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Rosters are the same except Undertaker is full time. Starting with Velocity old style booking with just finishes and high spots.

Pyros explode in Richmond, Virginia as before Cole and Josh Matthews can introduce the show the FBI's music hits as Bull and Nunzio make their way down to the ring, they get some heat and then Dudley bombshell drops as the Dudeyz make their way out to the ring.

Dudleyz vs. FBI

The Dudleyz dominate Bull and toss him out of the ring. They stalk Nunzio into the corner and start double teaming him. With right hands they toss him into the ropes and Bubba back body drops him. D-Von then heads to the top rope but Bull pushes him off and then slams Bubba's throat into the ropes. Nunzio runs off the top rope with a jumping forearm. Bull comes in and they double team Bubba. They go to hit a flapjack but D-Von interupts the Dudleyz give right hands. D-Von and Bubba back to back spinebuster Bull and Nunzio. D-Von goes to attack Nunzio and they are the legal men. D-Von whips him into the ropes and tags Bubba, who splashes him into the corner and bulldogs him. Nunzio crawls and tags Bull who comes in and does a impressive spin wheel kick. Nunzio runs and punches Bubba but he ducks. D-Von comes in and clotheslines Nunzio. Bull clotheslines Bubba who ducks. D-Von kicks him and they 3D him. Nunzio gets tossed to the outside then Bubba makes the pin one, two, three.

Winners: Dudleyz

Shannon Moore vs. Paul London

Hey Yo hits and London gets a huge pop. London runs into the ring then Shannon Moore's music hits to some heat.

The two put an aerial match with Shannon hits a baseball slide and then gets back in the ring. He then vaults over with suicide senton. London moves and Moore crashes onto it. London climbs the top rope and hits a London Callng to the outside. London slides back in and wins by counout.

Winner: Paul London

Number One Contender for the Cruiserweight Title
Elimination Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Akio vs. Jamie Noble vs. Ultimo Dragon

In another aerial match the cruisers put on a back and forth battle. Akio climbs the top rope as he leaps off. Ultimo hits a spinning leg lariat and makes the pin. Elimination of Akio. Ultimo goes to attack Rey but Noble rolls him up from behind. One, two, three, Eliminating Ultimo Dragon. Noble sees Mysterio going for a West Coast Pop as he springboads Noble catches him and powerbombs him down. Noble goes for a brainbuster but Rey drops down and hits a basement kick to the knee then drops the dime one, two, three.

Winner and Number One Contender for the Cruiserweight Title: Rey Mysterio

Mysterio faces Chavo as Velocity goes off the air with Mysterio celebrating.

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Re: WWE SMaCKDOWN n velocity

Thanks for editing A-Dust. I went into the thread to edit and saw it done. Thanks, I will have Smackdown up if I get enough views and replies.

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Re: WWE SMaCKDOWN n velocity

I like the idea and I think it is a good show. I edited the post yes because I believed it needed editing. You could do with promos and angles to make the show better. Plus that isn't the old style of booking, it is a completly new style that I've never seen before. Old style booking is when you concentrate on the storylline instead of the matches.

Overall: 7/10.


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well then i ll use the completely new style of booking and there werent much promos and angles cuz it was velocity

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right now limit here it is

smackdown from la staples center the pyros explode and cole and tazz kick open the show

cole-ladies and gentlemen welcome to smackdown

tazz-tonight is gonna be an xtreme rocket buster

cole-yes you have cruiserweight action plus john cena defends the US title tonight against rene dupree

tazz-do you know what dupree would do if he won the title which has USA all over it

cole-i dont want to know i just hope cena kicks ass

viva la raza edde guerreros music hits to a huge pop as he comes out in BRADSHAWS CHAUFFEURED LIMO eddie speaks after paco hands him a microphone

eddie-orale vato locos


eddie-well jbl you said you want to beat me to a latino pulp well you come out to face me homes or i destroy your limo jbl doesnt come out and eddie smashes the car with a lead pipe

