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I thought to myself that I should start a be the booker thing so I am. It will be the aftermath of Surviver Series. I started watching wrestling around this time so thats why. If someone wanted to do Smackdown then contact me. I will stop this thread if you guys think that I suck or I do not have time. Feel free to rate the shows and it would be appreciated if you would tell me how I could improve.
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In case you did not know what I am starting from:

Randy Orton, Maven, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho have control of Raw as they beat Triple H, Batista, Gene Snitsky and Edge.

Trish Stratus beat Lita to retain her Women's Title.

Shelton Benjamin beat Christian to retain his Intercontinental Title.

Spike Dudley retained his Cruiserweight Title againist Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero and Billy Kidman.

John Bradshaw Layfield beat Booker T to retain the WWE championship.

Undertaker defeated Heidenreich.

Eddie Guerrero, Big Show, Rob Van Dam and John Cena beat Carlito Caribbean Cool, Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns.

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hbkicon33196 will be my Smackdown partner.

This is the Raw roster - credit to www.wwe.com

Batista: Batista won the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 21, dropping Triple H with a punishing Batista Bomb. The Royal Rumble Match winner proved his decision to remain on RAW was the right one, and he made the most of his title opportunity.

John Cena: A focused John Cena ended the 10-month reign of JBL at WrestleMania 21. After three previous stints as United States Champion, this is Cena's first time as WWE Champion. Then, in a shocker, Cena moved to RAW in the 2005 Draft Lottery, taking the WWE Championship with him.

Shelton Benjamin: Perhaps the best pure athlete in WWE, Benjamin has made a fast rise to the top. Since winning the Intercontinental Championship from Chris Jericho, he has proved himself to be innovative as well as dangerous in the ring.

Trish Stratus: Just one month after losing the Women's Championship to Lita on Monday Night RAW, Trish Stratus got her revenge. It was at New Year's Revolution that Stratus hit her rival with a Chick Kick to start her sixth reign as Women's Champion.

The Hurricane and Rosey: The Hurricane and Rosey took advantage of the crazed Tag-Team Turmoil environment at Backlash to capture their first World Tag Team Championship together.

RAW Superstars
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Chris Masters
Christy Hemme
Eric Bischoff
Gene Snitsky
Jerry Lawler
Jim Ross
John Cena
Jonathan Coachman
Kurt Angle
Lilian Garcia
Mick Foley
Muhammad Hassan
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Robert Conway
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Simon Dean
Stacy Keibler
Steven Richards
Stone Cold
Sylvain Grenier
The Hurricane
The Rock
Todd Grisham
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis
William Regal

Smackdown Roster - credit to www.wwe.com

Orlando Jordan: After being the only undecorated member of JBL's Cabinet, Orlando Jordan stunned John Cena to win his trademark spinning U.S. Championship on SmackDown! in March. This is Jordan's first WWE title reign of any kind.

Paul London: After losing to Chavo Guerrero during a Cruiserweight Elimination Match at No Way Out, a determined London got his revenge with a thrilling victory in an Eight Man Cruiserweight Battle Royal on the SmackDown! before WrestleMania.

Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury: MNM boldly declared they were the hottest new team around when they crashed Carlito's Cabana in April 2005. One week later, Mercury and Nitro stunned Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio to capture their first championship.

Smackdown! Superstars
Al Snow
Big Show
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit
D-Von Dudley
Danny Basham
Dawn Marie
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
Joey Mercury
John Cena
Johnny Nitro
Josh Mathews
Joy Giovanni
Kenzo Suzuki
Lauren Jones
Mark Jindrak
Matt Morgan
Michael Cole
Michelle McCool
Miss Jackie
Orlando Jordan
Paul London
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shannon Moore
Spike Dudley
Steve Romero
Theodore Long
Torrie Wilson


I am replacing Jim Ross with Arjun aka me but I will keep Jerry Lawlers heel announcing. hbk icon will pick his announcers.

The draft does not affect us.

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First of good luck with this, but please use capital letters and bold would probably help, which I've put in for you. Secondly, you are meant to be starting from Survivor Series yet you already said that you were starting from Survivor Series yet you have the champions and rosters from now. I'd think of what you putting down, before posting it.


