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Ok my thread got deleted so I have created a new one. I will do a recap later on about what happened from Summerslam up to now. I will then post Unforgiven either this Sunday or next. I don't know what is being done about the lost threads but I have all of my stuff saved on my computer. A recap show will be posted this weekend.

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Thanks Rock and for those who want a recap I will repost Summerslam and repost the shows after it. However there will be no color.


WWE Summerslam
21st August
Washington D.C

We start on a beach where a group of surfers are going back to shore and find Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Christy Hemme and Stacy Keibler on their towels. Christy and Torrie are reading the special Summerslam Magazine.

Trish: Can we help you boys?

Stacy: Oh we are on your towels aren’t we?

The surfers nod

Christy: Wow you guys are surfers? Oooo I love surfers!

Torrie: You guys wanna have a good time?

The surfers smile and nod

The divas and surfers all go into the sea and start making out when a wave hits. We focus in on the water and see Rob Van Dam & Sabu holding the World Tag Team Titles.

Narrator: Tonight will be a night of historic battles

A flash of Chris Benoit with the United States Title is shown.

Narrator: Tonight titles will be defended and champions defeated.

A flash of John Cena and Batista with their titles is shown.

Narrator: Heroes will win and heroes will loose but one thing is certain.

The Summerslam logo appears/

Narrator: The hottest Pay-Per-View of the summer...is here!

Summertime Blues plays by Rush and we see Rob Van Dam and Sabu with the Tag Team Titles and then Abyss & Mordecai making a pact.

Sabu: We’re not just the World Tag Team champions-

RVD: We’re the whole F’N show!

Clips are shown of Kane and Shelton Benjamin hitting each other with various weapons.

Kane: You don’t want me in a street fight Shelton!

Shelton Benjamin: Prove it!

Clips are shown of the battles between Eddie and Rey and then clips of Dominick.

Eddie: Rey’s not your papi Dominick! I am!

Rey: At Summerslam I will kick your ass and get my son back!

Eddie: I’d like to see you try!

Clips are shown of Jazz, Gail Kim, Nidia, Victoria, Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson who are all involved in the women’s title match.

Michael Cole: Is anyone safe from the brutality these women will endure?

Clips are shown of the 6 cruiserweights

JR: Can Paul London retain the title going in as number 1 or will he have to drop the title he fought so hard for?

Clips are shown of Chris Benoit, Booker T and Christian

Cole: Trough it all Benoit will not die!

Christian: Bad luck to the rest because C Squared will roll in, win the United States title and then roll out the champ. Because that’s how I roll!

Clips are shown of Edge and the Mystery opponent beating on each other

Eric Bischoff: You will face my mystery opponent at Summerslam...Bank on it!

Clips of Randy Orton and The Undertaker are shown

Orton: The legend of the Undertaker will die just like him...at Summerslam!

Clips are shown of John Cena, Chris Jericho and Shane McMahon

Shane: And the new 1# contender is...Chris Jericho

Cena: The Champ is here!

Clips are shown of Shawn Michaels, Sting, Paul Heyman and the Big Show

Shawn: You cost me my title shot!

Big Show: We’ll see at Summerslam

Clips are shown of Batista Lesnar and the World Heavyweight Title

Brock: You just got F-5’Ed

Batista: You just got Batista Bombed

Brock and Batista in unison: At Summerslam I’m walking out with the World Title!

JR: We’re all in for a wild ride!

Teddy Long: Everybody say Holla, Holla, Holla

Booker T: Now can do dig that suckaaaaa!

Narrator: This is......Summerslam!

Cole: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to Summerslam 2005! The hottest event of the year!

Tazz: I know what you mean Cole and tonight I just can wait because we have 6 main event level matches!

Cole: That’s right we have the World title on the line, the WWE Title on the line and so much more. We are here with our colleagues JR and the King!

JR: Thanks you Michael Cole and tonight there is one match I can’t wait for and that is the World Heavyweight title match. Two huge power men will collide and it is going to go down in Summerslam history!

The King: And there is a match I can’t wait for! The women’s championship match! 6 women in one ring and an over-the-top rope battle royal.

JR: And yes ladies and gentlemen we are now going to kick off Summerslam with RAW!

Match 1
Cruiserweight Championship
6-Man Elimination Match
Paul London (c) V Psychosis V Super Crazy V Juventud V Daivari V Chavo Guerrero

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is a special elimination match and it is for the Cruiserweight Championship. Now here are the rules...the participants numbered 1 & 2 will enter the ring and once a minute has passed another will enter the ring until all participants have entered. In this match you can be eliminated by pinfall, submission or disqualification. The winner is the man who has not been pinned or submitted at the end of the match.
Now introducing first he is the current Cruiserweight Champion....Paul London!

*London’s music hits* and he appears at the entrance stage...he runs to the ring and slides in and stands on the turnbuckle.

Lillian Garcia: The next participant representing Mexicool....Psychosis.

Psychosis slowly walks to the ring and gets in. He taunts to the crowd when London runs and elbow’s him on the back of the head.

JR: Psychosis deserves this...he’s taunted Paul London the past few weeks and now he’s paying for it.

London starts to kick Psychosis viciously on the side of his head as he tries to mount some offence. Paul gets Psychosis up and hits devastating DDT. Paul rams his elbow into the back of Psychosis’ head repeatedly and then follows up with a kick to the face. Psychosis (now on his back) is then hit by Paul London in the face by his knees in a backwards flip. Paul covers.



Psychosis kicks out.
Paul gets up as another entrant is released.
Mexicools music hits again and Super Crazy comes out.
Super gets up onto the apron but Paul kick him in the face and he falls off. Psychosis then runs at Paul but Paul launches him over the top rope onto Super onto the floor. Paul then bounces against the ropes, runs and then does a flip over the top rope. London’s feet his Super and Psychosis in the face!

JR: What a devastating move!

After about a 9 count from the referee all three men get back into the ring. Super Crazy gets up on the top rope and goes for a flying clothesline but Paul ducks it and then hits Psychosis.
Another entrant is released and Mexicools music hits once again as Juventud runs to the ring.
Juventud jumps over the top rope to be met by the boot of Paul London’s and then London spears him and starts to punch madly. However the other two Mexicools are up and they start to kick Paul London in the back. It becomes a triple team. Juventud and Crazy get London up for a suplex and Psychosis does a cross body onto Paul London who then hits the mat hard with Psychosis on top of him. They go to do this move again but Paul reverses it giving a double neckbreaker to Juventud and Super Crazy. Psychosis goes for a double axe-handle off of the top rope but is caught by a dropkick from Paul London and rolls out of the ring. London goes for a kick to the abdomen to Super Crazy but Super Crazy grabs it however Paul London uses the leverage to flip over and uses his other free leg to kick Juventud in the head who also rolls out of the ring. Paul who landed on his feet gets up on Super Crazy’s shoulders for a hurracanrana and executes it into a pin but he grabs the rope.




Lillian Garcia: Super Crazy is eliminated!

Super Crazy is irate and slaps his hands on the mat a few times before yelling at the referee.

The Coach: He can’t do that! That’s cheating!
JR: But that’s how Mexicool screwed Paul London 3 weeks in a row!

Another referee comes down to the ring to escort Super Crazy away from the ring and now Juventud is arguing with the referee. As one referee is stopping Super Crazy the other looks on when Paul London rolls up Juventud and gets a hand full of tights the referee not dealing with Super Crazy counts the pinfall.




Lillian Garcia: Juventud is eliminated.
Now Juventud is visibly angry and yells at the referee but suddenly both Super Crazy and Juventud start double teaming on Paul London. Psychosis gets a chair and hits it into the head of Paul London. The referees separate Mexicool from Paul London and take them backstage while one referee talks to Romero.

Lillian Garcia: The referee has just informed me that due to a disqualification Psychosis is eliminated!

*Oooooo Chavo* hits and he runs to the ring sliding in and beating on Paul London.

For the next minute Paul and Chavo go back and forth both getting near falls and 1 minute later Daivari enters the fray eliminating Chavo. While the referee is trying to get Chavo out of the ring, Daivari gets out a small steel pipe and hits is across the face of London and then gets him up and gets the complete shot. Daivari covers him.




Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner and NEW Cruiserweight Champion....Daivari!

Daivari cannot believe it as he gets the belt and runs to the back.

JR: That little cheat! How can Daivari win the Cruiserweight Title? Paul London fought like hell to eliminate the Mexicools and then Daivari has to cheat to win! No one is going to like this!

The King: That’s right JR but no matter how many times anyone complains it is still Daivari holding that title!

JR: Well ladies and gentlemen it’s now over to the voices of Smackdown! Michael Cole and Tazz!

Michael Cole: Thank you JR and now Tazz are you ready for the women’s title match? I mean the Women’s Champion Trish Stratus was fired by WWE it was all actually a rouse and Smackdown! Hired the divas while RAW hired the fired Cruiserweights. Now the time has arrived for the title match I can’t wait! And what about the announcement our General Manager Theodore Long made on Sunday Night Heat. He said that this match was going to be an over-the-top rope battle royal!

Tazz: Cole! Can you let me get a word in please? Anyway will Trish be able to hold onto her title or will she be dethroned by another equally as good looking competitor?

Match 2
Women’s Championship
Over-The-Top Battle Royal
Trish Stratus (c) V Torrie Wilson V Jazz V Gail Kim V Nidia V Victoria

Tony Chimmel introduced each competitor with Torrie Wilson getting the best pop followed closely behind by Trish. All 6 women found their own place in the ring and as soon as the bell went all of the women eliminated Jazz. It was Jazz who had turned all of the 5 other divas against each other over the past few weeks.

Tony Chimmel: Jazz is eliminated

Suddenly Victoria speared Trish and gave her hard left and right shots as Gail Kim worked on Nidia in the center of the ring. That left Torrie who quickly climbed up to the top rope. Once she was up there Torrie gave a quick wave to the fans and then hit a diving cross body on the other 4 competitors.

Cole: Oh my god every woman is down!

Tazz: I bet King thinks they all need mouth to mouth!

As quick as a hiccup Trish nipped up which got a pop from the crowd and then Trish suddenly hit a chic kick on Victoria and then another and another. Trish then went for Stratusfaction but Victoria countered it and sent Trish flying into Torrie. Gail ran at Victoria for a spear but Victoria side stepped it and sent Gail’s shoulder for a hard ride into the steel post. Victoria then saw Nidia. Nidia tried to crawl away after she had tripped over her own feet but Victoria grabbed her by the hair and threw her into the turnbuckle corner. Victoria placed her hands around the throat of Nidia and started to throttle the life out of her. The referee’s begged Victoria to let go but Victoria kept on squeezing the neck and after Nidia had gone purple and been knocked unconscious Victoria just simply threw her lifeless limp body over the top rope.

Tony Chimmel: Nidia is eliminated!

Tazz: Look at Victoria two words seem to spring to mind...erm....Psycho Bitch!

Cole: That’s right Tazz! There was no need to do that!

The paramedics came down to the ring with a stretcher and placed Nidia on it and took her to the backstage area.
Victoria hit a vicious clothesline on Gail Kim who rolled out of the ring under the bottom rope. Victoria then kicked Torrie in the gut and picked her up above her head getting ready to throw her out of the ring but Trish had other plans. Trish knowing that the Chic Kick was useless decided to go to the top rope and when Victoria turned around Trish jumped off the top rope and hit a missile dropkick right in the face of Victoria. Torrie hit the mat awkwardly and then rolled out of the ring. Trish and Victoria went at it giving each other lefts and rights until Victoria blinded Trish with a thumb to the eye and suddenly got Trish up for the Widow’s Peak but Trish reversed into a sunset flip but Victoria rolled through but Trish kicked Victoria hard in the face and Gail Kim was now up on the apron and she also delivered a stiff kick to the face. Trish got up and hit a Chic Kick on Victoria and Gail Kim held down the top rope and Victoria went flying.

Tony Chimmel: Victoria is eliminated!

Victoria who looks pissed off trips Gail Kim up on the apron and climbs back in the ring. While Trish is busy with Torrie Victoria quickly kicks Trish in the back, delivers a vicious forearm to Torrie and then threw Trish over the top rope.

Tony Chimmel: Trish Stratus is eliminated.

Trish and Victoria fight on the outside until security came out and retrained both women and led them to the back separate ways. Torrie, who was back in the ring, looked over the top rope at what Trish and Victoria were doing when Gail snuck up behind her and flipped Torrie over the top rope. Gail’s music played but Torrie slipped back under the bottom rope because both of her feet didn’t touch the floor. Torrie then snuck up behind Gail and flipped her over the top rope onto the floor. The referee then told the official to ring the bell.

Tony Chimmel: Only one of Torrie Wilson’s feet touched the floor and to be eliminated both feet must touch the ground. So the new Women’s Champion....Torrie Wilson!

Torrie got back in the ring and celebrated with her title belt but Gail got back in the ring and the fans went silent waiting for something to happen. Gail put her hand out to shake hands with Torrie which got a loud pop.

Cole: Look at that! We have a new women’s champion and Gail Kim who came an inch away from winning the title wanting to shake hands.

Tazz: That means Gail Kim has lots of respect for our new Women’s Champion Torrie Wilson.

Torrie looked at Gail’s hand and then shook it but moments later Torrie levelled Gail with the women’s title and proceeded to soccer kick Gail in the ribs. Gail was now busted open from the title shot.

Tazz: And that means Torrie has no respect for Gail Kim.

Cole: Why did she do that? That wasn’t necessary! Gail was offering a good sportsman handshake and then Torrie throws it back in her face! What is with that girl?

A WWE 24/7 promo plays

We then see Shawn Michaels and Big Show on a split screen both preparing for their number 1# contender’s match tonight

JR: There we have it ladies and gentlemen. Shawn Michaels on your left and Big Show on your right. Both men will compete in a number 1# contender’s match tonight for the title that will be on the line later when John Cena faces Chris Jericho.

The King: Can you believe that last match? Torrie Wilson the new champion? I can I go back to her locker room and give her a well done kiss?

JR: Not right now King because we have the World Tag Team Titles on the line. This match was finalized last week on RAW when Abyss and Mordecai defeated the tag team champions Rob Van Dam and Sabu in a non title match.

Match 3
World Tag Team Championship
Rob Van Dam & Sabu (c) V Abyss & Mordecai

*One of a kind* plays and Rob Van Dam and Sabu entered as the heavy favourites while Moredcai and Abyss entered to lots of heat. The match started with Rob Van Dam and Abyss battling it out but each man matched each other by reversing their opponent’s moves and counters until there was a stand off which got applause from the crowd. Abyss tagged Mordecai in and Rob Van Dam did his thumb taunt and said “Rob Van Dam” but Moredcai went for a clothesline but Rob Van Dam ducked it hooked the arm and delivered a DDT. RVD then rolled backwards and hit Moredcai with a dropkick as he sat back up. Rob Van Dam got Mordecai and tried to Irish whip into the corner but Mordecai reversed and then Rob Van Dam reversed again and sent Mordecai into the corner where Sabu was. RVD rolled and went for a monkey flip and tagged Sabu at the same time but Moredcai pushed Rob Van Dam off of him before he could flip him. However RVD pulled off a running calf kick to the face of Mordecai while Sabu did a leg sweep knocking the holy monster Mordecai down. Sabu bounced Mordecai off of the ropes and hit a clothesline that knocked Mordecai out of his boots. Mordecai tagged in Abyss quicker than a flash and then there was a stare down between Abyss and Sabu. Sabu bounced off of the ropes his side and Abyss countered whatever Sabu was going to do into a nasty black hole slam Making Sabu land on his head. Abyss pinned.



Rob Van Dam broke up the pin with a spring board leg drop. The referee told Rob Van Dam to get out of the ring and he did quickly because over the other side of the ring Abyss and Mordecai were double teaming on Sabu. Abyss who was now the legal man decided to target the leg of Sabu by putting him in painful submission’s and manoeuvres. Sabu tried to get in some offence but Abyss kept on targeting the leg making sure Sabu couldn’t make the tag or fight. Abyss put the leg of Sabu around the back of Abyss’s neck and then lifted Sabu in the air. Abyss tagged in Mordecai who also worked on the leg of Sabu with brutal submissions and attacks. Mordecai hooked Sabu’s leg on the top rope of his corner and went over to Rob Van Dam and sucker punched him. While Rob Van Dam caused the accidental distraction Mordecai kicked Sabu’s face while Abyss hammered the leg with fierce forearms. Mordecai tagged in Abyss and Abyss grabbed the leg of Sabu but Sabu hit an enziguri on Abyss. Sabu crawled across the ring his arm outstretched trying to make the tag to Rob Van Dam and he did but as Rob Van Dam went to get in the ring the ref had been distracted by Mordecai so the referee forced Rob Van Dam back onto the apron. The unholy workers then went back to working on the leg of Sabu who was now in excruciating pain. Abyss then tried the move he did earlier by wrapping Sabu’s leg around Abyss’s neck however Abyss couldn’t get it locked in properly because Sabu’s free leg kicked Abyss in the face and then a few more times before both men fell to the mat in agony. Sabu was clawing his way to his own corner when Abyss suddenly sprung into life and locked in the same hold again but this time Sabu kicked Abyss’s head more fiercely now and Abyss stumbled. Suddenly Sabu hit Abyss’s head hard and both men fell to the mat again, this time however both men started moving towards their respective corners when suddenly Rob Van Dam got the tag and he burst in with tons of energy and dozens of round house kicks to the jaws and chests of Mordecai and Abyss. Abyss made it to one of the corners and RVD managed to hit a monkey flip onto Mordecai. So as both Abyss and Mordecai lay down on the floor Rob Van Dam bounced off of the ropes and hit a double rolling thunder which got a pop from the crowd. Sabu clotheslined Abyss out of the ring and started to hammer his head and Rob Van Dam went up to the top rope and then connected with the 5 Star Frog Splash then rolled into the pin on Mordecai.




