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I will be doing Smackdown shows now. The show will be linked in a way with Grendrill's Raw in terms of superstar trades and joint PPV's. Joint PPV's will be posted in both of our threads. The show will be up pretty soon, Grendrill's Raw is the next show. Smackdown will start as a followup from last weeks Smackdown 27/05/04 so I will be continueing from there onwards developing storylines my own way and bringing up new ones.

Show will be up in the next few days.

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Well Here is the first show. I don't suppose it matters which show (Raw or SD) is up first longs they both go up. Grendrill's almost done his Raw anyway so I'll post

this has to be posted in parts for some reason

WWE Smackdown

Pyro goes off and the Smackdown theme plays throughout the arena

Cole: Welcome to WWE Smackdown, tonight in our main event, A rare appearance by The Undertaker to take on Booker-T in a rematch from Judgement Day

Tazz: What a match that will be, Booker-T says he will conquer the Undertaker but it still remains unknown whether or not the Deadman can be beaten

Cole: Also tonight John Bradshaw Layfield will announce the stipulation for his match against Eddie Guerrero at Great American Bash for the WWE Championship

Tazz: You know Cole, with JBL picking the stipulation I think this match with Eddie Guerrero is one that JBL can't lose, it'll be interesting to see what the stipulation is

Bradshaw's music hits throughout the arena to huge heat and a limo comes out with JBL on the sides.

Chimmel: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, John Bradshaw Layfield

JBL gets out of the Limo and walks up the steps and gets into the ring and gets the mic from Chimnel

JBL: Hello to all my fellow American's and to all you people in this arena from lesser countries than America, Welcome to John Bradshaw Layfield's America

Crowd Boo's

JBL: Now I am out here for one reason and that is to announce the stipulation in my match against Eddie Guerrero for my WWE Championship

Crowd Boo's

JBL: A belt that is franchised by an American Company will now be back in the hands of an American at last

Crowd Boo's again

JBL: Now Eddie, I realize your not in the arena at the moment, still probably back in customs trying to smuggle your Illegal Mexican objects into this great country, but I thought I would announce the stipulation now, to give you something to look foward to for once in your pathetic life

Crowd start a JBL sucks chant

JBL: Well seen as I thought it's common knowledge that Eddie Guerrero can't beat me in a singles match without cheating then it's going to be an ordinary match with one minor stipulation

Crowd Boo

JBL: In the match at Great American Bash, If Eddie Guerrero is disqualified he will lose the WWE Championship, If Eddie Guerrero is counted out he will lose the WWE Championship.

Crowd start chanting Eddie, Eddie, Eddie

JBL: In this match, Eddie Guerrero must win by pinfall only, whereas I use my American rights to win by Pinfall, Submission and If Eddie gets counted out or DQ'd

Crowd continue the Eddie Chant

JBL: I will also not be able to get disqualified, I can do as I please, I will not be able to get counted out either.

Cole: Oh come on these rules suck, there all in favour of JBL

Tazz: Big Ups to JBL for making these up, he's gonna be our new Champion

JBL: And for the benefit of singles competition there will be no interference at all, Now up on the titontron there is a list of these rules, I have said them already, and for all you foreigners out there if you don't understand then turn to an American next to you and get them to translate for you. Thank You

JBL's music hits and he exits the ring and goes back into his Limo and reverses back and drives out of the arena

Cole: What the hell, the champion is gonna be robbed Tazz

Tazz: Um no he isn't Cole because the Champion just left in a Limo

Cole: Yeah very funny, now on to our first match, Rene Dupree takes on Rob Van Dam

Tazz: This should be good

Rene Dupree V Rob Van Dam

Back and forth type match, Both men have several bits of offence, Rene Dupree controls the better part of the match but Rob Van Dam starts a fightback.

