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WWE Smackdown!

John Cena
Shawn Michaels
Chris Benoit
Eddie Guerrero
The Undertaker
Randy Orton
Sean O'Haire
Rob Van Dam
Stone Cold
Charlie Haas
Shelton Benjamin
Matt Hardy Version 1.0
Lance Storm
Big Show
Mark Jindrak
Garrison Cade
Chavo Guerrero J.R
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Johnny Stamboli
Chuck Palumbo
Shannon Moore
Super Crazy
Jamie Noble
Bubba Ray Dudley
Spike Dudley
Ric Flair
Steve Corino
Tommy Dreamer
Terry Funk
Mick Foley

Michael Cole

WWE Champion : Chris Benoit
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton
WWE Tag Team Championships : Worlds Greatest Tag Team
WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Jamie Noble
WWE Hardcore Championship: Rhyno

Pay Per Views
Judgement Day
Bad Blood
No Mercy
Survivor Series
Royal Rumble
No Way Out

Shows will be on a Tuesday


3,774 Posts
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Wrestlers fade in and are shown on an otherwise blue screen to the Smackdown theme, it finishes as we go Live! To the arena as the camera spins around it, faster and faster, until there is a massive burst of light, and we are in the arena. It is black, until two pyros shoot towards the ramp from either side and there is a massive explosion. A wall of fire accompanies the bringing up of the lights as the camera pans around the massive arena. We then cut to the commentators table.

JR: Welcome to WWE Smackdown! This is a beginning of a new era!

King: Yes JR, I’m so excited!

JR: tonight Shawn Michaels takes on Kane! And also the WWE Tag Team Championship is on the line!

King: This is gonna be great!

JR: First the number one contenders for the cruiserweight title!

No1 contendership match for Cruiserweight Title
Hurricane Vs Jamie Noble Vs Shannon Moore

Hurricane, Noble and Moore are all in the ring looking at each other, Hurricane and Moore go after Noble. They attack him with a flurry of rights and lefts. They whip him off the ropes and both deliver a drop kick to him. They pick him up off the floor and whip him once again off the ropes and knock him down to the canvas with a clothesline. He rolls out of the ring as the crowd are on their feet. Hurricane and Moore look at each other and circle each other. They lock up but Moore quickly kicks Hurricane in the gut. He then delivers a quick armdrag. Hurricane gets to his feet but is met by another armdrag. He gets to his feet but Moore drop kicks him. Moore goes over to him and whips him off the ropes and connects with a swinging neck breaker. He quickly turns around and makes the cover. 1-2 Hurricane kicks out. Noble comes back into the ring and kicks Moore in the gut. He then slams his head into the top turnbuckle and pummels away. He then delivers a hip toss. He then delivers a couple of stomps to the chest of Moore. He picks him up and whips him off the ropes and hits a tilt o whirl back breaker. He covers Moore. 1-2 he kicks out. Hurricane is on his feet and kicks Noble and then delivers his own neck breaker. He drapes an arm over the body of Noble. 1-2 Noble kicks out. Hurricane climbs to the middle rope and then delivers a leg drop over the throat of Noble. Moore is back to his feet as him and Hurricane exchange punches, He gets the upper hand and runs off the ropes and nails Hurricane with a hurracanrana. Noble is back up and kicks Moore in the gut and goes for a tiger bomb but Moore reverses it into a back body drop. He then grabs Hurricane by the arms and climbs to the top rope. Noble gets to his feet and Moore hits an arm drag on Hurricane and a hurracanrana on Noble. He covers Noble. 1-2- Hurricane gets up and breaks up the count. Shannon is brought to his feet by Hurricane who smashes his knee into the back of Moore. He picks him up and then hits a back breaker. Noble begins climb the turnbuckle unknown to Hurricane. Hurricane grabs Shannon by the throat and delivers the chokeslam! 1-2- Noble comes flying off the top rope with a splash. Knocking out all three. The referee counts. 1-2-3.
Winner: …

The referee gets up and realises that Hurricane and Noble had an arm over Moore. He looks on helplessly.

