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I wrote this a while ago just mucking around, but then I saw this forum and thought I'd post it in to see what you guys thought.

Pyrotechnics go off as Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to this weeks edition of Smackdown!

Cole: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the number 1 brand in sports entertainment, Smackdown! We are live from San Diego California, and we are completely sold out as thirty thousand screaming fans pack the arena.

Tazz: That's right, Cole! And what a show we have got for you tonight! The legendary phenom known as the Undertaker will be making a suprise appearance on Smackdown! in his very own match tonight, our GM Theodore Long has an announcement to make plus we have the return of the Dudley Boyz, as they will be in a tag team tables match with MNM for the Tag Team Championships!

Cole: Plus our WWE Champ, John Cena, will be coming out soon to speak to all his fans. But let's get to our first match now, as Rey Mysterio, the master of the deadly 619 move, takes on Spike Dudley in cruiserweight action exclusive to Smackdown!

Rey Mysterio's music hits, and he makes his way to the ring.

Cole: Here's Rey Mysterio! The man who took one hell of a beating at the merciless hands of Eddie Guerrero, and somehow survived!

Tazz: That's right Cole, but you gotta suspect that Mysterio is still somewhat reeling from that attack the other week when Guerrero gave him that brainbuster onto the steel steps!

Spike Dudley's music hits, and he enters.

Cole: Well, here comes the boss of the Dudley's, Spike Dudley! What a match this is gonna be, as we said this is Cruiserweight action you will only ever find on Smackdown!

Tazz: That's right Cole, and whenever I see two great Cruiserweights in the ring, then it gets me pumped because I know that I am about to see one hell of a match!

The bell sounds, and Spike Dudley starts launching right hands at Rey Mysterio. Spike Dudley whips Mysterio into the turnbuckle, but as Spike runs, Mysterio dodges, causing Spike to run into the 'buckle. Mysterio goes for a suplex from behind, but Spike flips over, lands on his feet and then throws Mysterio into the turnbuckle, following it up with a schoolboy. Referee Nick Patrick counts two as mysterio kicks out. Spike runs for another clothesline, but Mysterio pulls down the top rope, sending Spike flying into the crowd railing. Mysterio jumps off onto Spike with a Double Axe Handle, then throws him into the railing and into the steel steps. Mysterio throws Spike back in the ring and goes for the cover, but like Spike, he only gets two. Mysterio slaps on a sleeper hold, trying to wear "The Boss" down. Spike Dudley goes limp, and Patrick comes over, lifting the arm of Spike. If Spike's arm drops three times, Mysterio is victorious. Spike's arm only drops twice and Spike comes back to life. Spike counters the submission with a neckbreaker and then sets up Mysterio for the Dudley Dog. While attempting to complete the move, however, Mysterio reverses it and hangs Spike up on the ropes. Mysterio then hits the 619 and the West Coast Pop before getting the three count. Mysterio's music hits again.

Tazz: Wow, what a match! Cruiserweight action as always off the charts! That was an amazing match! Mysterio's in the house, baby!

Cole: That was an amazing matchup and a great start to tonight's show. But....wait a minute... what the hell is this?

Eddie Guerrero comes through crowd and jumps over the railing

Cole: What the hell is he doing here? After all he cost Rey Mysterio, and now he's out here.....

Tazz: He's probably out here to make peace with Mysterio.

Cole: Like hell, he is!

Eddie reaches under the ring and grabs a sledgehammer

Cole: Oh my God, he's got that damn sledgehammer! You let him go!

Eddie starts smacking Mysterio with the Sledgehammer

Cole: What a sick, low-life, unprofessional man Guerrero is becoming, and what sick, low-life, unprofessional manouvers he has been doing on Mysterio these past few weeks.

Eddie's music comes on and he leaves the arena smiling.

Cole: Damn that Eddie Guerrero. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen we have some table action for you next as the Dudley Boyz square off against MNM in the Dudley's type of match, a tables match! We'll be back right after this break.


Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to Smackdown and as we saw before the break, Eddie Guerrero once again making his presence felt on Mysterio with the use of a sledgehammer.

