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WWE Slippin

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Jeez so thats Rock (out till dec - jan), Brock, Y2J, and now Jerry gone. Thank god for Punk.
Man i'm watching Raw now and its a real drag.

I find AJ a complete switch off also, jeez what are they doing upstairs..

Then theres the demise of Kanes monster push (As is he's a big freaking unbeatable monster), to a hugging bear!!

Same with Big Show, another push for no gain, then Ziggler losing to Randy, still making him look imcomplete, im not a Ziggler fan, but it just seems the storylines nowadays make even less sense than ever, with little to zero consistancy. Remember when storylines lasted ages, now then dont even make 2 PPV's (mostly)

Eve's kissing, Tensai, making Punk heel to generate more love for Cena, Cena period, Hornswaggle as Raw anon GM, making HHH lose like that in a truly horrible match to watch, man I could go on all night

Sorry if I offended anyone with my Jerry thread, didnt realise its a no-go.
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half the matches don't even have a storyline anymore, half the time i don't know why there wrestling in matches that have no point instead of cutting a promo which could build up a riverly besides cena and punk
The point of this was what exactly

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