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I had a few BTB threads a few years back and I figured I would give it a go again. I am starting after Wrestlemania 20. The roster I am using can be found at this link. http://www.onlineworldofwrestling.com/bios/wwe-alumni-2000s/_2004/

I figured posting the link would be easier than posting a long roster in a thread. I will not be doing women's matches in this BTB as I never really enjoyed writing them. I will use women characters as managers. The results from Wrestlemania 20 are as follows.

John Cena defeated Big Show for the US Title
RVD & Booker T defeate Cade & Jindrak, The Dudley Boys, and La Resistance to retain the World Tag Team Titles
Christian defeated Chris Jericho
Evolution defeated the Rock n' Sock Connection
Chavo won the Cruiserweight Title open
Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar
Too Cool defeated Haas & Benjamin, APA, and the Bashams to retain the WWE Tag Titles
Kurt Angle defeated Edge to retain the WWE title
Undertaker defeated Kane
Shawn Michaels defeated Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title

I decided to not use Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero for this thread which is why the WWE and World title matches are different. I am keeping Lesnar, Goldberg, The Rock, and Mick Foley on the roster. I have ideas for all of them, and some may be around longer than others.

The GM's are Eric Bischoff for Raw with Stone Cold as the Sheriff enforcer, and Paul Heyman for Smackdown.

The Champions are
World Heavyweight title (Raw) - Shawn Michaels
WWE Champion (Smackdown) - Kurt Angle
Intercontinental Champion (Raw) - Randy Orton
US Champion (Smackdown)- John Cena
Cruiserweight Champion (Smackdown) - Chavo Guerrero
World Tag Team Champions (Raw) - RVD & Booker T
WWE Tag Team Champions (Smackdwon) - Too Cool (Rikishi and Scotty too Hotty)

I will be writing the weekly shows in recap form. The pay per views will be similar in terms of promo writing style, as I will not really be writing word for word promos from superstars and commentators. Matches for pay per views will be full matches though and not recapped like matches for weekly shows.

April Week 1 2004

The show the night after Wrestlemania starts off with a highlight reel package of the events of last night. The reel focuses on the Raw matches of the night mostly the main event featuring Triple H and Shawn Michaels fighting for the World Heavyweight Championship. The clip ends with HBK hitting the Sweet Chin Music on Triple H as he wound up to hit Michaels with a chair. Michaels then gained the pinfall victory and the World Title. The opening video and pyro plays as the camera scans the rowdy crowd.

*Shawn Michaels music hits to a huge ovation*

Michaels dances around the entrance ramp proudly flaunting his newly won World Title. Shawn gets in the ring and grabs a microphone. He talks about how happy he is to be the World champion again. HBK goes onto mention Triple H pushed him to his limit, but once again The Showstopper pushed himself further on the grandest stage of them all. Shawn then says the friendly rivalry he has always had with Triple H has finally come to a conclusion, and says that we now can definitively say that HBK is the better man.

*Time to play the game hits to a harsh amount of heat*

Triple H, dressed in a fine suit and sporting a large bandage about his right eye, makes his way to the ring and stands toe to toe with HBK. Triple H says he’s glad Shawn is enjoying his brief return to the spotlight because as far as he’s concerned he will be taking back the World title soon. Triple H goes onto say Shawn got lucky and slipped one by him, but that would be the last time that would ever happen. He then gets in Shawn’s face and says he always gets his way, and that Shawn should know that better than anyone. HBK then steps back and says there’s no way Triple H is going to weasel the title away from him. He then accuses Hunter of just being flat out jealous that HBK has always been the better performer and everyone can see it. Triple H smirks, steps back and as he goes to leave the ring HBK is attacked by Randy Orton and Batista. Evolution then lays a beating on the World Champion. Orton hits the RKO, Batista hits the Batista-bomb, and then Triple H emphatically hits a pedigree. Triple H then lays near Michaels and grabs the microphone. Hunter says that at Backlash he’s exercising his rematch clause, and he’s making it a hell in a cell match. The crowd erupts at the idea but then releases heat on Evolution as they pose over the fallen champion.


The show returns with J.R. mentioning that Eric Bischoff officially approved the hell in a cell match for Backlash between Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

*The Dudley Boys music hits as they make their way to the ring to a good pop*

*La Resistance music hits to a lot of heat*

La Resistance vs. The Dudley Boys
One fall to a finish

The match goes back and forth between the two teams. La Resistance has been isolating D-von for most of the match. They have been tagging in and out and D-von is beginning to show signs of fatigue. Renee Dupree hits a vicious powerslam and does a little dance mocking D-von. Bubba is anxiously awaiting a tag but is only taunted by Dupree. Dupree goes to lift up D-von and is met by a low blow that goes undetected by the ref. D-von dives and makes a tag to Bubba who unloads a few clotheslines and punches on Dupree. Grenier comes in and is clotheslined and tossed out of the ring. Bubba then body slams Dupree and calls for a what’s up headbutt from D-von. As D-von dives, Dupree rolls Bubba through and into a pin. D-von headbutts the canvas and Dupree gets the 1..2…3 pinfall victory.
Winners: La Resistance
Bubba and D-von look on in shock as La Resistance stumbles up the ramp escaping with the victory.

The camera cuts backstage to Stone Cold in his office. The crowd pops to the sight of the rattlesnake. Goldberg then walks in to a decent pop. Goldberg wants to know what the deal was with the Stone Cold Stunner after the match last night. Stone Cold says that he felt like it and asked if Goldberg had a problem. Goldberg sort of chuckles and says he doesn’t care if Austin thinks he’s some sort of sheriff on Raw, he’ll still spear him out of the building. Austin looks at him and asks him if he thinks that’s a smart move. Goldberg then pushes the idea of making it count and making it official. The crowd cheers at the thought of Austin wrestling in another match. Austin quickly shuts down the idea saying there’s no chance Austin gets back in that WWE ring. Goldberg then says this isn’t over and that he will get his payback. Austin shakes him off, not taking him seriously then tells him to get the hell out of his office. Austin looks on with an intense glare as Goldberg leaves his office.

A teaser for the upcoming match between Christian and Maven is shown. The match is coming up after the commercial break.


*Christian’s music hits to a lot of heat. He comes out with Trish Stratus. Maven is already in the ring awaiting his arrival.*

Christian w/ Trish vs. Maven
One fall to a finish

The match is back and forth at the beginning but Christian gains the upper hand after an eye poke. Christian hits the reverse DDT. He then nails the Unprettier and picks up the 1..2..3.
Winner: Christian
Christian grabs the microphone and says that everyone is about to witness the rise of Captain Charisma. He says that after he beat Jericho at Wrestlemania the sky is the limit for him. He says that there isn’t a guy in the lockerroom who could take him down from the cloud he’s riding on now.

*Mick Foley’s music hits to a huge pop*

Mick gets in the ring and soaks up the admiration from the crowd while Christian can be seen asking what he’s doing out here. Mick plays off some cheap pops from the crowd before Christian interrupts and demands that Foley get to the point. Mick then says the reason he’s out here is because he thinks Christian shows tremendous potential and could be a great World Champion someday, but he needs to learn a lot before that can happen. Foley then tells him he wants to help him avoid going down the path he’s going down and actually let Foley help him become what he could be. Christian steps back and looks like he is entertaining the idea. He then asks what kind of help Mick could possibly offer him. Before Mick can answer Christian says he has nothing to offer Christian. He says he has already surpassed Mick and doesn’t need any help from a has-been. Christian goes to walk away but Mick calls him back. As Christian turns around he is met by Mr. Socko being jammed down his throat. Foley brings Christian to the ground before he can squirm away and stumble up the ramp with the help of Trish. Foley’s music plays to a huge roar from the crowd as he does his trademark “Bang Bang” gun point.


The show returns with Eric Bischoff in his office. Chris Jericho comes in saying “You wanted to see me?” Bischoff tells Jericho he has been disappointed with his performance in the recent months. He says he used to be wowed by Jericho in the ring but lately he has been coming up short. Jericho wants him to get to the point. Bischoff states that he wants Jericho to prove to Bischoff he should keep him on Raw. Jericho’s expression changes to one of shock and confusion. He questions Bischoff’s sincerity on the matter, and Bischoff assures him he is dead serious. Starting tonight Bischoff is challenging Jericho to impress him. He then puts Jericho in a match with Scott Steiner. Jericho looks frustrated but he accepts and leaves saying “Looks like I better go get ready then, huh?” Bischoff smirks as Jericho exits.

Test is in the ring as Carlito’s music hits to a decent pop and he makes his way to the ring.

Carlito vs. Test
One fall to a finish

The match starts off fast paced as Carlito works Test’s lower body with quick kicks and low dropkicks. Test gains the upper hand when Carlito went for a vaulting body press over the top and Test moved. Since then Test has been in control. Test nails a pump handle slam and taunts Carlito as he lies on the mat. Test then goes in the corner and slaps his thigh signifying the big boot is coming. Carlito gets up and Test charges going for the boot. Carlito ducks and then hits the Backstabber. He covers Test and gets the 1..2..3 squeezing out a huge victory.
Winner: Carlito
Carlito enjoys the victory but shows the signs of a hard fought match as he holds his head exiting the arena.

A teaser is shown for the main event between Randy Orton and Batista vs. Booker T and Rob Van Dam in a non-title match. The camera then shows Jericho making his way through the backstage on the way to the ring for his upcoming match.


*Scott Steiner makes his way to the ring to heat, but not an overwhelming crowd response*

*Chris Jericho’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring to a good pop from the crowd*

Chris Jericho vs. Scott Steiner
One fall to a finish

Throughout the match Jericho looks to be tense and what Bischoff said clearly seems to be weighing on his mind. Jericho hits a facebuster early and goes for the lionsault but slips on the ropes and lands on his back and head. Steiner takes advantage of the rare misstep by Jericho and begins to work on his back. He puts him in a strong bear hug which then turns into a vicious powerslam. Steiner taunts Jericho by flexing and dropping an elbow. Jericho gains the upperhand momentarily when Steiner whips him off the ropes and he counters with a diving forearm shot. Jericho goes to lock in the walls but Steiner rolls him up. Jericho’s foot touches the ropes but the ref doesn’t see it and he counts the 1..2..3 giving Steiner the win.
Winner: Scott Steiner
Jericho can’t believe what just happened and he pleads his case to the ref. To no avail he slams his hand on the mat in frustration and exits the ring. He shakes his head up the ramp trying to figure out what went wrong.

The camera goes back to the lockerroom where Evolution is hanging out and talking about the main event. Triple H is giving Orton and Batista a pep talk and letting them know they need to ride the momentum from their big win last night. Orton and Batista agree that they need to send a message tonight. Austin then walks in and interrupts the team meeting. He decides to flex his sheriff muscle and make a stipulation that Flair and Triple H have to remain in the back for the match tonight. Triple H gets in Austin’s face and says he can’t do that to which Austin replies “I just did.” Austin says have a nice day, smirks and exits the lockerroom leaving Evolution fuming at his news.

The camera shows Booker T and RVD making their way to the ring as it fades to a commercial break.


*Booker T and Rob Van Dam come out to a combination of their entrance music and a huge pop from the crowd*

*Evolution hits and Orton and Batista make their way to the ring to a chorus of boos. The two men seem to relish the hatred and smugly make their way to the ring.*

Main Event
Booker T and Rob Van Dam vs. Randy Orton and Batista
One fall to a finish

The match is very evenly paced going back and forth with no team gaining a firm upper hand until about half way through. Batista hits a huge spinebuster on RVD which sends shockwaves throughout the arena. Batista and Orton then take turns tagging in and out and working on the lower back of RVD as he cries out in agony. Orton does his signature backbreaker hooking RVD by the neck and dropping him over Orton’s back. He then drops a knee to the head of Van Dam and tags in Batista again. Batista show boats around the ring for a bit, having fun with RVD shoving him here and there. He goes to pick up RVD but is met with punches to the midsection. RVD has Batista reeling and Van Dam nails a Vandaminator on the big man knocking both men down. A slow crawl to the corners starts for both men. Batista makes the tag to Orton but RVD tags in Booker as well. Orton and Booker trade blows in the center of the ring with Booker getting the upper hand. Booker backs up Orton and then sends him off the ropes and nailing him with a calf kick. Batista then charges in the ring and is met with a diving kick from RVD off the top rope. Batista and RVD both roll out of the ring and start to brawl on the outside. Booker kicks Orton in the gut and goes for a scissor kick but Orton moves causing booker to eat canvas. Orton then stalks Booker and calls for the RKO. The ref is trying to maintain order and control the brawl on the outside. Booker is slow to get up and while Orton is waiting for him suddenly the crowd erupts. THE ROCK is standing behind Orton stalking him! Booker gets up and Orton goes for the RKO but Booker pushes him into the open arms of The Rock who nails Orton with a thunderous Rock Bottom. The Rock stands up and taunts Orton as he exits the ring to a huge ovation. Booker then covers Orton and the ref finally returns his sights to the ring. He counts the 1..2..3 giving RVD and Booker T a huge victory.
Winners: Booker T and Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam and Booker T celebrate in the ring as Orton and Batista collect themselves. The Rock stands on top of the stage looking back at the ring never breaking eye contact with Randy Orton who is staring right back. The show ends with a close-up of The Rock standing on the stage with one arm in the air and raising his eyebrow.

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Just a few more stylistic points I would like to address. I write the shows in a 4 week format. For example each month will have four weeks with a Raw and Smackdown show each week. After the fourth week there will be a pay per view that ends each month. The pay per view schedule is as follows:

January Royal Rumble (both)
February No Way Out (Smackdown)
March Wrestlemania (Both)
April Backlash (Raw)
May Judgment Day (Smackdown)
June King Of The Ring (Both)
July Vengeance (Raw)
August Summerslam (Both)
September Unforgiven (Smackdown)
October No Mercy (Raw)
November Survivor Series (Both)
December Armageddon (Smackdown)

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First off thank you for those comments :)

It seems like that you have made a solid start to this BTB, and you seem to know what you're doing.

Huge start to your show, and there is no issue with the rematch for Backlash being Hell in a Cell; I think you want to now get this moving along and having the huge gimmick match here means that afterwards both men can move on to other things. The points made by both men make sense, and obviously Evolution were going to be a factor here, I'm looking forward to see how Michaels interacts with them specifically leading up to Backlash.

A good win for La Resistance here against the established team, and it sets them up in good stead for having a World Tag Team Title match along the line.

Ahh, its good that Goldberg hasn't left, and we hopefully get to see Austin/Goldberg somewhere down the line. Hoping this will have a few months worth of build, and then possibly the showdown at Summerslam.

The win for Christian carries on his momentum from his Mania win, and then the interaction with Foley was good afterwards. Christian was in character well and his words obviously struck a nerve with Foley. Both were good here, and the seeds have been planted regarding these two now.

Nice move with this Jericho situation. Having an angle like this instead of continuing him and Christian is a move that most don't go for in this time period, and I'm hoping this whole story ends in him getting a World Heavyweight Championship Match.

Test putting Carlito over was good for the youngster, is he a face here then? You said the crowd cheered for him. If so, I can see him providing formidable opposition for Orton's IC Title.

Unlucky for Jericho, here. Obviously the transformation isn't going to start straight away and this gives Bischoff a little chance to mess him around a little bit.

Good main event, giving these four guys some big exposure. The Rock getting involved was a great move to make, and I believe we might now see the career-enhancing feud for Randy Orton.

Good first show, and I will keep an eye on this one. You've laid the foundations for a good BTB, and I hope to see this trend continue. My only gripe would just be the visual presentation; the bolds and the italics are great, so I'd keep them formatted the way they are, but I think maybe just a little dash of colour could make it a little more aesthetically pleasing. Obviously, its up to you, and that is just me being picky haha. Well done with this one :)


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April Week 1 2004

The show begins with a highlight reel displaying Smackdown’s matches from Wrestlemania. It shows a large amount of the Edge vs. Angle thriller, and shows Undertaker tombstoning Kane for the victory. The reel ends with the Undertaker kneeling on one knee in the center of the ring reaching his arm out. The shot fades into the Smackdown entrance video. The video ends and the pyro goes off as the camera spans the energetic crowd. The crowd’s cheers turn to jeers as Kurt Angle’s music hits and the WWE champion makes his way to the ring accompanied by Luther Reigns, Charlie Haas, and Shelton Benjamin.

