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As you might remeber a few weeks ago I had WWE RAW thread going, which some people liked, well I was talking to James (Atomic) and we're both gonna run a show, him Smackdown! and me RAW.

Hopefully this will end up being a good thead with Great Shows.

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Trish Stratus has a passion outside the ring. Find out what it is...
You can own Miss Jackie's autographed white bikini
It's been a wild ride for Flair. Read all about it in his book


Al Snow
Chris Beniot
Chris Jericho
Christopher Nowinski
Chuck Palumbo
Eric Bischoff
Gail Kim
Garrison Cade
Jerry Lawler
Jim Ross
Jonathan Coachman
Lillian Garcia
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Molly Holly
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Stacey Keibler
Steven Richards
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Sylvain Grenier
The Hurricane
The Rock
Trish Stratus
Triple H
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis
William Regal

This week we saw the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin after a hard fought 8-Man Tag that Evolution came out on top for. What shocking After Effects can we see from RAW this week when. What will the effects be for Stone Cold Steve Austin after Stunnering everybody?

Find out all and more this Monday Night on RAW.

Lita def. Molly Holly
A-Train def. Val Venis
Grand Master Sexay & Eugene def. La Resistance
Chris Jericho def. Garrison Cade
Evolution def. Shelton Benjamin, Edge, Chris Beniot & Tajiri

Also the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin!!!

WWE Heat.com

Chuck Palumbo def. Maven
Ivory def. Gail Kim
Val Venis def. Garrison Cade
Al Snow def. Christopher Nowinski

WWE Smackdown!.com

Bill DeMott
Billy Gunn
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guererro
D-Von Dudley
Danny Basham
Dawn Marie
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
Jaime Noble
John Bradshaw Layfeild
John Cena
Johnny Stamboli
Kurt Angle
Mark Jindrak
Michael Cole
Miss Jackie
Orlando Jordan
Paul London
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shannon Moore
Shark Boy
Spike Dudley
Theodore Long
Torrie Wilson



WWE Velocity.com

Paul London and Billy Kidman def Akio and Sakoda
Chris Cage def Matt Morgan
Rey Mysterio def Ultimo Dragon
Shannon Moore def Scotty 2 Hotty
Orlando Jordan def Hardcore Holly


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WOW! you are writing lots of things.

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Wolfy first show will be up tonight probably, or tomrrow.

As for the WWE.com, I'll be keeping it up to date with our WWE not thiers, I just used a few stories in general. I'll keep it up to date with our rosters and our show results.

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May 10, 2004

General Manager Eric Bischoff has already announced several blockbuster matches for Monday Night RAW, airing live at 9/8 CT on Spike TV. Undoubtedly, the RAW brand has not seen a lineup this loaded since the Backlash pay-per-view.
When the members of Evolution complained vehemently after a six-man tag team match that kicked off the May 3 episode of RAW, Bischoff immediately signed three matches for this coming Monday. First, Triple H will try to beat Shelton Benjamin, finally, as the former World Heavyweight Champion will go one on one with the youngster from Orangeburg, S.C. -- who has quite a winning streak going, particularly over the members of Evolution, including consecutive wins over The Game himself. Be sure to tune in exactly at 9/8 CT, as the Triple H/Benjamin match will kick off the show. Also, Batista will try to exact revenge when he takes on Tajiri, who sprayed the green mist in the eyes of the powerhouse.

Bischoff also announced that the Intercontinental Championship will be on the line, as Randy Orton will defend against the man who pinned him in the six-man tag match, Edge. This match will mark the first time the Intercontinental Championship has been defended on RAW since February.

After announcing those three huge matches, Bischoff dropped another bombshell: Chris Jericho will be able to get his hands on Christian without the threat of outside interference. That's because Trish Stratus and "problem solver" Tyson Tomko will literally be blocked from the ring by a 15-foot-high steel cage! That's right -- Y2J and Christian battle in a Steel Cage Match this Monday on RAW!

