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Hey I'm new and Wanted to try this so first I'll state the roster.

Orlando Jordan
Randy Orton
Doug Basham
Danny Basham
Simon Dean
Steven Richards
Luther Reigns
Paul London
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Tyson Tomko
Shelton Benjamin
Rob Conway
Sylvain Grenier
Chris Jericho
Trish Stratus
Chris Benoit
Big show
Triple H
John Cena
Joey Mercury
Johnny Nitro
Rob Van Dam
Kurt Angle
Miss Jackie
Dawn Marie
Booker T
Rey Mysterio
Eddie Guerrero
Torrie Wilson
Mick Foley
Shawn Michaels
Billy Kidman
Jeff Hardy
AJ Styles
The Alpha Male
Kevin Nash

General Manager: Stacy Keibler :yum:

Commentaters(Did i spell that rite?): Tazz and Jim Ross

Main events:
January:RoyaL Rumble
Febuary: No Way Out
April: Brawl For All-(made up)
May: BackLash
June: Judgement Day
July: No Mercy
August: SummerSlam
September: Cruel Brittania-(made up)

Current Champions:
WWE Champion: Batista
Intercontinal Champion:Shelton Benjamin
U.S. Champion: Orlando Jordan
Tag Team: MNM
Womans: Trish Stratus

What do you think? I'll start posting for the weekly show(taken from TNA) IMPACT! soon
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mmm batista is the world champ,i merged the brands but i didn't think i'd need another title. I thought it might take away from the power and importance of the wwe championship belt, maybe I'm wrong if alot of people feel the same way I'll include it later.

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(this takes place after the recent wrestle mania and is heading towards Brawl 4 All)

WWE Takedown Presents IMPACT!
Live from Arrowhead Pond Anaheim, California

Red pyros fire in the stadium.

Batista's music hits the staduim and the crowd goes wild. He makes way down to the ring, showing off the newly required belt.

Batista: At Wrestlemania I did what few others have acomplished, I made it Game Over!

The replay of Batista winning plays.

Batista: The only difference is that I will not let Triple H or anybody else for that matter take it away from me!

Chris Benoit's music plays and Benoit comes out.

Chris Benoit: May I remind you that I never lost my title to Triple H! I fought Triple H numerous times but yet I never lost to him.

Batista: You want this title come on and try and get it!

Stacy Keibler's music plays and she comes out!

Stacy: As the new General manager I'm here to put a stop to this. If you want to fight then do it in a match, better yet you can do it later tonight.
The crowd cheers.

-Commercial break-

Tazz: JR did you hear that? Batista Vs Benoit tonight!
JR: Thats gonna be a right old slobberknocker, I can't wait!

Simon Dean Vs Rosey

Simon Dean and Rosey lock up. Simon Dean uses an Armlock Hammerlock Submission but Rosey reverses it in to a short arm clothesline. Rosey then bounces off the ropes and knocks Simon Dean down with a bodyblock. Rosey pulls him by the hair and sets him up for a suplex but Simon replies with a kick to the gut. Simon hits him with a ddt and goes for the pin.
Rosey throws Simon Dean off and tries to get up but Simon Dean is quicker and starts to stomp on Rosey. After about 12 stomps Simon locks in a sleeper hold on Rosey. Roseys head begins to slump down and his body becomes limp.
The ref. lifts the arm.
It falls
The ref. lifts the arm again
It falls
The ref. lifts the arm a final time.
It stops just before it comes to the mat.
Rosey begins to get up, and Simon Dean holds on!
Rosey manages to get to his feet and reverses the hold...into a stunner!
Simon Dean wobbles around on his feet and walks right in to a suplex.
With Simon Dean flattened on the ground Rosey heads to the top rope and jumps off with a leg drop on to Simon Deans Head. Rosey then goes for a pin.

Rosey def. Simon Dean Via PinFall

Rosey grabs the mic.
Rosey: Finally Simon Dean has fallen, he who takes this crap( waves a Simon Dean bottle in his hand) maybe slimmer but is in no way better....
Simon Dean has hit Rosey over the head with a chair. He walks over and picks up the Simon Dean bottle, drinks it and smiles.

JR: I can't believe that!, That was uncalled for he's just sore loser.
Tazz: Yeah but I'd say Rosey is a sore winner!( :lmao )

-Commercial break-

Triple H's music hits the arena and he makes his way down to the ring.

Triple H: I am a 11 time heavyweight champion and yet tonight Chris Benoit gets a title shot!, Tonight should have been my rematch! Batista doesn't deserve that title, without me he would never have got to that position!

DDP's music rings through the arena and DDP comes out.

DDP: Look Hunter No one Cares about YOU or your ambitions, Truth is you lost your title , Batista beat you, fair and square!

Triple H: You know What DDP Your right, I don't want the Heavy Weight Title any more, I want your head on a plater!

DDP: You wanna fight me? hahaha, You know Hunter It's nice to see that your begining to lighten up!

Triple H: DDP I ain't kiddin'

Stacy's music plays and she walks out into the arena.(crowd cheers)

Stacy: Triple H, I think DDP is right, you need to lighten up and calm down, so this match will not take place tonight, however you will get your chance next week.

Tazz: Hey you hear that JR, Triple H and Diamond Dallas Page next week on Impact!
Jr: That sounds great Tazz but I can't help but wonder if these two can keep things bottled up for the rest of the show.

Edge Vs Heidenreich

Heidenreich starts with a few headbutts, forcing Edge in to a corner. He then starts working the rib area with some punches before returning with the head with a few inside forearms. Edge makes his way out with a body tackle and follows it up with some mounted punches. Edge makes his way to the ropes and stands up, cluching his ribs. Next he continues his assault with some stomps until Heidenreich gets up then whips in to the corner. Edge uses this as a set up for the Spear but Heidenreich dodges the spear. Edge's shoulder smashes into the iron bar of the turnbuckle. Edge grabs the rope and stands up but when he turns around Heidenreich lands a backbreaker. Heidenreich tries for pinfall.
Edge kicks out, but barely. Heidenreich begins to stomp at the fallen wrestler before locking in an armbar on the sore shoulder.