The four men get in the ring and anytime Angle goes to speak he is cut off by the deafening sounds of boos. Kurt talks about how lucky everyone in the audience is to bear witness to such a great champion such as himself. The crowd delivers more heat to this remark, as was Angle’s goal. Angle talks about what a grueling match he had with Edge this past Sunday. He shows a clip of the match and the highlights include Kurt delivering multiple German suplexes to Edge, Edge being locked in an ankle lock, Kurt being locked in the Edgecator submission hold, Kurt being driven to the mat with a high impact DDT, and lastly Kurt bouncing Edge’s head off an exposed turnbuckle in order to roll him up, while grabbing the tights, to steal the pinfall victory. The crowd boos heavily at the last part of the clip as Kurt and his band of yes men all laugh in the ring. Kurt goes onto say how Edge put up a hell of a fight, but in the end, Kurt was just a better wrestler and an all around better man. These last remarks draw an incredible amount of heat from the crowd. Kurt goes to speak more until…

*You think you know me hits and Edge makes his way on top of the stage*

Edge gets a great reaction from the fans as he sports a bandage on his forehead. He tells Kurt that he knows Edge had him beat last night, and he had to cheat his way to a victory. Edge goes onto say that Kurt can’t say he’s the better man because he is nothing but a little bitch. This gets a huge pop from the crowd and an angry reaction from Kurt Angle. Edge then demands he give him a rematch because everyone here knows that he deserves it. Kurt says that he already beat Edge and has nothing left to prove, so a rematch is out of the question. Kurt says he wants to focus on new challenges from people who actually deserve them. Edge looks around the audience, goes to speak, then throws the microphone down. He starts walking towards the ring and takes his shirt off on the way down, looking to take on all four men in the ring.

*Paul Heyman’s music then plays to a mixed reaction*

Heyman tells everyone to calm down and that he has already figured out a genius solution to the WWE title picture. The crowd gives a pretty decent reaction, mostly anxious to hear what the GM will have to say. He says that in the coming weeks there is going to be a small tournament to decide the number one contender for the WWE title. He says that there will be quarterfinals tonight, semi finals next week, and one final match to determine the number one contender the next week. Kurt Angle will then defend his WWE title at Smackdown’s pay per view in May, Judgment Day. The crowd pops at the idea, but wonders who will participate. Heyman then says the matches tonight will be Edge vs. Charlie Haas (crowd pops), Rey Mysterio vs. Orlando Jordan (crowd pops), Brock Lesnar (mixed reaction) vs. Shelton Benjamin and Big Show vs. The Undertaker (crowd erupts). Kurt Angle does not seem impressed by the lineup of potential challengers. Heyman then says the first match will take place now with Edge taking on Charlie Haas.

*Edge makes his way into the ring while Kurt, Shelton, and Luther make their way to ringside, as the camera fades to commercial break*

*The camera returns to Edge and Haas locked up in the middle of the ring.*

Edge vs. Charlie Haas
Quarterfinal for WWE Title #1 Contender
One Fall to a finish

Edge has the upper hand until he runs off the ropes and is met with a club to the back from Benjamin. This action prompts the ref to eject all three men from ringside leaving it to a clean one on one match. Haas keeps the pressure on as he clubs away on Edge’s back and then scoop slams him to the mat. Haas works the crowd a bit gaining some heat as he slowly picks apart Edge. Haas then nails a German suplex and then locks in the Haas of Pain. Edge screams in pain as he tries to figure a way out of the move. He eventually finds a way to roll out of it. Haas then immediately reverts to clubbing away at Edge’s back. Haas lifts him up for another German suplex but Edge flips out of it and lands on his feet. Haas turns around and goes for a clothesline but Edge ducks and the two men bounce off opposite ropes. Edge then nails a huge Spear in the middle of the ring on the rebound. Both men lay down for a bit and eventually begin to stir. They meet in the middle of the ring and trade blows with Edge eventually gaining the upper hand. Haas goes for a right hook but Edge ducks and nails and Edge O’ Matic and goes for the pin, but Haas kicks out at 2. Edge then sets up Haas and locks in the Edgecator leg lock. Haas fights the pain but eventually has no choice but to tap out giving Edge the win.
Winner: Edge

Edge enjoys the victory giving high fives to the fans on the way up the ramp. The camera then cuts backstage to Chavo talking with his father. He is proudly displaying his Cruiserweight championship over his right shoulder. They are talking and laughing as Billy Kidman walks by. Chavo says a degrading remark in Spanish towards Kidman which gains his attention. He walks towards the two Chavos and asks what’s so funny. Chavo Jr. makes some bogus excuse and tries to laugh it off. Kidman doesn’t take to kindly as he slaps Chavo upside the head and the two men then begin to brawl. The scuffle ends up knocking over Chavo Sr. Security then moves in and breaks up the ordeal. Kidman walks off with security as Chavo Jr. tends to his father.


The show returns with the APA already in the ring. Too Cool then makes their way to have a non-title tag team match.

Too Cool vs. The APA
Non-title match
One fall to a finish

A back and forth battle with frequent tags leads to high paced action. The crowd is in it from the start having a tough time choosing which face team to root for. Rikishi is setting Farrooq up in the corner for a squash. He charges and slams Farrooq into the corner. Farrooq then stumbles from the corner and then ends up seated in the turnbuckle. This draws the eyes of Rikishi who taunts for the stink face. Out of nowhere the Bashams show up and nail Rikishi with a chair.
Winners: Too Cool via DQ

Scotty and Bradshaw try to break up the assault but are met with chair shots of their own. The Bashams continue to decimate the four men. Doug then lifts Scotty up for a spinebuster as Danny runs off the ropes and they execute a double team spinebuster/neckbreaker. The Bashams then leave the ring leaving all four men down and out. They exit the arena to a chorus of boos. The camera then cuts backstage to Josh Matthews who is standing with Rey Mysterio. He asks him what his thoughts are about his match tonight. Rey talks about how thrilled he is to finally have an opportunity to contend for the WWE championship because it has always been his dream. He says that tonight is all about seizing that opportunity and taking it one step at a time. Orlando Jordan then walks in to a decent amount of heat from the crowd. Jordan says that he appreciates Rey’s enthusiasm but tells him not to forget he has to get through Jordan. He then laughs Rey off as a credible threat and says how next week he’ll be winning his semi final match, getting one step closer to the WWE title. Jordan walks off pushing through Rey on the way out. Rey gives him a glare and shakes his head as the camera cuts to commercial.


We return with John Cena in the ring sporting his newly won US Title. The crowd is giving him a warm response. He mentions how the champ is here. Cena goes onto say that he wants to show everyone just what kind of fighting champion he is. Tonight he is issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back who wants a shot at his US title. Heidenreich’s music then hits and he makes his way to the ring to a chorus of boos. He gets in the ring which begins the impromptu match.

US Title
John Cena © vs. Heidenreich
One fall to a finish

The match starts off back and forth but Heidenreich eventually takes control when he shoves Cena off the top rope. Heidenreich then tosses Cena into the guardrail and the stairs. The ref is counting both men out. Heidenreich ignores the count and continues to assault Cena. He lifts Cena up and drops him ribs first over the guard rail. The ref gets to 10 counting both men out. The bell rings but Heidenreich continues the beating.
Winner: Double Count Out Cena retains the US title

Heidenreich lifts Cena up into a bear-hug and drives Cena spine first into the ring post. Heidenreich keeps the hold locked in and rams Cena into the post 3 more times. Refs and security pour from the back to peel Heidenreich off the champion. Cena is left in a heap on the rubber mats. Heidenreich grabs the US title and poses with it while the crowd rains heat on him. He then drapes the title over the fallen Cena and smiles as he walks off.

The refs help Cena to the back as Orlando Jordan makes his way to the ring for the next match. Jordan has a look of confidence as he approaches the ring to a good amount of heat from the crowd.

*Rey Mysterio’s music hits to a huge ovation. He makes his way into the ring and the match begins.*

Rey Mysterio vs. Orlando Jordan
Quarterfinal for WWE #1 Contender
One fall to a finish

The match is very back and forth and fast paced. Jordan is impressive as he manages to keep pace with the speedy Mysterio. Jordan spends a lot of time working the left arm of Mysterio. Mysterio gains the upper hand with quick kicks. He runs off the ropes but is met with a clothesline from Jordan. Jordan sets Rey up for pump handle slam but Rey rolls over his back and rolls Jordan up into a pin. The ref counts the 1..2..3 and Rey sneaks away with a quick win, much to the shock of Orlando.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Rey celebrates up the ramp while Jordan sits in the ring wondering what happened. He questions the ref trying to figure out what went down, but Jordan can’t comprehend how he let the match slip through his fingers.


The show returns with Shelton Benjamin in the ring loosening up for his upcoming match.

*Brock Lesnar’s music hits to a mixed reaction. Lesnar by-passes his normal entrance and walks straight for the ring. His expression seems agitated over his loss to Goldberg at Wrestlemania.*

Shelton Benjamin vs. Brock Lesnar
Quarterfinal for WWE title #1 contender
One fall to a finish

The match is a tremendous wrestling match as both of their amateur backgrounds are showcased. Both men execute numerous holds, and reversals to keep the flow of the match fast paced. Lesnar picks up the momentum when he nails a charging Benjamin with a belly to belly overhead suplex. He then whips Benjamin into the corner and proceeds to drive his shoulder into his midsection 5 times. Benjamin crumbles to the mat only to have Lesnar pick him back up. Lesnar holds Benjamin in a slam position and drills him with a backbreaker. He holds onto Benjamin and hits him with two more backbreakers. Benjamin limply falls to the mat. Lesnar then whips him up onto his shoulders and hits a huge F-5. He covers him for the 1..2..3
Winner: Brock Lesnar
Lesnar still seems to be fuming after the match. He then hits another F-5 on Benjamin. He exits the ring and walks to the back ignoring all the fans along the way.

Kurt Angle then makes his way to the ring and joins the announce table. He will guest commentate the main event between the Big Show and The Undertaker. Kurt talks about how this tournament is really pointless because none of these men are of the same caliber as he is. He downplays being afraid to fight any of them, and says he would take on all of them if he had to because that’s just the type of competitor he is. Cole and Tazz don’t seem to buy into what Kurt’s saying, but he confidently boasts he will hold onto the WWE title for a long time. The cameras then cut to the last commercial break of the night


The show returns and cuts to the commentators table where Kurt Angle is talking with Tazz and Cole. Kurt is asked who he would rather face out of Undertaker or the Big Show and he says it doesn’t matter because both men are past their prime while Kurt is just entering his.

*Big Show’s music hits to a good amount of heat from the crowd. Show makes his way to the ring and eyes Kurt’s WWE title as he makes his way in the ring. He points at Kurt and motions around his waist that the belt will be his.*

*The Gong sounds as the crowd erupts. The lights go off and when they turn back on The Undertaker’s silhouette is seen at the top of the stage. He makes his way down the ramp with his hat low making it difficult to see his eyes. He gets to the stairs and lifts his arms up, and the lights turn on with this motion. He gets in the ring and removes his hat, and then proceeds to stare directly at the Big Show.*

The Big Show vs. The Undertaker
Quarterfinal for WWE title #1 Contender
One fall to a finish

The match starts off with the two men trading blows. Show scoop slams and clotheslines Undertaker down a couple of times, but he sits up immediately after each move. Show can’t believe that the phenom won’t stay down. Show gains the upper hand when he sends Undertaker off the ropes and Kurt Angle, having left the table for a few, nails Undertaker in the back with the WWE title belt sending him to the ground. Big Show goes for a quick cover, but Undertaker just gets the shoulder up before the ref can count to three. Show begins to stomp away on the dead man trying to keep him off his feet. He locks in a sitting sleeper. Undertaker begins to fade away as the crowd cheers his name to will him on. The ref begins to raise the Undertaker’s arm to see if he is still with it. His arm drops twice and the ref goes to raise it the third time. Right before the arm could hit the mat the Undertaker holds it up. He begins to fight back and stand up. He delivers elbows to the midsection of the Big Show. The Big Show then lets the hold go and is met by a fury of punches to the gut from the Undertaker, who caps it off with a mean uppercut. Show staggers back but does not fall. The Undertaker then runs off the ropes and hits a huge flying clothesline sending both big men down. The ref begins to count them both out but they begin to stir at the count of 7. Big show is the first one up and he goes to attack the Undertaker. He goes to pick him up for a show stopper, and grabs him by the throat. He holds Taker by the throat, but then Undertaker grabs Show by the throat. Show then kicks Undertaker in the gut and proceeds to hit him with a huge Show stopper. He goes for the cover but again the Undertaker just kicks out before the count of three. The crowd erupts and Show looks on in disbelief. He gets in the ref’s face and argues the call. While he is doing this with his back turned to his opponent, Undertaker sits up and the crowd erupts. Undertaker gets up and stands behind the Big Show. Big Show turns around and is met with a kick to the gut. Undertaker then scoops up Big Show and drops him with a Tombstone piledriver. He crosses Show’s arms over his chest and the ref counts the 1..2..3
Winner: The Undertaker

After the match Undertaker sets his sights to Kurt Angle and exits the ring to go after the WWE champion. Kurt gives him the run around and crawls through the ring. Undertaker follows him through the ring only to be met by a huge chop from the Big Show. Show then ushers a beat down on the dead man. Show hits Taker with another Showstopper as Angle stumbles backwards up the ramp, clutching his WWE title for dear life. Angle knows he got away only because the Big Show helped him out. Show trash talks the fallen Undertaker as he exits the ring. Show makes his way up the ramp and as he gets to the top of the stage the crowd erupts. Show looks up and turns around to see the Undertaker sitting up in the middle of the ring. Undertaker then slowly gets up and looks at Big Show. The lights go out and as they come back on The Undertaker is nowhere to be found. The crowd then goes crazy when the camera shows The Big Show no longer on the stage, but crashed down below through tables and unconscious. The camera zooms up on his face as the show comes to a close.

*Show End*

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The WWE is planning to increase the tag team divisions on both shows in the coming months. The plan is to debut developmental talents CM Punk and Daniel Bryan on the Raw side of things, while introducing Joey Mercury and John Morrison to the Smackdown brand. No set timetable is in place for either of these, but it wouldn't surprise us if the additions came relatively soon.

There is a lot of buzz about the potential Goldberg and Austin clash. As of right now Austin is standing firm on his original statement that he will not wrestle again. Goldberg's contract has just under a year left and it is pretty obvious he has no intentions of putting over younger guys. The WWE doesn't seem willing to give him another shot at the World title, so either a long build up to an eventual clash with Austin begins, or there may be a buy out of his contract.

Orton and Christian both seem to be getting a nod for main event status as feuds could be starting with The Rock and Mick Foley respectively. The Rock is under contract for a year and has never had a problem putting young talent over in the past. However, it's believed that if Orton and The Rock does go down, it will be a decent length of a feud. It's believed that this could be something that would elevate Orton to a new height, and I wouldn't be surprised if he dropped the Intercontinental title soon. Foley is on an open agreement, so the timetable for this feud is not so clear at the moment.

It seems the Hell in a Cell match between HBK and Triple H will, in fact, be the final nail in the coffin to this long feud. It has been rumored that both men have been contemplating take some time off to give young guys the spotlight, and to recover from nagging injuries. The WWE management will not allow both men to take a substantial amount of time off at the same time, as they don't feel the roster would have a strong enough main event scene. Whoever loses the match at Backlash will most likely be written off television for a few months due to some injury sustained in the match.
These are just a few rumors. I will post these every now and then. Some of what is said could be completely true, while other things could be complete BS.

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April 2004 Week 2

The opening video plays and the pyro goes off. The camera spans the sold out crowd. As loud as the crowd’s cheers are, their boos are twice as loud as the sound of Evolution’s music hits. The four men make their way to the ring, soaking in the heat. They stand in the ring and Triple H grabs the microphone as always. He talks about how Shawn’s days as champion are numbered. Hunter goes onto say that he’s happy Shawn got one last dance in the spotlight, but come Backlash the World Title will be back with Triple H where it belongs. This of course brings on more heat, but Triple H lets the audience know he doesn’t give a damn what they think. Orton then gets on the microphone to some heat. He calls out the Rock and demands to know what he was thinking sticking his nose where it didn’t belong. He says The Rock is just a has-been who is trying to cling to his last shreds of glory. Orton brings up how Evolution beat The Rock and Foley at Wrestlemania, which gains more heat from the crowd.