And there's more: Eugene will make his anxiously anticipated in-ring debut as he tangles with Rob Conway of La Resistance. The American turncoat, who recently relocated to Quebec, is coming off a huge win over The Hurricane, which Conway said was a preview of what's in store for Eugene. However, Eugene appeared to be a quick study -- indeed, he seemed to have uncanny strength, and he took to the mat like a fish to water -- during a training session with William Regal.

To reiterate, five HUGE matches have already been announced for RAW:
Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin
Batista vs. Tajiri
Randy Orton vs. Edge for the Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Christian in a Steel Cage Match
Eugene Dinsmore vs. Rob Conway

Plus, what will Matt Hardy and Lita have in store for Kane, and vice versa? What will Shawn Michaels have to say after Triple H cost him the World Heavyweight Championship?

All this and more on Monday Night RAW, 9/8 CT on Spike TV.

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10th May 2004
HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif.

Across the Nation plays and opening video plays leading to the usual RAW pyro display before going across the crowd.

JR: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Monday night RAW, I’m JR alongside Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, oh King what a RAW we’ve got tonight….

Jerry Lawler: Your right there JR, I still can’t believe all the announcements Eric Bischoff made last week, JR I haven’t slept all week.

JR: I’m sure you haven’t, lets take you back to last week and show you what Eric Bischoff said.

It slides to Bischoff announcing the matches backstage and coming out and announcing the Cage Match.

JR: This will be a great night King, I can feel it.

Jerry Lawler: Do you know something under that hat I don’t know JR?

JR: All I got underneath this hat is hair that hasn’t seen daylight since about 1979…..

‘It’s Time for Evolution’ fills the arena.

All of Evolution walks out onto the stage and the crowd erupts. They’re all dressed up in street clothes; they make their way down to the ring. Flair grabs the mic.

Jerry Lawler: It’s Natche JR, it’s Natche….

JR: Oh please……

The crowd boos as Randy gets up on the turnbuckle….

Ric Flair: Last week, WOOOO, Triple H the Great cost Shawn Michaels, the not so Great, the World Heavyweight Championship, right here in the middle of this ring.

The crowd boos as Flair passes the mic to Triple H.

Triple H: No Ric, you see your wrong, I just helped Shawn stay down, which he never does very long, but hell if it happens long enough most people get the point, but Shawn you just don’t get that point. I’ve beaten you and I’ve beaten you…… hell I’ve even beaten you one more time and you still don’t get that point. The point is……..

Chris Beniot’s music fills the arena to a huge pop. Beniot pulls out a mic while he stands on the stage.

Chris Beniot: Triple H, can’t you just shut up for 1 minute? I mean how many times are you going to tell us you’ve beaten Shawn Michaels un……..

Triple H: I’ll keep telling you and these people till I’m god damn ready and there isn’t a damn thing you or anybody else can do about it.

Chris gives a look of puzzlement.

Chris Beniot: Nothing me or anyone else can do about it huh? Well Shawn what do you thank about that idea?

Beniot points to the ring and Evolution scatters out expecting Shawn to be there be behind them, but he isn’t. Beniot laughs as Evolution becomes irate as we go to a commercial.

{Commercial Break}

JR: Welcome back to RAW, We’re live from HP Pavilion in San Jose and King, the mind games continue by Chris Beniot.

Jerry Lawler: That was totally uncalled for JR and you know it, disrespecting The Game like that JR….

JR: King don’t you think Triple H deserved it after all he’s done in the past couple of months to Chris Beniot and Shawn Michaels?

Jerry Lawler: No I don’t JR…..

Hurricane’s music hits and he makes him way out with Rosey the S.H.I.T.

