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Just thought i would let everybody know that i will be starting a wwe season here....I have done a season on another site and was pretty succesful.. but i am gonn try it on here..so read my stuff and let me know what you think....i will be doing raw and smackdown...and 1 ppv per month...thanks....

My raw and smackdown rosters are going to be the same as wwe's rosters in real life...I am also going to have a news and rumors show just to make it a little more realistic...so let me know what you think about my stuff....thanks..
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Alright here is my first raw... Like i sadi before this is going to take me a few weeks to get my story lines off the ground..So bare with me.......

Location: Dallas Texas
Venue: American Airlines Center

The Raw video rolls and we see footage of Chris Jericho wining the Royal Rumble.

JR: Welcome everyone to Monday night raw...What a show we have for you tonight as evolution members Ric Flair and Batista will defend thier tag team titles tonight against Royal Rumble winner Chris Jericho and Christian...What a night it will be..

King: Also JR dont forget Co GM Eric Bischoff has announced that he will unveil a legend here tonight...Who could that be JR...

JR: Well i dont know who the legend is king but none the less we are gonna kick things off live with tag team action....

#1 contender match for Tag Team titles
Match: La' Resistance vs Dudley Boyz vs Rodney Mack & Mark Henry
Outcome: Dudley Boyz via pinfall......
Aftermath: After the match Mark Henry and Rodney Mack attack the Dudleys and put both Bubba and D-Von through tables. Henry then says that himself and Rodney Mack are coming for the tag team titles.


After the break we see a limo pulling up in the parking lot. The door doesnt open the limo just sits there.

JR: Could this be the legend king?
King: I don't know JR but I do know that the winner of the Royal Rumble is back stage with Terri.

Backstage Segment:
Terri: Well Chris last Sunday you beat 29 other men and went on to win the Royal Rumble. What are your thoughts on the match?
Chris Jericho: Well Terri how do I feel you ask? How do I feel...I feel like the Ayatola of Rock and Rolla baby...Terri I have never felt better in my life. But you know what..the rumble is over. Time to move on and look to the future. Because as I stand before you now I personally guarantee you that I will go to Wrestlemania and win the World Heavyweight Title from Triple H....Now Triple H may have used his power backstage to win and keep the title for 3 years but that will all come to a stop at Wrestlemania. Because I propose that at Wrestlemania we put a little stipulation in that match. I say not only do we put your title on the line, but I say we put something else on the line. Something even more valuable than the Worlds Heavyweight Championship. I say what we put on the line in that match is....our careers. Thats right, your career vs. my career...If I lose I'm gone, but if you lose I get your title and your career.

Jericho is then hit from behind with a steel chair. Standing over Jericho is Triple H. Triple H says that Jericho has got his match, but it won't be Triple H's career that will be lost, it will be Jerichos.


Match: Matt Hardy vs Maven
Matt Hardy comes out sporting a new ring attire. Maven comes out to a huge pop. Match starts off slow with Hardy having the upper hand but Maven fights back. Maven gives Matt 3 dropkicks in a row, but Matt Hardy fights back and catches Maven not looking and gives him the Twist of Fate and gets the 1 2 3.
Winner: Matt Hardy via pinfall

After the match we go back out to the limo in the parking lot. Eric Bischoff is shown getting into the limo as we go to commercial.


After the break we hear the glass shatter and out comes Sheriff Austin. Austin rides to the ring on his ATV. Austin gets in the ring and starts to talk.

Stone Cold came out here tonight to make an announcement. I didn't come out here to reinstate no legend. I came out here to piss somebody off cause thats what stone cold does best. But the bottom line is I'm tired of people getting pushed around by Eric Bischoff and quite frankly I'm gonna put a stop to it. So I figured why not make my announcement while Easy E is outside getting easy with his legend. So what I'm saying is that I'm gonna start giving mid carders and people who normally wouldn't get a shot at shit a chance to prove themselves. So what I'm gonna do is reinstate a certain title. A title that was retired a few years back, The Hardcore title. Now in order to keep that title you gotta be one tough sumbitch, and there ain't too many Tough Sumbitches like Stone Cold Steve Austin. So tonight we are gonna have a 15 man battle royal, and the winner of that battle royal will be the new Hardcore champion. So why not start that damn thing right now.