*If ya smell… hits and the crowd explodes*

The Rock stands at the top of the stage. Every time he goes to speak he is cut off by the cheers of the fans. Finally the fans let up and The Rock speaks. He says that he Rock Bottomed Orton last week because The Rock was pissed off. He said he was pissed off he lost to Evolution on the grandest stage of them all. This remark draws some boos from the crowd. The Rock says he can’t let that sit and he needs to right the wrong. He says that he needs to beat Randy Orton. Orton then gets back on the microphone and calls The Rock pathetic. He then says he already proved what he had to prove at Wrestlemania and he has since moved on from The Rock. The Rock doesn’t like what Orton is saying and neither does the crowd. Orton then goes onto boast that he is the Intercontinental Champion, and he has bigger things to worry about.

*Bischoff’s music then hits to a chorus of boos*

Bischoff joins the Rock on stage. He says he notices there seems to be some hostility between these guys. He asks the crowd if he wants to see The Rock lay the smack down on Randy Orton here tonight, and they erupt. He then says that they will see that, in a tag team match. The crowd is half and half at this idea. He mentions that tonight’s main event will be Randy Orton and Triple H vs. The Rock and Shawn Michaels. The crowd erupts as Bischoff switches back to the Rock and Orton. He says he would love nothing more than to see these two go at it, but the fact is Orton’s contract stipulates he must defend his Intercontinental Title within a certain amount of days, and it just so happens Backlash is the last day he can. He says Orton will defend his Intercontinental Championship at Backlash. Orton then arrogantly says that’s fine by him. Bischoff asks if he wants to know who he will defend it against. Orton mouths “it doesn’t matter.” Bischoff then said tonight there will be a triple threat match to determine the number one contender. The participants will be Test, (heat) Rhyno, (mixed), and Carlito (pop). Orton smirks as he doesn’t seem phased. We then hear the familiar sound of someone clearing their throat, as Austin appears on the big screen. He says while all this sounds well and good he wants to add a nice stipulation to Orton’s match at Backlash. He then says the special guest referee for that match will be none other than The Rock! The crowd erupts as Orton is livid in the ring. Austin says that’s the bottom line as the Rock smiles at the idea. The camera shows Orton trying to be calmed down by Evolution as the camera fades to commercial.


The show returns with Jindrak and Cade making their way to the ring with a mild heat reaction.

*RVD and Booker T’s combined entrance song hits to a big pop. They make their way to the ring high fiving the fans and getting ready for this non-title match.*

RVD & Booker T vs. Jindrak & Cade
Tag Team - Non-title one fall to a finish

The match started out fast paced with RVD flying out of the blocks besting both Jindrak and Cade. The pace slowed down when Jindrak pushed RVD off the top ropes and into the barrier. The two take turns beating down RVD, making consistent tags in and out. RVD hits a quick rolling wheel kick to swing momentum and tag Booker T. Booker hits a huge scissor kick on Cade, and then clotheslines Jindrak off the apron. Booker hits a big spinebuster on Cade and waits for him to get ready for the scissor kick. La Resistance then comes out and calls out Booker and RVD from the stage. This distracts both men and allows Cade to roll up Booker T. He grabs the tights and steals the 1..2..3
Winners: Jindrak & Cade

Cade and Jindrak steal a victory as La Resistance laughs on top of the stage. Booker T and RVD try to figure out what just happened. They stare back at La Resistance and talk some trash. The camera then cuts to the back where we see Bischoff who is in his office with Jericho.

Jericho is pleading his case that he should have won last week. Bischoff says regardless of the outcome Jericho has simply lost his edge. He asks where’s the Jericho who would do whatever it took to win? Jericho argues that Bischoff is just trying to stir some controversy up. He says he has always been the same guy. Bischoff shrugs him off and simply says, “I’m just trying to save your career.” Jericho sarcastically laughs and walks out shaking his head. Austin then walks in, and Bischoff is quick to berate him about making The Rock special referee. Austin simply says, the fans loved it, which gets a good pop. Bischoff warns him that he’s abusing what little authority he has and he better watch it. Austin laughs and snidely says he’ll keep that in mind. Austin then turns around and is met face to face by Goldberg. The crowd cheers at the encounter. Austin asks if he can help him, and Goldberg replies with you know exactly what I want. Austin laughs and looks down. He looks back up and says he is retired. He then softly says, and that’s the bottom line, but doesn’t say “cos’ Stone Cold said so.” He then brushes by Goldberg and walks out. Goldberg looks back at Austin as he walks out as the camera fades to commercial.


*We come back with Maven in the ring and Muhammad Hassan makes his way to a large amount of heat.*

Muhammad Hassan w/Davairi vs. Maven
One fall to a finish

In what is a squash match to bring Hassan to the audience’s attention, Maven fires off a few offensive moves. He hits a great dropkick, and a running bulldog. He sets up for a moonsault but eats Hassan’s knees. Hassan then is in control. He nails a hard scoop slam. He bounces off the ropes and drops a snap leg drop over Maven’s throat. He then lifts him up and drops him face first with a complete shot. He could easily pick up the pin fall but instead locks in the Camel Clutch. Maven struggles briefly but eventually taps.
Winner: Muhammad Hassan

Hassan poses in the ring taunting the audience, who eats up his routine. The boos are deafening as he exits to the back.

The camera cuts to the back where we see Shawn Michaels who gets a great ovation from the crowd. He is being interviewed by Coach on what his thoughts are on Triple H. HBK mentions the attack last week was no surprise. He goes onto say Triple H has always been jealous of him and the attack was him trying to get a cheap advantage before Backlash. HBK then looks in the camera and tells Triple H he can’t slow him down, because at Backlash he’s putting an end to The Game.

*The camera then cuts back to the arena where A-Train is making his way to the ring to a mild negative response. He gets in the ring anticipating his one on one match with Chris Jericho.*

*Chris Jericho’s music then hits to a big ovation as he comes out and has his usual energy for his entrance. He gets in the ring and the two get ready to square off.*

A-Train vs. Chris Jericho
One fall to a finish

A-Train dominates the early going using his size to dictate the pace of the match. He goes for a powerbomb but Jericho slides off his back. He runs off the ropes and ducks a clothesline from the big man, and then takes him down with a low dropkick on the rebound. Jericho goes for an early Walls, but A-Train twists his legs tossing Jericho aside. A-Train scoop slams Jericho. He then goes for a standing splash but Jericho gets his knees up. A-Train is keeled over and Jericho runs off the ropes and hits a bulldog on the big man. Jericho then looks at A-Train then the ropes as the crowd cheers him on. Jericho then goes for the Lionsault but as he went for the move A-Train got up. A-Train then catches Jericho and slams him to the mat. He goes for the pin but Jericho just kicks out at 2. A-Train then goes for the A-bomb but Jericho gets loose. He trips up A-Train and once again goes for the Walls but this time A-train rolls him up. The ref counts 1..2..3 as Jericho kicks out right after the three.
Winner: A-Train

A-Train celebrates up the ramp as Jericho is livid in the ring. He can’t figure out how he lost that match that he thought he had won. He goes up the ramp questioning himself the entire way up.

There is a teaser of Christian taking on the Hurricane after the commercial break.


The show returns with Hurricane’s music playing and he is in the ring awaiting the arrival of Christian. Christian’s music hits to a good amount of heat. He comes out accompanied as always by Trish. He gets in the ring and the match gets underway.

Christian w/ Trish Stratus vs. The Hurricane
One fall to a finish

The match starts off very fast paced with a lot of holds and reversals. The two men show off their speed using the ropes frequently. The Hurricane looks to be in control of the match and sets up Christian for the shining wizard. He goes for it but Christian ducks and then hits Hurricane with a rolling wheel kick. Hurricane is then lifted up by Christian who nails an Unprettier. Christian covers Hurricane for the 1..2..3
Winner: Christian

Christian and Trish celebrate in the ring as all of a sudden Mick Foley’s music hits. Christian eyes the entrance ramp anticipating the arrival of the hardcore legend. The crowd erupts as Foley comes over the barrier and ends up in the ring behind Christian with a Steel Chair. Christian turns around and is leveled with a vicious chair shot. Foley does the “Bang Bang” taunt as the crowd cheers. Trish can’t believe what she is seeing. She tends to her fallen boyfriend, and Foley takes notice. He then pulls out Mr. Socko to a huge ovation. Trish realizes what is going on but Foley grabs her. He stuffs Mr. Socko down her throat as she crumbles to the ground. The crowd is going wild as Foley exits up the ramp, high fiving fans along the way.

The camera cuts to a three way split screen showing Test, Carlito, and Rhyno each making their way to the ring for the number one contender match coming up next.


The show returns as The Rock is getting ready in the locker room. Shawn Michaels enters to a large ovation. The two shake hands and talk about their upcoming match. They joke about who is better, but then get serious saying they need to send a message to Evolution tonight. HBK pats Rock on the back as he exits allowing The Rock to finish getting ready.

*Rhyno’s music hits to a decent reaction. He makes his way to the ring ignoring the fans along the way.*

*Test’s music hits to a decent amount of heat. He arrogantly smirks as he passes by the audience, feigning high-fives along the way.*
*Carlito’s music hits to a good pop. The energetic youngster comes out and pumps himself up along with the audience. He high fives some fans and gets in the ring. He loosens himself up using the ropes as all three begin to get ready for the bout.*

Test vs. Rhyno vs. Carlito
#1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title at Backlash
Triple threat – One fall to a finish

The match starts off with Rhyno and Test double teaming Carlito and virtually taking the youngster out of the equation. Test and Rhyno then trade blows in the middle of the ring. Rhyno goes for a shoulder block but Test nails him with a big boot. He goes for the cover but Rhyno manages to kick out at 2. Test goes for a pump handle slam but Rhyno slides off his back and shoves him chest first into the corner. Test and Rhyno both fall to the mat and are slow to stir. When they reach their feet they trade rights in the middle of the ring. Rhyno gains the upper hand and eventually nails a clothesline on Test. Rhyno gets in the corner opposite of Test and waits for him to stand up so he can hit the gore. Test finally gets to his feet and groggily turns around to a charging Rhyno. Rhyno goes for the gore but Test sidesteps and Rhyno rams the steel ring post shoulder first. Rhyno falls to a heap out of the ring. Test goes to look over the ropes at Rhyno and throws his arms up in confusion at what to do. Before Test can even know what hit him, Carlito out of nowhere hits a backstabber. Carlito jumps on Test and hooks the leg for the 1..2..3!
Winner and #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title: Carlito

Carlito throws his arms up in excitement as the crowd roars. He can’t believe he now has the chance to win the Intercontinental Title. He exits up the ramp high fiving fans along the way, smiling ear to ear.

The camera shows a shot of Evolution making their way through the back. Batista and Flair are trying to pump up Orton and Triple H while the two sport intense glares. The camera then cuts to a shot of HBK and The Rock making their way through the halls as the crowd cheers. Both men look determined as their match is up next.


*Evolution hits to a great amount of heat. The four men emerge on the stage, Triple H and Orton dressed to compete, while Flair and Batista are wearing suits. They deliberately make their way to the ring soaking in the hatred from the crowd. Triple H does his trademark water spit, and poses on the turnbuckle, while Orton poses on the one opposite. Flair and Batista stand in the ring and applaud their comrades.*

*If ya smell hits to a roaring ovation. The Rock emerges through the curtain with his trademark walk, snapping his head left and right to take in the crowd. He gets on the apron and ascends to the middle turnbuckle and throws his arm up in the air. He sticks his nose up and then stares out into the audience. He gets in the ring and keeps his eyes fixed on Evolution.*

*HBK’s music hits to another big ovation. He dances around atop the stage and sets off his pyro. He gets in the ring and does the signature Shawn Michaels pose. He then takes off his belt, while staring at Triple H, and then raises the belt high above his head getting another nice pop from the crowd. The match participants get ready and the match begins.*

The Rock & Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H & Randy Orton w/Ric Flair & Batista
Tag Match – One Fall to a finish

The match starts off with The Rock and HBK taking turns beating down on Orton, as the crowd eats up the faces controlling the match. Triple H makes a blind tag on Orton and takes advantage of a distracted Rock to take control. The majority of the match is an Orton and Triple H beat down on the Rock. Triple H hits his trademark knee smash on The Rock, which puts him on the ground. Hunter gets in the corner, does the crotch chop, and drops a high knee on the face of the people’s champ. Orton comes in to pick up the pieces. He hits a modified backbreaker on the Rock, snapping Rock’s back over Orton’s. Orton then stands still, jumps high, and drops a high knee of his own to The Rock. Orton smiles as Triple H applauds from the corner. HBK is frantically calling for a tag but The Rock isn’t in any position. Orton showboats a bit too much and when he goes to pick up the Rock, The Rock hits a quick DDT switching the momentum. Both men slowly crawl to their corners. Orton tags in Triple H, but Rock tags in HBK! The crowd erupts as HBK hits a clothesline on Triple H, then another, and another. Then he hits one on Orton sending him over the ropes to the floor. HBK is on fire as the crowd goes wild. Triple H charges at him and he gets nailed with an inverted atomic drop. HBK runs off the ropes and hits a flying forearm smash. Both men crash to the ground but HBK nips up feeling the momentum. He gets in the corner and stomps on the ground once, twice, three times. He looks like he is going to nail Triple H with the Sweet Chin Music, but he gets distracted by Orton coming back in. HBK nails Orton in the face with the Sweet Chin Music. Triple H goes to attack HBK from behind, but the Rock comes in and hits a huge spinebuster on the game. Out of nowhere Batista and Flair come in the ring and nail HBK and The Rock in the heads with chair shots, ending the match.
Winners: via disqualification The Rock & Shawn Michaels

Batista and Flair continue to swing away at The Rock and HBK with chair shots as Triple H and Orton make their way back in the ring and to their feet. Orton then picks up The Rock and hits a devastating RKO on the great one. The Rock lays limp on the mat, as Triple H holds up a limp Shawn Michaels. Triple H then says it has nothing to do with jealousy, it has everything to do with proving Michaels was only great because Hunter let him be great. Triple H then hits a huge pedigree on the steel chair. He grabs the World Title as all four men raise their hands in the air as the show comes to a close.

*Show End*

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I can see this Rock vs Randy Orton feud going places. It works because Randy was in his legend killer gimmick at the time. Interested to see how you build this.

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I know I have not posted in a while, but I don't have many readers anyway so that's not a huge problem haha. I switched up my format a bit in an effort to actually be able to post shows and save time. From now on I am going to post a preview and lead up to each pay per view. So for this month it's Backlash. I will just cover the Raw side of things since this is a Raw pay per view. When the time comes for Judgement Day I will do the same thing with only the Smackdown side of things. I will write the pay per views like I wrote my first few shows but I will write full matches, and some full promos. Here is the preview and backstory to Backlash:

Backlash Preview and Build Up

Chris Jericho vs. Batista

Ever since his loss to Christian at Wrestlemania, Chris Jericho has been battling himself in trying to overcome his recent losing streak. Eric Bischoff has been trying to “encourage” Jericho to start acting like he used to. He insists that Jericho has lost his edge. While Chris maintains the belief he is the same dominant competitor he always has been, it seems as though Bischoff’s words are starting to get the best of Jericho. Bischoff signed off on a match between Jericho and Evolution’s enforcer Batista. In the two weeks leading up to Backlash, Jericho has suffered two close losses. One was in a singles contest against Rhyno, when he missed his mark on a lionsault. The other was in a tag team contest against Orton and Batista. He and Carlito teamed up, and a miscommunication between the two partners allowed Orton to roll up Jericho for the win. Jericho will try to shake this recent losing streak of his at Backlash against Batista.

