask? Well, they are not going to be advancing to another series of matches, oh no. You see I am going to have five matches, two tonight and three next week. And the winner of these matches will all go on into the same match. But it will not be any ordinary match. These superstars will be advancing into an ELIMINATION CHAMBER MATCH! (fans go crazy for the announcement) And....................

Shane McMahon is cut off by JBL's music, he appears at the top of the entrance ramp with a mic in hand

JBL: So an Elimination Chamber match huh. You have hit the nail in the coffin with this one Shane. This match will be sure to draw in some ratings. But do you know what will draw in more ratings?

Shane McMahon: What would that be JBL?

JBL: If you put me, a Wrestling God, into the match.

Shane McMahon: Well in order to get into the Chamber match you have to advance into it through another match.

JBL: I know that, I'm not stupid like that money Chris Masters over on Raw. But I mean put me into the qualifying matches.

Shane McMahon: JBL, you underestimate me. I have already picked out all the names that will be in the matches.

JBL: Now you see I always knew you were smart.............

Shane McMahon: And I can assure you, you are NOT in any of them.( fans cheer)

JBL: What do you mean I'm not in it. I am a wrestling god, I have been in the most brutal matches in WWE history. Last Ride match, Bull rope match, barbedwire steel cage match. You name it I have been in it, I smell like smoke because I have been through fire! And you are going to tell me that I am not in the matches. How dare you!

Shane McMahon: Well, what's done is done. But wait, I did book you in a match tonight. And this man asked to be in a match with you personally. And that man is, Lashley! That match will be later on tonight and it will be for the United States Championship. Thank you everybody and enjoy the rest of your night.

Shane walks by JBL with a smile on his face, JBL is mad that he is not in the qualifying matches but scared to be in a match with Lashley


Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, and before the break we heard a huge announcement regarding Armageddon.

Tazz: Oh yeah. It will be a Smackdown first, an Elimination Chamber.

Michael Cole: And during the break we got word that the match will be for the World Title. So we already know one man who will be in the Chamber and that man is Brock Lesnar! But I want to find out who will be the rest of them so let's go to the first of two qualifying matches to take place here tonight.

"O.J." hits and the fans boo Orlando Jordon as he makes his way to the ring

"Goldberg" hits and the fans erupt with anticipation to see Goldberg

Match One: Chamber Qualifying Match - Goldberg vs. Orlando Jordon

Match Finish:

In a total squash match, Goldberg is dominating the entire match. Goldberg had multiple times where he could have gotten the three count but keeps pulling OJ's shoulder off the mat. JBL made an attempt to interfere in the match but Goldberg simply knocks him off the apron. Goldberg then crouches down in the corner waiting for OJ to get up. When he does, Goldberg spears him down. Goldberg then picks up OJ and sets him up for the Jackhammer. Goldberg connects with it and pins. 1......2........3!

Here is your winner, Goldberg!

Michael Cole:
Goldberg just tore apart Orlando Jordon. And his reward is advancement into the Elimination Chamber match.

Tazz: I'll tell you one thing, I would not want to be in the Chamber with that guy.

Michael Cole: I can easily agree with you there partner. We have to take a commercial break, so don't go anywhere, there is much more Smackdown to come!

before the commercial, we cut to the back where we see Randy Orton walking into Shane McMahon's office

Shane McMahon: Hey Randy, what can I do for you?

Randy Orton: You can tell me if you put me in one of those qualifying matches.

Shane McMahon: Don't worry, you are in a qualifying match. But not tonight. I have another match booked for you tonight.

Randy Orton: Well who is it?

Shane McMahon: You find out soon because your match is next, now if I were you I would go get ready.

As Randy Orton leaves, Brock Lesnar walks in

Brock Lesnar: What are you crazy? You think I am going to defend my Title against five other men?

Shane McMahon: No, I know you are going to defend your Title against five other men. Or else I will strip the title from you. But you don't have the night off either because tonight you are going to be facing Matt Hardy!

Brock Lesnar: Alright, I'll play your game. But after I deafeat Matt Hardy, and after I defend my title and still have it around my waist, we play my games.


Michael Cole: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Before we cut to the commercial, we heard that Randy Orton will be one of the superstars who gets a qualifying match next week, but he also has a match right now so let's get to it.

"Burn my light" hits and Randy Orton gets a mixed reaction from the crowd

Chris Benoit's music hits and the fans cheer for the Rabid Wolverine

Match Two: Randy Orton vs. Chris Benoit

Match Finish

In a very fasted paced, back and forth match, both men are very worn out. Randy Orton and Chris Benoit exchange right hands. Randy Orton then takes a swing at Benoit but Benoit ducks then grabs Randy from behind and connects with three Germen Suplexes. Benoit then goes up top and attempts a Diving Head butt, but Randy Orton moves out of the way. Randy then stalks Benoit and when Benoit gets up, Randy Orton delivers an RKO! Orton then pins Benoit. 1............2............3!