Lillian Garcia: Here are your winners and STILL World Tag Team Champions....Rob Van Dam and Sabu!

JR: Oh my god what a brutal match but Rob Van Dam and Sabu still came out on top.

The King: I know what you mean! That submission hold was brutal I wouldn’t like to be stuck in that position.

JR: Neither would I. We now go to our colleague Josh Matthews who is standing by with our World Heavyweight Champion.

We cut backstage and see Batista standing with Josh which gets a loud pop.

Josh: Batista, tonight you defend your World Heavyweight Title against the F-5 machine, Brock Lesnar. What are your thoughts?

Batista: What are my thoughts? Well I have lots of thoughts but the one I have right now is about later on tonight when I put my arms apart like this...then put my thumbs up like this...then put them down like this...and then I Batista Bomb that son of a bitch Brock Lesnar all the way to hell!

Suddenly Brock Lesnar appears and Batista and Lesnar get in a brawl. Both men have to be separated by dozens of security as we go back to ringside.

Cole: Well some strong words by the World Heavyweight Champion but last week all three men who are competing in the next match had some strong words last week.

Match 4
United States Championship
Chris Benoit (c) V Booker T V Christian

*Just close your eyes* by Waterproof Blonde plays as Christian entered first getting the most heat out of the 3. Christian entered as usual with his ring attire and making his peep signs. Booker T entered next without Sharmell due to the mysterious attacker last week that injured her. As Booker got in the ring Christian jumped him from behind hitting him with brutal forearms and European uppercuts. Christian knocked Booker on the floor as *Whatever* plays and Chris Benoit came running out, throwing down the U.S Title before knocking Christian down fiercely. Benoit knocked Christian down twice more before eventually throwing him out of the ring. Benoit helped Booker up and the men shook hands which got a pop from the crowd however Booker switched arms and hit Benoit with a kick to the face and then continued to stomp him. Booker T got Benoit up and bounced him off of the ropes where he hit an axe kick and then a scoop slam. Booker waited for Benoit to get up and once he did Booker hit a back kick to the face. Benoit fell through the ropes to the outside.

Tazz: Cole did you hear that kick?

Cole: I sure did and that is some foot Booker T has.

Christian then got in the ring and tried to jump Booker again but it didn’t work and Booker levelled C Squared with a brutal right hand. Booker hit some knife edge chops and knees to the chest before bouncing Christian off of the ropes and went for a spin kick but Captain Charisma baseball slided through and grabbed Booker’s leg and went into a half Boston crab. Booker tried to hold on but as he was about to tap Chris Benoit came in and hit Christian overt he head.

Tazz: We almost had a new United States Champion and Benoit wasn’t even involved in the decision.

Benoit suddenly hit a German suplex on Christian and then bridged into a pin.



Booker broke up the pin. Benoit got up quickly and hit a snap suplex on Booker and then went for hit 3 German suplexes on Christian but Booker broke it up at 2 and Benoit then tried to lock in another German on Booker but he reversed but Benoit reversed into a northern lights suplex pin.



Christian broke up the pin. Christian went for his own suplex but Benoit reversed and hit his 3 German suplexes.

Cole: Chris Benoit is like a suplex machine!

Tazz: I know Cole! I used to be one!

Benoit tried to lock in the crippler crossface on Christian but C Squared flipped forwards and twisted Benoit’s arm but Benoit countered into the sharpshooter. The crowd roared as Benoit locked it in on Christian. Captain Charisma tried to get to the ropes but Benoit brought him back to the middle of the ring and pulled back of the legs more. However Booker came back into the ring so Chris Benoit broke the hold and tried to lock in the crippler crossface on Booker T but Booker was able to counter into the Book End. Booker T was staring to feel it as he looked at his hand and then did a spineroonie. C Squared came from behind and tried to hit the uprettier on Booker but he pushed Christian to the ropes and went for a spin kick and Christian ducked and tried to get the uprettier once more but this time Booker leapfrogged over Christian and hit a spin kick. Benoit was now back in the equation and hit a German suplex on Booker and tried to get one on Christian but Christian reversed and Benoit went for another northern lights suplex but Christian reversed into a sunset flip pin.



Booker broke up the pin!
Booker T threw Benoit out of the ring and then went for the scissors kick on Christian but Christian ducked turned around and hit the uprettier on Booker.

Tazz: Well they say 3rd time is the charm.

Christian covered.



Benoit interrupted the pin. Benoit hit a German suplex on Christian and then a snap suplex on Booker onto Christian. Benoit looked at the crowd and did his cut throat taunt which got a loud pop. Benoit went to the top rope and jumped looking for a double diving head butt but Benoit only hit Booker and then rolled onto the apron. Christian stalked Booker looking for another uprettier and found it. Christian raised his hand in the air as Benoit got back in the ring. Benoit seizing the moment got Christian’s arm and quickly locked in the crippler crossface. Christian screamed with pain as he called out to Booker to break it up but Booker was out of it after two uprettiers and a diving head butt. Captain Charisma reached out for the ropes, he was an inch away, he could almost touch the rubber when Benoit rolled both men halfway across the ring back to the center. Christian yelled again telling Booker to get up and Booker started to stir but not much. Christian was in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go when he tapped out.

Tony Chimmel: Here is your winner and STILL United States Champion....Chris Benoit!

*Whatever* played again for the second time as Chris Benoit got the U.S Title and played to the crowd ignoring the two other competitors who were lying in the ring.

Cole: What a brutal battle. That was one of the most exciting matches I have ever witnessed! I can’t believe it and so far tonight 2 out of 4 titles have changed hands but will the other two change hands later?

Tazz: I don’t know but it’s the WWE and World Heavyweight titles and those 3 men right there deserve to be in the main event. That was one heck of a good match.

Cole: That’s right. Now over to our RAW announce team!

JR: Thank you guys and before we go any further ladies and gentlemen the next RAW PPV will be the first ever PPV to come from my home town Oklahoma City and it will be Unforgiven on September the 18th. Tickets go on sale this Wednesday.

The King: Ladies and gentlemen I would also like to warn you that this following match may not be suitable for younger viewers.

A video package plays showing the first time they met and Kane couldn’t win so he levelled Benjamin with the chair.
The second time these two met and Shelton levelled Kane with a chair.
The 6-Man Tag where all hell broke loose and both men started to hit each other with anything.

Match 5
Street Fight
Kane V Shelton Benjamin

*Ain’t no stoppin’ me now!* plays and the crowd pop. Shelton makes his way to the ring and anxiously awaited the Big Red Machine.
*Let it Burn* plays and Kane enters to a large amount of heat. Shelton didn’t wait for Kane to make his way to the ring because Shelton zoomed down the ramp up to the entrance and hit Kane with a flying shoulder block. Shelton stomped Kane and then rammed Kane’s head into the metal entrance wall. Kane fell down to a knee and Shelton pushed Kane’s face into a light and then soccer kicked Kane in the jaw.

The King: Shelton looks pissed off!

Kane who was now already bleeding from the lip got an uppercut in and then rammed Shelton’s head into the steel entrance. Kane picked Shelton up on his shoulder and then threw him like a catapult into the metal entrance again. Kane stomped on Shelton and dragged him back up the ramp and stopped about half way. Kane lifted Shelton up and then dropped him on the metal restraining barrier. The former WWE Tag Team Champion grabbed his chest in pain while Kane grabbed him by the head and dragged him towards the ring. Kane rolled him in the ring and waited for him to get up and then hit an ugly clothesline on Benjamin before he made the cover.



Benjamin got the shoulder up. Kane hammered some brutal elbows into the head of Shelton and then Irish whipped Benjamin into the corner so hard Shelton’s Back bounced off of the turnbuckle. Kane got Benjamin up and Irish whipped him to the other corner but this time followed him for a clothesline but Shelton scouted it and he jumped over the top rope and Kane ran into the turnbuckle and then Benjamin hung Kane up on the top rope. Shelton jumped down to the floor and started looking underneath the ring for weapons when from out of nowhere Kane appeared between the top two ropes and grabbed Benjamin’s head. Shelton had other ideas as he quickly pulled out a trash can lid from under the ring and hit it off of Kane’s skull. Kane then fell back into the ring. Shelton climbed in the ring and covered.



Shelton stomped Kane again and kicked him outside the ring. Shelton picked up the trash can lid and hit Kane across the face with it again. Shelton Benjamin tried to Irish whip Kane into the barrier but he reversed and sent Benjamin flying into the steel steps, knee first, and then did a flip in mid-air and ten hit his back on the announcers table. Benjamin fell to the floor his body torqued. Kane hammered Shelton’s back and then look at the announce table. Kane hammered some more forearms into Benjamin’s back and then picked him up for a powerbomb but Shelton struggled free and suddenly both men had climbed on the announce table. Kane gave Shelton some stiff shots to the gut and then hammered his back again when he got him up for another powerbomb. This time Kane followed through and powerbomed Shelton Benjamin onto the opposite announce table. There was a huge gasp from the fans as they chanted “Holy Sh*t!”

JR: Oh my god! Kane just powerbombed young Shelton through the announce table next to us. I don’t believe this, Shelton could be knocked out!

Kane went and got the ring bell and also got the steel steps, which Benjamin had knocked over, and then threw them into the ring. Kane got Benjamin and rolled him in the ring.



Shelton got a shoulder up! The crowd cheered as they stood in astonishment. Kane went over to the referee who high-tailed it out of the ring and when Kane turned around Shelton cracked the ring bell across the skull of Kane. Kane stumbled and Shelton did it again but Kane didn’t fall over. Shelton bounced off of the ropes with the ring bell but Kane hit the big boot sending the ring bell back into the face of Shelton. Kane’s forehead was now bleeding rapidly as a groggy Benjamin found his feet. Kane picked up the steel steps and once Benjamin turned around Kane rammed them into his face. Benjamin who was now half knocked out was bleeding from the mouth and had a cut just above his right eye. Kane pinned.



Shelton got a shoulder up. Kane visibly frustrated pounded the mat before telling the referee it was a 3. Kane got Shelton up and threw him into the turnbuckle where he pounded Benjamin with hellacious elbows and punches. Kane the pointed to the steel steps and the grabbed Benjamin and tried to side walk slam Benjamin onto the steps.

JR: NO! Kane don’t do this! You could break his back!

However Shelton held onto the ropes but Kane was able to get him free but Shelton flipped over Kane’s arm and into a dragon sleeper position. Then Shelton delivered backwards DDT onto the ring bell and covered Kane.



Kane kicked out! Shelton couldn’t believe it as he looked on in amazement. Shelton slid out of the ring and went straight under the mat looking for something the suddenly he pulled out a ladder which got a loud pop from the crowd. Shelton threw it in the ring and went under the mat again but this time he got a table out and set it up which got a loud pop. Shelton went back into the ring and stomped Kane and then set out the ladder in the corner. Shelton got Kane up and managed to Irish whip him into the corner. Shelton tried to follow it up with the stinger splash but Kane grabbed Benjamin legs and made Shelton leapfrog over him making Shelton crash into the ladder. Except Shelton used his cat like quickness and held onto the ladder like Spiderman. Shelton waited until Kane had the steel steps and once Kane had turned back around Benjamin leapt off of the ladder and superkicked the steel steps into his face. Kane’s face was now a crimson mask as he lay flat out on the mat. Shelton covered Kane again.



Kane got a shoulder up. This crowd was now counting along with the referee and couldn’t believe it when Kane just kicked out.

JR: These two men will go down as two top superstars, I will guarantee you that.

Shelton went back under the ring to see what else he could find and Shelton threw in a steel chair, trash can, a lead pipe and another ladder. Shelton also set up another table (next to the one earlier) outside the ring. Shelton climbed in the ring but had his head shattered by a monstrous steel chair shot. Kane tossed the chair out of the ring and got the trash can and whacked it across the back of Shelton Benjamin multiple times. Kane also tossed that out of the ring as well and then laid the ladder in front of him. Kane pulled Benjamin up by the throat and lifted him in the air as he was going to chokeslam Kane onto the ladder but Benjamin reversed it into an arm bar so that Kane’s arm and head hit the ladder. This got a pop from the crowd. Shelton was straight on the attack and got Kane’s arm and put it in a triangle choke hold. Kane however didn’t seem to be effected because he showed how strong he was by lifting up Benjamin with one arm and threw him into the turnbuckle. Shelton was then viciously sidewalk slammed onto the ladder and pinned.



Shelton got a shoulder up again. Kane, who was frustrated behind the crimson mask that was his face, delivered some hard shot to the head of Benjamin. Kane then choked Shelton until he’d had enough and broke the hold. Kane threw the ladder outside the ring along with Benjamin. Kane set the ladder up by the announce table and grabbed Shelton but while Kane had been setting up the ladder Shelton Benjamin had gone under the ring and got himself a fire extinguisher which he used and it bounced off of the skull of Kane. Shelton pushed down the lever and the foam shot into Kane’s bloody face. Kane fell onto the announce table where Shelton hit him with the extinguisher again and started to climb the ladder. The crowd roared knowing what he was about to do. Shelton rested for a moment but he knew Kane might get up so he saluted to the audience, took a deep breath and then jumped off of the ladder falling at least 10 feet onto Kane through the announce table. The crowd gasped again and then cheered.

JR: How do you like it Kane when you get put through a table? Huh?

The King: Calm down JR! These two men need to concentrate to win the match.

Both men yelled out sprawled next to each other on the broken announce table. It took both men a while to recover but Shelton was up first and slid in the ring and then bounced off of the ropes. When Benjamin came back towards Kane he did a suicide like dive but the Big Red Machine got the ladder and drove it into the face of Shelton in mid-air. The crowd started the “Holy Sh*t!” Chant again. Kane dragged Shelton back into the ring and threw the used weapons out of it. Before Kane threw out the lead pipe he cracked it across the right leg of Shelton. Kane tied up Shelton on the ropes but bounced off of the ropes on the other side. Kane was going for a clothesline but Shelton got a foot up which hit south of the border on Kane. Shelton was able to unite himself and the flipped Kane over the top rope onto the floor. Shelton started to climb up to the top rope but it took him a little longer because of the lead pipe attack on his leg. Once Shelton was on the top rope Kane was already up so Shelton jumped off the turnbuckle and did a diving cross body which knocked both men down. Shelton jumped to his feet soon after which got a pop from the crowd. Kane got up more slowly but once he was up Shelton speared Kane onto the ring apron and hammered him with lefts and rights. Kane tried to get away and was able to kick the steel steps into Benjamin’s leg which knocked him down straight away. As Shelton slowly got back up to his feet Kane picked up the steel steps and rammed them into the face of Shelton Benjamin. Kane and Shelton were now halfway up the ramp when Kane dropped the steps so the were facing the ring and then Kane picked up Shelton on his shoulder. The crowd went wild knowing what was going to happen next. Kane got Shelton in position and then suddenly he tombstone piledrivered him onto the steel steps.

JR: OH MY GOD! Shelton Benjamin could be knocked out or dead! I can’t believe Kane would have the inhumanity to do such a thing!

The fans roared and yet another “Holy Sh*t” chant began. Kane dragged Shelton’s limp body back to the ring. Kane signalled for the chokeslam but when Benjamin didn’t get up he did it himself and successfully pulled off a chokeslam. Shelton was covered in blood and Kane’s crimson mask was also now seeping onto his chest. Suddenly all the lights in the arena went out and then they came back on both men were laid out motionless. Suddenly the cage for the match later on started to lower and the fans cheered again, the cage stopped just above the turnbuckles. Shelton rolled onto his front and got up very slowly. Shelton now had spaghetti legs as he rolled out side and threw in the tables he had set up earlier. Shelton got another table from underneath the ring and set that one up in the ring.

The King: Soon there isn’t going to be any left under that ring!

On the far left of the ring were two tables and a third on top of that. Suddenly Kane sat up which got a pop from the crowd and Benjamin tried to hit Kane with right and left hooks but Kane grabbed him by the throat and chokeslammed Shelton and then pinned him.



Shelton Benjamin kicked out at the last moment. Shelton made it to his feet as Kane grabbed the fire extinguisher from earlier. Kane swung the extinguisher in vicious circles but Shelton evaded them. Shelton went for a superkick but Kane dropped the fire extinguisher and grabbed the foot and then pushed the foot away however Shelton carried on round and hit Kane with a dragon whip. Kane didn’t fall down he just rested on the so Shelton cracked the fire extinguisher over Kane’s head and pinned him.