JR:I think he's trying to rip that arm out!

Edge refuses to tap and even battles his way out of the hold. Heidenreich argues with the ref. Noticing an oppertunity Edge jumps up and knocks Heidenreich out of the ring with a drop kick. The angry heidenreich run back into the ring and charges at Edge. However the rush attack is reversed with an armdrag takedown. Edge laughs at the grounded gaint. As Heidenreich gets up Edge tries for a spear but Heidenreich evades it and Edges turns around right in to Heidenreich! Heidenreich grabs Edge and hits him with a shoulder breaker. He then tries for pinfall.

Heidenreich def. Edge Via Pinfall

Tazz: Wow I didn't see that happening, I thought Edge would win for sure.
JR:perhaps an upset win there Tazz but never the less I think Heidenreich earned that win, but you know I'd like to talk about the next match, one that involves a man Heidenreich should know very well!
Tazz:Yep, The Wrestlemania rematch of The Undertaker Vs Randy Ortan is next!, Now that It's not wrestleMania though Randy Ortan might just have a chance!.
JR:Now come on Just because He won every WrestleMania match He's had doesn't mean he can't beaten at wrestleMania. Honestly I thought Randy Ortan might be the very man to it!
Tazz:We'll I'd say the odds were stacked against him but Ortan has beaten the odds before, maybe he'll do it tonight in the rematch!

-Commercial Break-

UnderTaker Vs Randy Ortan

Undertaker and Randy Ortan lock up. Randy Ortan connects with a headlock but the undertaker quickly reverses it to a backdrop. Undertaker then goes to work on Randy Ortans head with a leg drop, followed by an reverse chinlock . Randy Ortan manages to make his way to his feet and reverse the chinlock into a jawbreaker. He follows up with a dropkick, knocking undertaker into the ropes and then runs forward with a diving shoulder barge, however undertaker dodges the young superstar and he lands on the rope. Undertaker drags him along the rope (rope burn ) and climbs the turnbuckle. Grasping Randy Ortan by the throat he does a jumping chokeslam to the outside. Undertaker picks up Randy Ortan and tries to whip him into the steel steps but he reverses it and it's Undertaker who goes into into the steel. Randy Otan quickly makes way into the ring and waits. The Undertaker grabs the apron and staggers across it, Ortan takes the chance and hits him with a baseball slide. Undertaker quickly shakes it off and runs into the ring. Randy Ortan backs off at first then hits a RKO. With Undertaker grounded Ortan goes for a pin.
Undertaker kicks out. Randy Ortan tries again.
Undertaker kicks out again. Randy Ortan begins to argue with the Ref. Undertaker sits up and stares at Ortan. As Undertaker stands up Ortan tries for a thrid RKO but instead The Undertaker reverses it. By grabing ortans shorts and supporting his back with his arm he is able to hold Ortan in mid-RKO. Undertaker flips him up and bangs on Ortans back until he drops down and is level with his waist. Undertaker has him set up for the Tombstone Piledriver but before he can drop Kane enters the ring with a chair and begins to beat down on Undertaker. The ref. calls for the bell.

Undertaker def. Randy Ortan Via DQ

JR: Kane just ruined a great match Tazz!
Tazz: I agree JR Undertaker should have won by pinfall not by a lousy DQ.
JR: There's a greater issue here though, Tazz, Randy Ortan can't be happy that Kane interfered on His rematch.
Tazz: True, JR But I can't see UnderTaker letting a chair attck slide.

Christian W/Tyson Tomko and Trish Stratus Vs Rey Mysterio.

Christain starts with an eye rake then hit a reverse ddt as Rey Mysterio turns his back. Christian begins some mounted punches and then hits with some head stomps. Christian Picks Mysterio up and gets ready for a ddt but he reverses it into a small package.
Christian kicks out. Christian is raging at Rey mysterio and rushes forward, knocking him down with an shoulder barge. Christian allows Rey to get up then whips him out of the ring. As Christian distracts the ref. Tyson Tomko drops Rey Mysterio into the secruity wall and then rolls him back into the ring. Christian begins some rapid stomping and then picks Mysterio up by the mask before grounding him with a body slam. Christian continues the mounted punches....until the crowd starts chanting 6-1-9. Rey Mysterio begins to battle back on to his feet and then land a Headscissors takedown.
Christian jumps up and tries a kick to the gut but Rey Mysterio grabs it and reverses it in to a spinning boot to the face. Christian starts to get frustrated and runs to wards Rey Mysterio, perfect for a toe drop into the ropes and a perfect set up for the 6-1-9. The crowd pops. However this is soon shattered as Trish distracts the ref. Tyson Tomko hits Rey Mysterio with a chair and drags Christian over to cover the unconsious Mysterio.
Tyson Tomko escapes and Trish leaves the apron as the ref. returns to the match and sees the cover.

Christian def. Rey Mysterio Via Pinfall

After the match Eddie Guerrero races down to the ring with chair in hand and scatters the celebrating trio.

Tazz enters the ring.
Tazz: Tonight we have an interview with the newly formed tag team Raven and Jeff Hardy. Hey guys!

Jeff:Hey Tazz .

Tazz: So What major plans have you guys got for here in the WWE?

Jeff: We'll, obviously we'd like to win the Tag Titles, thats not just an challenge to MNM thats an Eventuallity!, but we'll be causing some mayhem in the WWE in the upcoming weeks.

Tazz: So do you have any body, apart from the champs, that you might like to challenge?

Jeff: The dudley boyz, We go way back, Not just me but Raven also has taken them on afew times so they know us and we know them, it just makes the match so much more entrillring.

Tazz: Do you agree Raven?


Tazz: Oooook, We hope to see alot more of you two....

MNM's music enters the arena and MNM come out to the ring.
Joey Mercury: You said you want these titles? haha, no way You can try but that is one fable that won't come to reality.

Jeff Hardy: Really? Why don't you come down here and proof that?

Joey Mercury: We'd be glad to!

Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro run down to the ring and a battle oocurs between the team.
Stacy's music hits the arena and the general manager comes out .
Stacy: OK thats enough, If you guys wanna fight so much do it next week's Impact!