Match Ending: Rob Van Dam starts delivering fast paced right hands to Rene Dupree. RVD whips Dupree then delivers a spinning wheel kick, knocking Dupree down. RVD looks at Dupree who is down, RVD runs off the ropes and then delivers the Rolling Thunder. RVD covers Dupree, 1-2-kickout. RVD gets up and waits on Dupree. Dupree gets up and turns around, RVD delivers a kick in the midsection and then a DDT, laying Dupree out in the centre of the ring. RVD looks at the prone Dupree then walks over to the corner and jumps up on the ropes and sets him for the 5 star Frog Splash. RVD goes for the 5 Star but Dupree gets his knees up causing Van Dam to roll around the ring holding his ribs. Dupree gets up and sets RVD, RVD gets up holding his ribs, Dupree kicks him in the midsection the Exploder Suplex. Dupree looks to have the victory and covers 1-2-foot on the rope by RVD. Dupree goes mad and starts shouting at the referee and then shoves the ref who shoves him back and falls into an RVD rollup 1-2-kickout. Dupree gets up quickly and quickly hits a Cradle Rollup and grabs the tights, the referee counts 1-2-3.
Winner: Rene Dupree

Cole: And Dupree steals one there

Tazz: A wins a win

Cole: Wait what is Dupree doing here

Dupree was about to leave the ring but stops and comes back in and starts stomping away at RVD, Dupree mounts RVD and starts nailing him with hard right hands. The Crowd are booing loudly but it stops and a big Pop is heard when John Cena runs down to the ring. Dupree sees him and quickly exits the ring and leaves up the ramp. Dupree smiles and Cena is shouting at Dupree.

Cole: Well thank god for John Cena there or RVD would've been in for a big beating

Tazz: Yeah Rene Dupree seizing the opportunity, trying to put Rob Van Dam out and make his way up the Smackdown Roster, thats what I like to see

Cole: What you like to see RVD get the hell beat out of him

Tazz: Well no Cole but sometimes that's what it takes for someone to make an impact and credit to Rene Dupree for trying to better himself

Cole: Beating up RVD isn't going to get him anywhere

We Cut backstage to see Hardcore Holly talking to Billy Gunn in the lockerroom

Holly: We should get a tag team title shot, we are the best tag team here in the WWE

Gunn: Yeah your right, we got screwed at Judgement Day

Holly: Those two as Champions are no good, I mean look what image that brings to Smackdown to have Rico as a Champion

We see Luther pushing Mr Angle's wheelchair up behind Hardcore Holly

Holly: I have a good mind to go round to Kurt Angle's office and tell him what a huge mistake he is making with the Smackdown Brand, he's been a no good GM so far (Billy Gunn sees Angle and tries to shut up Holly but Holly continues talking) He's been crap, I mean look at the Champions we've had, we have an old age man as Cruiserweight Champion, we had a women as Cruiserweight Champion, We've got a gay man holding a tag belt, I mean what's going on here

Kurt: Why don't I tell you what's going on Holly

Holly looks a bit shocked and turns round to face Angle

Kurt: You have a match next against Mordecai, and should you fail to win then you will be fired from the WWE, it's your own fault you didnt capatilize on your opportunity at Judgement Day, not mine, well if you fail next then your gone, finished, done...........back to the office please Luther

Luther: Ok Boss

Luther wheels Angle away and Holly stands looking worried

We Cut back to the arena

Cole: Well Hardcore Holly's job is on the line next

Tazz: I'm feeling sorry for Holly, if my job was on the line, the one man I wouldn't want it to be against is Mordecai

Cole: Yeah Tazz and Mordecai is a strange enigma here in the WWE, he said he will punish the sinners, we don't know a lot about him but what we do know is that he will punish Hardcore Holly next

Hardcore Holly V Mordecai

Hardcore Holly comes out fighting, immediatly attacking Mordecai upon entering the ring, but Mordecai gained control and started dominating Holly for most of the match

Match Ending: Mordecai Irish Whips Holly and delivers a huge clothesline knocking Holly down. Mordecai picks Holly right back up and Irish Whips him again and then delivers a huge powerslam. Mordecai gets up and looks at Holly who is down, Mordecai smiles then grabs him and picks him up. Mordecai kicks Holly in the midsection and delivers a thunderous Powerbomb on Holly. Mordecai thinks about the cover but changes his mind. Mordecai picks up Holly and kicks him in the midsection then delivers a second powerbomb. Holly is down and out. Mordecai looks at the turnbuckle then picks up Holly and takes him into the corner. Mordecai climbs up on the middle rope and grabs Holly. Mordecai signals that its over then delivers a sitout piledriver from the middle rope on Holly then covers 1-2-3
Winner: Mordecai

Mordecai leaves the ring and EMT's come down and see to Hardcore Holly

Cole: Hardcore Holly's career in the WWE is over, maybe even his career altogether in any company after that piledriver from the middle rope

Tazz: That was devasting Cole, I don't know anything else to say right now

Cole: Here comes a stretcher for Hardcore Holly

Tazz: I hope they get him some help and I hope he is ok but his WWE Career is finished

Billy Gunn comes out as Holly is being placed on the stretcher, The Crowd start a Hey Hey Hey Hey, Na Na Na Na, Goodbye Chant, they are pleased to see Holly go.

