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WWE Stars Banned From Club

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WWE star John Morrison noted on Twitter that he and WWE Diva Melina were "banned for life" from the Los Angeles nightclub "Skybar." Morrison posted,

"... Security doesn't like confrontation... @realmelina and I are banned for life from Skybar... And... I DON'T CARE"

"Skybar! Why would you have a pool if you didn't want us to jump in? It's Melina's birthday! ... C'maaaaan!!!"

"Haha! They called the cops but we took the got the Brain Surge limo outta there!"

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If you're not getting banned from clubs then you're not doing something right. :p

I've been banned from two.

Well banned from one but the guy owns two clubs. I've never been in the other but I'm not allowed in there now.

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Uh oh, looks like any chance of John Morrison winning MITB at Mania have just been squandered and this stupid little stunt. J/K

Seriously though, it's not a bad thing. At least it isn't a major offense like a DUI or something.

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Lol. I got kicked out of a club once. The owner got mad cuz I was hitting on one of the gogo dancers who just so happened to be his sidechick.

I got that number though. lol

And who knows, maybe Vince will respect it. I do recall "reports" of Vince thinking Morrison was a punk for not stepping up to Batista when he had sex with Melina. Morrison acting like a Rockstar could be good for him.
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