Kane kicked out. Shelton looked at the referee who said it was a 2 not 3. Shelton got up and so did Kane but Kane hit and elbow to the mid-section of Shelton and then bounced him off of the ropes but Shelton reversed and when Kane came back from the ropes Shelton picked him up a hit a Samoan drop. Shelton got the ladder from outside the ring and set it up in the ring the opposite side of the tables. Shelton then proceeded to climb the ladder on the right hand side (closest to the cage) when Kane suddenly started to climb on the other side. Both men were at the top of the ladder when Kane started throwing lefts and rights and then vicious forearms. Benjamin had now let go of the ladder and suddenly Kane hit him with a brutal knife edge chop sending Benjamin flying into the cage. Shelton Benjamin had turned in mid-air however and caught the cage then climbed to the top. Kane then climbed to the very top of the ladder but Kane was able to keep his balance while hammering Shelton with lefts and rights. Then suddenly Kane grabbed Shelton by the throat and then pulled him off of the top of the cage and both men plummeted through the 3 tables below. Shelton took most of the damage as Kane covered him.




Lillian Garcia: And here is your winner.....Kane!

*Let it burn* plays again as the paramedics come down to help Shelton and other WWE staff come down to clear the ring as the cage is lifted up.

JR: My god what an intense, bloody, brutal, stomach turning match between these two superstars. It was a shame Shelton didn’t get the win but Kane deserved this just as much as Benjamin.

The King: Well I am glad that Kane won. Finally someone put Benjamin in his place I mean so what if he had the longest Intercontinental Title reign in what like a few years. I am so happy that Kane won this match.

JR: Well King you obviously don’t know good talent when you see it do you?

The King: I know when I see good talent...and Benjamin is not it.

We take one more look at the carnage in the ring before we cut backstage to see referee Earl Hebner come out of the referee’s locker room. Earl is then cornered by Paul Heyman and Shane McMahon.

Shane: Hello Earl.

Hebner: Shane....Paul...what can I do for you?

Paul: Well, well, well what can he do for us Shane? What can he do for us?

Shane: There are a lot of thing’s we can make you do but out of the goodness of our hearts we won’t make you do that. Will we Paul?

Paul: Oh no we would never ever make you do anything you didn’t want to do Mr. Hebner except one thing.

Hebner: And what would that be?

Paul: Well hypothetically speaking if the RAW invaders were to lets say dress up like they usually do-

Shane: All in black.

Paul: And say if they come down to the ring in tonight’s number 1# contender match-

Shane: Or tonight’s WWE Title match

Hebner: Jericho or Shawn will be disqualified. Simple as that.

Paul: Now this is where we make things interesting. You see if all of those guys do come to the ring tonight...well-

Shane: You won’t disqualify Jericho or Shawn. Simple as that and furthermore if you do I will exercise my right as the General Manager of RAW to reverse the decision and to fire your ass!

Paul: My thought’s exactly!

Paul and Shane walk off leaving the camera on Earl.

We see a promo advertising Unforgiven saying it is the first PPV to come from Oklahoma City.

JR: Can you believe that!?! I just don’t believe that! Shane McMahon and Paul Heyman trying to fix tonight’s RAW main events.

The King: Well JR nothing might happen it might not need to happen when Jericho defeats John Cena.

JR: We’ll see and another thing we have to see is who will the mystery opponent facing Edge be tonight?

The King: I don’t know JR but the match is up next so let’s find out.

A video package plays highlighting Eric Bischoff telling Edge he had to wrestle against the mystery opponent at Summerslam.
The mystery man jumping Edge and kidnapping him.
The mystery opponent hitting Edge with his own briefcase.

Match 6
Edge w/ Lita V Mystery Opponent

*Do you think you know me?* plays and Edge comes out with Lita and his money in the bank briefcase. Edge and Lita get a tremendous amount of heat as they lip lock in the center of the ring. The crowd fell silent as they waited for the arrival of the mystery opponent. People had been waiting weeks to find out who it was. Edge had been attacked, kidnapped and hit over the head with his own briefcase by the mystery man and Edge couldn’t wait to get his hands on him.
*Oh Yeah* played throughout the arena and every single person got to their feet. The color drained from the faces of Edge and Lita upon hearing Matt Hardy’s music.

JR: Oh my gosh! Matt Hardy is back in the WWE! Now Edge and Lita are going to get what they deserve!

The creator of mattitude ran down to the ring quickly raising his hand in the air to do his V1 sign. Matt slid in the ring and pushed Lita out of the way and then speared Edge punching the daylights out of him. Edge didn’t fight back instead Edge was too concerned about getting out of harms way by tossing and turning and eventually leaving the ring but Matt followed him. Edge was able to get some ground by sliding out the other side of the steel steps from Matt. However Matt ran at the steps jumped on them and then jumped off onto Edge. Both men went down. Matt Hardy, still punching Edge, was separated from Edge when he pulled the referee in between them. Matt Hardy pushed the referee out of the way and walked towards Edge who greeted him with a chair shot to the head. Handing the chair to Lita to dispose of, Edge rolled Matt in the ring and told the referee to ring the bell which he did. Edge covered Matt but he kicked out quickly at 2. Edge picked Matt up, bounced him off of the ropes and Edge bent over to flip Matt but Matt rolled over Edge’s back and into a school boy pin.



Edge kicked out. Both men climbed to their feet but Matt was quicker and hit a dropkick and then a swinging neckbreaker. Matt stalked Edge waiting for him to get up and once he did Matt tried to go for the Twist of Fate but at the last second Edge pushed him into the turnbuckle and hit Matt with his own dropkick. Edge pinned him with a hook of the leg.



Matt kicked out. Edge got up and slowly stomped Matt knowing that for the first time in the match he was in control. Edge picked up Matt on his shoulders and then stood there as Lita applauded. Quickly Edge threw Matt off his shoulders where he landed on one of Edge’s knees. Edge hit some stiff shots to the guy of Hardy before Edge hit a backbreaker on the lower back Matt. Edge stalked Hardy and once he was up Edge kicked him in the gut and hit the Educution. Edge rolled into a cover hooking both legs.



Matt kicked out. Edge delivered some brutal punches to Matt’s face obviously frustrated. Edge got up as Matt crawled to the corner. Edge went to the opposite corner and stalked Hardy and once he was up Edge ran trying to connect with the spear but it didn’t work because Matt side stepped it and Edge’s shoulder went flying into the turnbuckle. Edge turned back and was met by vicious DDT. Matt bounced off of the ropes and delivered a leg drop. Matt went to the top rope dragging Edge up by the hair. Matt then went for a tornado DDT but Edge held Matt in the air having other ideas but Matt then countered into a victory roll.



Edge countered.



Matt countered.



Edge countered.



Matt countered by rolling forward but Edge rolled through and then locked in his sharpshooter like manoeuvre the Educator. Edge’s knee was placed in the back of Matt which Edge had hurt earlier. Matt yelled out in pain with his fists clenched tight. Matt kept yelling but whenever he got near the ropes Edge pulled him back to the center of the ring putting Matt back at square 1. Matt opened his hand and started clawing his way towards the ropes. Matt was so close to the ropes he could almost touch them but suddenly Edge distracted the referee and Lita came around and hit Matt with the briefcase who fell lifeless. Edge brought Matt back to the middle of the ring and Matt Hardy seemed to have been knocked out. The referee raised Matt Hardy’s hand and it fell to the mat. The referee did this again and it fell to the mat once more.

JR: Ladies and gentlemen if Matt Hardy’s hand drops to the mat once more then the referee will have to call for the bell and Edge will have won.

The referee lifted Matt’s arm and it dropped to the mat but at the same time Matt Hardy sprung into life and started moving towards the ropes. He was so close but for some reason he didn’t grab them he just stared at Lita with an animal ferocity. Suddenly Matt jumped with the hold still intact and grabbed Lita’s hair pulling her from side to side. Edge was forced to break the hold and began to stomp the lower back of Matt. Edge picked up Matt and delivered a high backdrop. Edge then picked Matt up so he was sitting on Edge’s shoulders and then Edge fell back in an electric chair drop and pinned.



Matt kicked out. Edge Irish whipped Matt into the corner front first and then heavily punched the lower back of Hardy again. Edge suddenly grabbed Matt Hardy by the hair and hit the Edge’O’Matic. Edge taunted Matt and hit some soccer like kicks to the abdomen of Matt. Edge made the V1 sign which got lots of heat and he then got Matt up where Edge hit the Twist of Fate on Matt. Edge was coming off as a top heel now as he rolled into a lazy cover.



Matt rolled the shoulder out and Edge pinned again.



Matt kicked out. Edge now irritated pinned yet again.


Kick out. Edge picked Matt up and out of nowhere Matt hit a sideeffect. Matt stomped on Edge fiercely while holding his own back in pain. Matt Irish whipped Edge into the corner where Matt got up on the top rope and hit a thunderous tornado DDT. Lita got up on the apron in protest but Matt bounced off of the ropes and knocked her off. Matt then signalled for the Twist of Fate but it was countered yet again by Edge who had it scouted. Edge tried to get another backdrop but Matt reversed into a bulldog. Matt went to the opposite corner of the ring taunting Edge by signalling for the spear. Edge turned around and Matt started to run but Edge had seen it coming and side stepped it but Matt knew this and stopped before he hit the turnbuckle and then hit DDT on Edge. Matt covered.



A kick out by Edge. Matt got up and saw that Lita was on the apron again so he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into the ring. Suddenly Matt kissed Lita and then threw her down as she rolled out of the ring. Edge quickly hit a backwards spear on Matt who grabbed his back painfully. Edge brought Matt to the ring ropes and started to choke him on the second rope but the referee forced Edge to break the hold. Edge delivered another Educution onto Matt in the corner but he wasn’t finished yet. Edge went to the other corner and waited. Matt got up slowly but the referee was in the corner and when Edge went for the spear Matt moved and Edge hit the referee. Lita, on the apron again, tossed the briefcase to Edge because she knew the referee was out but Matt intercepted it and hit Edge over the head with it. Then Matt hit a Twist of Fate onto Edge onto the briefcase. Matt chucked it out of the ring and pinned Edge.




*Oh Yeah& played again as Matt got up and played to the live crowd.

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner....Matt Hardy!

JR: That’s right Matt got what he deserved. Redemption. I am so glad to see Matt pick up the victory here at Summerslam.

The King: No! No! No! Matt isn’t supposed to win! Edge is! No this is all wrong and Matt Hardy has no right to kiss Lita....only me and Edge have that privilege.

JR: Right. And now coming up is another RAW match and it is for the WWE Championship. If there is a match about pure brutality this is it.

The King: I know JR I can’t wait for this! I’m so excited to see a new WWE Champion.

JR: Well we’ll see

A video package plays highlighting the feud.
John Cena and Jericho trash talking with each other.
John Cena and Jericho trash talking with each other some more.
Jericho loosing the number 1# contender match and Angle getting beaten up.
Jericho being made the new number 1# contender.
Cena and Jericho having a face off.
Match 7
WWE Championship
John Cena (c) V Chris Jericho

*My Time is Now* plays and John Cena gets a standing ovation from the Washington D.C crowd. John Cena poses with the belt up the entrance ramp and in the ring while he waits for his opponent Chris Jericho. *Break the Walls Down!* plays and Chris Jericho enters to lots of heat followed by Shane McMahon. Jericho walked around to where the announce tables were and then got in the ring. Jericho and Cena have a face off before the start trash talking to each other. Suddenly Jericho responds with a slap to the face as he backs off a little. John Cena smiled and the spears down Jericho and hits hard rights and lefts as Jericho tries to get away but Cena grabbed Jericho by the hair and pulled him into a reverse DDT and pinned.



Kick out by Jericho who jumps up and quickly rolled out of the ring followed by John Cena. Cena hit Jericho in the back of the head with a brutal forearm before trying to Irish whip him into the steel steps but it was reversed and Cena’s back went flying into the instead. Chris Jericho then got Cena’s head and rammed it into the steps multiple times before throwing him back into the ring. Jericho stomped away on Cena before hitting a scoop slam and the climbing to the top rope. Jericho waited for Cena to get up and once he did Jericho hit a reverse elbow off of the top rope and then covered.



John Cena kicked out. Jericho got Cena up and hammered elbows into the back of Cena’s head. Jericho bounced Cena off of the ropes and on the return Jericho got his knee up which Cena’s stomach hit and flipped over. Jericho saw that Cena was on the apron so he bounced off of the ropes himself and hit a baseball slide on Cena which knocked him out of the ring and made him land hard on the floor. Jericho tried to Irish whip Cena into the barricade but Cena reversed it into his side slam and he then started to stomp Jericho when Shane came up behind him and hit him in the back of his head. Cena turned around and clotheslined Shane out of his boots but it gave Jericho the advantage because he was able to get a low blow and the roll John Cena back into the ring.

JR: Oh come on now how is this fair? Earl just call for a DQ this is not fair on Cena.

The King: Who cares JR? We’re gonna have a new WWE Champion!

Jericho then rolled into the cover with a hook of the leg.



Jericho got up and so did Cena but Cena gave right and left shots to the gut of Jericho. Cena then bounced off of the ropes and hit a clothesline on Jericho. Cena bounced off of the ropes again for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle but Shane tripped him up but Cena went to the outside and started to hammer Shane with rights and lefts. Both Cena and Shane got up on the apron and Jericho was up by this time and went for a springboard dropkick on Cena but he saw it coming and moved out of the way while Jericho hit Shane instead.

JR: Oh do you like a taste of your own medicine McMahon?

Jericho then launched himself outside the ring onto Cena but he moved out of the way and Jericho hit Shane instead. Cena rolled Jericho into the ring and clotheslined him down twice before hitting a spinebuster pin.



Shane pulled the referee out of the ring. Cena went over to Shane and tried to grab him but Jericho got a roll up and a handful of shorts.



Cena kicked out and hit Jericho down as Shane pulled out the referee and knocked him out. Cena got Jericho up and went for another clothesline but Jericho reversed it into a sleeper but Cena reversed that into a back drop. Both men were out as Shane slid in the ring with the referee shirt on.

JR: Now King how is this fair? Is Shane McMahon going to be an impartial referee?

The King: Why yes! He is can’t you see that Jericho should have got the 3 earlier? Shane is just making sure that Jericho OR Cena will get the 3 count.

Shane waved to someone at the entrance barrier to come down and all the men in black came down again and surrounded the ring but the time they took all of their black attire off and it was revealed that the men in black were the TNA superstars.

JR: Oh my god! It’s TNA! This is a TNA invasion! Oh my god! Look AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, The Alpha Male just to name a few! This is still unfair! This is like a lumberjack match all in favour of Jericho.

Jericho was now in control again just having hit the running enziguri. Jericho pinned.


Cena kicked out.

JR: Look at that fast count. This is fair alright.

Jericho and Shane then tossed Cena outside the ring where he was pummelled by the TNA superstars surrounding the ring.

The King: That’s it! There is enough Cena to go around!

AJ Styles rolled Cena back in the ring where Jericho pinned him.


Kick out from Cena. Neither Jericho nor Shane could believe it. Jericho waited for Cena to get up and once he did Jericho tried to lock in the Walls of Jericho but Cena wouldn’t let him. Cena kept resisting but Shane then stomped Cena’s head and Jericho was able to get the Walls of Jericho locked in successfully. Cena tried to get to the ropes but whenever he did one of the TNA invaders would pull the rope away from him. Jericho pulled Cena back to the middle of the ring but John Cena would not quit. He would not tap and Cena clawed his way towards the ropes and even though the TNA invaders were pulling them back Cena managed to get a hold of the ropes and Jericho broke the hold. The next second the TNA invaders were in the ring and were all beating down John Cena. *Across the Nation* plays and the face Raw superstars like Big Show, Matt Hardy, The World Tag Team Champions and others come running down to the ring and clear the TNA invaders from the ring.

JR: King look it’s a unified RAW coming to clear the ring of the TNA invaders.

They all stand united as John Cena scoop slams Jericho and then hit the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Cena gets Jericho up and then hits the F-U. Earl Hebner slides back in the ring with a referee shirt on as Big Show threw Shane into the TNA invaders. John Cena covered Jericho.




Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner and STILL WWE Champion....John Cena!

JR: I don’t believe it Cena overcame all of the odds and won against Jericho and Shane McMahon.

The King: No! This isn’t meant to happen! Jericho is meant to be the new Champion...not some street thug.

JR: I don’t care if our Champion is a street thug. Along as he doesn’t cheat, fights hard and is able to overcome the odds he is alright in my book.

The King: Anybody is alright in your book JR now let’s just get on with the rest of Summerslam.

The RAW superstars get a banner from somewhere and hold it up showing TNA what a unified RAW can do.

JR: Well King there is one thing that we know is certain.

The King: What’s that?

JR: RAW has just got a lot more interesting with TNA

The King: You’re right about that.

A video package plays of Shawn Michaels turning heel by superkicking Hulk Hogan.
Highlights from the Number 1# Contender’s qualifier match which Show and Michaels both lost.
Michaels trashing the Big Show.
The 6-Man Tag Team Match which ended in chaos.

