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January 25 , 2004
Wachovia Center. Philadelphia.

J.R "Viewers Who Haven't Ordered Yet There Is Still Time But Be Quick Because You Don't Want To Miss The Start Of The Road To Wrestlemania....

The Disclaimers Flash Across The Screen Slowly Before The WWE Logo Gradually Appear Before Fading Completely.
A Video Package Plays Showing Previous Royal Rumble Moments And Winners Whilst Telling Us The Implications Of The Royal Rumble Match And Current Superstars Giving There Opinion On The Event.
The Package Ends With The Words "1 Match. 30 Men. 1 Winner."
We Go To The Computer Graphic Which Shows The Royal Rumble Ring With A Man In The Middle. The View Cuts To The 'Wrestler' Before Suddenly The Royal Rumble Logo Flashes Across The Screen. The Voice Tells Us "RAW. Smackdown And Playstation 2 Present The Royal Rumble."

Pyro’s Explode On The Stage And The Lights Come On And Scan The Crowd. The Fans Erupt As Puddle Of Mudd's "Nothing Left To Lose" Plays Around Wachovia Center. Philadelphia. The Camera Finally Settles On The RAW Announcer Table Where J.R Dressed In His "Sooners" Outfit And King Attired As Usual In His "King" Attire Welcome A Worldwide Television Audience To The Show.

J.R "Welcome To The 2004 Royal Rumble. The Road To Wrestlemania Begins Tonight and What A Way To Start The PPV Year Than With The ROYAL RUMBLE"

King "That's Right J.R. 30 Men Have The Chance To Headline The Biggest Sports Entertainment Spectacle Of All Time WRESTLEMANIA XX."

J.R "That's Right King. But First We Must Send It Down To Are Announcing Colleagues From Smackdown. Michael Cole and Tazz. Take It Away Guys."

We Go To The SmackDown Announcer Desk. Michael Cole Who Is Dressed In A Sensible Suit And His Announce Partner Tazz Who Is Wearing His Orange Tie And Black Suit Are Set And Ready To Kick Of The Night.

"The Following Contest Is For The WWE Championship."


The Arena Goes Dark As The Champion Makes His Entrance To A Mixed Reaction From The Philly Crowd. But Before The Champ Can Make It To The Ring , Hardcore Holly Attacks Lesnar From Behind. On The Protective Mat Above The Aethestics Holly Sets Brock Up In The Camel Clutch. Can He Lock It In?
Yes! Holly Has The Clutch Locked In Tightly On The Outside. But The Referee Orders Holly To Get Off. Holly Thinks About It For A Moment Before Letting Go. The Damage Has Been Done. Holly Has A Sadistic Smirk On His Face As He Rolls The Champion Into The Ring. The Referee And Holly Get Into An Argument On The Outside Which Gives Lesnar Time To Try And Crawl Away , But Holly Stops Him In His Tracks And Picks Him Up And Sending Him Into The Corner And Nailing Him With Lefts And Rights. Down Goes Lesnar! Holly Is Dominating The WWE Champion.

The Camera Slowly Zooms In On Hardcore Holly Who We Can Hear Say
"I'm About To Do To Him What He Did To Me"
Hardcore Sets Lesnar Up For What Looks To Be A Powerbomb.
Tazz: "Cole. Holly Can't Do This. He Could End His Career."
Cole: "Why Can't He. Lesnar Did This A Year Ago."
Hardcore Has Him Up. WHAM! My God He Just Dropped Lesnar Right On His Head! Lesnar Can't Move. Holly Tells The Ref To Count But The Official Signals The "X" Sign To The Back.
Tazz: "Cole It Doesn't Look Good."
Cole: "Yes. Senior Referee Nick Patrick Is Calling For The EMT's."

The EMT's Are Arriving On The Scene Now. We See The Replay. It Shows That Brock's Neck Jolted Back Against The Mat Awkwardly.
The EMT's Enter The Ring. Holly Turns To The Crowd In Absolute Disgust.

But Wait!!! What's This? Brock Just Nipped Up Whilst Holly Was Facing The Other Way. Holly Saw Him Out The Corner Of His Eye But It's Too Late , Brock's Got Him Up. F-5! F-5! F-5!
Brock Had Everyone In Wachovia Center Fooled.
The EMT's Stand In Shock. Referee Nick Patrick Stands In Disbelieve.
What Now? General Manager Paul Heyman Appears On The Entranceway.

Heyman "Patrick. Count The Three Or You'll Be Out Of Here With No Job."

Patrick Has No Option. He Begrudingly Counts.....One.......Two.......Thr!!! KICKOUT.
Hardcore Holly Kicked Out. Lesnar Can Not Believe It. He Is Pacing Around The Ring Wondering What To Do Next. He Knows What He Is Going To Do. He Picks Holly's Lifeless Body Up And Puts It On His Shoulders Again.
No Holly Just Slid Out The Back.
Brock Turns Around. Holly's Got Him Up.........For An F-5.

Brock Just , Just Recked His Eyes. Brock Lands On His Feet. Holly's Down.
Brock Is Setting It Up. Has He Got It. Yes!
The Brock Lock Is In And In Tight.
Can Holly Reach The Ropes. No. Brock Brings Him To The Middle Of The Ring. Hardcore Holly Is Shouting In Pain.
His Right Hand Is Ready To Tap. Can He Fight It?
He Had No Other Choice.