eddie-comon i heard of a great american but now it looks like we have a yellow american

jbls music hits as the crowd boo bradshaw is seen in the parking lot with eddies lowrider

jbl-eddie eddie now you just wrecked my expensive limo you latino punk so i am gonna wreck yours

eddie-i wouldnt open the doors if i were you

jbl-why eddie tit for tat

bradshaw opens the door and he sees vince mcmahon making out with sable

jbl-mr.mcmahon what are you doing in eddies lowrider

vince-this is my sons lowrider shane is in the arena


vince-and what the hell are you doing here one more mishap and your fired vince slams the door

eddie-hahahha u see homes dont say i didnt warn you eddies music hits as the crowd pop for him


tazz-shut the hell up cole sean o haire and chris kanyon are going to be in action for the first time against billy kidman and paul london

kanyon and o'haire dominate the match and o'haire finishes the match with the prophecy on kidman the two celebrate afterthe match then kanyon grabs london and hits him with the WHO BETTA THAN ME(inverted ddt)

cole-oh my god kanyon and o'haire dominate

tazz-they are gonna be a dominant force in smackdown

backstage kurt angle is with vince mcmahon

kurt-sir would you kindly tell me why you and shane are here in the arena

vince-kurt the ratings for your show is going down i have appointed shane new gm


vince-dont worry i ll give you a fair chance you pick 4 members shane picks 4 members elimination match at judgement day and sorry kurt you have to pick 3 members and shane has to pick 3 members because the two of you will be in the match crowd are crazy

cole-oh my tazz did you hear that

tazz-but kurt was a good gm

cole-save it tazz

booker ts music hits to some boos from the crowd and then big shows music hits to more boos and then charlie hass's music hits as he comes down to boos right then one a kid hits and rob van dam gets the biggest pop of the night as he walks halfway up the ramp hardcore hollys music hits to a low pop then billy gunns music hits to a good pop the 3 get in the ring and pair of rvd booker hass holly gunn show billy gunn and big show start legal while van dam gives booker some stiff kicks on the outside while hass is dominating holly with rights and lefts gunn gives show some right hands then hits a dropkick then goes off the ropes ad clotheslines show he falls of his feet and gunn tries to keep him down with stomps gunn tags rvd who climbs in and hits show with a springboad dropkick rvd goes for the rolling thunder but show puts his knees up and tags hass who comes in and clotheslines rob who ducks and hits a superkick van dam knocks booker off the apron and tags holly who comes in and floors hass with a running shoulder block holly whips hass off the ropes into a powerslam then heads to the top rope ad goes for a moonsault when big show grabs him and chokeslams him to the outside the match ends with hass and holly brawling outside and gunn and show knocked out booker does a roll up on rvd and gets the win for his team the heels beat down the faces and big show chokeslams van dam

cole-what a 6 man tag match

tazz-get some help for rvd

cole-anyways now the reflection of perfection mark jindarak

jindaraks music hits as he comes out to some heat and awaits his opponent spike dudleys music hits to a good pop as spike runs into the ring instead of attacking jindarak he goes for long and pounds on him much to the crowds delight jindarak dropkicks spike sending him over the rope jindarak goes outside and beats up on spike the match ends when spike goes for a dudley dog but jindarak turns into a backdrop chokeslam one two three jindarak and long celebrate long tells him to finish spike jindarak hits him with another backdrop chokeslam and leaves the ring

tazz-long got himself a pretty good blue chipper by his side

basic thuganomics hits and john cena comes out to a big pop then rene duprees music hits

john cena vs rene dupree

lot of usa chants espcially after cena knocked dupree down and yelled u cant see america and hit a five knuckle shuffle the match ends with cena hitting an F-U when sylvan grenier and rob conway who were sitting on the crowd jump out cena attacks them but rene hits a low blow causing a dq la resistance beat down on cena when eugene runs out of the crowd