Cole: Well the crowd wasn't too kind to Holly there but that's over with and we got to focus on the rest of the night

Tazz: Yeah Cole

We Cut backstage to see Eddie Guerrero arriving at the arena in a low rider, fans cheer and start an Eddie, Eddie, Eddie chant

We then Cut to Kurt Angle's office, where Luther is standing and Angle is in his wheelchair watching the monitor, There is a knock at the door

Kurt: Come In

The Door Opens and Paul Heyman comes in

Heyman: Mr Angle, pleasure to see you

Kurt: Woah, Paul how did you get here

Heyman: I kind of sneaked in

Kurt: Ok thats it, security

Heyman: Wait Wait, I need to ask you a favour Mr Angle

The security guard walks in but Angle tells him to wait

Kurt: What is it?

Heyman: I know I'm not employeed by Smackdown and I'm not supposed to be here, but I want a chance to become part of the Smackdown Roster, there isn't no way I will work for Eric Bischoff's Raw Brand, And I thought seen as your the better GM then you would give me a fair chance

Kurt: Well...

Heyman: Come on Mr Angle, please give me a chance

Kurt: Well ok i'll give you a chance, but your chance is going to be placed on the Dudley Boyz

Heyman: What do you mean

Kurt: Well If the Dudley Boyz can beat Rico and Charlie Haas in a Non Title Match next, not only will they get a WWE Tag Team Title shot at Great American Bash but you will also be employeed by Smackdown and well I am going to allow you to be at ringside with the Dudley Boyz so you better hurry up and go

Heyman: Thanks Mr Angle

We Cut back to the arena

Cole: Well Paul Heyman has the chance to become an employee of Smackdown next and The Dudley Boyz have a chance to become Number One Contenders

Tazz: Yeah they do Cole and I think with Heyman out here, they could make the most of it

Cole: Up Now is Dudley Boyz against Rico and Charlie Haas

Non Title Match
Dudley Boyz (w/paul heyman) V Rico & Charlie Haas (w/miss jackie)

Dudley Boyz control the match working on Rico, everytime Rico got the advantage Paul heyman made a distraction allowing Dudley Boyz to regain control

Match Ending: Rico goes for a kick but D'von catches his foot and taunts him and then Rico hits the enziguri. Both Rico and D'Von are down. D'Von starts to crawl to his corner. Rico crawls slowly to his. D'Von gets the tag to Bubba and Rico gets the tag to Charlie Haas. Haas comes in and clothesline's Bubba, then clothesline's D'Von. Haas hits a scoop slam on Bubba, Haas then hits a scoop slam on D'Von. Charlie Haas signals for the Haas of Pain and is about to lock it in when Paul Heyman gets up on the apron. Haas lets Bubba go and goes over and knocks Heyman off the apron. Haas taunts Heyman. Haas then turns around and the Dudley Boyz hit the 3D. Bubba covers Haas and D'Von throws Rico out of the ring. 1-2-3
Winners: The Dudley Boyz

Heyman gets up into the ring and starts celebrating with The Dudley Boyz. But suddenly the lights go out in the arena

A gong is heard and the ring starts to fill with Purple Smoke. Undertaker appears at the top of the ramp, The Dudley Boyz are shown in the ring but can barely be seen because of the lights being out. The Arena then goes to complete Darkness and a Gong is heard again. There is purple mist everywhere and the lights go back on, The Dudley Boyz and Paul heyman are watching the Ramp where Taker is not there. Taker is in the ring! not known to the Dudley Boyz. The Dudley Boyz think everything is safe and they turn around and The Undertaker clothesline's them both down Paul Heyman moves over to the corner and starts cowering, Taker moves towards him and then nails him with a right hand knocking Heyman down. D'Von gets up and runs at The Undertaker who just grabs him and delivers a hard tombstone piledriver. Bubba delivers a right hand to Undertaker who just stands still with the right hand taking no effect. Undertaker picks up Bubba and delivers a tombstone to him. Paul Heyman runs from the ring up the ramp and backstage.