Shane McMahon’s music hits as he makes his way out onto the ramp with a microphone in hand.

Shane: What do we have here? A draw!

The referee nods his head.

Shane: Well, what shall I do huh? Well I’ll tell you I’ll give you something that all the fans want as well. Since there are two winners to this match, there will be a triple threat at Judgement day!

The crowd cheer at this announcement as Shane makes his way to the back.

JR: What an announcement there!

King: Amazing!

A video package begins to play, a dark cemetery, two people are speaking, we see the backs one of rather large man and one smaller accomplice.

Man: The Dead has risen he’s back and he’s doing what he does best, he is doing his job, not one but both of them. One beating people in the ring and two burying people which is his REAL job. Whose next to buried? Well the one who t ried to bury the man right next to me


Watch your back, as Paul Bearer is back.

The man talking turns around

Man: And the Deadman is back! That’s right the Undertaker!

Undertaker turns around as they both look down on us with sick and twisted looks on their faces.

JR: That was freaky!

King: You said it!

JR: Now, the WWE Tag team titles are on the line in a triple threat!

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
WGTT Vs FBI Vs Bashams

Charlie Haas and Danny Basham start off in the ring, they circle each other a couple of times before they lock up in the ring. Danny applies a side headlock. Charlie Haas pushes him off the ropes but is knocked down with a shoulder. He flips onto his front as Bashams runs off the ropes. Haas gets up and delivers an arm drag. Basham gets to his feet once again and another arm drag. Haas goes over and picks him up and whips him in the corner. He delivers a couple of rights and lefts before whipping him corner to corner. He runs into the corner and delivers a splash. He comes out but Stamboli tags himself in. He distributes a hard right hand to the face of Danny. He whips Danny off the ropes and delivers a clothesline down to the canvas. Stamboli picks him up and delivers a powerslam. He goes into his corner and tags in Chuck. Chuck comes in the ring cockily and kicks Danny in the gut and delivers a DDT. He makes the cover 1-2- Doug comes in to break the count. Chuck looks at him and signals to him to back off. He whips Danny Basham into the corner but Shelton Benjamin tags himself in. He looks at Chuck with confidence. They tie up as Benjamin pushes Palumbo away. He runs off the ropes and delivers a clothesline. He urges Palumbo to get up and once again another clothesline. Chuck gets up but Benjamin delivers a standing dropkick. Benjamin picks him up and rolls him up from behind. 1-2- kicks out by Palumbo. He picks up Palumbo and delivers a stiff right hand and drives him into the turnbuckle hard. He throws him into the opposite corner and begins pummelling away at him. He then whips him corner to corner and hits a huge splash. Palumbo comes out groggily and Shelton Benjamin smashes Palumbo in the jaw with a super kick. He makes the cover 1-2- Doug Basham comes in and breaks up the count. All of a sudden all the members of each team come in and we have a huge brawl. Stamboli clotheslines Haas over the top rope. Danny Basham clotheslines Palumbo over the top rope as well as they begin to fight outside. Doug and Benjamin are in the ring slugging it out. Doug Basham gets Benjamin and kicks him in the gut and delivers a snap suplex. Doug picks up Benjamin and kicks him in the gut and delivers crushing DDT. He hooks the leg. 1-2- Benjamin lifts the shoulder off the canvas. Doug gets up in despair. He kicks Benjamin and lifts him up into the air steadying him for a vertical suplex. Benjamin slides off and as Doug turns around he hits a vicious superkick He makes the cover 1-2-3. He rolls out of the ring as the other teams go in and look on in anguish.
Winner: World’s Greatest Tag Team

Eddie is shown talking to the GM Shane McMahon

Eddie : Shane essa, you know I was kind of thinking that i should be the number one contender to the WWE Championship essa

Shane : Well Eddie, I was thinking either you or Edge

Eddie : Edge!, vato I’m better than Edge, I got Latino Heat essa

Edge walks up behind Eddie, not noticed by Eddie although noticed by Shane

Eddie : Edge can't beat me essa, its simple as that now can you give me a WWE title shot like i deserve

Shane : Oh so you think Edge can't beat you ?

