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Ok i have decided to start a BTB thread as i enjoy reading others and thought i'd give it a go, now this is my first time writing anything liek this so let me off if it's a little crap

here is the roster and all the info:


AJ Styles
Big Show
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley
Carlito Caribbean Cool
Charlie Hass
Chavo Guerrero
D’von Dudley
Danny Basham
Dawn Marie
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
John Cena
Josh Matthews
Kenzo Suzuki
Kurt angle
Luther Reigns
Mark Jindrak
Miss Jackie
Monty Brown
Orlando Jordan
Paul Heyman
Paul London
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Scotty 2 Hotty
Spike Dudley
Theodore Long
Torrie Wilson

Shows: Smackdown


WWE Champion: JBL
WWE United States Champion: John Cena
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Spike Dudley
WWE Tag Team Champions: Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki

Smackdown GM: Vacant

Side Note: The Match Results will be one line for example: Randy orton Defeats HHH via RKO to win the World Heavyweight Championship, the reason for this is I work all the hours in a day near enough and don’t have much time to write a show but because I enjoy wrestling that much I am going to put these shows out to the best of my ability

also here is the first smackdown preview:

This weeks Smackdown comes live to you from LA as the first Smackdown of a new year promises to be a big one, the new Smackdown GM will be announced also Vince McMahon has announced he will be at the show to make a ground breaking announcement, not only that but in the main event WWE Champion JBL will make an open invitational to anyone on the roster plus a lot more

Tune into Smackdown this week to see all the action

Matches Already Announced:

Main Event
JBL Open Invitational

Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns Vs Eddie Guerrero & Mystery Partner

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Spike Dudley Vs Paul London

John Cena Vs Carlito Caribbean Cool

Plus The New Smackdown GM Will Be Announced

The First Smackdown will be up very soon, give me some feedback on what you think of the roster and any other comments you have

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Pyro’s blast from the stage as Smackdown kicks into action with Tazz and Michael Cole at Ringside

Michael Cole: Welcome Everyone to the first Smackdown of a new year

Tazz: What a show it is going to be tonight, we have Vince McMahon making an appearance to make a ground breaking announcement, also the new Smackdown GM will be announced

Michael Cole: not only that but The WWE Champion JBL will host an open Invitational to any superstar in the back, who will accept the invitation


The camera catches up with JBL and Orlando Jordan backstage, JBL has loads of paper in his hand which all look to have writing on, he walks into the Smackdown locker room and starts handing these piece of paper out until he comes to John Cena he looks at Cena and starts to laugh, Cena looks at him

John Cena: Whats so funny Champ??

JBL: you Cena, your going around saying your silly little catchphrase ‘The Champ Is Here’, which is true because you are the United States Champion, but the true champion is me, I’m the WWE Champion not the United States Champion, I represent Smackdown, I am Smackdown’s number one superstar where as you are a rap wannabe who will never get anywhere , face it Cena you’re a waste of time

The camera cuts back to the arena as Cena looks on in shock as JBL continues hands out the paper


Michael Cole: what an insult there from the WWE Champion towards the United States Champion

Tazz: Cena didn’t look very happy about them comments, not sure what cena will do about this but up next we have the cruiserweight championship on the line with current champion Spike Dudley taking on Paul London

Michael Cole: what a match this is going to be


Paul London defeats Spike Dudley to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship after Bubba missed London with a steel chair and hit Spike

After The Match: Bubba and D’von climb into the ring and go over to Spike to help him up but Spike pushes them both away and starts screaming at both of them, Spike then slaps bubba and then D’von as well as screaming at them ’What were you doing, you were suppose to make sure I kept the cruiserweight championship’, Bubba then lays out Spike with a clothesline as the crowd erupts, Bubba then looks over to D’von and the yells ‘GET THE TABLES’, D’von climbs out of the ring and pulls a table from under the ring, he slides it into the ring and slides in afterwards, D’von then sets the table up as Bubba brings Spike up to his feet, he then whips him into the ropes, Spike comes back and gets hit with a 3D straight through the table, the crowd is going crazy as both Dudleyz start taunting the crowd and the camera focuses in on Spike in a pile among the remains of the table


The camera is in the parking lot where a limo has just pulled up, the limo door is opened by the driver and out steps none other then …VINCE MACMAHON, he makes his way into the arena as the cameras cut back to ringside


Micheal Cole: OH MY.. Vince is here

Tazz: I wonder if he is on his way out here


Vince comes out onto the stage to a pretty decent pop and walks down to the ring, climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone

Vince MacMahon: tonight is a very special night in the WWE as not only is it the start of a new year but it marks a turning point in WWE history, everyone knows it’s January and normal at the top of the WWE calendar in January is the big 30 man Royal Rumble, but not this year as myself and the WWE board of directors have decided to scrap the idea completely to add a little freshness to the WWE product WWE will instead hold a special PPV on the planned date of the 30th January, this PPV will be called New Years Revolution and will broadcast live from right here in LA

The crowd cheers

Vince Macmahon: Now it appears that Smackdown doesn’t have anyone in the GM position after Teddy Long decided to call it a day on his GM career, well actually he was pushed out but never mind, anyway you all may be wondering who I have choose to take control of Smackdown, well I am not going to keep you waiting so introducing the new GM of Smackdown, ….. SHANE MACMAHON

The crowd goes crazy as Shane Macmahon’s music blasts from the speakers and Shane arrives out on the stage, he makes his way down to the ring slides in and shakes hands with his father, he then takes the mic from his father as his music comes to a halt