Tazz returns to the announcers table
JR:I see Jeff got his wish!
Tazz: Yep both teams seemed ready for action there but I guess they're just gonna have to wait until next week.

WWE World Champion Title Match
Chris Benoit Vs Batista

Batista begins with a clothesline but Chris Benoit dodges it and catches Batista in an arm lock. Batista seemingly ignores the pain and batters away at Benoit in an attempt to break the hold, Benoit instead switches it into an armdrag takedown. Chris Benoit continues his work on the arm with an arm bar followed by a triangle chock. Batista does not tire easily and stands up with Beniot on top only to drop back down on his back, allowing benoit to take most of the damage. Batista repeats this tactic a couple of times then hits the staggereing Benoit with an backbreaker and then a spinning spinebreaker. After a few stomps to the ribs Batista picks up Benoit and tries a short arm clothesline but has it reversed into the Crippler Crossface!
Batista refuses to tap and batters at chris benoit's ribs with his free arm.
Chris Benoit has to let go but as soon as Batista clambers to his feet Benoit connects with 3 german suplex's. With Batista seemingly grounded Benoit heads to the tope rope but Batista gets up and runs over to the turnbuckle. Batista battles and manages to land a superplex from the top rope. Batista tries for a pin.
Benoit just kicks out. Batista begins to stomp on Benoit before locking in a reverse chin lock. Benoit reverses it by rolling backwards, grabbing batista's head between his ankles and pulling him forward into a sit-down pin.
Batista kicks out and Benoit returns to his previous work on the arm with an armbar and then a knee to the arm. Batista rolls away and gets to his feet. He tries to rush Benoit but is caught in an arm drag takedown. Batista quickly makes his way back to his feet. This time Batista and Benoit lock up again but Batista wins with a side headlock but then switches it for a russian leg sweep. He picks up Benoit and grabs him in an bear hug. Benoit slumps down against Batista.
The Ref. raises the arm.
It Falls
The Ref. raises the arm again.
It Falls.
The Ref. raises the arm a final time.
It stops mid fall.
Benoit begins to elbow Batista in the head. Batista finally lets go and staggers around houlding his head. Benoit lands 3 more German Suplexes.
Batista seems down and out so once again Benoit goes to the top rope but this time is able to connect with a diving head butt. Chris Benoit goes for the cover.
Batista kicks out. Benoit begins stomping at Batista, but he ignores them gets up and hits Benoit with a spinning Spinebuster. As Batista stands above the flattened Benoit John Cena enters the ring and smacks Batista with an FU.
The Ref. Calls for the bell.

Batista def. Chris Benoit Via DQ

Batista retains his title.

The ref. brings in the title belt and lays it beside Batista.

The last scene is John Cena staring at the Title belt.

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WWE Takedown Presents Impact Next week Live from Cow Palace - San Francisco, California.

Raven and Jeff Hardy Vs MNM

Christian and Tyson Tomko Vs Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio

4 matches are Made for BRAWL 4 ALL

Triple H Vs DDP

And the WWE Championship Belt will be on the Line!

Tune in next week.

(All Matches are Subject to change)

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^^^First off, don't double post. Second.....

HBKicon33196 said:
ok, it looks good hope to read your show soon. Check out mine and let me know what you think http://www.weforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=189570
Don't advertise your shows on another person's thread. It's against the rules.

Now back on topic, this was above average for me because I liked how Orton vs. Undertaker was made and Kane in the end was great. Batista vs. Benoit was the match of the night and I will be watching how you use Cena. The rest of the night was okat. The HHH/DDP promo could have been better but it was ok. Overall, I give it a 7.5/10. Keep trying and try to write more in your matches.

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wow cool! I wasn't sure if that show was that good but thanks guys

I'll try not to double post in future

I've got some great idea's for Cena

I'might post Impact later tonight, dunno depends how buzy I am.

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WWE Takedown presents Impact

Tazz: Welcome Fans , I'm Tazz and this good old JR representing WWE Takedown as it presents Impact!
JR: Thats right Tazz and We're live from Cow Palace - San Francisco, California.
(The crowd cheers wildly)

Batista's music burst out from the titatron. Batista makes his way to the ring. Lillian Garcia hands him the mic.

Batista: Last Week I was defending my Title against Chris Benoit and that punk John Cena interfered. I had that match won without a DQ Cena! Why did you do it? You want a Title Shot? Wait your Damn Turn!

Chris Benoit's Music hits the arena. Batista turns to see Chris Benoit running down the ramp. He grabs another mic from lillian then turns towards Batista.

Chris Benoit: You Know What Batista? I totally agree and further more I think I should have a rematch Tonight!

Batista: woh woh, I was with you until the rematch, like I said to Cena wait your turn, but too bad you had your chance! Tonight I want Cena!

Chris Benoit: Wait my turn! My turn was taken away from me! My Chance was destroyed last week on Impact! I demand another Chance!

John Cena's music enters the arena. Both super stars turn to see John Cena woth Mic in hand.

John Cena: Yo Yo Yo My time is Now Benoit, you demand another chance but you know what they say? You don't always get what you want and tonight It's John Cena's Chance. I won that title at wrestlemania only to be stripped of it and to be given to this talentless wonder!

Batista: Talentless! What your telling me you think your rhymes are good? And you were stripped because the title was mine! It was given to the better man Cena!

Stacy's music is then heard and the GM comes out to loud cheers.

Stacy Keibler: Wait a minute guys I book the matches and Tonight It's Cena's chance! Oh and Benoit don't worry, I haven't forgot about you because you'll be facing Batista and John Cena in a triple threat match at Brawl for All!(Crowd Cheers)

The three wrestlers leave the ring, slightly happier than when they entered.

1# contender match for a Intercontinal championship Title shot.

Y2J Chris Jericho Vs Booker T

Chris Jericho starts with some punches and forces him to retreat to a corner. Jericho the whips him towards the opposite corner then hits him with a elbow attack. Booker T walks along the ropes dazzed and fails to avoid Y2J's dropkick sending him to the outside. Chris Jericho begins to taught the fallen star. Booker T grabs a chair then runs in to the ring. The scared Jericho escapes to the outside. The ref. grabs the chair from Booker T and then they begin to argue. Booker doesn't even notice Jericho climb to the toprope. Chris Jericho lands a missile dropkick to booker's back sending him into the chair and the referere! With Booker down Y2J goes for a pin.

