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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 9/8/2012

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You know the deal with this show. One match with a bunch of crappy segments to surround it. This week's involved Sin Cara vs Michael McGillicutty and Damien Sandow teaching us vocabulary. Full report here:
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I LOVE Saturday Morning Slam. I watch it twice each Saturday. Once in the morning during my "Saturday Morning Cartoon Buzz" and once in the evening with my Wife (she giggles at the cheese factor). As always, it's interesting to see wrestlers perform without head or neck moves.

BTW, I thought headlocks were banned because I could have sworn I saw Sin Cara pulled off at least three of them. Part of me thought they were letting it go for that match because Sin Cara has the "Superhero" look so one could say that, "Superheroes can get away with it because they're fighting bad guys". Dameon Sandow was the star of this particular episode. My Wife and I had a good chuckle while he was giving his definitions and the Video Vault stuff was pretty neato!

I'm looking forward to next week's episode with Justin Gabriel and his tour of South Africa. Finally, I wish that they would just release the full theme song already. I noticed that the intro this week was slightly different. Either they added a verse to the overall song or they scrapped the original lyrics for "less violent" ones. All in all I had fun with this episode and I hope they continue with this show. Would love to see the Saturday Morning Slam arena in the next WWE game and maybe a "WWE Kids" mode on the Wii-U with tablet features? Just saying...

P.S. Why the hell isn't Matt Striker on commentary?! One would think that this teacher gimmick would be perfect for this show and I miss his commentary.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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