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A-Dust i am a fourteen year old child who goes to a jesuit school that requires hard work and i finished with exams last week. my brain is turned off for a while now so it is hard for me to think about intelligent things but i will remember these things. please critisize even like hl mencken

the new people will not immediatly be in the show and i got to change the champs thanks for the heads up

THE CHAMPS - pending trades

raw - hhh -whc
shelton benjamin - ic
trish - womens
world tag - la resistance lost to eugene and regal the day after survivor series but for the sake of this i will have the idiot and the englishman champs

sd - jbl - wwe
cena - usa
cw - spike dudley
wwe tag - kenzo and rene dupree with hiroko

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arjun146262003 said:
A-Dust i am a fourteen year old child who goes to a jesuit school that requires hard work and i finished with exams last week. my brain is turned off for a while now so it is hard for me to think about intelligent things but i will remember these things. please critisize even like hl mencken

the new people will not immediatly be in the show and i got to change the champs thanks for the heads up

THE CHAMPS - pending trades

raw - hhh -whc
shelton benjamin - ic
trish - womens
world tag - la resistance lost to eugene and regal the day after survivor series but for the sake of this i will have the idiot and the englishman champs

sd - jbl - wwe
cena - usa
cw - spike dudley
wwe tag - kenzo and rene dupree with hiroko

Well I'm a seventeen year old who has just finished AS Level examinations. So what? My mind is not effected, if anything it is improved for a while after. It's not difficult to get a roster from the time, instead of taking the easy option of copying it from WWE.com. Also, I'd please ask you to use the Caps Lock button and spell people's name out in full. Good luck with this though, I'm sure it will be good.


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Maven walks out onto the ramp and announces that he is in charge tonight and that he will indeed face hhh for the title.

Arjun - what a night we have for you tonight. All four titles are on the line tonight plus coach battles an un named opponent and orton faces the physco snitsky.

king - why dont you feel sorry for hhh. He has to defend his title everyweek except for ortons week, if he has it that long.

arjun - well if hhh beat orton's team he would only have two defenses. he had the advantage and still could not pull it off.

coach walks out to the ring waiting for his opponent. Maven appears on the screen and announces his opponent is Tajiri. Coach looks around for garrsion Cade and remembers that he has been released. Coach hits a few punches but Tajiri kicks him to the ground. Coach whips tajiri but he does the cool flip and knocks coach to the ground. Tajiri sets up and does the buzzsaw and hooks the leg. 1.....................2.............................3................

Arjun - that was a very non entertaining match

trish walks down to the ring awaiting her opponent. Lita runs to the ring and quickly begins punching Trish lights out. As Trish regains herself she mounts a kicking attack and lita falls. Trish sets up for stratusfraction but Lita ducks under it. They punch back and forth. They continue to go for unsuccessful pins. Lita dropkicks Trish. She pulls off Trish's nose cover and punches her repeatdetly causing it to bleed. She then suplexes her and climbs up to the to turnbuckle and goes for a moonsault but misses setting up the momentum to go towards Trish. She hits the Chick Kick. 1................2............... kick out. Trish is in disbeleif and yells at the ref. lita rolls her up from behind 1......................2............. kickout. Lita now yells at the ref, Trish rolls her up from behind and puts her foot on the ropes 1.............2............3.
Trish quickly runs from the ring with lita in pursuit.

Arjun - Trish cheated to reatin her title
King- i hope they can fix her beautiful face


burn in my light - largest pop of the night
Orton poses and the pyro goes off. He poses in the ring and waits for Snitsky.
ts not my fault - booed

snitsky runs to the ring upset that he can not win the title now. they tee off on each other and Orton hits the eurpean uppercut. He pulls him up and whips Snitsky and gives him a dropkick. Orton goes for the rko but misses and is flung over the top.Snitsky grabs a chair and walks over to Orton. Fearing what happened last night gives him a drop toehold on the stairs and Orton runs into the ring. Snitsky gets up before the 10 count and walks into the ring only to be met by the RKO. 1.......................2........................3. HEY - crowd goes ballistic as Orton wins.
Arjun - Snitsky was dominated by the best star on raw
King - it was an off day. hey did you call orton the best star?
Arjun - Well you said he was the next big thing in the industry during his hardocre match at Backlash.
King - he was part of evolution then.

commercials - wrestlemania recall - andre the giant chokes the reporter

Arjun - welcome back. we still have three titles to be decided.
King - poor hhh
Arjun - well he can go whine to the billion dollar princess about it.

Aint no stoppin me

Shelton Benjamin runs out to a cintingent of applasues for his display last night and awaits his unannounced opponent. His eyes grow out of his head when Lillian announces his opponent is ... Viscera. Viscera makes his way to the ring and locks up with Shelton pushing him down. Shelton keeps ducking out of Visceras attacks. He whips big V into the corner and sets up for the stinger splash followed by a superkick. 1...........2.......... emphatic kickout. viscera suplexes benjamin. 1..................2......... Shelton gets the shoulder up. Viscera goes for the splash but misses and lies on the mat in pain. Shelton hits him with a flying clothesline from the turnbuckle. 1........2..........kickout. Viscera groggily gets up but is met with the T - Bone Suplex. 1.................2...................3. Crowd is excited that Benjamin beat a 500 pounder . Viscera gets upset and tries to clothesline benjamin. Shelton ducks under. Viscera picks him up and goes for the military press but Shelton ladns on his feet to the delight of the crowd. Shelton kicks him but Viscera blocks it, wait a minute dragon whip. Shelton walks out of the ring brandishing the title.
Your winner and still intercontiental champion, Shelton Benjamin.

