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For the past few months on Smackdown Eddie Guerrero has been wrestling against BAtista for the World Title Chris Benoit started a feud with Booker T and Mr. Kennedy on his way to the top of the ladder by going after Christen for the number one contendership, a big feud has been JBL vs. Rey Mysterio and a big feud growing was non other than Randy Ortan vs. Undertaker.

On RAW Eric Bishoff has been trying to take out John Cena by making him wrestler Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan returned permanitly and so did Stone Cole, The biggest intercontinental championship feud in history with Triple H and Ric Flair facing of for the title, Shawn Micheals vs. Chris Master and Carlito Cool in a long running feud, The Tag Team Champions Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade have Harley Race have dominated ever tag team in there path, Matt Hardey has been taking on all comers winning every oppertunity to get closer to the WWE Championship, Snitsky has been destroying WWE Superstars and will not let up.

Royal Rumble

Triple H vs. Ric Flair IC Title Match
Triple H toold Flair too the max at the end Ric Flair won with the tight and a roll up.

Chris Benoit vs. Booker T
The two of them fought in a classic battle it went back and forth and then non other than that Booker hit a big Book End for the win and new US Champion.

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch with Harley Race vs. Jonny Parisi and Matt Stryker
The match was going back and forth when Harley Race hit Matt Stryker with a right hand and Trevor Murdoch hit him with a hard clothline and got the win.

John Cena vs. Kurt Angle Submission Match
The match was all Kurt Angle untill John Cena on a boston crab witch almost made Angle tap out. It did not work so Cena and hit the FU 3 times witch knocked him out and then put on ankle lock the ref called the match cause Angle could not have a chance to tap out cause he was knocked out.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Batista No Holds Barred
The match was back and forth with Eddie Guerrero took advantage and almost beat the big Animal. This was close to the end but Batista got the advantage and powerbombed Eddie Guerrero on the steel steps.

Royal Rumble
Shawn Micheals RAW
Rey Mysterio SM
Chris Benoit SM
Triple H RAW
Jonny Parisi RAW
Sylvian Greinia SM
Paul Lodon SM
Eugene RAW
Rob Van Dam RAW
Steven Richards SM
Simon Dean SM
Gean Snisky RAW
Ric Flair RAW
Animal SM
Danny Basham RAW
Doug Basham SM
Chris Masters RAW
Hulk Hogan RAW
Big Show RAW
Hedenreich SM
Hardcore Holly SM
Trevor Murdoch RAW
Ken Kennedy SM
Matt Hardy RAW
Johnny Nitro SM
Lance Cade RAW
Matt Striker RAW
Stone Cold Steve Austin RAW
Booker T SM
Orlando Jordan SM

Elimination Order
Johnny Parisi -Triple H
Slyvian Greinia - Gene Snisky
Steven Richards - Gene Snisky
Eugene - Gene Snisky
Doug Basham - Ric Flair
Danny Basham - Gene Snisky
Rob Van Dam – Chris Masters
Gene Snisky – Hulk Hogan
Chris Masters – Ric Flair
Chris Benoit - Big Show
Hardcore Holly – Big Show
JBL – Simon Dean
Simon Dean – Hulk Hogan
Ken Kennedy – Paul Lodon
Lance Cade – Big Show
Trevor Murdoch – Big Show
Big Show - Hulk Hogan
Hedenreich - Shawn Micheals
Jonny Nitro - Animal
Matt Hardy – Triple H
Triple H - Paul Lodon
Matt Striker- Rey Mysterio
Paul Lodon – Shawn Micheals
Ric Flair – Stone Cold Steve Austin
Shawn Micheals- Stone Cold Steve Austin
Booker T – Stone Cold Steve Austin
End Of Match: It seemed as Rey was out from wrestling all 29 other men in the match which left Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan in a stair down until Orlando Jordan ran from behind pushing Stone Cold to the ropes and then over the top Hogan then through Orlando over and Rey Mysterio got Hogan on the second rope and hit a quick 619 Hogan got up and Rey did a hurricanrana over the top rope holding on though so it sent Hogan to the floor have Rey and the winner of the Royal Rumble.

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To start of the show The Rock comes to the ring with the biggest reaction in a long time. He tells the crowd he is happy to have finally come back home. This then brought out Eric Bishoff who told the Rock that he is happy for him to be here and he wants to welcome the Rock back. This made the Rock laugh and told Eric Bishoff to get out of his ring right now. In a big turn of events Tyson Tomko came from no were and hit the Rock with a big boot. This brought out John Cena who FUed Tyson Tomko and Eric Bishoff. The Rock was helped up by John Cena.

Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade with Harley Race vs. Tajiri and Viscera Tag Team Title Match
This match was all Tajiri and Viscera until Harley got involved and hit Viscera with a lethal head butt having Lance Cade hitting a big elbow drop.

A big problem was Hulk Hogan back stage getting very mad at what happened in the Royal Rumble thinking he was going to win and get the title at Wrestlemania.

Ric Flair vs. Chris Master IC Title Match
The match was all Master who refused to put Flair in the Master Lock toying with the 16 time World Champion and the current IC Champion till Flair racked the eyes of Chris Master and hit him to the mat which Flair pinned Chris Master with the ropes and leverage.