Match: Battle Royal for Hardcore Title
Participants:Spike Dudley
Lance Storm
Garrison Cade
Mark Jindrak
Rob Conway
Al Snow
Mark Henry
Rodney Mack
John Heidenreich
Chris Nowinski
Outcome: Mark Henry dominated most of the match eliminating Garrison Cade, Mark Jindrak, Maven, Test and Rob Conway. Leaving him and 9 other people. Henry is finally eliminated by his own partner Rodney Mack. Mack is then eliminated by Al Snow. Mack gets angry and gets back into the ring and eliminates Al Snow. The final four in the match are the Hurricane, Rico, Lance Storm and Spike Dudley. Hurricane eliminates Rico and Lance Storm Eliminates Spike Dudley. Leaving Hurricane and Lance Storm. They stare at each other for a minute and then Hurricane runs at Lance Storm who easily steps out of the way sending Hurricane flying over the top rope.
Winner: New Hardcore Champion Lance Storm

Aftermath: Lance is walking up the ramp to the back when he is attacked from behind by Mark Jindrak. Jindrak hits Storm with a chair and covers Lance. A referee runs out and counts the 1 2 3 as Mark Jindrak becomes the new Hardcore champion. Apparently the 24/7 rule is back in effect. Jindrak gets the title and runs to the back and gets in his car and leaves with his title.

Outside the limo Eric Bischoff steps out of the limo with a smile on his face....


Match: Tag Team Championship
Chris Jericho & Christian
Ric Flair & Batista
During the match Triple H runs in and attacks Chris Jericho and he has to be carried out on a stretcher leaving Christian by himself. Christian tries to fight off Batista and Flair but the numbers become too much for Christian. Randy Orton then runs down and knocks the referee out. He gets in the ring and gives Christian the RKO, but there is no referee to count. Glass shatters and out comes Sheriff Austin. Austin drives around the ring and chases Orton back up the ramp. Then he rides back down to the ring and stuns Flair and Batista. He puts Christian on top of Flair and the referee counts 1 2 3.
Winners: New World Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Christian

After the match Eric Bischoff is headed to the ring.


After the break Eric Bischoff is in the ring where a table is set up with red carpet covering the ring.

Eric: Tonight I am going to change the face of Raw. From tonight on Raw is never going to be the same because I am about to sign one of the greatest legends of all time. He is a former WWE Champion and IC Champion. Ladies and Gentleman allow me to introduce to you the newest member of the Raw roster Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Bret come to the ring and shake hands with Bischoff. The crowd is going wild. Bret can't speak for 5 minutes. Bret gets the mic.

Bret: You know...I have been gone for over 5 years. I have been at home watching Raw every night. I have been watching guys I wrestled 10 years ago. Guys like Shawn Micheals, Steve Austin. Guys that I can't believe are still around. So when I got the call from Eric Bischoff to come to Raw I had to except. So I am here tonight to sign a contract. A contract that will once again make me the best there is, the best there was and the best that there ever will be. The Hitman is back.

Bischoff and Bret sit down at the table. Eric gives Bret the contract. Bret starts to sign the contract but stops. He then gets up from the table and gets the mic again.

Bret: You know I said I was here tonight to sign a contract to return to wrestling but I didn't say that contract I would be signing...

All of a sudden we hear Paul Heymans music. Heyman comes to the ring and gets a mic....

Paul: You know what Eric, everytime I think I have you figured out you change plans. Everytime I think I know what hole your hiding in you dig another and climb in it. I have never been able to figure you out, until now. I knew you were looking for new talent on Raw. I knew you were looking for the best and where do you go to find the best, you go to the past. Thats what you did but Eric I figured you out. I figured out what hole you were hiding in. I found out that you were planning on signing Bret Hart to a contract. So what did I do, I called Bret and I said hey Bret, why don't you come to Smackdown. There isn't very much talent on Smackdown so you could be the champion right away. So Bret said he was gonna be at Raw tonight so I said I would be too and here I am. So I guess what I am saying is. You are not signing Bret Hart I am. This Thursday on Smackdown. Goodnight Eric.

Paul Heyman and Bret Hart leave Eric Bischoff standing in the ring with a dumbfounded look on his face. He has been out smarted.Show over.

So what do you think, let me know. If you like it I will continue, but if you don't like it I will stop.

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it was pretty good... but there was a royal rumble on raw... Theres only been 1 on national t.v considering it was last night that sound unbeleavable to me... make it a little bit more realistic

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Well i dont really know alot about him but i know he is a mid carder and i am trying to get the mid carders on the show without giving them too much of a push...And i thought the royal rumble on raw was a good idea..i just wished i had wathed smackdown before i posted my raw..i didnt know they were having a rr on smackdown..But oh well next time i will have to watch first...

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just to let you guys know...I relize it has been a while since i have posted i was busy but i am back now...Just to let you know that i am going to be taking on a partner...The Hurrican79...He will be doing raw and i will be doing smackdown and then we will do joint ppvs....So we are gonna satrt over so i guess pretend that i didnt post that raw and he will take over.....that way we keep our stuff together....Thanks

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Don't Double post please.

Now onto your show..l really enjoyed the last part when Paul heyman came up to Eric and said that Bret Hart was gonna sign on Smackdown, jeez l enjoyed that.
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