Arjun - did you see that King? That was great Athleticism and he picked up a monster.
King - okay, it was a good win for the arrogant, cocky young man.


Arjun - welcome back to Monday Night raw. The complete idiot and embarassment to the company teams up with the Englishman to defend their titles againist the superheroes, The Hurricane and Rosey.
King - we agree on something! eugene is an embarrassent to the wwe and raw. he should work in the circus. He was not the favorite child of his mothers and he was an only child.

Hello, my name is Eugene.
Regal and Eugene walk out showcasing their titles. Eugene grabs a mic.
Eugene - i am so excited. i am the world tag champion. ( Bites his nails and jumps in the air.)

The Superheroes make their way to the ring.

end of match - Regal is double teamed by the Superheroes. He throws Rosey out of the ring and uppercuts rosey to the ground. Against his good judgement, he tags an excited Eugene. He dances around in a circle as Rosey gets up. Rosey tries to kick Eugene but he catches it and to the delight of the crowd, gives Rosey the finger, kicks him in the abdomen and delivers a Stone Cold Stunner. Eugene goes to grab the belt thinking he has won but Regal tells him to cover Rosey as he keeps the Hurrican out of the ring. 1...............2.............3. Your winner and still world tag champions Regal and Eugene

Arjun - did you see that, King. the idiot thought that he retained the title without pinning Rosey.
King - How the Hell did he make it the wwe?

Arabic music plays while Hassan and Davari go to the ring.

Hassan - it is out debut tonight. Nobody knows who we are. Yet we were looked at strangley by security and fans as we entered the building. This country is full of critisizm and prejudice for us here. Next week we will make our in ring debut and show the world what we are made out of.

Davari translates in Farsi to a streamof boos.

Arjun - They will face Y2j next week on Raw.
King - that egomaniac?


Arjun - Well, it is title time. Maven and hhh for the World heavywight championship.

( we see Maven in the back wondering out loud to Benoit.
Maven - Chris, i dont know if i can do this. HHH is an experienced nine time champion and i have won nothing in my career. I think that i will pass the chance and give it to you.
Benoit - maven how long have you been wrestling?
Maven - 3 1/2 years.

Maven nevorously walks out.

Time to play the game. hhh, to the shock of others, walks out alone.

ending - HHH whips an exhausted Maven into the corner. They have going at it for fifteen minutes now and Maven is tired and can not stand up. Referre Earl Hebner goes to check on him but hhh knocks him down and signals towards the back. Batsita and Flair run out and they triple team Maven. Benoit runs out and puts Flair in the Crippler crossface. Jericho and Orton also run out and begin beating down evolution. then Edge and Snitsky run down to join the fracas as it is a repeat of last nights match. everyone besides Maven and HHH spill to the outside. HHH goes for the Pedigree but maven gives him a big back body drop and climbs the turnbuckles. He hits a dropkick form the top rope and hooks the leg. the Ref is still down. Orton revives him 1.....................................2...........................shoulder is up. Orton is pulled out of the ring by batista. HHH hits the pedgree but can not cover. he slowly crawls over and puts his hand over maven's chest. 1..........................2.........................3.
The winner and unfortunatly still the champion, HHH.

Arjun - well folks, not the result i wanted to see but a great show.
King - HHH WON! the greatest wrestler alive.
Arjun - No chance, no chance in hell but anyways next week we are live from a city near you. So long!

that took me almost two hours. please rate or do something. tell me if i suck

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Ok man, it's a good show but there are a couple things you need. First off make your matches a little longer and add a couple promos. I see yuo use the color but try to use color for when people talk so you can tell whose talking. Use some bolds ans italics for the matches. Don't woory you'll improve. Check out my show Monday Night Madness or wait and see how I put up SD!.

Overall: 5/10 - good story, bad presentation.

You'll get better

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WWE Smackdown!
Mephis, TN

- Video recaping Smackdown's side of Survivor Series is shown.

- Opening Smackdown video is shown, the music palys and the pyro explodes.

Michael Cole: Good evening ladies and gentlemen to WWE Smackdown! Tonight we feel the fall out from Survivor Series and Tazz what an event that was!