Jerry Lawler: Hold on to your hat JR cause there’s a Hurricane coming through, ha ha

Match 1
The Hurricane w/ Rosey vs. Garrison Cade w/ Jonathan Coachman

An even match till Hurricane breaks away with the advantage after a flying clothesline that knocked Cade down. Hurricane signals for the Shining Wizard and hits Cade with it and covers him for the 2 count. Hurricane get back up and brings Cade and delivers the Eye of the Hurricane but he kicks out again.
Hurricane can’t believe it and waits for him to get up and goes for another Shining Wizard but Coach grabs his leg and he falls into a roll up from Cade for the 1 2 3
Winner – Garrison Cade – Pinfall

After the match Cade and Coach leave quickly while Rosey helps Hurricane up, the crowd gives a huge amount of cheers for the man in green until Rosey clotheslines him down and continues to beat him to get some major heat from the crowd.

Rosey asks for a mic.

Rosey: You know what Hurricane, I’m tired of always being the sidekick, when was I going to stop being a Super Hero In Training? Waiting every week to see if I’d graduate, but I didn’t, and I’m sick of it.

Crowd gives major amount of boos

Rosey: I’m tired of being the good guy, and always fighting for the good fight, so Hurricane, I’m no longer a S.H.I.T, I’m now a V.I.P…… Villain In Profession.

The crowd boos majorly then Rosey picks him back up and gives him a Gunn Stinger, don’t know what Rosey calls it…

We cut backstage and see Eric and Johnny Nitro in his office.

Eric Bischoff: Due to the events that happened earlier tonight between Chris Beniot and Evolution, I have added an extra match for tonight’s card, it will be Chris Beniot facing off against Evolution member Ric Flair…..

The crowd erupts.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn, I know you’re here, and I know your watching me now, I’ve got one thing to tell you, that is, if you interfere with Triple H in his match tonight against Shelton Benjamin I will have no hesitation in firing your ass while you stand in the middle of that ring.

{Commercial Break}

JR: Welcome back, before the commercial break we saw Eric Bischoff make a match tonight between Chris Beniot versus Ric Flair and threatening Shawn Michaels if he interferes in Triple H’s match he will be fired.

Jerry Lawler: So he should be JR, I mean I saw you talking to Shawn Michaels today, I know you told him to run in and give Triple H a Sweet Chin Music, I saw you JR!

JR: I did not King, you know damn well I wouldn’t do something like that, as much as I hate the Son of a Bitch, I would tell Shawn Michaels to ruin a great match like Triple H did last week.

Jerry Lawler: Hey I was only kidding JR…..

JR: Anyway up next we have Eugene making his debut against Rob Conway…

Jerry Lawler: This will be great! Hah

Match 2
Eugene Dismore w/ William Regal vs. Rob Conway w/ Sylvain Greiner

Eugene comes down to the ring with the biggest pop of the night. Eugene gets in the ring and waves to everybody. Conway attacks Eugene while he’s on the turnbuckle and dominates him for most of the match. Eugene gets an advantage when Conway gets cocky when he’s goes up top and taunts Eugene by waving to everyone and then flips then off and comes off for a Frog Splash. Eugene moves and Conway eats canvas while Eugene got him a few basic moves and Waves to Regal.
Eugene then locks in the Regal stretch on Conway who tries as hard as he can not to tap out. Conway stays locked in for about 2 minutes before tapping out.
Winner – Eugene Dismore – Pinfall

Eugene gets up and the ref raises his hand to a huge pop, with Regal, Greiner and Conway all looking on in shock and Eugene celebrates by clapping for himself.

JR: My god King, Eugene did it, he won his first match, and can you believe it?

Jerry Lawler: I can’t JR, Eugene won???? This is worse than….. I can’t think of anything worse than Eugene beating Rob Conway…. This is a travesty JR.

It goes backstage and we see Edge, Shelton and Tajiri all talking, then Shawn walks in to a huge pop.

Shawn Michaels: Your three have Evolution tonight, Edge you can take away all they have left by beating Orton for the Intercontinental Championship….. Shelton, you probably have the hardest match of all of us tonight, you’ve got Triple H you’ve beaten him twice, see if you can make it three times. Tajiri, well, um, good luck….

Shawn walks out while the crowd laughs and Tajiri still looks scared as hell.