Match 8
Number 1# Contender’s Match
Big Show V Shawn Michaels w/ Paul Heyman

*Heartbreak Kid* played and Shawn came out to an enormous amount of heat. Behind him is Paul Heyman who is praising Shawn as he jumps around playing off of the crowd. The pyros go off and Michaels does his traditional pose. *Show Time* hits and the pyros go off again as the crowd pop for Big Show. Show has the look of determination on his face and as he walks to the ring Shawn slides out and Heyman says he is right to do so by keeping his distance. Shawn starts arguing with some fans who told him to get back into the ring but Big Show slid out of the ring and Heyman tried to warn Shawn but as he turns around Big Show delivered a monstrous right hand that sent Shawn flying into the barricade. Shawn tried to crawl off but Big Show got Michaels by the hair and threw him in the ring. Shawn climbed his way up using the ropes and found himself in the corner but as he tried to escape Big Show hit another right hand sending his back into the turnbuckle. Big Show told the audience to be quiet which they did and then he suddenly gave a huge knife edge chop to Michaels which echoed through out the arena. Big Show then grabbed Shawn by the throat and tossed him halfway across the ring. Shawn pleaded with Big Show for no more but he didn’t listen and Big Show hit a massive body slam on HBK. Heyman got up on the apron trying to distract the Big Show and it worked. When Big Show turned back around Shawn hit the flying forearm and then nipped up but to his shock Big Show never went down.

JR: What does it take to get this man down?

Suddenly Sting came from the crowd and while Paul Heyman distracted the referee Sting cracked his baseball bat over the left leg of the Big Show. The first time he didn’t go down but the second time Big Show stumbled and then the third time Big Show went down fully.

JR: Oh come on this is 3 on 1!

Shawn was quicker than a bee to get the advantage because as soon as Show went down Michaels started to stomp the leg of Show. Shawn got Sting to help pull the Big Show across the ring to the ring post where he bounced the leg of the Big Show off of the ring post multiple times. Shawn then got cocky and tried to lock in the sharpshooter but Big Show countered and flung Shawn Michaels halfway across the ring. Heyman distracted the referee again as Big Show got up but Sting came in and hit a chop block to the leg and then hit Show with another baseball bat attack across the leg. Sting slid out of the ring while Shawn covered.



Big Show threw Michaels off of him who flew through the ropes and onto the floor. Michaels who was obviously annoyed got onto the apron and managed to hit a springboard clothesline but Show didn’t go down. Michaels managed to get behind Michaels and hit a chop block to the leg which sent the Big Show reeling. Suddenly Paul Heyman put on some brass kuncks and hit the referee with them from behind. Paul passed them to Shawn as all three men began the triple team on Big Show. Sting working on the leg while Heyman and Michaels worked on the stomach. The 3 men were getting masses of heat when suddenly *I’m a Real American* played and every fan in the arena whether they were English, American, Korean or any other nationality got to their feet and cheered for Hulk Hogan.

JR: King it’s Hulk Hogan! HULK HOGAN! Look at Michaels face! I can’t wait for him to get what coming to him!

Shawn Michaels looked traumatised as Hulk Hogan made his way to the ring. Hogan slid in as Sting swung the baseball bat but Hogan ducked it and hit a right hand knocking him down. Before Heyman could escape Hogan grabbed him and hit the heads of Sting and Heyman together. Hogan then went for HBK who hit him with a right hand but Hogan blocked it and bounced him off of the ropes. On the return Hogan gave a big boot to Michaels and then bounced off of the ropes himself and delivered a leg drop. Hogan then rolled to the outside firmly in Big Show’s corner. Big Show rolled into the cover with a hook of the leg.



Heyman pulled the referee out. Hogan went around to Heyman and hit him but Heyman fell into the referee and knocked him out as Heyman and Hogan battled each other on the outside. Big Show in the meantime grabbed Michaels by the throat but he saw Sting on the apron so he threw HBK one handed onto Heyman and Hogan. Sting hit Show in the head with his baseball bat and then Shawn slid back into the ring with a chair. Big Show was stumbling around the ring when Michaels hit him with a chair and then Show stumbled towards Sting who hit him with the baseball bat. Sting and Michaels repeated this a few times before Sting held the chair in front of the face the Big Show and Shawn delivered Sweet Chin Music to the chair that ricocheted off of the skull of the Big Show. Michaels covered as Heyman rolled the referee in the ring while Sting choked Hogan with the baseball bat.

JR: NO! Not this way!


JR: Come on show a shoulder! Anything!


JR: Hogan help him!


*Heartbreak Kid* played again as Shawn, Sting and Heyman made it to the backstage area leaving Hulk Hogan to see to the Big Show in the ring.

JR: We have a new number 1# contender damn it! The Big Show deserved to win that match not Shawn Michaels and then Sting has the audacity to choke Hulk Hogan! This is not right this is a very dark day in the WWE.

The King: Lighten up JR so Michaels needed a little bit of help winning how is Shawn Michaels meant to win against a 700 pound big boot.

JR: 700 pounds King? Give me a break! 700 pounds my hat! Well we know now that Shawn Michaels will be facing John Cena for the WWE Championship in the coming future.

A video package played highlighting the main event.
Brock Lesnar returning at the Great American Bash and F-5’ing Batista.
Batista and Brock brawling backstage.
Batista getting F-5’ed by Brock and Brock getting F-5’ed by Batista.
Brock getting Batista Bombed by Batista and Batista Getting Batista Bombed by Brock.
The stare down between the two.

Match 9
World Heavyweight Championship
Batista (c) V Brock Lesnar

*Here Comes the Pain* plays and Brock Lesnar came out to a fairly good pop seeing how he is the heel. Brock entered the ring and his turnbuckle pyros went off and everybody in the arena went silent for the entrance of Batista. *Unleashed* played and the hometown crowd roared out of control. Batista got in the ring and immediately had a face off with Brock Lesnar. Batista handed the belt to the referee who took it and then put it outside. Batista and Brock backed up to opposite corners and the crowd fell silent once again. The two men started to circle in the ring until they came face to face and both locked in a grapple but neither could win so the broke it. They tried again but this time Batista shoved Lesnar down which got a good pop. Lesnar and Batista locked it in once more but this time Lesnar shoved Batista down which got a good pop. Both men had another face off in the ring and suddenly the both bounced off opposite ropes and they both tried for shoulder blocks but neither man went down. They bounced off opposite ropes again but neither man went down. Then suddenly both men exploded with right and left punches knowing that they could not beat the other man in the power game maybe they could beat each other in a brawl. Batista got the upper hand and backed Lesnar into the corner and pulled off some shoulder’s to the mid-section but Brock reversed and put Batista in the corner and hit some shoulder’s to the abdomen of Batista.

Cole: This is raw power meeting raw power.

Batista countered however and pushed Brock away hitting him with a head butt. Batista then clotheslined him down Lesnar and stomped him before bouncing him off of the ropes but Lesnar reversed it into a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. Lesnar got Batista up and hit a German suplex on Batista and covered.

Cole: The first cover of the match! Could we have a new champion?



Kick out by Batista. Brock hammered the back of Batista and hit a DDT and then put Batista in a sleeper hold. Batista tried to power out of it but Brock held it in place and Batista hit a back drop so both men went down. Both men got up but Lesnar was quicker and he hit another belly-to-belly into a pin.


Batista got the shoulder up. Lesnar threw Batista outside and followed him. Brock managed to Irish whip Batista into the steel steps and then started to kick Batista in the shoulder. Lesnar lifted Batista up and dropped him on the restraining barrier and then Brock went for a bear hug except instead of locking in the submission move Lesnar rammed his back into the turnbuckle post. Lesnar rolled Batista back into the ring and went for a sleeper hold again but Batista reversed it into a dragon sleeper but Lesnar reversed it into a DDT. Lesnar jumped up and bounced off of the ropes and hit a knee to the face of Batista. Brock slowly stomped Batista as he got him up and bounced him off of the ropes. This time Brock locked in the sleeper hold successfully but Batista still had some fight in him and tried to reach out for the ropes but Brock pulled him back to the center of the ring. Batista reached out urgently for anything but found nothing as he dropped to one knee. Batista suddenly got a surge of energy and got to his feet again but this time Brock jumped on the back of Batista weighing him down.

Tazz: You see that right there Cole that’s very smart Brock Lesnar is weight down Batista making it harder for him to move about and reach for the ropes.

Batista could move anywhere as Brock got Batista back to the center of the ring and Batista went down onto one knee again as he started to fade. Batista then went down onto both knees and then eventually fell to the mat. The referee decided to see if Batista was knocked unconscious so he raised his hand and it stayed in the air but Brock put his weight on Batista more and the hand dropped to the mat for the first time. The referee raised it again and it fell to the mat. The referee raised the hand again but it didn’t fall Batista got back to his knees and hit some vicious elbows to the mid-section of Brock Lesnar. Batista regained his vertical base as the fans cheered him on. Batista broke the hold and went to run for the ropes but Brock countered into a dragon sleeper.

Cole: Brock goes for another sleeper! I don’t believe it!

Tazz: You see this is very smart, Cole. Brock has done his homework and knows he doesn’t want Batista on the move because that is when Batista lets the animal out and wins the match. So Lesnar putting Batista into another sleeper hold isn’t a surprise.

Batista tried to fight out of it but he couldn’t Batista started to fade away again and the referee raised his arm in the air and if fell straight away. The referee did this again and it fell straight away. The referee did this for the last time and it stayed in the air. Batista quickly countered into a brutal DDT that made Brock land on the back of his head and flip over on the mat. Batista rolled into a cover.


Brock got a shoulder up. Both men got to their feet but Brock slid underneath Batista and locked in an ankle lock!

Cole: What the hell? The ankle lock! Batista could be forced to tap out here! We could have a new World Heavyweight Champion!

Batista yelled in pain as he moved everywhere trying to get to the ropes. The sense of urgency was overwhelming as Batista reached out for the ropes. A centimetre away he could almost feel them at the tips of his fingers but Brock pulled Batista back to the center of the ring. Batista turned around and kicked Brock off as he held his foot in pain. Batista got to his feet and so did Lesnar as they both started each other down. Both men started throwing left and right punches and suddenly Batista kicked Lesnar by he caught it and turned it into the ankle lock.

Cole: My god! Another ankle lock! What is Batista going to do! What will he have to do to break the hold?

Tazz: To break the hold he will have to pray and have lady luck on his side.

Batista tossed and turned and kicked Lesnar in the mouth trying to break the hold but it didn’t work. Batista had his hand raised ready to tap but he didn’t he tried to crawl towards the ropes hoping that something would stop Brock but it didn’t. Brock tightened the grotesque angle that Batista’s ankle was in when suddenly Batista rolled through and sent Brock into the turnbuckle post. The crowd cheered that Batista had broken the hold but his foot was still sore. Batista got up slowly and limped over to Lesnar where he battered his back before getting Lesnar up for and Oklahoma slam which he hit successfully. Batista got Lesnar and bounced him off of the ropes and went to flip Lesnar but Batista had telegraphed it and Lesnar kicked Batista but he just stood looking at Lesnar who had a stunned expression on his face. Lesnar ran at Batista but the World Heavyweight Champion turned it into a fatal spinebuster which got a huge pop form the home crowd. Batista raised his hands in the thumbs up signal and then went to thumbs down. He kicked Lesnar in the gut and went for a Batista Bomb which got the home crowd really worked up. When Batista got Lesnar up Lesnar rolled through in a sunset flip and locked in the ankle lock yet again which got a pop from the crowd as they all rushed to their feet to see if Batista was going to tap out. Batista tossed and turned again trying desperately to get to the ropes. Batista reached out but he needed to be longer. An inch away....a centimetre...half a centimetre....and finger tip and then Brock pulled him back to the center of the ring where Batista writhed in pain. There was nothing he could do but he got closer to the ropes and then he suddenly jumped towards the ropes and Batista was able to get the bottom one. Batista hugged the bottom rope until Lesnar let go of the hold.

Cole: What a brutal match up! Batista’s ankle could be fractured-

Tazz: Or worse, broken.

Brock hit 2 bell-to-belly’s in succession and then a German suplex. Brock then smiled and got Batista up for an F-5 which got a roar from the crowd. Brock took his time but suddenly Batista reversed it into a crucifix pin.


Brock Lesnar reversed by rolling through and keeping Batista on his shoulders. Brock Lesnar then hit the F-5 which got a roar from the crowd. Brock then pinned him.


Batista kicked out. Brock couldn’t believe it. He wouldn’t believe it as he got Batista up for another F-5 but this time while on his shoulders Batista reverses it into devastating DDT and then pins Brock.



Brock rolled the shoulder out. Batista got up and stomped Brock before hitting him with some punches to the head. Batista then did something that shocked the crowd. Batista got Brock Lesnar up for an F-5.

Cole: My god! Can Batista get the F-5 on the F-5 Machine Brock Lesnar?

Batista without wasting any time threw Brock off of his shoulders and connected with the F-5 and the crowd roared in amusement. Batista covered Brock with a hook of the leg.



Cole: Can he do it?!?

Brock kicked out! Batista couldn’t believe it as he slowly got up and so did Lesnar. Both men bounced off of the ropes and hit each other with a powerful clothesline which made the crowd gasp. The referee looked at both men realising they were out and started the ten count.





Both men started to stir.


Batista was on one knee, Lesnar was on two.



Both men were up and suddenly both men were hammering each other once again with vicious right and left hands. Brock however managed to get a hold of Brock’s foot and locked in the ankle lock once more. This time however Batista didn’t reach out for the ropes because wherever he did Brock pulled him back to the center of the ring. The home town crowd started a “Don’t Tap!” chant while Batista’s hand was poised in the air to do so. Batista turned around and started to kick the holy hell out of Lesnar who was forced to break the hold and went crashing into the turnbuckle. Lesnar came back and Batista hit him with a drop toe hold but both men were up quickly. Lesnar kicked Batista in the stomach and bounced off of the ropes but Batista caught him with an earth shattering spinebuster. Batista didn’t waste any time this time. Batista just got Lesnar straight up and then came thundering down with a ring moving Batista Bomb. Batista covered.



Lesnar got his shoulder up. This time Batista played to the audience and raised his thumbs in the air and then thumbs down! Batista set Lesnar up for the Batista Bomb when *Goldberg March* played and Goldberg came running down to the ring. Batista shoved Lesnar out of the way only to be speared by Goldberg. The fans cheered and booed at the sight of Goldberg spearing their hometown hero. The referee called for the bell for a disqualification.

Tony Chimmel: And the winner by disqualification......Brock Lesnar!

Brock’s music didn’t play because when he got up Lesnar was met with a spear by Goldberg. Goldberg then delivered a Jackhammer to Batista and then Lesnar.

Cole: Can you believe it Tazz!?! Goldberg is back in the WWE and he is with Smackdown!

Tazz: Nobody is going to like this decision!

Cole: These two superstars put their bodies on the line in this match and they both end up with nothing. Nothing at all because the title cannot change hands on a disqualification so Batista will go home as the champion. Thank you ladies and gentlemen...good night!

We are left with Goldberg holding up the title as we fade to black.


Monday Night RAW
Memphis, TN

The Raw video package plays and the pyros go off.

*I’m Back!* plays and the crowd cheer to hear Eric Bischoff’s music. Eric comes out so quickly that he doesn’t even give the commentators any time to introduce the show. Eric quickly walked down to the ring and got in and then was given a microphone.

Eric: I’m back!

The crowd pop

Eric: And better than ever!

The crowd pop again

Eric: The last time you all saw me was around about three weeks ago when I saw getting beat down by the wonder boy Shane’o’Mac and his little TNA masked men.

The crowd boo hearing Shane’s name

Eric: Well we all found out at Summerslam that cheats can always win at something. I mean John Cena-

Crowd cheer loudly

Eric: John Cena was able to retain his WWE title even through all of the interferences and obvious disqualifications but there was one man who couldn’t overcome the odds and that man was....The Big Show!

Crowd cheer again

Eric: And the three men who screwed him over...Shawn Michaels

Crowd boo

Eric: Sting...

Crowd boo

Eric: And Paul Heyman

Crowd boo

Eric: So at Unforgiven I am going to make a match which will shake the very foundations of RAW and that match will have Sting facing off against-

*Shane’o’Mac* Plays and Shane McMahon comes out with Shawn Michaels, Sting, Paul Heyman and AJ Styles surrounding him. Shane gets in the ring with the others following him. Shane and Shawn grab microphones.

Shane: Hello Eric.

Eric: Hello Shane what can I do for you?

Shane: Well I heard that you were announcing matches for Unforgiven and as the General Manager of RAW-

Eric: The General Manager of RAW?!? AJ must have hit me in the head pretty hard. You are not the GM of RAW Shane McMahon...I AM! Now onto Unfor-

Shane: Actually I am the General Manager and there is nothing you can do about it. Nothing at all.

Eric: Is that so?

Eric then gets right in Shane’s face and Shane clicks his fingers and Sting and AJ walk forward as Shane backs up.

Eric: Oh you didn’t think I came alone did you?

Suddenly *My Time is Now* plays and the crowd go nuts as John Cena, Big Show and The World Tag Team Champions come down to the ring.