But the ref. is out cold. Y2J tries to waken the grounded ref. Booker T wakens firstv and smashes the chair over Y2J. He throws the chair to the outside and goes for a pinfall. The ref. manages to weakly tap.
Y2J kicks out. Booker T is amazed. He shouts at the ref. then tries again.
Y2J kicks out again!. Booker T waits for him arise then lands a BookEnd. Booker tries for pinfall again.
Y2J kicks out again. Booker T leaves the ring and grabs the chair again. He enters the ring but the ref. tries to grab the chair from him. Y2J gets up and grabs Booker T in a backdrop. He then locks in the Walls of Jericho.
Booker T refuses to tap. He crawls near the ropes but Y2J pulls him away. He tries again for the ropes but cant get there! He pushes himself up and rolls under Jericho legs, landing him in a sit down pin.
Y2J kicks out for a fourth time. Booker T begins to stomp at Jericho. He slowly arises to some kicks to the gut. Booker grabs the kicks and lands an Enzuigiri to the Face. Jericho bounces off the second rop and lands a lionsault pin.
Jericho wins!

Winner and 1# contender for the Intercontinal Title: Chris Jericho Via Pinfall
JR: My God, Tazz, What a match!
Tazz: It seemed like Booker T just couldn't win tonight! JR
JR: Yes but this means that Jericho gets a title shot!

-Commercial break-

Heidenriech Vs AJ Styles

Heidenreich attacks first with some punches and a bodyslam. Heidenreich continues his assault with two elbow drops but the third one misses! Styles returns with a tiltawhirl headscissors and then a dropkick to the fast rising gaint! With Heidenreich grounded Aj Styles goes to the toprope and hits a moonsault. Styles goes for a pin.
Heidenreich kicks out and Styles begins to stomp at his head. Heidenreich battles back with a dragon sweep. He then attacks with some mounted punches. Styles reverses the punch attack into an armbar. Heidenreich refuses to tap. He manages to get his foot on the rope. Styles then gets in some stomps to the head but Heidenreich manages to get to his feet none the less and lands a DDT on Styles. Heidenreich lifts up the fallen wrestler and tosses him to the turnbuckle before hitting a running clothesline. Heidenreich then ands a powerbomb. Heidenreich tries a pin.
Styles kicks out and begins to battle back onto his feet before hitting Heidenreich with a Spinning Headscissors Into A Cradle.
Heidenreich kicks out! Styles attacks Heidenreichs head with some stomps. He manages to get to his feet but seems lightheaded. Styles attempts the Stylesclash but Heidenreich catches him and lands a shoulder breaker.
Before Heidenreich can attempt a pin Edge runs in with a chair and begins to beat down on Heidenreich. When Edge finally leaves Heidenreich is out cold.

Winner: Heidenreich Via DQ

Backstage: Jeff Hardy is walking towards Raven's dressing room when he attacked and brutely beaten by Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury. Medical Staff have to come and take him to hospital.

Stacy's music hit's the arena and the GM comes down to the ring.

Stacy: Now I Know you were all expecting to see Jeff Hardy and Raven in action tonight but MNM have savagely destroyed any hope of that so I'm afraid either teams will be in action tonight.

Raven's music enters the arena. Raven makes his way down to the ring.

Raven: Don't do that! What about me? What about Raven?

Stacy: What are you saying? You want both Nitro and Mercury in a handicap match tonight?!

Raven: Yes but I also want a shot at the tag titles at Brawl for All! Me and Jeff Hardy Vs MNM!

Stacy: You know what Raven, That's an excellent idea, however you won't get your handicap match tonight because I don't want you getting injured too!

Crowd has mixed reactions

-commercial break-

Tazz: Thats a cheap move by MNM!
JR: Yes but I agree with Stacy not to put Raven in that handicap match!
Tazz: Too bad it worked out well for Raven and Jeff Hardy, they get a title shot!
JR: Thats great Tazz, but you have to wonder what short of shape Jeff Hardy will be in for that match!

Eddie Guerrero and Mysterio Vs Christian and Tyson Tomko.

Eddie and Christian begin with Eddie in control. Eddie whips Christian into the ropes then lands a powerslam. Eddie goes to work on Christian's head with some punches, some stomps and then necklock.Tyson Tomko interferes and breaks the hold. Eddie hops up and begins to talk trash at Tyson Tomko. Christian catches him unaware and rolls him up.
Eddie Guerrero kicks out and christian attacks with some mounted punches and then a elbow drop to the forehead. Christian picks him up and then lands a ddt. Rey Mysterio begind to cheer on Eddie Guerrero. Eddie uses the cheers to fuel him and starts battling back. Eddie hits Christian with a side effect then tags in Rey Mysterio. Mysterio runs in and hits Christian with a head scissors. He then jumps to the turnbuckle and lands a 450. Mysterio goes for a pin.
Tyson Tomko breaks up the pin. Eddie runs in to attack Tomko but he gets hit by a spinebuster from Tomko. Both teams are now battling it out in the ring. Mysterio catches Christian in a toe drop hold. Guerrero lands the three amigos on Tomko as Mysterio hits Christian with the 6-1-9 and a pin.
Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero pick up the win!

Winners: Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero Via Pinfall

Edge is heading towards his car when Heidenreich attacks!
Heidenreich and Edge begin brawling back towards the arena.