Eddie : I don't think that essa, I know that he can't beat me

Shane : I think Edge himself would have something to say about that (points at Edge)

Edge : Yeah your right Shane i have got something to say, Eddie if you think you can beat me then bring your latino heat to the ring

Eddie : Ok then essa I’ll prove it to you vato

Shane : Then thats settled Edge V Eddie Guerrero tonight! And winner gets a WWE Title shot next week!

Jr: Bah Gawd! What an announcement!

King: It just gets better and better!

Jr: Now Booker T in action vs Sean O’Haire

Booker-T V Sean O'Haire

Booker-T comes out to the ring to a good pop. Sean O'Haire gets heat from the fans. Sean O'Haire and Booker-T walk around the ring then tieup. Booker-T forces O'Haire into the corner. Booker starts giving O'Haire quick right hands but the referee forces Booker to go back into the middle of the ring. O'Haire moves out of the corner. Both men go to tieup again but O'Haire hits a quick kick to the midsection of Booker then starts to deliver quick right hands. O'Haire then starts delivering knife-edge chops to booker-T. O'Haire kicks Booker in the mid-section then hits a snap suplex. O'Haire taunts the crowd who boo him. O'Haire picks up Booker-T then hits a double-arm DDT. O'Haire goes up to the top turnbuckle and waits on Booker-T to get up. Booker-T gets up and turns around. O'Haire goes for the missile dropkick but Booker moves and O'Haire goes crashing to the canvas. Booker-T stomps away at O'Haire. Booker picks up O'Haire and starts to deliver his own knife-edge chops. Booker-T then Irish Whips O'Haire and hits the Harlem Sidekick. O'Haire goes down and rolls to the outside of the ring. Booker goes outside the ring after O'Haire. Booker grabs O'Haire and Irish Whips him into the barricade. Booker runs at O'Haire but O'Haire backdrops Booker into the crowd. Sean O'Haire rolls into the ring to break up the count then back out. Booker climbs back over the barricade. O'Haire starts to give Booker right hands then hits Booker's head off the steel stairs. O'Haire puts Booker back in the ring. O'Haire goes onto the middle turnbuckle and waits on Booker to get up. O'Haire comes off with a tornado DDT on Booker then covers 1-2-kickout. O'Haire then delivers a leg drop across the throat of Booker-T. O'Haire taunts Booker-T and slaps him in the head, challenging him to get up. O'Haire puts Booker-T in a sleeper hold. The fans chant Booker, Booker, Booker. Booker-T fades, the ref lifts his hand up and it drops once, his hand then drops a second time, the ref lifts bookers arm up and it stays up. Booker tries to fight his way up. Booker gets up then delivers some elbows into the gut of O'Haire causing him to break the hold. O'Haire off the ropes Booker-T hip tosses him. O'Haire gets up and runs at Booker but Booker delivers a kick to the midsection then hits the scissors kick. O'Haire is down, Booker signals to the fans, Booker-T does the Spinarooni. As Big Show approaches Ringside. Booker-T looks at Big Show. O'Haire sneaks up behind Booker and clotheslines him knocking Booker out of the ring. O'Haire goes to go after Booker but the ref stops him, O'Haire argues with the ref distracting him. Big Show clotheslines Booker-T knocking him down. Big Show then grabs the mat which covers the concrete floor and pulls it off exposing the concrete. Big Show grabs Booker-T and hits a chokeslam on the concrete. Big Show then heads up the ramp leaving Booker knocked out. The ref then starts the count 1.......2.......3........4.........5........6.........7.......8..........9.......10 Booker can't answer the count.
Winner : via countout Sean O'Haire

JR: Big show just cost Booker the match!

King: Why

JR: Josh has him backstage folks!