Here is your winner, Randy Orton!

Michael Cole:
A very impressive victory for the "Legend Killer" Randy Orton.

Tazz: Yeah, it's about time you give credit to where is needed. You are always saying how Randy Orton is cocky and has to big of an ego.

Michael Cole: But he is cocky, and he does have to big of an ego.

Tazz: Sure Cole, whatever you say.

Michael Cole: Okay Tazz. Well anyways let's go to the back where Krystal is standing by with Lashley!

Krystal: Lashley how do you feel defending your title here tonight against JBL?

Lashley: I feel tired, tired of hearing JBL run his mouth all day about being a wrestling god, and only backs it up in the ring by cheating. But tonight, he won't be getting a win over me by cheating, in fact he won't get a win over me period. Tonight JBL will not be able to run away or cheat, because tonight he will be dealing with the Real Deal!

Lashley walks away, but as he does we hear a commotion in the background, the camera quickly goes in the direction of the noise. We then see Matt Hardy lying in a pool of his own blood.

Michael Cole: What in the world happen backstage? We just found Matt Hardy surrounded by blood.

Tazz: Come on Cole, I will give you one guess of who is responsible for that.

Michael Cole: I think I know who you are talking about. Well Brock Lesnar's match is supposed to be up next but will the match go on?


we come back to see Brock Lesnar standing in the ring, Matt Hardy's music then hits. The fans cheer, but Matt Hardy is no where to be found. Matt Hardy's music then stops. Shane McMahon's music comes on and he walks out with a mic.

Shane McMahon: So Brock, you think you can get away with it that easy? Well think again because you are not getting off the hook that easy. You may have taken out your scheduled opponent, but that doesn't mean you get the night off. I have found a replacement for you Brock. And I hope you like him, because you have had a history with each other. Oh and Brock, good luck, you will need it.

Shane McMahon walks away with a smile on his face then the fans go silent to see who the opponent is, then suddenly, the lights go out, the fans erupt when they hear the Undertaker's music. Taker makes his way into the ring and Brock is terrified

Match Three: Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker - Non-title

Match Finish:

Right from the beginning of the match these two superstars put on an amazing match. Both men go back and forth, each man getting in series of moves. The Undertaker is in control. Taker has Brock Lesnar on his shoulder and drops him head first into the turnbuckle padding. Taker then goes against the ropes and big boots Brock all the way to the out side of the ring. Taker takes it to Brock Lesnar on the out side as well. Both men battle over toward the announce table area. Taker clotheslines Lesnar to the ground. Taker then takes some things of the announce table and looks as if he is going to put Lesnar through, but as Taker is preparing the table Brock grabs a steal chair from the time keeper. Taker goes to grab Brock and wham! Lesnar connects with a chair shot to Taker. The ref has no choice but to call for the bell.

Here is your winner by DQ, The Undertaker.

Michael Cole:
Dang it! The Undertaker had this match won, hands down, and Brock knew that's why he got himself DQ'd!

Tazz: Easy Cole, you are going to blow a blood vessel.

Michael Cole: Well I am sick and tired of watching Brock Lesnar cheat his way out of things. Well as mad as I am, the show must go on. When we come back we will see the the last qualifying match-up here tonight. So stay tuned.


"Can you dig it SUCKA!" hits and the fans cheer for Booker T

"If ya smell what the Rock is cookin" hits and the fans go crazy for the People's Champ

Match Four: Chamber Qualifying Match - Booker T vs. The Rock

Match Finish:

In a match that the fans are very much into, The Rock and Booker T are fighting pretty evenly. The Rock has gotten the upper hand on most of the match. In the end we see Booker T in control delivering chops and kicks to The Rock. Booker T then positions The Rock to the middle of the ring. Booker T then kicks The Rock in the stomach and attempts the Scissors Kick. The Rock moves out of the way just in time. Booker T then takes a swing at The Rock but The Rock ducks and catches him with the Rock Bottom! The Rock then pins. 1..............2.........3!

Here is your winner, The Rock.

Michael Cole:
The has beat Booker T in the second Chamber qualifying match. The Rock moves on to meet five other superstars in the Elimination Chamber.

Tazz: Oh yeah, The Rock gets another chance to taste Heavyweight Gold.

Michael Cole: Indeed that match was great but we still have one match to go and that match is the United States Championship match, where we will see JBL challenge Lashley for the Title we will be right back.


We come back to see Shane McMahon who seems to be looking for somebody, Shane then comes across a door that says "The Undertaker" on it. Shane looks a little scared but goes in. The room is filled with fog and it is hard to see. Shane walks in and the door closes by itself. The Undertaker then appears in front of Shane.