The Undertaker gets a mic

The Undertaker: I shall not move from this ring until I get Paul Bearer

There is a pause in the arena and Undertaker stands waiting, Mr Angle appears on the titon tron

Kurt: Undertaker, although I cannot bring Paul Bearer to you, I need you to move out of the ring so the show can go on, so what I am proposing to you is that next week on Smackdown, you take on The Dudley Boyz in a handicap match.

There is once again a pause in the arena, Undertaker raises the mic up to his mouth

The Undertaker: It's on

The Lights go out and a gong is heard and they flash back on and Undertaker is no where to be seen. Angle is on the titontron then goes off it.

Cole: Undertaker V The Dudley Boyz next week on Smackdown

Tazz: That's gonna be great Cole, But who does the advantage go too, is it the deadman or is it the Dudley Boyz

Cole: That's right Tazz, Dudley Boyz have the numbers advantage but it is The Undertaker they are facing

The Lights go out in the arena only the titon tron to light things up. Mordecai appears on the titontron. A voice starts to hiss, "The Punishing has begun, I have picked out a sacrifical lamb, who will be punished for the sins comitted. Mordecai is here, Mordecai is here, Mordecai is here."

Cole: Well there is a display of another strange enigma of Mordecai

Tazz: I wish we knew more about him, who is the sacrificial lamb Cole?

Cole: I don't know, I prefer to keep away from Mordecai

Tazz: Yeah me too

Cole: Up next is Chavo Guerrero J.R against Billy Kidman

Chavo Guerrero J.R's music hit and both Chavo J.R and Chavo Classic walk out to the ring, Chavo Classic holding the Cruiserweight Championship. They get in the ring and Chavo Classic gets the mic

Chavo S.R: Just before this match takes place, I want to make an announcement. I am the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, but I should not be the Cruiserweight Champion, A man of my age wants to watch his son as the Cruiserweight Champion and wants to watch his son make a success, So from now onwards, I announce that I have forfited the Cruiserweight Championship to my son Chavo

Crowd Give that a mixed reaction. Chavo S.R hands the belt and the mic to Chavo J.R

Chavo J.R: Seen as I want to be a fighting Champion, I have decided to put my new belt on the line against Billy Kidman in this match.

Chavo throws down the mic and awaits the arrival of Billy Kidman

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Chavo Guerrero J.R (c) V Billy Kidman

Chavo Guerrero controls most of the match. Billy Kidman gets some offence but Chavo S.R interferes sometimes

Match Ending: Chavo Guerrero picks up Billy Kidman but Kidman starts hitting some shots to the midsection of Chavo. Kidman kicks Chavo in the midsection and hits a DDT. Kidman covers 1-2-kickout. Kidman drags Chavo over to the ropes and signals for the shooting star press. Kidman goes up but Chavo shakes the ropes. Chavo goes up to the top turnbuckle with Kidman and then comes off with a superplex. Chavo gets an arm over Kidman 1-2-3.
Winner: Chavo Guerrero J.R

Cole: Well a Suprising turn of events Chavo S.R giving Chavo J.R the cruiserweight Championship

Tazz: Yeah and then Chavo beating Kidman

Cole: What a match that was

Tazz: Yeah I agree Cole, but what about our next match

Cole: Oh Yeah, Eddie Guerrero and John Cena against John Bradshaw Layfield and Mark Jindrak.

We Cut Backstage to see John Bradshaw Layfield in his lockerroom. Mark Jindrak and Theodore Long Approach

JBL: Ah Mark, Theodore, Ready to teach that mexican and the American Sellout a lesson

Theodore: Oh he's ready playa, He's always Ready

JBL: Just think Mark, your going to make your mark in the WWE like me, I am the next WWE Champion, and if you play your card's right you'll be a great legend like me

Jindrak: I guess we'll have to see won't we

We Cut back to the arena

Cole: Well it's time for the match now

Tazz: This will be very interesting, who will gain the advantage between Bradshaw and Eddie Guerrero

Cole: Well JBL has the advantage before they even lock up because of the stipulation

Tazz: Yeah I suppose

John Bradshaw Layfield & Mark Jindrak (w/theodore long) V Eddie Guerrero & John Cena

JBL and Jindrak work on John Cena for most of the match.