Josh : Big Show, can you explain to me and all the rest of the fans around the world why you just did that to Booker-T

Show : Haha Josh did you see that, I just chokeslammed Booker-T straight to hell, And you wanna know why i did that Josh, its simple, I'm 7 foot 2, 500 pounds, Im a giant.....I do what I like when I like. There is nobody that can do anything about it because nobody can stop me. No excuse me I have a match.

Jr: Big words from a Big man!

King: BIG!?! More like Giant!

Big Show V Rob Van Dam

Big Show comes out to huge heat from the crowd. Rob Van Dam gets a good crowd pop. Big Show tries to clothesline RVD straight away as he gets in the ring but RVD ducks. RVD starts giving Big Show some quick right hands but Big Show fires back with a knee to the gut sending RVD down. Big Show picks up RVD and throws him into the corner. Show delivers a huge slap on the chest of RVD sending him down. RVD gets back up and Big Show has him trapped in the corner. Show delivers a big knee to the gut of RVD and delivers a few more knees to Van Dam's gut. Show then chokes RVD the ref starts the count 1-2-3-4-Show breaks the choke hold. Show brings RVD out of the corner and into the middle of the ring. Show picks up RVD and delivers a back breaker. Show then goes over to the turnbuckle and pulls off the pad. Show picks up RVD into a bearhug position then rams him into the steel bolt. Show then rams RVD back first into the steel bolt again. RVD screams in pain. Show then picks up RVD and goes to snake-eyes him into the steel bolt but RVD counters then shoves Big Show head first into the steel bolt. Big Show staggers back, RVD runs at the ropes, jumps up them and springs back with a big kick to the face of Show knocking him down. RVD covers 1-2-kickout. RVD gets up quickly and starts delivering kicks to the Big Show who gets up. Big Show grabs RVD and tosses him over the top rope to the floor. Big Show goes outside. Big Show grabs RVD and whips him back first into the steel stairs. Show grabs RVD again and picks him up, Show throws RVD back first onto the barricade. The ref goes outside the ring and tries to tell Big Show to get back in the ring but the Big Show just shoves him out of the way and goes back after RVD. Show grabs Van Dam and puts him into the ring. Show gets in the ring then taunts. Show signals for a chokeslam. Show waits on Van Dam to get up. RVD gets up turns around Show grabs him for the chokeslam but Van Dam counters with a kick to the face of Show. RVD runs off the ropes goes after Big Show who counters and delivers a hard sidewalk slam. Show covers RVD 1-2-kickout. Show stands up. Show picks up RVD and applies the bearhug submission hold. RVD screams in pain. The ref asks RVD if he wants to quit but he says no. The fans start chanting R-V-D, R-V-D. RVD starts to hit Show with right hands trying to escape but Show just tightens his grip on the back of RVD. RVD looks as if he is going out. The ref picks up RVD's hand and it drops for 1. He picks up his hand again and it drops a second time. The ref picks up RVD's hand a third time but it stays up. RVD starts trying to fight out of Big Show's grip. RVD manages to get out of the bearhug and starts to nail some right hands on the Big Show. RVD hits a spin wheel kick on the Big Show which dosen't knock him down. RVD hits a second spin wheel kick on Big Show which still dosent knock him down. RVD goes up top and hits a spin wheel kick from the top knocking big show down. RVD runs off the ropes and nails the Rolling Thunder on Big Show. RVD covers 1-2-kickout by Show. RVD goes up top and waits on Big Show to get up. RVD hits the missile dropkick on the Big Show. RVD climbs up top again and signals for the 5 star frog splash but Big Show moves out of the way and RVD hits the canvas. Big Show gets up and takes down the straps. Big Show waits on RVD to get up. RVD turns around and walks straight into the Chokeslam !. Show covers 1-2-3
Winner : Big Show

Jr: What dominant force!

King: He’s too big!

We cut backstage as we see John Cena standing in front of us with a smile on his face. Josh appears infront of us and interviews Cena.

Josh: What do you think of you r opponent tonight?