La Resistance vs. Booker T & Rob Van Dam ©
World Tag Team Titles

Sylvan Grenier and Renee Dupree have turned up the intensity as of late in this feud for the tag titles. After successfully defending their tag titles in a fatal four way tag match at Wrestlemania, the road didn’t get easier for Booker and RVD. After being helped by The Rock in a tag team main event on Raw, the next week they suffered defeat at the hands of Jindrak and Cade. The reason for the loss was a run-in by La Resistance. La Resistance has also picked up key victories against The Dudley Boys and Steiner and Test. However, Booker and RVD got in a measure of revenge just six days before Backlash. In a match where Renee Dupree was taking on Rob Van Dam in a singles contest, Booker barricaded Grenier in his lockerroom. With the odds in their favor, RVD and Booker unleashed a beatdown on the lonely Dupree. This resulted in a DQ victory for the Frenchman, but was the damage done too severe to overcome? Find out at Backlash.

Christian vs. Mick Foley
Christian has been riding a wave of confidence since his big win over former tag team partner Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania. He picked up a couple decisive victories over Maven and The Hurricane, but after each victory Mick Foley came out and got the better of Christian. Trying to provoke Christian into a match, Foley stuck Mr. Socko down his throat one week, and assaulted him with a chair the next. Christian had no choice but to accept the match the next week on Raw. He attempted to attack Foley, but Mick escaped through the crowd, as the sea of people protected the hardcore legend. The last Raw before Backlash Foley was not supposed to appear at the arena, so Christian decided to take a trip to his home and surprise him. However, Foley yet again pulled one over on Christian. Just when Christian arrived at Foley’s residence, Foley arrived in the ring at the arena. Foley had arranged for police presence at his home to protect his family, and taunted Christian from the ring saying he will see him Sunday. Will Christian finally get one over on the crafty veteran, or will Foley teach the youngster what it takes to make it in the WWE?

Goldberg vs. ???
Goldberg has been clamoring for an opportunity to face the Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin, but Austin has remained firm in his stance that he is retired. Week after week Goldberg has confronted Austin in his office trying to get him to agree to the match. Every week Austin simply says no. Stone Cold placed Goldberg in a match on the last Raw before Backlash, but Goldberg walked out of the ring, refusing to fight. Austin then said that Goldberg is under contract and he has to fight. He mentions he will get sued for breach of contract if he doesn’t. Austin then says he has a match at Backlash against an opponent of Austin’s choosing. If Goldberg doesn’t fight he will be fired. Goldberg reluctantly agrees, and says that before this is all said and done he is getting Austin in a match. Later that night Austin was on his way out of the arena when he was speared into a steel garage door. Goldberg beat the hell out of Austin and then gave him a front row ticket to Backlash this Sunday. He then said enjoy my match as he left laughing.

Carlito vs. Randy Orton ©
Special Referee: The Rock
Intercontinental Title

Carlito burst on the scene with fire and energy winning matches against stronger opponents. He won a grueling triple threat number one contender match against Test and Rhyno to earn his shot at the prestigious Intercontinental Championship. Randy Orton has held the title for a while and defended it well, albeit in a questionable fashion on occasion. An underlying story to watch out for is The Rock’s current fascination with the Legend Killer Randy Orton. After losing to Evolution at Wrestlemania, Rock has set his sights on Randy Orton, seeking revenge. Orton has alluded a one on one match with the Great One so far, but has taken his shots when he could. In a few tag team bouts on the episodes of Raw leading up to Backlash, Orton would take any cheap shot he could at The Rock. Orton is weary at the thought that The Rock may not be completely impartial. The Rock has given his word to both competitors that he will call it right down the middle. After he said that however, he delivered a Rock Bottom to Randy Orton as pay back for the previous assaults. Can Carlito upset Orton? Will The Rock call it down the middle? We’ll find out at Backlash.

Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels ©
Hell in a Cell
World Heavyweight Title

The history between these two is well-known and it has been more of the same the past few weeks on Raw. HBK won the title at Wrestlemania XX adding yet another Mania Moment to his resume. Triple H has insisted that the victory was simply a fluke and that Triple H is and always has been the better man. He has been quoted saying “Shawn was only great because I allowed him to be great. I used him to work my way to the top, and the minute he stepped aside for his “back” *Cough addiction Cough* I stepped in and took the WWE to new heights.” Hunter hasn’t hesitated to get personal in the weeks leading up to Backlash as he attempts to get under the skin of the Showstopper. Michaels has tried to ignore the words Triple H says and has tried to use actions instead. However, with the help of Evolution, Triple H has laid a beating on Shawn 3 out of the 4 shows before the pay per view. HBK got the best of Hunter when he drilled him with a sledgehammer to the midsection after his match on Raw, but the effects of the beatings from Evolution are visible on Shawn. Michaels has been walking with a slight limp on his left leg. How will this affect the champion in what is promised to be a brutal encounter?

Additional Notes
Muhammad Hassan debuted and has impressed, although the fans reaction would tell you otherwise. He has been drawing massive negative reactions from the crowd as he preaches anti-American propaganda. He has beaten multiple foes with the Camel Clutch. Many times he refused to break the hold after the match. Hassan could prove to be a viable threat in the months to come.

The episode of Raw six days before Backlash hosted the debut of an impressive young tag team, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. They debuted against Steven Richards and Chris Nowinski. The two youngsters displayed incredible wrestling technique. Bryan showed off multiple submission holds including what he calls the Lebell lock. CM Punk showed off some Muay Thai skills that are usually not seen in the WWE. They both used fast punches and quick kicks. Punk showed off his finisher as well called the “Go To Sleep.” They also utilized a few top rope moves, as well as good double team work. They almost resemble a modern day “Rockers.”

Kane has not been seen or heard from since his loss to The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. He is believed to be in an incredible unstable state, and for a man who is never in a stable state this news does not bode well for the WWE. The question remains when will this monster resurface? And also are we sure we even want that to happen?

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]WWE Raw Presents
Backlash 2004
Edmonton, Alberta

A video package plays highlighting the feuds of the event. It starts off with La Resistance becoming a force in the tag division, shows off Jericho’s recent struggles, displays Mick Foley getting the better of Christian multiple times, and finishes off a long montage of the Triple H and Shawn Michaels saga. The fireworks go off and the camera pans the sold out crowd as they are on their feet applauding. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are on commentary and they welcome the audience watching at home, then proceed to run down the event card.

*Christian’s music then hits to a chorus of boos. He makes his way down to the ring with Trish by his side as always. He has more of an arrogant strut than usual, apparently not taking his challenger seriously.*

While Christian is getting into the ring a video package is played of their budding feud. The clip shows Foley calling out and attacking Christian, as well as tricking Christian into getting arrested for trespassing at his home. The package ends as Mick Foley’s music hits to a deafening ovation.

*Mick Foley makes his way to the ring giving his signature “Bang Bang” salute. He raises his arm up in the air as he approaches the ring. He gets in and works the crowd a bit more as Trish massages Christian’s shoulders outside of the ring. Christian then enters the ring with a grin and the two get ready to square off.*

Christian w/ Trish Stratus vs. Mick Foley
Singles match one fall to a finish

Christian and Foley start approaching each other in the center of the ring. Christian talks trash to Foley, who dishes it right back. They stand toe to toe, eye to eye and jaw back and forth at one another. The ref finally calls for the bell that starts the match. Christian begins to chuckle at Foley and acts as if he is backing off. He then goes for a quick shot to Foley but Foley BLOCKS IT! Foley starts going to town on Christian throwing rights and lefts. He then knocks Christian down with a hard clothesline that really gets the crowd going. Christian ducks out of the ring as Foley gives another “Bang Bang” salute as the crowd cheers wildly. Christian gets some words from Trish as he slowly returns into the ring. Christian is a lot more cautious as he approaches Foley this time. The two then lock up in a collar and elbow tie-up in the middle of the ring. Christian starts to push Foley back towards the corner, but Foley counters pushing Christian. Christian then locks Foley in a side headlock. Foley then pushes Christian into the ropes, but Christian drops Foley with a stiff shoulder on the return. Christian then runs off the ropes, Foley rolls on his gut as Christian hops over him. Foley stands up and ducks a clothesline from Christian. Foley then hits a huge hip toss on Christian on the rebound. Foley then locks in a headlock on his downed opponent. Christian struggles to get back to his feet as Foley keeps the move locked in. Christian is on one knee as Foley continues to wrench the neck and head of Christian. Finally, Christian is able to get to his feet and he musters enough strength to drop Foley with a back suplex. Christian rolls out of the ring to collect himself, clearly shocked at the amount of fight in Foley. Foley gets back to his feet and calls Christian into the ring, who cautiously slides under the bottom rope, back into the ring. He gets back to his feet and Foley goes for another collar and elbow tie-up, but Christian ducks under and locks his arms around Foley’s waist from behind. He then lifts Foley up and slams him on his gut. Christian spins on top of Foley and goes for a quick cover.
….Kick Out!
Foley is able to get his shoulder up and Christian quickly applies an armbar on Foley. Foley is in a good amount of pain as he tries to maneuver towards the ropes. Christian has his legs locked across Foley’s chest as he pulls back and wrenches on the arm. Foley is finally able to just get his foot on the rope. The crowd cheers as Christian refuses to let the hold go. The ref gets to the count of 4 as Christian finally breaks the hold. Foley grabs his shoulder in pain as Christian begins to regain the swagger he had at the beginning of the match. Christian then picks Foley up and hits a vicious uppercut sending Foley stammering back a few feet. Christian grabs the hardcore legend and hits a scoop slam. Christian then goes for another cover.
Kick Out by Foley!
Christian laughs it off and begins to talk to himself a bit. He realizes it isn’t going to be an easy task to get Foley to stay down for a three count. Christian goes to the corner, as the ref checks on Foley’s right shoulder, and begins to untie the turnbuckle pad. The ref realizes what he is doing and goes over to stop him. The ref tries to put the pad back on, but Christian took the lace and proceeded to choke Foley with it. The ref doesn’t realize that Christian is illegally choking Foley out. The ref finally gives up on the pad and turns around only to have Christian toss the lace to the side. Foley appears to be out cold and Christian once again goes for a cover.
…………Kick Out Again By Foley!
The crowd erupts as Christian appears to begin to get frustrated. He looks at the ref and says that was three, but the ref insists it was only a two count. Christian then begins to lift Foley up. He backs him into a corner and looks ready to whip him into the exposed turnbuckle. Foley reverses the whip and Christian slams his back on the exposed steal!! Christian falls to the mat and writhes in pain as Foley fell to the mat from the momentum of the whip. Foley uses the ropes for leverage as he attempts to get back to his feet. Christian does the same in the opposite corner and both men get to their feet at about the same time. Foley and Christian then both stumble to the center of the ring and begin to trade right hands. Foley connects and the crowd cheers! Christian connects and the crowd boos! Each blow carrying more force than the one before. Foley eventually gains the upper-hand and starts hitting rights and lefts, each shot getting a bigger ovation. Christian begins to teeter and is backed into the ropes. Foley then stops the assault and whips Christian off the ropes. Foley digs a knee into the gut of Christian on the rebound, who flips onto the mat. Christian holds his gut in pain as Foley appears to be feeling it. Trish then gets on the apron and distracts the ref and Foley. The ref appears to be controlling it but Foley can’t help but be concerned. He walks over to see what’s going on, but as he’s doing this Christian is crawling behind him. Christian then nails Foley with a LOW BLOW!! Christian rolls up Foley and grabs a hand full of tights. The ref turns around and begins to count.
Foley just gets the shoulder up and Christian cannot believe it. Christian begins slamming the mat in frustration. He can’t believe that Foley continues to kick out. Christian then begins to instruct Trish to bring him a chair. Trish grabs a chair and tries to get into the ring but the ref has no choice but to stop this. Trish puts up a fight and kicks the chair into Christian. Foley has managed to barely stand up in the corner with the exposed turnbuckle. Christian grabs the chair and goes to smash Foley in the head. Foley MOVES!! The chair slams into the tope rope and bounces back nailing Christian in the head. Foley then rolls up Christian. The ref turns around and gets on the mat to make the count!!
Christian gets a shoulder up just after the ref’s hand hit the mat and Foley is able to escape with a huge victory.

Winner: Mick Foley

Foley is helped up the ramp by the ref as he shakes hands with the crowd. Christian sits up in the ring contemplating what went wrong and how he lost that match. Trish gets in the ring and helps him up as he is in utter disbelief that he lost the match. Foley looks back and Christian and says “Someday you’ll learn.” He then gives another “Bang Bang” salute as he goes back behind the curtain. Christian and Trish walk up the ramp together. Trish is trying to console Christian, but it’s almost as if Christian is in another world, as he can’t come to grips with the outcome of that match.

Backstage Todd Grisham is interviewing Goldberg. He asks him why he wants to face Stone Cold so bad. Goldberg responds that he has always believed he is better than Austin, but has never had the proper chance to prove it. He wants that chance and says Austin is just too scared to face him because he knows he can’t beat Goldberg. Austin then appears over his shoulder to a huge pop from the crowd. Austin says that he has faced bigger and badder in his career than Bill Goldberg. He says scared isn’t in the Texas Rattlesnake’s vocabulary. He also says that he is retired, and he is staying retired. This gets a negative reaction from the crowd. Austin then says Goldberg can sneak attack him all he wants, it isn’t going to change the fact that he is not going to face Goldberg. Stone Cold then says what is going to happen is that Goldberg is going to follow the rules, Austin’s rules, and he is going to compete in any match Austin signs him up for. And that’s the Bottom Line, Cause Stone Cold Said So!

Goldberg gives a small chuckle and says he has a match to win. Goldberg brushes by Austin, deliberately bumping into his shoulder. Austin gives a dirty look back at Goldberg and shakes his head.

*Goldberg’s music hits to an interestingly mixed reaction from the audience. Apparently his actions towards the fan favorite Austin have not gone unnoticed by the Rattlesnake’s loyal fan base. Goldberg doesn’t do his usual entrance routine. It appears as though he is mailing this one in, so to speak. He gets in the ring and bounces around a bit to loosen up, but he doesn’t seem to worried about his opponent.*

*Goldberg’s music then hits again which confuses everyone in the arena including Goldberg. Then Gillberg appears on the stage which gets a laugh from the crowd. Goldberg is shown in the ring saying “You gotta be fucking kidding me.” The camera cuts away from him quickly in hopes no one noticed the obvious swear. Goldberg doesn’t seem too thrilled that he has to participate in this contest.*

Goldberg vs. Gillberg
Singles one fall to a finish

The crowd is sarcastically chanting Gillberg, as he does his…ahem…”best” Goldberg impersonation. Goldberg doesn’t crack a smile, doesn’t chuckle, instead he just stand there staring down his lowly opponent. The ref calls for the bell and Gillberg strikes first. He throws rights and lefts at the monster Goldberg. He drills him with a huge kick to the midsection, then one to the leg. And while all this is happening Goldberg is standing there, completely unphased. By now the Gillberg chants have stopped and have been replaced with a chorus of boos as the fans are clearly upset that Goldberg won’t even humor them. Goldberg seems to has had enough and drops Gillberg with a huge clothesline. He stares at his fallen opponent, then stares at the audience who greets him with deafening boos. Goldberg then pulls a card out of Austin’s bag of tricks and flips off the audience, which draws even more heat. Goldberg then lifts up Gillberg by the tights with one arm. He whips Gillberg off the ropes, and proceeds to bounce off the ropes opposite. Goldberg then drills Gillberg with a massive spear that folds up the smaller challenger like an accordion. Goldberg slowly stands up while the crowd showers him with boos, and even they even start a “Goldberg Sucks!” chant. Goldberg holds Gillberg up by the head as he pans the audience. Goldberg lets out a sly grin as he mocks the audience and his opponent. He then lifts Gillberg up for the Jackhammer. He holds him in the air for what feels like an eternity and then drives him into the canvas with so much force they both bounced. Instead of his usual pin, he stands up and puts one foot on the chest of Gillberg. The ref counts the inevitable 1…2…..3 giving Goldberg the win.
Winner: Goldberg

Goldberg doesn’t stay for the post match pageantry, instead he heads straight for the back, appearing to be on a mission. The camera crews stay with Goldberg as he barges into Austin’s office. He asks him what the deal was with that match. Goldberg states that he is sick of his time being wasted in this company. He says that he wants Austin in a match, and that he doesn’t want to have to continually fight guys who aren’t in his league. Austin looks him straight in the eye and says he is retired, and that isn’t changing no matter who asks him to come back. Goldberg asks him if he is sure about that, which Austin replies “Damn sure.” Goldberg then says “Fine. I quit.” Austin and the audience are stunned as Goldberg leaves the office.

