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Chapter 1
‘Team Angle renamed; Big Show suspended; The McMahon’s get one over Eric Bischoff!’

Smackdown opens live from Victoria, Texas ad D-X’s music hits and out comes the legendary group.

Triple H takes the mic and says that finally, D-Generation X had proved it was the best faction ever in WWE history. Trips claims to everyone that D-X would never be underestimated again. Trips then introduces the D-X former and leader, Shawn Michaels.

HBK’s music hits and out comes the D-X leader.

HBK starts off by saying that what he did at Unforgiven was something that he didn’t regret. HBK says that he was a very good friend to Kevin Nash and Scott Hall but he could not step into the ring against D-Generation X, the group that he formed. HBK adds that he wasn’t really willing to join with Scott Steiner, who he believed was the ‘black sheep’ of the nWo. Michaels says that as a result of him jumping to Smackdown, Co-Raw GM’s Stone Cold and Mick Foley had stripped HBK of his Co-World Tag Team Championship and handed it to Kevin Nash’s new tag team partner, Scott Hall. HBK wishes the two superstars good luck on Raw, and then suddenly HBK and HHH attack Road Dogg and Billy Gunn! HBK nails Billy Gunn with Sweet Chin Music as Triple H hits Road Dogg with a Pedigree. HBK then tells Billy and Road that he wanted D-X to be its old self, only him and Triple H! HBK and HHH stand tall and then leave the ring.

After a commercial, it is announced that the Main Event for that evening would be a Triple Threat Match between Undertaker, Chris Benoit and WWE Champion Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship.

2 Matches: Rey Mysterio def. Matt Hardy and Tajiri in a Triple Threat Match to retain the Cruiserweight Championship and Los Guerreros def. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon is in her office when Vince McMahon walks in. Stephanie looks at him with a disappointed look on her face. He asks her why she has the look on her face, and she tells him that she was expecting a win against Eric Bischoff at Unforgiven. Vince looks angrily, and says that he was expecting a win from her that evening against Torrie Wilson! Stephanie argues with Vince to reconsider, and says that she was his daughter. He says that if she wins, she can keep her job, but if she lost, Sable would be promoted from being the Smackdown GM’s personal assistant to being the Smackdown GM. Stephanie says she feels betrayed by her own father, and says that as Smackdown GM, she had a right to not only add a stipulation to her own match, but she had the right to put Vince in a match for appearing on her show! Vince says that he made those rules and in the interest of fairness he would follow them. Stephanie declares that her match would be a Handicap Match with a superstar as her partner. Vince says she can only pick a female, so Steph picks Nidia. Steph then decides to put her own father in another match against Eric Bischoff! Vince says that this time, Mick Foley wasn’t in the picture to help Bischoff and it would be a one on one match so there was no chance in hell of Bischoff beating Mr. McMahon again!

2 Matches: A-Train def. Nunzio; after the match Chuck & Johnny Stamboli run down and the FBI triple team A-Train until Val Venis & Test run down to even the odds. After throwing the FBI out of the ring, T & A & Venis trash talk with the FBI before Steph comes out and announces a 6-Man Tag Team Match for the Smackdown PPV, No Mercy and Billy Kidman def. Jamie Noble (who isn’t accompanied by Nidia because she’s getting for her match with Smackdown GM Stephanie McMahon against Sable); after this match, Stephanie tells Rey Mysterio backstage that there would be a rematch between Kidman and Noble at No Mercy, so she was adding him to the match as well with, of course, his WWE Cruiserweight Championship on the line. Rey accepts and leaves the GM’s office.

After a commercial, The Big Show’s music hits and out comes the big man.

Big Show comes out and complains that he was one of the best Smackdown wrestlers, and he wasn’t even put into the Main Event for that evening. Show says that he was fed up of being second best on the show so he demanded to be put into the Main Event that evening. Big Show waits for Steph to come out, but instead…

Mr. America’s music hits and out comes the American Idol.

Mr. America tells Show that he wasn’t in the Main Event that evening because he wasn’t good enough to be in those type of matches. America says that Show was big, but it didn’t mean just because of that he deserved a title shot.

Kurt Angle’s music hits and out comes the WWE Champion.

Kurt says that he didn’t care about Big Show, and says that Show was taking up a lot of space on Smackdown. Angle says that as the World Wrestling Entertainment Champion and as the top superstar on Smackdown, he could say who should and shouldn’t be on the show. Kurt announces that he had had a chat with Stephanie McMahon, and she had granted him his request to fire or suspend any unwanted and useless superstars on Smackdown to save the program! Kurt says that the Smackdown GM had understood that Kurt had been in WWE for so long and was one of the most experienced players if not the most experienced player in the game. The WWE Champion then calls himself “The Smackdown Firing and Suspending Manager” (the Smackdown F & S GM) and as the Smackdown F & S GM, he was officially suspending Big Show indefinitely! Show looks really mad, and goes to Chokeslam Angle but the WWE Champion gets out of it and hits an Angle Slam. Mr. America then hits his Running Leg Drop and rolls Show out of the ring! Angle then holds up Mr. America’s hand before announcing that “Team Angle” had a new name – “Team America”! Angle announces that he and Mr. America were the first members of the group and they would welcome another WWE superstar to the group the following week!

Match: Stephanie and Nidia def. Sable in a Handicap Match when Jamie Noble runs down on Nidia’s behalf and hits Sable with a Missile Dropkick right in the chin while Steph distracts the ref. Steph then pins Sable herself for the win before the Smackdown GM watches Nidia pounces on Sable. Suddenly, Torrie Wilson’s music hits and she comes out to help Sable. After the match, Vince announces a Women’s Tag Team Match for No Mercy - Stephanie & Nidia against Sable & Torrie Wilson in a Bra and Panties Match!

After the commercial, Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff head to the ring respectively for their match.

Match: During the match, Eric Bischoff is beating on Vince with his karate moves, etc. when Stephanie makes her way to the ring. Stephanie looks passionately at Bischoff, then just as they are about to kiss, she hits a low blow with her knee on Bischoff then slaps him to the ground! Vince then goes up top, and yes, hits his own Diving Elbow on Bischoff and pins him 1-2-3 for the win! As Steph and Vince hug…

The “Here comes the Money” music hits and out comes Shane O’Mac!

Shane gets in the ring and stares at Vince and Steph before helping Bischoff up to his feet. Suddenly, Shane cheap shots Bischoff back down again and smiles at his sister and father! Vince sends Shane to the outside to bring a table into the ring! Vince then gets revenge from Unforgiven by giving Bischoff a Diving Elbow through the table! The three McMahon’s then hold up their hands in union once more!

After a commercial, Chris Benoit, Undertaker and Kurt Angle w/Mr. America head to the ring for the WWE Championship Main Event Match.

Main Event: Kurt Angle w/Mr. America def. Undertaker and Chris Benoit in a Triple Threat Match when Mr. America nailed Undertaker with a Running Leg Drop (Benoit is down after getting a Last Ride) while Angle distracts the referee and then locks ‘Taker in the Angle Lock, forcing The Dead Man to submit. After the match, Stephanie comes out and books a WWE Championship match for the following week- Chris Benoit, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Rikishi, Nathan Jones and Kurt Angle in a 6-Man Elimination Match!
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