{Commercial Break}

Match 3
Tajiri vs. Batista

A fairly one sided match with Tajiri getting the occasional advantage with a few kicks but not much else. Batista hits Tajiri with the Batista-Bomb that leaves Tajiri out on the mat. Batista picks him up for another and delivers it then signals that it, he pick Tajiri back up and locks him in a Bear Hug.
Tajiri hits him with a few kicks that lowers him and then puts the black mist into Batista’s eyes that makes him let go a hold his eyes. Tajiri hits him with a Buzzsaw kick that brings him down to his knee sand then hits another 2 before he goes down to the mat. Tajiri heads up top and hits a moonsult and pins him for the 1 2 3.
Winner – Tajiri – Pinfall

Jerry Lawler: Tajiri won???? How the hell could that happen?

Tajiri slides out of the ring and runs up the ramp and celebrates on the stage.

A view of backstage with hardly any lights comes up and Kane shows up on the screen.

Kane: Matt Hardy, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into between Lita and me. I want Lita, I need Lita and Matt, your not going to change that because I am a Monster and I will go through you or anyone else to get what I want.

Beniot’s music hits to a hug pop from the crowd.

Match 4
Chris Beniot vs. Ric Flair

A good submission based match with Beniot working on Flair’s arm and Flair Beniot’s leg. Beniot slows the match down completely when he hits 3 German Suplex’s, but on the fourth his knee gives out and Flair lands on top of Beniot leaving them both down and out. Flair gets up first and picks Beniot up and gives him a hard loud chop that knocks him back down. Flair drags him over to the ropes and Cannonballs his knee then drags him back to the middle and slaps on the Figure 4.
Beniot fights his way to the ropes to get the rope break. Flair legs go and picks him back up and whips him to the ropes but Beniot holds onto his arm and drags him down into the Crossface. Flair tries to fight it but he has no choice but to tag out.
Winner – Chris Beniot – Submission

{Commercial Break}

JR: What a match we just had King, the 16 time World Champion versus the World Champion, but Chris Beniot still came out on top King.

Jerry Lawler: I must agree with you JR, that was a great match, too bad Natche could pick up the win for Evolution, but I promise Randy Orton and Triple H will change that.

We then see Randy Orton walking out of Bischoff’s office smiling.

JR: I wonder what that was about King?

Jerry Lawler: I’m sure if Randy Orton was involved it’s bound to be a good thing for Randy Orton….

‘Evolution’ hits and fills the arena to a chorus of boos to welcome out Randy Orton, he makes his way down to the ring and ‘You Think You Know Me’ hits and the boos turn to cheers as Edge runs out on stage through the smoke and runs down to the ring and comes face-to-face with Orton.

Johnny Nitro’s music hits and he walks out on the stage with a chorus of boos.

Johnny Nitro: I was just informed by, my boss, Eric Bischoff that Randy Orton made a request for this match…

Nitro takes his shirt off and reveals a referee shirt and makes his way down to the ring.

Match 5
WWE Intercontinental Championship
Special Guest Referee: Johnny Storm
Randy Orton vs. Edge

Edge mainly dominates but Orton gets the advantage when Edge hits the Edgeacution and Storm won’t make the count. Orton hits a Low Blow on Edge and then hits a few Suplex’s and punches wearing him down. Orton sends Edge to the turnbuckle but turns around to Spear Orton but he ducks out of the way and he catches Johnny Storm, Orton then hits a RKO but there is no referee to make to count.
Shawn Michaels runs down to a huge pop and sets Orton up for the Sweet Chin Music, he turns around and is caught right on the chin. He then drags Edge on top of him and grabs the out Johnny Storm’s hand and hits it on the ground 3 times for the 3 count.
Winner – Edge – Pinfall – WWE Intercontinental Championship

Shawn raises Edges hand as he gives him the belt while Orton rolls out of the ring and falls to the ground.