cole-what the

tazz-the 3 were enjoying the show but eugenes getting involved

eugene knocks grenier and conway down and body drops dupree eugene-cena eugene idol dont hurt cena eugene beats on la resistance and scare them away with the french flag

cena-thanks dude

eugene-cena eugenes idol eugene want cena autograph

cena signs and he and eugene celebrate

Cole-well i am glade eugene showed up even though he is raw talent

tazz-he had no right to interfere

cole-what about grenier and conway

tazz-what about them

tag belts

rikishi and scotty vs the basham brothers

the bashams attack rikishi and take him out leaving scotty alone when all of a sudden turn it up grandmaster sexay runs out dancing the bashams are stunned as too cool manage to pick up the win after the worm,hip hop legdrop combo and dance away the night

619 hits as mysterio gets a huge pop from the crowd in LA mysterio slides into the ring and poses in the turnbuckles and then chavos music hits as senior and junior make their way down to some heat

chavo and mysterio put on a good match with mysterios unorthodox offense getting the better of chavo sr tries to make chavo cheat to win when ultimo dragon runs down to the ring he spin kicks back to back sr when jamie noble,shannon moore,billy kidman run out moore and noble attack mysterio but kidman helps out rey and kidman are attacked by akio then spanky runs down to make the save and his return he gets a huge pop for nailing noble and akio with a double slice bread no2 off shannon moore the face cruiserweights celebrate as smackdown goes off the air

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Smackdown Preview

it has been announced kurt angle has selected big show,charlie hass,booker t to represent his team while shane mcmahon has announced RVD,Billy Gunn to his team
also next week mark jindarak and teddy long have announced an open challenge to anybody to face the reflection of perfection at judgement day also the undertaker is scheduled to face bradshaw the two go back a long way and what will be the outcome of their match and ultimo dragon faces chavo guerrero for the cruiserweight title all this and more next week on smackdown

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Afterburn higlights are shown and the preview

it has been announced kurt angle has selected big show,charlie hass,booker t to represent his team while shane mcmahon has announced RVD,Billy Gunn to his team
also next week mark jindarak and teddy long have announced an open challenge to anybody to face the reflection of perfection at judgement day also the undertaker is scheduled to face bradshaw the two go back a long way and what will be the outcome of their match and ultimo dragon faces chavo guerrero for the cruiserweight title all this and more next week on smackdown

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The pyros explode as Micheal Cole and Josh Matthews open the show.

Hardcore Holly's music hits as he gets a low pop as he walks out to the ring. Orlando Jordan's music hits as Hollys partner comes out. Akio and Sakoda's music hits as the two come out.

Akio and Sakoda vs. Hardcore Holly and Orlando Jordan

Holly takes it to Akio in the ring while Jordan and Sakoda battle outside. The match ends in a DQ as the Dudley Boys run down and 3D Akio and Sakoda.

Winners by DQ: Akio and Sakoda

Then Jordan and Holly and the Dudleyz bring in tables when Grand Master and Scotty run out to the ring. Grand Master and Scotty fight the Dudleyz but out run the Bull and Nunzio. Nunzio hits a DDT on Scotty while Bull DDTs Grand Master. The FBI and Dudleyz beat down the faces when Spike Dudley comes out and questions what his brothers are doing. Bubba powerbombs Spike and he and D-Von 3D him through a table. The Dudleyz then attack Bull and Nunzio, then leave to boos and jeers from the crowd.

Funaki's music hits to a good pop he comes out slaps hands with the crowd and gets in the ring. Shannon Moores music hits to boos as Moore and Funaki tie up.

Funaki vs. Shannon Moore

Another regular Velocity cruiser match. Funaki goes for a rolling hurracanrana(the thing Trish does) but Moore slams his face into the ground and then hits a Mooresault for the one, two, three.

