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WWE Smackdown

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WWE Smackdown
Starts Feb. 13, 2003

Roster: Regular roster plus surprise guests.

Smackdown opens: Tazz and Michael Cole welcome us to Smackdown.

Match One: Matt Hardy vs. Billy Kidman (Rematch)
Matt's Hardy fact is Matt believes in Valentine's Day. Hardy comes out and says he has lost 10 pounds already. Billy Kidman says that he'll defend the the title no matter what. Match starts and back and forth. Matt Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate and Kidman reverse into a suplex near the bottom Turnbuckle. Kidman goes for the Shooting Star Press, except Hardy counters, and rolls up for the pin.
Winner: New Cruiserweight Chamion Matt Hardy

Promo:The rock disses the local town. Hogan defens the town.


Match 2: #1 Contender's Match for Tag Titles
Funaki + Tajiri vs. Los Guerreros
Chavo + Tajiri start it off, Tajiri eventually gets the Tarantula, but Chavo manages to get a dropkick. Eddie + Funaki in, and Eddie hits the Frog Splash for the win.
Winner: Los Guerreros

Promo: Paul Heyman presents Team Angle Appreciation. Paul Heyman gets last rided by The Undertaker for telling the Big Shoe he did not appear.

Rikishi is shown getting ready for his match next.

Match 3: Rikishi + Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble + Nunzio
Rey + Noble start it off with Noble getting a 2 count on Rey after a Trailer Hitch. Noble tags Nunzio in, and Rey gets the 619 on Nunzio. Tags in Rikishi and a double stinkface to Nunzio + Noble. Rey eventually hits the West Coap Pop on Nunzio for the win.
Winners: Rey Mysterio + Rikishi

Post Match: Sean O'Haire runs and assists Nunzio in the beat up of Rikishi.


Match 4: Crash Holly comes out the ring and demands a shot at the Cruiserweight chamionship. Matt Hardy + Shannon Moore come out. Shannon says he will beat up Crash. Matt says that it could be a number one contendership match. Holly wins with a Moore Twist of Fate, and Matt is shocked.
Winner: Shannon Moore

Match 5:#1 Contender for WWE Title No Way Out Edge vs. Chris Benoit (Royal Rumble style)
Edge gets a spear on Benoit, Benoit flies for a Headbutt. Benoit trres the Crossface. Edge counter an irish whip in to the ropes.Benoit conters, and they both go ver the top ropes, and the refs declare them both winners.

-Stephanie comes out and says at No Way Out it will be a triple threat for the WWE Title between Angle + Benot + Edge.

Tale of the Tape: Brock Lesnar vs John Cena

Match 6: John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar
Quick match Lesnar wins with the F-5.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

End of Show
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yeah, well done, I wouldn't be suprised if that card was the upcoming smackdown's. I think that was implied earlier by masacre

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WWE Smackdown
Smackdown before No Way Out

Match 1: Billy Kidman + Shannon Moore vs. Matt Hardy + Crash
Billy Kidman + Matt start it out, and Billy Kidman goes for the Shooting Star Press, but misses. Matt goes to tag in Crash, but decided not to. Matt Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, but Bill Kidman Irish whips for a Stand-Up Drop Kick. Both team make it to their sides, and Shannon Moore jumps from the top rope for a hurricana for the win.
Winner: Bill Kidman + Shannon Moore

-Promo: We see Paul Heyman talking to a person off camera. Heyman: That is our agreement: We’ll take care of the Undertaker + Brock Lesnar.


Match 2: Edge vs. Bill Demott
Edge comes out to a huge pop. Edge gains the offense with a suplex. Edge goes to the top rope for a Drop Elbow Pin, and misses. DeMott goes to the top, and uses No Laughing Matter. Edge kicks out after 2. DeMott gains some offense and goes to Irish whip Edge in to the corner, and Edge reverses. DeMott stumbles, and Edge Spear for the win.
Winner: Edge

-Promo: Heyman, Undertaker you finally get your match tonight. Heyman leaves. Undertaker Comes Out and looks ready to battle. The Big Show Music plays. Out come Paul Heyman + Spanky. Oh by the way it is Brian Kendrick not the Big Show.

Match 3: Undertaker vs. Spanky
Quick match. Spanky goes for a drop kick. Heyman uses the Last Ride for a quick win.
Winner: Undertaker

Post-Match: Undertaker is trash talking spanky, sand from out of nowwhere comes The Big Show who chokeslams Undertaker.


Match 4: Sean O’Haire + Noble + Nunzio vs. Rey Mysterio + Rikishi + Funaki
Funaki + Noble start it out. Funaki does a drop kick, and makes the tag to Rey Mysterio who does the West Coast Pop, but Noble kicks out. Noble drops kick. He tags to Nunzio. Nunzio goes for the Arvedarci, but end up getting the 619. Rikishi gets a super kick, but it sends to Nunzio to O’Haire. O’Haire comes charging in, but Rikishi gets a Super Kick for the win.
Winners: Rikishi, + Rey Mysterio + Funaki

-Promo: The Rock actually comes out, Blah, Blah. I’m so great. This town sucks. Hogan comes out and says Brother, Hulkamania is gonna run wild. "I’m All Grown Up!" Stephanie comes out. If you two want a match so bad. You’ve got hit. It’s a tag Match though. Hogan + a partner of his choosing vs. The Rock + his choosing.