The camera then goes to Jonathan Coachman who is standing with Chris Jericho. Coach asks Jericho if the recent string of losses means that what Bischoff is saying is right, that Chris Jericho doesn’t have what it takes anymore. Jericho tells him that Bischoff couldn’t be further from being right. Jericho states that he may have had a few losses recently, but no one is perfect. He says that he promises he will turn things around for himself, and all his Jerichoholics. He mentions that Batista is no small task, and that it’s going to take a great showing, but he is convinced he will return to his winning ways. Coach then asks if maybe Bischoff’s words are starting to sink into Jericho’s head and affecting his in-ring work. Jericho looks at Coach and says Bischoff and his words are meaningless. He then excuses himself from the interview as the match is up next.

*Evolution’s music hits as Batista comes out being accompanied by Ric Flair. Batista gets some decent heat from the crowd, but most of it is directed at the dirtiest player in the game. Flair and Batista get in the ring as they wait for Jericho.*

*Break the Walls Down hits as the crowd erupts. Jericho comes down the ramp doing his usual routine to work the crowd up. He points at Flair and Batista and talks a little trash as he walks up the steps. He gets on the apron and leans against the ropes while looking out into the crowd. He gets in the ring and tosses his shirt into the audience. Flair then exits the ring as Batista and Jericho stare each other down waiting for the start of the match.*

Batista w/ Ric Flair vs. Chris Jericho
Singles one fall to a finish

The ref calls for the bell as the two men meet in the center of the ring. They lock up in a collar and elbow tie up. Batista out muscles Jericho and pushes him to the crowd. Jericho rolls backwards into the corner. He slowly gets up and eyes down the monster Batista as he appears to be a bit distraught early on in the match. Batista flexes across the way and grins as Ric Flair applauds him from the outside. The crowd boos as Jericho and Batista make their way towards each other again. Jericho lures Batista into another tie-up attempt, but Jericho ducks and hits a few quick kicks to the legs of Batista. This drops the big man to a knee. Jericho then runs off the ropes and hits a quick front dropkick on the chest of Batista, knocking the big man down. Jericho, looking to end things really early, goes for a lionsault, but Batista rolls out of the way. Jericho notices and is able to land on his feet. He backs into the ropes and charges at Batista, still on the ground, and hits a low dropkick knocking Batista out of the ring. Flair tends to Evolution’s enforcer, while the ref instructs him to get back in the ring. Jericho signals to Batista to come get some. Batista looks furious as he kicks the steel steps out of frustration. Batista gets back in the ring and the two lock up in the center of the ring again. Batista locks a side headlock in on Jericho. Jericho puts up a struggle and pushes Batista off the ropes. Batista comes charging back and Jericho leaps over him. Batista bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Jericho ducks and runs off the opposite ropes. The two men bounce off the ropes and run back towards each other. Jericho nails Batista with a rolling wheel kick. He gets up and starts putting the boots to the fallen big man. Batista fights to get up and eventually does, and pushes Jericho aside. Jericho is relentless however and goes back at the big man. He digs a knee into the gut of Batista, who is now backed into a corner. Jericho realizes he needs to keep the offense going in order to wear Batista down. He drives his elbow into the face of Batista. Jericho then climbs up to the second rope and holds his fist in the air. He begins punching Batista as the crowd counts.
The crowd stops counting as Batista launches Jericho off him and sends him flying down to the mat. Batista drops to a knee in the corner clearly affected by the early onslaught of his opponent. Jericho starts to get up and holds his back a bit trying to work out the kinks after that last fall. He goes back into the corner to get back on the offensive attack but this time Batista drills him with a knee to the gut. He then clubs away on the lower back of Jericho. He hits him a few times which drops Jericho to his knees. Batista lifts up Jericho and slams him down to the mat with a vicious body slam. Batista covers him.
Kick out by Jericho. Batista was hoping for a relatively quick ending, but he knows it will take a lot more than that to put down a veteran the caliber of Jericho. Batista lifts up Jericho and locks in a tight bear hug. Jericho is lifted completely off the mat, not allowing him to get any leverage in this hold. Batista is literally squeezing the life out of the former undisputed champion. Jericho tries everything he can to get out, but with the lack of oxygen his punches don’t carry as much weight as they usually would. It appears as if Jericho is beginning to fade, when suddenly he is slammed to the mat. Batista drilled with him a modified spinebuster. Jericho bounces off the mat and screams in pain. He begins to cough and gasp for air after being released from that bear hug. Batista goes for another pin.
…….Kick out again by Jericho.
Batista locks in another headlock to the downed Jericho. Jericho realizes he can’t go another long period of time in a hold like this so he fights to get to the ropes. Jericho grabs a hold of the ropes but Batista won’t let go. Batista is basically choking Jericho out at this point as the ref does his usual 5 count to break the hold. Batista waits until just before the count of 5 to break the hold and then pushes Jericho out of the ring with his foot. He then gets an ear full from the ref. While the ref is yelling at Batista, Flair is outside putting the boots to Jericho. The crowd unleashes a fury of boos at the cheap tactics, while a few diehard fans let out some cheers at the classic antics of Ric Flair. Flair finishes the assault and rolls Jericho back in the ring. He lets out a loud “WOOOOOOO” as the crowd responds with “WOO’s” and “boos” of their own. Batista then rolls Jericho over and goes for another pin hoping to steal a victory.
…………..Kick out by Jericho.
Batista gets up and lifts Jericho up in the process. He goes to set him up for an atomic drop, but Jericho rolls off the back of Batista. Jericho runs off the ropes and Batista goes for a clothesline but Jericho ducks. He bounces off the ropes again and is met with a stiff shoulder from Batista. Batista then drops an elbow on the chest of Jericho. He lifts up Jericho and sets him up for a suplex. Batista hits a powerful suplex holding him high in the air and dropping him hard to the mat. Batista gets up and slowly struts around the ring as the crowd boos. He then makes his way over to Jericho and goes to pick him up again, but this time Jericho surprises him with an inside cradle pin.
……Kick out just in time by Batista.
Batista realizes Jericho almost stole one there and aggressively approaches Jericho. He attempts to club away on Jericho’s back once again but this time Jericho delivers a shoulder to the midsection of Batista. Jericho hits a few knife-edged chops on Batista, each chop draws a “WOO” from the audience. Jericho goes to throw Batista off the ropes but Batista reverses and goes for a clothesline. Jericho ducks the clothesline and bounces off the ropes. Jericho hits a huge flying forearm on Batista sending both men to the ground. Both men get up. Batista used the ropes to help him and is now leaning against them. Jericho sees this and runs at him hitting a clothesline Batista. Batista flops over the ropes and lays on the apron. As he stands up on the apron, Jericho springboards of the second rope and hits a huge dropkick sending the big man down to the outside. Flair goes to help Batista to his feet. Jericho then runs and dives through the ropes. Batista falls out of the way which pulls Flair into the crossfire. Jericho barrels into Flair and both men crash to the floor and hit the barricade. The ref begins his ten count as Jericho and Batista are both down on the outside and slowly begin to stir.
…..Batista begins to get to his feet.5…..
….Jericho uses the barricade to get to his feet..6….
….7….Batista rolls into the ring…
……..Jericho dives into the ring just before the count of 10!
Batista goes over to Jericho and lifts him up. Jericho fights him off with rights and lefts, but Batista fires back. Batista gains the edge when he digs his knee into the midsection of Jericho. Jericho keels over in pain as Batista hits a huge uppercut on him. Jericho backs off in pain and holds his nose, checking if it’s broken. He then turns around and is met with a huge spinebuster from Jericho. Batista goes for the cover and this has to be it.
Jericho kicks out right before the three count and Batista can’t believe it. Batista argues with the ref that it was 3, but the ref jams two fingers in his face. Batista slightly shoves the official who promptly shoves him back, and points to the shirt saying he’s in charge. Batista realizes he can’t get disqualified so he calms down and backs off. He goes to pick up Jericho who has some fight left in him and drills Batista with rights and lefts to the midsection. Batista begins to hold his stomach in pain and keels over. Jericho stands up and delivers a kick to the gut of Batista. Batista is hunched over in pain and Jericho runs off the ropes. He hits a facebuster on Batista. Jericho then goes off the ropes, springboards off the second rope and hits a lionsault on Batista!! The impact of the move hurt Jericho though, as he holds his midsection and rolls on the mat a bit. Precious time has come and passed as Jericho tries to regain enough strength to cover Batista. Jericho finally crawls over to Batista and gets an arm over, but is too weak to hook the leg. The ref begins the count.
This time it’s Batista who is just kicking out. Jericho begins to get up and is in shock that Batista was able to kick out of the lionsault. He has to know that he lost precious time waiting to cover him. Jericho looks to be done messing around and goes to lock in the Walls of Jericho. He grabs the legs of the big man and attempts to turn him over. The crowd cheers him on, but Batista is doing everything he can to prevent the move from happening. Jericho keeps fighting to turn the big man over and lock in the move completely. Batista gives it everything he has but finally Jericho is able to turn him over and lock in the move sending the crowd into a frenzy! Flair gets up on the apron however. The ref goes over to Flair and tries to get him down, but Flair is fired up and is tough to handle. Batista is tapping out but the ref doesn’t see it. Jericho releases the hold and holds his hands in the air because he believes he won. He then goes over to the ref and tells him Batista tapped, but the ref says he didn’t see it. Flair is still trying to get in and he shoves Jericho. Jericho then gets in the face of Flair, and delivers a huge right hand to The Nature Boy, knocking him to the apron and then to the outside padding. The crowd cheers and Jericho looks over the ropes down at the fallen legend. Batista has used this time to get back to his feet and is currently standing behind Jericho. Jericho turns around and is met with a huge kick in the stomach. Batista then throws Jericho on his shoulders and hits a huge Batista Bomb. He stays seated for the pin.

Winner: Batista

After a well fought match Batista is able to steal a victory with the assistance of a Ric Flair distraction. The woes for Jericho continue as Batista helps Flair up the ramp. The two men hold their hands in the air at the top of the stage. They look around the audience and at Jericho as the crowd boos. Jericho begins to stir in the ring and holds the back of his head as he tries to shake the cob webs loose. Jericho suffers yet another loss and this one particularly hurts as he seemed to have had it won. The frustration is apparent on his face as he makes his way back up the ramp ignoring fans along the way.

The camera cuts to the back where The Rock, wearing a referee’s shirt, is walking down the hall towards the ring. Coach stops him to ask him a few questions. Rock panders to the crowd with his “Finally The Rock has come back to Edmonton.” Naturally the crowd joins. Coach mentions there is speculation that Rock will cost Orton this match because of their recent history. Rock insists that he is a neutral party in this. He says he will call it right down the middle and the best man will win the match. He does say that if Orton over steps his boundaries The Rock will have no problem laying the smack down on his candy ass. He then heads off as his music hits and echoes throughout the arena.

*If ya smell what the Rock is Cookin!! Hits to a huge ovation as The Rock makes his way down the ramp. He gets in the ring and waits for the two competitors to make their way to the ring.*

*Carlito’s music hits to a pretty solid pop. He makes his way to the ring looking determined but still high fives a few fans. He gets in the ring and bounces around to loosen up as he stares down the entrance ramp waiting for Orton.*

*Evolution’s music hits and Orton appears on the top of the stage accompanied by Ric Flair. Orton slowly makes his way to the ring focusing more on The Rock than on Carlito. He climbs up the steps and enters the ring through the second rope. He heads to a corner and climbs to the second rope where he raises his hands above his head. The crowd showers him with boos and Orton appears to enjoy the hatred. Orton climbs down and takes off his belt. He reluctantly hands it over to The Rock who raises it above his head signifying the match will be for the Intercontinental Championship.*

Carlito vs. Randy Orton © w/Ric Flair
Special Guest Referee: The Rock
Single one fall to a finish
Intercontinental Championship

The Rock explains a few rules to both men and calls for the bell. Orton jaws at The Rock and steps towards him. This leads to Rock pointing to his official’s shirt saying he’s in charge. Orton continues to talk trash to the people’s champ, and finally Carlito jumps Orton from behind. He clubs Orton in the back of the head. Orton falls to the ground and Carlito stomps away on the champion as the crowd cheers him on. Carlito lifts up Orton and hits a huge uppercut on him sending Orton stumbling backwards. Carlito chases after him and hits a knife edged chop on the chest of Orton drawing a few “Woos” from the crowd. Carlito delivers a few more chops and goes to whip Orton to the other corner. Orton tries to reverse, but Carlito reverses that and sends Orton back into the original corner. Carlito hits more chops on the chest of Orton as the crowd continues to participate with “Woos”. Orton’s chest is now a bright shade of red. Carlito lifts Orton up onto the top rope, setting him up for a superplex. Orton fights it and shoves Carlito down to the mat. Carlito bounces off the mat but is able to get back to his feet quickly. Orton is trying to descend the ropes, but Carlito leaps to the top rope and hits a huge top rope belly to belly. Both men crash to the mat and Orton slides under the bottom rope to collect himself. Flair grabs the Intercontinental title and meets Orton and the two start walking up the ramp. The crowd boos as Carlito leaves and chases after them. He runs and nails Orton in the back sending him to the ground. Flair takes a few cheap shots which draws The Rock out of the ring. He runs towards them and pushes Flair off and tells him to leave the ringside area! Rock has ejected Flair from this contest and the crowd erupts at the decision. Flair is livid as security comes out to restrain him and bring him to the back. Carlito is now bringing Orton back towards the ring. He rolls him in the ring. Orton is able to get back to his feet inside. Carlito gets back in the ring and goes to meet Orton who kicks Carlito in the midsection. Orton drives a forearm into the lower back of Carlito which finally brings the challenger to his knees, slowing him down for the first time in this match. Orton lifts him up to set up a suplex. Carlito locks his leg around Ortons and reverses it into a suplex of his own. Carlito goes for the first pin fall of the match hoping to end it early.
…..Kick out before the count of 2.
Carlito locks in a headlock and The Rock immediately gets down and checks on Orton. Orton says he isn’t done and starts to fight the hold. He gets back to his feet, but Carlito tightens the hold. Orton gets some strength together and pushes Carlito off the ropes. Orton goes for a clothesline but Carlito ducks. Carlito charges back at Orton going for a clothesline of his own but Orton ducks. Carlito stops and turns around and is met with a beautiful dropkick from Orton. Both men get back up and Carlito goes for a right hook but Orton ducks and wraps his arm around the throat of Carlito. He drops Carlito over his back executing his signature backbreaker. Carlito snaps forward face-planting onto the canvas. Orton appears to be in control of this match for the first time. He gets on top of Carlito and begins to slug away with close fists. Rock tells him to open his fists but Orton doesn’t. Rock institutes the five count. Orton stops at four and gets up. Orton then dives right back onto Carlito and continues to punch away. This draws the Rock to come in and he throws Orton off of Carlito. Orton looks up in shock and then gets in the face of The Rock. Rock tells him he better be smart and Orton decides to go back to Carlito. Orton then locks in a half Boston crab. He pulls back on the right leg of Carlito as he screams in pain. Rock asks Carlito if he wants to give up but he shakes his head no. Carlito begins to inch his way towards the ropes. Each second he gets closer and closer, but as he reaches out and is about to touch the ropes, but Orton pulls him back to the center of the ring. The crowd boos at Orton and Carlito appears to be fading. Rock asks Carlito again if he wants to tap but once again Carlito refuses. Carlito, in a last ditch effort, lifts himself up. The adrenaline appears to be flowing one last time as the crowd cheers him on. Carlito begins again to crawl inch by inch towards the ropes. He reaches out and just misses. Carlito lunges forward one last time and this time he finally gets his hand around the ropes. The crowd erupts as Rock tells Orton to break the hold. Orton refuses again and Rock counts to five. Orton refuses to let go of the hold, trying to get disqualified, but The Rock doesn’t call for the bell. Instead he once again shoves Orton off of Carlito. Orton once again gets in the face of Rock and looks to cock his hand back, but he stops himself before he does anything drastic. Orton focuses his attention on his challenger. He grabs Carlito by the hair and lifts him up. Orton hits a few closed fist strikes. He then follows those up with a European uppercut. Carlito staggers back into a corner. Orton drives his shoulder into the midsection of Carlito three times. Carlito falls to a seated position in the corner. Orton struts around the center of the ring as the crowd boos. He smirks as he looks at the fallen opponent. He then charges at Carlito looking to deliver a kick to the face. Carlito just manages to dodge and Orton drives his kneed into the middle turnbuckle. Orton stumbles around trying to regain his footing and shake off the bump. He goes over to pick up Carlito, but Carlito punches Orton in the stomach. He punches two more times and looks to be picking up momentum, but Orton drives his knee into the chest and stomach of Carlito. Carlito falls to the ground and Orton falls to a knee. Orton is first to his feet and he goes towards Carlito. He lifts him up and then delivers a devastating DDT to the challenger. He rolls Carlito over and covers him.
………Kick Out by Carlito.
Orton looks annoyed as he gets back to his feet. He glares at the Rock questioning the speed of the count, but Rock just stares him down. Orton lifts up Carlito and hits a body slam on him. Orton runs off the ropes then stops at Carlito. He jumps high in the air and drops down driving his knee into the head of Carlito. Carlito’s body bounces in the air from the impact and Orton slides into another pin.
………..3..Kick Out by Carlito.
Orton again looks at the Rock insisting that it was a three count, but Rock shows him 2 fingers. Rock checks on Carlito to make sure he’s okay. Orton decides to take this time to go outside and get his Intercontinental title. He brings the belt into the ring as Carlito starts to get back to his feet. Rock notices he has the belt and wrestles it out of his hands. Orton goes over to Carlito as Rock goes to give the belt to the time keeper. Orton goes to whip Carlito into the ropes, but Carlito reverses it. Orton runs right into the Rock and clubs him out of the ring. Rock bangs his head off the mats on the outside and doesn’t get up right away. Orton looks over the ropes at the Rock, and Carlito approaches Orton. Carlito then nails Orton with a BACKSTABBER! Carlito covers Orton but there is no one there to count. The crowd counts out 1…2….3.. but that doesn’t make a difference. Carlito gets up and goes out of the ring to shake the Rock up. Rock begins to stir and Carlito rolls him into the ring. Rock stays down on the mat still trying to shake the cobwebs loose as Carlito gets in the ring. Orton is starting to get up and Carlito heads over to him. He goes to grab Orton by the head but out of nowhere Orton hits a devastating RKO!! Orton goes for the pin but The Rock is just now helping himself up with the help of the ropes while he holds his head. Orton gets off of the pin and goes to get The Rock. He pushes the Rock slightly to get his attention telling him he has to count. Rock is now up but his back is turned to Orton. Orton then whips Rock around and Rock nails Orton with a huge ROCK BOTTOM out of nowhere. The crowd erupts as Orton lays motionless in the ring. Carlito begins the crawl over towards Orton as the crowd wills him on. Carlito gets close enough and drapes his right arm over the chest of Orton. The Rock gets down to the mat and counts while the crowd counts along with him.