Winner: Shannon Moore

Shannon celebrates his win. Funaki gets up and Moore kicks him in the gut and delievers a Mooregasm and then leaves.

Interview with Mark Jindarak.

Theodore Long: Let me holla at ya playa.

Boos from the crowd.

Theodore Long: Now everybody meet the man with the body, the man with the dolla dolla face: Mark Jindarak

Jindarak appears to more boos.

Theodore Long: Now as you know Mark Jindarak has laid out an open challenge. No not that kind of laid ladies, hands off the reflection of perfection.

Crowd jeer more.

Theodore Long: Now anybody who wants to answer that challenge step up to the plate.

The lights go out.

A white silhouted figure runs out and tackles Jindarak. Jindarak is beaten down and left on all fours the lights come back on and the white figure is gone.

Theodore Long: Man, should of kept one more playa card.

Mark Jindarak, Jamie Noble and Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman and Spanky

Noble and Chavo are in the ring. Also Jindarak, who is shaken up. 619 hits to a huge pop as Mysterio comes out to the ring. He pumps up then shooting star hits and Billy Kidman gets a good round of cheers from the crowd. After that Hey Yo hits and Spanky gets the biggest pop of the night. The teams pair off with the unorthodox offense of the cruisers gaining the advantage over Jindarak, who starts off with Mysterio. Mysterio dropkicks Jindarak into a blind tag by Noble. Noble runs into a leg sweep into the turnbuckle, then Rey tags Kidman, who comes in with a sling shot cross body. Spanky then hits a swanton bomb and the ref tells him to leave meanwhile. Chavo runs in and clotheslines Kidman. Jindarak doesn't get tagged throughout the match and
in the end comes when Rey hits a double 619 on Chavo and Noble and Kidman hits a shooting star to the outside. On Theodore Long (the mania thing) Spanky tags in as Mysterio throws Noble to the outside. Jindarak blind tags Chavo and in a flash of a moment finishes off Spanky with a splash mountain powerbomb: one, two, three.

Winners: Mark Jindrak, Chavo Guerrero and Jamie Noble

The lights go out again and the white figure appears and hits Jindarak with a driven DDT then disappears when the lights come back on.

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the pyros explode as soon as they do and before cole and tazz can talk here comes the money hits and the crowd explode shane mcmahon pops up dancing his way to the ring he comes in and grabs a mic

shane-are u all ready to see shane o mac kick kurt angles red white blue ass all over at judgement day crowd explode

shane-now now kurt made the worst main event ever possible john bradshaw layfield vs eddie guerrero ehh ehh doesnt cut it therefore i am cancelling that match

shane-now eddie will either have to face the new accuistion of shane os smackdown rhyno or THE UNDERTAKER crowd explode

shane-and that match will take place right here tonight in san diego california

crowd are going nuts as shanes music hits and he leaves

cole-wow bombshell dropped by shane mcmahon

tazz-speaking of bombshells

the dudleys bombshell drops in the arena as bubba and d-von make their way out to boos from the crowd

cole-the dudleys have been attacking other tag teams of late

tazz-they can do anything they want whenever they want cole they are unstoppable

cole-look at this footage

footage-orlando jordan and hardcore holly warming up backstage and are attacked by the dudleys

a countdown happens and a voice booms out lets get ready to break it down 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 now turn it up the crowd explode as grandmaster sexay and scotty 2 hotty run down they dash into the ring and start going at it with the dudleys scotty and d-von start off scotty nails d-von with a dropkick then tags grandmaster who goes to work on d-vons arm the dudleys soon turn the tables no pun intended and work on grandmasters arm the finish comes when bubba has grandmaster in a armbar d-von and scotty are fighting outside and the ref is busy with them spike dudley runs down and low blows bubba grandmaster does a roll up and picks up the victory scotty and grandmaster along with spike clear off the dudleys then dance the night away