Tazz: Your right Cole, it was off the charts. Especially John Cena's return and man Carlito was not expecting that side of John Cena!

Michael Cole: That's right Tazz, the Doctor of Thuganomics is back and tonight he will defend his U.S title against non other then Carlito Caribean Cool [/COLOR]

- In the arena JBL makes his way to the ring with the WWE title around is waist.

JBL: Last Sunday, I proved once again that I am the greatest wrestler alive today. I am a wrestling god. Last Sunday I added Booker T to the list of great wrestlers that I have defeated! And now that I have beaten every superstar who is worthy of facing me there is one thing left to do and that is to have Theodore Long and Vince Mcmahon induct me into the Hall of Fame and the WWE Title so that knowone else could ever win it and it would be always remembered as JBL!"

* Kurt Angle's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. *

Angle: JBL, I was in the back and I heard you talking about how you think that you should be inducted into the Hall of Fame? Well woopdie fricken doo. The last person that should be put into the Hall of Fame is you! I mean yeah, you are the longest reigning WWE chapion in this decade but what else have you ever done? Yeah you were also a former Tag Team Chapion, I'll give you that. But I Kurt Angle am an Olympic Gold Medalist. Not only that I am a former WWE Chapion, multiple times by the way I am a former european, Tag and Ic Champion. And I want to add one more accompishment to my resimaie and that is one more WWE Title run! WOOO! And JBL I want to do it at... Armageddon!

JBL: Kurt, you want to face me at Armageddon? Well, your on! Armageddon will be your worst nighmare becuase at Armageddon you will be the latest victim to the JBL era!

Angle: John, at Armeaggdon.... the JBL era will END!

* Kurt and JBL get nose to nose and have a stare off as we cut to commercial. *

* commercial *

- When we return Spike Dudley makes his way to the ring. Followed by Paul London.

Paul London vs. Spike Dudley - Crusierwieght Title
The bell sounds and we are under way. they lock up and Spike applies a headlock. London pushes him off the ropes and Spike comes back into a back elbow. With Spike down , London does a standing moonsault to Spike and cover but Spike kicks out at 1. Both men hop to their feet and London throws a punch but Spike ducks and back drops London onto the back of his head. Spike runs off the rope and stands on London and jumps around on him before running off the opposite rope. He comes back and drops his elbow to the back of London. Spike picks him up and tosses him into the corner. SPike runs at him but London back body drops him over his head and over the top rope. SPike lands on his feet on the apron and climbs to the top rope. He jumps off and nails a missle drop kick to Paul London and he covers him. London kicks out after 2. As London is getting up Spike runs off the ropes and dropkicks him right in his face. He cover but London kicks out again. SPike gets up and picks LOndon up and sets him up fort the Dudley Dog. As he runs up the ropes London flips him over his head but Spike lands on his feet. He runs at London but into a hard back elbow. LOndon pulls Spike closer into the corner and goes upstair for the Shooting Star Press. At the last second Spike moves out of the way and London crashes. SPike picks London up by the hair and goes for a second Dudley Dog, this time he connects. He covers him but London is too close to the ropes and at 2 he gets his foot on the bottom rope. Spike gets pissed and picks London up and goes for a third Dudley Dog. As Spike runs up the rope, London tosses Spike's arm over his shoulder and runs up the ropes as well. From the middle ropes London back drops Spike back to the mat, landing on the back of Spike's head. When London gets up he pulls Spike to the corner and goes upstairs for another Shooting Star Press. This time he hits it. He covers Skipe and gets the win to become the new Crusierweight Champion.

Winner and new Crusierweight Champion: Paul London

* commercial *

- When we return Theodore Long is in his office. He hears a knock at the door.

Long: Come in.

* The door opens and Mark Jindrak wals in.

Jindrak: Hey Long, why is Carlito in the US title match tonight!? I should be facing John cena for the US title! Not Carlito!

Long: Well Mark, there is a rivarly between Carlito and John Cena and before the show Cena told me that he wanted to end it once and for all, for the US title. But here is what I can do Mark, tonight it'll be you vs. Charlie Haas and the winner will face John Cena or Carlito at Armageddon for the United States Title.

* As Mark Jindrak leaves JBL walks into Long's office. *

JBL: Hey MR. GM did you see how Kurt Angle deisrespected me earlier tonight? I can believe that he did that. Long he should be punished for his actions!

Long: JBL,JBL calm down. Look playa, the match between yuo and Kurt Angle for the WWE title is already signed. But here is what I can do for you. Tonight it'll be Kurt Angle one on one with....Orlando Jordan.