Winner and new Intercontinental Champion: Carlito

The crowd erupts as Carlito can barely sit up in the middle of the ring. He is smiling as he starts to get to his feet. Rock gets the belt from the timekeeper and hands it to Carlito as he raises his arm up in victory. The crowd is going wild, as Orton is laying on the ground just starting to move around now. Rock and Carlito leave the ring and head up the ramp where they once again pose at the top of the stage. Orton is sitting up in the ring staring a hole through the Rock. He appears to call Rock a “Son of a Bitch.” Rock looks back at Orton and gives a people’s eyebrow before giving a grin, basically saying “I put one over on you.”

The camera cuts backstage to Shawn Michaels being interviewed by Coach. Coach asks him his thoughts on the hell in a cell match tonight against Triple H. HBK says that the history between the two is well known. He says that this about more than a World Title. He says it’s about more than finding out who the better man is. He says that tonight is about Shawn Michaels proving to himself that he still has what it takes to reach deep down and pull out a win against all odds. He knows that hell in a cell is Triple H’s fairgrounds. He knows what Triple H has done and what he can do inside the sadistic structure. He also knows that Triple H knows no limits in his pursuit for the World Title. He knows that anything Triple H can do, he will do. Nothing is too violent, nothing too extreme, nothing is out of the question. Shawn says he is going in there tonight as the World Champion, and he is leaving with that title. He ends the interview saying “Whether I’ll be able to walk out of here is the real question.”

The camera cuts to Triple H in his lockerroom with only Ric Flair. He is standing over a television set, having just watched the interview that Shawn Michaels had. He has a serious look on his face and isn’t saying a word. He is just staring at the television and rocking side to side as he squeezes his hands together. Ric looks at him and asks him if he’s ready. Triple H waits a few more seconds and nods his head yes as they turn the tv off.

*Camera cuts back to the arena as La’ Resistance comes out to a mixed reaction because of the Canadian crowd. They come out still with their French flag and apparel, and act the role of the heel team. They get into the ring and wave the flags. They take off their coats and await the arrival of the champions.*

*RVD and Booker T’s music hit to a good ovation from the crowd. They come out and high five some fans. They point at La’ Resistance in the ring talking a bit of trash on their way to the ring. They get in the ring. Booker and RVD get on turnbuckles of opposite corners and do their respective taunts to work the crowd. They hand their belts to the referee and the match is set to begin.*

La’ Resistance vs. RVD & Booker T ©
Tag Team one fall to a finish
World Tag Team Championship

Rob Van Dam and Renee Dupree start the match off for their teams. They circle around the ring feeling each other out early on. They lock up in the center of the ring, bypassing the collar/elbow tie up as Dupree locks Van Dam in a side headlock. He tightens the grip as RVD goes to push him off the ropes. Dupree is able to stop the momentum and keep the hold in. RVD then swings his arms around the waist of Dupree and hits a back side suplex to get out of the hold. Both men get back up and Dupree goes for a clothesline, but Van Dam ducks. Dupree turns around and is hit with a rolling wheel kick to the face. Van Dam has come out firing early and the crowd is loving it. Dupree backs into the corner and holds his chin as Van Dam stands with his fist ready to go staring right back at Dupree. Dupree lifts himself back up with the help of the top rope and the two men circle around each other again. They lock up in the center of the ring and this time Dupree delivers a knee to the gut of Van Dam. He then drives his elbow into the neck of RVD, which drops him to the mat. Dupree then bounces of the ropes and hits a standing elbow drop onto the chest of Van Dam. Dupree stays on him for a quick cover.
…….kick just before 2.
Dupree knows it will take more than that to take out RVD, but was hoping to catch him napping. Dupree immediately locks in a headlock and wraps his leg around Van Dam’s waist. RVD rolls onto his back pinning Dupree’s shoulders to the mat.
Dupree breaks the hold to kick out of the pin. RVD gets to one knee but Dupree gets back to his feet. He runs at Van Dam and kicks him in the chest, sending him back to the mat. Dupree taunts Booker T, which draws him into the ring. The ref goes over to Booker and tries to contain him while Grenier enters the ring and double teams RVD. Dupree leaves the ring, never officially tagging out. Grenier now puts the boots to Van Dam. He then runs off the ropes and drops a quick leg drop over the throat of Van Dam. Grenier goes for another cover.
……Kick out by Van Dam.
Grenier then sits up Van Dam. He digs his knee into the back of RVD while he pulls back on the arms, stretching the chest and shoulders out. Van Dam tries to fight out of it but Grenier switches to a rear chin lock. RVD swings wildly trying to connect with Grenier but to no avail. Grenier moves into a modified dragon sleeper and stands RVD up in the hold. He then drills Van Dam with a reverse DDT. Again Grenier goes for the cover.
……..Kick out by Van Dam.
Grenier drags Van Dam towards La’ Resistance’s corner. Grenier hits a body slam on Van Dam and tags in Dupree. Dupree climbs up to the top rope. He jumps down delivering a double stomp to the sternum of Rob Van Dam. Van Dam rolls around on the mat in pain. While Dupree does his French Tickler dance taunt, which draws another mixed reaction from the crowd. Dupree lifts up Van Dam and delivers a few closed fist strikes to one half of the champions. He goes for a clothesline but Van Dam ducks and hits a VAN DAMNINATOR! Grenier attempts to get into the ring which distracts the referee. Van Dam makes a lunging effort and tags in Booker T which causes the crowd to erupt. Booker gets in the ring and looks ready to go to town on Dupree, but the ref holds him back saying he didn’t see the tag. Booker can’t believe it and he pleads his case as the crowd boos. The ref orders Booker out and Van Dam back in. Dupree jumps Van Dam from behind and knocks him to the mat. He drags Van Dam across the canvas as Van Dam scratches the mat trying to stop it. Dupree tags in Grenier. Grenier ascends the top rope as Dupree twists and holds the arm of Van Dam. Grenier jumps hitting a double axe handle smash on the twisted arm. RVD falls to the mat clutching his arm in pain. Grenier stomps away on the shoulder and elbow of Van Dam in an attempt to weaken the right arm of RVD. Grenier gets to one knee and locks in an arm lock on Van Dam. He pulls back on the arm and pushes RVD’s head away to add to the torque on the arm. Van Dam is able to roll out of it and nip up. He sweeps the leg of Grenier sending him to the ground, but RVD falls to the ground as well. RVD goes to crawl towards Booker, but Grenier gets up and drops an elbow on the back of Rob Van Dam. RVD is just not able to get any momentum going. Grenier drags RVD back towards Dupree. He stomps away on Rob and taunts him. He talks trash as RVD struggles to get to his knees. Grenier plays with fire and gets too close and RVD slaps him across the face. Grenier is pushed back by this and goes back at RVD, but Rob hits a drop toe hold on the Frenchman. Grenier gets his neck hung up on the second rope and then bounces to the mat. RVD sees this as an opening, but instead of going for the tag he goes for a rolling thunder on Grenier. Grenier is able to get the knees up and Van Dam lands back first on the knees of Grenier. Van Dam rolls over and puts his hand on his back wincing in pain. Grenier slowly gets up. He lifts up RVD by the hair and locks him by the head. He tags in Dupree. Dupree comes in and Grenier lifts up the arm of RVD. Dupree delivers a stiff kick to the exposed ribs and midsection of RVD. This sends Van Dam back to the mat, where he has spent most of this match. Dupree grabs RVD and looks to put an end to this match. Dupree lifts up Van Dam with one hand and hits a huge spinebuster on him. Dupree goes for a cover looking to end it.
…………..Kick out by Van Dam.
Dupree gets up and runs off the ropes. He hits a low dropkick on Van Dam as he attempted to sit up. Dupree looks confident as he stands up and approaches RVD. He goes to pick up Van Dam, but the ever resilient champion still has fight left in him. He swings away with rights and lefts at the midsection of Dupree, which backs him up. Van Dam hops up to his feet and sees an opening. He runs off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Dupree ducks and pulls the rope down sending RVD crashing to the outside. Booker has finally seen enough and he jumps over the rope and gets in the ring. He mounts Dupree and swings away with rights and lefts. While this is occurring Grenier has descended from the apron and has grabbed one of the tag belts. The ref has no choice but to dive at Booker to get him off of Dupree. He orders Booker to get out of the ring but Booker is not cooperating. Grenier is on the outside with the belt stalking RVD. Van Dam finally gets to his feet only to be nailed in the skull with his own championship belt. Grenier throws the belt to the side and lifts RVD up and rolls him into the ring. Booker sees what happens and he jumps to the outside and attacks Grenier. Chaos has broken out on the outside as Booker and Grenier brawl on the mat. The ref goes to the outside to try to contain it. Meanwhile in the ring Dupree has a cover on the unconscious RVD, but the ref has his hands full with the illegal men on the outside. The ref finally restores order and gets both men back to their corner. All the time has given RVD the opportunity to recompose himself and wake up. Dupree lifts up Van Dam and hits a perfectly executed suplex on him. He tags in Grenier and before he exits the two before their double spinebuster move, the Bonsoir. The ref gets physical and shoves Dupree towards the corner saying he has to get out. Grenier then goes for the pin.
Van Dam is able to kick out much to the chagrin of the challengers. Grenier looks frustrated and looks to put an end to this match. He puts RVD on his shoulders looking to hit the TKO, but RVD is able to shift the weight and execute a crucifix roll-up pin!!
………..Kick out just before 3 by Grenier.
Grenier pops up and goes over to Van Dam who does whatever he can to fight back in this match. He throws rights and lefts at the midsection of Grenier. He then hits an upper cut sending Grenier reeling. RVD jumps up to his feet and then hits a jump spinning back kick to the face of Grenier. Grenier falls to the mat as well as Van Dam. Both men seem to be down and the ref begins his 10 count.
RVD and Grenier begin to move and crawl to their corners.
Closer inch by inch.
Grenier is about to tag Dupree, while RVD still has a ways to go.
……….8……….Dupree is tagged in and RVD is up to one knee.
The ref stops the count and RVD reaches out towards Booker, who reaches back towards him, but they are just not close enough. Dupree grabs the foot of Van Dam who stands up on his other leg. He hops and then goes for an enziguri but Dupree dodges it. Van Dam catches his balance and then goes for a reverse enziguri with the same foot and he NAILS IT!! Dupree drops to the mat and Van Dam jumps and lunges to his corner. VAN DAM TAGS IN BOOKER T!!! The crowd erupts as Booker hits a back elbow to the face of Dupree sending him to the mat. Dupree bounces up only to be met by another elbow. Dupree bounces up again and runs at Booker. He goes for a clothesline but Booker ducks. Dupree turns around and is met with a huge scissor side kick to the head. Dupree goes down and the crowd erupts. Grenier storms in the ring and clubs Booker in the back. He sends Booker off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Booker ducks and bounces off the other ropes. Booker comes back and hits a scissor sidekick on Grenier sending him down to the ground. Grenier rolls out of the ring to the outside mats. Dupree comes back and goes to cheap shot Booker but Booker drops to a knee and hits a shot to the midsection of Dupree. Dupree keels over and Booker can feel it. Dupree falls to a knee and tries to get back up but is still bent over. Booker bounces off the ropes and goes for the SCISSOR KICK!! But Dupree backs out of the way and Booker eats canvas. Dupree goes towards Booker and kicks him in the back. Dupree lifts up Booker and locks in a Cobra Clutch. Booker struggles for a bit but Dupree nails him with a COBRA CLUTCH BOMB!! Booker looks to be down and out from that devastating move. Dupree goes for the cover.
………..3.NOOOO Kick out by Booker!
Dupree can’t believe that Booker kicked out of that high impact move. He lifts Booker up again and sends him off the ropes. RVD hits a blind tag on his partner and Dupree hits a jumping calf kick to the face of Booker on the rebound. Dupree goes for the pin but the ref isn’t counting because Booker isn’t legal. Dupree gets up and is greeted by RVD jumping off the top rope and kicking him in the face. Dupree crashes to the mat and RVD rolls up. Booker rolls to the side of the ring but not out of it. RVD sees his chance and goes for the Rolling Thunder and he nails it on Dupree. Dupree seems to be out of it for the time being, but Grenier has come back into the ring and he jumps RVD. The two trade blows in the middle of the ring and Booker helps himself up with the ropes in the corner. RVD hits a huge Van Damninator on Grenier which sends him reeling. Grenier turns around and is met with a huge super kick by Booker T! Grenier falls to the mat limply and RVD looks to the top rope as the crowd goes wild. He hops up and looks ready to hit a 5-Star Frog Splash! Dupree gets up and shoves Booker into the ropes which forces RVD to lose his balance and land on his crotch. Dupree tosses Booker to the outside as RVD falls limply to the mat from the turnbuckle. Dupree then lifts up RVD and sets him up for his finisher, The Death Valley Driver. Dupree hits the move on the champion and looks to have this one in the bag. He gets on for the cover and the ref gets down for the count.