Match 5: Team Angle vs. Los Guerreros + Chris Benoit
Eddie + Shelton start it off. Eddie gets the Frog Splash + and Charlie Haas breaks the count. Haas + Chavo in. Haas suplexes Chavo + makes the tag to Angle. Chavo + Angle work, and Chavo gets a Frog Splash. Chavo gets to Benoit. Benoit cleans house.
Los Guerreros take care of Team Angle outside. Angle goes for the Angle slam, but Benoit reverses it into the Crossface for the win.
Winners: Los Guerreros + Chris Benoit

Post-Match: Edge runs in for a stare down at Benoit, and spears Angle.


Match 6: Hulk Hogan + ????? ?????? Vs. Rock + ??? ????
"Voodoo Chile plays. Hogan in the ring. Brock Lesnar comes out + they team together. The Rock comes out and the Big Show comes out with him. Show + Lesnar start it off. Lesnar getting with F-5. He tags in Hogan who comes in with a left and a right, and gets the big boot. Rock dashes in, and 1, 2, Irish whip, and The Atomic Leg Drop. Lesnar come in and starts beating up Rock outside the ring. Hogan turns around, and is about ready to get the chokeslam, and Undertaker come out of the crowd and gets a chokeslam while the ref has his back turned. 1,2,3
Winner: Hulk Hogan + Brock Lesnar

-The End

I will post the Final No Way Out Card on Wednesday.
No Way Out Saturday.

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WWE No Way Out Card

1. WWE Chamionship Match
Kurt Angle vs. Chris Beneoit vs. Edge

2. WWE Tag Team Championships
Team Angle vs. Los Guerreros

3. WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Matt Hardy vs. Shannon Moore

4. The Rock vs. Hogan

5. The Undertaker vs. The Big Show

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WWE No Way Out (SD Matches)

-Pyros blast!

Match 1: WWE Tag Team Championships
Team Angle (c.) vs. Los Guerreros
Haas and Chavo start it with some grapples, and Chavo Irish whips, and gets a drop kick. Chavo goes for a Frog Splash, but Charlie Haas goes up and suplexes Chavo off the turnbuckle. Haas makes the tag to Shelton and they do their tag team move. Shelton gets a 2 count. Shelton takes him to a corner, and does kicks to the midsection. Shelton Irish whips him to the other corner, and Chavo counters. Chavo does a hurricana to Shelton, and makes the tag to Eddie. Eddie does the Five Star Frog Splash. Charlie Haas races in, and breaks up the count. Chavo and Haas are battling it on the outside. Chavo is out. Eddie goes to the top ropes again, and goes for the Five Star Frog Spah, but Shelton sticks his knees up and Haas + Shelton use their double team move to win.
Winners: Team Angle

-Promo: Funaki, Edge tonight you have the opportunity to win the WWE Championship. What are your thoughts on that? Edge: Well, ya know I just have try to try my best, a? Who knows I’ll maybe let the fans take picture for 10 seconds?

Match 2. Big Show w/Paul Heyman vs. Undertaker

Pre-Match: Paul Heyman comes out. Big Show comes from the crowd.
Match: Big Show is charging at the Taker, but misses. Taker just starts punching Show. Irish whip to Show , and Show just shoves Taker. Big Show takes Taker’s head, and punches. Show gets Taker in the Chokeslam position, but Taker reverses it, and Taker Last Rides Show.
Winner: The Undertaker

Promo: Smackdown’s Announcer #1, Funaki here with Holly-wood Hulk Hogan. What do you of your match tonight with The Rock. Hogan: You know what brother, These Hulkamaniacs and I are going to run wild on The Rock.

Match 3: WWE Championship
Matt Hardy (c.) vs. Shannon Moore
Matt Hardy takes control, and the usual flying cruiserweight action. Matt Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate. Shannon reverses it a his own Twist of Fate for the win.
Winner: Shannon Moore

Before Next Match: Stephanie McMahon I would just like to say the following match is an elimination match.

Match 4: WWE Championship (Elimination)
Kurt Angle (c.) vs. Edge vs. Chris Benoit
Classic wrestling match! Edge and Chris Benoit double team Angle. Benoit takes care Edge by suplexing Edge three times in a row. Angle takes this opportunity, and Angle Slams Benoit. Angle Irish whips Edge over the ropes. Benoit gets the Crossface, but Angle gets to the ropes, and Edge races, and gets the Spear on Benoit. 1,2,3. Benoit is eliminated. Edge tries to Spear Angle, but misses. Angle tries a Headlock, but Edge get the crowd together, and Edge manages to get the Edgecution. Angle gets the shoulder up. Edge races for a Spear, but falls into the Ankle Lock, and has to tap out.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Post-Match: Team Angle celebrates with all of their gold. Paul Heyman comes out at the top of the ramp. Look at my favorite clients! "Well, it’s The Big Show!" Big Show chokeslams him on the top of the stage as Team Angle chases The Big Show.

Match 5: The Rock vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan
The Rock comes out first. He is getting major heat. Then "Voodoo Chile" plays, the crowd is cheering their heart out. "No Chance" plays. Hogan stares and Vincent McMahon says "In the Interest of Fairness" he will being doing commentary. The Rock takes control of the match. He does 1, 2, 3 punches. Hogan is put in the Sharpshooter, and Hogan gets to the ropes. The Rock waits for Hogan to get up, and receives the Rock Bottom. Hogan kicks out after 2. Rock clotheslines Hogan, and The Rock Bottom. Hogan gets the Shoulder up. Rock Irish whips, and Gogan counters with a left and a rigght, whip, and The Big Boot. Atomic Leg Drop. 1, 2, and Vince pulls the referee out of the ring. Hogan yells at Vince, and Hogan turns around, and receives the Rock Bottom.Hogan is put into the Sharpshooter, and relentlessy taps out.
Winner: The Rock

Post-Match: Hollywood Hulk Hogan gets a standing ovation.

-The End.
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