Here Is Your Winner And STILL WWE Champion....BROCK LESNAR!
At 7:15.

An Advertisement Plays Showing Where The SmackDown Brand Will Be Heading In The Next Month.

Were Back And Next Up Is The Cruiserweight Title Match Between Jamie Noble And The Champion Rey Mysterio.
We See Highlights From The Last Several Weeks Showing Noble's Disgraceful Treatment Of His Blind Girlfriend Nidia And How He Got This Shot Tonight At The Royal Rumble.

"The Following Contest Is For The Cruiserweight Championship"


The Challenger Jamie Noble Enters First To A Chorus Of Boos From The Audience. Noble Is Accompied By His Visually Impaired Girlfriend Nidia Who Still Has Her Guide Stick And Special Shades.Nidia Cautiously Makes His Way To The Ring With The Help From Noble.
Next Rey Mysterio Springs From The Stage To A Wave Of Cheers And Claps.
He Makes His Way With The Title Around His Waist. He Rolls Under The Ropes And Goes To Pose On The Turnbuckle But Is Cut Off At The Pass By The Challenger Noble. Rey Goes To Go The Other Side But Noble Moves In His Way Again. Noble Shakes His Head. Rey Gives The Title To The Official Who Proceeds To Hold The Championship Up To Show What Both Competitors Are Fighting For , Before Placing The Title At Ringside.

Noble Then Gets In Mysterio's Face. Mysterio Steps Back But Noble Steps Forward In The Face Of Rey Again. Rey Looks At The Audience Either Side Before Quickly Punching Noble In The Face. Noble Is Caught Off Guard And Rey Is On The Attack. Rey Backs Noble Against The Ropes Before Sending Him Against The Opposite Rope But Noble Comes Back With A Vicious Clothesline Which Folds Rey Up. Noble Was Looking Confident As He Looked Around The Wachovia Center Arena. Noble Signals For The Tiger Bomb. He Sets Rey Up , Has Him On His Shoulders And.............

Rey Reverses It Into A Hurricanrana. Wait. Noble Is In Position For The 619. Rey Dials It Up And No Jamie Noble Caught Him!
What's Noble Gonna' Do? He Sets Him Up On The Top Rope And WHAM!
Noble Just DDT'ed Mysterio From The Top Rope. Noble Manages To Get His Left Arm Over For The Cover. 1.......2.......Foot On The Bottom Rope.

But The Referee Didn't See It And Just Counted The Three!

Noble Has Won The Title!

The Referee Looks At Rey's Left Foot And Calls Announcer Tony Chimmel Over For Something.
Chimmel "Referee Dave Hebner Has Reversed His Decision And This Match MUST CONTINUE!"

Noble Can't Believe It. He Angerly Shouts At The Official. We Can Hear Nidia Asking "What Happened?". Noble Then Realizes Mysterio Is Up Against The Ropes And Runs At Mysterio Who Ducks Which Sends Noble Over The Top Rope And To The Protective Floor. The Champion Takes This Opportunity To Suicide Planche Over The Top Rope Onto The Challenger. But The Ref Stops Him!
The Crowd Boo And Jeer At This Judgment. The Ref Calls To Noble To See If He Is Okay. Mysterio Takes The Opportunity To Suicide Planche Over The Referee! Both Men Are Now Down On The Outside. Nidia Is Scared As This Is Happening Quite Closely To Her.
Mysterio Is Up At The Count Of Seven. He Slides Noble's Lifeless Body Into The Ring. Rey Rey Jumps Onto The Middle Rope And WHAM! Drops The Leg On Top Of Noble. Cover 1....2....KICKOUT! Long Two Count.

Rey Waves Noble Up. Rey Attempts A Right Hand Punch Which Noble Blocks. Both Men Exchange Right Hands. Before Rey Bounces Off The Ropes. Noble Looks To Clothesline Mysterio But Mysterio Ducks And Comes Back Off The Middle Rope With A Crossbody.But The Ref Was Behind Noble Checking On Him When Noble Moved The Official Took The Full Force Of The Crossbody.
All Three Men Are Down.
Mysterio Checks On The Ref. Rey Then Turns Around Only To Be Kicked In The Sternum. Noble Lifts Mysterio Up For A Overhead Suplex Only For It Be Reversed Into A DDT!
Noble Makes His Way To The Ropes And Stands Up. What He Doesn't Realize Is That Rey Was Ready To Deliver A 619 To The Midrift Of Noble.
Noble Falls Backwards Onto The Canvas. Mysterio Signals To The Audience For A West Coast Pop. He Bounces Of The Rope But Wait Noble Caught Him On His Shoulders And BHAM! Noble Lands His Tiger Bomb. What A Counter From Noble But Both Men Are Down In The Centre Of The Ring.

What's This! Nidia Has Entered The Ring!

Cole "What's Nidia Doing!"

Tazz "I Haven't A Clue. Cole"

She Has Her Guide Stick In Both Hands. She Is Sizing Up Rey Mysterio.
WHAM! Down Goes.....NOBLE!!!
Nidia Has Just Turned On Jamie Noble!
She Leaves The Ring. Mysterio Is In Shock. He Covers Noble. The Official Finally Is In Position. 1..........2...........3!!!
Mysterio Has Done It! With Some Surprising Help!

"Here Is Your Winner And STILL Cruiserweight Champion....REY MYSTERIO."
At 12:10
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