* JBL leaves with a smile on his face. Theodroe Long turns to the camers. *

Long: Now playas, what I wanted to say to all the lovin' Smackdown! fans is that since there is a new Cursierwieght Champion, Paul London, starting tonight there will be a tournament to see who will face Paul London at Armageddon for the Title. The tournament with contain 4 men - Billy Kidman, Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero and Funaki! Now belie that playas!

- In the arena Heidenrich makes his way to the ring.

Cole: Well, last Sunday night this man lost to the Undertaker!

Tazz: I wonder why he is out here?

* Heidenrich grabs a microphone. *

Heidenrich: Last Sunday, yes The Undertaker did beat me, I admit it. But the one thing that the Undertaker didn't do is kill me! That's why I am here. I want to call out the Undertaker!

* All of a sudden Matt Morgans music hits and he comes to the ring *

Matt Morgan: Hey Hiedenrich!

Heidenrich: Wait, your not The Undertaker!

Matt Morgan: Your right, I am not. You know who I am? I am M-M-M-Matt Morgan! And I want to b-b-b-b-b-be yuor friend!

Heidenrich: You want to be Heidenrich's friend?

Matt Morgan: Yes

Heidenrich: Ok, before you can be my friend, you have to prove to me that you are worthy enough to be 'friends' with Heidenrich! That's why next week, you can be my friend if you beat.....The Undertaker!

* commercial *
- When we return Rey Mysterio is in the ring. Followed by Billy Kidman.

Billy Kidman vs. Rey Mysterio - 1st Round in Title Tounrament
The bell sounds and they lock up. Kidman uses his power and forces Mysterio into the corner. Kidman unloades with knife edge chops across the chest of Mysterio. Kidman irish wips him to the other corner and follows it up with a hard closeline. Kidman picks Rey up and sets him on the top rope. He goes to hook him up for a suplex but Mysterio punches him in the abdominbefore pushing Kidman off the top rope. Kidman lands on his feet but Mysterio jumps off the top and naisla a divind hurricanranna. Mysterio covers but only gets a 2 count. Mysterio gets up and runs at Kidman , who pulls himself up by the ropes. Kidman ducks and sends Mysterio over the top rope. Mysterio lands on the apron and Kidman runs at Rey-Rey but Mysterio pulls down the bottom rope and the momentum of Kidman sends him to the floor. With Kidman on the floor Mysterio does a springboard Moonsault to Kidman on the outside. The ref begins the ten count and both men make it back in at 7. Mysterio runs off the ropes and cross bodies Kidman. Kidman gets up and goes for a right hand but Mysterio ducks and grabs Kidman's head for a inverted neckbreaker. he covers but only get 2. Both men slowly get to their feet. Kidman runs at Mysterio but Mysterio drop toe holds him into the middle rope. Mysterio nails 619! Mysterio sets up for the West Cost Pop. He jumps on the top rope and out of know where Eddie Guerrero comes and grabs Mysterio's foot causing him to loose hi ballance and strattle the top rope. With Mysterio purched on the top rope Kidman comes and DDT's him off the top rope. He covers and gets the 3 to advance in th tounrament.

Winner: Billy Kidman

* After the match, Guerrero begins the assult on Mysterio until Booker T comes down to make the save. *

* commercial *

- When we return Booker T and Rey Mysterio charge into Theodores Long's office.

Mysterio: Did you see that? Eddie Guerrero just cost me my chance at the Crusierwiehgt title!

Long: Yes Rey I saw it but the match is over there is nothing I can do about it, I'm sorry. But what I can do is let the both of you get revenge becuase next week it'll be Rey Mysterio and Booker T vs. eddie Guerrero in a handicaped match!

* Mysterio and Booker exist Long's office. *

- In the arena Charlie Haas is in the ring. Mark Jindrak makes his way to the ring.

Mark Jindrak vs. Charlie Haas - # 1 Contender for US Title
The bell sounds and we are underway. They lock up and Jindrak applies a headlock to Haas. Haas sends him off the ropes and Jindrak runs back into a back elbow. Haas covers but Jindrak kicks out quick. Both men get to their feet and Haas closelines him hard to the ground. Jindrak gets up and runs into another closeline. Jindrak gets up a third time but ducks under the third closeline and when Haas turns around, Jindrak nails a scoop slam. He covers him but he kicks out at 1. Both men get back to their feet and they lock up again. Haas forces Jindrak into the corner and unloades with a series of kinfe edge chops to the chest of Jindrak. Haas irish wips Jindrak to the opposite corner and runs at him with a hard closeline. Haas backs out of the corner and waits for Jindrak. jindrak stumbles out of the corner right into a T-bone suplex by Haas. befroe he can hit it Jindrak nails Haas in the back of the head with a few elbows. Jindrak flips Haas' arm over his own head and nails Haas with a T - Bone suplex. He covers but Haas kicks out at 2. Jindrak sets up for the Mark of Exellence but Haas counters in to a back drop. Jindrak lands on his feet and behind the refs. back nails a low blow to Haas. Jindrak then hits the Mark of Exellence on Haas. he covers him to get the win.