Jerry Lawler: I can’t believe it JR, Randy Orton lost to Edge thanks to Shawn Michaels… This can’t be happening; Evolution has lost 3 matches tonight, PLEASE TRIPLE H WIN ONE FOR US……

JR: But King, it was fair, Johnny Nitro made the count, you can’t complain... ha ha ha

{Commercial Break}

Match 6
Steel Cage Match
Chris Jericho vs. Christian

An even match where both of them get busted open thanks to the cage wall. Jericho tries to get out but is caught with a Low Blow and a Powerbomb from Christian which gets a heap of ‘Holy Shits.’ Christian fights his way back up and tries to climb out but Jericho gets up and catches him as he is about to drop down. Jericho brings him back and Superplex’s him back into the ring and the cage that gets another round of cheers and ‘Holy Shits.’
Jericho picks up Christians legs a catapults him into the cage but holds onto his legs and locks in the Walls. Jericho lets go after a while when Christians looks out cause of the pain and heads towards the door but Tomco is standing at the door. Jericho looks around and dropkicks the door into his face knocking him down, Jericho proceeds to head out but just as Jericho is about to step out Tomco slams the door on his head. Jericho falls to the ground on the outside giving him the win and Tomco can’t believe it.
Winner – Chris Jericho – Escape From Cage

Jericho lies on the floor while Trish comes around from the other side of the cage and starts kicking him while he’s down. Jericho grabs Trish’s leg holds onto while he stands up. Jericho grabs her other leg and locks in the Walls of Jericho until Tyson Tomco runs back out of the cage and starts beating the hell out of Jericho. Tomco throws Jericho back in the cage and grabs a chair and throws it in too.

Christian gets back up and they both beat down Jericho and continue to do so till Trish gets back up and gets in the ring. Tomco holds Jericho while Trish goes for a low blow. Jericho hits a mule kick on Tomco and punches Christian out leaving him and Trish. She tires to run out but Jericho grabs her by the pants and drags her back in and hits a body slam on her. Jericho gets the chair and hits Christian in the face and then Tomco, making sure their down.

Jericho body slams Trish again and grabs her pants and takes her belt off and the crowd erupts as Jericho looks at it, looks at her then looks at the crowd. He holds the belt up and the crowd erupts again. Jericho whacks Trish on the ass with the belt and the crowd erupts again, Chris does it 3 more times before he lays her on top of Christian (69 position) and hits the Loin-Sult and the crowd erupts again. Chris then climbs up the cage and pumps the crowd as we fade to a commercial.

{Commercial Break}

JR: What a match King, and excellent performance by Chris Jericho and Christian.

Jerry Lawler: I can’t believe the choke artist Chris Jericho won JR, what about poor Trish has anyone checked on her?

JR: Oh please, up next our main event Triple H versus Shelton Benjamin, can the rookie on RAW pull it off one more time King?

Jerry Lawler: I doubt it JR, Triple H isn’t going to fall for the same trick twice….. well 3 times.

A video cuts across the screen showing Shelton and Triple H’s past matches and Bischoff making tonight’s match last week.

Match 7
Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin

Triple H just makes it into the ring before Michaels runs down and attacks him which brings Evolution down and Beniot, Tajiri and Edge and they all start brawling and the ref calls for the bell for the match that never really started.
Winner – No Result – No Result

All men continue to brawl until Bischoff comes out with a heap of security who all run down and pull Evolution and Beniot, Edge, Benjamin and Tajiri apart while Bischoff starts talking on the mic.

Eric Bischoff: HEY, HEY, HEY, If you’d all stop fighting for a minute and let me make my announcement I think you’ll all be very happy.

They all start to stop fighting but Shawn and Triple H continue to try and get at each other.

Eric Bischoff: My announcement is that next week right here on RAW, it will be Evolution versus Chris Beniot, Shelton Benjamin, Tajiri and the new Intercontinental Champion Edge in an 8 man tag……

The Crowd erupts as Triple H stops fighting and looks at Eric in shock as RAW fades off to the logo.
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