Triple H Vs Diamond Dallas Page

Triple H begins with some right hands to the head and then a whip to the ropes, DDP ducks the clothesline then comes back with a jumping shoulder block. DDP begins stomping at the floored Triple H. DDP then bounces off the rope and narrowly misses a leg drop as Triple H rolls away. Triple H reaches the turnbuckle and climbs to his feet. DDP charges but Triple H evades the attack and DDP hits the corner post. Triple H lands a spinebuster on DDP and tries for a pin.
DDP has his leg on the rope. Triple H begins some stomps then switches to a double Knee drop and hits DDP's ribs. DDP rolles out of the ring, clutching his ribs.Triple H doesn't give him any breathing space and slides to the outside before throwing DDP in to the steel steps. Triple H begins laughing! DDP attacks back with some punching but Triple H lands a knee to the midsection, knocking DDP to his knees.Triple H rolls DDP back into the ring. As Triple H rolls in DDP lands some stomps on his back then hits a Diamond Cutter. DDP then tries for pinfall.
Triple H manages to kick out. DDP continues to Stomp on Triple H then lands a leg drop. He allows Triple H to rise then lands a suplex. He continues to work on Triple H's head area with a reverse chin lock and and then a triangle lock. Triple H refuses to tap and rolls towards the rope. The ref. makes DDP break the hold. DDP returns to the stomps. Triple H gets to his feet and ducks a clothesline and hits a Knee Smash to DDP's face. He then bounces off the ropes and lands a jumping knee strike, grounding DDP. Triple H then goes to work with some stomps to DDP's chest. Triple H allows DDP to struggle to his feet before landing a Pedigree and a pin.

Winner: Triple H Via Pinfall

Afterwards DDP attacks Triple H with a chair. DDP stands over the fallen former champion.
DDP: Hunter tonight you way have made the Impact but at Brawl for All I will have the last laugh!

-Commercial Break-

WWE Championship Title Match

Batista Vs John Cena

Batista start by locking up and Cena gets a side headlock locked in. Batista tries to struggle out of it before reversing it into a spinning backdrop. Batista crawls to his feet then picks up Cena and hits a shortarm clothesline. Batista hits some mounted punches on the downed star before allowing him to rise. This time though Cena fights back with some right hands, forcing Batista into a corner. John Cena lands a powerslam on the huge man and then Hits the 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena decides to go for a pinfall.
John Cena picks up batista and lands a suplex before going in for some mounted punches. Cena picks him up again but this time Batista takes control and hit a spinbuster to the rapper. Batista lifts him up and tosses him to the turnbuckle. Batista goes for some knees to the mid section then puts him up for a superplex. After the move both stars are down.

The camera's turn to see Heidenreich and Edge battling down through the crowd towards the ring.
John Cena is first up and manages a FU. Cena pins Batista.

But the ref. is at the rope shouting at Heidenreich and Edge, trying to get them to leave the arena. John Cena gets up but before he can reach the ref. Chris Benoit enters the ring and lands 3 german suplexes then puts batista's arm on John Cena. Benoit then climbs the toprope and does a diving headbutt in to the middle of Heidenreich and Edge, knocking them both down. The ref. gives a breif glance back and sees the cover.

Winner: Batista, Via Pinfall!

Batista retained his title.

Stacy comes out, furious!

Stacy: Ok you all wanna fight so much, next week John Cena and Edge will take on Chris Benoit and Heidenreich! Oh and speaking Heidenreich and Edge, you two obviously have some issues to sort out so you two can beat each other silly in a Street Fight at Brawl For All! Apart from that Batista will not be action next week!, the match would only be interfered with anyway!

The show ends with John Cena and Benoit and Heidenreich and Edge staring intensely at each other.

So what do you think? Please Review!

Holy crap! It's 2.30 am(English time)!
I'm going to bed!

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This was an okay show. I like DDP back in the picture I hope u use him well. I hope u dont give Hiednrich a big push but that just my opinion it's your show. Just a few little tips to improve your thread

length - Just a little longer try writing your matches in full

Colour - I know your using colour now, it's just that light blue is really hard to read, try using a differant colour it's just better on the eyes.

Just improve on these and you'll be on your way to a good show. I'll give this show a 7/10 taking into account this is your second show.

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thanks Liger!

Next Week

The Alpha Male Monty Brown in action.

Raven gets some revenge

Christian At Brawl For All!

Randy Orton Vs Kane

Shelton Benjamin defends his title against Y2J Chris Jericho!

Added to the tag match are Triple H and DDP to make it a massive 6- man tag match!

Join us live for Impact Next Week when it airs from the First Union Center - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania .

Also feel free to make predictions on the Brawl For All Matches:-

WWE Championship Title match
Batista Vs John Cena Vs Chris Benoit

Triple H Vs DDP

Street Fight:
Heidenreich Vs Edge

Tag Team championship title match
Raven & Jeff Hardy Vs MNM

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WWE Takedown Presents Impact!

JR: Welcome Fans to Impact, I'm Jim Ross and I'm here live from the First Union Centre in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with my friend and yours Tazz.

Tazz: ha-ha you'd better watch yourself buddy, your starting to sound like Heidenreich.

JR: Well You know after what happened last week I was on WWE Takedown.com refreshing my memory of the results of last weeks Impact and you know what I saw?

Tazz: No what?

JR: Tonight’s main event has changed! Instead of a tag match it's a 6 man Tag Match!

Tazz: Really? Wow that’s gonna be a blockbuster!

JR:Yep you said it Tazz.

John Cena's music hits the arena.(The crowd goes wild!) John Cena runs down the ramp and slides in to the ring.

John Cena: Yo Yo Yo Last Week I was on the verge of winning the WWE Championship but Benoit took that all away! That was my Chance! My Time! Tonight Benoit I wish it was just us One-On-One!

Benoit's music plays and he runs down the ramp and into the ring.

Benoit: John Cena I owe you nothing! It was Heidenreich and Edge who distracted the ref.!, not Me!

John Cena: So it wasn't You who hit me with three German suplexes?!

Benoit: You Deserved that Cena! You wrecked my match two weeks ago So I'm wrecking yours now!

John Cena: Yeah except in my watch I was winning, I did you a favour Benoit! I saved you the embarrassment from being pinned by that loser Batista!
You were beat in your match.

Benoit: You think so! I really don't and I dare you to PROVE ME WRONG!
(Crowd goes ecstatic)

The wrestler's faces are nearly touching at this point.

Stacy's music plays and she walks out to the ring.

Stacy: Look I know you two want to fight but do it at Brawl for all, when you’re battling for the WWE Title. Better still do it tonight in the 6 man tag match but if either of you start anything I'll have you both suspended for three months, meaning neither gets a title shot!

Both Wrestlers leave looking annoyed.