Eric: Now you dare click your fingers again and-

Cena: RAW will flood from the entrance and knock the hell out of you!

Shane: Well I am making a match tonight it will be-

Eric: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa you can do that!

Michaels: Erm I’ll think you’ll find he can. He IS the General Manager of RAW Mr. Grey Hair.

The crowd boo at the comment.

Cena: How the hell can you say anything I mean the AIR is getting a little thin on you two y’know.

The crowd laugh at the comment

Michaels: Respect your elders’ junior! I held that title before you even started rapping so don’t you start.

Cena: You might have held the title before I was born but doesn’t that show when you get in the ring with me that you might...I dunno break a hip or something.

Michaels: Hey! I said I was old but not that old-

Cena: Well it looks like your pretty old to me. Let’s say....hmm.....fifty.

Michaels: FIFTY! FIFTY! I LOOK FIFTY!?! I don’t look fifty do I?

Michaels pretends to loose feeling in his legs and grabs the ropes to hold himself up which the crowd laugh at.

Cena: Well I said you looked pretty old.

Suddenly Michaels snaps into seriousness and gets in Cena’s face. They are both nose to nose.

Michaels: Just remember one thing kid. I am the number 1# contender for that title and don’t you forget it.

Eric: I’m sorry I have to break you two love birds up here but we have a serious problem Shane is not the General Manager of RAW. I AM!

*No Chance* plays and Vince McMahon comes out to a huge crowd reaction.

JR: Look it’s Mr. McMahon what the hell is he doing here.

The King: I think he’s here to solve the problem between the two General Managers.

Vince slowly walked down the entrance ramp and then got in the ring as he grabbed a microphone from the outside.

Vince: In all the years in the business and after all the things I went thought with Stone Cold.....

The crowd pop

Vince: The Rock

The crowd pop

Vince: And even ECW and WCW

The crowd pop as an ECW chant starts

Vince: After all those years I never thought that I would have to choose a General Manager for RAW. Well I knew I would have to do this at some point but I never thought I would have to choose between my own rebellious son and my own rival for a very long time Eric Bischoff. Well I have come to the conclusion that...neither of you are General Manager’s.

The crowd mumble wondering what is going to happen

Vince: What is going to happen is that Shane is going to be The General Manager-

Eric: That’s not fair-

Vince: And Eric is going to be the General Manager. And for the second time in the history of RAW we are going to have Co-GM’s!

The crowd cheer and boo not knowing what is going to happen

Vince: However you two will only be Co-General Manager’s until Unforgiven because at Unforgiven you two will have a match and that match will decide who will be the official General Manager of RAW!

The crowd cheer as we fade to black

Commercial Break

We come back and have a view of the announce table.

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen if you have just joined us you will not believe the news we have just heard and that news is that Shane McMahon who was named a replacement General Manager 3 weeks ago when he brutally attacked Eric Bischoff and Eric Bischoff are now Co-General Managers.

The King: And what’s more is that at Unforgiven there will be a match to decide who will be the official General Manager of RAW.

Match 1
Daivari V Tajiri

A quick fast paced match with lots of counters and reversals. Daivari has the advantage throughout most of the match but Tajiri builds some offence towards the end and eventually hits the green mist but Daivari ducked and it hit the referee. Daivari then cheated using the metal pipe again and rolled Tajiri up with a handful of tights as another referee came in a counted the pinfall.

Winner: Daivari via Pinfall

JR: That little cheat! He cheated again but this time it wasn’t to screw Paul London out of the Cruiserweight title it was to screw Tajiri out of a straight match! I am starting to get worried about how the cruiserweight division is going.

The King: Lighten up JR. Anything is legal as long as the referee doesn’t see it. I’m not worried about the cruiserweight division, it’s going along fine. So Daivari cheats in two straight matches what’s the harm.

JR: There’s a lot of harm. It only takes a small metal pipe to end someone’s career!

The King: Anyway moving onto tonight the General Manager’s have made a huge main event.

JR: That’s right it will be John Cena, The Big Show and Ric Flair taking on Shawn Michaels, Sting and Kurt Angle.

*I’m Back* played and the crowd cheered and Eric Bischoff walked down to the ring. Shane’s music played and he made his way down to the ring.

Eric: Since we are Co-General Managers we must make all decisions mutual agreements. So I have a major announcement for the Unfrogiven Pay-per-view involving the main event.

Shane: Eric wait a second slow down I have a match to announce before you go ahead.

Eric: And what would that be?

Shane: It’s a match involving the in-ring debut of AJ Styles to the WWE and at Unforgiven AJ Styles will face...the Intercontinental Champion....Carlito!

Eric: Well that’s very nice but now onto the main event. It will be at Unforgiven the WWE Champion facing-

Shane: The greatest man of all, the Heartbreak Kid, the Showstoppa, the Main Event, the Headline, The one and only Shawn Michaels.

Eric: That’s very nice but I am banning every single person from ringside.

Shane: As Co-General Manager I am allowing Paul Heyman to come to ringside.

Eric: Fine! But if anyone else does come to ringside I will personally suspend them without pay!

Shane: Fine!

Then Shane and Eric go nose to nose as we go backstage and see Matt and Edge nose to nose.

Matt: Nice win for you at Summerslam Edge! Oh wait you didn’t win I did and it looks like I beat you.

Edge: Taunt me all you like but you will never win...EVER again.

Matt: I think I will Edge I mean if I can beat you once then I can beat you again.

Edge: Think what you want Matt but you cannot win anymore. I was the reason you came back and I am the reason you have main event level status.

Matt: I would have got their eventually.

Edge: Yeah....right!

Both men go to walk away and turn their backs on each other but they both had the same idea because they both quickly turned around and gave each other a right hand and then they started to brawl. A few seconds later however Edge and Matt Hardy were separated by security and others when Mr McMahon walked by to a loud pop.

Vince: What the hell is going on here!?! Next week you Edge and you Matt Hardy are going to compete in a match against each other. A rematch from Summerslam if you will and it’s going to be a...Street FIGHT!

JR: KING Did you hear that? Next week it will be Hard V Edge in a street fight!

King: I can’t wait.

Commercial Break

We come back and are immediately thrown into a match while JR and the King talk about what just happened.

Match 2
World Tag Team Championship
Triple Threat Match
Rob Van Dam & Sabu (c) V The Holy Monsters V America’s Most Wanted

A very good and entertaining filler match where the first pinfall would win. All 6 men had near falls on each other with Abyss and Mordecai dominating the match like last Night at Summerslam. Rob Van Dam truly shone in this match by taking down Chris Harris, James Storm, Abyss and Mordecai with his educated feet. The match suddenly broke down and in a miscommunication Abyss clotheslined Mordecai out of the ring while America’s Most Wanted double teamed Abyss. Rob Van Dam and Sabu came in being the legal men and Sabu took out Storm while Rob Van Dam took out Harris. Mordecai came back into the ring and knocked down Abyss from earlier and then headed to the back while Rob Van Dam got the 5 Star Frog Splash on Abyss for the 1, 2, 3.

Winners and Still World Tag Team Champions: Rob Van Dam & Sabu via pinfall

We cut backstage and see Carlito holding his Intercontinental Title while drinking a cup of coffee. Suddenly AJ Styles walks past and bashes into Carlito but continued walking. Carlito’s coffee was spilled all over the floor and Carlito turnerd around to look at AJ.

Carlito: That’s not cool.

Commercial Break

We come back and a promo plays promoting matches for Unforgiven. We go back to the commentators table.

JR: Well King we are just over 24 hours off of Summerslam and we already have 3 matches decided for Unforgiven and folks it is a RAW only PPV.

The King: That’s right JR and the first match that was announced tonight by Mr. McMahon himself was Shane McMahon V Eric Bischoff and the winner will be the fully fledged General Manager of RAW!

JR: Another match involves a man who is coming up for action next and that is Carlito who faces AJ Styles. What a match that is going to be.

The King: That is right JR and what about the main event for Unforgiven. The WWE Championship will be on the line when John Cena defends his WWE Title against Shawn Michaels and Eric Bischoff said that nobody is allowed at ringside or they will be suspended on the spot.

JR: Except Paul Heyman. Shane made it specifically clear that Paul Heyman would be at ringside.

Match 3
Intercontinental Championship
Carlito (c) V Rene Dupree

A good match that went back and forth for a while having lots of near falls and quick counters. Rene Dupree was the one to cheat this time but still didn’t get the win. The match was building up when suddenly AJ Styles came through the crowd and slid in the ring where he beat down Carlito. The referee called for the bell as AJ stomped on Carlito and got the microphone.

AJ: Carlito at Unforgiven I am going to beat you down and watch you drown. And I’m gonna take what is most precious to you...your Intercontinental Championship. So Carlito I am challenging you at Unforgiven to put your Intercontinental Title on the line.

JR: Look at the audacity of AJ Styles! He had no right to interfere in this match. If he wanted and Intercontinental Title shot so badly he should have asked Shane for it. I can’t believe that these TNA invaders think that because Shane McMahon employed them they have the right to run RAW and do anything they like it.

The King: No they don’t JR it’s just all about making an impact and I bet that AJ Styles asked Shane before the match if he could challenge Carlito for the title and I bet Shane said that he had to make and impact and that is what AJ just did.

JR: Making an impact my hat. I still think that these TNA wrestlers should be put on leashes. In any case let’s get on with the show.

Commercail Break

We cut backstage and see America’s Most Wanted talking to Shane McMahon.

Harris: This is unfair.

Storm: We were screwed out of our World Tag Team Titles.

Shane: You were screwed huh?

Storm: Yeah! We were screwed.

Shane: How so?

Harris: Well first off we were the legal men not Abyss and Mordecai.

Storm: And then everyone starts to interfere once I was about to win the match for us!

Shane: Right......go on.

Harris: So then we get cheap shots from Rob Van Dam and Sabu.

JR: Cheap shots?!? Were they wrestling in the same match I was watching?

Harris: Then Rob Van Dam wins the match and we weren’t even involved in the decision.

Shane: Do you know the way I see it?

Storm: How is the way you see it.

Shane: I will take your complaint under advisement and get back to you.

Storm and Harris look pissed off and ready to leave when Shane put up his hand to say he has more.

Shane: If you two are able to defeat Rob Van Dam and Sabu next week in singles matches then I might grant your wish of a World Tag Team Title match at Unforgiven but that is only if BOTH of you defeat Rob Van Dam and Sabu. Got it?

Storm and Harris look at each other and smile.

Storm: Yeah we got it.

Harris: Oh and Shane don’t worry you’ll be the new General Manager at Summerslam along with the new World Tag Team Champions-

Storm: America’s most wanted.

We go back to JR and the King.

JR: This is what I am talking about America’s Most Wanted complain and they get title shots!

The King: Only if they defeat Rob Van Dam and Sabu in singles matches next week which is a tall order.

Match 4
Chris Jericho V Edge w/ Lita

Before the match even got underway Matt Hardy came out and sat with JR and the King who started talking about the Matt Hardy V Edge match at Summerslam. Chris Jericho and Edge both held valiant fights but both eventually were getting worn out. Edge had hung Jericho up on the top rope, Irish whipped him into the steel steps and choked Jericho on the rope while Jericho had dropped Edge onto the barrier, speared him into the ring apron and choked him on the rope. Jericho came off as the face in this match as Edge started to cheat more and more but couldn’t put Jericho away. Jericho from out of nowhere hit the running enziguri but Edge kicked out at two. Edge eventually had to hit Jericho with his briefcase before connecting with the spear and picking up the 1 2 3.

Winner: Edge via pinfall

Suddenly Matt ran down to the ring and slid in. Matt and Edge fought it out before Edge got the advantage and grabbed the briefcase from Lita where he hit it across the head of Hardy. Edge then went to the outside and got a steel chair and busted Matt open. Lita then blew a kiss to Matt Hardy as they walked up the ramp and then the EMT’s came down.

JR: My god Edge just dissected Matt Hardy right infront of our very eyes.

The King: JR one thing is certain and that is I can’t wait for the street fight next week when Edge will beat the stuffing out of Matt Hardy.

JR: Well that remains to be seen but also next week Rob Van Dam will take on Chris Harris while Sabu will take on James Storm and if America’s Most Wanted win then they will get their World Tag team Title shot.

The King: Also next week Carlito’s Cabana returns and he will have a special guest the Heartbreak Kid....Shawn Michaels.

JR: Well coming up next is the main event when the WWE Champion John Cena, the Big Show and Ric Flair take on Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels and Sting. It’s coming up after this.

Commercial Break

Match 5
6-Man Tag Team Match
John Cena, The Big Show and Ric Flair V Kurt Angle, Sting and Shawn Michaels

The match started with Sting and Ric Flair kicking it off with Sting getting the advantage but Ric Flair held his own and tagged in the Big Show who wet to work on Sting straight away with knife edge chops and his other typical moves. Sting tagged in Angle who looked unpleasantly surprised. Angle got in the ring and got his ass kicked by Big Show but Angle got on the offensive and locked the ankle lock in on Show but he was able to tag Cena in who got a huge crowd reaction and pulled off his signature moves on Angle, Sting but not Michaels who kept out of his path. Sting who was the legal man went toe-to-toe with Cena he was able to go for long as Cena had him right where he wanted him in the F-U position but Angle got in the ring and interrupted it. Cena then tagged in Ric Flair who got worked on by all three of his opponents and whenever Flair got to his corner one of his opponents would drag him back to their corner and work on him some more. Suddenly Flair got the tag on Cena and Michaels was the legal man who straight away tagged in Sting. Cena ran through Angle and Sting but Angle fled the ring. Sting was then subjected to a thumb to the eye courtesy of Ric Flair and then a chokeslam by Big Show and then Cena got Sting up for the F-U and Cena pointed at Michaels looking at him fiercely. Cena then nails the F-U and picks up the win.

Winners: John Cena, the Big Show and Ric Flair via Pinfall

The winners stand in the ring with Cena getting up on the turnbuckle with his WWE title taunting HBK. Flair does his walk while “Woooooing” and the Big Show raises his hand in the air signalling for the Chokeslam.



Monday Night RAW
Monroe, LA

A video package plays highlighting the RAW events of Summerslam and the effect they had on last weeks RAW.

The Raw video package plays and the pyros go off.

JR: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Monday Night RAW! Where we have a hell of a show packed for you tonight!

The King: JR I don’t usually agree with you but that is right. We have in the main event a Street Fight with Matt Hardy and Edge! It’s going to be one of the most brutal matches on RAW...ever!

JR: We also have America’s Most Wanted taking on the World Tag Team Champions in singles competition when Chris Harris meets Rob Van Dam and the match taking place next is Sabu taking on James Storm.

The King: Oh and JR you forgot the stipulation.

JR: that’s right King...if America’s Most Wanted can beat Rob Van Dam and Sabu in both singles contests tonight....then they will get World Tag Team Title shots at Unforgiven.

Match 1
Sabu V James Storm

A good fast paced opening match which got the crowd pumped up for the rest of the evening. A few ECW chants by the crowd saw Sabu get the advantage but Storm always found a way to counter. In the middle of the match Chris Harris came down to give his partner a helping hand but Sabu knocked him off of the apron and then got a near fall on Storm. Eventually Storm started to cheat to win but it didn’t work and the referee was inadvertently knocked out. Suddenly Chris Harris got up on the apron and hit Sabu with a vicious steel chair shot but it wasn’t any steel chair. It was a chair wrapped in barbed wire and then James Storm who had also been under the ring pulled out and hit Sabu with a 2 by 4 wrapped in barbed wire. Both of these moves got Holy Sh*t chants. James Storm hit a superkick and then pinned Sabu for the win.

Winner: James Storm by Pinfall

America’s Most Wanted beat on Sabu with the weapons and suddenly *One of a Kind* hits the arena and Rob Van Dam comes storming down the ramp with his own 2 by 4 wrapped in barbed wire which is on fire. Rob Van Dam slid into the ring as America’s Most Wanted hightailed it to the back. Rob Van Dam helped his bloody partner as the EMT’s arrived and they helped Sabu walk out of the arena.

JR: Dirty rotten cheats! That’s what they are! Dirty rotten cheats!

The King: That is exactly right JR and I am sure you’ll agree with me that our World Tag Team Champions should be stripped of their titles!

JR: Who the hell are you talking about? I’m talking about America’s Most Wanted who had to cheat with those barbaric weapons to win against Sabu!

The King: I’m talking about Rob Van Dam going a step further and too far by bringing that 2 by 4 with BARBED wire which was on FIRE JR! FIRE! Do you know how much damage that could cause to a person!?! They could be burnt...or worse killed!

JR: Well that remains to be seen and our main event tonight is what you just saw. Brutality. Two men will enter that ring later on after they leave their locker rooms and then they will both engage each other in a vicious street fight. King there is one thing I am concerned about in the street fight later on.

The King: What is that JR?

JR: I am concerned about the well being of Edge AND Matt Hardy. Both these men hate each others guts so I think that one man won’t be walking out of this arena tonight.

The King: And that man is going to be Matt Hardy.

JR: It could very well be. We’ll be right back after this.

We cut backstage and see Kurt Angle talking to Christy Hemme in the back. Ric Flair walks past Kurt Angle and Christy Hemme where Christy turns her attentions to Flair and starts talking to him.