tazz-come on cole shake it baby


interview with teddy long

teddy-let me holla at you playa crowd boo

teddy-now whoever has been harassin and attacking the reflection of perfection is bugging the hell out of him the man is going out for his match and let me tell you something playa whos going around in white you better watch out cuz the reflection of perfection is gonna give you the thuggin and buggin of a lifetime the lights go out and the white figure appears and shoves long to the ground then dissapears

mark jindarak is in the ring and is scared at the things going on just then the lights go out again jindarak is scared but its only rey mysterios entrance mysterio charges down to the ring and he puts on a good fight jindarak is about to nail the backdrop chokeslam when the words i ll see u at judgement day pops up on the titantron jindarak is stunned and mysterio counters with a head scissor roll up one two three mysterio is about to run off but jindarak catches him the lights go out and out runs the white figure he hits jindarak in the head with a metal bar then dissapears again

cole-things are getting strange

tazz-ya jindarak is in trouble

chavo guerreros music hits and jamie nobles music hits the two recieve boos and await their opponents hey yo hits and spanky gets a huge pop then ultimo dragons music hits to another huge pop we see a heart pounding aerial cruiser match it ends with ultimo going for a hurracanrana but noble powerbombs him then puts his foot on the ropes one two three jamie and chavo then escape

booker t vs rob van dam steel chair match

rvd comes out with revenge on his mind and attacks booker with all of his old ecw moves van dam smashes a skull on his chair then leg sweeps booker falls on his back then van dam parks the chair on his ropes and hangs booker heads then van dam hits a spinning leg drop on a chair van dam does the thumb pointing and goes for a running chair shot but booker kicks the chair onto his face then beats on him the end comes when booker goes for a body slam rvd drops off the other side and kicks booker in the head then places the chair on his chest he goes to the top rope he makes an x position around his chest and goes for a x five star frog splash but booker moves van dam crashes on the chair and booker hits a scissors kick into the chair then finishes van dam with a chair lock around the neck before van dam passes out booker ties a chair around the leg of van dam van dam taps out and booker picks up the victory booker goes for the assault but billy gunn runs down to the ring gunn hits right hands on booker but then charlie hass runs down to the ring and attacks gunn the two double team billy then shane runs down he smashes booker then starts fighting hass big show comes out and shane greets him with a suicide dive shane beats on show when kurt angle runs down then angle slams shane through the announce table

the undertaker vs rhyno

the appearance of undertaker gets a huge pop rhyno and taker put on a ugly battle rhyno goes for the gor but taker leaps up to doge rhyno rams into the post taker grabs rhyno and chokeslams him then tombstones him then ends the match with a huge last ride then pins rhyno one two three taker tells eddie to watch out as he stands there in the ring paul bearer beside him when bradshaw runs out and goes for a clothesline but taker grabs him and chokeslams him as smackdown goes off the air

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if the teddy long stuff are what u call spelling mistakes those are the way he talks

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preview for judgement day

ladies and gentlemen playstation2 smackdown 6 word life and thq presents judgmetn day in 3 weeks time the following new matches have been announced

with the dudley boys dominating the sd tag division at judgement day too cool,the dudleys,kanyon and sean o haire and spike dudley and mystery partner

also with the return of spanky and teaming with rey mysterio there alliance will be cut short as in judgement day spanky will face rey mysterio for a no1 contender spot against chavo guerrero also john cena is said to be having problems with la resistance and we might see a match at judgement day

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Good shows, like everyone else has said, you need to get better punctuation, like capitals etc. It makes it a lot easier to read.

just a small pointer, wouldn't it be funny if he took notice of me and not the rest of you..... after all, everyone listens to me....

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1 - More promo's are needed.
2 - Grammar and spelling need improvement. Examples are Tazz saying ya.
3 - Use bold so it is easier to see matches.
4 - Put who wins at the end of the match on a separate line. Eg, Winner: Name.
5 - If Kurt is GM why has Shane changed a match he made?
6 - Use capital letters.
7 - Type whole words, ie type you instead of u.