Cena: A-Train there is only one thing you lack
And no it isn't hair on your back
You scream am a deadman
But really your dick is the size of a small made coke can
All you can think of is what pizza to pick
Your girl prefers long sausage cos she swallowed ma .......(holds mic up)

He looks at Josh and walks off.

JR: Spice has just been added to this matchup!

Number One Contender to The Intercontinental Championship
John Cena V A-Train

John Cena comes out to a huge pop from the fans. A-Train gets heat from the crowd. Both men walk around the ring before the match starts, Cena taunts the A-Train saying "You can't see me". Cena and A-Train tie-up. A-Train backs Cena into the ropes. The ref calls for a break. Cena and A-Train break. A-Train delivers a hard right hand to Cena but Cena fires back with a right hand. Both Cena and A-train exchange right hand Cena getting the better of A-Train hitting quick right hands. Cena tries to Irish Whip A-Train but he reverses and then A-Train hits a big boot on Cena. A-Train taunts Cena. A-Train mounts Cena who is down, A-Train starts delivering hard right hands and taunting Cena after them. A-Train gets up then picks Cena up and Headbutt's him. Cena staggers back into the corner. A-Train chokes Cena in the corner the ref counts 1-2-3-4-A-train breaks before the five. A-Train delivers a few knees to the gut of Cena knocking him down. A-Train stomps away at Cena in the corner. The ref tries to get A-Train away from Cena and out of the corner but A-Train chases the referee giving John Cena time to get back up. A-Train turns around and Cena levels him with a clothesline sending A-Train down. Cena tells A-Train to get up. A-Train gets up to his knees then up on his feet, Cena runs at A-Train then delivers the throwback. Cena covers 1-2-kickout by A-Train. Cena gets up then picks A-Train up. Cena kicks A-Train in the mid-section and goes for an FU but A-Train counters with a shot to the back of Cena. A-Train then delivers a pumphandle slam to Cena. A-Train covers Cena 1-2-kickout by Cena. A-Train picks up Cena and then Irish Whips him. A-Train hits a powerslam on Cena then covers again 1-2-kickout. A-Train looks frustrated that Cena kicked out. A-Train goes outside the ring to get a steel chair. A-Train puts the chair in the ring but the ref takes it away. A-Train threatens the referee. Cena gets up and waits on A-Train to turn around. A-Train turns around and Cena tries a clothesline but A-Train ducks and Cena gets the referee. A-Train then hits a scissors kick on Cena. A-Train walks over to the steel chair and picks it up. A-Train waits on Cena to get up. Cena gets up and turns around and gets levelled with the steel chair. A-Train pulls the referee and tries to wake him up. A-Train covers Cena 1.........2.........kickout by Cena. A-Train goes mad. The ref crawls over to the ropes. A-Train sneaks up and elbow drops the referee. A-Train goes for the Train Wreck on Cena but Cena counters over the back, A-Train turns around Cena hits a kick to the mid-section and then Cena delivers the FU to A-Train. Cena covers but there is no referee. Cena goes over to the referee and tries to wake him up but the referee is out. A-Train crawls over behind Cena and low blows him. A new referee runs down to the ring. A-Train hits the Baldo Bomb on Cena and then covers 1-2-foot on the rope. A-Train can't believe it. A-Train thinks about what to do. A-Train once again gets the steel chair and gets ready to hit Cena but the referee grabs the steel chair. A-Train starts argueing with the referee and Cena sneaks up behind A-Train and rolls him up the ref counts 1-2-kickout. Cena starts to deliver right hands to the A-Train again. A-Train counters and delivers a drop toe hold sending Cena onto the ropes. A-Train goes to go after Cena but the referee stops A-Train because Cena is on the ropes. Cena crawls over to the corner and puts the chain on his hand. A-Train tries to take Cena away from the ropes. A-Train shoves the ref away then Cena hits the A-Train with the chain and then throws it away. A-Train goes down the ref turns back around and Cena covers 1-2-3
Winner : and Number One Contender to the Intercontinental Title John Cena

We see Shawn Michaels in the back getting ready for his upcoming match as Benoit walks up to him.