Angle: Hey! What the hell is up Christy?!?

Christy: Sorry I just wanted to talk to...ohooo....the Nature Boy...ohooooo!

Angle: I can be a nature boy as well I’ll have you know!

Flair then puts his arm around Christy

Flair: But you gotta BEAT the man to BE the man Kurt!

Angle: Oh I can beat the man alright! I’ll make you tap in seconds!

Flair: Hold on Christy.

Flair moves away from Christy and then moves in the face of Kurt Angle.

Flair: You may be able to make a list of dozens tap out to the ankle lock but I...ME...the dirtiest player in the game! Has made millions tap out to the figure-4-leg lock!

Angle: Oh is that so? Well I was able to win a Gold Medal at the Olympics! What have you done? Hmm? You’ve lost the World Title 16 different times! You’ve lost so many matches you are a looser Flair!

Flair: It doesn’t matter if I am a looser Kurt because when I was your age my career spoke for itself. I had championships all around me! I had women hanging off of every arm Kurt! And I still do! So next time you want to call me...the Nature Boy...the wheeler dealer a looser....look in the mirror first!

Ric goes to walk away but then looks back and says;

Flair: Woooooooooo!

Kurt Angle jumps back as we fade to black.

Commercial Break

We come back and are thrown straight into a match.

Match 2
Daivari & Juventud V Tajiri & Paul London

A rapid match with all 4 men getting the advantage with each other at some point. Daivari tried to use the steel pipe on Tajiri but he got green misted in the face. London tried to connect the 450 splash on Juventud but he rolled out of the way only to be met by the buzsaw kick. Tajiri nearly picked up the win but Daivari broke the cover. London hit the 450 splash on Juventud but London wasn’t the legal man. Tajiri and Daivari hit each other in the head with kicks and London was the only man up so he went to the top and hit the 450 splash on Daivari but Juventud clotheslined London and himself over the top rope where Daivari got a roll up on Tajiri and held the ropes for the victory.

Winners: Daivari and Juventud by Pinfall

JR: My god and he cheats again! Will he ever stop cheating? This is awful we have a Cruiserweight Champion who cheats to win. Can he do nothing without cheating?

The King: He wasn’t cheating JR he was getting friendly with the ropes.

JR: Friendly with the ropes my hat. Anyway ladies and gentlemen as we said earlier before the commercial break that Edge and Matt Hardy would engage in a Street Fight later on. Here is how this feud came about.

The King: And it’s a long one I’ll tell you that.

A video package plays highlighting the feud between Edge and Hardy.
Eric Bischoff telling Edge that he had to wrestle his mystery opponent at Summerslam.
Edge being jumped by the mystery opponent and being kidnapped by him.
Edge being beat down by the mystery opponent and then being hit with his own briefcase.
Summerslam; Edge and Lita waiting for the opponent and then Matt Hardy coming out.
A recap on the Summerslam match.
Edge and Matt talking last week and then brawling after their match.

We come back and Carlito’s Cabana is set up.

*I spit in the face* plays and Carlito comes out to a good pop. Lillian introduces him as the Intercontinental Champion and Carlito gets in the ring.

Carlito: Ladies and gentlemen I am so pleased to announce that you have the honour...No...the privilege of watching Carltio’s Cabana tonight because I have a very special guest tonight. It is the man who is infamous for screwing people over like...the Big Show and Bret Hart.

A “We Want Bret!” chant starts going throughout the arena.

Carlito: I am talking about the man. The Icon and the Main Event...and he also calls himself a ton of names that no one remembers but here he is The Heartbreak Kid....Shawn Michaels!

The crowd boo as *Sexy Boy* played throughout the arena and Shawn came down the entrance ramp to Carlito’s Cabana. Shawn didn’t come alone as Sting is right behind him carrying a bag. Shawn gets in the ring and is handed a microphone.

Shawn: Wow! This is LA.

The crowd pop

Shawn: Wow! This is where Wrestlemania was!

The crowd pop

Shawn: Wow! This place is such a dump!

The Crowd boo

Shawn: This is the place that made me loose at Wrestlemania! You see it wasn’t me that night....it was the fans and it’s all your fault. See that nigh I lost to Kurt Angle-

A “You Tapped Out!” Chant starts by the fans

Shawn: Yeah! I tapped out Whoopdy Doo! I tapped out at Wrestlemania but I managed to get Kurt on the rebound!

The crowd boo

Shawn: Now as I was saying-

Carlito: Shawn I think I might just have to interrupt you there for a minute. You were lucky at Wrestlemania 21 you only tapped out. I got spit in the face with a....an....apple, I was Stone Cold Stunnered! Consider yourself lucky.

Shawn: Carlito I do consider myself lucky that I don’t have to wake up every morning to THAT hairdo. I mean when was that in fashion...WAS that ever in fashion?

Carlito: Hey, hey, hey I don’t make fun about your lack of hair now do I?

Shawn: I don’t have a lack of hair actually. Sting...get me the stuff.

Sting goes into the bag he’s got and pulls out a Hawaiian Shirt that says “Carlito Sucks!” Shawn is then handed an oversized grey afro wig by Sting and he fits that on.

Shawn: See Car-loser! I have hair now. Oh Wait! Wait! Wait!

Shawn gets something out of the bag this time and it’s a red apple.

Shawn: See Carlito your Cabana isn’t that cool? I mean it’s not cool anyways but having it in LA doesn’t help.

Crowd give heat

Carlito: You see Shawn I have had enough now. You take cheap shots at the fans, you take cheap shots at this great city!

Crowd Cheer

Carlito: You take cheap shots at MY Cabana! You take cheap shots at ME! But there is one thing I can’t stand! Where I come from it’s punishable by death! It’s so bad so wrong that I will not stand for this! Shawn I am telling you not to ever, EVER AGAIN, take cheap shots at my afro!

The crowd laugh a little when Shawn gets his apple

Shawn: You know don’t you?

Carlito: Know what?

Shawn takes a bite out of his apple

Shawn: What I am going to do with my apple?

Carlito: Hold on there!

Suddenly Shawn spits his apple in the face of Carlito. Shawn and Sting begin an assault on him and then AJ Styles comes out who also beats on Carlito. Shawn then got a red spray can and sprayed “Loser” on the back of Carlito. *My Time Is Now!* Hit the arena and the fans went wild as John Cena raced down the entrance ramp to the aid of Carlito. Cena got the advantage at first being able to knock down all three men but it didn’t work out in the end as AJ gave Cena a low blow and Michaels then got the superkick on him. AJ and Sting held a groggy Cena up before Shawn got a microphone.

Shawn: Come Unforgiven boy you are going to WISH you were dead! Our title match is going to be one the most brutal title matches in the whole of the WWE Title history. Once you come face to face with Sweet Chin Music I’ll will knock you out and take your WWE Title.

Shawn, who by now had taken off the funny gimmick clothes, held up John Cena’s WWE Title.

Shawn: I am a 4 time WWE Champion son! If you step in the ring with me I will kick your head off of your shoulders!

Shawn then slapped Cena and Sting and AJ let him fall to the floor. Shawn bent over Cena as he received lots of heat.

Shawn: You’ve been warned John! At Unforgiven Sweet Chin Music will break your neck!

*Heartbreak kid* played again as Shawn, Sting and AJ received the largest heat of the night. All 3 men headed to the back together with Shawn Michaels taunting the crowd.

Commercial Break

JR: Welcome back folks and well if you have just tuned in you missed a heck of a show before the break. Carlito had a very special guest tonight and that was Shawn Michaels. After the two traded insults Shawn spit in the face of Carlito and then there was a beat down with AJ Styles coming out who still hasn’t received a reply for the Intercontinental Title match at Unfrogiven. The WWE Champion John Cena then came out and all 3 men triple teamed Cena.

The King: JR I just can’t believe how out of control RAW has gotten over the past 2 weeks! It’s amazing! We are just two weeks off of Summerslam and we have new Co-General Managers!

JR: Shane McMahon and Eric Bischoff!

The King: 3 matches made for Unforgiven!

*No Chance* plays and the crowd popped for Vince McMahon who came out and did his Vince walk to the ring. Vince got in and grabbed a microphone.

Vince: Now most of you know by now that I am the owner of this company. The WWE!

Crowd pop

Vince: Because I am the owner I have noticed a small decrease in rating lately and suddenly on the spur of the moment I have a great announcement for all of you fans.

Crowd pop

Vince: This will please every single fan in this arena!

Crowd pop

Vince: This will please every single fan watching at home!

Crowd pop

Vince: And hell if it doesn’t please a nobody I bump into in the street I will force them to be pleased!

Crowd pop

Vince: I am encouraging every single WWE Superstar and Contractee to have a rating war with the opposite brand!

Crowd go nuts

Vince: Now I am not saying attack the opposite brand to injure or cripple them!

Crowd boo

Vince: I am saying that the RAW superstars should be putting on the match of their careers every night and so should Smackdown!

Crowd pop

Vince: Since RAW needs a ratings boost the most! I am giving it special permission to host an over 3 hour event 3 weeks after Unforgiven! Which will be held right here in Los Angeles California!

Crowd pop

Vince: Oh and one more thing, the winners of the ratings war will not be the only be named as the superior brand in sports entertainment but they will receive more places in the Royal Rumble! I mean it’s not fair that the loosing brand should headline Wrestlemania 22!

The crowd cheer as Mr. McMahon exits

JR: What an announcement by Mr. McMahon! It will be Smackdown Vs RAW in a ratings War!

The King: I hope RAW wins JR and headlines Wrestlemania 22 but I’m not sure I think Smackdown! Might win the women’s division!

JR: Well King I have a good feeling that RAW could win and headline Wrestlemania for the 3rd year in a row!

The King: We’ll see JR but I don’t know who has a stronger champion RAW or Smackdown!?

JR: Well I am sure we will all cross that bridge when it comes but up next is the second match where if Chris Harris wins America’s Most Wanted will get their titles shots at Unforgiven!

The King: Well I hope they win because that will be one heck of a battle.

Match 3
Rob Van Dam V Chris Harris

Chris Harris entered first, alone and got lots of heat from earlier but he continued to walk. Rob Van Dam entered and came racing down to the ring. Harris fled around the ring before finding refuge in it. Both men got points of advantage in the match but Rob Van Dam was the most dominant by pulling off his signature moves like rolling thunder, a monkey flip and others. When Rob went for the 5-Star Frog Splash James Storm came down to the ring and hit RVD with a 2 by 4 wrapped in barbed wire. Rob Van Dam fell off of the apron with a bloody face while Harris distracted the referee. Harris then made the cover.

Winner: Chris Harris by Pinfall

The King: They did it! They finally did it! America’s Most Wanted have gotten their match to face Rob Van Dam and Sabu for the World Tag Team Titles at Unforgiven!

JR: They may have won the match King but they had to cheat which isn’t right in my book!

The King: There is no such thing as cheating unless the referee sees it!

JR: So I suppose there is no such thing as adultery unless your wife finds out?

The King: What’s that supposed to mean.

JR: Ladies and gentlemen The Coach is standing by with John Cena.

We cut backstage and see John Cena holding his WWE title to a large pop. Cena has the look of determination on his face.

Coach: John Cena as you already know you are facing Shawn Michaels for the WWE title at Unforgiven. Your thoughts?

Cena: My thoughts? My Thoughts huh? Well I think that Shawn Michaels you may well be able to put on the greatest sports entertainment wrestling spectacle ever but the fact of the matter is you are a coward. You have to get guys who can beat you in an instant and turn them on me.

Coach: Actually John he didn’t turn them on you. You tried to bet he big man and make the save.

Cena: Are you trying to contradict me? Yes I can use a long word Coach! Just cus’ I’m a rapper don’t mean I can’t use long words so why don’t you get the heck outta here!

John stanches the microphone out of Coach’s hands and then looks straight into the camera.

Cena: Michaels at Unforgiven you better pray to whoever the hell you pray to because what I am going to do to you at Unforgiven is only the start because you pissed me off Shawn so whichever way it goes still WWE Champion or New WWE Champion I am still coming for your ASS! Because the Champ!.....Is Here!

Commercial Break

We come back and see Kurt Angle standing in the ring with a microphone. He has a bad look on his face.

Angle: Wow...LA!

Crowd pop

Angle: Los Angeles!

Crowd pop

Angle: This place sucks!

Crowd boo

Angle: Now the real reason why I am out here is not to complain about not being the rightful number 1# contender or to say how many times I can screw a man and be proud of it.

Crowd laugh

Angle: I am out here for one reason only and that is to say that....Ric Flair!

Crowd Wooooooo

Angle: The Nature boy!

Crowd Wooooooo

Angle: the 16 time World Champion!

Crowd Wooooooo

Angle: He sucks!

Crowd give heat

Angle: It’s True! It’s True! You see earlier Ric Flair “Wooooooed” in my face and that wasn’t right. Nobody Woooos in Kurt Angle’s face!

*Wooooooo!* plays and Ric Flair comes out to a huge pop from the crowd. Flair walks down the ramp and got into the ring where he got a microphone.

Flair: Wooooooooooooooooo!

Crowd pop and Wooooooo back

Flair: You know Kurt Angle to be the man you have to beat the man and I am the man and I know you cannot beat me in a Woooooooing contest!

Angle: I am an Olympic Gold Medallist! I think that I, Kurt Angle, a former 4 time WWE Champion should be able to beat you in a Wooooooooing contest!

Ric Flair then went face to face, nose to nose with Angle

Flair: Oh really? Wooooooooooo!

Angle: Yeah I can! Woooooooooooooo!

Flair: Woooooooooooooooooooo!

Angle: Woooooooooooo! Woooooooooooooooooooo!

Flair: Woooo! Woooo! Woooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Angle: Stop this! Stop this right now!

Flair: Kurt you can’t beat me in a Wooooing contest!

Angle: Let’s put that to the theory next week shall we?

Flair: Ok Kurt but I already made the arrangements! Next week it will be Kurt Angle facing Ric Flair in a Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-Down!

*Wooooooo!* plays and Ric Flair exits as we go to the commentators table

JR: Well that challenge has been made and accepted! Next week it will be Kurt Angle Vs Ric Flair in a Wooooooo-Down!

The King: We will finally find out who is the master of the “Wooooooo!”

JR: You got that right King! But at the special request of one half of the World Tag Team Champions Sabu has requested a match against Chris Harris. Will he accept? Find out on RAW next week.

The King: That’s enough about next week JR let’s get onto the next Pay-Per-View....Unforgiven and it’s a RAW only and we have 3 matches announced already!

JR: That’s right King we found out tonight that Rob Van Dam and Sabu would have to defend their World Tag Team Titles against America’s Most Wanted when Chris Harris and James Storm beat both Rob Van Dam and Sabu in singles matches.

The King: Also Carlito will be facing AJ Styles except Carlito hasn’t said anything about the challenge AJ set and that was to put Carlito’s Intercontinental Championship on the line. We will find out more about that next week.

JR: How do you like your General Manager’s ladies and gentlemen because at Unforgiven there will be a special match to decide who the ultimate General Manager is when-

The King: The great Shane McMahon steps into the ring with the lowly Eric Bischoff.

JR: Moving onto the main event we have a hell of a match when the WWE Champion defends his title against the number 1# contender Shawn Michaels.

The King: And you forgot the stipulation JR no one is allowed at ringside except Paul Heyman.

JR: That is right King but now let’s move onto tonight’s main event where Edge will meet Matt Hardy in a street fight!

Match 4
Street Fight
Matt Hardy V Edge w/ Lita

The match began with both parties entering and Edge and Hardy brawled with neither man getting an advantage. Edge eventually got the upper hand when he Irish whipped Matt into the steel steps. Edge was able to control Matt hardy for a while by bashing him into the ring bell and then hitting an Educution through the announce table. Edge pulled out weapons from under the mat and threw them into the ring but Matt was able to grab a chair and it bounced off of the skull of Edge. Matt then delivered a Twist of Fate onto the chair but couldn’t put Edge away. Matt went to the outside and pulled a ladder out where he set it up and started to climb it but Edge got up and did the same. Both men brawled on top of the ladder until Lita got in the ring and hit Matt with the briefcase knocking him down. The match went back and forth with both men hitting each other with brutal weapons and attacks. At the end of the match both men were wearing Crimson masks and they were atop the ladder when Edge hit an Educution off of the ladder onto the steel steps. Edge then pinned.

Winner: Edge by Pinfall

As the EMT’s rushed down to the ring the King and JR only said as few words looking at the carnage that lay before them in the ring.


Monday Night RAW
Lake Charles, LA

A video package plays highlighting the RAW events of Summerslam and the effect they had on last weeks RAW.

The Raw video package plays and the pyros go off.

JR: Ladies and gentlemen we are in Lake Charles tonight and what a night it is going to be!

The King: JR you are so right because tonight we have a special challenge match between Ric Flair and Kurt Angle! It’s going to be a Wooooo-Down!

JR: We also have one half of the World Tag Team Champions, Sabu, taking on one of the number one contender’s, Chris Harris from America’s Most Wanted!