Rob Conway Vs the Alpha Male (Monty Brown)

Rob Conway begins with some light punches and a whip to the ropes. The Alpha Male ducks under the clothesline attempt, rebounds off the ropes and comes back with a jumping lariat. Conway is quick back to his feet but The Alpha male hits a body slam and then follows up with an elbow drop. The Alpha Male bounces off the ropes as Rob Conway struggles to his feet. He tries to land The Pounce but Conway reverses it into a bulldog. Conway goes for the cover.
The Alpha Male kicks out! Conway doesn't give up and locks in a sleeper hold. The Alpha tries to struggle out of it but Conway won't let go. Slowly Monty Brown slumps down.
The ref. raises the arm.
It falls
The Ref. raises the arm again.
It falls
The ref. raises the arm a final time.
The Alpha Male tries to get to his feet and hits Conway with a couple of elbows but Conway won't let go and exchanges the sleeper hold for a side headlock. The Alpha Male fails to be beat and reverses the Headlock into a back drop. The Alpha Male hits a few stomps before getting Conway back onto his feet. The Alpha Male grounds him again with a short arm clothesline then bounces off the ropes and hits him with The Pounce. He continues with a cover.
Rob Conway kicks out at the last second. Monty Brown attacks with some stomps the attempts another Pounce as Conway gets to his feet but Conway has it reversed in to a power slam pin.

Winner: Rob Conway via Pinfall.

JR: What a pin by Rob Conway!

Tazz: Yeah that was great action from both wrestlers but Rob Conway came out on top!

Luther Reigns music hits. Luther Reigns comes out with mic in hand.

Luther Reigns: Conway! You may have defeated Monty Brown but I don't think you'd do so well against me!

Rob Conway grabs a mic from Lillian.

Conway: Luther if you want me to beat you too I’ll be happy to oblige!

The Alpha Male attacks Rob Conway with a chair from behind. Luther Reigns runs down the ramp and both of them start stomping at Conway's ribs. Sylvan Grenier runs down and scatters Monty Brown and Luther Reigns.

JR: Luther Reigns has Challenged Rob Conway!

Tazz: Yeah and then he attacks him when he's down!

JR: With Brawl for All just over a week away what will become of this feud.

-Commercial Break-

Raven Vs Johnny Nitro W/ Joey Mercury and Melinda

Raven Begins with an arm wrench hammerlock followed by a reverse mat slam. Raven then hits a knee drop to Nitro's chest and some mounted punches. Joey Mercury jumps on to the apron Referee Chad Patton tries to get him to leave the ring. Raven stands up and shouts "You're Next!" At him. Johnny Nitro rolls up Raven while his back is turned. Mercury jumps down from the apron and Chad Patton returns to the Match.
Raven kicks out at Two! Nitro stomps at Raven's arm, then the head. As Raven gets to his feet Nitro connects with a kick to the gut and follows up with a spinning sit-down powerbomb.
Raven Kicks out again! Nitro allows Raven to his feet then lands a side suplex. With Raven down Nitro tries to connect with a Standing Shooting Star Press but Raven brings his knees up into Nitro’s gut. Nitro rolls on the ground clutching his stomach. Raven gets to his feet and picks up Nitro before hitting the Even-flow DDT. Before going for the pin he hits Joey Mercury with a Baseball slide then goes for the cover.

Winner: Raven via Pinfall

Raven quickly escapes the ring and heads back stage as Joey Comes after him with a chair.

Maria is shown back stage with mic in hand. (Crowd goes wild)

Maria: Hi Fans I’m Maria and I’m here Backstage talking to the United States Champion Orlando Jordan (Mixed Reactions from the crowd)

Orlando Jordon: Hello Maria! I expect it was worth it coming backstage just to talk to me!

Maria: Accually I was looking for Shelton Benjamin but I’ll settle for you, now you won that title just a few short months ago, when do you plan on defending it?

Orlando Jordan: What? ,Why should I?, You see Stacy is a smart woman! Beautiful but smart too, You see you could learn a lot from her, she sees a lot of talent and greatness in me and notices that it would be worthless to even try and take this title away from me because I can defeat any body in my path.

Maria: What’s the point in having it if you are not going to defend it?

Orlando Jordan: Why else does greatness have a Title? To show I’m great! You know you should really think before you speak!

Randy Orton walks past looking very frustrated.

Maria (almost runs at Randy Orton): Hey Randy Orton! Your bound to make better conversation that this deluded fool! Randy How do you feel about match tonight against Kane! The Man who disrupted your match two weeks ago!

Randy Orton: I wanted Kane at Brawl for all but when I went to see the GM about it she said That Undertaker had already taken that match.

Maria: Oh So I suppose you won’t be at Brawl for all? I guess you’ll just have to settle for your match to night.

Randy Orton (Now noticing Orlando Jordan): Hey you! chump! Do you have a match at Brawl for all?

Orlando Jordan: Chump? I’m the United States Champion!

Randy Orton: Even better! At Brawl for all that title is mine!(The Crowd Cheers)

Maria: Wow Randy Orton is gonna be the next United States Champ!

Orlando Jordan: Hold on We haven’t even fought yet and you’re declaring him the Champ! In fact I haven’t even accepted the Challenge!

Randy Orton: Aw, Is the chump Chicken?

Orlando Jordan: Fine You’re on and at Brawl for All I’m gonna make you eats those words!

Randy Orton: Fine by me, I like Chicken!