Chris: Hi Shawn.

Shawn: Hi

Chris: Listen. I know we have our differences but tonight I got your back. I don’t want you getting hurt.

Shawn: How can I trust YOU?

Chris: I’ll come out during your match and support you.

Shawn: If you as much as cost me anything or do anything wrong, I’ll snap you like a twig.

Chris: Don’t worry I won’t

They look at each other with intense looks before Shawn Michaels leaves for his match.

Jr: Chris Benoit trying to make friends? Unusual

King: What’s so unusual?!

JR: BENOIT, friends is a no go!

King: He’s changed!

JR: Well Ladies and gentlemen now Eddie Guerrero will take on Edge and the winner will face Benoit next week!

Winner gets a Title Shot next week on Smackdown
Eddie Guerrero V Edge

Eddie Guerrero comes out to the ring to huge heat from the crowd. Edge comes out to a large pop from the fans. Eddie and Edge walk around the ring. The Fans start chanting Eddie sucks, Eddie sucks. Eddie and Edge tie up. Edge backing Eddie into the corner. The referee calls for a clean break. Both men break and eddie hits a quick rake of the eyes on Edge. Eddie puts Edge into the corner and starts delivering some fast right hands. Eddie delivers some quick kicks to the midsection of Edge knocking him down in the corner. Eddie chokes Edge with his foot, the ref applies the count 1-2-3-4- Eddie breaks before he gets disqualified. Eddie once again applies a choke with his foot on Edge. The ref counts again 1-2-3-4- Eddie breaks. Eddie taunts Edge then shouts "Viva La Raza". Eddie brings Edge out of the corner and takes him over to the ropes. Irish whip on edge by Eddie. Eddie goes for a clothesline but Edge ducks then hits a clothesline of his own. Edge picks Eddie up and starts hammering him with quick right hands then takes Eddie's head and hits it off the turnbuckle in the corner. Edge hits Eddie off the turnbuckle again, Eddie goes down. Edge starts stomping Eddie who rolls out of the ring. Edge leaves the ring and goes after Eddie. Edge runs to clothesline Eddie but Eddie counters and throws Edge shoulder first into the steel stairs. Eddie grabs Edge's arm then smashes it on the steel stairs, Edge rolls around in pain. Eddie picks up Edge and puts him back in the ring. Eddie goes back in the ring and taunts Edge. Eddie repeatedly stomps Edge's arm. Eddie Guerrero picks up Edge and takes him over to the corner. Eddie takes a hold of Edge's arm and hits it off the turnbuckle. Eddie pulls Edge into the middle of the ring and then hits an armbar DDT. Eddie covers 1-2-kickout by Edge. Edge tries to roll over towards the ropes but Eddie pulls him into the centre of the ring. Eddie Guerrero applies an armbar submission hold to Edge. Edge screams in pain. The fans start chanting Edge, Edge, Edge. The referee asks Edge if he wants to quit but he screams no. Edge tries to fight out of the armbar. Edge gets up onto his knees. Eddie tries to keep hold of the armbar but Edge uses his other arm and starts punching Eddie Guerrero giving him