*Heartbreak Kid* plays and Shawn Michaels came out to lots of heat. Shawn Michaels came out alone as his pyros went off he then got in the ring.

Shawn: Wow! The Heartbreak Kid is in Los Angeles once again!

Crowd pop

Shawn: And once again this city sucks!

Crowd give heat

Shawn: Now the real reason I am out here is to address what John Cena said last week. Roll the footage!

*Cena: Michaels at Unforgiven you better pray to whoever the hell you pray to because what I am going to do to you at Unforgiven is only the start because you pissed me off Shawn so whichever way it goes still WWE Champion or New WWE Champion I am still coming for your ASS! Because the Champ!.....Is Here!*

Shawn: Now Cena I know you’re in the back and I just wanna say that the champ isn’t there. He’s in this very ring and after Unforgiven I will be the WWE Champion and there is nothing you can do about it Cena! Nothing at all because I have my manager in my corner and you have what...the people? When did listening to the people get you anywhere...especially these LA fans!

Crowd boo

Shawn: Also I have to say one thing Cena. You are a squash!

Crowd boo

Shawn: Oh what you guys don’t believe me? Let’s look at Cena’s track record shall we? Okay now we have John Cena defeated “The Wrestling God!” the man who can put an entire crowd to sleep without even coming out! He only has to play his music and that’s it, we’re all in la la land!

The crowd laugh a little

Shawn: Well okay John I’ll give you credit! You defeated the most boring man alive! I’ll give you credit!

Crowd laugh

Shawn: Okay I’ll give you credit! At Vengeance you did manage to defeat Chris Jericho and Christian in a triple threat match! No big deal I could defeat both of them with my eyes closed!

Crowd boo

Shawn: Then you defeated Chris Jericho at Summerslam? Wow what an accomplishment I beat him in a classic match at the grandest stage of them all! Wrestlemania! Oh and I am glad that this year’s Wrestlemania is not going to be hosted here again!

Crowd boo

Shawn: Now Cena let’s look at my track record of when I was WWE Champion. Okay I have defeated, WITHOUT screwing them I’ll have you know, Diesel, Vader, The British Bulldog, Mankind, Psycho Sid, The Undertaker and Bret Hart!

Crowd boo

Shawn: What? I did beat the guy at Wrestlemania in a clean match! I can beat people without screwing them you know! And Bret...well he sucked!

Crowd boo

Shawn: Bret Hart is the worst wrestler to step in this very ring!

The crowd boo and start a “We Want Bret!” chant

Shawn: You can chant “We want Bret” all you want but the fact of the matter is that he isn’t coming until he gets an apology from me! Bret Hart is the scummiest piece of trash-

*Hart Music* begins to play and the crowd roar upon hearing Bret Hart’s music. Shawn looks stunned. He tries to run but falls over his legs and is tossing and turning in the middle of the ring. Bret Hart then comes out dressed in his usual attire but he seems to have lost 80 pounds and now has 90 year old looking wrinkles.

JR: That’s not Bret Hart! That’s someone dressed up as him! Come on we don’t need this!

The fake Bret Hart walks to the ring and takes his glasses and jacket off. Shawn then hands him a microphone. Bret seems to have shrunk as well.

Shawn: Bret I don’t know why you are out here but I am not apologising!

Bret: I don’t expect you to apologise! I am here to apologise to you Shawn. After all those things I’ve said about you over the years.

Shawn: Oh it’s okay little guy I am glad you feel better now that you have got that off of your chest.

Bret: That’s good Shawn but I’ve got a present for you.

The crowd boos at the disgusting display when Bret hands Shawn a Canadian flag.

Shawn: For me?!

Bret: Yes.

Shawn: This is the greatest present anyone has ever got me. Although I must war n you. I have this terrible cold at the moment and I can sneeze at any point!

Suddenly Shawn sneezes on the flag and then wipes his nose on it. Shawn then coughs onto the flag and drops it on the floor and stomps on it.

Bret: What do you think you are doing that’s my home flag.

Shawn then suddenly superkicks Bret in the face knocking him out.

Shawn: John Cena at Unforgiven I will do what I did to Bret Hart at Wrestlemania...I kicked his head off of his shoulders....and then I stole his WWE title. So you better what out Cena because The Heartbreak Kid.....Is here!

Commercial Break

We come back to the announce table.

JR: Ladies and gentlemen I am sorry if you were with us before the commercial break and I apologise on behalf of the WWE if you were offended by any of Shawn Michaels’ comments before the break. Due to the nature of what Shawn Michaels said we will not be permitted to show it. However the night is young King what else is on the card tonight.

The King: Well JR we have some really exciting matches because I have just been informed by the General Manager-

JR: Which one?

The King: What?

JR: Which General Manager? We have two now?

The King: Oh right, Shane McMahon has just informed me that Christy Hemme will be the referee for the Wooooo-Down! Tonight between Kurt Angle and Ric Flair.

JR: Well actually King she won’t be the referee....She’ll be the Woooo-Fere!

The King: Ha ha very funny JR! You can crack a joke! Now let’s get on with tonight!

Match 1
Number 1# Contender for the Cruiserweight Title
Tajiri V Juventud Guerrera w/ Daivari

Tajiri entered as the crowd favourite and Juventud entered to a tonne of heat with Daivari coming out with him. This wasn’t the best cruiserweight match and Tajiri and Juvi tried to keep it as fast as possible but their styles clashed and quite a few mistakes were made. In the end Daivari tried to interfere but got a face full of green mist and Juvi tried to roll Tajiri up but he rolled through and hit the buzzsaw kick.

Winner: Tajiri, the new Number 1# Contender for the Cruiserweight Title via Pinfall

JR: Finally Tajiri wins one! After having victory after victory stole from him over the past few weeks Daivari got his comeuppance and now has to face Tajiri and defend his own Cruiserweight title.

The King: I bet that won’t sit well with Daivari.

JR: It surely won’t King but what about later tonight!?! The General Managers have just decided on a main event. Sting V the Big Show and the Big Show is out for revenge after Sting cost Big Show a WWE title shot at Summerslam.

A video package plays showing the events of Shawn Michaels V Big Show at Summerslam and Sting using his baseball bat to help Michaels win.

We cut backstage and see Matt Hardy facing Edge. Both men look battered after their confrontation last week.

Edge: Wow Matt...You can actually wake up after what I did to you last week huh?

Matt: Oh I can get up alright....because I WILL NOT die!

Edge: That’s cute y’know...you don’t want to die because you actually think there is a chance of you getting Lita back.

Matt: Trust me Edge; I don’t want a whore as a friend anymore.

Edge: Oh I think you were a little more than friends Matt.

Matt: You think a lot of things Edge and most of the time....you’re wrong.

Edge: Oh? What about the prediction I made on Byte This! the other week when I officially told the whole world that I was going to kick your ass in a street fight.

Matt: Edge you can do all of the ass kicking you want in the world but the fact is...I OWN you!

Edge looks very pissed off and suddenly both men start throwing right and left hands at each other. Security quickly steps in and separates the two men as both General Managers come to the scene.

Eric: What the hell is going on here!?!

Shane: Isn’t that a little obvious Eric?

Eric: Shut up Shane and let a real General Manager deal with this. At Unforgiven it will be Matt Hardy V Edge!

Shane: In a last man standing match!

Eric: Don’t make a match without my approval!

Shane: I’m am Co-GM Eric!

Suddenly Eric and Shane start to brawl and as security try to separate them Edge and hardy go at it again and everything ends up in a large mess.

We cut back to the ring and see Carltio’s Cabana set up.

*I spit in the face* plays as Carlito’s comes out to a decent pop with the Intercontinental Title. Carlito already has a microphone as he gets in the ring.

Carlito: Now before I introduce my guest tonight I have an announcement to make.

Crowd pop

Carlito: Two weeks ago on RAW I was challenged by someone who will remain nameless. Let’s call him Mr. Uncool. So I was booked in a match with Mr. Uncool for a match at Unforgiven and then Mr. Uncool has the audacity to beat me down and challenge me for MY Intercontinental title...well...Dat’s not cool!

Crowd pop

Carlito: Now Mr. Uncool I am here to answer your challenge and I have two words for you....I accept...oh and I have another two words....Dat’s cool!

The crowd laugh as Carlito continues

Carlito: Now my guest tonight in the one and only WWE Champion...John Cena!

*My Time is Now* plays as the crowd goes wild and John Cena comes to the ring.

Carlito: John! I’m glad to have you on my show and my first question to you is how do you feel about what Shawn Michaels said earlier?

Cena: Oh what that I’m supposed to be a squash? Or is it that I am going to loose the WWE title to him? Well I have a massage for good ol’ HBK and that is the Champ is here! And Shawn you better pray to a god or somethin’ betta help your ass because at Unforgiven I am coming for your life!

We fade to black and cut to a commercial

Commercial Break

We come back and are thrown straight into a match. The commentators talk about everything that happened just before the break.

Match 2
Sabu V Chris Harris

Both men enter with Sabu being the major favourite of the two. The tag champion works on Harris for a good 15 minutes of the match by using different submission techniques and painful moves. Harris eventually had to escape he ring at one point to avoid tapping out to a painful submission move. In the middle of the match Harris managed to knock out the referee and then hit a low blow on Sabu. Harris went to the outside and got the steel chair wrapped in barbed wire. Harris tried to hit it off of the skull of Sabu but Sabu countered and Harris hit himself in the face by the chair bouncing off of the ropes. Sabu got the cover and win.

Winner: Sabu via Pinfall

Suddenly from the crowd James Storm jumped the barrier and broke a 2 x 4 over the head of Sabu who didn’t look hurt and just turned around on Storm with evil eyes. Sabu clotheslined Storm down but Harris had picked up the chair and hit it across the head of Sabu busting him open like Harris had done to himself earlier. America’s Most Wanted high tailed it up the stage but a camera man stayed with them as the fled through the back when suddenly Storm got a trash can shoved in his face and then Harris was thrown a chair and Rob Van Dam hit a Vandaminator.

Crowd pop upon seeing Rob Van Dam

Storm gets up and has the trash can but RVD kicks him in the stomach and then hits a scissors kick on the trash can. Rob Van Dam then hits a succession of spin kicks on both men before he gets a 2 x 4 wrapped in barbed wire and hits across the back of Storm when suddenly security comes and breaks everyone up.

Commercial break

We come back to the commentators table and see JR and The King.

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen we are truly sorry for what just happened and the visual images you just saw.

The King: Even I have to admit that this situation is getting way out of hand and needs to be sorted out...

JR: And soon otherwise these guys will end up tearing each other apart. A man could die from one of those chairs wrapped in barbed wire. Again ladies and gentlemen I am apologising for what has just happened and we all hope that this hasn’t affected you in a bad way. Now on with the show.

Match 3
Abyss & Mordecai V ??? & ???

Abyss and Mordecai enter together as usual but it seems that they are having some personal issues and keep on pushing each other when Rhyno’s music hits. Rhyno gets half way down the ramp to a decent pop when he points to the entrance and Raven comes out to one of the biggest pops of the night.

JR: OH MY GOD KING! It’s Rhyno and Raven! Two old tag partners I can’t wait to see them in action!

The King: My god not two more ECW loony tunes.

JR: I have the utmost respect for all members of the ECW roster. They put their bodies through hell for the fans-

The King: For Fun JR! They do it for fun!

The match starts and the ECW veterans gain the control and keep it throughout the beginning however Abyss and Mordecai cheat to gain the advantage but still have problems with both men making blind tags and arguing. They work on Rhyno like they did to Sabu at Summerslam and eventually Abyss and Mordecai start to argue and push each other when Rhyno gets the tag to Raven which gets quite a good pop. Raven battles both men and knocks them down and eventually it becomes a tornado tag when Raven hits the Raven Effect onto Abyss and then Rhyno hits the Gore on Mordecai which allows Raven to cover and pick up the win.

Winners: Rhyno and raven via Pinfall

WWE 24/7 advert

We come back and view the announce table once again.

JR: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Monday Night RAW and we are about to have the very first ever Woooo-Down here on RAW.

The King: That’s right JR and I can’t wait until Kurt Angle kicks Ric Flair’s Woooo-hind at a Woooooing contest.

We take a look at the ring and we have a referee with his normal clothes on but he has Woooooooooo! Spray painted on his shirt. There is also a Woooo-O-Meter.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen the next contest is a Woooo-Down and here are the rules. The man who gets Woo-Rrific is the winner in the case of both men getting a Woo-Rrific the contest will be a draw. Both men have two tries at this contest.

*Olympic Hero* plays and Kurt Angle enters to the usual “You Sucks!” that follow his entrance. Kurt Angle gets in the ring in his attire and spins around on one foot and he then waits for Ric Flair.

*Woooooooooo!* plays and Ric Flair comes out to a decent pop and gets in the ring ready for Wooooing.

Referee: Kurt Angle won the coin toss earlier so he gets to decide who gets to go first. Kurt?

Angle: I’ll go first. And Ric...I’ll Woooo your house down!

Angle steps up to the microphone and wooooooo’s which gets a Woooo-Tastic on the Woooo-O-Meter. It’s then Ric Flair’s turn and when he does it he gets a Woooo-Tastic as well. Ric is irate and throws his jacket off in frustration as Kurt Angle smiles. Angle Woooo’s into the microphone which gets a Woo-Rrific which makes Flair angrier.

Angle: Beat that...pops!

Flair Woo’s into the microphone and gets a Woo-Rrific but he keeps on Wooooing which infuriates Angle who starts to Wooooo back and suddenly Angle and Flair are nose to nose Wooooing each other down when *I’m Back* plays and Eric Bischoff comes out.

Eric: Ladies, ladies, ladies.

The crowd laugh

Eric: Now I know I might not win at Unforgiven two weeks from now but I know that I am still Co-General Manager of this brand so at Unforgiven at the same Pay-Per-View I will compete to keep my title we will see two future Hall of Famers lock up and it will be the Nature Boy Ric Flair facing the Olympic Hero....Kurt Angle!

The crowd pop as *I’m Back* plays again and Eric exits leaving Flair and Angle in the ring.

Commercial Break

We come back where we go straight into a match and JR and The King show quick clips of what happened before the break and that no one won the Woooo-Down!

Match 4
AJ Styles V Rene Dupree

Both men start out well with Rene being the face and AJ being the heel and getting booed at mostly everything he does. Suddenly from out of nowhere Carlito came out and hit AJ Styles with a vicious forearm and then beat down AJ. Carlito got his apple and spit it in the face of AJ. Carlito then got a microphone.

Carlito: Well I bet you are all wondering why I did that and the reason is....well AJ kept on interrupting my matches and beating down on me and...that wasn’t cool but now I have come out and beat down on him.......Das Cool!

Carlito took another bite out of his apple and spit in the face of AJ again.

We cut backstage and see America’s Most Wanted in the locker room washing the blood off of their faces when Shane walks in.

Harris: What about the proposal?

Shane: Oh the proposal well you’ve convince me!

Storm: Good! I don’t think we’re ready for Unforgiven yet.

Shane: You will be after next week and speaking of Unforgiven and our proposal your match for the World Tag Team Titles at Unforgiven will be an ECW rules match.

Storm and Harris smile to each other as Shane leaves the locker room.

We go back to the announce table.

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen what a development at Unforgiven it will be ECW rules but Unforgiven will be taking place in my hometown of Oklahoma City on September the 18th and I can’t wait for it.

The King: You’ve got that right JR and one match I am looking forward to will decide the official General Manager of RAW when Eric Bischoff takes on Shane McMahon and I can’t wait.

JR: The Intercontinental title will be on the line when Carlito defends against the brutal AJ Styles. This will surely be an epic encounter. It could be the match of the night.

The King: Kurt Angle will be taking on Ric Flair but this time it won’t be a Woooo-Down it will be an actual match and this will be one of the best technical matches in the history of wrestling.

JR: You have that right King and a match that was announced a few weeks ago now has a new stipulation. The World Tag Team Titles will be defended when the champions Rob Van Dam and Sabu take on America’s Most Wanted in a special ECW rules match. The only thing is it looked like Harris and Storm wanted the match like that.

The King: It sure did and another favourite match of mine on this Pay-Per-View is the Last Man Standing match between Edge and Matt Hardy. This situation all came about when Matt Hardy was out with a knee injury and Lita cheated on him with Edge! This is so juicy!

JR: And now this match has hatred beyond belief when John Cena defends his WWE title against the number one contender Shawn Michaels and the only man who is allowed at ringside is Paul Heyman!

The King: Well that’s a rundown of the card for Unforgiven and now onto our main event.

Main Event
Big Show w/ John Cena V Sting w/ Paul Heyman and Shawn Michaels

The match started and Big Show with Cena were the obvious favourites. The match started with Big Show taking control and beating on Sting for the first part of the match. Sting managed to get control with help from Heyman and Shawn and Shawn helped Sting cheat throughout the match when Cena speared him down Heyman tried to separate them but it didn’t work and it led to Sting getting a chair and hitting it across Big Show’s back which didn’t work and Big Show tossed Sting by the throat to the outside onto Cena, Michaels and Heyman. Michaels picked up the chair and busted Cena wide open. Eventually everything spilled into the ring and it led to both the Big Show and John Cena being knocked out on the floor but Big Show repeatedly tried to get up until Sting knocked him down with his baseball bat. Suddenly *I’m a Real American* played throughout the arena and every person got to their feet and cheered as Hogan came down the ramp pointing at Sting, Heyman and Michaels. Hogan got in and went straight for Sting who he knocked down with punches. Hogan quickly tossed Heyman out of the ring while Michaels hightailed it down the ramp and Big Show and Cena had quickly gone. Hogan bounced Sting off of the ropes and hit a big boot then a leg drop in the centre of the ring.
Hogan did his traditional poses over Sting as we fade to black.