Maria: Cool! It’s Orlando Jordan Vs Randy Orton at Brawl for All! (The crowd cheers wildly)

-Commercial Break-

Intercontinental Championship Match

Shelton Benjamin Vs Y2J Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho extends a handshake at the start of the match but Shelton Benjamin slaps it away and attacks Jericho with a super kick to the head. Shelton Benjamin goes to work with a few stomps to the head and then a ground head lock. Jericho delivers a few stomps to the stomach and then manages to reach the rope. Shelton Benjamin is forced to break the hold and returns to stomping at Jericho’s head. The stomping becomes too much and Jericho rolls out of the ring. Shelton Benjamin runs over the ropes and lands on Jericho with a flying cross-body leg drop. Both stars are down. Benjamin is first to his feet and hits a Jericho with a low drop kick to the face before rolling back into the ring.
The ref. counts 6.
The ref. counts 7
The ref. counts 8
Jericho rolls back into the ring. Shelton Benjamin pulls Jericho to his feet then whips to the ropes. He tries an arm drag on Y2J as he rebounds but Jericho reverses it into a backslide pin.
Benjamin kicks out! Jericho grabs the legs of the grounded Shelton Benjamin and locks in the Walls of Jericho! Benjamin howls in pain and crawls near to the rope but Jericho pulls him back to the middle. Benjamin begins crawling again and comes very close to the ropes but again Jericho pulls him back to the middle. Benjamin tries something else this time, he tries to roll under Jericho but half way through Jericho trades the Walls of Jericho for a toss. Y2J sends Benjamin flying into the nearest turnbuckle. Jericho clambers to his feet then attacks Benjamin with some head punches and a few kicks to the gut before throwing Shelton Benjamin back into the middle of the ring with a monkey toss. Next Jericho jumps off the second rope and lands on Benjamin with a springboard press for the cover.
Benjamin Kicks out. Jericho hits a few mounted punches then goes to the top rope. Just as he gets there and is ready for a moonsault Shelton Benjamin gets to his feet and runs up. Benjamin pushes his head up between his legs (Both are facing the same way-towards the crowd.) He clambers up to the top rope and jumps off with a spinning top rope victory roll.
Jericho kicks out at the last second. Benjamin pulls Jericho to his feet before hitting a low blow but quickly converts it in to a T-bone Suplex so the ref. doesn’t notice. Benjamin then goes for the pin.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin via Pinfall.

Shelton Benjamin retains the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Shelton Benjamin leaves laughing at the grounded Jericho while the crowd gives him heat.

JR: Hey Tazz is it just me or does Shelton Benjamin seem different tonight?

Tazz: Yeah! Something has happened to him; he’s using tricks and cheats to win!

JR: I’m not sure Jericho likes the new Benjamin, but I can’t say I’m too fond of him either.

Tazz: I dunno JR; I think it will be interesting.

Christian’s music enters the ring and he, along with Tyson Tomko, comes down the ramp and into the ring. Tyson Tomko hands him a mic.

Christian: A couple of weeks ago I had a match with Rey Mysterio and afterwards Eddie Guerrero attempted an attack on us. He wanted to take Rey Mysterio’s defeat into his own hands So I decided to take Eddie Guerrero into my own hands.

Christian turns to the titatron which shows a video of him and Tyson Tomko brutely beating Eddie Guerrero as he heads to the parking lot.

Christian: And With Eddie Guerrero out of the picture I will defeat Rey Mysterio for the last time at Brawl for All!

Stacy Keibler’s music plays and she heads out to the ring.

Stacy: Sure Christian! Of course you can have your match at Brawl for All!

Christian: Thank you Stacy!, I always knew you were one of my peeps!

Stacy: However since Rey Mysterio can’t have anybody in his corner neither can you! There will be no one to help you because I’m making that match a Steel Cage Match! Not only that but I’m locking the door so the only way to win is by pinfall or to climb over! Now get out of here!

Christian looks furious but leaves without a word.

-Commercial Break-

Tazz: You Know JR Stacy just keeps making Brawl for All better.

JR: Yep Brawl for all is shaping up to be one hell of a Slobberknocker!

Tazz: I agree JR the seven matches that are already booked seem unbeatable, I’m serious JR I can’t wait!

JR: Well It’s still just over a week away so maybe the Randy Orton Vs Kane Match will take your mind off things.

Randy Orton Vs Kane

Randy Orton starts with a couple of right hands but Kane blocks a third right hand and hits Orton with a throat thrust. Orton stumbles to the ropes, choking. Kane strikes him with a clothesline sending him over the rope and to the outside. Kane slides out too then Orton lands a kick to the gut. Randy Orton tries to suplex the big red machine but Kane won’t be lifted and instead he suplexs Randy Orton. Kane goes down and begins to choke the grounded Randy Orton. The ref. shouts at Kane to get Randy Orton back into the ring. Kane rolls Randy Orton back in to the ring then climbs to the top rope. As Randy Orton gets to his feet, Kane jumps off with a flying Clothesline. Kane begins to close in, Randy Orton jumps and delivers a dropkick to the mid-section of the airborne giant! With Kane grounded Randy Orton hits some stomps to the mid-section and then an elbow drop before pulling the giant to his feet. Orton whips him to the ropes and nails a powerslam to Kane as he rebounds. Orton goes for the cover.
Kane gets the shoulder up. Kane pushes Randy Orton to the side and gets to his feet. Kane attacks Orton with a few right hands followed closely by a clothesline. Kane bounces off the ropes and lands a leg drop on Randy Orton’s head. Kane lifts Randy Orton to his feet and grabs him by the throat. Kane lifts him up high for the chokeslam, Orton nails a kick to the throat of Kane so Kane lets go. On his way down Randy Orton grabs Kanes head and lands the R-K-O!
Randy Orton goes for the pin.
NO! Orlando Jordan drags the ref. from the ring and delivers a clothesline. With the ref. out cold Orlando Jordan slides in to the ring and attacks Randy Orton with the U.S Title.
Suddenly the lights go out.
The lights flicker back on and The Undertaker is standing the ring.

JR: By God Tazz It’s thee Undertaker!

First Undertaker disposes of Orlando Jordan with a choke slam to the outside. Next he and Kane exchange a few right hands before Undertaker is able to deliver a kick to the gut. He follows up the gut kick with a tomb stone piledriver. Randy Orton gets to his feet and offers a hand shake to the Deadman but The Undertaker hits him with Last Ride On to Kane.
The Deadman slides out of the ring and chases Orlando Jordan up the ramp.
The ref. rolls sluggishly in to the ring and sees Randy Orton on top of Kane. He begins the count.

Winner: Randy Orton via Pinfall!

The Titatron changes to the backstage office of Stacy. Sylvan Grenier bursts into the ring. Rob Conway stumbles in behind him.

Sylvan Grenier: Stacy! Stacy! You must grant us a request for Brawl for All!