Winners and new World Tag Team Champions: La’ Resistance

Dupree grabs the belts from the ref as he tries to wake up his unconscious partner. Dupree finally gets Grenier somewhat coherent as the ref supports Grenier’s limp body. The two stand in the center of the ring holding the belts up high still getting the mixed reaction but getting more boos. Dupree helps his battered partner up the ramp as the new champs exit taunting fans along the way. Booker is on the outside of the ring sitting, and staring unable to believe how that one slipped through their fingers. RVD struggles to his feet having taken a beating in that match. Booker lends a hand to RVD but he is eventually able to walk out under his own power. They get a good ovation as they walk out for a great performance.

The camera cuts backstage showing Triple H and Flair walking through the halls towards the ring. Triple H has his head down, appearing to have a million thoughts running through his mind at this moment. The camera then cuts to Michaels, still in his locker room, sitting in a chair. His hands are clasped as his head is bowed. He then lifts his head up and grabs his World Title. He wraps it around his waist and exits the room, heading towards the ring.

The camera cuts back to the arena where the Cell is now being lowered to the ring. Fink tells the audience that the next match will be a Hell in a Cell match for the World Heavyweight Championship. He says that the only way to win is for one man to score a pin fall or a submission on his opponent. The cell has made its way all the way to the ground and the crowd is wired with anticipation.

*Time to play the game echoes throughout the arena and is met with the deafening sound of boos. Triple H emerges on stage, Ric Flair is nowhere to be found. Triple H appears to understand just how deep this match goes and wants it to be completely one on one. Triple H pours water on his head and spits some out as he starts to make his way down the ramp, staring at the large steel structure. He gets to the end of the ramp and stops to gaze at the cell. The camera takes a low angle and zooms up at his expression capturing his intensity before he enters the cell. He gets on the apron and spits out the water as the crowd continues to boo. He enters the ring and stands on the turnbuckle, flexing his arms as usual. He gets down and paces around the ring as he waits for his longtime friend, and current rival.*

*OH OH Shawn! Hits to a huge ovation. Shawn Michaels comes dancing out from behind the current showing off his energy and riling up the fans in the process. He goes to both sides of the stage working the entire crowd. He then gets to the center of the stage and falls to his knees. He throws his arms up in prayer as fireworks explode behind him. He slaps the World Title and gets to his feet. HBK continues to strut and dance down the ramp high fiving a few lucky fans on the way. He gets to the end of the ramp and stairs up at the cell. He nods slightly and claps his hands together before entering the cell. HBK gets in the ring and does his signature pose, which sets fireworks off on top of the cell. HBK takes off his belt and entrance attire. He hands the title to the ref who then passes it to the timekeeper. The ref then locks the door and puts the key in his pocket. The two men get in the ring and the match looks ready to get underway.*

Main Event
Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels ©
Hell In a Cell
Single one fall to a finish
World Heavyweight Championship

The ref calls for the bell and the two men eye each other down from opposite corners while the crowd is going wild with anticipation. They begin to slowly walk towards each other, both mouthing a few things to one another. The camera can’t make out the sound of what they are saying over the crowd noise. They keep inching towards each other and eventually get eye to eye in the middle of the ring. The tension is palpable in the arena as the crowd anxiously awaits the first strike. The words are starting to get intense as the two men are now basically butting heads while they talk trash. The crowd cheers louder as they expect this to finally boil over. Finally, after all the build, Triple H throws the first shot, which sends the crowd into a booing frenzy. Hunter fires at Michaels with more right hands. He backs Michaels to the ropes. He then sends HBK across the ring, and he bounces off the opposite ropes. Triple H goes for a clothesline but HBK ducks. HBK bounces off the ropes and nails Triple H with a diving forearm to send the crowd wild. HBK and Triple H both get up and Michaels hits a clothesline sending Triple H down to the mat. Hunter bounces back up and is sent right back down with another clothesline as Michaels is fired up. Triple H thinks twice about getting up right away and slithers to a corner to regroup. He eyes down Michaels who is pumping his fists with energy, telling Triple H to come after him. Triple H realizes that Michaels is going to throw everything he has at him on this given night. Triple H then wipes his lip, possibly checking for any early cuts, and nods his head yes. He gets up and the two men start to circle around each other in the ring. They meet in the middle of the ring locking up and a collar and elbow tie up. Triple H has the obvious power advantage and he displays this by muscling HBK into a corner. HBK pulls back on the hold and the ref comes into separate the two. Triple H backs up and flexes his back, as if to prove a point to HBK that he is stronger than him. HBK is the one nodding this time as he can see he is also in for a long night. The two opponents begin to circle around each other again and Triple H goes for another tie up but Michaels drops to a knee and goes behind Triple H. He locks his arms around the waist of Triple H and then slides down pulling his legs out from under him. He spins on top of Hunter’s fallen body and locks in a headlock. Triple H gets to his knee to try to gain leverage and get out of the hold but HBK tightens the grip. Triple H is able to power up to his feet and turn it into a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge for the pin.
………Kick out just in time by Michaels.
Michaels springs up looking shocked at Triple H pulling out that move as he has never seen him use it before. Triple H is clearly bringing his A-game on this night. Triple H goes to lure Michaels in to a hand grip test of strength, but as Michaels goes to grab his hand, Hunter kicks him in the gut. Triple H then clubs Michaels in the lower back and then to the neck. HBK drops to his knees. Triple H runs off the ropes and comes storming back with a kick to the chest of Michaels sending him to the ground. He then goes and locks in a leg lock on the left leg of Michaels. The left leg is his plant leg for the Sweet Chin Music, and Triple H looks to be trying to wear that leg out early. He pulls back on the leg as he tries to twist the knee. Michaels uses his other leg to kick Triple H. After about 4 kicks Triple H decides to release the hold and stand up. He then stomps away on the left leg as HBK bounces around on the mat and tries to cover up that leg. Triple H chases after him and goes to grab the leg but Michaels executes a flawless inside cradle pin.
………….Kick out just in time by The Game.
Both men get to their feet and begin to trade blows in the middle of the ring. The crowd cheers for each shot HBK hits and boos each shot Triple H hits. HBK then hits a few chops which once again draw “WOO’s” from the crowd. HBK hits about five chops which have backed Triple H into the corner. Michaels continues to chop away as the fans are now having trouble keeping their “WOO’s” up with the amount of chops. HBK hits about 15 chops and struts away from Triple H, who now has a beet red chest. Triple H then staggers out of the corner and does a classic Ric Flair face first fall to the mat, which draws a big ovation and a few “Woo’s” from the crowd. Michaels appears to have gained control of this match as he goes to lift Triple H up. He hits a big scoop slam on the game and then drops an elbow on the heart of the challenger. Michaels stays on top of him for another early pin.
………2.kick out just after the count of 2.
HBK gets up and stomps away on the upper body of Triple H. He grabs the game by the hair and stands him up. He backs him up into the ropes and then whips him across the ring. HBK goes for a back body drop, but he bends down to early and Triple H kicks him in the face. HBK straightens up from the kick and Triple H delivers a huge clothesline which bounces HBK off the mat. Triple H falls to a knee quickly, but is able to collect himself and stand up. He kicks HBK in the shoulder/head area a couple times before going to pick him up. Triple H sets him up for a suplex and hits one in the center of the ring. He then rolls HBK over onto his stomach. He goes towards his left leg and sets him up for an Indian Deathlock. He wraps HBK’s leg around his and then sends all his weight back to the mat. The impact broke the hold but did damage to the knee of Michaels as he holds it in pain on the mat. Triple H then puts Michaels in what looks to be a modified figure four, where Triple H is positioned more towards the side allowing him to push on Michaels knee with his free leg. Michaels screams in pain as Triple H puts more pressure on the wounded limb, showing everyone why JR dubbed him the “Cerebral Assassin.” HBK tries to roll out of the move to take the pressure off the knee but he is unable to because of the leverage Triple H has. The ref gets close to ask HBK if he gives up and while he does this Triple H pulls on the ropes to illegally give him more leverage. Michaels lets out a painful gasp but refuses to give in. His shoulders hit the mat which forces the ref to count.
Michaels gets a shoulder up. He tries to roll over again but to no avail. The ref goes to check on him again, and again the game uses the ropes. The ref gets suspicious but Triple H lets go before he sees. The ref sees the ropes shaking and warns Triple H to knock it off, but Triple H denies it. HBK continues to try to roll out of the hold, but once again Triple H is able to prevent that from happening. Michaels again lets his shoulders hit the mat.
……..kick out by Michaels, this one took a little longer. HBK seems to be tiring out a bit, as he tries one last ditch effort to crawl backwards to the ropes. Michaels and Triple H have a version of tug of war going on as they try to go towards opposite ropes. HBK is able to gain some ground and get close to the ropes. He reaches out and just misses the bottom rope. He reaches again and his finger grazes the rope, but he is unable to grab a hold. Triple H then drags Michaels back a bit towards the center of the ring. The crowd boos at this development as it appears that Triple H is in firm control. HBK tries to regain some strength, but once again lets his shoulders hit the mat.
…….kick out again by Michaels.
Triple H pushes the knee forcing more pressure on the leg. Michaels uses a surge of adrenaline and the will of the crowd to push himself towards the ropes. Triple H continues to try to fight HBK from getting to the ropes, but HBK is gaining ground. HBK reaches out but is inches away from the ropes. The crowd is cheering him on as he uses one last surge to push himself closer. Finally HBK reaches out and is able to get his hand on the ropes. The ref counts to five for Triple H to break the hold but he refuses. Since there is no disqualification in this match, the ref can’t do anything about it. He dives onto Triple H to force him to break the hold. The ref pushes Triple H back telling him to watch himself. HBK stays on the mat and holds his knee in pain. Triple H goes back towards HBK and stomps away on the left leg. Triple H then backs off as he watches HBK struggle to try and stand up. HBK uses the ropes to help himself up. Finally HBK is able to get to his feet, only to have Triple H run by and kick out his leg forcing him back to the mat. Triple H appears to be toying with HBK as he waits for him to stand up again. HBK takes a little longer this time but once again uses the ropes to stand himself up. Once again, Triple H runs and kicks out the leg. The crowd delivers massive heat towards Triple H as he laughs at the fans and Michaels. This time Triple H stands at the ropes opposite of HBK. He watches the champion struggle to his feet again. HBK stands up using the help of the ropes. Triple H runs at him looking to hit a running high knee. HBK pulls the top rope down and hits the deck. Triple H flies over the top rope and gets his back leg hung up. He hits the apron and then tumbles to the mats on the outside. HBK stands up and sees Triple H down on the outside. The game starts to get up and the crowd begins to cheer on the champion. HBK has a look of danger in his eyes as he tries to loosen up his left knee. He then runs, with a bit of a limp, of the ropes. He charges towards the ropes nearest Triple H and goes to dive through them into the game. Triple H is the one side-stepping this time. He moves and throws Michaels face first into the cell. Triple H falls to the mat from the momentum, as Michaels crumples to a heap. The crowd was cheering wildly, and is now booing ferociously. Triple H sees this as his opening to do some serious damage. He lifts up HBK into a bear hug grip. He then drives HBK spine first into the cell. He turns around and drives HBK spine first into the ring apron. He turns around again and drives him back into the cell. He then drops HBK’s limp body to the mat. Triple H goes over to the steel steps and takes off the first two steps, leaving the larger steps exposed. He drags HBK over towards the steps. He puts HBK’s head between his legs and looks to be going for a Pedigree on the steps. He goes to execute the move, but HBK fights it off. HBK reverses the move into a back body drop and Triple H lands on the steel steps. HBK falls to his knees after the move and then falls completely to the mat. Triple H writhes on the steps in pain. He rolls over and holds his lower back trying to relieve the pain. HBK begins to stir on the other side of the steps as he grabs hold of the cell attempting to lift himself up. Triple H grabs hold of the ring skirt and then the apron as he pulls himself up. HBK rolls into the ring as Triple H is still trying to completely stand up. Triple H is standing up and HBK runs towards him from inside the ring. HBK baseball slides into Triple H’s chest sending him flying into the cell. Triple H falls back to his knees after slamming face first into the cell wall. HBK then gets on the apron and puts his back to Triple H. He waits for him to stand up and HBK goes for a moonsault off the apron. He isn’t able to get enough height or momentum and Triple H catches him. Triple H then powerslams HBK onto the steel steps, which draws a negative reaction from the crowd. Triple H rolls off to the side as HBK hunches over lifeless, in an obvious amount of pain as he lightly kicks his right leg into the cell. Triple H sits up and grabs hold of the ring skirt again to pull himself up. He slowly walks over to HBK and lifts up his beaten body. He rolls HBK into the ring and then goes over to the side of the ring and lifts up the skirt. He goes under the ring and grabs a chair and tosses it into the ring. He then grabs a sledgehammer as the crowd is nervous with what is about to come. Triple H takes his time getting in the ring, while HBK is trying to get himself up with the help of the ropes. HBK is now on one knee as he clings to the second rope. He sort of gets himself up but stumbles back into the corner and uses the second turnbuckle as a seat. He holds on to the top ropes to support himself as Triple H taunts him with the sledgehammer. Triple H saunters over towards the corner and eventually lunges at Michaels. He goes to hit a devastating shot with the hammer in his midsection but Michaels is able to shuffle out of the way. Triple H turns around and HBK goes for a quick Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere but Triple H, out of instinct, ducks out of the way. HBK gets caught up on the top rope for a minute and when he gets loose to turn around, Triple H nails him in the stomach with the sledgehammer. Michaels crumbles to the mat and is almost in the fetal position. Triple H looks down at the fallen champion and grins. He cocks back with the hammer as if he was about to drive home a railroad spike. The ref jumps in and pulls the hammer away, refusing to allow this to take place. The ref ducks out of the ring as Triple H screams at him to get back in there. The ref then runs over to the gate and unlocks the door. Triple H goes to the outside and tries to go after the ref. The ref gives away the hammer to another official on the outside. He goes to lock the door again but Triple H shoves him through it! Triple H grabs the key and throws it in his trunks. He grabs the sledgehammer and then shuts the cell door. He locks the door locking the referee out of the cell! Triple H then rolls back in the ring and looks to destroy HBK. Michaels has made it back to one knee in the ring, once again with the help of the ropes. Triple H heads towards Michaels and swings the hammer like a baseball bat at the head of HBK. Michaels ducks and hits a low blow on the game. Triple H drops the hammer to his side as Michaels falls back to the ground. Both men are on the ground while officials on the outside call to the back trying to get the spare key to the ring. Finally they are able to get the door unlocked and the official back in to restore order. The ref kicks the hammer out of the ring, but not out of the cell completely. Both men are starting to stir and help themselves up with the ring ropes, a running theme in this brutal match. They get up and meet in the middle of the ring and trade right hands. Cheers for Michaels, and boos for Triple H. HBK appears to gain the upper-hand and sends Triple H reeling backwards towards the corner. HBK goes to whip Triple H to the other corner, but Triple H reverses it. Triple H uses so much force behind the throw he hits the ground, and HBK does his trademark flip into the turnbuckle. He flips up to a sitting position on the top rope, and then falls backwards back down onto the mat, but on his feet. He stumbles as Triple H is back up and Triple H hits a kick to the midsection and sets him up for the PEDIGREE! HE HITS IT!! Triple H looks to have this match won if he can muster up the strength to roll Shawn over and pin him. Triple H crawls towards him and gets on his knees. He pushes HBK over onto his back and HBK appears to be out. Triple H falls on top of Michaels but doesn’t hook the leg. The ref gets down and counts.
……….Michaels just gets the shoulder up!!
The crowd erupts as Triple H gets up on to his knees and looks up at the ref holding three fingers up. The ref shows two fingers and the match continues. Triple H gets up and goes to the outside, looking for the hammer. He falls off the apron onto the mats below, due to exhaustion. He gathers himself onto one knee on the outside while HBK is getting up in the ring. Triple H gets himself up and slowly walks over to where the hammer was thrown. The ref implores Triple H to leave the hammer where it is. Triple H shrugs him off and stumbles down to one knee in front of the hammer. He grabs it and uses it like a cane to help himself back up. He looks at the hammer and again gets that evil grin. He goes to turn around towards the ring and is met with HBK DIVING INTO HIM THROUGH THE ROPES!! The impact takes both men THROUGH A SECTION OF THE CHAINLINK CELL WALL!! Both men are down on the outside as the crowd is going wild, and there is a faint “Holy Shit” chant being heard throughout the crowd. Both men lay motionless on the ground for a few more seconds as the crowd takes in the scene of this epic battle. They start to move around slowly on the ground crawling over one another while taking cheap shots as they pass. Michaels grabs hold of the announce table as the game uses cell to help himself up. HBK is the first one to get up and this time, it is he who grabs the sledgehammer. Triple H has his back turned to the champion and HBK sees this and decides to play a little possum. He keels over onto the announce table, feigning injury and covering up the hammer. Triple H finally gets up and sees, what he believes to be, a very wounded HBK on the announce table. He heads over towards Michaels, showing a bit of a limp. He grabs Michaels by the hair, but Michaels spins around and digs the hammer into the midsection of the game. Triple H falls to his knees and HBK pushes him over with his foot to his chest. HBK begins to tear apart the announce table. He goes over to Triple H and lifts him up on to his knees. He pulls him towards the announce table. He stands him up and hits him again in the midsection, but then drills him with a shot to the head with the sledgehammer! Triple H falls backwards onto the announce table and he is out cold. HBK fell backwards from his momentum. He drops the hammer as the crowd goes wild from the wicked shot. HBK gets up and lifts the game’s legs up and puts them on the table so he is completely on. HBK then points to the top of the cell as the crowd is going absolutely insane at this point. HBK begins to climb up the cell and gets a boost of adrenaline from the roar of the crowd. He climbs up to the top of the cell, being very cautious about how much weight he put on his left knee. He stands up on top of the cell and looks out at the crowd. He looks down at his unconscious opponent and raises his hands in the air. HBK hits an elbow drop on Triple H THROUGH THE ANNOUNCER’S TABLE FROM ON TOP OF THE CELL!! The crowd erupts in “HOLY SHIT” chants and cheers as The Showstopper puts on another amazing moment. Both men lie motionless in the rubble as officials come out in droves to check on the well-being of both men. Everyone knew this match was going to be the battle to end the war, but I’m not sure people expected it to be this brutal. The officials pull both men off each other to separately evaluate both men. HBK pushes the officials off and stumbles his way towards the ring. He falls to his knees multiple times but is able to roll into the ring. He lays in the ring holding his knee, doing whatever he can to make it feel somewhat better. Triple H is sitting up on the outside and is finally coming to after that vicious sledgehammer shot to the head. He has a glazed over look in his eyes but he realizes where he is and what’s at stake. He too shoves the officials to the side and stands up under his own power. He walks a crooked line to the ring and stumbles to his knees multiple times as well. He holds onto the ring skirt and drags himself up and onto the apron. He rolls into the ring and pulls himself into a corner. HBK is in the opposite corner as the two men sit against the bottom turnbuckle. They stare at each other from across the way. The crowd cheers on both men for the incredible match they are witnessing. They both grab on to their respective top ropes and pull themselves up. They walk towards each other and trade right hands again in the middle of the ring. Michaels hits a right. Triple H hits one of his own. Michaels again. The game scores with one. Michaels. Hunter. Hunter. Michaels. Michaels. Hunter. Hunter. Hunter. Finally Triple H gains the upper hand and goes to whip Michaels off the ropes. He goes for the high knee strike to the face but Michaels ducks and bounces off the ropes. He hits a huge flying forearm smash the face of Triple H on the rebound. Michaels hits the ground and both men lay their motionless. BUT MICHAELS NIPS UP! The crowd goes wild. HBK gets in the corner and he starts to tune up the band. He stomps once and the crowd counts “ONE!” He stomps again and the crowd shouts “TWO!” He stomps a third time and Triple H begins to get up as the crowd shouts “THREE!” Michaels stomps a fourth time as Triple H is now on his feet but has his back turned, and the crowd cheers “FOUR!” Michaels goes to stomp a fifth time but turns it into a shuffle as Triple H starts to turn around. Michaels goes for the Sweet Chin Music but Triple H ducks. Michaels stops and spins around and is met with a kick to the gut. Triple H goes for the Pedigree but HBK fights it. He spins out of it and goes for a short arm clothesline on Triple H but Triple H ducks and kicks him in the gut again. This time Triple H hits his trademark knee smash sending Michaels shooting up in the air and crashing to the ground. Triple H sits on the ground and goes to get up. He uses the ropes to help himself up. He gets in the corner and leans back with his arms in the air. He then brings them down for the trademark “suck it” taunt. He goes to hit the trademark knee drop. He moves towards HBK and jumps into the air. Triple H comes crashing down on THE CANVAS! HBK is able to roll out of the way and avoid the impact of the knee. Triple H holds his knee and rolls around on the canvas. MICHAELS NIPS UP AGAIN!! The crowd erupts as HBK goes to the corner. He passes up the stomping as he quickly taps his foot repeatedly anxiously waiting for Triple H to get up. Triple H gets up and as he turns around he is met with SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! Triple H falls back to the mat and HBK falls down on top of him for the pin. The ref gets down for the count.
Triple H kicks out just before the count of three and Michaels can’t believe it. HBK pleads his case with the ref that it was a three count, but to no avail the match must go on. HBK gets back up into the corner and again begins to stomp. He stomps once with the crowd cheering along. This time the stomps come fewer and far between, as Michaels doesn’t seem to have the same adrenaline rush as previous. He stomps again with the crowd willing him along. Triple H is on his knees at this point. The third stomp comes as the crowd would have let you know if you looked away. Triple H is on his feet with his back turned to HBK. HBK starts to shuffle as Triple H turns around. He goes for another Sweet Chin Music but the game catches his foot! He tosses the leg spinning Michaels around. When Michaels faces Triple H again he is met with a kick to the midsection. Triple H goes for the Pedigree and this time he hits it!! TRIPLE H GOES FOR THE PIN!
Michaels just gets the shoulder up as Triple H falls to the mat in disbelief. He sits up and slowly gets back to his feet as Michaels is crawling towards the ropes. HBK grabs hold of the bottom rope, then the middle rope, slowly pulling himself up. HBK gets to his knees while he supports himself on the middle rope. Triple H is up and is stalking the champion. HBK gets up and is met with another kick to the midsection. Triple H goes for a third Pedigree but Michaels spins out of it. HBK goes for a short arm clothesline but Triple H ducks and runs off the ropes. Triple H goes for a clothesline but this time Michaels ducks. Triple H stops as he reaches the ropes and turns around and is MET WITH ANOTHER SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!! Triple H’s limp body falls to the mat and HBK falls right with him. Both men land on the mat and HBK drapes his upper body over The Game. The ref gets down for the count!!

