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I know there's a thread asking peoples favorite moments with wrestlers on tv shows in the past, but what wrestlers would you want to see on a tv show in the future?

Seeing how WWEs past has led us to seeing superstars on syfy,usa or nick shows, I really want them to go on major shows on networks like CBS,ABC,Fox.

I'll choose some shows:
How I Met Your Mother(Barney always talks about how he's so awesome, and the "belt" is the same wwf belt from the 90s, so imagine the miz guest staring in this episode as barneys "awesome" friend or something)

Big Bang Theory(A show with a bunch of smart guys as main characters, would be interesting to see a few WWE stars in this episode since WWE people are like opposite of big bang theory characters. Seeing a Sheldon-Santino scene would be the funniest though)

Survivor(the only WWE person ever on Survivor made themselves and the entire WWE look like a joke. WWE should send a serious person to be on survivor since they always seem to welcome celebs if they apply and pass the physicals. Someone like McCool or Kofi I think could do real well on this show)

Those are just some examples, but I hope WWE does consider having their stars on major tv shows in the future instead of just tv shows to make their networks happy.
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