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Sure will man and can everyone post their Unforgiven predictions please. If you do I will rep you and review your thread.

Unforgiven 18/09/2005
Oklahoma City

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) V Shawn Michaels w/ Paul Heyman

Hulk Hogan V Sting w/ Paul Heyman

Ric Flair V Kurt Angle

Last Man Standing Match
Matt Hardy V Edge w/ Lita

Winner will be the GM of RAW
Eric Bischoff V Shane McMahon

World Tag Team Titles
ECW Rules
Rob Van Dam & Sabu (c) V America's Most Wanted

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Carlito (c) V AJ Styles

Chopped Liver
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Glad you're re-starting again Shaqx

Predictions for Unforgiven:

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) V Shawn Michaels w/ Paul Heyman

Hulk Hogan V Sting w/ Paul Heyman

Ric Flair V Kurt Angle

Last Man Standing Match
Matt Hardy V Edge w/ Lita

Winner will be the GM of RAW
Eric Bischoff V Shane McMahon

World Tag Team Titles
ECW Rules
Rob Van Dam & Sabu (c) V America's Most Wanted

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Carlito (c) V AJ Styles

I also predict it will be better than Summer Slam!! :)

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Hey thanks for the predictions Wolfy. You got some wrong but i'm not telling yuo how many or what ones! Also Unforgiven is coming along very well. It will either be posted this Sunday or next because I have to do the RAW afterwards.

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I hate to post twice but here is a news report that most of you will find interesting.

News & Rumors-23rd September 2005

Where is Chris Jericho?

At present Chris Jericho is out touring with Fozzy. He wrestled his last WWE match at Summerslam when he lots to John Cena. Jericho had been asking for some time away from the ring for a while now and even though many sources claimed that Jericho was going to go and sign with TNA it looks like most of TNA’s stars signed with WWE so at the moment there is no competition. If Jericho was to sign a TNA deal he would have signed it already and would have announced it but Jericho has already signed an extended contract agreement until the WWE creative team can figure out what to do next with him. Expect Jericho to pop up on Smackdown! In the near future to combat against RAW in the “ratings war.”

Carlito/Styles-Backstage Heat

Recently some sources quoted that Carlito and AJ Styles have not been getting along with each other very well. This situation exploded backstage at a RAW house show the other night when AJ called Carlito a “suck up!” Carlito is known for being very into learning how to further his in-ring potential and how to enhance his performance and sources says that AJ looks down upon everyone in the locker room because WWE has given him the salary of a low-main eventer even though he is actually a mid-carder. Expect their match at Unforgiven to be a slow and rough match.

Wresltemania Location Changed?

There is speculation about where Wrestlemania 22 will take place. It was first announced at Wrestlemania 21 that Wrestlemania 22 would take place in the Windy City, Chicago but sources backstage seem to say that the location is likely to be changed and that it may take place in either Detroit Michigan or Pontiac Michigan. Another place where it is likely to be held is in Texas in the AstroDome or the Almodome.

Shawn Michaels-Big Push

At present the RAW creative team are currently trying to give Shawn Michaels a big push so that his name brings up memories of the Montreal incident and when he Superkicked Hogan. If Shawn Michaels is to loose at Unforgiven expect a rematch in the near future not for the title but a grudge match. WWE are trying to get in contact with Bret Hart for a possible feud leading up to Survivor Series where one man gets injured and then they would return and the feud would climax for Wrestlemania 22. However Bret is not returning any calls at the moment and is said to be in legal meeting with his lawyers trying to work out things before negotiations start about him returning. If this process takes too long then there will be no HBK/Hart feud and it is possible it will be HBK/Hogan for Wrestlemania.

Money in the Bank Match at WM22-BANK on it!

At a meeting today WWE creative workers confirmed that there will be a Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania 22 and it is mostly likely that this will be turned into an annual thing. The participants have not been named or even thought of at present but some names may be leaked coming up to Wrestlemania.

Superstars set to make returns!

The following superstars are set to make returns within the next 6-8 months;
Triple H
The Rock
Chris Jericho
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Muhammad Hassan
And others that are yet to be revealed

Most of these names are probably going to be showing up at Wrestlemania 22 just for promo purposes but we shall have to wait and see. Chris Jericho is out touring with his band Fozzy and is going to return to the ring soon so that will not come as a great shock.


Don't forget to post your predictions for Unforgiven;

Unforgiven 18/09/2005
Oklahoma City

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) V Shawn Michaels w/ Paul Heyman

Hulk Hogan V Sting w/ Paul Heyman

Ric Flair V Kurt Angle

Last Man Standing Match
Matt Hardy V Edge w/ Lita

Winner will be the GM of RAW
Eric Bischoff V Shane McMahon

World Tag Team Titles
ECW Rules
Rob Van Dam & Sabu (c) V America's Most Wanted

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Carlito (c) V AJ Styles

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Hopefully, you can make this more detailed than Summerslam and better than it

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) V Shawn Michaels w/ Paul Heyman

Hulk Hogan V Sting w/ Paul Heyman

Ric Flair V Kurt Angle

Last Man Standing Match
Matt Hardy V Edge w/ Lita

Winner will be the GM of RAW
Eric Bischoff V Shane McMahon

World Tag Team Titles
ECW Rules
Rob Van Dam & Sabu (c) V America's Most Wanted

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Carlito (c) V AJ Styles

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These are my predictions I'll be sure to read Unforgiven

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) V Shawn Michaels w/ Paul Heyman

Hulk Hogan V Sting w/ Paul Heyman

Ric Flair V Kurt Angle

Last Man Standing Match
Matt Hardy V Edge w/ Lita

Winner will be the GM of RAW
Eric Bischoff V Shane McMahon

World Tag Team Titles
ECW Rules
Rob Van Dam & Sabu (c) V America's Most Wanted

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Carlito (c) V AJ Styles

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WWE Championship
John Cena (c) V Shawn Michaels w/ Paul Heyman

Hulk Hogan V Sting w/ Paul Heyman

Ric Flair V Kurt Angle

Last Man Standing Match
Matt Hardy V Edge w/ Lita

Winner will be the GM of RAW
Eric Bischoff V Shane McMahon

World Tag Team Titles
ECW Rules
Rob Van Dam & Sabu (c) V America's Most Wanted

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Carlito (c) V AJ Styles

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Unforgiven 18/09/2005
Oklahoma City

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) V Shawn Michaels w/ Paul Heyman

Hulk Hogan V Sting w/ Paul Heyman

Ric Flair V Kurt Angle

Last Man Standing Match
Matt Hardy V Edge w/ Lita

Winner will be the GM of RAW
Eric Bischoff V Shane McMahon

World Tag Team Titles
ECW Rules
Rob Van Dam & Sabu (c) V America's Most Wanted

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Carlito (c) V AJ Styles

Looking forward to it. I don't agree with Wolfy, the card dosen't look to be at the level of Summerslam but it will be an exciting read none the less.

is better than you!
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WWE Championship
John Cena (c) V Shawn Michaels w/ Paul Heyman

Hulk Hogan V Sting w/ Paul Heyman

Ric Flair V Kurt Angle

Last Man Standing Match
Matt Hardy V Edge w/ Lita

Winner will be the GM of RAW
Eric Bischoff V Shane McMahon

World Tag Team Titles
ECW Rules
Rob Van Dam & Sabu (c) V America's Most Wanted

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Carlito (c) V AJ Styles

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Unforgiven Preview

They will be the ones who are UNFORGIVEN!

Soon the RAW superstars will be in Oklahoma City to host the first event of the Autumn Unforgiven. Just a month coming off of Summerslam, the hottest Pay-Per-View of the summer, Unforgiven is set to be one of the largest PPV’s in the whole of sports entertainment.
It will emanate from the Myraid Arena in what is set to rock the world. 7 Matches have been announced. 3 Titles will be on the line and vengeance will be sought because tonight...they are finally...UNFORGIVEN!

Intercontinental Championship
Carlito (c) V AJ Styles

A match that was made over 3 weeks ago. AJ Styles V Carlito. However for AJ, having a match with Carlito wasn’t enough. AJ wanted to hurt Carlito and take away his Intercontinental Championship. So AJ decided to beat down on Carlito in an Intercontinental title match between Carlito and Rene Dupree and AJ claimed that he deserved a title shot and not a Frenchman. The week after Carlito had a special guest on his Cabana; Shawn Michaels. Shawn began to insult Carlito and it eventually ended up in a fight where AJ would again come down to the ring and challenge Carlito to put his Intercontinental title on the line in Oklahoma. AJ was booked in a match with Rene Dupree but just as the match got started Carlito interfered and beat down on AJ and then spat an apple in the face of AJ. He then announced that their match at Unforgiven would be an Intercontinental title match.

Hulk Hogan V Sting with Paul Heyman

At Summerslam Sting and Paul Heyman helped Shawn Michaels defeat the Big Show to become the number 1# contender. However in the middle of the match the referee was knocked out and Sting, Shawn Michaels and Paul Heyman triple teamed The Big Show. Suddenly from out of nowhere Hulk Hogan comes and tries to get redemption for Shawn superkicking him on RAW weeks before. Sting managed to take out Hogan and let Shawn get the victory but weeks later on RAW there was a match between Big Show and Sting so Big Show could get some revenge. The same thing happened and all 3 men triple teamed Big Show but Hogan came out again but this time he came out to get Sting. John Cena also came out to take out Michaels and Hogan ended up delivering the leg drop to Sting. A match was made during the week and was announced on WWE.com.

Ultimate General Manager Match
Winner will become GM of RAW
Eric Bischoff V Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon became the temporary General Manager of RAW after getting men dressed in black, later revealed to be TNA superstars, that Shane “employed” to beat down anyone who got in his way. This included Eric Bischoff. Shane used these men to manoeuvre Shawn Michaels into the number 1# contender scene for the WWE Championship. Shawn Michaels became the number 1# contender at Summerslam with the help of Paul Heyman and Sting. After Summerslam Eric Bischoff returned and told Shane that he was the General Manager of RAW and that Shane must leave the arena. However Shane told Eric that no one had notified him that his temporary status had been removed so he then said to Eric that he must leave the arena. Soon after the Chairman Mr. McMahon came to the ring and announced that Shane and Eric were Go-General Managers and that they would battle it out at Unforgiven to determine the ultimate General Manager of RAW.

Last Man Standing Match
Matt Hardy V Edge with Lita

Some call this a battle for love. Some call this a battle for redemption and others call this a straight up fist fight. It all started a months before Summerslam. It was announced on the internet that Lita had cheated on Matt Hardy with his best friend; Adam Copland better known as Edge. Soon Lita started to accompany Edge to the ring and in the weeks leading up to Summerslam Edge was told by Eric Bischoff that he would have to face a mystery opponent at Summerslam. The mystery opponent showed up on RAW on many different occasions by kidnapping Edge, hitting him with his own briefcase, busting him open among other things. At Summerslam Edge and Lita were both in for a shock when they found out that the mystery opponent was Matt Hardy himself. Edge lost the match at Summerslam but he declared that he would get vengeance on Matt some day. The next night on RAW Edge would face Chris Jericho in a match which he won but after the match Edge came down and they both beat on each other viciously with weapons and various other objects. Edge was able to walk away this time. It was announced that night that the following week Edge and Matt would face each other in a vicious Street Fight. Edge was able to walk in and out of the Street Fight and managed to win after delivering an Educution off of a ladder and onto his Money in the Bank briefcase. Edge and Matt continued to brawl backstage for the following weeks and it was eventually made by the General Managers that both men would face each other at Unforgiven in a Last Man Standing match.

Ric Flair V Kurt Angle

This feud started off with both men meeting in the back and Christy Hemme sided with Ric Flair. Angle, who was angry that Flair could get a woman at his age, told Ric Flair that he is too old and should pass the torch to someone else. Later that evening Kurt Angle came out to the ring and started to bad mouth Ric Flair but Flair himself interrupted Angle and came down to the ring. Flair started to bad mouth Angle and do his traditional Woo’s but Kurt Angle said he couldn’t Woo as good as an Olympic gold medallist. So a match was made for the following week that Kurt Angle and Ric Flair would face each other in a Woo-Down! Neither man won the Woo-Down due to both men getting the same score. A vicious battle ensued and the Co-General Managers decided that Angle and Flair should settle their differences in a good old one on one match. So it was made for Unforgiven that Ric Flair will prove that old guys have still got it.

World Tag Team Championship
ECW Rules Match
Rob Van Dam & Sabu (c) V America’s Most Wanted

Old ECW tag team champions Rob Van Dam and Sabu were able to climb to the top of the WWE tag team mountain and become World Tag Team champions. After Shane’s masked men declared themselves TNA superstars America’s Most Wanted took part in a Tag Team Title match also involving the champions RVD and Sabu and The Holy Monsters, Abyss and Mordecai. Abyss and Mordecai were not on the same page and it was those two that led Rob Van Dam and Sabu to victory. AMW went to Shane McMahon and told him that it was unfair because they were about to win but Abyss interrupted the pinfall. They also stated that they were not involved in the pinfall so therefore they should get a title rematch. Shane, who was now temporary General Manager, said that if AMW could beat the champions in singles matches they would get their title match at Unforgiven. James Storm and Chris Harris won both of their matches the following week with the help of each other by using barbaric weapons such as 2 x 4 wrapped in barbed wire, etc. Shane gave AMW their title match but Sabu wanted Harris because he was the one that injured Rob Van Dam later that night. So the next week Sabu got his hands on Harris but James Storm interfered and helped his partner pick up the victory by using more barbaric weapons. Backstage however Rob Van Dam made a recovery from last week and when AMW went backstage RVD was waiting for them where he beat both of the down. AMW fled to their locker room. Later on in the evening Shane told AMW that they had gotten their wish and that they would be facing Rob Van Dam and Sabu for their World Tag Team Titles in an ECW rules match.

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) V Shawn Michaels with Paul Heyman

Shawn Michaels won a number 1# contender’s match at Summerslam which gave him the opportunity to face John Cena for the WWE Title at Unforgiven. The night after Summerslam the Co-General Managers booked a 6-man tag team match which involved Shawn Michaels, Sting and Kurt Angle on one side and John Cena, Big Show and Ric Flair on the other. Eventually all hell broke loose and Shane fled the ring leaving Sting to get the F-U and Cena’s team picked up the win. The following week both men had strong words for each other by telling the opponent that they were going to walk out of Unforgiven with the title around their waste. They met up numerous times in the locker room and mostly brawled until one week Shawn Michaels bad mouthed all of the men he had beaten over the ages. Shawn gave Bret Hart some strong words but Hart’s music played and Bret Hart came out except it was a man dressed up as him. Shawn told Bret to stop being a disgrace and Bret kept on saying sorry and gave Shawn a Canadian flag as a present. Shawn then sneezed on the flag and wiped his nose with it and then stomped on it and hit Bret Hart with Sweet Chin Music. Carlito’s Cabana with John Cena proved to be a mistake because Carlito was attacked by AJ Styles again and Shawn Michaels, Sting and Paul Heyman attacked Cena leaving him a bloody mess in the ring. The main event that evening was Sting V The Big Show and all hell broke loose with Hogan coming to the ring to help Hogan and John Cena came down to get some of Shawn Michaels/ Cena was able to get the F-U on Michaels and left him knocked out. Both men have said that no matter how the match goes, new WWE Champion or still WWE Champion they will both try and go and kill each other. This feud will not be over by a long shot.

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Unforgiven predictions. You always check out my thread. I dont really know what led into this card, but it looks pretty good. Here are my "shot in the dark" predictions.

Intercontinental Championship
Carlito (c) V AJ Styles

Hulk Hogan V Sting with Paul Heyman

Ultimate General Manager Match
Winner will become GM of RAW
Eric Bischoff V Shane McMahon

Last Man Standing Match
Matt Hardy V Edge with Lita

Ric Flair V Kurt Angle

World Tag Team Championship
ECW Rules Match
Rob Van Dam & Sabu (c) V America’s Most Wanted

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) V Shawn Michaels with Paul Heyman

Again, pretty good card. Good luck with it.

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Very good preview there, and it should be a great ppv

Intercontinental Championship
Carlito (c) V AJ Styles

Hulk Hogan V Sting with Paul Heyman

Ultimate General Manager Match
Winner will become GM of RAW
Eric Bischoff V Shane McMahon

Last Man Standing Match
Matt Hardy V Edge with Lita

Ric Flair V Kurt Angle

World Tag Team Championship
ECW Rules Match
Rob Van Dam & Sabu (c) V America’s Most Wanted

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) V Shawn Michaels with Paul Heyman
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