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WWE Signatures/Autographs?

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My son collects WWE memorabilia and I want to buy two Signed PS2 WWE games for him that I have seen advertised, but they are not exactly cheap. They are authenticated but the individual names are not listed.

Just in case I thought I'd see if any of you guys have any experience of any WWE autographs, I don't want to get ripped off for something some of you might see immediately and think is not right...I am not sure if they are are right or not.

Does anyone here know who the signatures belong to:
I am new here so can not post links or images. I have hi res scans of the covers if anyone wouldn't mind having a look. PM or email me?

Alot of thanks in advance just in case you don't mind helping me! :rolleyes:

PS2 WWE Smackdown Cover 1[/URL] (I know the one on the right is Rhino)
PS2 WWE Smackdown Cover 2 [/URL]