Match Ending: Jindrak goes for a suplex on Cena but Cena gets over the back then starts to hit some right hands on Jindrak. Cena Irish Whips Jindrak and then they double clothesline each other. Both men go down. Jindrak and Cena both try to tag their partners. Jindrak gets the tag to JBL, Cena gets the tag to Eddie Guerrero. JBL tries to give Eddie a right hand but Eddie takes JBL down and starts hammering away with right hands. JBL shoves Eddie off then tries to get up but gets met with several kicks by Eddie. Jindrak tries to attack Eddie but Eddie starts delivering right hands to him. Cena gets back into the frame and knocks Jindrak out of the ring. Cena and Eddie double suplex JBL leaving him out in the centre of the ring. Cena leaves the ring to fight with Jindrak, Eddie climbs the turnbuckle and signals for a Frog Splash. Eddie hits a Frog Splash and covers 1-2-3.
Winners: Eddie Guerrero & John Cena

Cole: Eddie Guerrero and John Cena pick up the victory

Tazz: Hard fought match there, i'm shocked though I didn't think Eddie could beat JBL

Cole: Well he has done, will that be the outcome at Great American Bash, back to Josh Matthews who has Eddie Guerrero


Eddie is gaining his breath back after the match

Josh: Eddie Guerrero you just pinned your opponent at Great American Bash, John Bradshaw Layfield, do you think you can win at the PPV?

Eddie: Of course essa, JBL thinks I can't beat him, well I just did, and I will do so again at Great American Bash

Josh: What do you think of the rules of your match?

Eddie: I think the rules suck, but I will still win because nothing can stop Latino Heat, and nothing can stop me from kicking JBL's ass and retaining my title

Ok thanks Eddie Guerrero

End of Interview

Cole: A confident Eddie Guerrero then but up next, is our main event

Tazz: I've been looking foward to this one Cole, The Deadman against the 5 time WCW Champion

Cole: A rematch from Judgement Day, Booker-T V The Undertaker

Booker-T V The Undertaker

This Match is quite mixed, Taker has slightly more offence than Booker-T.

Match Ending: Booker-T runs off the ropes and goes for the sidekick but Taker ducks and Booker-T hits the referee. Booker turns around and Taker grabs him by the neck and hits the Chokeslam! Booker is out and the referee is out. The Dudley Boyz run down the ramp with Paul Heyman who is carrying Undertaker's urn. Dudley Boyz get in the ring, Taker clothesline's Bubba, then clothesline's D'Von. Heyman goes round to the corner where Booker-T is and hands Booker the urn. Taker chokeslam's Bubba then clothesline's D'Von over the ropes. Booker takes some powder out of the urn then closes it and gives it back to Heyman. The referee starts to stir round. The Undertaker goes after Booker-T but Booker throws the powder in the eyes of Taker who staggers and cannot see. Booker-T rolls up the Undertaker and grabs the tights. The referee counts 1-2-3
Winner: Booker-T

Cole: The Dudley Boyz and Paul heyman have cost The Undertaker this match with Booker-T, cya next week folks.

End of Show


Opinions please?

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And this is just an SD! what a great show. Nice one.

BTB Hall of Famer
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Great show. I liked Mordecai's promo as well as the build up to JBL/Eddie, Cena/Dupree and Dudleyz/Undertaker. Nice to see Chavo Guerrero Jr get the title from Chavo Classic. Shame Hardcore got fired. I reacon the sacrificial lamb will be Paul Bearer and nice to see Heyman get his job back.

Overall Grade: 9/10


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Good Show, Is Jindrak just a filler or is he actually like a student of JBL? It was pretty cool, the opening promo was awesome though like I said on MSN I might have missed a bit. I hope this what the real SD is like. APart from Chavo Classic he is pretty funny :)

Overall: 9.5/10

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If the WWe wants to turn Smackdown around go to the internet Vince.Great Show I have a feeling the sacrificial lamb will be a diva like Torrie Willson I see you couldnt resist to fire Holly like you always say he should be.

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nice show and all but that TGAB banner sucks :)
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