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion: Shawn Michaels.

Both men lie on the mat motionless as the ref drapes the belt over HBK and raises his arm in the air. Shawn’s music is playing but can barely be heard over the roaring crowd. The cell begins to raise as the official helps HBK sit up. Members of the officiating crew and medical staff come out to assist both men. Triple H is just starting to show signs of movement.

*Fire explodes from the stage as Kane’s music plays throughout the arena.*

The monster emerges through the curtain and heads straight for the ring. The officials look up in shock as they have no idea what to do. HBK and Triple H, who are both barely sitting up, look at the monster heading their way. Kane gets in the ring and lifts up HBK by his throat. He swings him around like a rag doll. Triple H sees this and tries his hardest to get up but he isn’t moving very quickly. Kane hits a massive chokeslam on the champion, bouncing him off the canvas. Kane then clotheslines Triple H to the outside and follows after him. Kane then grabs a chair. He cracks Triple H in the skull with a vicious chair shot. Triple H collapses to the mats below and Kane continues his assault taking shot after shot with the chair to the lower and upper body of the game. Officials have taken HBK away to get him out of anymore danger. Guys from the locker room come out to try and stop the assault but Kane’s pyro goes off on the stage forcing them to stop in their tracks. Kane hits one more vicious shot to the head of the fallen Triple H. He then exits through the crowd, leaving Triple H completely motionless, and forcing HBK to be carried out of the arena by medics.

The camera zooms in on a bloody and battered Triple H as the WWE logo comes across the screen.

*End of Show*

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Build Up to Judgment Day

Chavo Guerrero © w/ Chavo Sr. vs. Billy Kidman
Cruiserweight Championship

Chavo Guerrero has had a lengthy reign as Cruiserweight champion, however most of his victories are controversial to say the least. Kidman and Guerrero have crossed paths numerous times since Wrestlemania. Chavo and Chavo Sr. frequently talk trash to the veteran cruiserweight, but don’t seem to eager to step in the ring. Kidman was granted a shot at the title two weeks ago and looked to be in control of the match. Chavo feared that his title reign may be in jeopardy so he grabbed the belt and made his way up the ramp. He was counted out but retained the title, leaving Kidman hanging in the ring. Chavo tried to get out of defending his title at Judgment day claiming a knee injury, but Paul Heyman insists the title be defended. Kidman looks to have Chavo’s number but with Chavo Sr. in his corner anything can happen. Chavo has garnered a lot of heat for the way he has gone about his title reign, making him a viable heel on the Smackdown brand. Kidman has been getting decent reactions, especially after the showing he put on in his match with Chavo a few weeks ago. The anticipation of this match has been growing as the two work very well together in the ring. There is talk of this being a possible show opener to hype the crowd up early, however the producers may save this for later in the show to keep the crowd going towards the main events of the night.

The Bashams vs. Too Cool ©
WWE Tag Team Championship

The Bashams have almost come out of nowhere in the tag team division. They have unleashed beat downs on both member of Too Cool in the previous weeks, often times utilizing sneak attacks before or after their matches. They earned the number one contender spot when they defeated the APA in a match at the end of April. Bradshaw had just hit the clothesline from Hell on Doug, but when he wasn’t looking Danny pulled Doug out and took his place and scored the quick roll up pin. They have utilized brute force along with clever trickery to pose a serious threat to the reign of Too Cool. Too Cool gained the upper hand three weeks ago when they launched a sneak attack of their own, virtually asserting their dominance atop the tag team division. However the Bashams swung the momentum in their favor three days ago on Smackdown. After a one on one match between Doug and Rikishi, Danny and Doug administered a double team attack on the big Samoan. They used chairs to take the big man down and then placed his right knee in between the chair. Doug then jumped off the second rope pressing down all his weight on the chair, thus wrenching Rikishi’s knee. Rikishi had to be helped out of the arena by the medical staff and is said to have a slightly torn MCL. It is no doubt that the champions are at a slight disadvantage heading into the title match.

World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The APA
This feud started after the APA lost their number one contender match against the Bashams. Haas and Benjamin ran into the beaten, veteran team after the match and began to jeer the team. They called them washed up and didn’t deserve a spot on the roster anymore. APA took offense and tossed them around the backstage area. Bradshaw hit a vicious clothesline from Hell on Haas, and Farooq threw Benjamin face first into a steel garage door. Haas and Benjamin felt embarrassed and began to torment the APA. They trashed their “office” when the APA was in a match. TWGTT used strippers to lure the APA into a backstage trap, where they attacked them with baseball bats. The APA was out of commission for a couple weeks after the attack which led to TWGTT putting the APA office under new management. They began hanging out and playing poker, and even changed the sign on the door. Haas and Benjamin felt good about what they had done until last week when the APA returned. They kicked down the door, even though there were no walls, and ruined Haas and Benjamin’s card game. Heyman after seeing the actions of late booked a match between the two teams for Judgment Day.

Rey Mysterio vs. Orlando Jordan
Orlando Jordan didn’t take too kindly to Mysterio defeating him in the mini tournament to decide the #1 contender for the WWE title. Jordan then cost Mysterio his match against Edge the very next week as a way of sending a message to the high flyer. Mysterio continuously called out Jordan to fight but Jordan always had an excuse not to fight. He said he doesn’t think the fans deserve to watch a talent like himself perform. Jordan has done a good job getting heat over the past month and a half. He has ducked out of his own matches after only completing a few moves, as a way to piss off the crowd as well as act above his competitors. At the beginning of May, he jumped Rey Mysterio on his way to a match. Mysterio put up a strong fight but was derailed after a kick to the groin. Jordan then hit the Blackout on concrete and left Mysterio unconscious backstage. Jordan bragged that he put an end to Mysterio until Smackdown last week when Mysterio emerged from the audience to attack Jordan during a promo. Jordan was able to duck out of the ring before anything could be done. He taunted Mysterio as he backed up the ramp claiming he was smarter than that. Creative backstage are high on Jordan as a strong midcard presence for the time being, and could be a suitor for the United State Title in the coming months. As with anything in the WWE that is all subject to change, but we are expecting a great match from these two, and whether or not the feud will conclude is still very much up in the air.

Heidenreich vs. John Cena ©
United State Championship

After winning the United States Championship from the Big Show at Wrestlemania, John Cena proclaimed he would be a fighting champion. He challenged anyone to come out for a shot at the belt and Heidenreich answered the call. He abused Cena and blatantly got both men counted out, and then continued the assault after the match. Heyman, enjoying the brutality awarded Heidenreich a rematch the next week. Similar results happened as Heidenreich wore Cena out with vicious blows throughout the match. He locked crippling bear hug that sucked the life out of Cena. He actually won the match and the belt when Cena was not able to keep his arm up after the ref lifted it for the third time. The ref had no choice but to reverse the decision after the match when Heidenreich refused to let go of the hold. When he finally let go he continued to beat down the limp body of Cena. He finished it off with a pump handle slam through the announce table leaving an unconscious Cena in the rubble. He once again draped the belt over the fallen Cena and laughed as he walked out to the crowd’s loud boos. Cena kept the belt but was deemed unable to wrestle. Heyman said that if Cena could not defend the title at Judgment Day he would have no choice but to forfeit it. Cena returned two weeks ago, but is showing signs of wear and tear from Heidenreich’s assaults. He was victorious in a match with Hardcore Holly two weeks ago, but it seemed to take just about everything he had in him to pull out the win. After the match Heidenreich’s music hit and Cena looked genuinely nervous when the psychotic beast slowly made his way to the ring. Heidenreich slid into the ring staring at Cena the whole time with a sly grin on his face. Cena, using the ropes to support himself, stared back with a look of worry. Heidenreich then laughed as he patted Cena on the back. He pointed to the United States Title claiming it will be his at Judgment Day.

The Undertaker vs. The Big Show
After the Undertaker made his return at Wrestlemania and defeated his brother Kane, he set his sights on Kurt Angle and the WWE title. However, there is a 7’2’’ 500 pound roadblock in the Big Show. Taker defeated the Big Show the week following Wrestlemania to move on in the tournament to determine a #1 contender for the WWE title. After the match Big Show assaulted the deadman, but Big Show wound up through some tables near the stage after the lights went out. Big Show then interfered in Taker’s match with Brock Lesnar the following week. Show deliberately hit Lesnar with a chair to get Undertaker disqualified. The Undertaker has been playing mind games with Show ever since, often times appearing behind him during his matches after the lights go out. Show has tried to attack Undertaker over the weeks, but is never able to do any substantial damage. Taker manages to disappear and keep the Big Show guessing. The two will finally square off at Judgment Day to hopefully put this feud to bed.

Edge vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle ©
Triple Threat
WWE Championship

Edge and Brock Lesnar advanced to the finals of the #1 contender tournament and faced off on Smackdown at the end of April. The two battled for nearly thirty minutes to a no contest. After battling in the ring for the majority of the match the fight spilled out into the arena. Edge eventually speared Brock through the barricade and both men were counted out. Heyman decided that the best option was to make it a triple threat match for the title. Kurt naturally disagreed and demanded that as champion he be given time off to rest and prepare for the match. Heyman refused to grant Kurt that opportunity. The three men crossed paths on multiple occasions in tag matches as well as cutting promos against each other. Kurt Angle has stated time and time again that he will do whatever is necessary to walk out of Judgment Day with the title. Edge is chomping at the bit to win his first WWE championship. Brock Lesnar is fuming after the loss to Goldberg, and has guaranteed that he will assert his dominance back atop the WWE leaderboard. With three of the best competitors in the WWE at the same time with the WWE title on the line you can bet it will be an exciting encounter. The outcome is completely up in the air as any one of these guys can walk out victorious.
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