Tazz: Latino Heat is all fired up tonight, Cole

Cole: Well, maybe so. But I'll tell you two people who are fired up tonight, Tazz! And they are "Those Damn Dudley's", who are standing by with Josh Matthews! Josh, are you there?

Camera goes backstage where Josh Matthews is standing next to the Dudley Boyz outside their dressing room.

Josh: Here I am, guys and what a match we have next for the fans! I am currently standing with two of the contestants for this match, Bubba Ray and D'Von, the returning Dudley Boyz! Guys, your thoughts for this match....

D'Von: MNM think they're so great! Well, we're here tonight to put an end to their tag team title reign! We're here tonight, to show these punks that we're the greatest tag team! And we're gonna show them the way only the Dudley Boyz can!

Bubba: That's right, MNM! Tonight, you gotta go up against the Dudley Boyz in a match made in Dudleyville! A good old classic tables match! Tonight, we will take your belts, and you will take the beating of your entire, pathetic little lives! Let's go, D'Von!

Dudley Boyz walk off

Josh: Well Guys, there you have it. Bubba Ray and D'Von are Psyched. Back to you at ringside to see how this classic will go down.

Camera switches back to ringside

Cole: This should be a great match for the books, Tazz!

Tazz: This one's gonna be a rocketbuster, Cole! I got goosebumps!

Dudley Boyz pyro goes off and their music hits

Cole: Well, here come those damn Dudley's and look, Tazz! They've even brought their own table with them!

Tazz: Their table, plus the other 6 tables placed around the ringside..... I got a bad feeling about this one, Cole, and right now I would not like to be MNM.

MNM's Music hits

Cole: Well, here comes the newcomers! They look focused, but can they beat the Dudley's at their own game....and their own match!?

Both teams hammer away at each other. D'Von tosses Joey Mercury to the outside, and slams his head into the announcers table. Back in the ring, Bubba goes for the Shake, Rattle and Roll but Johnny Nitro counters it into his own version of the move. Both teams continue to hammer away. On the outside, Mercury wears down D'Von enough to lay him out on a table. Then, Mercury mounts the turnbuckle, and launches himself off with a Swanton Bomb. D'Von is driven through the table and is therefore eliminated, leaving Bubba Ray to fend for himself. MNM constantly Double team Bubba, finally putting him through the table with a Double Flapjack. MNM win.

Cole: Oh my God! What an upset by MNM! They've just beaten the Dudley Boyz at a table match, the Dudley family's speciality!

Tazz: Wow! Like I said earlier, what a rocketbuster!

Cole: Wait a minute! The Dudleyz are back in, and Johnny Nitro doesn't realise it....

Johnny Nitro turns around, only to get the 3D through a table

Cole: Wow! 3D! The Dudley Death Drop! Through a table!

Tazz: Wait a second, Cole! Here comes Mercury....

Mercury also gets a 3D

Cole: Both members of MNM got the 3D! Dudley Boyz may have lost the match, but right now they are victorious! MNM just got drilled!

Dudley's music hits

Cole: Well, it's been a fantastic night here on Smackdown

Tazz: That's correct, but you forget, Cole that it isnt over yet! The Deadman, The Undertaker makes his special appearance here tonight, but....

John Cena's music hits

Cole: Alright, Tazz! The champ is here!

Tazz: Here comes the champ! Cena's here, baby!

John Cena climbs into ring.

Cole: I wonder what he has to say?

John Cena: Since Wrestlemania 21, I've had JBL moaning and complaining about how he reckons he should be the champ! Listen up, JBL! I took that title from you, and you just can't live with the fact! You just can't live with the fact that John Cena and the Chaingang are better than you!

JBL's music hits and he walks out

Tazz: Look at the look in JBL's eyes, baby! He's so mad, he didn't come out in the Limo with the horns!

Cole: Who cares about the limo?? I'm intrested to see what JBL's reaction will be to Cena's speech, and how this is all gonna go down.

JBL: Nice speech, Cena. You might have the belt now, but you won't be champion for much longer. I am the better man, Cena! The list goes on: Angle, Booker T, Guerrero, Undertaker.....and now you. I've beaten all the greats in this business, and I've squared off with the best the WWE has to offer. I have defeated all the top dogs here, and I'll be damned if a little punk like you is gonna stop me from getting that title around my waist once more.
I will defeat you, Cena, and I will....