Overall for Smackdown: 7/10


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thanks for the tips I suck at promos sniff sniff


The Pyros Explode and Hardcore Hollys music hits he and Billy Gunn come out to a good pop and slap hands with the fans.Then "Come On" hits and Sean O Haire And Kanyon make their way out to the ring to some serious heat from the crowd

The Devils Advocates vs Holly And Gunn

Gunn starts with Kanyon and gives him some hard right hands he whips him off the ropes and hits a drop toe hold he picks up Kanyon and applies a hammer lock Kanyon elbows Gunn in the face and hits a clothesline then tags O Haire.O Haire hits Gunn with some stiff karate kicks Gunn dodges one and clotheslines O Haire then makes the tag to Hardcore.Holly and O Haire duke it out with right hands until Holly gets the advantage he trips O Haire and sling shots him into the turnbuckles where Kanyon makes a blind tag holly continues to hammer O Haire meanwhile kanyon goes outside grabs Gunn and pulls him off the apron he kicks him in the gut and slams him into the barrier meanwhile in the ring.Holly Hits a ddt and goes for the pin but the ref tells him Kanyon is legal.Kanyon surprises Holly with a roll up and gets the win Holly leaps onto Kanyon with punches but O Haire hits him with The Prophecy.

Winners-The Devils Advocates

Interview with Spike Dudley by Rue

Rue-Spike Dudley at Judgement day from Charlotte North Carolina You will be in a 4 way tag match but who will be your partner?

Spike-well Rue let me just give you a hint he is from Charlotte North Carolina he is a former Cruiserweight Champion he will never backdown to fear.

Rue-well there are alot of cruiserweight champions in Charlotte.

Spike-You ll find out who it is at Judgement Day

Cole-Who do you think it is Josh

Josh-well my guess is Hurricane a former cruiserweight champion

Cole-We are going to find out at Judgement Day

Mark Jindaraks music hits to huge heat from the crowd as he and Teddy Long Make their way out to face Paul London

Mark Jindarak Vs Paul London

London comes out and gets met with a kick to the face Jindarak punishes London outside before tossing him into the ring then squashes London with The Backdrop Chokeslam 1-2-3

Winner-Mark Jindarak

Teddy Long gets in the ring just then the lights go out

Cole-Here we go again Jindaraks opponent for Judgement Day.

Josh-Lets see who it is.

nobody appears but The White Figure appears from the ceiling Jindarak goes for a boot but it ducks and spears Jindarak an explosion takes place and Long runs to the outside as a voice booms out.

Voice-See You at Judgement Day

Cole-This is starting to get scary

Josh-What cant stand the dark Micheal

Jamie Nobles music hits to a group of heat as he gets in the ring.Chavos music hits as the Cruiserweight Champion makes his way out to the ring then La Resistances music hits(Eugene,Conway,Grenier were taken from Raw)they get booed as Dupree and Grenier get in the ring. Hey Yo hits and Spanky jumps out to a huge pop from the crowd he stops at the ramp and awaits his partners.Eugenes music hits to a good pop as he comes out waving to the crowd.Basic Thuganomics hits to a standing ovation and the biggest pop of the night.Turn it Up hits and Scotty 2 Hotty comes out accompanied by GMS dancing to a pop close to Cenas

8 man tag

John Cena,Eugene,Spanky And Scotty 2 Hotty w/GMS vs La Resistance,Jamie Noble,Chavo Guerrero

in a breath taking 8 man match the teams go back and forth it ends when Dupree and Cena are trading right hands Conway gets in the ring Eugene hits him with a low blow and GMS drags him out of the ring Cena hits an F-U on Dupree while Eugene and Scotty hit a Double Worm on Grenier for the pin one two three after the match the 4 along with GMS dance away

Winners-Cena And Eugene,Spanky,Scotty 2 Hotty
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