quick shots to the mid-section. Edge manages to get Eddie to break the hold. Edge starts to give Eddie quick right hands. Edge hits a kick to the midsection and goes for a suplex. Edge hits a suplex but it causes his arm pain. Edge slowly gets up, Eddie crawls over to the corner. Edge sets Eddie for the spear, Eddie gets up and turns around, Edge goes for the spear but Eddie moves and Edge goes inbetween the turnbuckles and shoulder first into the ring post. Eddie Guerrero pulls Edge out of the corner and hits a back suplex. Eddie Guerrero covers Edge 1-2-kickout by Edge. Eddie Guerrero goes up on the top turnbuckle. Eddie waits on Edge to get up. Edge staggers back into the ropes causing Eddie to lose his balance and slip and land on the turnbuckle. Edge climbs up the turnbuckle with Eddie. Edge gives Eddie some right hands. Edge tries a superplex. Edge struggles but eventually manages to hit the Superplex off the top turnbuckle on Eddie Guerrero. Both Edge and Eddie are out in the middle of the ring. Edge manages to turn over and get an arm on Guerrero. The ref counts 1-2-kickout by Eddie. Edge rolls over to the ropes and Eddie rolls over to the ropes on the other side. Both men struggle up. Eddie gets up first and walks over to Edge. Eddie delivers a right hand to Edge but Edge fires back. Edge and Eddie exchange right hands Edge gets the better of Eddie. Edge tries to Irish Whip Eddie but Eddie reverses. Eddie hits a kick to the midsection of Edge then hits a suplex. Eddie twirls his legs around and gets up and hits the seconds suplex once again doing the leg twirl he gets up and hits a 3rd suplex. Eddie taunts the crowd and shouts "viva la raza". The crowd start booing Eddie and chanting Eddie sucks, Eddie Sucks. Eddie climbs up the turnbuckle and then hits the Frog Splash on Edge. Eddie covers 1-2-kickout by Edge. Eddie can't believe it. Eddie threatens the referee and starts claiming it was three but the ref says its only two. Eddie goes up top again and goes for the second frogsplash but Edge moves and Eddie hits the canvas. Edge struggles up. Eddie gets up turns around Edge hits a kick to the midsection then he hits the edgecution. Edge covers Eddie 1-2-kickout by Eddie. Edge can't believe it. Edge goes after Eddie and picks him up, Edge goes for the second Edgecution and but Eddie counters and rolls up Edge and pulls the tights 1-2-kickout by Edge. Eddie still can't believe it. Eddie holds up the referee in the corner. But While Eddie is holding up the ref in the corner Edge is in the other corner setting him for the spear. Eddie turns around and Edge hits the spear. Edge covers 1-2-kickout again by Eddie Guerrero. Edge rolls over to the ropes and leans against them getting his breath. Edge then goes after Eddie again the ref tries to stop him but Edge pushes the ref out of the way and Eddie hits the low blow. Edge goes down. Eddie signals for El Paso. Eddie goes to lock in El Paso but Edge counters with the small package 1-2-3.
Winner : Edge