The Undertaker: I presume that you have come here to tell me what you plan on doing about earlier.

Shane McMahon: Yes, you are exactly right. And I think you will like what I have come up with. What I am going to do is put you in the main event next week, in the very last of the Chamber qualifying matches where you will be facing Rey Mysterio.(the fans pop)

Undertaker: That will do. And when I am done with Rey Mysterio next week, I will go on to the Elimination Chamber and win the World Heavyweight Title. And then Brock Lesnar will Rest........In..........Piece!(the fans cheer)

"Longhorn" hits and the fans boo JBL as he steps out of his limo. JBL steps inside the ring as he awaits the champion.

"Real Deal" hits the PA system and the fans cheer for Lashley. Lashley does a pull up to get inside of the ring

Main Event: United States Championship - Lashley(c) vs. JBL

Match Finish:

In this very exciting match, in which the fans are totally behind Lashley, JBL has cheated a number of times to get the upper hand on Lashley. JBL is in control after a low blow to Lashley while the ref was distracted. JBL hits Lashley with hard rights. JBL then throws Lashley into the corner and follows up with a clothesline. JBL attempts another clothesline, but Lashley ducks and positions JBL so he is in the corner. Lashley knees JBL in the mid-section a couple times before hitting hard shoulder blocks into the stomach of JBL. Lashley then connects with a big belly to belly suplex. The crowd is very pumped up. Lashley picks up JBL and signals for the Dominator, but JBL quickly rolls out of the ring. Lashley lets the ref start the ten count. The ref gets up to an eight and then JBL slides back into the ring. Lashley quickly goes to attack JBL. Lashley stomps on JBL. Lashley then picks up JBL and throws him into the ropes. JBL comes back and Lashley hits a huge back body drop. JBL gets up and Lashley again throws JBL against the ropes. JBL comes back to yet another back body drop. JBL stands up again and this time Lashley hits a hard clothesline. JBL gets up and Lashley attempts another clothesline but JBL ducks and Lashley nails the ref. JBL then goes to attack Lashley but he sees JBL coming. Lashley elbows JBL down. Lashley beats on JBL for a while and then we see Orlando Jordon come down to JBL's aid. OJ starts attacking Lashley then from the back we see Goldberg slide into the ring. OJ tries running at Goldberg but Goldberg nails OJ with the Spear. Goldberg then throws OJ to the outside and the two brawls towards the back. JBL and Lashley are getting up. JBL gets to his feet first and then measures Lashley. JBL runs against the ropes and attempts a Clothesline from Hell but Lashley ducks it! JBL turns around and Lashley kicks him in the gut and positions him for the Dominator. Lashley connects and pins as the ref slowly crawls over toward the pin. 1............................................2.........................................3!

Here is your winner and STILL United States Champion, Lashley!

Michael Cole:
Lashley did, Lashley retains the United States title despite the interference from Orlando Jordon!

Tazz: I really didn't think Lashley could pull this one off but props to Lashley.

Michael Cole: What a great Smackdown this has been but tune in next week to see the rest of the Elimination Chamber qualifying matches. I hoped you enjoyed tonights show everybody, good night!

Lashley stands on the second turnbuckle holding his United States Title in the air as the fans chant his name and cheer for Lashley, the screen fades

There is my first Smackdown I hope you all enjoyed it. Reviews would be appreciated and returned.

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Smackdown Review

Opening Promo- Great promo to start off the night. As usual, JBL is moaning and complaining on how he is not in a match. Good announcement for Lashley vs JBL.

Goldberg vs Orlando Jordan- Goldberg goes into the Elimination Chamber, easily of course.

Randy Orton/Shane McMahon Promo- Great promo here. I wonder who Orton's opponent will be.

Orton vs Benoit- I was not expecting Benoit but that was a good idea. I did not like how Benoit lost but it gives Orton a pretty big push I guess.

Lashley Promo- Good promo here. It was a Short but Sweet promo. Of course, Lashley should win as JBL is not ready in this BTB IMO for the US Title.

Lesnar vs Undertaker- Wow! Matt Hardy gets taken out and Undertaker is the replacement. Knowing that you are a big Undertaker mark, then I knew that he was going to win somehow.

The Rock vs Booker T- No way that Booker T will go over The Rock here. I like the decision of The Rock in the Elimination Chamber.

Undertaker and Shane McMahon Promo- Great promo here. I am guessing that Undertaker will win and win the Elimination Chamber at Armageddon.

Lashley vs JBL- No doubt in my mind that Lashley was going to lose. It was a good win for him over JBL. This was no doubt the MOTn and was well written for a summary.

Grade- 7/10. It seemed a little bit short. You should do some longer promos. I like the buildup for Armageddon already.
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