Shane Macmahon: boy it is good to be back, and this time I’m in charge so to show people I am in charge I am going to make my very first match, so next week the WWE Champion JBL will take on THE UNDERTAKER in a non title match, not only that but I promise to have a big surprise for all of you next week

Shane Macmahon’s Music plays again as he starts taunting the crowd and the crowds going crazy as the camera cuts to the announcer’s table

Tazz: what a couple of announcements there from Vince Macmahon, first he announced that the royal rumble would be no more

Michael Cole: and then he announced that Shane Macmahon is the new GM of Smackdown what else is going to happen tonight


The camera is backstage in JBL’s locker room, where JBL is standing with Orlando Jordan, they are both talking

Orlando Jordan: champ are you not worried about who will accept your challenge tonight

JBL: no, I’m JBL I can guarantee a win against anyone in locker room

Orlando Jordan: That is true champ, but you know that anyone can challenge, not only people from the Smackdown locker room

JBL: no they can’t

Orlando Jordan: yes they can, you made an open challenge to anyone but you didn’t specify that they had to be on the Smackdown roster, so anyone can challenge

JBL: WHAT??!!, orlando you need to sort this out quickly

Orlando Jordan: What do you want me to do

JBL: I know what you can do, listen up

As JBL starts to fill Orlando in on his plan, the camera cuts back to ringside as CCC’s music is blasting from the speakers as John Cena is in the ring, CCC and Jesus make there way down the ramp


CCC defeats John Cena after Orlando Jordan runs in and hits Cena with cena’s own chain


CCC is walking backstage after winning his match with Jesus when he spots Chavo Guerrero, CCC walks over to Chavo and accidentally knocks into him, Chavo turns around and stares at CCC as he walks off down the corridor


Michael Cole: What is Carlito’s problem, chavo did nothing to him

Tazz: Carlito is someone who can not be explained

Kurt angle’s music blasts from the speakers as Kurt angle and Luther reigns come out on the stage and make there way down to the ring, Eddie Guerrero’s music then blasts from the speakers, Eddie makes his way out down the stage but stops at the bottom of the stage as his music stops and there is a long silence

Tazz: who is Eddie’s mystery partner??

Michael Cole: I don’t know but we are going to find out soon

Suddenly BROCK LESNAR’S music blasts from the speakers and the crowd goes absolutely off the hook as Brock appears on the stage, Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns can’t believe there eyes


Eddie Guerrero & Brock Lesnar defeat Kurt angle & Luther Reigns after Brock hits both men with F5’s and pins Kurt Angle

BACKSTAGE - Shane O’mac’s Office

Shane and Vince are sat in Shane’s office discussing the show

Shane O’mac: well Dad, what do you think of my first surprise

Vince Macmahon: I like it son, but how did you get Brock Lesnar to return

Shane O’mac: I can not reveal how I did it but lets just say there are a lot more surprises on the way, alot more


Michael Cole: What a shock, Brock Lesnar has returned to smack down

Tazz: yeah but up next we have JBL’s Open Invitational, who will take up the invitation


JBL is in the ring when his music plays again and from the back comes orlando Jordan dragging Shannon Moore behind him, he throws Shannon into the ring and JBL destroys him with a Clothesline From Hell


JBL and Orlando Jordan are celebrating in the ring when John cena’s music blasts from the speakers, JBL and orlando Jordan look towards the stage but no one comes out, suddenly throw the crowd comes John Cena, he slides into the ring and lays out Orlando with a clothesline, he then kicks JBL in the stomach and hits him with an F-U, Cena then grabs the WWE Championship belt and the crowd is going crazy, Cena grabs a mic and looks into the crowd, he then stands over JBL and lays the championship belt over him


Cena drops the mic and taunts the crowd as Smackdown fades out

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Good first show butthe promo's were all a little short and you should probally use commercial breaks in between segment's. On the whole 8.5/10 no doubt in my mind that this could be a great show down the road keep it up.

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AllCanadian66 said:
Good first show butthe promo's were all a little short and you should probally use commercial breaks in between segment's. On the whole 8.5/10 no doubt in my mind that this could be a great show down the road keep it up.
Ditto, it was a good show. Good luck on it, look forward to your next show.

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Second Smackdown Preview:

This past week at the very end of Smackdown, John Cena got the better of WWE Champion, JBL. Cena came through the crowd and attack the champion, just after JBL had defeated Shannon Moore in a non title match, what will JBL do this week, well first he must defeat The Undertaker, and that is no easy task also last week Vince Macmahon announced that the royal rumble would be no more instead would be replaced by a special PPV called New Years Revolution, will we find out any matches this week will take place at the PPV, also last week Vince Macmahon announced the new GM of Smackdown, none other then Shane O’mac, what will he do this week, he promised a massive surprise this week what will that be?

Tune into Smackdown this week to see all the action

Matches Already Announced:

Main Event
JBL Vs The Undertaker

Kurt Angle Vs Brock Lesnar

Luther Reigns Vs Eddie Guerrero

John Cena Vs Orlando Jordan

CCC Vs Chavo Guerrero

Paul London & RVD Vs Billy Kidman & Rene Dupree

Plus an update on Spike Dudley’s Condition

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Shane O'Mac in a shocking move has just FIRED 5 WRESTLERS, here is a list of he has fired:

Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Hardcore Holly
Scotty 2 Hotty

it is also rumoured that shane O'mac has signed a massive superstar to appear at Smackdown this week, this is thought to be his big surprise

anymore news we can bring you on this story we will as soon as we get it
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