Winner and #1 Contender for US Title: Mark Jindrak

- When we return John Cena makes his way to the ring followed by Carlito.

John Cena vs. Carlito - US Title
The bell sounds and both men lock up. Carlito quickly breaks the lock up and delievers a thumb to the eye on Cena. With Cena blinded, Carlito chop blocks Cena's knee, knocking him down. Carlito grabs Cena's leg and locks in a figure four. After about a minute, Cena crawls to the rope and grabs it. Carlito releases the hold and pulls Cena to the middle of the ring and covers him. At 2 Cena kicks out. Carlito picks Cena up and sends him off the ropes. Carlito ducks his head and Cena kicks him in the face. Cena runs off the ropes and shoulder tackles Carlito. He covers Carlito but at 1 Carlito kicks out. Cena picks Carlito up and tosses him into the corner. He runs at him and delivers a shoulder thrust to the abdomin of Cralito. Cena then unloads with a series of Shoulder Thrusts to Carlito. He pulls Carlito out of the corner and DDT's him. He cover but he kicks out at 2. Cena gets up and signals for the F-U. He gets Carlito on his shoulders but Carlito slides off. Carlito turns Cena around and spits right in his face! Carlito picks Cena up and nails cena with his own F-U! At the last second Cena gets his foot on the bottom rope. All of a sudden Mark Jindrak runs down to the ring and nails Carlito with a right hand. Cena pulls himself up and Jindrak nails Cena. Jindrak nails Cena with the Mark of Exellence. He picks Carlito up and nails him with the Mark of Exellence.

Winner: No Contest

* commercial *

- When we return Orlando Jordan makes his way to the ring w/ JBL. Followed by Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle vs. Orlando Jordan w/ JBL
The bell sounds and they lock up. Angle forces Jordan into the corner. Angle then slaps Jordan across the fac and laughs at him. Jordan runs out of the corner at Angle but Angle hip tosses him across the ring. Jordan slides out of the irng and goes over to talk to JBL. After a pep talk Orlando Jordan slides back into the ring. They lock up for the second time and Angle again forces Jordan into the corner. He goes for a punch but Jordan ducks under and spins Angle into the corner. Jordan then slaps Angle across the face! Angle sprints out of the corner and spears Jordan and nails him with a series of right hands. Angle picks Jordan up and nails a series of knife edge chops to Jordan , backing him into the corner. Angle then irish wips Jordan to the opposite corner and runs at him and spearshim in the corner. Angle mounts Jordan and delivers 10 punches to Orlando. AT 5 JBL climbs on the apron and destracts the ref. Angle gets off Jordan and goes over to JBL and throws a punch but JBL jumps off the apron in time to avoid it. From behind Jordan rolls up Angle but he kicks out at 2. Angle rolls though and closelines Jordan over the top rope. Angle then goes out after Jordan. He picks Jordan up and drops him face first over the steel steps. Angle turns around and JBL charges at him with a Closeline from Hell. Angle ducks and JBL goes shoulder first into the steel post! JBL backs up holding his arm in pain and right into an Angle Slam on the floor. Angle throws Jordan back into the ring. He taunts him from behind and when Jordan gets up he nails him with an Angle Slam. he covers him btu at 2 picks Jordan up off the mat. JBL pulls himself up by the apron. With JBL looking back into the irng Angle smiles at him and then applies an Ankle Lock to Orlando Jordan. Jordan taps out in pain right in front of JBL.

Winner: Kurt Angle

* The show closes with Kurt Angle celebrating in the ring while JBL stares on from the outside. *

*** Smackdown! Next Week***

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio / Booker T

Chavo Guerrero vs. Funaki - Crusierwieght Title Tournament

Matt Morgan vs. Undertaker


Krut Angle vs. JBL - WWE title

Paul London vs. Billy Kidman/Funaki/Chavo Guerrero

Mar Jindrak vs. ??? - US Title

* More Matches to be announced *

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official raw preveiw

jericho is the interim gm - guarnenteeing the biggest party ever
he is forcing trish to put the title up against lita

he will face hhh for the world heavyweight championship but not in a regular match

also muhammed hassan makes his in ring debut

find out when raw comes live next monday

heat results

viscera beat steven richards

hurricane beat sylan grenier

rosey beat robert conway

raw highlights

some people will be doing moves they normally would not
i get the moves from a match from sd vs raw
i tweaked some people so they have different moves
orton does a death valley driver and powerbomb and a weaker version of the tombstone
i forget all the tweaks for everyone else

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A video package of HHH vs Maven from last week is played on the titantron followed by Raw pyro.