Stacy: Let me guess Rob Conway wants to fight Luther Reigns?

Rob Conway: Yeah, but not just Luther Reigns but that dog Monty Brown! Both of us do! At Brawl for All we, La resistance, want Luther Reigns and Monty Brown in tag team action!

Stacy: Ok At Brawl for All It’ll be La Resistance Vs The Power Pact!

Sylvan Grenier: Who?

Stacy: Yeah I haven’t announced it yet but during the Randy Orton Vs Kane match both of them came to me and told me they were forming a tag team named The Power Pact!

Rob Conway: Well It doesn’t matter what they want to call themselves, both of them are dogs and at Brawl for All they will learn no one messes with La Resistance!

-Commercial Break-

JR: Finally Tazz it’s here! It’s the 6-man tag match!

Tazz: This is it JR this is gonna be great! I’ve just got a feeling ya know!

JR: Well with the 6-stars involved this could be nothing less than spectacular!

Triple H, Edge and John Cena Vs Chris Benoit, Diamond Dallas Page and Heidenreich

Edge and DDP begin. Both stars lock up and Edge gets an arm drag and follows up with some stomps to the mid-section. Edge shouts insults at Heidenreich then pulls DDP to his feet. He delivers two knees to the gut and then a DDT. Again Edge shouts more insults at Heidenreich before pummelling DDP with some mounted punches to the face. After punching DDPs face several times Edge locks in a ground headlock.
DDP tries to struggle out with a few elbows to Edge’s stomach before getting to his feet and countering the headlock with a back drop. DDP hits Edge with an elbow drop. Heidenreich shouts for the tag in. DDP pulls Edge to his feet and whips him to the ropes. DDP connects with a backbreaker to Edge as he rebounds then he tags in Heidenreich. Heidenreich starts immediately with an elbow drop to Edge and then pulls him to his feet. Heidenreich grabs Edge and nails a pump handle drop. Heidenreich goes down and starts pummelling Edge’s head! The ref. has to pull Heidenreich off Edge! Edge grabs the rope and uses it to support him as he dizzily gets to his feet. Heidenreich grabs him and delivers a suplex to the middle of the ring. Heidenreich pulls Edge to his feet and nails a sidewalk slam. Heidenreich goes for the cover.
Triple H breaks the cover. DDP rushes into the ring and hits Triple H with some right hands forcing him back to his corner. John Cena enters the ring and both he and Triple H force DDP into the corner and begin hitting mud hole stomps. Chris Benoit rushes in and grabs John Cena from behind to hit a German suplex. All the stars are now in the ring. Edge battles back at Heidenreich with right hands then hitting a reverse(face first) Russian leg sweep. Chris Benoit continues with the German Suplex, managing to land 6 on John Cena. Triple H continues to stomp at DDP in the corner. John Cena struggles out of a seventh German Suplex then tosses Chris Benoit out side and then slides out himself. The ref. tries to stop Triple H and DDP and get them to leave the ring. Triple H steps out to the apron and Edge dives over to give him the tag. Triple H enters and tosses DDP to the outside before turning his focus on Heidenreich. Triple H delivers a knee to the gut and then a few right hands to the forehead. Triple H whips Heidenreich then nails a jumping Knee attack as he gets to his feet. John Cena whips Chris Benoit into the steel steps then begins to stomp the hell out of him. Triple H pulls Heidenreich to his feet but Heidenreich smacks him with a headbutt and tags in DDP. DDP lands a few right hands and a kick to the mid-section before hitting Triple H with a Tornado Sitdown Powerbomb. DDP goes for the cover. Edge is about to run in but Heidenreich pulls him down from the apron.
Triple H gets the shoulder up. John Cena and Chris Benoit are now exchanging right hands at the foot of the ramp. Heidenreich lifts Edge to his feet and then hits a full nelson slam. DDP pulls Triple H to his feet and attempts the Diamond Cutter but Triple H pushes him forward into the ropes.. Heidenreich pulls Edge to his feet and aims to hit a side walk slam but this time Edge counters with a Russian leg sweep. John Cena And Chris Benoit are now at the top of the ramp. DDP rebounds off the ropes and Triple H nails a Pedigree. Edge climbs to the top rope as Triple H goes for the cover.
DDP just gets the shoulder up at the last second. Edge attempts a diving spear from the top rope to Heidenreich but Heidenreich evades the attack and Edge goes into the security wall. Meanwhile John Cena has lifted Chris Benoit up for the FU but Batista runs out from the back stage and hits John Cena with a Batista bomb off the ramp! Chris Benoit tries a clothesline but Batista ducks it hits Benoit with a Batista Bomb. With Both Cena and Benoit out of the mix Batista returns to the back stage. Heidenreich lifts Edge up for a shoulder breaker but Edge swings around the arm and counters with a face crusher. Both men are down. Triple H whips DDP to the ropes and tries to hit the pedigree as he rebounds but DDP catches the preceeeding kick to the mid-section and exchanges it for a Diamond Cutter. DDP goes for the pin.

Winners: Chris Benoit, Diamond Dallas Page and Heidenreich via Pinfall

JR: By god Tazz I’ve never seen such action in a very long time!

Tazz: Your right JR, that was a blockbuster, that was a slobberknocker, I…I don’t know what it as !

JR: I think I said it earlier when I said it was Spectacular

Tazz: Damn right it is but If this is how these guys perform on Impact how much better will Brawl for All be!

JR: Well I don’t know but I can’t wait to find out and I’m sure neither can the fans so the sooner Impact ends the better!

Tazz: Yeah lets get out of here! Good night folks

Impact goes off the air with The stars scattered around the arena and DDP standing over Triple H.

WWE Takedown: Brawl For All Card

Triple threat for the WWE Championship
Batista Vs John Cena Vs Chris Benoit

Triple H Vs Diamond Dallas Page

Hardcore Tag Match for the WWE Tag team Championship
Raven& Jeff Hardy Vs MNM

UnderTaker Vs Kane

U.S Championship
Randy Orton Vs Orlando Jordan

La Resistance Vs The PowerPact

Steel Cage Match
Christian Vs Rey Mysterio
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