Theodore Long's Music Hits

Cole: Oh my God! It's Theodore R Long, the GM of our great show! And he's just inturrupted JBL!

Tazz: Things could get ugly here.

Long: Let me holla at ya playa! JBL if you want that title so damn bad, then you're gonna have to earn a shot at it, like everybody else here on Smackdown

JBL: I've already earned my shot at it! Do you know how long I have held that belt for? Do you know who I have defeated to keep that belt in my possession?

Long: Yes, I do. And that is why I am putting you in a match! At WWE's new PPV, WWE: Wrestlefest, you will face The Undertaker and a challenger I hand picked myself to get an oppertunity at the gold.

JBL: Who the hell is that? Some other punk like Cena?

Long: No, he's a new superstar to my roster, although he has appeared on Smackdown many times before. In fact, Smackdown was named after this guy. He is the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: The Rock!

The Rock's music hits

Cole: Oh my God! The Rock is here on Smackdown! The Rock has returned and Smackdown now has the People's Champ!

Tazz: Who ever thought that we'd see the Rock back in a wrestling ring!

Rock: John Bradshaw Layfield! John Cena! Both you guys think you're worthy of the WWE belt. That you deserve to hold the WWE belt. Well the Rock says that you do not deserve to hold it. The only person worthy of that belt is the Rock! And at Wrestlefest, the Rock will prove to both your asses that he has got what it takes to get the job done. After Wrestlefest, the Rock garun-damn-tees that he will be the WWE Champ, and that he will own both of your candy asses and he will kick both of your candy asses. The Rock and the people will show you who is worthy of that title and that is the Rock! If ya smellllllllllaaaaa, what the Rock, is cookin'!

Long: Holla holla holla!

Tazz: Holy cow! Holla holla is right! The Great one just issued a challenge, and he will take on JBL and Cena at Wrestlefest! Now that really is a rocketbuster, Cole!

Cole: Plus the fact that at Wrestlefest, the Rock has the oppertunity to take the gold from Cena! This night is really shaping up to be historic! The People's Champ here on Smackdown! We'll be right back after this break! Oh my God!


Tazz: We're back folks and the Rock just came out, suprised us all, and said he will take the belt from Cena at Wrestlefest. I can't wait to see how this baby shapes out!

Cole: Here comes our main event, folks! The Undertaker taking on a mystery opponent here tonight on Smackdown! The Deadman, goes one on one, with a mystery guy.

Undertaker's Music hits

Tazz: This Cole, is creepy. When the Undertaker comes out, there is nothing quite like it.

Cole: Bone chilling. Undertaker has dominated WWE for 15 years! He has beaten the best WWE has to offer, and he has changed the course of WWE history. He is a beast!

Tazz: Right! But I wonder who his mystery opponent is?

Undertaker raises his arms and the lights come back on

Tazz: That's creepy. I hate the way he does that.

Luther Reigns's music comes on

Cole: It's Reigns! Reigns is here!

Tazz: Beast VS Beast, Cole[/FONT]

Cole: A rematch from No Way Out! Remember how 'Taker hit that Tombstone on Reigns at that great event?

Tazz: I do. Man, I'd hate to be in the squared circle while Takers there.

The bell rings

Cole: Let's begin this match!


A slow paced match, ending in a last Ride. At the end, Mark Jindrak runs in but Taker drops him with a Tombstone Piledriver onto the steel steps.

Cole: Oh my God! What an attack there, and what a night it has been! Thanks for joining us!

Tazz: We'll see ya at Wrestlefest!


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Realism: Show was real but 3 matches in a 2 hour show... do you think it's possible? 7/10

Length: Length of the first match was good but length matters when it is required like in the main event... put in more details 4/10

Entertainment: Show was a bit entertaining but cant really judge cus you did not put in enough details 5/10

Colour/fonts: If not fonts you require colour cus it will attract readers. 0/10

Bookings: 3 matches as i said was not enough. this shows you are new and have a chance to improve. good luck 5/10

Total: 21 X 2= 42/100 you have a chance of improving. Good luck for the next show
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