Arjun – Welcome to Monday Night Raw. All your Jerichoholics get ready, Y2J is in charge.

King – What will this egomaniac do this week?

( backstage we see Jericho talking to Trish Stratus )

Jerciho – Trish, I have another way to get revenge on you. Tonight you will face Lita for the Womens title. Can not wait till you lose. By the way, nice face. ( she has a mask over her face to protect her nose)

Arjun – well there is one match made.

Time to play the game

Evolution makes it’s way to ringside. HHH grabs a mic.

HHH – I have a proposal to make to the acting general managers. You guys do not make any title matches for the World heavyweight championship. The three of you guys, Jericho, Benoit, and the stupid young punk have a triple threat match tonight. The winner will be the #1 contender and will face me at New Years Revolution.

Jericho storms the ring.

Hell no. HHH, if you would have won the 4 on 4 match at Survivor Series then you could make the matches and the stipulations, but you lost, so therefore, you shut –up and listen to what the winners have to say. Game, get a gameplan. Tonight it will be me vs you in tables, ladders, and chairs match for the title. By the way, Evolution is banned from ringside.

Arjun – HHH is shocked. A match with weapons and HHH will not have his cronies at his side. This is great. HHH will finally lose the title.

King – what is wrong with you? HHH will not lose the title. He will break Jericho in half pedigreeing him through a table. But poor Trish, she has to defend her title against a rabid Lita.


Arabic Music – a happy Davari and Determined Hassan make their way to the ring.

Car crashes – The fans are in shock, it is Mick Foley

Foley grabs a mic. Hassan and Davari are in shock.

Foley – I can not stand here and listen to your false beliefs so I am here to teach you two a lesson.

Bell Rings – Foley and Hassan exchange punches. Hassan delivers a powerful scoop slam. Foley gets up and gives Hassan one of his own. Hassan gets up. Foley runs at him but Hassan delivers five scoop slams in succession as Davari barks out orders in both Farsi and English. He calls Mick Foley a has been and fat old dog. Foley takes exception to this and runs out of the ring towards Khsrow. He throws Davari into the ring. Davari escapes. Hassan is hit by Foley’s double arm ddt. 1………..2….. kick out. Foley is indeed frustrated and pulls out Mr. Socko from his pants. Hassan gets up only to have Socko in his mouth. Hassan is on the ground now trying to fight it and breaks out of it by a two handed low blow. Cover 1……….2……….. kick out. Davari yells at the ref for the three count saying that the ref is prejudice and bias. Hassan gets on top of Foley and puts him in the camel clutch shocking the crowd. He loses his grip so he tries again. Foley fights his way out of it. Hassan goes for a clothesline but Foley ducks under and hits yet another ddt. 1……….2. Davari puts Hassan’s foot on the bottom rope and Foley is irate. He follows Davari around the outside but gets into the ring telling hiself he will admonish him after he beats Hassan. The second he turns around he is hit with the modified sto. 1………….2……………..3.

Your winner, Muhammed Hassan

Draws a ton of boos for the crowd.

Arjun – did you see that? Hassan just beat a legend. He cheated to do it but he beat him.

King – What the hell is Foley here for anyway? Doesn’t the sick, sadistic, perverted freak not have anymore children’s books to write?
Arjun – good point King. Mankind/ Foley / Dude Love/ cactus Jack wrties children’s books. He is the last person that I would suspect to do that

WRESTLEMANIA RECALL – Stone Cold going for the Stunner, blocked by Michaels, Michaels superkick, no, stunner, yes!!! Tyson in for the count, 1.2.3. The stone cold era has begun!

Simon System – The crowd goes wild thinking that it is Nova.

Simon – I am here to talk about my patented Simon System. It helps you lose the weight and look good like me. You over there, could you step into the ring. ( a fat 30 year old lady ). Look at you. Who would like to be with you? You are fat and ugly. But have no fear, the Simon System is here. It can help you look good. You look like a whale.

The lady tees off on Simon. Simon pushes her down and whacks her with his bag that has the products in it. He then takes one of his liquid products and dumps it all over her face.

Arjun – That is what you get for being fat.

King – I like this Simon.

Burn in my light

Orton poses and walks to the ring where he poses again.


Batista does his leg thing and runs to the ring.