JR: Edge will face Benoit next week for the WWE Title!

King: This is great! I can’t wait

We cut backstage as we see Kane watching the video of what Undertaker and Paul Bearer said about him. His name gets mentioned and he flips and throws a pot across the room. He lifts the TV and smashes it into the floor.

Kane: You will not get me deadman!

He hesitantly walks out the door looking around as his match is up next.

JR: Undertaker getting to him already?

King: Sure looks like it

JR: Well now time for our Main event and what a great one it shall be!

Shawn Michaels Vs Kane

Shawn and Kane tie up in the centre of the ring. Kane pushes away Michaels with ease. They tie up again once more and once again Kane pushes away Michaels with relative ease. They go for another but this time Michaels kicks Kane in the gut and then delivers another couple of boots to the gut with right arms to the face. He whips Kane off the ropes but is knocked down with a shoulder block. Kane runs off the ropes as Michaels turns onto his back. Michaels gets up but is clotheslined down to the canvas. Kane looks up and smiles to the crowd who are booing him. He stomps away a couple of times at Michaels. He picks him up and then delivers a huge powerslam. He then makes the cover. 1-2- Kick out. Kane runs off the ropes and then drops the elbow across the sternum of Michaels. Kane then begins to illegally choke Michaels with his boot. The referee starts to count. 1-2-3-4- Kane releases the hold. Kane then picks up Michaels and whips him into the corner. He walks over cockily and begins to deliver right and lefts. He whips Michaels corner to corner. He then delivers a big splash. Michaels stumbles out of the corner but Kane kicks him in the gut and then delivers a sidewalk slam. He hooks the leg. 1-2- Michaels kicks out. Kane slowly gets to his feet, a bit of frustration visible. Kane whips Michaels off the ropes and delivers a big boot to the face. He climbs out of the ring and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He waits for Michaels to get to his feet. Michaels gets to his feet and turns around but Kane levels him with a flying clothesline off the top rope. He makes the cover. 1-2- Kick out. Kane gets up and throws Michaels out of the ring. He also climbs to the outside. He lifts up Michaels and starts talking crap to him and then whips him into the steel barricade. Michaels cries out in agony. Kane just smile and throws Michaels back into the ring. He makes the cover once more 1-2- kicks out. Kane gets up and stalks the referee with an intense look in his eyes. The referee looks back at him and starts to back up. Kane advances on him but from behind Michael’s clubs him in the back. Michaels then kicks him in the gut and then delivers a standing drop kick. He then begins to stomp away viciously at Kane. He then runs off the ropes and delivers an elbow drop. He makes the cover. 1-2 Kick out with ease by Kane. Michaels picks him up and tries to wear him down with kicks and punches. He then goes low and swing away at the knee. He does it once more this time bringing Kane to his knees. He runs off the ropes and then delivers a flying clothesline. He makes the cover. 1-2- Kick out my Kane. Michaels picks him up and whips him off the ropes and then delivers another flying clothesline. He then picks up Kane once more and delivers a kick to the gut and then a DDT. He makes the cover. 1-2- Kane kicks out. Michaels gets to his feet and kicks Kane a couple of times. He then lifts Kane to his feet and give him another couple of punches. He then runs off the ropes attempting a bulldog but Kane turns around and levels him with a clothesline. Kane looks up and smiles. He picks up Michaels with ease and delivers a crunching powerslam. He makes the cover 1-2- Kick out! Chris Benoit makes his way down to the ring unaware to both in the ring. He starts slamming the mat from outside getting a ‘HBK’ chant out of the crowd. The crowd begin to cheer as Benoit slips out a steel chair from underneath the ring and throws it into the ring. He then climbs onto the ring and distracts the referee. To his surprise Kane grabs it and smashes Michaels over the head with it. Kane then picks up Michaels and chokeslams him onto the steel. He throws the chair our of the ring as Kane makes the cover. 1-2-3.
Winner: Kane

Kane exits the ring with boo’s from the crowd as Benoit enters the ring wondering what had just happened.

JR: What happened?!?

King: It was an honest mistake!

Benoit helps Michaels up to his feet as they both look at each other. He looks at him apologetically. He extends his hand out and Michaels accepts the handshake.

JR: What a great man Benoit is!

Benoit then pulls Michaels in forcefully and then clotheslines him hard down to the canvas.

JR: What in the blue hell?!?

King: Benoit! What a great man!

Benoit applies the crippler crossface to huge heat from the crowd.

JR: This is despicable!

Benoit refuses to let go as referees and agents come down to break it up. They finally make Benoit release it as most of them attend to Michaels. He looks down at Michaels with his trademark smile and holds his belt above his head as we fade out.

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cheers for the extension, my comp had a Virus :'( but its taken care of now, I'll type Nitro up today and post it Monday Night at 8:30 A/EST.

it'll be fun trying to beat this :rolleyes: (only joking guys)

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oh yeah oops.

Great show guys, we'll have ours up tomrrow night.

Good Matches, good Promos good flow. Like the beniot heel turn. anyways 9/10 (it would be 10 but you know how it is)

:D Great Going WE Chump and Dr.Kissmynomics :D

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Grendrill said in post #14 :
oh yeah oops.

Great show guys, we'll have ours up tomrrow night.

Good Matches, good Promos good flow. Like the beniot heel turn. anyways 9/10 (it would be 10 but you know how it is)

:D Great Going WE Chump and Dr.Kissmynomics :D
Yeh,Yeh. We'll see if the Limited Knowledge and Dengrill come up with something better.

Im sure there Monday Night Shitro will be interesting.
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