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Theme song:Showdown by Dr. Dre and Eminem

WWE title match- Elimination Chamber
Brock Lesnar(C)vs. Goldberg vs. Triple H vs. Undertaker vs. HBK vs. Rock

HBK eliminates Triple H at 18:43 with the Sweet Chin Music
Goldberg eliminates Rock at 22:38 with the Jackhammer
Brock Lesnar eliminates HBK at 25:56 with the F-5
Brock Lesnar eliminates Undertaker at 34:24 after a spear from Goldberg and a Shooting Star from Brock Lesnar
Goldberg eliminates Brock Lesnar at 39:22 after an F-5 through a table.
Goldberg is the new WWE champion.

RAW Heavyweight title match-Triple threat Cage
Chris Jericho(C) vs. Booker T. vs. Scott Steiner

winner:Booker T. FINISH:Chris Jericho slams Scott Steiner in the head with a chair. Booker T. then delivers the scissors kick to Jericho for the pin.

Ultimate Tag title table elimination match
RVD & Kane(RAW champs) vs. Team Angle(SD champs) vs. Dudleyz vs. Benoit & Rhyno

Team Angle eliminated at 8:35 after Haas is powerbombed through a table by Buh Buh Ray.
Benoit & Rhyno eliminated at 10:21 by a Five Star from RVD.
Dudleyz eliminated at 13:57 after D-Von is chokeslammed by Kane to the floor.

Cruiserweight Title 4 Way Dance
Rey Mysterio(C) vs. Jamie Noble vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Juventud Gurerra

winner:Rey Mysterio after a triple 619 and a West Coast Pop to Kendrick.

Chokeslam Challenge
Big Show vs. Nathan Jones

winner:Big Show at 9:28

Edge vs. Kurt Angle
winner:Kurt Angle after an Angleslam through a table off of the top turnbuckle.

TLC Triple Team
Los Guerreros vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Lance Storm & Chief Morley
winners:Hardyz after Los Guerreros are each Swanton'd by Jeff Hardy and Storm and Morley each receive a Twist of Fate.

Women's title match
Trish Stratus(C) vs. Victoria
winner:Trish Stratus after a chin kick and a Stratusfaction at 7:39.
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