Bell rings – Orton is pushed around by the much bigger Batista. Batista whips him against the ropes and a shoulder knockdown. Orton gets up whips Batista and a big back body drop. Orton is whipped against the ropes and is given a menacing spinebuster. 1………2…… kick out. Batista sets up for a Batsita Bomb. Reversed by Orton via low blow. He is starting to feel it. He goes to the top rope. Diving cross body connects. 1………2….. kick out. Orton sets up for the Rko and he hits it. 1……………..2………3.

Your winner Randy Oorrrrrrrrrrton

Arjun – he is the rightful world champ

King – you are confusing him with the man HHH

Jericho comes out with Candice, Christy, Maria, Melina, and Stacy.
They have a limbo contest. Candice wins. Fozzy performs while the divas dance in the ring.

Promotions for Armageddon

Trish runs to the ring upset she has to defend the title again.

Lita runs out with a smile of confidence while Trish gives her a chubby gesture.
Lita tees off on Trish forcing her to the outside. Trish regains herself and whips Lita into the stairs. She goes in the ring trying to get Lita counted out. 1………………………..2…………………3……………………………….4………………………..5…………………….. Lita is back in the ring and give Trish a vicious kick. 1……….2………..kick out. Lita tries to give Trish a ddt but Trish holds onto the ropes and Lita hits the mat hard. Cover 1……..kick out. Trish sets up for the chick kick but it is blocked. Trish whips Lita against the ropes but Lita rebounds to give Trish head scissors. 1…………2……..kick out. Trish runs at Lita, arm drag, again, another arm drag. 1………2 kick out. Lita throws Trish out of the ring. She runs to other side of the ring to gain momentum and flies over the rope with a suicide dive landing on her neck. But women are down. 1…………………2…………………………3……………………4……………5………………….6……………………….7……………………….8…………..both women get up and in the ring slowly. Lita goes for the Twist of Fate, blocked, Stratusfaction, blocked, Lita hits the Twist of Fate. Instead of going for the cover she climbs to the top turnbuckle and attempts a moonsualt. It connects! 1……………………..2…………………..3.

Your winner and new womens champion, Lita.

She celebrates while Trish sulks at the apron.

Arjun – did you see those risks? She almost killed herself

King – come here Trish, I will comfort you.


Jericho is laughing backstage that Trish lost. Orton wishes Jericho luck as he passes by. Jericho stops to see Captain Charisma.

Christain – what do you know about TLC. I own TLC. It is my specialty. You should have given this match to me. I am the master of TLC. Multiple time tag champ, multiple time Intercontinental Champ, all I need is the world title.

Jericho – forget it. Watch me, I will beat that pathetic champ. I have been all of what you mentioned plus the first undisputed champ.

With this he runs out to the ring.

Time to play the game. HHH does his thing and taunts Jericho with the belt. Immedietly he throws HHH into a ladder set up on the turnbuckle sternum first. He them catapualts the Game right into the ladder. 1…………….2…………. kick out. Y2J sets up the ladder and climbs up. A flying clothesline. 1……………..2…….kick out. HHH climbs out of the ring to assert himself. Jericho picks up a chair and HHH picks up a mans best friend, the sledgehammer. Jericho is about to crack the game’s skull in half when HHH sticks the butt of the hammer in him. He rolls Chris into the ring 1…………2…. Kick out. HHH climbs the ladder as does Jericho. They exchange punches at the top. Oh my God. Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho at the top of the ladder. HHH barely escapes because Jericho was losing control. HHH slowly climbs down but is met with an enzuguri. 1………..2……… kick out. Jericho gets a table from outside and sets it up outside. The game follows outside. They punch each other until Jericho gives HHH a knee and puts him on the table. Jericho gets back into the ring and sets up a ladder. He climbs to the top and give HHH a elbow drop through the table on the outside. Both men are down. The crowd is firmly behind Jericho. They both get up and HHH gives Jericho and HH spinebuster. HHH takes the stairs and sets them up. He pulls Jericho to them and prepares for the pedigree. Jericho reverses it into the Walls on the stairs. HHH taps out but to no avail as there is not submission outside the ring. Jericho pulls him inside. Jericho whips HHH but HHH responds with a Harley Race high knee. 1…………..2…………..kick out. A pissed off HHH attacks the ref knocking him down. He turns around and is taken down by Jericho. The Walls another time. HHH taps out but the ref is down. Wait a minute. Christian enters the ring and delivers an unprettier to Jericho. HHH gets up and pedigees Jericho. The ref wakes up. The hook of the leg. 1………………………..2……………..3.
Winner and still champion, HHH

Arjun – what the hell was that, Jericho was gonna win.

King – HHH should thank his lucky stars.

Arjun – I cannot wait for next week from Baltimore. See you then.

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