John Cena was back stage with the Rock who was thanking Cena when Eric Bishoff walked in with an ice pack saying that since Cena thinks that he could put his hands on him he makes a match for tonight John Cena vs. The Rock

The biggest problem RAW had was Stone Cold Steve Austin coming out saying that if he did not get Orlando Jordan in this ring he will raise hell all over RAW. This brought out Eric Bishoff with the ice pack saying he is a Smackdown and he cannot come to RAW. This made Stone Cold mad asking were Orlando Jordan was he said he was at the hotel near the arena with all the other Smackdown superstars. Then Stone Cold Steve Austin smiled and left the ring and Eric Bishoff screamed don't even think about it.

Gene Snisky vs. Rob Van Dam
The match was all Snisky as Rob Van Dam leg still hurt the ref called the bell as Snisky's attack was to heinous.

JR made a comment at how Snisky is changing into an even bigger psycho

Triple H came to the ring he told them that he is sick and tired off people talking to him like Simon Dean he said he tripped over the top rope Simon Dean did nothing, eliminated him. As he kept on taking Carlito came out to the ring and told the Game that he is no longer Cool and he spit in Triple H's face. This made the Game go crazy and the two started to brawl. They had to be separated by security

Eric Bishoff with the ice pack was on the phone with some one as Triple H came in and took the ice pack and through it against the wall then telling Eric Bishoff that he wants Carlito tonight one on one in the center of the ring. At the time Eric said he has an important phone call and Triple H said who is more important than him and he said Rey Mysterio the 2006 Royal Rumble winner. Triple H was steaming and said to make the damn match before he does something he has wanted to do for a long time. Eric then made the match for the Number 1 Contendership for the IC Title. Triple H was happy till he realized who was the IC Champion.

Big Show vs. Matt Hardy
It started off to be a friendly match until Big show could not beat Matt Hardy then the angry giant through Matt Hardy over the top rope and then chokeslamed him through the table.

Hulk Hogan came to the ring and told the crowd that he thinks that he has let them down because eh e did not win the Royal Rumble and that he wants to make it up to them by offering a match to be signed at Wrestlemania and it to be Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan.

Stone Cold did not hear the challenge because he was knocking on Orlando Jordan’s door and as he opened Stone Cold Steve Austin started to brawl and throwing him on the floor. This made JBL get who when Austin looked at sat back down he then said that will teach him to attack form behind.

Triple H vs. Carlito Cool
The match was going back and forward at the end though Triple H had the pedigree in place and was hesitant to hit it though he did to win.

Triple H then said for Ric Flair to come out as he did he told Ric that this is going to be strictly business nothing personal. Then Ric said he knew it would be all business but he will be going to school at Wrestlemania

John Cena vs. The Rock
The match was all pure wrestling until Eric Bishoff and Tyson Tonko came to the ring and it was a no contest. Eric Bishoff had Kurt angle come out. This was not the thing to do as The Rock hit a

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The show starts off with Mr. Long coming to the ring. He wanted to announce the 2005 Royal Rumble Rey Mysterio. This brought out Rey who told everyone that he is very proud of winning the Royal Rumble and he is also proud of eliminating Hulk Hogan to win a 29 man Royal Rumble. He then told Mr. Long that he is not going to tell him which of the top titles he is going for yet. He then started talking about how he wants to thank his family and his fans for making him come this far. Then Batista came out and told Rey that he is proud of him as well. The two men shook hands as Mr. Long smiled.

LOD vs. New Talent Vince Is Looking At

It was a quick match with the LOD winning.

Animal then took the mike and told everyone that the LOD wants some team to challenge them. This brought out The Mexicools who told the LOD they want a match with them at No Way Out only if all three can go for the tag team title. This made Animal and Hedenereich look at each other and they accepted.

Nunzio vs. Paul London vs. Funaki Cruiserweight Title
This was fast pace action with Paul London giving it 100 % against his opponent even though Funaki got the upset and won the cruiserweight title.

Chris Benoit vs. William Regal United States Championship
The two had probably the best match in a long time. Chris took a very aggressive stance against William Regal till close to the end of the match when he William put on the STF a move some people say is impossible to get out of. Some how Chris Benoit got out of the move and put on the crippler crossface.

Orlando Jordan came out and was complaining saying how he was attacked by Stone Cold Steve Austin. This brought out Mr. Long who told Orlando to stop crying and that he need to man up. This made Orlando Jordan mad and he went to hit Mr. Long though Tazz ran in from the announcing table and choked out Orlando Jordan saving the Smackdown GM.

Booker T vs. Ken Kennedy
The match seemed to be in Booker Ts favor when Sharmell got on the apron and Booker T went to her and screamed at her to get down Booker T grabbed her arm and Sharmell slapped Booker T who was hit with a clothesline then took him to the second rope and hit his version of the Samoan Drop

After the match Sharmell went to check on Booker T and he saw her and rolled out the ring as she screamed she’s sorry.

Randy Orton vs. JBL In A Special Smackdown Challenge Match
The match went back and forward till Bob Orton got involved though JBL hit a clothesline on him and then Randy started viciously attacking JBL and then started to leave the ring and Randy Orton was livid in the ring.

Mr. Long was in the back trying to convince Rey Mysterio to stay on Smackdown when Randy Orton came in screaming he want JBL. MR. Long told him to calm down and he will get his shot next Smackdown.

Main Event
Batista vs. Eddie Guererro
It was a hard fought match with Eddie almost the winner when he went for the frog splash he missed it and rolled out side and then Batista hit a power bomb on the out side. Which the ref called for the match.

Rey Mysterio was watching the match from the entranced way.
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